Booking a flight with macair

Booking a Flight With MacAir

When you are considering flying with MacAir, one of

the best ways to get a price quote from MacAir is to

go on their website. The current information on their

website are for prices that were updated in November

of 2007, so they are fairly current with their prices.

MacAir makes it easy to find the flight that you are

looking for. On the front page you can choose what

airport you are going to be leaving from, choose your

departure date and your returning date, and what class

you would like to fly. Once you put in your

information, you will bring up a screen with a few

different flights that you can choose from and their

departure times.

If the dates that you have chosen have no available

flights, they will give you the flights that are

available near to the dates that you want to fly on.

They do everything that they can to be able to get you

where you want to go on the dates that you want to be


The different flights that are offered also give you a

selection of prices, so that you can choose the flight

that best suits your budget and your needs. Prices

also depend on the class that you fly and can also

depend on the time of year that you fly, just like

with any other airline. So it’s a good idea to figure

out what time of year to fly that will work out to be

best for you.

Macair sponsorhips

MacAir Sponsorhips

Most people know about MacAir as a wonderful airline

for Queensland, Australia and the surrounding area,

but it’s not well known that they are a very firm

believer in sponsoring worthy causes and helping out


For example, one of the foundations that the company

sponsors is the Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Ltd. What

this foundation does it that it offers counseling and

support to those in Queensland who are affected by the

horrible disease known as Cystic Fibrosis.

This foundation offers education, counseling, and

other services that are much appreciated when a family

is dealing with the devastating affects of Cystic


Something else that MacAir did back in 2006 was that

they offered the children who attended Outback Camp a

chance to take a flight home which only took about two

hours, instead of the long car ride home. The children

who attend this camp have some kind of cancer, so they

want to make their lives as comfortable and enjoyable

as possible.

It’s easy to see that not only is MacAir a great

airline, providing quality service, but it is also a

company that believes in giving back to those in need.

This is truly the mark of a great company, one that

doesn’t take everything without giving something back.

The two examples that have been named above don’t even

begin to scratch the surface of what the company does,

and what types of organizations that it sponsors.

Children and macair

Children and MacAir

Something that people are concerned about when they

are considering traveling on MacAir is what their

policy is on children. So here is some information

about what the more common concerns are when it comes

to MacAir and children.


When a child is flying that is two years old or

younger, there is no charge for the flight. The child

flies for free as long as they are at least eight days

old and won’t be occupying their own seat. If the

child will need to be in their own seat, there will be

a child fare applied. If you will be flying with an

infant, let the airline know at the time of booking

because there is a limit as to how many infants can be

on a flight.

Children flying alone

If your child must fly alone, it is permitted as long

as they are at least five years old. But before the

flight takes place the parent or guardian of the child

must fill out a form for an unaccompanied minor, and

the person who will be picking the child up will have

their identification checked and verified before the

child is turned over to then.

MacAir is dedicated to all of their passengers and

their safety, and the employees know how important

children are. That is why they do their best to make

sure that the child’s comfort and safety are looked

after when they are traveling alone or with their

parents. Every passenger is important to them, no

matter what their size or age.

The aircraft of macair

The Aircraft of MacAir

In MacAir’s fleet, there are three different types of

aircraft. All of the aircraft in the fleet are

specially suited to give the passengers comfort and

luxury when they are traveling. One thing that isn’t a

concern is how the aircraft will fare in the hot

weather, because they are built to withstand the

extreme heat hat Australia and the surrounding area is

known for.

The newest aircraft and MacAir’s pride and joy is the

ATR 42-500. This beautiful aircraft carries up to 50

passengers, has leather seats, and can travel up to

560 km/hr. Both the cabin and the cargo hold are

spacious, providing ample room for the passengers and

their luggage. There is only one in the fleet for

right now.

The next size of aircraft in the MacAir fleet is the

SAAB 340B Aircraft. This aircraft holds up to 36

passengers in its leather seats, and also provides a

spacious cabin. The MacAir fleet has six of these in

its fleet.

The smallest aircraft in the MacAir fleet is the Metro

23 Aircraft. This small aircraft holds only nineteen

passengers and is perfect for a chartered flight.

There are four of these aircraft available in the


MacAir is dedicated to the comfort of their

passengers, so that is one reason why they keep their

flights small. This way they can give their passengers

the attention that they feel they deserve. With

smaller amounts of passengers to look after, they can

give them the service that MacAir is famous for.

Macair chartered flights

MacAir Chartered Flights

If you are considering chartering a flight in the

Queensland area, one of the very best companies that

you can go with MacAir. Whether you are part of a

large company or you are wanting to charter an

aircraft for a family holiday, MacAir has exactly what

you are looking for in a chartered aircraft.

The sizes of the available aircraft range from a 19

seat aircraft all the way up to 34 seats. There are

twelve aircraft size ranges in all, and you can reach

the charter specialist either by email or by


Some people may be afraid of chartering an aircraft

because they think that they may not get the same

amount of service as they would on a commercial

flight, but nothing could be further from the truth.

When you charter an aircraft, the staff on that flight

are there just for you and your companions’ needs.

They also are still operating by the standards set by

the government. The only difference is that there are

less people on the flight.

There are plenty of people who charter aircraft for

both business and personal reasons, and those who have

experienced a chartered flight have had an experience

that they will never forget. You find all of your

needs attended to and it’s a much more personal

experience than a traditional commercial flight. With

the smaller amount of passengers the staff offers a

level of service that is unsurpassed and luxurious.

It’s truly something that is an experience.

The macair website

The MacAir website

When you choose MacAir, you are going with a company

who looks after their passengers and makes certain

that they have a wonderful experience on their trip.

From the time that your trip is in the planning

stages, you will find that MacAir has your needs in


The MacAir website has plenty of things that help you

to plan your trip. Under the flight info tab on the

website, you can find out where MacAir flies, the

timeframes and timetables, a link to the current

weather conditions, and many other things that you may

find useful when you are planning a holiday.

There is also a frequently asked quest ions sections

so that you can see what other concerns passengers

have had in the past and find out if they mirror your

own. There is plenty of information in the questions

that have been asked and answered.

There are also tips on the website to help you plan

your holiday, and information about how MacAir handles

special situations such as passengers with special

needs or children traveling alone.

If you don’t find your question answered, there is

also a spot where you can contact MacAir, complete

with a feedback form, an email for MacAir, and a full

contact page. MacAir wants to be sure that their

customers know that they are available to answer

questions or address concerns. They welcome questions

and always like to hear feedback from their customers

about their service or about what they are looking for

in an airline provider.

Animals and macair

Animals and MacAir

At times it is necessary for someone to travel with

one of their pets, when they are traveling and they

aren’t able to leave their pet at home. So they want

to be sure that their pet will be allowed to go on the

flight with them and that they will be taken care of.

MacAir welcomes domestic pets traveling with

passengers, as long as the arrangements are made ahead

of time. When a person needs to travel wit a pet, they

must contact Australian Air Express prior to their

departure. When traveling with a pet, the passenger

must make certain that the pet has a carrier that is

suitable and that the pet will be comfortable in

during the flight.

MacAir knows that there are passengers that may need

to travel with a service animal, and the service

animals ride right in the cabin with the passengers

that they serve. As long as there is an absorbent pad

for the animal and the airline is told when the

passenger books the flight, the service animal flies

free of charge.

The other question that is asked in regards to animals

and MacAir is about wildlife, or animals that aren’t

domesticated. To travel with wildlife, there is a

special permit that must be issued by the Wildlife and

Parks Service of Queensland.

As long as the proper steps are taken, animals can fly

on MacAir, just like human passengers. Everything must

be done to ensure their safety and comfort, and the

safety and comfort of the other passengers.

Luggage limits on macair

Luggage Limits on MacAir

When people are traveling on an aircraft, they want to

know how many pieces of luggage that they can bring

with them. It’s always good to know what the limits

are when you are traveling, and due to MacAir’s small

aircraft size they have limited space.

For luggage that is checked in, passengers are limited

to one piece of luggage a person, and that piece of

luggage can’t be more than 16kg. For the measurements,

the total measurement can’t be more than 140cm. To get

that figure, you take the length plus the depth plus

the width.

The weight limits for luggage that is carried on is

4kg, and the measurements can’t be more than 105cm

total. The limits of the luggage is because of the

small aircraft and the limited amount of space and

weight that each aircraft can carry.

If your luggage is found to exceed the limits, you

will have to pay a fee for excess baggage. Te charge

for excess baggage on MacAir is $2 per kilogram over

the limit. There isn’t any guarantee that baggage will

be taken if it is over the limit.

MacAir tries to accommodate all of their customer’s

needs, but sometimes the space that is available fills

up quickly. So the extra space is a first come, first

served basis and MacAir may have to turn away excess

baggage if it exceeds the limits of the aircraft.

When you are readying for a trip on MacAir, pack

sensibly and you will be within the limis.

Working with macair

Working with MacAir

Even though the majority of visitors to the MacAir

website is planning a holiday, not everyone who goes

to the MacAir website goes there looking to book a

flight, Sometimes people go there hoping to become a

part of the team that makes up MacAir, and there’s a

page on the website just for them.

Under the careers tab, you will find two links. The

first one, called Working with MacAir, gives a

background about the company and what their policies

are on the application process. It gives visitors an

insight as to how they select their new employees, and

it’s clear that they do everything to make sure that

it’s fair to everyone.

Then there’s a link to the careers page. On that page

it tells what the current openings are and how

recently it has been updated. Each of the job listings

gives a description of what the job is and what the

job will require of applicants. Lastly, there is a

link to the email and contact information for

interested applications for the jobs.

Everything on the MacAir website about careers and

career opportunities is very positive. It makes people

excited about applying for the jobs, and makes them

want to work for this company. It’s clearly a company

that puts their customers first and wants to make

certain that they are happy, and that their needs are


The application process seems very well organized and

easy to understand. It’s obvious that people, both

employees and customers, are important to MacAir.

Why charter a flight with macair

Why Charter a Flight With MacAir?

Something that people often wonder is why is it worth

it to charter a flight? After all, it’s an added

expense and can seem rather frivolous. But when you

think about the benefits of having a chartered flight

with MacAir, you will see that it’s something that you

might just want to consider the next time you need to

fly for a business trip with associates or a holiday

with family or friends.

One of the biggest things that people enjoy about

traveling on a MacAir chartered aircraft is that,

because you and your family or business associates are

the only ones on there you don’t have to worry about

being overheard or bothering other passengers.

If you are traveling for business, you can have a

meeting right there on the plane. You can go over

business strategies or other business related topics

that you may not want overheard on a commercial


If you are traveling with your family or friends, you

can play games or just chat about anything under the


The other good thing about a chartered flight is that

the flight is on your time schedule. That plane is in

the air for one purpose, and that is to get you where

you need to go.

So no matter why it is that you are traveling,

consider a chartered aircraft with MacAir. Hire

yourself a plane and crew for the day, and see what

having your own private aircraft can do for you. You

just may never want to go back to commercial flights