Email marketing lesson how to stop being a bore with your email marketing messages

title:Email Marketing Lesson: How To Stop Being A Bore With Your Email Marketing Messages

author:Joan Pasay

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/marketing/article_1705.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:14



Let's make sure we understand what constitutes a boring Email message.

1.Boring Email Marketing messages don't keep your customer's attention.

2.Often, boring Email Marketing messages don't get read.

3.More often, boring Email Marketing messages get put right into the delete box.


But there is something that is worse than all of this.

***It makes me sad just to think about it.

--Boring Email Marketing messages

--often result in your customers

--hitting the unsubscribe button.

Double Ouch! :(

Why does this make me sad? (see my face above)

-If your customers don't want to hear from you again you have lost permission to talk to them

-Customers that don't want to hear from you don't give you anymore of their money

It also means

1. I've blown it.

2. I've failed to keep my customer's attention.

3. I've lost an opportunity to share my business and products with a potential sale.

4. I will have to try really hard to get the customer back (without the aid of Email Marketing - which will be super hard and in some cases impossible).

5. My Email Marketing messages were boring and sleep inducing (which is not really the ego strokes I am looking for).

It really all comes down to a simple key that lots of businesses seem to miss.

You might want to write this down because it is really important. Maybe even print this Email and highlight this part - your business health; even life may depend on it.

You have to realize:

-There is so much information bombarding people these days that if your customer doesn't find something of interest in what you are saying they simply turn one degree in any direction and get information from someone else.

The key is to provide VALUE.

I will say that again - PROVIDE VALUE.

Many people think to 'not be boring' is to provide a flashy, color rich presentation.

**This is not what I am talking about.**

If your e-newsletter is five lines long, text based and full of things that your customers find valuable they won't care about what it looks like.

I heard about a guy that runs a little bulk food store. One of his recent e-newsletters offered a 15% discount for orders over $25. I thought that was an extremely generous offer!

-This store owner understands that his customers value saving money (your customers probably do too).

-His e-newsletter is text based and outlines product specials of the week and the special Email only subscribers offer {the 15% discount}. The e-newsletter is very short and takes only about 3 minutes to read.

-One of his recent weekly Emails generated a 15-20% response rate. (If you can get 5% some would consider you a god...)

Here are some things you will want to ponder this week before you write your own e-newsletters.

-What do my customers value?

-How can I give them this item(s) in my e-newsletter?

And write an e-newsletter that will be as far away from ‘boring’ as you can get.