Selecting The Coverings

Many factors play a role in selecting the right

covering for your window. The main reasons as to

why you should install window coverings are light

control and privacy. Other factors include

durability, life expectancy, cleaning, formality,

versatility, safety, and the price.

Light control

The most difficult factor to control is light,

with most window coverings falling into one of

five categories:

1. Transparent - Clear, without obstruction

2. Translucent - Diffused light, which

prevents the perception of distinct images

3. Filtered - Muted light in bright


4. Semi-Opaque - Surfaces imprenetrable

by light, yet it also allows some light through

the gaps

5. Opaque - This is where all light is



Privacy can be best achieved with almost any type

of window covering. The window treatment simply

needs to be translucent or better to diffuse

images. Frosted glass or glass block can even

help to give adequate levels of privacy.


A window opening by nature is a harsh environment

that is subject to direct sunlight, humidity, and

even temperatures. Add these factors to frequent

use and its simple to understand why windows

need to be constructed well. The life expectancy

is normally less for fabric window treatment

that can fade with time. Solid coverings, such

as shutters, have a long life span.


Each and every window covering will collect dust

and dirt. Fabric coverings are the most difficult

to clean, and are subject to stains. The

furniture quality window coverings will normally

wipe clean with a light solution.


Some coverings will work well in formal settings,

while others will work best in casual living

settings. Alternate styles are versatile and

blend in well with almost any style of room.


Small children in the home will usually come in

contact with windows and their coverings. Some

coverings will have cords to raise or lower

for better visibility. Although they are handy

to have, they can be dangerous if they come

within reach of a child.


While there is a discrepancy in the costs of

window coverings, it's very important to weigh

the overall value involved. The term "value"

is often overused, although when purchasing

long term household items it is necessary to

consider the return on the investment.

Window coverings on the low end of the price

spectrum will normally have a short life

expectancy and low durability. The higher

priced coverings, such as shutters, are designed

to last the life of the home - all while

retaining the original character.

Shutters offer a hard window covering that is

semi opaque when closed, although they provide

great visibility when opened. The furniture

quality wooden shutters can be either painted

or stained in order to meet the needs of most

decors. All shutters are extremely durable

and offer a long life span.


Custom Shutters

A lot of companies claim to sell custom shutters,

although they may actually be selling customized

interior shutters. Customized types of shutters

will start as pre-built individual stock size

shutter panels, which are then cut down and hinged

together to achieve a specific size of shutter.

This will generally result in shutters that are a

poor fit for the windows of your home. The

shutters aren't proportional to the window size

and depending on how much of it was trimmed, the

panels themselves may also be compromised.

Synthetic shutters on the other hand, normally

use pre-made stiles, rails, and louvers, then cut

them to size for quick production. This can also

result in an improper fit and components that

aren't in proportion to the window.

Other companies out there sell custom made shutters,

which are shutters specifically made from the start

for each individual window. Even though this may

sound very nice, the results are normally those

you wouldn't want to display on your home. With

your home being very important, the last thing

you want is shoddy shutters.

Custom made shutters are fabricated so that all

stiles and rails can be uniformed throughout the

house or office. Even though they claim the

custom made shutters are perfectly made for

your windows, it generally isn't the case

When you go out and purchase shutters, you should

always avoid companies that sell customized types

of shutters. Instead, you should use the old

fashioned method and measure what you need,

then go out and buy.

This way, you'll know exactly what you need to

buy. You can select the shutters you like the

best, even those that match the interior or

exterior of your home. Before you know it,

you'll have the shutters you've always wanted -

your way.


Venetian Blinds

Anyone who is familiar with Venetian blinds knows just

how difficult they are to clean, with laterally slatted

strips of plastic with dangling cords that gets on

everyone's nerves since they always seemed to get in

a tangle. A majority of us can't find anything uglier

or messier than blinds that hang crooked. Manufacturers

are however, starting to make them more functional, more

attractive, and easier to clean.

The first thing you'll need to make sure of, is that the

blinds are hung properly, as this will ensure that your

window covering is successful. If your blinds are hung

crooked, then the strings won't properly act as

pulleys. No matter how pretty they may be, they won't

be any good if they don't work properly.

The only time you should use the old fashioned plastic

Venetian blinds is if you are going for more of a retro

look. If you are going for the retro look, it may be

better to consider using the anodized aluminum or

painted silver blinds. These types of blinds tend to

collect less dirt and dust and will help complete the

look better with your retro room.

Most manufacturers are now creating Venetian blinds in

different colors and textures. They do this by

painting, coating, or even anodizing the slats. They

have neon colors, metallic bronze, silver, and even

gold to choose from now.

The boring blinds of the 90s can be found as institutional

window treatments. In the past, when decorating an

office, people would have chosen white or black

blinds to go with the wood decor. Now, you can

choose from shades of olive, burgundy, or even brown.

If your office has more of a sleeker look, you can

even choose a Venetian blind in cherry red or celadon


If you feel that your room is outdated or you just

need to re-decorate and your on a budget, then a new

window treatment may be the answer. Even though

Venetian blinds can be considered outdated, they

can easily be jazzed up with drapes or sheers. If

you are re-decorating a room that it may be hard to

find blinds for, such as a boxed shape window or a

small window, you may be able to choose the older

style mini blinds in various vibrant colors.

If you are just trying to make a truly unique fashion

statement, then you should consider hand painting

your Venetian blinds. You can choose to show off

your individuality and your craftier side by painting

the blind to show an image once it is closed.


Wooden Shutters

The best wood for building interior wooden shutters

is basswood. The tree can be found from Quebec

south to Delaware and the Atlantic coast west to

Eastern Kentucky with an average height of 65

feet. Basswood is a renewable resource and careful

forest management ensures that the harvesting is

done responsibly by balancing the wood growth

with wood removal.

Basswood interior shutters are very straight and

they also have a fine uniform texture with a very

indistinct grain. The wood machines well and is

easy to work, screws well, glues well, and it can

be stained to a smooth finish.

Basswood shutters do not warp, they are lightweight

yet very strong, offer uniform grain for a superb

stain finish, and they offer superior gluing and

finishing properties.

Oak shutters

Oak is a very heavy wood which makes for very

heavy window shutters. Oak interior shutters will

add a lot of weight to window jambs, with screws

requiring pre-drilling. They aren't suitable

for painting and the louvers tend to warp over


Maple shutters

Maple is heavy like oak and produces interior

shutters that are very heavy. Maple also requires

that the window jambs be pre-drilled. The wood

louvers with maple are hard to tension uniformly.

Poplar shutters

Poplar shutters mill and paint very well. The

mineral streaks and green color help make popular

wood unsuitable for staining. For shutters, poplar

wood is moderately heavy. The wood is widely

available and less costly, although it also

produces a lesser quality of wood shutter.

Cedar shutters

Cedar wood mills and finishes nicely, although

the color varies greatly for staining. Cedar

is pretty soft and can dent or scratch very


For exterior shutters, cedar works very well. The

amazing durability and resistance to decay of

incense cedar makes it perfect for exterior use

wherever moisture is presented. Requiring

long service with very little maintenance,

it's also hated by bugs!

Alder shutters

Alder is an excellent choice for interior shutters,

as the tree is very small. Tall window shutters

using alder wood will require finger joints.

Pine shutters

Pine is a soft wood, with many different species

and grades available.

Always remember that there are also poorly

constructed wood shutters that will rank very

low on the scale of quality. You should always

look for a smooth, well sanded surface, thick

durable paing, glued and doweled joints, and a

straight light hardwood. Before you commit

to any shutter company, always request a sample

so that you know what to expect.


The Benefits Of Wooden Mini Blinds

Wooden mini blinds are one type of wood blinds for

covering doors and windows. The smaller increments

of a narrow slate dimension, wooden mini blinds

are more able to control the amount of light that

comes into a room and the view that is seen through

a window.

Wooden mini blinds will also provide light and

privacy control within the room apart from giving

it an awesome look. They will also provide a

warm and cozy look to virtually any room, no

matter where it is. Wooden mini blinds are also

available in many colors and styles, various

shades, and several models.

The important things you'll need to consider when

choosing wooden mini blinds are the appearance,

privacy that is offered, ability to control light,

insulating value, and how easy the blinds are to

operate. Even though mini blinds are available

in vinyl and aluminum materials as well, wooden

type blinds are the most preferred despite

being more expensive when compared to the other

types of mini blinds.

Wooden blinds will also give a natural look to

any room. They also work much better than

the traditional curtains or even shutters. From

the inside or outside, they look pretty. In

addition, wooden mini blinds are also great

insulators from heat or cold - unlike vinyl or

aluminum blinds.

Along with the many benefits offered to you by

wooden blinds, some materials will even keep bugs

away. There are 2 types of wood you can use

for mini blinds, which are ramin and bass, with

each one offering their own strengths and


If you have an older style home, wood mini

blinds may be in your best interest. If you

have a log home, they can also help add to the

value of your interior. Wooden mini blinds

have been the most popular type of mini blinds

for years - and for good reason. Even though

they are the most expensive, they offer you

more than other types of blinds.

You can custom order wooden mini blinds as well

if your prefer. They are simple to install and

in most cases, the installation is provided by

the manufacturer. If you do it yourself, you

shouldn't have any problem getting it done.

For the ultimate in style and performance, wood

is the ideal material for your mini blinds.

Wood offers the most for your money, as well

as the best look for your home - the natural



Saying Goodbye To Wood Shutters

The traditional wooden shutter is normally made

from wood, needs quite a bit of maintenance, and

looks as if it was right out of an episode of

an old comedy. These shutters have been around

since the Colonial Times, and are quite a bit

old. Most people never close them, yet the

hinges still need to be shined and oiled.

These days, it may be the time to get rid of

the traditional wood shutters on your home and

go with a more modern choice such as aluminum

window shutters, as they resist the elements

and never close. This will help cut down on

your replacement and maintenance costs for

keeping the exterior of your home looking the

way it should.

Below, you'll find several different types of

shutters offered today.

Vinyl window shutters

Vinyl shutters are easy to clean, very affordable,

and last around forty years. They will give

your home a traditional look without the need

for replacing them on a regular basis. They

weigh a little of nothing and are available in

traditional, louvered, board, and even batten

panel styles. To make things better, they

will arrive primed and ready to paint any color

you wish.

Composite window shutters

These types of shutters resemble a thick particle

board that is made from a collaboration of

weather and rot resistant material. They are

made from molds that offer many different

styles that include the louvered, board, batten,

and even raised panel styles. You can also

find these shutter types in a cupboard style

which is hinged at the top so you can open

and close them like the old fashioned wood

shutters of the past.

Fiberglass shutters

Fiberglass is the most expensive type of

shutter although they will last around 20 years

or so. They are molded as well and offered

in a variety of designs that include Bahama,

louvered, board and battened, and even raised

panel styles.

Fiberglass shutters are also stronger and

more secure than other types and can also be

used to protect your windows during storms and


Aluminum shutters

Aluminum style shutters are offered in a

variety of styles that include the faux colonial

louvered style and Bahama style. These shutters

are strong and offer great protection for your

windows, and come in thousands of different

colors and textures. The only bad thing about

aluminum shutters, is the fact that most

companies will only offer a warranty of around

three years.


Measuring For Mini Blinds

The first thing to do when measuring for your mini

blinds is to determine if you need inside mount or

outside mount. Inside mount will fit the blinds

within the window frame, while outside mount will

fit the overlap of the window opening.

Inside mount

To find the width, measure the exact distance between

the inside surfaces of the window frame at the top,

middle, and also the bottom then use the narrowest

width you receive with your measurements.

To find the length, measure the exact distance

from the inside surface at the top of the window

to the bottom sill at the left, middle, and the

right then use the longest length. If you prefer

for the blinds not to touch the windowsill, you

should deduct 1/4". If there isn't a sill, then

you should measure the length to the point where

the blinds are to reach.

Outside mount

To find the width, measure the exact distance

between the outermost points where the blinds are

to be placed. For the best of light control, the

measurement should extend 3/4" beyond the window

opening on each side.

To find the length, measure the exact distance

from where the top of the blinds are to be placed

to the top of the windowsill. If there isn't a

sill on your window, then measure the length to

the point where the blinds are to reach.

Measuring for your blinds is very important, as

you'll need the measurements to order the blinds.

Most companies will deduct for the brackets at

the factory, then all you'll need to do once

you receive your blinds is to install them -

which is easy to do as well.


All About The Window Blind

Window blinds are coverings for windows, normally

attached to the interior side. Window blinds refer

to some device to hide from sight or to help

reduce sunlight. There are several kinds of blinds,

which are covered below.

Venetian blinds

Venetian is a large category in blinds. The original

types were made with wide curved metal slats,

similar to a mini slat. The shapes can be curved,

flat, or even elliptical.

Faux or PVC

These types of mini blinds are made from a solid

or foamed poly vinyl chloride plastic. PVC is one

of the newer materials being used for blind slats.

The slat's surface can be smooth or embossed with

a wood grain. Although color selection is limited

mostly to whites, there are a few wod tone colors

available as well.

PVC or faux are very durable, UV resistant,

waterproof, and simple to clean. The main drawback

with faux blinds is the weight of the slats. PVC

slats are heavier than both wood and composite

slats and when used with large windows, they can

make raising the window a difficult task.

Composite blinds

Composite type blinds are made from a combination

of wood products and polymers. Composite is a

newer material that's being used for the window

covering. The slat surface with composite is a

smooth poly coating or even a solid composite


Similiar to PVC, the color selection is normally

limited mostly to whites although there are a

few wood tone and stain colors available. The

composite blinds are priced in the low to mid

range. They have qualities similar to PVC and

faux, and are some of the best available.

Wood blinds

Both value and premium wood blinds are made

from real wood. The value wood blind slats are

made from assorted Oriental hardwood, and the

premium slats are made from American hardwood,

which is normally Basswood.

If you plan to match a cabinet or trim stain,

wood blinds will be your best choice. Wood blinds

are among the best, although they are also among

the most expensive. All wooden slats can warp

and may fade in color over time. They are also

the lightest material available and work really

good with large windows.

Since they were first introduced to the home,

window blinds have proven to add style and peace

of mind. They offer you a lot for your windows,

and they don't cost a lot of money. You have

several different types to choose from, all you

have to do is select the best types for your

home and your needs.


Buying Interior Shutters Online

The Internet has become a world of opportunity for

home buyers over the years, giving them new and

improved ways to buy interior shutters. With the

Internet by your side, you can find hundreds of

shutters that you can buy with just a few clicks of

your mouse.

The ease of use is the most important feature for

online companies when it comes to interior window

shutters. Websites that are poor in design and

difficult to navigate are of little use to potential

customers. Good shutter websits should display

navigation choices on every page, including choices

for construction material, styles, finishes, price,

measuring, and the ability to buy shutters.

The education about window shutters is also a very

important feature. Good shutter sites should welcome

the questions you have and supply you with the

information you need. Sites should also describe

all of the information relating to their shutters,

including the material used to produce the shutters,

and the exact sizes of such components.

When you buy your interior shutters online, the

website should provide measuring instructions that

are easy to obtain. The company should also offer

assistance if you need it. If the company doesn't

offer advice or instructions that are easily

available to you, you should take your business

somewhere else.

Anytime you buy your interior shutters online, you

should always take the necessary time to research

and make sure you getting exactly what you want -

for the right price. You don't want to rush into

buying your shutters, as you could easily sacrifice

quality or price. Therefore, always take your time,

think about what you are buying, and be sure to

compare what one website offers to another one.


Cleaning Mini Blinds

At some point in time, all of us have come across

mini blinds at the local home improvement center.

They look really nice sitting there, although

no one wants to spend a few days removing the

dust from them. Regardless of what you may hear

or think, it doesn't always have to be this way.

Detail oriented

It will probably seem obvious, but you should

close the slats prior to dusting. Weekly blind

dusting is the best way to go, using a lamb's

wool duster, as lamb's wool will naturally attract

dust and can help prevent buildup as well.

If lamb's wool isn't available, a paintbrush

may also do the trick. Make sure you place

some towels underneath the blinds to catch any

excess dust. If you want to be thorough, you

can also take the blinds down and clean them

in your bathtub.

To remove the grease from the blinds, an all

purpose cleaner can be used. Spray the blinds

good, then let the cleaner work on them for a

few minutes. Then, wipe the cleaner off with

a soft cloth, although rinsing the cloth will

make it even more effective. To clean the other

side of the blinds, flip it over and do the same

thing as mentioned above.

Fast and simple

This one is simple - simply use an old pair of

cotton gloves to clean your blinds. Slip the

gloves on, dip your fingers into a solution

of 1 teaspoon ammonia and 1 quart water, then

run your fingers through the mini blinds.

If you prefer, you can also use the vaccuum

cleaner hose attachments. You can even use

the vaccuum cleaner without having to remove

the blinds. Putting a dryer sheet on the

blinds will remove any static so that dust

will no longer be attracted to the blinds.


How To Buy Shutters

Currently, shutters are made in a number of different

materials, with wooden shutters still being the

benchmark for quality window coverings. Quality

wood shutters are designed to last for the lifetime

of your home. Deciding on the material for your

shutters is the first step in making things work.

Selecting your shutter style

There are two basic styles of shutters available.

The traditional style uses a narrow shutter panel

with 1-1/4" louvers. Traditional shutter louvers

are normally wedge shaped, being thicker in the

front and narrower in the rear. Plantation type

shutters are generally 1-18" thick with larger


Selecting the shutter finish

Shutters can be stained, painted, or both. Almost

all companies offer a number of paints with stain

colors, while some don't. Paint colors will

generally include a variety of whites and lights.

The stains will help enhance wood grains in a

number of tints and tones, starting from light

natural tones to an almost black pitch. Keep in

mind, both synthetic and wood composite shutters

can't be stained.

Determine the price

Because of their material options, shutters will

come in a wide range of prices, with many suppliers

calculating the price on the square foot. Prices

are calculated based on the exact window size,

shutter, style, finish, and number of panels


Deciding on the unit

Shutter units can use a number of different panel

configurations within a window. The number of

panels across the shutter is determined by the

shutter style, traditional or plantation, and

the width of the window. The traditional style

panels are normally narrower than the plantation

style and would use more panels across the window.

Each specific company offers guidelines for the

number of panels to be used with a window. If

the window is tall enough, you may want to

consider a double tier, or two tier shutter

unit that uses one set of shutters at the top

and one set at the bottom.

Each set of shutters will then open independently

on the other. You can also use a divider rail,

which is is a horizontal bar that creates a top

and bottom louver section within a single style

of panel.

Measure and order

Carefully follow the measuring instructions,

then determine the window type and installation

provided by the company you have selected. The

directions should be detailed, yet very easy for

you to follow.

The company should also offer phone assistance

should you have any questions.

Wooden shutters-and-hurricane-protection

Wooden Shutters And Hurricane Protection

If you live in an area that is prone to storms

or hurricanes, there are several types of

security storm shutters available that will

help you protect yourself and your home. Storm

shutters aren't in the wooden shutters

category, although they are durable shutters

that move horizontally between the lower and

the upper track.

Interlocking blades found on the storm shutters

are made from aluminum and make up a wall of

protection in the shutter. If you have a

large area to cover, it can half a center

opening with half of the shutter moving to the

right and the other half to the left.

Even though this shutter doesn't fall into one

of the most decorative styles of shutters, it

does provide great protection against theft,

flying debris, forced entry, and even the

dreaded hurricane. Storm shutters will also

give you more privacy and help to reduce noise.

A great example of a protective covering that

will do a great job in protecting from the

sun's glare and heat is the aluminum awning.

They are affordable in price and very

functional, they fit doors, patios, porches,

and windows as well. There are two types

available - the standard awning and the winged

awning, and both will easily close down to

convert to storm shutters.

For those who live in bad storm areas, storm

shutters are among the best ways to help

protect your family and your house. They

don't cost a lot of money, they are easy to

install, and they won't make your home stand

out in a crowd. If you want the best in

protection from Mother Nature and the peace

of minein knowing it - storm shutters are

just what you need.


Installing Shutters

Installing your shutters isn't a difficult process

at all. The key here is to work with shutters that

are specifically built for each individual window

opening in conjunction with detailed instructions.

Many companies that install shutters will tell

customers that the shutters need to be installed

by a certified installer. This isn't the case,

as you can install your shutters like a pro with

no experience at all.

Measuring your shutters

To properly install shutters to a window opening,

you'll need to measure. First, you'll need to

determine if the shutters will be mounted to the

inside or the outside of the window opening.

Inside mount installation

The preferred means of installation is to mount

shutters directly to the window jamb inside of the

window opening. This method is generally cleaner

than mounting to the outside of the window and

it doesn't require additional hang strips or frame

strips. Keep in mind, the window must be somewhat

square and have a solid jamb for you to attach

the screws to.

To determine the window depth, measure from the

front plane of the window back to the nearest

obstruction that'll prevent the louvers from

rotating. If you prefer, the company you are

ordering from can also tell you the window depth

for the style of shutters you order.

On occasion, a supplier of shutters will offer

a second inside mounting method that uses rear

hanging strips concealed behind the shutter

panels that will allow adjustment up, down, left,

and right for easier alignment. This method

is ideal if the window is out of square or if

it has a drywall opening without a solid wood


Outside mount installation

Outside mount installations use frames that attach

to the wall or existing trim just to the outside

of the opening of the window. Normally, the

frame will surround the shutter panels on three

or four sides, depending on if a lower still


If you go with a cafe type shutter style, the

hang strips are used on either side of the

shutter panels. The frame or hang strips will

screw directly to the wall or trim, and the

shutter hinge to the frame or the hanging strips.

Always play it safe and measure with a steel tape

measure, which will give you the most accurate

measurements. Don't attempt to measure with a

fabric tape or yard stick - as this will lead

you to a poor installation.


Mini Blinds

If you enjoy the practical and enjoy efficiency, then

the mini blind is going to be your ideal choice of

window covering. When choosing a blind, you should

take several factors into account, such as the

appearance, privacy, cost, light control, ease of

use, and the ability to insulate.

Mini blinds are inexpensive and can easily fulfill

all of the considerations above. They are also

easy to use as well as efficient. You can also use

mini blinds in conjunction with other types of

window coverings and window treatments, and they

come available in an amazing array of color choices.

If you are new to the world of mini blinds and

their installation, you'll find them to be very

easy to install. Something to keep in mind, which

is a common mistake of the window treating novice

is measuring incorrectly - you should always list

the width first in writing the measurement. Then,

when you order any blinds, be sure to give the

width first and not the height.

Also referred to as aluminum blinds and Venetian

blinds, mini blinds offer a curved slat for extra

strength. The most standard and practical choice

of mini blinds is the 1" aluminum blind.

You should look for a finish that is built to

spring back, durable, and resistant to both dust

and static. Another stylish option to mini blinds

is the 1 3/8" aluminum blind. This type of blind

delivers a bold statement, yet it has the same

practical features that make mini blinds appealing.

For a look and style you really can't go wrong

with, mini blinds are the way to go. They are

very affordable, offer you an array of features,

and they will improve the look of your home.


Building With Windows In Mind

There is a lot to think about when designing a home,

as many people simply overlook window treatments. In

this article, I'm hoping to help you avoid the common

pitfalls involved and help you save some money.

When using decorative casing such as shutters and 2

inch plantation size wooden blinds, you should always

make sure that you have at least 2 1/2". When you

have a double or triple window encased within one

window opening, you may want to use a vertical trim

strips between each window. Make sure that you include

this when measuring the depth. Even though it is less

common decorating sliding doors, make sure that you

include the handle when you measure, as the usual

depth for this is 4 inches.

There are several different styles of window treatments,

such as circular, arced, eyebrow arched, or even

angles. All of them are beautiful and appealing,

although very restricted when it comes to choices,

especially when you are working with eyebrow and 1/4


When you are dealing with French doors there are a

few things to keep in mind. The doors will normally

swing open into the home, which could cause problems

with the valance you use. Consider using a valance

mounted to the door or allowing the doors to swing

outward. When you are considering shades, blinds,

or shuters, don't forget to consider the handles and


Make sure that when you are considering window

treatments that you remember window placement as

well. There are many restrictions when you have

chair rails or base boards going around the opening

of the window. There could also be a problem with

the placement of the drapery as well.

The drapery may not stack back sufficiently or the

outside edge may not extend to the outside of the

window. Things can go much easier if you have the

same amount of space on each side of the window, so

you should try to center the window whenever you


When you place the window, make sure that you leave

enough space between the top of the window and the

ceiling. There should be at least 2 inches for

bracket placement. When installing a wood header,

make sure that it extends to the ceiling and that

the heavier treatments are mounted in the wood. If

you aren't using wood headers but instead mounting

into sheetrock you should use molly or toggle

bolts for the best possible protection.

There are other things you need to consider when

it comes to windows. First, you'll need to make

sure that all windows are accessible even those in

an unfinished attic. This will help make things

easier for future decorating or expansion of the

room. Also, make sure that the windows in the

room are the same style.


Introduction To Mini Blinds

The mechanisms that are used to open and close blinds

range from simple cords and easy to use chains to

remote controlled electronic devices. Mini blinds

will block out sunlight, prevent people from

looking into your house, and also add style to

your home. Mini blinds come in various styles

and you can even make them yourself at home.

Mini blinds are available in a wide range of

sizes and colors, along with custom sizes and

styles. This allows you to control the direction

and amount of natural light while still

providing a sense of insulation. There are some

blinds styles that even adjust to allow breezes

to flow from the window into the room by raising

or tilting the slats.

With one style, slats are sandwiched between

two sheer fabric layers that diffuse light when

the slats are open. With another style, the

slats are laminated vertically to a single

fabric layer for a curtain effect.

Mini blinds can come in wood, faux wood, vinyl,

and even aluminum. Wood type blinds offer

rich, subtle colors along with unique textures.

The classic types of blinds look elegantly

simple and can help to enhance a contemporary

look or even add a classic flair to your home.

A less expensive alternative to wooden mini

blinds is faux wood, or a synthetic wood

made of PVC or a composite material. Aluminum

is a good choice as well, as it provides a

low cost and durable solution to your window

problems. Aluminum mini blinds are also

easy to clean and easy to maintain. The

least expensive variety is vinyl blinds,

that come in standard sizes only.


Wooden Window Shutters

Almost all wooden shutters are constructed from a

solid hardwood. This helps to give the shutters

the necessary stability for daily usage. Windows

can be a naturally harsh environment, with direct

sunlight, fluctuating humidity, and the rapid

change in temperature.

All types of wooden shutters can withstand all of

these types of conditions. Wooden shutters are

constructed to withstand harsh climates from the

intense heat and sun of the tropics to the

intense cold of the North. Keep in mind, not all

shutters are created equally, as the selection

of wood, types of joints, and overall design will

determine the quality of the ending product.

In the overall structure of a wooden shutter, the

type of wood is very important. All wood is

chosen based on durability, weight, straightness,

length, and overall finishing qualities. Basswood

is one of the best examples, as it builds an

exceptional shutter. Basswood also ranks high

in just above every characteristic you could

possibly imagine.

The joints of the wood will need to be solid and

strong in order to create a long lasting wood

shutter. Finger joints are also important, as

they connect two shorter lengths of wood. The

finger joints show through the finish of a

painted shutter and may look poor from the

start for a stained wood shutter.

Having strong joints between stiles and rails

will prevent the two components from separating

or tearing apart. The joints should be glued

and dowled for the strongest bond and the

best overall performance.

By purchasing wooden shutters, you'll get

quality shutters at a great price. Before you

buy, do your research on the company and make

sure that they know what they are doing. If you

buy from a reputable seller, you'll get

everything you need for excellent wooden shutters,

and instructions on how to install them yourself

if you wish.


Exterior Shutters

Installing exterior shutters to a window is a quick

and easy way to add style and flair to the outside

of a home. Both historical and modern houses will

benefit from the timeless accent of having exterior

shutters. As with all types of home improvements,

the quality and longevity of the exterior shutters

should be evaluated before you make a purchase.

The exterior window shutters for your home are

available in many different shapes and materials.

Vinyl or wood shutters are easily available at most

home improvement stores, and they can also be a

cost effective option. You can also make wooden

shutters operable with functional hardware.

Exterior shutters can also be made out of several

types of wood. The best wod to use is cedar, as

it offers outstanding durablity and resistance to

decay. Cedar also provides long service with minimal

maintenance in applications involving mud, silk,

window sahes, fencing, poles, and even exterior


The tannin oil in ceder is what really makes it an

ideal wood for exterior shutters. It will prevent

moisture penetration - and bugs hate it. Keep in

mind, exterior shutters shouldn't be left unprotected.

It is however, best to finish the shutters before

you install them, so that all surfaces can be

fully covered.

The ideal base for exterior shutters is a primer

coat of oil base primer that is tinted as close to

the final color as possible. The oil will penetrate

into the wood, giving better protection. For the

best results in painting, you should always consult

a professional painting company.

You can mount exterior shutters to your home with

a 1/2" spacer between the back of the panels and

the building to allow ventilation. If you aren't

using functional hardware, you should use rust proof

screws that sink flush to the wood. Once you

have finished the installation, simply paint over

the heads of the screws.

By having on opaque finish painted on the wood, it

will prevent light rays from penetrating the finish

and breaking down wooden fibers of your exterior

shutters. If you choose, you can also stain

exterior shutters.

Anytime you are staining shutters, you should use

finishing products that are designed specifically

for exterior use, and be prepared to do proper

maintence on your shutters to keep them looking good

all the time.

Exterior shutters will add color and style to the

outside of your home, making them a purchase you

can't go wrong with. Wooden exterior shutters are

the most popular and best to use - making them

something you truly must have for your home.


Installing Mini Blinds


The first thing to do, is to determine the position

of the mini blinds, deciding if they will be inside

or outside of the window. Inside mounting will look

more customized, although outside mounting will

provide better control of lighting.

For inside frame mounting, measure the width between

the points where the brackets will be placed; top,

middle, and bottom. Record the narrowest of the

measurements you receive. Now, measure the length

from the top inside casing of the windowsill. At

least 1 inch of flat surface will be needed on the

inside casing in order to attach the brackets.

For outside frame mounting, you'll need to measure

the overall width of the area to be covered. Hang

your mini blinds outside of the frame if there is

less than 1" of flat surface on the inside casing.

The measurement should overlap the window by at

least 1 1/2" on each side.


1. Determine if you want inside or outside

mounting, and measure your window accordingly.

2. After you have purchased the correct

size of mini blinds, remove the window stop from

the top of the window on the window casing.

3. Screw the brackets that came with your

blinds to the side window casing at the top, using

either two or three screws per bracket.

4. With the wand on the left and the lift

cord on the right, slide the mini blinds into the

brackets you just installed.

5. Once you have the mini blinds in place,

secure the caps over the brackets.

6. If the blinds are too long, remove the

slats from the bottom of them, as this should help

to get them to the appropriate height.


Wood Or Vinyl Mini Blinds

The market for mini blinds has expanded well past

those traditional aluminum blinds that break,

bend, and warp. A lot of homeowners are now

electing to install a 2 inch blind made from

either wood or vinyl to add a nicer touch to a


Proving to be cheaper than wooden shutters and

able to allow more light in, these blinds will

combine function and design which helps produce

a look that everyone will like. Years ago, the

purchase of these two inch blinds would break

the bank, although now there are many options

available for those on any type of budget.

Keep in mind that there are both pros and cons

to choosing either wood or vinyl. The biggest

difference in the material of the two is the

price and the color. Normally, wooden two

inch blinds are a lot more expensive than vinyl

blinds, although they are available in more colors.

If you have strained wooden trim and molding

around your windows, you should consider adding

that specific color to your window treatments.

A dark wooden blind or a honey hue wooden window

blind can make a big difference when it comes

to the look and style of your home. For a

price, you can create an inspiring look that

makes the difference between and alright room

and an amazing room.

Always remember that wooden blinds can tend

to a bit lighter than vinyl, so they could be

an ideal choice for double or triple windows

to prevent bowing in the middle of the blind.

Just like vinyl, wooden blinds can be custom

cut to fit the exact requirements of your


Vinyl blinds are also a bit less expensive and

can easily be mistaken for the wooden variety.

If you are choosing a bright white or a soft

ivory for your shades, vinyl will be the perfect

choice if you are on a budget. Vinyl blinds

are also easier to clean, as water can warp

wood or even cause the finish to crack or


If you are planning to purchase wood or vinyl

blinds, you should consider paying a visit to

your local supply warehouse. The selection at

most stores can be dramatic, as they offer

good prices and a variety of choices.

If your budget isn't a problem at all, you

should look towards a special window treatment

shop in your area, where professionals will

come to your home and take care of both the

measuring and installation for you.


Benefits Of Interior Wood Shutters

Interior wooden shutters will create the defining

touch to flatter any decoration of your home. Wood

shutters are a great investment, and should be

thought of and treated as fine furniture. Also,

they are the only window coverings that are actually

appraised into the value of your home. The rich

natural appearance and matching quality features

they offer make them a perfect choice for your home.


Wood shutters will offer you many insulation values

such as energy efficiency, and they maintain interior

temperature from exterior temperature extremes as

well as help with outside noise. According to

experts, it takes nearly 6 inches of brick, 14 inches

of concrete, and well over 1,700 inches of aluminum

to equal the insulating value offered by only 1 inch

of wood.


Opposed to aluminum, plastic, and other types of

composites, wood is only material for shutters that

is manufactured from a 100% renewal source.


Wood can be made from several sources, including

poplar, oak, and basswood. There are several products

that feature word wood in their name, although

they actually contain little to no wood at all.

They are all extremely limited in their custom

features, and are only available in standard white

colors, cannot be stained, and they have both the

look and feel of plastic.

All around the United States, wood remains one of

the most popular sources of shutters. Wood shutters

offer you many features, and they are also easy to

install, even if you have no experience with installing


You can find them in your local hardware store, or

even order them online if you prefer. They may cost

a bit more than vinyl or other types of shutters,

although they will last for a long time and give

your home the look you desire.


Vinyl Mini Blinds

For high humidity rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom,

or waterfront locations, vinyl binds are an ideal

choice. Vinyl blinds with the standard braided

cords and non textured gloss stats are easy to

clean, unbreakable, and very resistant to sun


The richly textured embossed prints, elegant

neutrals, and wood tones all help to a add a

decorative dimension that isn't found in horizontal

blinds. Vinyl blinds are available in both solid

colors and embossed finishes, and are also

available in many different sizes as well.

PVC blinds are great as well, as they are a very

durable and fashionable solution as a treatment

for your windows. They will also remain durable

and easy to maintain regardless of the humidity

or other weather factors.

Lightweight vinyl blinds are the least expensive

type of vinyl blinds available, although the

thin slats can sag a bit, the cords can shred,

and the mechanisms used with the blinds can

break or malfunction.

On sale, you can find vinyl blinds as low as

$5.99. The darkening mini blinds on the other

hands, are better quality with less space

between the slats, and run as high as $10.99.

There are some vinyl mini blinds that are

imported that will contain lead, which is a

serious hazard for your health. Lead poisoning

is acute for pregnant women or tiny children

because of their fast growing vulnerable tissue.

The vinyl blinds that are made in the United

States however, are lead free.

Vinyl blinds are also the easiest types of mini

blinds to maintain. You can clean them by

hanging them on a clothesline pole then spraying

them down with a garden hose.


Buying Budget Shutters

Even though there is a lot of value in installing

high quality interior wood window shutters,

they can sometimes still be too expensive for

certain applications. There are some alternatives

that include poly, pvc, or even vinyl shutters

that are less expensive although much less

attractive and look cheaper in comparison.

For quality at an affordable cost, you should

look for a company that sells individual

wholesale discount wood shutter panels that can

be installed in any type of configuration.

These types of shutters are also referred to

as DIY, or Do It Yourself shutters.

When you shop for individual shutter panels at

a discount price, there are a few things you

should keep in mind. The most important factor

is the material that is used to make the

interior shutter panels.

Basswood is the best wood for shutters, as

it has the best characteristics and it's a

straight hard wood with very little distortion.

Basswood also offers a fine, uniform texture

with an indistinct grain, which makes it

ideal for staining or painting.

Before you actually order the discount panels,

it's always best to determine how you will

mount your shutters. Sometimes, it is

necessary to use hanging strips to attach

shutters to the outside of the window opening.

Reputable companies will provide information

about installation methods so you can decide

which way is best to install your specific

type of window shutter.

Anytime you buy budget shutters, you should

always do your research first. There are some

brands that are better than others, which is

why you should research the types of shutters

you are interested in. With a little bit of

your time and effort, you could quite possibly

end up with shutters at a perfect price which

will add more color and style to your home

than you ever thought possible.


Styles Of Blinds Shutters

The best parts of decorating your windows are the

different window treatments you can choose. This

is where you can make decisions on fabrics, colors,

and also styles. Each decision you make between

contrasting borders, cording or fringe will show off

your own individually. If you add repeating

fabrics and colors in other parts of the room you

could help to add a dash of flair to your home.

You also have different styles of draperies and

valances to choose from. With draperies, you have

the options of rods with tap tops, tie tops with

different pleats, grommet rod pockets, flouncy tops

or plain rings. With valances you can choose to

have them gathered, pleated, shirred, swaged,

bundled, formal, casual, scalloped, lace, or even


You also have a different variety of shades and

blinds to choose from. You can choose between

fabric shades or cellular shades. If you don't want

to go with shades, you can choose from metal mini

blinds, natural blinds, or even wood blinds.

With fabric shades you can choose between the Roman,

balloon, Austrian, bottom arched, pleated, or even

flat panel. If you prefer cellular shades, keep

in mind that they will give you a cleaner look

and are also available in sheer or non-sheer


If you decide to choose blinds, make sure that

they meet your homes requirements. Metal mini blinds

offer choices in weight and size, special finishes,

privacy options, header choices, cloth tapes, and

hundreds of different colors.

Wooden mini blinds also offer a variety of sizes,

tape colors, and finishes. Natural blinds are also

known as bamboo blinds, and are available in

matchstick, sewn slats, and have several choices

of natural fabric like appearance.


Vinyl Shutters VS Wood Shutters

Interior shutters have always been one of the most

popular window treatments. They maintain their

value a lot better than any other type of window

covering, and they aren't only attractive and

enhance your home's appeal but they also help to

regulate light, insulate, and fit in to almost any

decorating style to make your window appear amazing.

These days, indoor shutters are more popular than

ever before. Therefore, it's really no wonder why

many new manufacturers are trying to get into

the shutter industry. The most notable addition

is the vinyl compound shutters.

Wooden shutters

There are many reasons as to why you should avoid

using vinyl shutters. Many prefer to have real wood,

just as they prefer clothing that is made from

cotton or wool as opposed to synthetics. For a

warm, authentic, traditional look, wooden shutters

are a great choice.

There are however some limitations of vinyl type

shutters. They are normally made only in white and

off white colors. Therefore, you can not precisely

color match, making staining impossible. Most

interior vinyl shutters are cheaply made with cheap

components and poor quality, and should be avoided

for that reason - despite the low cost.

Vinyl shutters

Vinyl shutters of quality are definitely worth a

consideration. The best types of interior vinyl

shutters cost less than custom window shutters. The

most important features are those that are practical

in nature. Vinyl shutters won't crack, peel, fade,

or deteriorate like wood will.

Vinyl shutters are also perfect for humid areas such

as showers and sinks. Since they are moisture

resistant, they are also a great choice near the

swimming pool.

They are also flame retardant and insulate much better

than interior wood shutters. They are easier to

clean and won't show any dents or scratches, which

makes them ideal for children's rooms. The time

it takes to manufacture them is also half the time

of a true custom wood shutter.

Making that final choice between vinyl and wood all

comes down to the type of home you have and your

personal preference. Each type certainly offers

good and bad points, although wood is the most

popular style. Vinyl is quickly gaining in

popularity, as they are much easier to clean than


Before you make your decision, always compare and

shop around. The prices will be different, although

you shouldn't base everything on price. Check the

quality of the manufacturer and compare with the

types of windows you have. Once you carefully put

some research into it, you'll have the windows you

need in no time at all.