Could you be a scam victim

title:Could You Be A Scam Victim?

author:News Canada

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1. Do you have a hectic lifestyle?

2. Could you use extra cash? Are you always on the lookout for a good deal?

3. Do you find it hard to say no to nice people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, visit Industry Canada's Consumer Connection Web site at http://consumer. ic. gc. ca and take ten minutes to do their Fraud quiz. Answer all of the questions on the Quiz and a computer program will calculate your score and give you relevant tips on how to avoid getting caught by consumer scams and fraud.

It is shockingly easy to become a victim of fraud. Because of this the Fraud Files was launched. This is a program that offers clips of real people talking about becoming victims of fraud, and techniques thieves used to get their money. Fraud Files offers tips for recognizing a scam, how to protect yourself against fraud and a list of people to contact if you have fallen victim.

Consumer Connection is an award-winning Web site developed by the Office of Consumer Affairs of Industry Canada. It provides rapid access to consumer information, powerful tools to cut research time, and many useful links to consumer and other organizations. Canadians can access Consumer Connection from home, the public library, community access points or from Government of Canada, provincial and territorial service outlets. For a variety of information on everything from bank fees, to privacy rights, to the latest scams or frauds, this is the place to go.