Mobile phone etiquette and you

Mobile Phone Etiquette and you

Why do we find necessary as a society to constantly be on

the phone? If live in or near any big city in the U. S. you

will find the number of people walking the streets on a

daily basis on their cell phones astonishing.

Who are they talking to? Are they talking to each other?

Are they conducting important business while trying clothes

on at the mall?

Are they trading stocks and running companies while eating

lunch at their favorite restaurant?

What is so important that it can’t wait until they are

either in the privacy of their own home or their offices to


Etiquette and general respect have all been tossed out the

window. We are now forced to listen to private

conversations about families, bodily functions, doctor’s

visits and everything else imaginable.

Somehow people have managed to forget that they are in a

public place and everyone around them can hear what is

being discusses. And at an above average volume.

Sometimes the topics of conversations are just plain

embarrassing. When we are out with our children doing our

errands and the sort, we usually are not prepared to

explain adult conversations to our little ones.

Maybe people don’t realize we really don’t want to know

what happened when they got drunk in a bar the previous


People forget how loud their mobile phone conversations are

too. Do you really want the bakery girl on the other side

of the store knowing what your test results from the doctor


Maybe someday, there will be a mandatory class when you

purchase a mobile phone. A class that teaches common

courtesy and respect and of course, etiquette.

Mobile phones and the teenager

Mobile Phones and the Teenager

A growing trend in this country is the use of mobile phones

by children under 18. In fact, 50 percent of children in

the U. S. today have their own cell phones.

This number is astonishing and to no surprise is on the

rise. As it is, we spend too little time really involved in

what our children do.

Who they talk to, who they text message and who they send

digital photos to becomes a mystery when they are allowed

to have their own mobile phones.

Of course, every youngster is different and some are very

responsible when it comes to the use of their phones. But

to keep our children safe we must remember to be

accountable and teach our children to be accountable for

their actions.

Many a teen has run their parents cell phone bill up so

high that they have had to confiscate the phone. But the

key is to stop the problem before it happens. The key is to

set limits, and to stay involved.

Know with whom your children are talking to. Set firm rules

about the times they are allowed to use their phones. Know

whom they are sending pictures to and what sort of pictures

they are sending.

The same with text messages. One more thing we should

consider is whether we want our kids using their phones

while operating a vehicle. 6000 kids die annually in car

accidents and with 48 percent of teens reportedly talking

on the phone while driving, the mixture can be deadly. The

key to keeping our kids safe is to be informed.

Mobile phone etiquette

Mobile Phone Etiquette

Since the introduction of mobile phones into our society,

our world stands forever changed. With mobile phone lines

outnumbering landlines in several countries, more people

are drawn into the 21st century even if their surroundings

prove otherwise.

Once just a luxury for the rich and famous, mobile phones

are now commonplace in day to day living. But owning a

mobile phone doesn’t automatically mean the user knows

proper phone etiquette.

In fact the use of mobile phones seems to have given people

permission to be rude and not be accountable.

One such instance is in driving. Many states today are

trying to pass laws that ban drivers from using any sort of

handheld phone unit while operating a vehicle.

They have proven a distraction and in society today when we

are constantly on the move and in a hurry, we tend to

multi-task more and pay attention less to what is going on

around us.

Mobile phone etiquette has become such a problem that

places of business are now beginning to ban the use of the

mobile devices while there.

Movie theaters require that you turn your ringer off while

inside. The National Association of Theater Operators is

currently petitioning the FCC to make movie theaters exempt

from the communications act of 1934.

Basically what this will do is make it legal to block cell

phone signals in the movie theater. But it wouldn’t have

gone this far if people just did the right thing to begin


Handless headsets for the mobile phone

Handless Headsets for the Mobile Phone

There is nothing more odd than seeing someone walking down

the street having a full and complete conversation with


At first glance they are seen as crazy or schizophrenic.

Upon closer examination we see they are just on their

mobile phone attached to a headset.

While the introduction of the headset to the mobile phone

user has made multi tasking even easier, you still cant

help but take a second look when you see someone in a fully

animated conversation with what appears to be themselves.

Arms flailing, voice raised and lost in their own world.

The one good thing that the introduction of the mobile

phone headset has accomplished is that drivers are slightly

less distracted when on their phones.

Of course, this is only slightly because a lot of the

distraction still comes from things like dialing the phone,

answering the phone, or even finding the phone when it is


The new version of the mobile phone headset is wireless. It

attaches to your ear and makes it so you can answer your

phone with just a push of the button on the headset. Sounds

like something right out of a sci-fi movie.

But what next? Many people think the next trend in wireless

headsets will be to have a microchip implanted in your head

that acts as the headset.

This seems to be taking things a little too far. But just

how far will we go for science?

How will we be able to tell the people who need

professional psychiatric help from those who just spend all

their time on their implanted mobile phones?

Most expensive mobile phone

Most Expensive Mobile Phone

In the world of mobile phones being a dime a dozen,

sometimes people find the need to stand out from the crowd.

In July of 2006 a Russian company that paired with a

celebrity jeweler created a mobile phone, which cost US$1.3

million. Of course, this is not your ordinary run of the

mill phone. Not by any means.

Not only is the casing outlandish in desig-and price, the

capabilities reach far beyond what our local mobile phone

dealers have to offer us.

The solid platinum phone has advanced security and operates

as your computer at home would, using a Windows CE

operating system.

In addition to the platinum casing, there is 18 carat rose

gold and 28 round cut diamonds encrusted in the navigation

key. Even the accessories are outlandish in design.

The phone comes with a platinum leather carrying case and

platinum lock. The box it comes in is made of suede and

when opened it plays music that can be tailored to the

clients taste. There is also room on both the case and the

phone itself for a company logo or name to be engraved.

So really, who is going to spend US$1.3 million on a cell

phone? Of course, this price does not even include the

calling plan.

I don’t think you would want to be walking down the street

and whip this phone out when it rings. I would be afraid of

being mugged.

People get their cell phones stolen at alarming rates every

day. Anyone who has an eye for pricey items will definitely

notice something like this pressed to the ear of some

corporate guy.

And with the distraction that being on a mobile phone

causes, it makes the owner easy prey.

Mobile phone walkman

Mobile Phone Walkman

Imagine you jogging through the park listening to your

favorite tunes that you have loaded into your Walkman and

suddenly your mobile phone rings.

Well, with the new mobile phones available, you don’t need

to stop to answer your call, let alone take out your

headphones and interrupt your morning jog.

Now with the push of a button, you can switch from

listening to your favorite songs to making a business deal,

then back again.

It works just like any other digital music player and just

like any other mobile phone. Another great incentive is one

less thing you have to carry.

This particular mobile phone also acts as a safety device

for joggers. Since your device is already on and in your

ear, if in the unfortunate event an emergency arose and you

needed to phone the police, your mobile phone is already at


One slight disadvantage though is if used as a mobile

listening device, the battery will wear down significantly

faster than your normal mobile phone would. So recharging

would be necessary more often.

But all in all, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The battery life lasts up to 30 hours and with a memory

stick of over 500 mega bites you can be assured a great

selection of your favorite songs.

With a good pair of stereo headphones, this mobile phone

device could prove to be one of the top sellers for

athletes. With its slim design and comparable price, it is

a good investment.

Staying out of trouble when buying mobile phones

Staying out of trouble when buying Mobile Phones

The market has been overrun by the mobile phone industry.

Where does one begin when searching out a mobile phone and

service carrier?

Which phone is the best one for the buck?

Which service plan will meet the needs of the customer

without sending them into a downward spiral of bankruptcy?

A simple search on the Internet will reward the consumer

with literally millions of choices. A trip to local

businesses that offer mobile phones and service plans will

not necessarily prove any better.

The best thing to try to do is educate yourself before

purchasing. In many cases once you sign up for a service

plan, you are obligated to fulfill the contract before you

can change plans. Usually the contract terms are for the

period of one year.

There are mobile phones available that have no contract.

The phone time is pre-purchased and you are allotted a

number of minutes for each dollar you add. This is the best

option for those who are less responsible or who don’t want

the trouble of a monthly bill.

Your phone lets you know when your minutes are up and

purchasing new minutes is as easy as a phone call, visit to

the Internet or trip to the store.

Most people who use this type of phone are the ones who

keep their phones strictly for emergency uses.

Otherwise, spend time researching and talking to people.

Don’t fall for the first sale thrust upon you and

definitely spend the time to thoroughly read and understand

your contract.

This preemptive tactic will help keep you out of trouble

when it comes time for the dreaded monthly mobile phone


Mobile phones for seniors

Mobile Phones for Seniors

When we think about mobile phones, the things we think of

most are corporate employees and chatty teens. What we

normally don’t think about is our aging community and what

their needs may be.

Senior citizens in this country are now a major group that

companies are marketing mobile phones to. In fact, some

companies are even designing more senior friendly phones.

The new phones are designed with just the basic mobile

phone functions. Calling out, receiving calls and storing

numbers in the phones internal phone book are the standard


This paired with larger buttons for easier dialing make

these phones ideal for senior citizens. Now grandma doesn’t

have to spend 45 minutes trying to find a phone number and

another 30 trying to see and push the tiny number buttons

to call out.

It is hard to imagine your grandmother walking down the

street chatting on her cell phone, but in the case of

seniors, these phones may come in handy, maybe even save

lives if used responsibly. These mobile phones are a

definite asset when a situation like car trouble arises.

So now when our relatives reach their golden years and

decide to take the RV and travel across country, they can

do so with peace of mind that in the event of an emergency,

they have 24-hour contact with civilization.

It will also give peace of mind to their loved ones. They

can travel safely knowing they are always in contact in

case of an emergency.

Technology of mobile phones

Technology of Mobile Phones

Where will technology take us?

With the introduction of the newest gadgets every year, the

experts have given us the technology to put almost

everything we do into one little device. The Mobile Phone.

Once just used for simple person-to-person contact, the

mobile phone has grown up a lot since its introduction in

the 90’s.

Even your basic cell phones offer a selection of advanced

features. Where will it end?

Will our mobile phone one day run our lives?

Unlock our cars perhaps?

Be used as a remote control for our television?

Of course, you can place calls with your mobile phone from

almost anywhere and at anytime.

Of course there are still a few places out there where the

signal antennas don’t reach, but before long, this wont


Another feature that is more common on phones now is text

messaging. This works just the same as instant messengers

on our computers.

People can talk to each other via text. This makes

conversing easier when one person is otherwise occupied and

cannot keep an actual conversation at the time.

Another feature most phones have nowadays is a digital

camera. This feature has both its pros and cons.

Most people don’t carry a camera with them at all times for

those moments when we wish we did have one. They have

proven helpful in situations like car accidents, criminal

situations, and even catching the occasional embarrassing

moment on film.

But there have also been arguments in regards to privacy.

People have been found using the camera phone for spying on

other people in places like dressing rooms and under


Cell phones now offer so many more advanced options. Things

such as MP3 players, FM radios, GPS services and advanced

Internet capabilities. Someday, our mobile phones may

replace our notebook computers in their capabilities.

History of mobile phones

History of Mobile Phones

In this day of high tech gadgets and toys, the Mobile

Phone, or Cellular Phone inundates the market with products

for every level of user.

While a patent was issued as early as 1908 for a mobile

phone unit, the actual technology of cellular network

calling, as we know it today wasn’t established until 1984

in Japan.

Even at this early time, mobile phones were too large to be

carried easily in a pocket so most were installed in

vehicles to be used as car phones until 1990.

The mobile phone has become so popular in some countries

that the numbers of phones outnumber the population. Africa

currently has the largest growth rate of mobile phone

subscribers and India has the largest growth market, adding

6 million subscribers every month.

What once began as a rare and expensive form of

communication has suddenly become the worlds most common

and inexpensive item kept on a person.

In the U. S. 50 percent of children carry their own mobile

phone. In many countries, mobile phones outnumber landline


This is due to the ease of use and the cost. Where it is

more expensive to run a phone line throughout a town or

village, people can own mobile phones at a much more

affordable rate.

Once used as a simple wireless way to communicate has

changed to almost a miniature computer small enough to slip

into ones pocket.

Now mobile phones can take photographs, can access the

Internet and e-mails, and even store a selection of

downloadable music.

What an advancement we have made in such a short time. It

makes one wonder what is next in the high tech gadget world

for our mobile phone users.