Newport Beach Nightlife

No matter what you go in California, you'll quickly

discover that very few cities can capture the night

life quite like Newport Beach. Although the area

is one of the most overlooked, it's beaming with

water sports, activities, things to see, and one

heck of a nightlife. When most areas are winding

down, Newport Beach is just getting started!

From dancing to the beats of Latin rhythms to high

energy rock and roll, Newport Beach provides cutting

edge entertainment for the lovers of the night. With

hip restaurants and trendy oyster bars, the Little

Inn by the Bay provides its fair share of helping

you enjoy the night.

With plenty of things around the area, Newport Beach

has you covered year round. There are plenty of bars

to visit at night as well, many of them offering several

big screen televisions, games, and even pool tables for

those who love playing. Clubs are a great attraction

as well, especially those that are located along the

Newport Bay area.

For day and nightlife, Newport Beach has everything

you need for an excellent vacation. You don't have

to go to bed at a decent hour when you're here - as

Newport Beach encourages you to get out there and

do what you want - when you want.


Newport Harbor Art Museum

Featuring vintage art, the Newport Harbor Art

Museum is the primary showcase in Newport Beach

or California for that matter for the best in

contemporary art. Being founded in 1962, the

museum is dedicated to the collection, exhibition,

and the interpretation of both contemporary and

modern art.

By reflecting on the past as well as the present,

the museum features the exhibitions of local, national

and international scopes, and also maintains one of

the most impressive and important works of California

Art since the beginning and end of World War 2.

For those who don't know much about contemporary art,

the Newport Harbor Art Museum offers a broad series

of programs designed in assisting the understanding

and appreciation of the subject. Even though you

may be new to contemporary art, the museum will

show you all there is to know and love about it.

Known all over the world, the museum has a reputation

for its depth of holdings in California post-war art,

a collection of over 2,000 sculptures, paintings,

prints, drawings, and even photography.

Those who are already familiar with contemporary art

will surely appreciate everything that the museum

provides. Fans of post-war art will enjoy this

museum as well, as it provides the most extensive

collection of California art around.

Some of the key holdings found in the Newport Harbor

Art Museum include David Park, Nathan Oliveira, Joan

Brown, Ed Ruscha, Larry Bell, Joe Goode, Robert Irwin,

Chuck Arnoldi, and Judy Fiskin. There are also major

holdings in room size works featuring Bill Viola's

Theater of Memory and even the Tale of Two Cities by

Chris Burden.

Open year round, the museum hours are Tuesday -

Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM and Sunday 12 PM - 5 PM, closed

on Monday. Although there is small price for

admission, the day to visit is Tuesday - as admission

for everyone is free. If you are in the Newport area

on Tuesday, you should drop by the museum as you have

nothing to lose.

If your on vacation in Newport Beach, you can go to

the Newport Harbor Art Museum during the day, on a

side trip. The museum is a great way to spend the

day looking at art. For the locals of the area, the

museum is a great place to go back to time and time

again to bring back memories of the post-war art and

everything that contemporary California art is known



Disneyland Resort Near Newport Beach

If you're looking for action and adventure in the

Newport Beach area, the Disneyland Resort is

everything you need. Bigger and more magical

than ever, the world famous Disneyland is just a

short ride from the Little Inn by the bay by. With

the addition of the California Adventure Island,

the Disneyland Resort is better than ever.

For kids of all ages, Disneyland is where the dreams

come alive. From riding the many rides to the magical

parade and seeing the enchanting characters of Disney

in person, no place on earth can capture the wonder

and magic like Disneyland.

With everyday excitement and the seasonal events like

the fireworks display, Disneyland Resort will keep

kids of all ages enchanted for hours. Best of all,

Disneyland Resort has something for the entire family.

You can also learn about past and present California

at the Disney Adventure Park, as well as learn about

the colorful history that makes California what it is

today. Things such as the California Gold Rush and

the Hollywood Golden Years are all included at the

Adventure Park.

There are plenty of family activities to be found here

as well, such as the Muppet Vision 3D, Twilight

Zone Tower, and several others. From enjoying the

rides to exploring everything in the Disneyland

Park, you can spend hours and hours here and still

not discover all of the magic.

When you get hungry, you can rest assured that the

resort has plenty of places to eat. You can stop and

eat at one of the restaurants or simply grab some food

from one of the many vendors. There are all kinds of

treats here as well, from caramel apples to cotton


What was once a tourist attraction giant, has become

even bigger with the recent addition of the Disney

California Adventure Park. The park has become very

popular as well, helping to add an extra bit of kick

to the resort.

Although there are many reasons to visit Newport

Beach, few are bigger than either the Disneyland

Resort or the Disney Adventure Park. Both are great

for the entire family, and both will provide days and

days of cutting edge entertainment.

If you plan to visit Newport Beach or a nearby area,

you shouldn't hesitate to take your family to the

Disneyland Resort. It's a short distance from the

Little Inn by the bay in Newport Beach, which is more

than worth that extra bit of time.


Newport Beach Gondola Ride

Over 800 years old, the gondola is a regarded as a

symbol of romance. Although thinking of a gondola

may bring thoughts of Venice Italy, the gondola

ride found in Newport Beach can be just as romantic

when it comes to the symbol of romance.

Once you sit in the black yet sleek gondola, you'll

be steered into the fairy-tale setting of the

hidden canals beyond Newport Beach. Most of the

time, the individual steering the gondola will

appear discreet yet mysterious, hearing nothing

and saying nothing.

With this sense, the boat will almost appear to

be moving by magic, gliding along with nothing to

disturb the soft music. Occasionally, you can

hear the splashing of a fish breaking the surface

of the water, which actually adds to the music and

the tempo of the gondola ride.

With the gondola floating so close to the surface

of the water, you'll feel as if every sense you have

is being tapped. The warmth of the sun, the smell

of the water, and the lapping of the waves will set

your mind off like never before.

As you travel through the canals, you'll find

yourself wondering if the houses are deserted and

just how romantic the atmosphere and setting make

you feel. Even though you may have the urge to

dangle your fingers in the water, the relaxing feel

of the gandola will make you feel as if you are

too relaxed to move a muscle!

When the sun sets, you'll pass other gandolas as

they travel through the canals. On a couple ride,

the gandola can help to rekindle the flame or just

take you to a whole new world. Once you return to

the docks, you'll probably find yourself wishing

that the ride would never end.

If you've never experienced a gondola ride, it's one

thing that you simply must try. As a wedding ride,

honeymoon ride, couple ride, or just a couple of

friends, the gondola ride is something that will

make you feel as never before.

While there are a few providers of gondola rides in

Newport Beach, each one offers you the ride of a

lifetime. The gondola ride brings a touch of romance

to Newport Beach, which is something each and every

couple should have the pleasure of experiencing.

If you plan on visiting Newport Beach or if you

already live in the area, a gondola ride is something

you shouldn't hesitate to try. It brings a whole new

sense to the word romance and can easily make you

forget everything that has troubled you in life - if

even for a brief moment.


Little Inn Newport Beach

The Little Inn by the bay in Newport Beach provides

the best hotel experience in the area. They offer

unbeatable prices, still staying true to maintaining

quality service. Offering many comfortable rooms

and packages, they do more than enough to ensure you

have a great stay in Newport Beach and save as much

money as you possibly can.

In the morning, the inn allows you to customize your

own continental breakfast from a variety of possibilities,

such as muffins, cereals, and juices - delivered to

your hotel room along with the morning paper!

Along with the morning paper and a continental

breakfast, the Little Inn by the bay also provides

beach cruisers. There's no sense in walking when you

can use the bikes they provide to explore the miles

and miles of beaches and boardwalk that Newport

Beach and peninsula has to offer.

Located very close to many restaurants and shops, the

Little Inn makes it easier than ever. You can step

out of the Inn and enjoy many great tasting restaurants

and California shops. Being relatively close to the

beach, you can go out at night and enjoy romantic

walks on the beach with the one you love.

The nearby restaurants to the Little Inn by the bay

include Blue Water Grill, Billy's at the beach,

Rusty Pelican, Charthouse, and many more. Offering

everything from seafood to Japanese food, the Little

Inn ensures that there is food in the area for many

different tastes.

Along with being a great location, the Little Inn also

offers you spacious rooms with cable television, nice

views, and even beach rentals. During the day you can

see everything that Newport Beach has to offer then

at night you can enjoy winding down and relaxing in

one of the many excellent rooms.

When the time comes to take off to Newport Beach, you

should make sure you book your room in advance. The

Little Inn by the bay is one of the best hotels in

Newport Beach, making it very crowded during the

summer months. The last thing you want to do is wait

until the last minute then arrive in Newport Beach and

find that there are no rooms left!

Booking in advance can save you a lot of headache, and

provide you with a great place to stay once you arrive

in the area. Once you have stayed a few nights at the

Little Inn by the bay you'll know what true Newport

hospitality is all about. Then, when you return to

Newport Beach - you'll want to ensure that the Little

Inn is where you stay.


Newport Beach Shoppers Paradise

Although the area of Newport Beach is known for

the harbor and love of the water, it also contains

a hidden shoppers paradise. With the infamous

Fashion Island and Balboa Island nearby, Newport

does wonders for those who like activities yet

enjoy shopping.

Fashion Island is one of the best areas of Newport

Beach, containing over 200 stores. The Island

has everything you could ever want, from toys to

expensive clothes. If you've ever tried Fashion

Island before, you're probably aware of just how

great it can be. With over 200 stores, it'll take

hours and hours to explore everything here - and

possibly even days.

If you happen to be looking for an inexpensive, yet

excellent experience, Balboa Island is where you

should be going. The Island is accessible from

Palm Street by ferry at the Balboa Peninsula, or

by car/foot from Jamboree Road at the Pacific Coast


With its great location and environment, the

community is home to more than 80 galleries, gift

shops, and fine restaurants. All along the streets

on the island, you can find locals selling great

merchandise, along with vendors selling superb

sweets and hot eats.

When walking on foot on the island, you'll notice

that there are wonderful views of the extravagent

homes, harbor, and even the bay. Passing the street

signs, you may notice that they are indeed named

after precious stones, which is quite different.

Once you pass Turquoise, Topax, Diamond, and Sapphire,

you'll reach the popular Marine Avenue, which is

where shoppers will fall in love. With unique and

attractive gift shops and sidewalk cafes, it's easy

to spend hours here looking at everything you can


The heart of the Balboa Island's shopping and apparel

district, Marine Avenue has many unique boutiques

and galleries as well. If hunger strikes, you can

lose yourself in the tastefully impressive Balboa Bar,

a bar made of vanilla ice cream that is dipped in


With restaurants on the Avenue as well, you can enjoy

everything from a simple meal to some of the best

Italian food in Newport Beach. Offering you plenty of

things to see as well, Balboa Island gives you more

than just shopping - although the shopping here is

something you must experience.

If you enjoy shopping and seeing beautiful views,

Newport Beach is truly the shopping paradise you've

been longing for. As a family vacation, Balboa Island

and the surrounding areas can provide everything you

need for fun and entertainment. For shopping lovers

everywhere, Newport Beach provides the type of

shopping you won't find anywhere else.


Historical Sites Of Newport Beach

All along Newport Beach there are several historic

sites that are worth checking out. Many of them

were around back in the early 1900's, which is

great to see for anyone who wants to see what the

past was like or to learn more about the history

behind Newport Beach.

Balboa Pavilion

Located at 400 Main Street, the Balboa Pavilion

is the first landmark for Newport Beach. Built in

1905, the pavilion was the end of the line for the

Red Car of the Pacific Electric. Now days, the

Balboa Pavilion hosts a variety of shops, a

chartering company, and even a restaurant.

McFadden's Wharf

Completed in 1889, the wharf began the decade for

Newport as a shipping port. Built by James and

Robert McFadden, the wharf was a great way to ship

lumber from Northern California to those who

settled here.

Old Landing

The Old Landing is located at Highway 101 & Dover

Drive. Established in 1870, the Old Landing was

designated to be a new port by the McFaddens, who

went on to establish a shipping service in the area

of Newort. Now, there's a bridge and highway on

an area of teh site. The remaining area of the

Old Landing is vacant.


Family Fun In Newport Beach

No matter what type of family getaway you have in mind,

you'll always find something for everyone throughout

Newport Beach. From young to old and everyone in

between, Newport Beach easily combines the best of family

fun with activities to keep everyone entertained for

hours and hours.

One of the most popular family activities in Newport

Beach is going to the beach. During the summer months,

the beach is a very popular resort and getaway spot for

the entire family. You and your wife or your friends can

enjoy swimming, boat riding, or even hitting the waves on

a jet ski. With temperatures in the summer hitting 75

degrees and above, nothing breaks the heat better than

the beach.

For the kids, the beach holds many different activities.

They can build sand castles in the sand, play around in

the water, or simply bask in the glorious sun. If they

get tired of playing in the sand, you can simply go back

to your hotel room and enjoy the fun of the safe yet

confined swimming pool.

Another popular activity in Newport Beach for the family

is the Balboa Fun Zone. There is something here for

everyone, with the Fun Zone keeping kids entertained the

entire time they are there! If you've never experienced

the Fun Zone before, you'll be in for the treat of a


The Balboa Fun Zone is comprised of many different areas,

including restaurants and beaches. There is so much to

do here that you'll probably have to come back over the

course of several days to see everything that the Fun Zone

has to offer.

Another activity that yields a lot of fun in Newport Beach

is rollerblading. You can rent rollerblades from many

different providers, from kids sizes to adults. There are

also many places to use your rollerblades, including the

sidewalks along the beach. If you like rollerblading,

Newport Beach helps to set a new standard of fun.

When it comes to the kids enjoying themselves, nothing

will please them more than the Toy Boat. Located at 3331

East Coast Highway, the Toy Boat is the best place in

Newport Beach to take the kids. There are hundreds of

thousands of toys and activities here to keep your kids

and probably yourselves entertained for hours.

After you have a day of family fun in Newport Beach or

the surrounding areas, you can stop and have a relaxing

meal at one of the fabulous restaurants. The food here is

to die for, giving everyone in your family a chance to

eat their favorite food.

With something for everyone, it's hard to believe that

Newport Beach is actually an undiscovered vacation spot

for many. The area has so much to offer, that it's just

a matter of time before people start to discover

everything the area will provide them with. When the time

comes for your getaway - make sure you give Newport Beach

a try - you'll be glad you did!


Newport Beach Beauty

With beautiful sunsets, picture-perfect beaches, and

a harbor that houses some of the biggest yachts, Newport

Beach California is truly an amazing place. Perfectly

situated in Orange County, Newport Beach can be considered

both relaxing and ritzy.

The harbor features many small islands and also houses

several museums and attractions like the Newport Pier. As

far as things to do here, surfing, volleyball, and romantic

walks along the pier can help to fill the void. Surfing is

quite renowned here, as surfers can get truly bone shattering

waves from the boats that go by.

Nightlife at the Beach is no secret either, as there are

many different restaurants and clubs. During the day, there

are many different amusement parks and arcade games. For

the kids, Newport Beach is truly an amazing vacation.

Those of you who want to visit the past, shouldn't hesitate

to visit the Balboa Pavilion, which was built in 1904. The

Pavilion houses many dances, and still proves to be an

inspiring Victorian structure - even to this very day.

For a tourist attraction or just a place to get away from the

pressure of life, Newport Beach is breathtaking. The harbor

has something for everyone, even the hard to please.


Fashion Island Newport Beach

The Fashion Island, located at the Newport Center

in Newport Beach is the ideal place to go if you

like adventure and shopping. Proving to be one

of the premiere establishments in Newport Beach,

Fashion Island is one place you simply must go if

you crave a fun and exciting time during your trip

here or your stay here.

Centrally located between Los Angeles and San Diego,

stopping here won't put you out of your way. Offering

shopping, beaches, theme parks, museums, parks and

other events, this is an absolute treasure. On

Fashion Island itself, there are more than 1,300 hotel

rooms within the Newport Center.

On Fashion Island kids love the carousel. The carousel

is a custom made Venetian-themed ride with 32 antique

horses and other animals, perfect for riders of nearly

any age. With animals such as the rabbit, tiger, bear

and fish, the carousel is a must see for anyone who

enjoys theme parks and amusement rides.

For younger children, Fashion Island offers the whimsical

Kiddie Train. For younger children of the area, the

train has become a tradition. If you are visiting here,

you can find the train between Bloomingdale's and Marcus.

On the island, two of the most signature elements are

the splashing fountains and the well known sparkling koi

pond. Located adjacent to Macy's, you'll find the Pop

Jet, and near Island Terrace you'll find the also well

known Iris Fountain. Both were created in 1989 and

custom made for Fashion Island. The koi pond was also

custom made in 1968 and holds 15,000 gallons.

The entire area of Fashion Island is surrounded by top

class hotels, including the Hotel Newport Beach. Minutes

away from the island is the Orange County airport and

several beaches. During the summer, the sandy beaches

provide the ultimate relaxation from a day of shopping

and fun on Fashion Island.

Throughout the year, there are many events as well. With

summer concerts, a project playhouse, and seasonal

activities for the children, Fashion Island proves to be

more than just shopping.

On the shopping side of things, as the name implies, you'll

find hundreds of shopping stores and several fine restaurants

to dine in here. Fashion Island on Newport Beach is the

place to be for anyone visiting the area looking to see

the best in shopping and entertainment.

If you're looking to visit Newport Beach, make sure you pay

Fashion Island a visit. You can find almost anything to

buy here along with plenty of activities to keep the kids

happy as well. A visit to Newport Beach isn't complete

without stopping here - making Fashion Island a very

important part of the entire beach experience.


All Day Activity In Newport Beach

A vacation in Newport Beach or just a family getaway

can hold many activities. For yourself, your family,

or your friends, Newport Beach holds many things to

keep you occupied during the day.

For the adventurous, the Beach has surfing. Surfing

at Newport Beach is very rigorous and exciting, with

the high waves and insane temperature. Along with

surfing, you can also go fishing. The harbors around

Newport have basically everything you can possibly

think of with water - making it a water lover's true


For more relaxed activity, you can enjoy a game of

golf along the harbor. There are many golf courses

in Newport Beach, from beginners to professionals.

If anyone in your family enjoys a game of golf, you'll

find Newport Beach to be one of the most exciting

places in the world to play.

Other day activities include paddleboats, sailboats,

kayaks, bicycles, and even rollerblades. There is

always something going on here as well, making it a

perfect getaway spot even for those who happen to

live in sunny California.

For a vacation or just a spot to relax, Newport Beach

is the one spot to go. Take the entire family and

enjoy everything the Harbor has to offer you - they'll

thank you for it later!


Balboa Fun Zone Newport Beach

One of California's oldest and greatest coastal

amusement parks, the Balboa Fun Zone is a great

place for your entire family. With plenty for the

entire family to do, the Fun Zone can make the

time just fly by.

Perfectly situated on the Balboa Peninsula along

Newport Beach, the Balboa Fun Zone has always

managed to rival with top amusement park giants such

as Sea World, Disneyworld, and even Belmont Park.

For more than 50 years, the Fun Zone in Newport

Beach has provided people with something to do either

day or night. Residents of the area and those who

have visited in the past can recall the big name

bands and loud music that streamed from the infamous

Rendezvous Ballroom.

From basking on the sandy yet pristine beaches to

exploring the Fun Zone areas, you'll quickly find that

there's always something to do here. You can go out

on the Balboa Pier as well, which was built in 1912 as

a way to go from Balboa to Catalina Island. The pier is

also one of the few to survive the well known yet

destructive coastal storms California endured during

the 1980's.

Those of you looking for adventure and travel would

enjoy the Catalina Flyer, which is actually one hour

to Catalina Island. The island ferry at Balboa Island

only costs a buck or so, yet it takes you to the well

known Catalina Island.

One of the biggest attractions here is the well known

Fun Zone ferris wheel. Since 1936, this wheel has proved

to be a night and day landmark at the Fun Zone, calling

out to all to enjoy the fun. If you've ever been on

a ferris wheel, you know just how much fun they can

actually be.

In 1986, the Fun Zone was rebuilt completely from the

ground up, adding to the already fun and exciting

environment here. The ferris wheel, bumper cars, arcades,

and everything else here make the Fun Zone so much

fun for everyone who decides to pay it a visit.

After you've had experienced a few of the rides and

attractions, you can get some food at one of the many

vendors or restaurants, then enjoy a cruise on the

harbor. Young or old, the Balboa Fun Zone in Newport

Beach can help you relieve those precious memories

from when you were a child.

If you plan to visit California and you want something

fun to do, make sure you visit the Fun Zone. There are

plenty of things to see in the area as well, making the

Fun Zone an absolute treasure. With no cost for

admission, the Fun Zone is one area of Newport Beach

that you don't want to pass by.


Pelican Hill Golf Course

On the Newport Coast, standing high above the Pacific

Ocean is one of the best golf courses in the California

area. Boasting a very nice golf course, the finest

services and amenities, and superb dining, Pelican

Hill Golf Course provides one of the best experiences

of golf and after golf.

With 2 golf courses, the course will provide challenges

to beginners and avid golf players alike. While both

are great courses, the toughest decision you'll make

is deciding which one to play first. Even though you

can go back and play the course you didn't select later,

choosing the one to start with is almost as fun as


The North Course

The North Course of the Pelican Golf Course reflects

a classic Scottish style, almost floating around an

elevated plateau. The drastic elevation changes help

to create spectacular views of both the Pacific Ocean

and the Newport Harbor.

Staying true to the ingenious design philosophy, the

landscape here plays a major role in the challenge and

the overall beauty of the North Course. Golfers all

around the world enjoy playing the North Course, as

the design here is better than most golf courses out


The South Course

Set high above the Pacific, the South Course is also

ranked among the top golf courses in the entire Newport

Beach area. The South Course offers breathtaking ocean

views, pine trees, manicured fairways, and a nice

soaring eucalyptus.

On the South Course you'll also find challenging greens

submerged by strategically placed bunkers. The design

of the course here included rolling terrain, canyon

crossing tee shots, and holes that border the cliffs

of the California coast.

Both courses are very set in their unique designs, using

the terrain and topology to golf players challenges

they simply won't find elsewhere. While many golf courses

use the field to add to the playing experience, Pelican

Hill uses many different tools. The result is a game

of golf that will leave you wanting more.

If you enjoy playing golf, Pelican Hill Golf Course in

Newport Beach provides the golf you crave. There are

plenty of other things to see and do in Newport Beach,

from kids to grown ups. Whether your on vacation or

a local, Pelican Hill can help you to enjoy playing

golf for the first time. All you need to do is play a

few games on the course - then you'll discover the

way golf was meant to be played.


Balboa Pier In Newport Beach

A pier can be one of the most romantic places to

go in the world. If you doubt that, take a trip to

the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach and you'll see

first hand just how great a pier can be. On any

given summer night, this pier is enveloped in

darkness by 10 PM.

While the average fisherman heads home when the

pier is dark, life continues. All along the pier,

darkness does nothing but add to the atmosphere.

Towards the end of the pier, you can see the neon

lights of Ruby's Diner lighting up the sky, calling

out to those on the pier.

Walking along the pier you can see many different

lights illuminating the sky. The Balboa Pavilion can

be seen as well, adding to the already magical time

that the lights help to add to the pier.

In many ways, the Balboa Pavilion is a sister attraction

to the pier. They were both built in 1906 and designed

to attract people to the Newport area. Even in those

times, the pier and the pavilion helped to bring

travelers to the area.

Down the peninsula from the pier, the area has a

feeling that rivals days gone by. For fishermen and

those that enjoy fishing, the Balboa Pier is simply

heaven on earth.

Looking to the south of the pier, you'll see the Newport

Jetty and the bay entrance. Main Street is right

around the corner, adding a wealth of things to do to

the pier.

Even though some consider fishing to be secondary on

the pier, it gives fisherman that are there more room

to fish. For many residents of the area, the pier is

where they began their life of fishing.

When standing on at the end looking down the Balboa

Pier you'll probably be amazed. The 920 foot pier is

simply incredible to look at. Walking down it is

great any time of year, especially at night when

taking a moonlit stroll. For honeymooners or married

couples, the pier beckons out for romance.

The Balboa Pier is open from 5 AM until midnight. There

are restrooms located near the entrance, with lights

and fish cleaning stations located on the pier. At

the end of the pier, there is even a small restaurant.

Located in the city of Newport Beach, the Balboa Pier

is a must visit for anyone who loves fishing. Even if

you don't like fishing, the pier is great to walk at

night or during the day. If you want to see what piers

are all about, make sure you check out the beauty and

splendor that the Balboa Pier will provide you with.


Romance In Newport Beach

It's no secret that finding a honeymoon location or

a place to take your sweetheart is important. With

many places to choose from, you may be surprised to

hear that Newport Beach is actually one of the most

romantic - yet also one of the most overlooked areas

in the entire United States.

For honeymooners or those in love looking to re-kindle

the flame, Newport Beach has a lot to offer when it

comes to romance. The entire environment and setting

around the Beach is romantic, with romance budding at

each and every turn.

On a hot day, walking hand in hand down Marine Avenue

on Balboa Island is enriching. You and your mate can

check out the sites and talk about things. Then, you

can head over to Balboa Fun Zone and play games together,

enjoying the best life has to offer. To show her that

you care, you can even win her a stuffed animal - one

thing that all females seem to love!

On the harbor of Newport Beach, a romantic gondola ride

remains one of the most romantic things to do. A gondola

ride is great to relax, sitting back with one and another

and enjoying the best of the beach. Sometimes, nothing

beats just enjoying the presence of one another and

taking in some of the best sites that vision has to offer.

Once night begins to set in, nothing is more romantic

than a trip to the Bayside Restaurant or the Aubergine,

two of the most romantic restaurants in Orange County.

Both you and your partner will enjoy the setting here, as

well as the food.

After you have enjoyed a romantic dinner, you can watch

the sun rise on the beach. Both sunrise and sunset is

breathtaking at Newport Beach, something each and every

couple should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Before you call it a trip, you should also make sure to

get pampered at a local spa. The spa's around Newport

Beach are exhiarating, something your whole body will

find superb. As a couple or a separate trip, a relaxing

day at the spa is very hard to rival.

When it comes to a honeymoon or a trip as a couple,

Newport Beach is one location you'll remember the rest of

your lives. There is so much to do here as a couple,

you'll probably want to come back again and again. As

time goes by and you get older, you'll find that Newport

Beach is the perfect place to come back to - no matter

where the road of life takes you.


Balboa Beach In Newport Beach

Being one of the pristine beaches in Newport Beach,

Balboa Beach is found on the Balboa peninsula. The

beach faces the Pacific Ocean, and is actually

just a few blocks from the well known Balboa Fun

Zone and the yacht harbor.

In the summer, the beach is very popular for swimming

lessons. Balboa Beach is also well known for a 920

foot pier that was voted to be the best throughout

Orange County. The beach is also well known for it's

no entrance fee. Although there is a parking fee,

the free admission more than makes up for it.

Along Balboa Beach you'll find a bike path and even

places for bonfires. Surfing is also welcomed here,

although it's banned from 11 AM to 6 PM in the

summer months. Bodyboarding is also great here,

along with swimming. During the summer, there is a

lifeguard on duty during the hours of daylight.

With plenty of sand and warm sun here, Balboa

Beach is one of the superb beaches in the Newport

Beach area. If you visit Newport Beach in the

summer, make sure you drop by Balboa Beach and see

just how good life can be.



Even though Newport Beach has many attractions, one

of the most popular is the beaches. There are

beaches on the peninsula and in Corona del Mar. On

the peninsula, there is the infamous spot "The Wedge",

which is great for body surfing.

From the Balboa Peninsula to Avalon, there is the

Catalina Flyer. This 500 passenger giant provides

the daily transportation. For residents, the Flyer

is the preferred means of transportation.

The Balboa Fun Zone is a great attraction as well,

offering a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bumper cars,

and several shops and restaurants. Located on the

Balboa Peninsula, the Fun Zone is great for kids.

The island of Balboa is actually an artificial

island found in Newport Harbor. The island was dredged

and filled shortly before World War 1. Between the

island and the peninsula, the Balboa Island Ferry

works to transport pedestrians and their belongings.

Newport Beach also offers a wildlife sanctuary, known

as the Back Bay. Nearby, Fashion Island helps to

provide shopping experiences for those who like to

shop and splurge.

For many reasons, Newport Beach is very worthy of a

visit or a vacation. Even though it's one of the

undiscovered treasures of California, there is plenty

to be found here. If you've been looking for an area

with lots of attractions, look for further than Newport



Adventures At Sea Newport Beach

Since 1980, the Adventures At Sea Yachts have been

taking people on unforgettable cruises. The energetic

staff behind the cruises have the capability to

handle any type of charters, such as corporate, wedding,

private, surprise, sailing, sport, fishing, private,

and much more. With many awards, accolades, and happy

clients to their credit, Adventures At Sea in Newport

Beach enjoy what they do and put a lot of attention

to detail in their cruises.

For the area, Adventures At Sea offers champagne sailing

cruises for Southern California, an Orange County sail

boat charter, a sailing yacht charter in Newport Beach,

and sea yacht cruises throughout California. From

Newport Beach, Adventures At Sea can help you visit

and view California in ways you could never dream of.

Those of you who are planning a wedding could greatly

benefit from these wonderful charters. Nothing is more

romantic than tying the knot on board a luxury yacht,

with the wind whipping in your hair and splendid views

of California and the beaches everywhere you look.

For the corporate world, Adventures At Sea offers

corporate events. On these charters, you can impress

friends and visitors with the California lifestyle that

a charter embodies. From showing off to friends to

a bouquet with your boss, these charters can help make

you very popular in little to no time at all.

As a vacation trip, the charter experience of these

cruises can help you relax in many ways. Whether its

around California or just through the bay, a charter

ride is a lot of fun. You can check out the views from

the ocean, or just sit back and have the time of your


Avid fishermen and anglers enjoy the fishing charters,

as they allow you to fish from the seclusion of a

yacht. You can get out there in the ocean and have a

blast, just doing what you love to do. With the sun

beaming down and the wind whipping in your face, a

fishing charter is a great way to relax.

Offering you many types of charters to choose from,

Adventures At Sea in Newport Beach helps to make your

vacation a pleasant one. For the locals, these charters

are a blast, something the locals can't seem to ever

get enough of. If you've never been on a yacht or a

charter cruise you shouldn't hesitate to check in to it

the second you arrive in Newport Beach. Once you

experience it for the first time, you'll find yourself

wondering why you waited until now to take the ride of

your life!

The wedge-422

The Wedge

If you like to surf or hit the waves, the infamous

"Wedge" in Newport Beach is something you have to

experience at least once in your lifetime. Although

The Wedge isn't classified as a wave, it's actually

a 20 foot plus battering ram that was created by

sheer intelligence.

The way it heaves, throws, and bends behaves in ways

other waves can't begin to comprehend. If you look

at it up close, you'll notice that The Wedge is a

combination of two waves that join together, resulting

in a massive slingshot that is capable of sending

anyone flying.

The Wedge takes a swell, but only for a few moments,

retracting the swell energy from the jetty then

smashing on the beach. Though it may look like a

"humping effect", as the locals call it, the feel

and look of it must be seen to be believed.

For many years, The Wedge in Newport Beach has proven

to be the best place in the world for surfing. Over

the years, professional body boarders have headed

here as well, to test their skill and experience

with the one thing that's very hard to top.

Deadly at all tides, the best time to show up at

The Wedge is in the morning or late afternoon, as

this is when the tide is at it's best. With sizes

reaching between 6 and 20+ feet, you have to be on

your toes before you even attempt to tame it.

If you plan to go surfing or body boarding here, you

should also bring your camera, beach chair, swim fins,

goggles, and insurance card! It's always best to be

prepared, which makes the insurance card great to

have - especially when you consider just how powerful

The Wedge truly is.

The best time to visit The Wedge is the summer, as

winter may be a bit cold. As a beginner, The Wedge

may be a bit too difficult. If you have experience,

you may even find it to be a bit psychotic. At any

rate, it's a challenge you won't soon forget.

Nearby, you have many places to eat, such as the

Quick Fix and Worth The Wait. There are also several

places to stay as well, along with places to shop and

enjoy yourself.

From surfing to sheer fun watching The Wedge pummel

surfers, Newport Beach offers you everything you need

to have an excellent stay. If you enjoy surfing, you

simply must visit The Wedge at least once and see

if you have what it takes.


Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Picture million dollar yachts, kayaks, electric boats

and other watercrafts gliding through the Newport

Harbor - and you have the Newport Beach Christmas

Boat Parade. The parade features dazzling holiday

lights that light up the bay, amazing the nearly

one million visitors that crowd Newport Beach and

Newport Harbor.

From December 18 - 22, there are more than 200 vessels

participating in this holiday celebration. Several

of these vessels will be decorated for the season,

playing music and displaying Christmas decorations

and costumed carolers. In the past, some yacht

owners have spent as much as 50,000 dollars in

decorations for their yacht.

Over the course of 14 miles, the yachts and watercraft

will amaze the spectators. For more than 90 years,

the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade has dazzled

spectators and locals. All along the beach, the parade

provides views for restaurants, locals, private home

owners, and even those on public beaches.

Along with the private boats, many charter companies

offer the chance for parade goers to participate in

the parade and view the "Ring of Lights", a group of

spectacular homes all around the harbor. The "Ring of

Lights" is a popular addition to the parade, with

prizes given for those who have the best decorations

on their homes.


Newport Beach Aquatic Center

The Aquatic Center of Newport Beach is an ideal place

for anyone who loves the water or loves to work out

and stay in shape. The over 18,000 square foot

facility offers a multi-purpose meeting room, both

weight and cardiovascular training facilities, locker

rooms for both men and women, and a storage area for

well over 400 canoes and kayaks!

North Star Beach is here as well, offering a launching

dock off the sandy shore. The Aquatic Center offers

direct access to Newport Harbor and North Star Beach,

offering rowers and paddlers their choice of water

activities and sports.

During the year, the Aquatic Center offers many

different activities and events. A majority of these

test team skills and individual skills, which is

perfect for anyone looking to get into the Olympics

or just learn more about water based activities.

Along with the many programs for members, the Aquatic

Center in Newport Beach is also open to the public.

Even though you don't have to be a member here, there

are special discounts that members receive. If you

happen to be on vacation in Newport Beach, it's ideal

to stop by the Aquatic Center and check out everything

they offer.


Overlooking Newport Beach

Throughout the vast state of California, Newport Beach

remains one of the most overlooked cities. The city

of Newport Beach is actually a very charming island,

with great beaches and a peninsula. With all of it's

charms, it remains overlooked by tourists and those

looking for an ideal vacation spot.

Lying cradled within the Balboa Peninsula, the seven

islands that make up Newport Beach happen to have some

of the most expensive real estate in California. Many

of the homes here are 1.5 million and up! When you

consider that many are surrounded by small yacht harbors

and a peaceful yet tranquil environment, you know the

price of the homes are more than well worth it.

If you live in California, you can find Newport Beach just

off Pacific Coast Highway in beautiful Orange County. Simply

take CA 55 south from I-5 to Newport Blvd. Or, you can

also take CA 1 at Newport Blvd. After a short travel, the

Newport Blvd. will turn into Balboa Blvd. and eventually

take you down the middle of the island.

Whether you live in California or just outside of it,

Newport Beach is one place you should visit. Once you

visit this overlooked treasure, you'll probably find yourself

wondering why you didn't visit sooner. Take our word

for it - Newport Beach is simply "that good".


Newport Beach Food And Wine Festival

If you enjoy exotic yet superb food and great wine,

the Newport Beach Food and Wine Festival is where

you need to be. Lasting a weekend long, the festival

is held annually at the Balboa Bay Club. Normally

held the first week of May, this is the perfect time

to visit Newport Beach.

Although you won't need martinis at the festival, you

can bet on some of the best wineries in California

being on hand to pour their distinctive wines. You

should also come hungry as well, as the food is to

die for.

On a typical night, you can find mounds of shrimp, a

variety of oysters, fish, pasta, and many other types

of seafood and exotic treats. Along with the wine,

this festival is a great attraction to Newport Beach.

A highlight for the festival is the cognac and cigar

seminar, provided by Martel Cognac and Hamilton Cigars.

During the seminar you can sip superb cognac while

learning all about them. Also, you can learn all

about fine cigars as well.

During May, the Newport Beach Food and Wine Festival

is reason enough to visit the area. There are plenty

of other things to do and see as well. If you love

food, wine, and the water - Newport Beach is the place

to be in May.


Chimayo Grill In Newport Beach

If you happen to miss the big Wine Festival in May,

you shouldn't worry as the area has a lot of fine

restaurants to keep you coming back for more. One

of the local favorites here, and a favorite for many

visitors is the Chimayo Grill.

The Chimayo Grill is located on Fashion Island, in

the chic shopping oasis. After a long day of

shopping, nothing beats going to the grill for lunch

or dinner. Starting with the legendary tequila

infusion is great, as it consists of fresh fruit

marinated in tequila. Although they taste light

and fruity, they are full of tequila and pack quite

a punch!

The grill is decorated in a Sante Fe style, being

casual, but yet unique. You simply can't go wrong

here, as all of the food they serve is great. With

so much to choose from here, you may find that it

takes quite a few trips to sample everything they

have to offer.

Being on Fashion Island in Newport Beach, the

Chimayo Grill is in a perfect setting. You can

take the kids here as well, as the grill has a nice

setting. For a night out as a family or a night out

to have fun - the Chimayo Grill adds a bit of spice

to Fashion Island - as well as Newport Beach.


Crystal Cove State Park

The Crystal Cove State Park, located in Newport Beach,

provides you with 3.5 miles of beach and over 2,000

acres of undeveloped woodland, which is perfect for

horseback riding and hiking. Offshore, the waters

are designed to be an underwater park.

Popular for mountain bikers inland, and scuba diving

underwater, Crystal Cove beach is a great attraction

for swimmers and surfers. There are also sandy

coves and nifty tidepools to explore. Offering you

sand, rocky reefs, ridges, canyons, and a lot to

do with your time, Crystal Cove ensures that you

never find yourself looking for something to do.

The park also features a couple miles of Pacific

coastline, wooded canyons, open bluffs, and plenty

of water. Giving Newport Beach more room for

opportunity, the park continues to be great for

swimming, surfing, or enjoying the sun.

During the winter months, Crystal Cove State Park

Rangers offer nature hikes. This makes winter fun,

for anyone who visits the park. Offering you

plenty to do and see year round, Crystal Cove State

Park adds more reason to visit or return to

Newport Beach.