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title:Make It Perfect!

author:Karen Nodalo

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Customers who are requesting for printing quotes from the different printing companies often get frustrated by the long process it takes to finish one. Customers tend to complain about the services they provide regarding the time they have consumed to finish the project and also the time it takes them o have it. This is the common complains of the customers.

With all the complaints that the customers have, printers can also explain their side. Let’s dig in and see what they have to explain this problem. Just like their customers, printers also experience some hassle and exasperation when dealing and doing the printing quotes. What would be fair is to say that both of them encounter these problems. In making printing quotes, customers would often encounter problems. Therefore, to reduce these problems they should know what troubles the printer has in printing quotes.

First is in the details. Sometimes, it will be at the fault of the customer when they oftentimes forget to include all the information needed to complete the quote. An example is the email address. They may have written the wrong email address which is one of the important details in a quote because it is where the customers will send their requests and queries. If the printer is on the job of printing, there’s no way to stop it and if they do, it will be a whole lot of crap. This problem will no longer be the printer’s fault. Another thing is if the contact numbers were not included in the printing, the same goes for it.

If the products were not specified, customers will encounter a lot of problems. In order to prevent this, you should be precise with your descriptions, product number and other important information. The prices should be precise because it is where the customers rely on. They will base their budget on the prices in your printing quote. If you have printed a wrong quote, they may feel frustrated to find out later that the product they were eyeing for is beyond reach in the price. What is important is to maintain an understanding between the customer and the company. if the customer sets a deadline, the company should accept it if they can accomplish the request if they are sure that they can meet it.

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