Free florida criminal records

The official database of Florida criminal records is maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, under their Criminal History Information (CHI) section. This serves as the central repository of Florida criminal records. It is open to the public and anyone can use the information stored there to conduct a search for Florida criminal records or criminal history information for employment purposes.

However, the downside to this official database is that it does not come for free. Each search, no matter the outcome, whether it yields results or a “no records found” responses, costs the average Joe $23.00. Hardly free, at all. What’s more, public records researchers often regard central repositories of criminal records, including that of Florida criminal records, are incomplete sources of criminal history information. If you’re looking for statewide Florida criminal records, the CHI database is helpful but if you’re searching for lesser-known documents involving less serious crimes or offenses, then chances are, you won’t find them stored within the repository. Twenty-three dollars might be a bargain for some. But for the professional, it is only one source among many.

But we’re not professional researchers, are we? We’re just job applicants trying to get a hold of our own free Florida criminal records. Or we’re just mothers trying to conduct a free Florida criminal records check on someone whom we are considering to take care of our kids. Or neighbors checking out on fellow neighbors. Or employers trying to protect the safety of our workplace. We certainly don’t want anything bad to happen to us or those with whom we are close to but also, we don’t want to spend too much to get that peace of mind we’re striving for. So, what options are there waiting for us?

Fortunately, the Internet provides us with a whole range of possibilities where you can get free Florida criminal records without spending a check. The places listed below are a few suggestions, sites you can check out for your free Florida criminal records check.

City Databases

If the central repository of Florida criminal records won’t offer information to you for free, then it’s obvious that you need to find some sort of alternative. Many major cities and a lot of small cities in Florida keep databases of Florida criminal records that occurred within their territories. What’s good about these databases is that the information they contain are free for use by the public. So you can check out any city database and check it for free Florida criminal records.

County Databases

An alternative to city databases are county databases of free Florida criminal records. The best place to check for free Florida criminal records at the county level is the Office of the County Clerk of Court. This is where you can usually find free Florida criminal records of court dockets, filings, and case documents.