Be the authority and they will buy from you

title:Be The "Authority" And They WILL Buy From You!

author:Bryan Kumar

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Here's a fact about human behavior that can be very useful to you in life, especially in business and marketing.

Most people are "followers." They are not leaders. They would rather be "led" than followed.

It's true. People do secretly want to be led. And they will easily follow someone who they believe can be a good leader, someone who knows what they're doing, someone who is the "authority" on the subject. If you can establish yourself as being that "authority" in their minds, they will be willing to follow your every step.

How do you become the authority?

Just position yourself as the one who provides them with the "edge" they're so desperately searching for. Offer a few gems that are not just regurgitated stuff from other authors. Share a strategy or concept that shifts their beliefs, that helps them notice something they hadn't noticed before, that opens their minds up to new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things, that leads to an epiphany!

The very instant they realize that you are someone they can "learn" from, they will view you as the "expert" - you will instantly establish authority in their minds.

They will see you as someone who can offer them something of "value" to improve the quality of their lives. And that is a very powerful position to be in! Do not underestimate this power.

People will buy a lot sooner from someone they view as an authority than they ever will from someone who just happens to have a convincing web site.

Add honesty and great customer service to the mix, and you will earn loyal, lifetime customers.

Establish yourself as "the authority" on your subject and they will buy from you!


Bryan Kumar

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