Buying comfortable office furniture

Buying Comfortable Office Furniture

One secret to keeping the employees happy is by keeping

them comfortable in the office that they work in. The more

comfortable they are, the less stress that they feel when

reporting for work.

Furthermore, less stress means greater productivity on

their part and better profits on the part of the employers.

When looking for a comfortable office furniture, one aspect

that buyers should look into is its adjustability whether

it be a chair or a computer table.

An adjustable piece of furniture means that an employee can

tweak it to a setting where he/she is most comfortable.

In contrast to that, the employee may have to struggle with

fixed furniture to make himself/herself comfortable in

using it which definitely wastes a lot of time.

Furniture that provides cushioning can also help make an

employee feel comfortable. In chairs for example, those

with enough cushioning help prevent strain on the lower


Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries in the

workplace. Thus, minimizing it helps maintain the work

force’s health and productivity.

Comfort in the case of the office also means the ease of

moving things around when needed. Having computer tables

with wheels, for example, is a better option than those


The latter are easier to transport and thus cuts the time

needed in moving them.

With employees usually spending a third of their day at the

office, it is but important to make their comfort one of

the office’s paramount concerns. That way, they stay

healthy, happy and productive.

Buying a home office furniture

Buying a Home Office Furniture

Working at home is becoming a common trend in a lot of

fields nowadays. A lot of people prefer this kind of set-up

because they can have flexible work schedules and

work-at-home parents can have more time with their


But when meeting clients, they cannot entertain them in

their living rooms which is why having a home office is


Home offices are usually small since most of the actual

space is dedicated to the house itself. But being small

doesn’t mean that the office has to look drab.

It still has to create a good impression on every client

who walks in there. It is therefore important to have at

least decent pieces of furniture in a home office.

Creating a good impression doesn’t mean that the furniture

has to be pricey. To people who work at home, the budget is

tighter than big offices which is why price will play an

important role when buying a home office furniture.

Another consideration is that the furniture has to be

compact. As mentioned earlier, home offices are usually

small which is why getting a space-saving furniture is a

better option than full-sized ones.

Also, the furniture in a home office should reflect the

image of the person’s work. Since he/she is working at

home, serious-looking furniture has to be turned down in

favor of homey-looking ones which border on the


The demands of a home office in terms of the furniture may

not be as great as compared to its larger counterparts, but

they usually have the same set of considerations like the

price, function and the image of the office that they help


Buying an office chair

Buying an Office Chair

The office chair is one of the most ubiquitous and

important pieces of furniture in the office. All employees

doing desk jobs spend most of their time sitting on one.

Others are used for the convenience of clients and

visitors. But as simple as its function may sound, there

are still several considerations when an office buys chairs

for its employees. Below are some of them:

- The chair must be ergonomic.

By ergonomic, it means that it is designed to maximize the

employee’s comfort when he/she sits on it while minimizing

injuries caused by using it.

As mentioned above, employees spend most of their time on a

chair which is why they are prone to injuries like back

pain and neck strain when sitting on it for prolonged

periods of time.

- But a comfortable chair to one employee may not be the

case to the other. So instead of buying a customized chair

for every employee, the office can instead buy ones that

are adjustable.

Doing so lets employees fine-tune a chair’s height, for

example, to what is most comfortable for each of them.

- The material of the chair should also be considered when

buying one for the office. Cushioned ones provide employees

with better comfort compared to those with harder surfaces.

Looking closely into chairs that an office intends to buy

may not seem much when one looks at it. However, employees

will greatly appreciate such measure because not only can

they work in full comfort, injuries that threaten to halt

their productivity are also prevented.

Office furniture buying guide

Office Furniture Buying Guide

The office is where the bosses and employees find

themselves five to six days per week and four weeks in a


It is also where big decisions are made, and where the work

is done to ensure the company’s continued success. It is

therefore important to keep the people inside the office

happy not only with the job that they do but also in the

environment where they work.

This is where the importance of buying the right office

furniture comes into play.

So what should the office consider when buying furniture?

Here are a few things to start with:

- The office should first of all be mindful of their budget

for procuring pieces of furniture. This will ultimately

determine what type and how many of it they can buy.

- Another consideration would be buying furniture that will

keep the employees healthy and comfortable. The ergonomics

of the chair, for example, prevents employees from having

bad backs after sitting in front of their desks for several


- Everyone likes beautiful furniture, but the office should

be able to balance beauty with economic considerations when

procuring these assets since beautiful pieces of furniture

usually don’t come cheap.

- Speaking of beauty, the design of the furniture should

reflect the company’s image.

- Also, the space of the office should be factored in

because what looks right on paper and on the budget doesn’t

necessarily fit the office space.

The list above may not be an exhaustive guide to buying

furniture but they are usually enough for the needs of an

average office. Happy furniture hunting!

Buying an office desk

Buying an Office Desk

A lot of actual work in the office is done on the desk. Be

it making a phone call, signing a contract or sending an

e-mail, the desk plays an important role in the everyday

life of an employee.

Without it, employees will have to work on the floor. But

it is not only strange, it is also counterproductive in an

office-setting. Thus, the desk will always be important in

any office be it at home or in a corporate building.

Because of its importance, knowing the right kind of desk

to buy is essential. For one, its size should be taken into

consideration before buying one.

Is the office small? Then a compact desk should be used in

this case. But for executive offices, a larger desk would

do a better job of showing the executive’s power and


Also, it is important to consider the employees’ usual job

since it also determines the appropriate kind of desk


Do they need computers to perform their tasks? Buying

computer tables would be an option. Better yet, they should

provide desks with space enough for computer workstations

and some more space for their other tasks.

And if for example the employee handles a lot of documents,

their desk could use more space where they could work and

is fitted with a place to store the documents, like


But if there is a large of volume of documents that need to

be stored, a separate storage space may be needed.

In sum, buying the right kind of desk helps a lot in

getting the job done in the office, keeping things

organized and in keeping the office’s professional image.

Organizing the office furniture

Organizing the Office Furniture

It would be cool to have every imaginable piece of office

furniture in an office. However, this is not only

impractical, it is also impossible.

The secret behind well-organized offices (at least in terms

of the furniture it owns) lies not on the variety of

furniture they have but on how well they place each

available piece on the office space.

Organizing the office furniture begins with the familiarity

of the office’s floor plan. Being armed with that knowledge

helps a lot when deciding the right size and amount of

furniture to procure.

Another thing is that the office should know very well what

work needs to be done there. It is also the key to buying

the right kind of furniture.

For example, there is no need to buy a full-sized desk when

all that an employee would do on it is to receive phone

calls. This also saves time in narrowing down the choices

for the right furniture.

The future should also be taken into account when buying

office furniture. Will there be enough space to accommodate

additional furniture in the future?

Knowing this helps prevent headaches in organizing things

at a later time.

Finally, the choice of a portable or fixed furniture should

be considered. Choosing the former makes things easy to

move around when they have to be reorganized.

This is kind of set up is good for cubicles. The latter, on

the other hand, is ideal for executive offices where not a

lot of restructuring usually happens.

Office furniture care and maintenance

Office Furniture Care and Maintenance

The office furniture is an important investment in any

office. Because it is important, an office furniture should

be well taken care of and maintained regularly to ensure

its long life.

Otherwise, an office would need to buy new ones regularly

which can terribly hurt its budget.

Here are a few tips on caring for the office furniture:

- Leather seats come on top of the list because they are

one of the pieces of office furniture that need to be

carefully maintained.

For one, leather seats should not be exposed to direct

sunlight as it can damage the material.

Abrasive cleaners like alcohol-based ones should also be

avoided. To be safe, cleaning a leather seat should be put

on the hands of an experienced leather technician.

- As for desks, a desk pad should be put on it to prevent

scratches on the surface. It should also be regularly

cleaned with a soft cloth and cleaning products

specifically formulated for the desk’s material.

- The use of coasters should also be encouraged to keep out

marks such as coffee stains on the table.

- Finally, if one finds a defect on a piece of furniture

such as a loose screw, it should be reported immediately to

the maintenance department so it can be fixed.

Or if the furniture is still under warranty, it should be

returned to the store where it was bought. Not only does it

help in prolonging the furniture’s life, it also prevents

accidents from happening when using it.

Buying an executive chair

Buying an Executive Chair

The executive chair is probably one of the most iconic

pieces of furniture in any office. To some, it is a symbol

of the executive’s success in reaching the top of the

corporate ladder.

To others, it is a symbol of power which is no different

from a king’s throne. It is where big decisions are made

and where careers are advanced or cut.

The basic purpose of the executive chair is just like any

other chair which is to seat a person. However, the former

carries along with it a status symbol unlike an ordinary

chair, so it is important to be careful when choosing one.

Usually, an executive chair is much larger than regular

ones. Its size adds to the image of power and dominance of

the person sitting on one.

Also, an executive chair is made of more expensive

materials. The leather chair is the primary example of


The use of this kind of material exudes class and elegance

that is befitting of the executive. A wood accent on the

arm rest for example, adds to that image of class.

But aside from the image that the chair helps to create,

another important thing to consider is its ergonomics.

The design of the chair should be one that can support the

executive’s back well enough to prevent back and neck


All in all, careful considerations must be made when buying

an executive chair. Being the symbol of the company’s

power, it is important to have a chair that can play the

part very well.

Basic office furniture

Basic Office Furniture

Each office has its own requirements of office furniture to

get the job done. However, there are some basic pieces of

office furniture that every office shouldn’t be without.

Below is a list of them along with a basic description of

their functions:

Desk - this is a basic need in every office. Whether it is

to have something to place a computer on or just a space to

sign documents, the desk performs functions that are

essential to every office.

Chair - with the desk comes the chair. Office employees sit

on one throughout the day which is why chairs should be

comfortable and ergonomic.

Shelves - books of whatever kind that the office needs and

owns should be placed on shelves. But it does not only

provide a space to store books, it also helps organize them

to make them easier to find.

Filing Cabinet - every office has important documents to

keep and to organize. The filing cabinet does the job while

at the same time keeping them secure. It is especially

needed by companies who have sensitive documents in their


Cubicles - although shunned by most employees, the cubicle

helps the office divide a large office space into teams,

for example, without having to build permanent walls.

Unlike the other furniture mentioned above, this one needs

more careful planning before it is bought to make it work

effectively for the office.

These basic pieces of office furniture are needed by every

organization. That is why careful considerations should be

made before acquiring them.

Offices could use advice from manufacturers and interior

designers to help them make the right decision.

Popular office furniture stores

Popular Office Furniture Stores

When buying office furniture, it is tempting to just go to

the nearest store and buy everything that the office needs

there and then. But doing so could lead to disastrous


First, who knows if another store just a block away

provided a better deal, maybe a rebate or a discount?

Another thing is that another store may provide better

pieces of furniture coupled with competitive prices. When

the bosses find out about it, the one who procured the

furniture may risk losing his/her job.

So instead of throwing caution to the wind, it is better to

make well-informed choices first. And it starts with

choosing reputable stores who sell office furniture. Below

is a list of some of them:

IKEA - this company is usually associated with classy and

elegant home furniture. However, they also sell products

intended for workspaces.

If one looks for a marriage between beauty and function,

one can find it in this store.

Best Buy - is another popular store to buy office

furniture. The only downside is that their collection is

usually made up only of chairs and desks.

But what they lack in other types of furniture, they make

up in the sheer number of choices of chairs and desks. They

have one of every imaginable price and style.

Office Depot - compared to the two mentioned above, this

store has the most extensive collection of office

furniture. From chairs, desks, filing cabinets, to floor

mats, this store has it all.

There are other office furniture stores out there but those

mentioned above are the most popular. They do not only have

years of experience backing them up but also a sheer number

of branches worldwide.