Is Outsourcing a Logical Way to keep up with the Demand for new Software?

The technology we have access to today is certainly well beyond where it was just a decade ago. Yet it seems that the path to take is to keep on pressing forward and to develop at an even faster rate than we did in the past. Businesses online and in traditional forms are always striving to get the edge over on the competition.

In order to work smarter instead of harder they need to have the right tools. That is where the demand for new software development continues to stem from. The goal is to make more money but also to retain more of it. From a business prospective it certainly doesn’t make sense to make more money if all of that extra is going right back out in overhead expenses.

Even though getting your hands on such software may be essential to your business the cost of it may be more than you can swallow. Even though it would be an investment you could get a return on it just may not be something you can commit the funding to right now. It is possible that outsourcing may be what you need to turn to in order to get what you want for the price you can afford.

The time frame for getting such materials is another reason why outsourcing may be necessary. If your current team of analysts and programmers are already backlogged it can be quite a while before they are even willing to discuss the specifics of anything new. By hiring a freelancer though you can the wheels in motion very rapidly. You may need to have your own staff test the materials for you at regular intervals though. That way you can make sure the outsourcing project is on target in all aspects.

There are also those businesses that don’t have their own staff for software development. They simply don’t have an ongoing need for it. They may contact their usual programming company only to find a long backlog there as well. Why wait six months to get your project on the table when you can find a great freelancer to take care of it for you? When you know something you can have developed is going to make your business more efficient every day you wait for it is more money and time lost. You won’t ever be able to recoup them either.

It can also seem as if much of the red tape is lifted when you outsource software development as well. That is because you get to call the shots. You can make a clear plan of what you want, the specifications for the software, when it has to be done, and more. For example you can specify the credentials of the programmer as well as how much you will pay for it all. Since these individuals will be working on your project right away they can also get right down to communicating about the contract to take place between the two of you.

It definitely appears that outsourcing may be a logical way to keep up with the demand for new software. There seems to be enough independent freelancers and small teams out there to cover such work. This is to the relief of those business owners that can see the value of having their hands on such software. Outsourcing the work can make the difference between getting what they need or just continuing to wish they had it.

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What do I need to Look for in a Software Developer?

When you freelance your software development you certainly want to know what you are getting yourself into. When you hire new employees you take the time to interview them, discuss their skills, and check references. You should be doing all of that when you evaluate software developers as well. Sure, you can find one out there for a lower cost but is it going to be worth it in the end? The answer to that question is yes, but only if you are careful about conducting your research first.

There are many different places you can find software developers. You can connect with them on their advertised sites or through sites where you post your project and they come bid on it. Make sure you are very clear and very specific about the qualifications you are looking for. Then go through all of the contact information that has been replied to you and weed out those that don’t. Even though you clearly state you need those specifications a few people will slip their information in regardless of them knowing they aren’t qualified.

Next you need to set up some time to interview those you are interested in. Since these programmers may be from all over the world it isn’t likely you will be interviewing them face to face. You may consider making a list of interview questions and then emailing them to each person. Narrow down your selection further based on the responses you get to those questions.

From there, you should move the communication to a more personal format. Instant messaging works very well for this. You can also choose to talk to them over the phone. The specifics of how you do it aren’t as important as making sure you take the time to do it. Find out what qualifies the individuals to do the work for you. Make sure you evaluate two areas. First, do the have the knowledge and the tools to make it happen. Second, do they have the organization, communication, and motivate to get the job done?

Find out about software work they have done for other people. Ask for samples that they can share with you. However, if you aren’t familiar with software applications you may not find them helpful. Ask for at least three references you can contact that they have done software development for. Ask those people how the felt about the overall experience. Ask them about problems that came up and how they were resolved.

You want to hire a software developer that is going to be able to meet deadlines and required testing dates. You want someone that is motivated to solve problems and will let you know what comes up. You definitely need a self motivated individual because you aren’t going to be there to look over their shoulder all the time.

Of course the price of the work does have to factor in somewhere along the lines. You have to make sure you are getting plenty of value for the work they are going to be completing. There should be enough value for them as well to serve as motivation to get the job done. If your price is too low they may push your project aside and work on one for somebody willing to pay a bit more.

Never work with a software developer that isn’t willing to place all of the terms of the agreement into writing. That way you both of verification of the terms you have agreed to. Such paperwork can be essential down the road if things don’t work out well between you. Hopefully that doesn’t occur but you definitely need to cover your investment of both time and money.

Now that you know what to look for in a software developer you can feel better about offering such projects. It can be intimidating at first but soon you will see how things fall into place. If you just aren’t clicking with an individual though it is better to find someone else to work with. You need the experience to be a good one for both of you. In the end, you also need that software to be developed well and on time.

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Is-outsourcing-to-india-for-your-software - a - good - idea

Is Outsourcing to India for your Software a Good Idea?

Saving money is often the name of the game, and so finding a way to get what you want for a lower price is something to look at. That is why so many in need of software development have began outsourcing to India. While there are many other economically poor countries out there this is one where you can find individuals with the knowledge and the resources to get the work successfully accomplished.

If you have the vision though of people sitting around without the right skills for the job you are mistaken. In fact there are many that have become certified in the area of software development. Of course those with such credentials are going to warrant more pay for the work that they do. Still, in many instances you will be able to get the software you want at a lower price when you go this particular route.

If you live in the United States then there is a big time difference between you and a programmer in India. You should be prepared to stay up very late at night so you can talk to them periodically about the project. You want to be sure both of you are on the same page and that nothing has been perceived differently by the coder about the work you need them to complete.

Phone calls to India can certainly become expensive though. There is also the different accents used. It can make it harder to communicate in that way. There are some great alternatives though. First, there is email which can be accessed any time of day or night. There is also instant messaging which allows you to carry on a conversation back and forth on your computer.

Both email and instant messaging are free to use. All you need is an internet connection so you can access them. This process also allows you to have some written documentation of what has been discussed between the two of your regarding the project. That way you can go back over it later if you need to look for specific details or any problems come up.

You will find you can hire individuals or teams in India to complete your work. Therefore no job is considered to small or too large for the taking. You may want to take advantage of free online consultations before you select the right person or team to take on your project though. Doing so can help you find out what your options are and who is the best candidate to meet your software development concepts accurately.

If you go about it in the right way, you will find this is a great idea. Too many people are skeptical since the location for the work is so far away. Yet with the age of modern technology you don’t have to work in the same building, town, or even country as others anymore. Global expansion has become possible due to the use of computers and so you may as well take advantage of that fact.

You may discover that outsourcing your Software to India is a great way to save money. However, you do need to take the time to make sure what you buy is worth the value. There are some extremely talented programmers out there in India, but you have to be able to effectively communicate your needs with them. Take the time to carefully discuss what all you need so that they will be able to complete it for you.

Miscommunication happens all the time though when people outsource their software needs to India. It doesn’t mean the people aren’t reliable but rather the social differences can get into the way. Make sure you use terms both of you understand and are familiar with. Take the time to listen to what the programmer can offer you as well. That way you can eliminate issues with your perceived vision of the final results being different then what they see for it.

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Are Information Technology Professions feeling Threatened by Outsourcing?

Having a degree in an area of Information Technology can open up many doors for people. Some of them include work in the areas of analyzing programs, testing, development of new software, and even engineering. Of course there is always a need for tech support and trouble shooting when bugs are detected. Yet the need for such individuals on a regular basis is being reduced due to the volume of outsourcing.

Any effective business strives to keep costs as low as possible. That means they are going to evaluate the value they get from something for the cost. One of those areas is wages paid out to employees. When you toss in workman’s compensation, vacation pay, sick leave, retirement, and health insurance perks it really starts to add up. It is certainly more than just what you see in the wages column of their expenses.

One area where most businesses are finding they can save money is the development of software. They can outsource it to freelancers that aren’t part of their company. Therefore none of those additional expenses are in place. All they pay for is the work on the particular program that they need. This is going to save them quite a large sum of money. Therefore it is only natural that they will be looking into it.

This particular scenario doesn’t sit well with many in the profession of Information Technology though. They are starting to feel threatened by outsourcing and it is understandable why. When a company can turn to an outsider and get the same quality of work for much less it makes you wonder why they would want to hang on to people that are becoming obsolete to them as part of the company.

Even those companies that need software development done on a routine basis are going other routes. For example they may still outsource it which means that person isn’t an employee of their company. They don’t have to offer them benefits of any kind. Yet that person can continue to do the work for them on a regular basis.

This means freelancers are responsible for putting money away to pay their taxes. They should also be saving a chunk of their earnings for retirement. If they aren’t doing so it is scary because no one else is going to be doing so. Not everyone with a degree in Information Technology wants to be a freelancer. They want the stability of working a job each day. They also want their health insurance coverage, retirement plan, and steady paycheck.

One area of Information Technology that doesn’t seem to be negatively hit though is quality testing. This because the testing needs to be done by an independent that isn’t part of the software development on the project. The buyer of such software may not have the time or the desire to test it out themselves. Therefore they are willing to hire someone to test their materials on an ongoing basis.

Many in the world of Information Technology feel that freelancers and outsourcing take away some of the prestige of the line of work they are in. They no longer feel highly valued. After all, they are being told if they can’t do the work faster or better or for less money then they can be replaced. That is a very stressful set of circumstances to be working under day after day. Yet the trend of outsourcing software development continues to increase all the time. There doesn’t seem to be any slowing down for it in the near future either.

As we continue to move into a more technological society, more software has to be created. The demand for it means more freelancers are going to find this line of work to be well suited for them. They can do what they love and they can make plenty of money doing it. That attitude certainly isn’t making anyone working in the area of Information Technology feel any better about the situation though.

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What should I be Testing when I Outsource Software Development?

As the concept of outsourcing for software development has become more popular so have the concerns over getting quality materials. In order to ensure that is happening there are many elements that should be tested along the way. It is more cost effective and time efficient to fix errors before they are compounded.

When you set up your final arrangements for the software development project, information needs to be documented about what types of testing will take place. You also need to have information on how often that testing will take place. That way the programmer has a clear understanding of what you expect from them and when. Defining such issues will certainly assist with preventing any difficulties from cropping up along the way for either one of you.

Even if you have a firm understanding of why such testing is important, you may not know what to test. The standard answer to that is often everything, but that certainly doesn’t help out most people that aren’t familiar with these applications and what goes on behind the scenes. The testing of outsourced software doesn’t have to be done specifically by the business owner though.

Due to the high numbers of software development being outsourced there are more tools offered than ever before. You can find many of them online that can help you get the testing done. There are quite a few more of them due to be released in 20009 as well. Keep your eyes out for what is offered as it just might make the entire testing process easier as well as more thorough for you.

It can be done by an analyst that is either an employee of the business or another freelancer. You want the person responsible for the testing to be independent of the person that is doing the actual programming though. That way they will be more likely to pick up on what isn’t working like it should. When you review your own work it is familiar to you and it often looks right to you.

With quality being so vital to the success of any software development, being able to carefully comb through all of the materials is really important. If you aren’t doing that then you definitely can’t expect to have software that works well without any bugs in it. You simple won’t enjoy the results you get either and that will make your decision to outsource your programming needs one you end up regretting.

Testing all software that you outsource is in your best interest. Make sure you don’t pass it over as it is highly likely that you will regret it later on. It can lead to costly mistakes, problems between you and the programmer, and not getting completed software you can really use. It can also result in you having to spend more money to work out bugs or to get another program completed for you.

However, when you take the time to test everything you will have a very high chance of getting what you want in return from the freelance software developer. You will find there are plenty of benefits to outsourcing your software development. Yet to reap those rewards you have to be committed to putting in your own efforts as well. Testing is one of the best ways in which you can so that commitment.

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Plan the Stages of your Software Development before you Outsource it

One of the key points you need to remember when you outsource software development is to plan the various stages of it. Doing so will give both you and the programmer a realistic estimate of the time it will take to complete the project. By having established deadlines for pieces of the project in place you can also be sure things are moving along as they should.

Time can be of the essence when it comes to getting your hands on such software. You certainly don’t want to end up waiting for the time to arrive and then find out the programmer doesn’t have it ready. Make sure you allow for additional time at each stage just in case unexpected things develop. Most of the time the programmer won’t be able to foresee those types of things.

So if you are pushed for a particular time frame it can become difficult when such glitches happen. Even in top software development companies those things occur so you need to be realistic about what can be done. Communication is essential though so you are kept informed about where they are in the stages and what problems they have had to overcome along the way.

You definitely want to take plenty of time to go over the planned stages of the project with the programmer from the start. Doing so will help to ensure that they are on the right track. There are too many times when mistakes early on affect the entire outcome of the project. You can take preventative measures that will take up time right now.

However, they will protect you from losing time and even paying for software that doesn’t meet your needs so it is a wise step to always incorporate even if you have worked with a particular programmer in the past. You want things to be done correctly the very first time and so planning the stages of everything is going to help you achieve that goal.

Of course you need to be willing to have a good balance. You can’t be looking over the shoulder of your programmer the entire time. This is going to make their time less effective and they will likely become frustrated with you. If they ask you specific questions about an aspect of the plan make sure you give them concrete information. This form of communication is going to keep both sides of the transaction very happy with what transpires.

If you don’t take the lead and remain in control of your software outsourcing it can become extremely difficult to get what you want. You don’t want to give the programmer too much control over it. When that happens the end product is going to be something they find useful, but maybe you don’t. They need to realize they are working for you and to solve your needs. If you don’t give them that impression though they aren’t going to follow along.

A big problem comes in when the buyer of the software just tells the developer that they want a particular result. Yet they don’t know anything about how to get to that point. A good programmer will ask a great deal of questions. If you aren’t being asked those questions you should be nervous. That is one more reason why it is vital that you really choose your programmers carefully.

The need to be able to fill that gap between what you have and what you need. They should be able to help you to understand the technology in some basic terms. Ask the programmer to give you feedback on what they see needs to be done for the project. You should ask a few other programmers as well to be sure you are getting accurate information. You also want to be sure they are committed to your expectations and deadlines.

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Why does the Coding Matter when you Outsource Software Development?

Even though outsourcing software development offers plenty of benefits it can also become a nightmare rather quickly. That is because too many buyers don’t realize how important the right coding is from the very start. Of course the programmer does but there are quite a few reasons why it may not take place. They may not have the skills necessary to do the job correctly. As a result they are going to do their very best and hope you will accept it.

They may come across problems that they never anticipated. When you freelance you just don’t know what you are going to get into from time to time. That is because the needs of the buyers aren’t always going to be the same. That is the other big problem – what does the buyer of the software really want? There are plenty of times when a programmer has put in good codes only to discover that what they perceived the buyer wanted is entirely incorrect.

When you have someone in house working on software you can rely on them to solve problems that come up later on. You won’t have that from your freelancers though. Once they have completed the work you will be on your own with it. That is if you find it to be working well and accept it. What are you going to do down the road though if something comes up? All you would be able to do is pay someone else to work out those problems. It can become quite expensive though. At the same time the downtime of the software could have a very negative effect on your business.

The value of coding is the glue that binds the entire application together. You want to be able to use it and not have to think about what had to take place behind the scenes. You also don’t want to have to develop in house work arounds due to poor coding. This simply isn’t an effective use of time or the software you had developed. If you aren’t familiar with work arounds they are ways in which a business identifies the flaws and then makes other concessions to still get what they need from the software that was developed.

A good programmer is very familiar with coding and what it can do. Therefore you need to be sure you effectively communicate exactly what you want from it. Don’t just assume they will know because there are too many variables. You don’t want to end up with software that works good but not as efficiently as it should have due to this fact. You need to call the shots on what will be done from the very start. It is up to the programmer that accepts such a challenge to work until the right codes are in place to make it happen.

Coding is very significant when it comes to outsourcing software development. If you really want to get your money’s worth from the project then you need to pay close attention to it. The best way to do so is with regular testing to get rid of bugs as you find them. Work with the programmer to address such issues so they don’t become larger ones. In the end this time invested in your software will help ensure it is extremely reliable for you to use.

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Testing is very Important when you Outsource Software Development

Even if you are working with a highly recommended software developer, you need to take the time to test the materials at regular intervals. Make sure this is part of the agreement you come to when you outsource such work. Too many people have found out the hard way that this definitely isn’t something you want to skip over. It is a safeguard in place for you that the work is being completed to your standards and on time.

When you test the software you plan to purchase you may find things that aren’t going to work well for your business. Immediately discuss them with the programmer so modifications can be made. It will be easier to resolve in small pieces than once the entire project has been completed. Even though the programmer is sure to go over their materials a fresh pair of eyes is nice. All of us have turned in papers or done some form of work that someone else reviewed and found some revisions that need to be done. That same concept applies here.

A common reason why the buyers of outsourced software don’t like to test though is that they are intimidated. They don’t know very much about this aspect of things and that is why they turned to someone else to complete it. Yet you will know better than anyone if that software is right for your needs so you definitely need to be the individual to test it out. If you don’t, then you really can’t complain later on when it isn’t performing up to your standards.

Don’t panic when you test software either. Remember that it isn’t in its final format yet. There will be some bugs and things that the programmer hasn’t gotten rid of yet. That may be due to other elements of the project needing to be put into place first before they can. In other instances it is just more time efficient to deal with all of that at one time. The programmer should be able to give you an idea of such bugs you will encounter though as you enter each testing phase.

When proper testing is done a project is more likely to stay on schedule. The time spent testing is going to be less than having to rework materials to get rid of huge problems later on. You will also find it helps to save money in most instances as well. That means you will get a better return on your investment. It also means that the programmer will make their money in less time for the completed project.

Make sure you test everything as well. Another mistake many buyers of outsourced software development make is that they only test certain aspects. When that occurs though they can end up missing important areas where there could be problems. So just get yourself into the habit of testing everything. You also need to set on a testing schedule so that you are doing it on a regular basis.

Take note of your testing results as well. It can get confusing if you don’t. Document the date, what you tested, and the results you got. Jot down things to discuss with the programmer so you don’t forget. Document what you think needs to be fixed. Then make sure you test it again after the necessary changes have been done. In order to help the programmer, let them know the specific action you were doing when you discovered the bug. Nothing is worse than when they can’t recreate that scenario and so they don’t know what to fix.

By following these steps for testing your software development when it is outsourced you will find you feel better about such projects. You will feel in control of what it taking place and confident in the abilities of your programmers. You will alleviate common problems so you have things operating smoothly.

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Tips for Finding Freelance Software Developers

You may have heard about all the benefits of using a freelancer for your software development. If you are trying to make sense of how to get it all in motion then you definitely need to keep on reading. The process is one that you want to go about in the right way so it can benefit you. There are plenty of opportunities for you to find the right person for the job.

You can choose to go looking for freelancers or you can search for them. Let’s talk about you looking for them first. You can type in a variety of different keywords relating to this topic in any search engine. From there you get pages of sites where you can see what individual freelancers or teams can offer you. Some of them will be in your own country while others will be outside of it.

You can also place the project on one of the popular sites where independent programmers go to look for work. This is free of charge and you aren’t committing to anything at that point. Simply list what you need done and the deadline for the work. You can post a set price you are willing to pay or you can open it up to bids. Then interested parties can take a look and bid on your project. You can choose a bidder or you can choose to cancel the job on the site if you aren’t happy with the people that have responded.

If you want to let freelance software developers come to you, then you can advertise on various sites. Some of them are free and others are going to require you to pay a small fee for your posting. However, you need to know that it will mainly be the inexperienced programmers that respond to such ads. Those that are established will have enough work coming to them that they generally don’t need to spend their time out there looking for it.

When you are searching for freelance software developers, it will help if you post the specifications of the work to be completed. That way you aren’t being contacted by people that aren’t going to fit the criteria for it. You can feel confident that those contacting you are definitely interested and feel they have the abilities to complete the work for you.

It is a good idea to ask them what experience they have. You can also ask for referenced that they have done work for in the past. If they are confident in their abilities and the really want to do the work they won’t have any problems with submitting such information for you. They have to understand you are taking a risk here and you need to minimize it. You certainly have the right to find the right person to complete the work you need to have done.

Take some time to communicate with them. This is important because you need to establish that they are reliable. You also need to make sure there aren’t barriers such as language that can be extremely difficult to overcome on such projects. If they don’t respond to your initial communication efforts timely you can only imagine what that will mean should they work on your software for you.

As you use freelancers more and more for your software development you will discover it gets easier. It will be a learning experience as you go. Don’t be in a rush to just choose anyone though to complete the work for you. Make sure you can be comfortable with their abilities to do what they have committed to. Make sure you keep good contact information as well. That way you can get in touch with a freelancer that did perform well for you next time.

They will definitely appreciate the return business. At the same time you will feel better working with someone that you have already gotten wonderful results from. If you don’t take your time to find the right person or team though the entire project can end up being a disaster for you from the very start.

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Tips to make sure you Evaluate what you should when you Outsource your Software needs

While you may know that you need to evaluate various aspects of the software that has been outsourced you may not know what all to cover. That is understandable, but not an excuse for letting things go without testing them. A word of advice I would like to pass on is that you should definitely be evaluating these things as the project progresses. If you try to do it all once they submit it as complete you may find the process to be extremely time consuming as well as difficult to complete.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that the materials that have been presented to you coincide with what was listed in the agreement between you and the programmer. You may find their work to be of excellent quality but does it meet your needs and your requirements? There may end up being a big difference between the two of them. If that is the case you need to document what the software doesn’t do that was part of that original agreement.

Of course you need to know what it is that you are testing. Don’t waste your time or the programmers by documenting things they haven’t gotten to yet. Remember that their work will be accomplished in layers. They should provide you with a list though of what has been done so you know what to test. They should also provide you with documentation of what you should be able to accomplish with the work that they have completed up to that point.

There are quite a few different types of tools out there that you can use to make the testing faster and more reliable. Make sure you look into the use of such tools before you get the materials you need to test. If you don’t have everything you need readily available then you are going to delay getting the results back to the programmer. Make sure you do this type of evaluation when you aren’t going to be interrupted either. You want to be able to provide your full attention to it.

You need to be very clear and detailed about your findings when you evaluate the software development that you outsource. Don’t just put vague details that a certain element doesn’t work for you. That isn’t going to help the programmer to identify the problem and then strive to resolve it. Document what you were working on, the error you found, and how it prevented the application from doing what it should have at that point.

You can attach files as well that have pictures of what took place on the screen at that point. Such information will help to speed up the process of getting rid of those bugs. As a result the programmer can back to working on the next phase of completing your software development.

Know that you understand more about what to evaluate when you outsource your software needs you can do a better job with it. Make it a priority to get through each part of the materials in this manner. Doing so will be a great relief for yourself and the programmer when you are happy with it. When that occurs you will be content to pay for it and to be on your way. Neither party will have to deal with rework, delays, or other frustrations that can make it difficult to work with each other.

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The Many Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing for your Software Requirements

There are many benefits of offshore outsourcing for your software requirements. This is why more and more businesses are taking this route in order to get what they need done. Too many people have the misconception that it is done merely to save money. While that is part of the overall equation, it isn’t all of it. The fact that you can get a fast turn around as well as top quality work makes it worth the effort.

Initially the types of outsourcing for software development to offshore areas was very minimal. It had to do with getting qualified individuals to get rid of bugs that were deemed too time consuming for locals to want to do. There was also the fact that they wanted an arm and a leg to cover that cost. Offshore prices are amazingly reasonable so you can often get more value for your dollars.

As time has gone on though this particular type of outsourcing has proven to be more and more valuable. In addition to doing such tasks small software projects were passed that way. Now it isn’t unusually to find even very large and very complex software development taking place in these offshore locations.

At the same time the quality of what they offer continues to improve. Many of these individuals have certifications in various aspects of Information Technology. They also have all the tools they need to keep bringing work their direction. They definitely realize all of the competition they have to contend with in this type of market. So they are prepared to continually show they have what it takes to deliver top quality software in the allocated time frames.

With many delivery centers for such work located all over the world now the fact that they are so far away doesn’t really matter. In fact, you can take on any type of work with people from different areas and be quite successful. Even some of the top companies in the world are using offshore outsourcing to meet their software needs.

This option allows you to send all of your programming work in one direction if you want to. There is also the option of setting up a team of individuals to take care of very large projects. This works well as a team can be very strong with various individuals on it bringing in different skills to the project.

Since there is such a demand right now out there for software development many providers are very far behind. They have a backlog of work that is for many months into the future. They may not be willing to take on certain projects either due to the amount of time required to complete them. You will find with offshore outsourcing you aren’t turned away due to your project being small, complex, large, or requiring a great deal of time.

In the past few years the prospects of offshore outsourcing for various software requirements have continued to grow. As more business owners take the leap into such a program they discover what it has to offer them. Most won’t go back to traditional alternatives either once they see how great it is for everyone involved. There are plenty of benefits to this type of outsourcing so take the time to see what it can offer you and your business.

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How do I get into Freelance Software Development Work?

Working for yourself is a dream come true for many individuals. It offers freedom and flexibility that you often can’t get when you work someplace else. Yet it also requires dedication as there isn’t anyone standing over you to review the work or to ensure you get it done. The biggest motivator for accomplishing all tasks on time though is often getting paid for it.

If you have the right skills to develop software you can put it to good use as a freelancer. If you have been working in programming for a while it may be time for you to branch out on your own. Many people have questions though about how to get started doing it. They assume it is going to be complicated or they worry they won’t be able to make enough money at it.

Yet you can put all those fears to rest because the process for getting started is simple. Also, there are plenty of buyers out there looking for such work so you can stay as busy as you want to. Going about getting yourself set up for business though is important so that you don’t waste time or over look aspects that could result in you getting skipped over for jobs.

Start by taking an inventory of what you have to offer. Write down your skills, your experience, and your personal commitment to completing quality work. These are all factors that potential buyers are going to be interested in. You should also consider references and samples of work you have done. That way you can provide such materials when someone requests them. Failure to provide such information can result in them offering the job to someone else.

One of the most effective ways to get started as a freelance software development provider is to set up accounts on various websites. There are some terrific ones where you can spend 15 minutes applying filters to the types of work you are interested in. Then when you search for new work only those jobs that fit such your skills and areas you are interested in will come up.

Most of the sites are set up to where you go in and bid on projects. The buyer of the materials can review the bids and compare prices as well as experience. They can also see ratings other buyers have given you. There is no cost for you to set up your account on such sites. Most charge you a percentage of your earnings to cover their fees though. So make sure you take those fees into consideration when you place your bid price.

There are some safeguards in place this way as well. All materials have to be delivered through the site. You will also find that should you experience problems with buyers you have an arbitration process you can go through. That means an outside source will test your materials against what was requested in the bidding of the project. As long as you meet all of those guidelines you will be fine and the funds released to you.

You can also advertise online and locally that you offer freelance software development services. You may not want to spend your time looking for work and bidding on it all the time. You may want to keep 100% of the money you make and not share it with the sites that offer such a bidding process. Regardless of which method you prefer, you need to pay attention to the details.

Make sure you know what you are getting involved with every single step of the way. It is best to have written documentation of the work to be done, the cost of it, and other stipulations. That way both parties are very clear about what will take place. If you have such safeguards in place you will find that freelance software development can be rewarding as well as profitable for you.

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What should I do when I find Errors While Testing Outsourced Software?

Carefully examining all of our outsourced software needs is very important so that you are extremely happy with the end results. Be prepared to find errors as no program is going to be free of them, especially during the early stages of development. A common question is what should you do when you find errors with the software you have been testing.

There are some basic things you need to cover in order to get the most benefit from such testing efforts. However, the specifics of the way in which you will handle reporting them to the programmer needs to be one that works well for the two of you. In order to avoid conflicts during the project you need to agree on such terms before you commit to working with each other. Have those terms in writing as well to protect all parties involved.

First, you need to make sure the testing was done accurately. Pay close attention to what you are doing when you come across a problem. That way you can document it. If possible take screen shots as well of it. That way you have something to visually show the programmer. You don’t want them to not find the same error as then they won’t be able to work on a solution for it.

Be very methodical in the way you test the materials as well. That way you can assume what you did would be logical for the user of the software to do as well. While you do want to take your time you need to get the testing completed so that the programmer can resume working. Most won’t want to move forward with the next phrase until they testing is complete and bugs have been assessed.

The testing environment needs to be accurate as well. When there are changes going on during the testing phase it can be too difficult to pinpoint the problems. That is due to the many variables out there. Remember that when one thing is changed it can affect many others. From the prospective of the programmer though they may be able to quickly and easily make a few changes that improve many of the errors that were identified during the testing. The downside is that such changes can also result in new errors cropping up.

That is why you need to work out a plan with the programmer about what will take place next. Are they going to work out the bugs and then have you retest what has been done so far? Are they going to fix the bugs and move on to the next phase so that you can test all of that at the next scheduled date? You certainly want to follow up on all errors you find though. Don’t just assume they have been taken care of.

Make sure you are very clear with the information you provide to the programmer about bugs you have found. You want them to understand the errors so they can effectively find a good solution for them. You want them to be able to work on them rapidly too rather than spending their time trying to recreate the situation. Your efforts will definitely help ensure things are working properly before the project continues. In the end this is going to result in a quality software program that you can use being developed by the programmer.

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Make Sure the Price you Offer for Outsourced Software Project is Fair

There seems to be a misconception out there that you can take advantage of freelance programmers to get the software you need. It is important to realize that there is a big difference between getting a good deal and just simply taking advantage of someone. Freelancers will do the work for you at a lower cost but you definitely need to be fair about what you offer.

Some people have the attitude that if the programmer is willing to complete the work for the set price then that is their problem. Yet what often takes place is that the programmer may be new to working that way. Therefore it may be difficult for them to determine the amount of time it will take for them successfully complete the project.

As the buyer of such software, you may be thinking that puts things in your favor. What will likely happen though is that the programmer will figure out they aren’t making as much money on the project as they should. Then they will come back to you and ask for more. If you refuse to do so they may not work on the rest of the project and you will have to pay someone else to complete it.

They may not give you anything they have worked on either which can be a problem if you have already given them some or all of the money up front. There is also the issue of the time that is lost to you while all of that is going on. You may not be able to get another programmer to complete the job in the time you need it in.

You also need to make reasonable concessions. For example what if both you and the programmer underestimate the length of time and complexity of a given project? You are both working well together and you both realize that it isn’t anyone’s fault – simply the way that things turned out. At that point you should be willing to extend another offer to the programmer. Come to a decision about moving forward with the project as well as the additional funds you are willing to pay.

The programmer will definitely be impressed with your actions. They will also strive to work to complete the project on time even with such surprises cropping up. They will also be more willing to work with you again in the future on other projects. Building such solid relationships is very important.

The other benefit of that scenario is that the programmer feels like they are a part of a team with you. Therefore they aren’t going to cut out elements that can really make a difference. They are going to remain committed to the job until it is finished correctly. You definitely don’t want them to rush to get done and cut out whatever they think they can get away with. That isn’t going to get you what you need from them.

Even if you can get away with underpaying a programmer for their work it isn’t really the route you want to take. It isn’t the things that we do when people are watching that defines us but rather what we do when no one is watching. With that in mind I hope you will make a good choice with such decisions.

While it is fine to try to save money on expenses relating to software where you can, be fair in your pricing. If you aren’t sure what to pay then ask the programmer to quote you a price. You should have a few others quote a price for you as well. Then you can compare those prices. If the person you want to work with is much less or much more than the other quotes ask them why. Doing so will save you some hassles that aren’t worth the few extra dollars you would have otherwise saved.

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Should you Hire a Single Programmer or a Team to Complete your Software?

One of the decisions you will have to make when you outsource work for software is who is going to do it. You are going to have to decide if the project is fit for just one person to take on or if you need to hire a team of individuals to do it. There are some pros and cons to each one. In the end you will have to evaluate the particular project you are working on. You will also need to evaluate the skills of the programmer or programmers involved with it.

In most instances it is going to be less expensive to pay for one programmer to do the work. These are often freelancers that don’t have very much overhead. Most of them work from home and so what they do make is mainly profits. Some of them live in countries that are economically below yours so you can get the work done for even less money that way.

However, when only one person is involved the completion of the software can take much longer. Do you have an unlimited amount of time for the work to be done or are you looking at a very strict deadline that has to be adhered to? Should they not complete the work then you can end up having to start the entire search process for a programmer all over again. Do you have the time to anticipate such activities could take place?

With only one programmer on the job there is also the issue that they may not have all the answers. They may run into complications they weren’t expecting. They aren’t going to have a team of other people that can bring their expertise to the table and help them get past that barrier.

You will find that no project is too small though when it comes to a single programmer. They are more willing to complete applications that are for a specific person and purpose than a team. Your project may get turned away from a team of programmers if they feel it is too specific. That is because they are in business to make money and they want to have a very fast turnover of work completion. When they take on specific projects it slows down that cycle for them.

When you have an entire group of people working on software for you the outcome can be better than you anticipated. All of their efforts collectively can mean the person with the best skills in a particular area can take care of certain tasks. The project can change hands many times before it is completed.

Should there be problems the group can brainstorm. That means many different ideas for a quality solution can be examined. Of course we all know that any group of people working on one project can have different opinions of what should be done and when. That can prevent your software from getting done if there is a great deal of red tape to get through.

If you need your software quickly though a team of people working on it can move faster than just one person. You should also know that this will likely cost more money though. That is because this team will be under a professional business. They will have overhead expenses to cover so they need to make more money than an independent programmer doing the work on their own.

The decision to hire either a single programmer or a team to complete your software project is one you need to make early. That way you can decide who to open up the project to. If you aren’t sure then it is a good idea to consult with various programmers. Let them know what you are looking for and then they can give you feedback on which route they would recommend that you take.

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Outsourcing your Software Development needs isn’t as Risky as it Once was

Even with the money savings and the chance to often get your materials quickly, some people are still hesitant to move forward with outsourcing for their software development needs. The risks involved in it have drastically dropped over the years so you really have a good chance of walking away with a winning situation on your hands. Of course it really all comes down to matching yourself up with the right person or team to do the work.

Yet when you think about it doesn’t such a risk apply to just about anything you do that involves working with other people? For example you want to make sure you hire the right employees for your business. You also want to hire the right interior decorator to help you with your home. It all comes down to verifying what they can offer and doing some research about how other customers have felt with their work.

Perhaps you had a bad experience in the past with outsourcing your software development needs. That may have left a bad memory to deal with as well as a bad taste in your mouth. However, it is important to learn from such situations and not allow them to prevent you from moving forward. Be more selective next time with who you work with and what they can deliver for you.

There are quite a few reasons why such risks have decreased over the years. First, as technology moves forward so does the area of Information Technology. Those with the skills to perform such work are going go keep on top of what is new and fresh. That way they can incorporate it into their current methods. As a result they can often do better work and complete it in less time than before.

There are better tools out there for testing as well that both buyers and sellers can use. By taking advantage of these tools small but significant problems can be addressed early on. That means you will be able to nip them in the bud. They won’t have the ability to create further issues as the project progresses into more complex stages.

Additionally, the various modes of communication available to us make it possible to work with people all over the world. You can call them, email them, instant message discussions, and even use a web cam on your computer to see them. Sending and receiving information is very simple and affordable with most of these methods too.

The fact that there is so much competition too when it comes to being a freelancer in this type of business is to your advantage. Individuals know that if they can’t realistically provide great materials for a fair price they will get passed over for someone else. Therefore they are motivated to complete the required work on time and accurately for each of their buyers.

If you haven’t moved forward with outsourcing your software programming needs then do so. Take the time to find the right person so that it is always a pleasurable experience for you. Make sure you are very detailed and clear about what you need in return from them as well. That way you will have the materials you need and you will save some money in the process.

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The Qualities of an Excellent Freelance Software Developer

There are quite a few areas of Information Technology that a person can take part in. Many of these people have gone through years of college training programs to get the skills they need for the work force. Others have taught themselves how to do the work so they have the same skills, just on degree to show for their efforts. Not all freelance software developers are going to have a college degree but you shouldn’t underestimate the value of the work they can provide for you.

There are some qualities of an excellent freelance software developer that need to be given plenty of attention. These details are what will determine who is selected for a job and who isn’t. Ask about their educational background and make sure you verify it as well. These days anyone can create a realistic looking college diploma and make a copy of it for you.

For those freelancers that don’t have a college education to promote themselves, ask about what they have done to learn the trade. Perhaps they are a genius figuring out that type of material and it all just logically falls into place for them. Maybe they have a friend or family member that does have the college background and shared their knowledge.

Real life experiences are very important when it comes to software development. You really want to find out what that person is able to offer you. What skills do they have to put into motion? With freelance work they need to be able to get their mind and their hands around the concept in question. They aren’t going to be completing the same work over and over again. It will be new materials and they need to be confident in their abilities that they can deliver again and again.

Find out if they have access to the equipment and tools they need to be able to complete your software project. You don’t want them coming back to you later with excuses such as these that prevent them from delivering what was agreed upon. You also don’t want them taking shortcuts because they can’t get what they really need to do a quality job for you.

Pay attention to how they respond as you are asking all of these things. If they aren’t freely providing the information for you to verify then you should stop working with them. That is because you aren’t going to get very good results from them later on when you need to. If they can’t answer your questions about their abilities how are they going to answer your specific questions about software, problems, possible solutions, testing, time frames, and more?

Trust your instincts as well. If you get the impression that someone is going to work out well then give them a chance. You may be the opportunity that they have been waiting for. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone then don’t let them work on your software programming. You don’t have to make any excuse for your choice other than you decide to go with someone else. That is certainly your right as a business owner and you should exercise it.

Paying attention to such qualities when you search for freelance software developers is important. It will certainly help to ensure you get the results you are after each time. It is going to eliminate costly and timely delays that will leave you frustrated. At the same time it is going to help the programmer to make sure they stick to jobs they are qualified for.

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Get a Terrific Website Designed by Outsourcing the Work

These days the way to get yourself recognized is to have an effective website in place. Consumers looking for information, to make a purchase, or for materials to download will be able to access all you have to offer. It used to cost a fortune though to get a good website developed and in place. That is due to the coding behind the scenes and making sure the navigation is very simple for anyone to get around on the site.

If you have been putting off developing a website due to the cost you need to look at some more affordable alternatives. One of them is to outsource the project to a freelancer. They can set everything up for you in no time at all. They are also going to charge you much less than what you would pay a professional.

These days there are plenty of free tools online that allow people to design websites. Therefore the overhead expenses involved in such a business are extremely low. As a result they can make a hefty profit even if they charge you a lower price. There are plenty of freelancers out there that love to do this type of work as well. They may have worked for other companies in the areas of Information Technology. Perhaps they decided to branch out on their own to make more money and to have some freedom.

Other people provide freelance work to develop websites as way to pay for things they want or need. For example some college students have learned all about website designs in their studies. So they are putting their knowledge to work in an effort to help them pay for their college related expenses.

Many of them have a passion for the process involved as well. They love to challenge themselves in an effort to do better and to come up with new ideas. That is the type of individual you want to hire when you outsource the work for your website design. Make sure they are willing to do whatever it takes to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Think about what it is that you want to be able to accomplish with your website. That way you have plenty of details when you start working with a coder to do the work for you. The more specific you are about what you need the more they can decide if they can do it for you. They can also provide you with a good estimate of the costs involved.

A good way to figure out what you want is to take a look around online. Do you love the layout of particular websites? Are there certain colors that you find compliment each other so you want to use them? Make sure you point out what you don’t want as well to the coder. That way they can avoid doing work you aren’t going to be happy with and then they need to revise it.

You can get a terrific website designed by outsourcing the work. In fact, these days you can get much more than that from such freelancers. You can have complete software programs developed to your specifications. Don’t limit yourself or your business due to not having what you need in place. Instead, go out there and find the right person to make it happen for you.

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Is Completing Software Development Projects Right for you?

If you have the ability to work on software development you may be thinking about offering your skills independently. This would mean you would take on jobs for various businesses based upon their needs. You can advertise your skills on your own website or you can bid on available projects through other websites out there. Regardless of which way you want to go you need to ask yourself if completing software development projects is right for you.

While they money can be very good with such work, keep in mind that you likely won’t get paid as much as someone with a company. That is because the reason why businesses turn to freelancers is to save money. They want to pay less but get the same quality of software in return. They also want to avoid expenses related to paying employee benefits as well. So if you are determined to make as much money as you would working for someone else this avenue isn’t going to be a good match for you.

So how much should you be charging for your work? That is something you need to calculate very carefully. You certainly don’t want to be taken advantage of. Factor in the complexity of the work, how many hours you think it will take you to complete, and how much time you should reasonably anticipate for working out any bugs. Then you can add in costs for your overhead expenses and your level of skills.

You may need to do some independent research so you can find out what the going rate for such work is. A good way to do this is to go to websites where people bid on various types of software programs that are needed. Many of them list the maximum the buyer is willing to pay. If you get outbid click on the final award of the project to find out how much the winner bid on it.

You definitely need to be up to the challenge as you are going to have an array of different work to take care of. If you are easily frustrated when things don’t go well then freelancing in the area of software development isn’t going to be something you enjoy. If you get stressed out working with deadlines you won’t like it either.

You have to be prepared for a final deadline on the completed software to be developed. You also need to be prepared to commit to regular intervals along the way for testing to be completed on what materials you have done so far. How are your communication skills? Are you going to be able to rely information effectively to the buyer about what is going on? Likewise, are you going to be willing to ask questions to ensure you are doing the right type of development on the software?

If you do find that completing software development projects as a freelancer will be good for you then give it a try. There is plenty of demand out there for it so don’t worry about being able to find work. In fact, you may find you have to turn away more work than you take on. The good side to that is you get to chose those projects you really want to take part in. You can pass up the rest of them without giving it a second thought.

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Information Specialists Cut Costs to Compete with Outsourcing

Since 2002 there have been continual cuts in the areas of Informational Technology at businesses around the world. You may be wondering why since the demand for such materials continues to increase. It has to do with budget cuts though and businesses are getting rid of the costs that they can. Yet there are certain things they can’t do without. When it comers to their software programming though they are able to outsource it. Therefore they are paying less but getting the same value.

It is estimated that approximately 150,000 jobs in the area of Information Technology were cut last year. This is very scary for those that offer such work and don’t want to become freelancers. Some have left they have no choice but to go into business for themselves right now and beat out the others that will soon be trying to do the same due to the turndown in the job market.

There are some significant drawbacks to that though. For example they aren’t able to accrue retirement funds for their future. While you can put that money away on your own it doesn’t accumulate as rapidly when there isn’t the employer contributing to your account at the same time. Health insurance is another big factor because it is significantly higher to get independently. At the same time most people complain that it doesn’t offer the same quality of coverage.

You will find that in order to compete with outsourcing agencies and individuals many in the field of Information Technology are willing to work for less. They are cutting their rates in order to hold onto the clients they do have. They are accepting lower wages and fewer benefits in order to secure employment that is study with a given company. As a result there are some college students shying away from such curriculums.

They certainly don’t want to spend years in college to have a degree that is useless to them in the job market. This wasn’t even a concern a decade ago when there often seemed to be a shortage of qualified individuals to perform software development. The concept of supply and demand is always around us and this is just one more example if it at work in the business world.

For the business owner there are certainly plenty of benefits to outsourcing their software development needs. Overall though you do have to wonder what the impact of so many cuts in those jobs is doing to our economy. Hopefully with Information Specialists being willing to work for less money they will still be able to find a job they love and that covers their living expenses.

Don’t expect the shift in using freelancers for the work to change either. In fact, the potential for it is only getting larger all the time. You will even notice their prices increasing because they can. As long as they keep some gap between what the Information Specialists charge and what they charge they will be able to get projects to complete on a regular basis without any trouble.

The fact that our economy is in a downward spiral right now is something else to consider. People will do what they have to in order to make a living. This includes the freelancers providing the outsourced work, qualified Information Specialists struggling for some job security, and the business owners that are doing all they can to maximize profits for their company.

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The Basics of Offshore Outsourcing for Software Development

Offshore outsourcing of software development is definitely a busy market. Most of it is taking place in the UK. That is because there are plenty of well trained individuals there that have the right skills. They are able to complete the work that is needed according to the specifications. In fact, many of them work from home and make a great living. They also strive to keep up with the emerging trends so that their methods don’t become outdated.

They also know that there is plenty of competition out there. If they are going to continue being able to land quality work and make money then they have to stay on top of the game. There are too many people out there with horror stories about outsourcing their software needs. So with that in mind it is wise to keep a good relationship with those that have proven they are up to the task.

You do have to be careful though with offshore outsourcing for your software though. This is cause many people have found it costs them more than they initially thought. There may be hidden fees and charges involved in the materials you commit to. Make sure you carefully read through all the documentation. That way you won’t have any surprise payments due to them that you never saw coming.

Make sure you know exactly who it is that you are working with. Where are the located? What skills do they have? What is the technology there? All of these factors are really important when it comes to effective communication. You want to be confident that your needs are going to be met. What about reliable contact information? Make sure you have at least two sources and that you give at least two sources. That way if one is out the other will be a possibility.

With offshore outsourcing you will often find that the time differences are hard too. You certainly don’t want to work all day and then stay up to early hours of the morning so you can communicate by phone with the programmer. That is were communication methods such as email come in very valuable. Both of you can access them any time of the day or night to get into contact with the other.

When you discuss pricing make sure you are on the same terms. Not everyone uses the same forms of money and that can pose an issue. You may have to deal with currency exchange in order for it to be successful. Most of the time the programmer will have all of the information about that and they will share it with you if you aren’t familiar with it. Make sure you use one of the currency conversion charts online though. That way you can calculate just how much those fees translate to in your monetary values.

Some of these offshore programmers have been in the business for a very long time. They want to do the work but they also want to have some say in the terms. That way what they are requested to do works well for their schedule as well. Make sure you carefully ready over any topics and guidelines that they state before you sign them. If you aren’t sure of what something means make sure you ask for clarification before you proceed.

By understanding the basics of offshore outsourcing for software development you can get the most out of it. You should be able to get quality materials for an excellent price. You should be able to develop some long term relationships if you have ongoing needs with software. Knowing you can turn to the same person again and again is nice. You will already have your lines of communication in place so much of the doubt is eliminated. This type of relationship can only benefit you, your business, and the programmer that you have grown to trust for your needs.

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Expect even more Growth From India as a Provider of Software Development Outsourcing

India is definitely a place to check out when you are considering outsourcing your software development projects. In the past they have shown tremendous dedication for getting work completed on time and accurately. There seems to be more of an interest in completing such work there than ever before. People that live in India have learned it is a very good way to make a living. Their cost of living is less than in other places including the USA so they do seem to be making quite a profit even with low pay for such work.

In fact, research has shown that the level of skill when it comes to India and their outsourcing software abilities is continually increasing. No type of programming work seems to be too difficult for them to take on. As a result more and more businesses out there are becoming quite comfortable turning to that part of the world when they need such work completed. These businesses include small ones as well as some of the most common multi million dollar corporations out there.

When new tools or information comes out, you can bet that those freelancers in India are getting them. They want to find the tools that allow them to provide better work in less time. They want to be able to keep up on new techniques so that they can always be a good candidate for various types of programming work that is available. They know if their skills in this area of technology lag too far behind they will lose out on a tremendous amount of work.

When compared to the rate of growth for both United States and Canadian programmers, India wins hands down. This is based on informant that has been recorded for the past three years. Many feel that is because India is still behind the technology that is used in those other countries. This may be the fact right now but it isn’t one that will likely continue to be true down the road.

Right now it may see that India is still a bit behind when it comes their abilities to complete software development projects. Yet you can be sure with the efforts that have been shown in recent years they will continue to close that gap. In fact, some experts predict that they will one day be the leading provider of such software development. This is due to the fact that it is affordable as well as excellent quality.

When you have both of those factors present it isn’t hard to understand why people are going to India providers for such needs. You can definitely expect growth in the areas of software programming from such individuals in India. They definitely want to keep their positive reputation in place. They also want to continue as a country to reap the many financial rewards of being able to offer such work to people from around the world.

In fact, their growth has some people in the areas of Information Technology scared. They are worried that one day their jobs won’t be there due to the availability of such cost effective and efficient outsourcing. They worry that all of their schooling in that field isn’t going to pay off for them in the long run. Some students in college right now are looking into a double major just in case the workforce for their prime skills isn’t big enough for them to get their foot in the door when they do graduate.

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Does the Quality of Software Suffer due to Outsourcing?

More and more businesses are hearing about the possibility of outsourcing their software needs. Yet a common question that pop up is does the quality of the programming suffer due to this process? Depending on who you ask though you can get a variety of answers to that one simple question. That is because not everyone has the same experience with it.

When you hire employees for your business to do software programming they know what the business is about every day. They also are in house so you can have meetings with them, see what is going on, and they can ask for input from other employees about certain aspects of the programming. They also know if they don’t do a good job for you that they will be fired. With that on their resume it will be harder to find another job. There is also the fact that the job market can be tight so no one wants to be left out there with no income.

With outsourcing though it works differently. Freelancers get to pick and choose which work they are willing to take on. They can be located anywhere in the world so it isn’t the same as working with them in house. There is also no guarantee that the individual you choose will be competent or motivated enough to complete the work. These types of things are what can lead the rumors to start up that the quality of the software is going to suffer when you outsource it.

Since most business owners out there aren’t willing to sacrifice quality to save some money this can pose a problem. However, it is important to realize that as the buyer of such software you have much more control about what takes place. No one becomes an employee of your business without your consent and careful selection. Why then would you ever hire a freelancer for programming work without the same things being evaluated?

If you do your part to carefully interview the skills and the level of responsibility that a freelancer is offering you won’t have to sacrifice quality. You will be able to connect with someone that is both willing and able to get the work done for you. Outsourcing should be viewed as a same alternative. It should be looked at as a way to get the same quality of work for a lower price.

You may also discover that you are able to get better quality due to working one on one with the programmer. They can take on any size of project so they are going to get to the core of what you need right away. If they are dedicated to working on only one software programming job at a time then they can often get it done in a very short time frame as well.

Some how a misconception has gotten loose in society that outsourcing means you aren’t working with qualified individuals. That simply isn’t the truth though so don’t let such rumors hold you back. Many freelancers in the area of programming prefer to work this way so they can be their own boss and set their own work hours. Others may live in a country where they don’t need that type of work as much but they can get plenty of work coming in from those countries that do.

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Evaluate what you need Software to do before you Outsource the Work for it

Nothing is more frustrating for a software programmer than a buyer that doesn’t know what they want. They may think they do but then when the programmer delivers it the buyer isn’t happy with it. They want a ton of revisions that can be both time consuming and costly to the programmer. In fact, some of them will refuse to do it and that can leave the buyer with a program that doesn’t meet their needs.

In order to prevent such a fiasco from taking place for you, evaluate what you need from the software. Make a list of those things and provide it to those programmers interested in the work. That way if they can’t commit to meeting those specifics then they can remove themselves from being a good candidate for that particular project. A quality programmer will know when they are getting involved in something over their head and let you know.

Let the programmer know what you expect to be able to do with the software. You need to be very specific too. Don’t just say you need it to help you with your business. Let them know what type of business you are in. Let them know what specific tasks you want to be able to accomplish with that software.

You need to have a basic understanding of both input and output. That way you can speak the language of the programmer. Otherwise what will take place is they can tell you what they would like to do. You may agree because you don’t know any different and while they may devise something spectacular it just may not be a good match for what you really need.

No matter how good the program is though it has to be simple enough to navigate. You don’t want to spend a great deal of time figuring it out. You also don’t want your employees to have to struggle with it. You should expect to invest some time for learning though to start out. Yet the flow of what is to take place should be logical and simple enough to understand.

You need to be realistic in your expectations though as well. That is because what you may have envisioned just isn’t possible yet with modern technology. It is fine to push the limits but you need to know when you have gone too far. If multiple programmers are telling you that it can’t be done you need to listen to what they are able to offer you and find a good middle ground you would be willing to accept.

Make sure you are straightforward about when you need the software to be completed as well. If it is going to be soon then you need to find the right person to do it immediately. It is unfair as well as unrealistic to expect any quality programmer to drop everything else and work around the clock on your project. You also aren’t allowing time for bugs to be worked out or unexpected situations.

As a result you may end up with your software completed on time but be disappointed with the quality of it. You may not understand how long it is going to take to complete the work you need either. Ask a handful of programmers so you can get a good estimate of how long it should take. Then add some grace time onto that and you should be well covered. While you do need to keep the programmer on track, you don’t want to be backing them into a corner to get the work completed for you due to a lack of planning on your end.

In some instances you may need more than one programmer to get the job done. You may need to rely on various people to take care of specific areas. If that is going to be the case you need to make sure everyone is on schedule. It could be that a programmer can’t do his part until the person before them has done there’s. You must stay on top of such situations though so they flow like they need to.

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Common Problems to Avoid when you Outsource Software Development

Have you heard someone talking about difficult scenarios relating to outsourcing their software development? Hearing such stories can make you wary about oursourcing your own projects. After all you don’t want the headache of difficult programmers or those that don’t complete the job on time. Yet if you are aware of some common problems that can occur with outsourcing you can take action to safeguard against them from the very start.

A lack of communication is the most common problem out there. You may be friendly enough and so is the programmer, but what is really being said? What each of you interprets could be extremely different from each other. It is vital that you verify you are both on the same page. If visual materials can be shared in addition to oral communication it is even more effective. If you have questions make sure you ask so that no one is assuming anything.

Take your time to find the right individual for the job. You may have to spend time interviewing several software developers or team leaders before you are confident that you have found the right one for your needs. That is time well spent though so don’t undervalue it. Would you rather put in more time now at the front end of things or wait until the project is a mess and you have to invest much more time and even money to straighten it all out?

There should be some form of written documentation verifying what will be taking place. This way there is no question about the specifications of the project, the pay for it, time frames, or testing intervals. Be very specific in each one of these categories. Should a change need to be done to that documentation both parties need to agree to it. For example you may both agree that further work will be done and another $1,000 will be paid for it. Make sure additional documentation is completed to cover such changes as well.

Never make the mistake of not being involved in what is taking place with the project. It is understandable that you aren’t an expert is this field or you would likely be doing the work yourself. However, you don’t want to just have the date the work is due circled in red on your calendar. Then when it doesn’t show up or it is wrong you will be in a panic. Make it a routine to communicate with the programmer at least once a week. Make sure they have access to multiple ways to communicate with you. That way issues can be addressed immediately and safe time.

Testing at regular intervals during the project is essential. This should definitely be part of the documentation between you. This allows you to regularly test what has been completed so far. This process will help to keep problems to a minimum. It is much easier to address smaller issues that it is when they continue to be built upon. This testing is your responsibility so don’t just assume the programmer is finding every thing or you will be in for a disappointment.

Testing also offers you another benefit whether you realize it or not. It encourages the programmer to stay on schedule with the work. They won’t be able to put it off and then rush to complete it before the end. When they know testing dates are coming up they will strive to have things working as well as possible by that point in time. This is a great way to eliminate sloppy work and to avoid getting the final delivery behind schedule.

Avoiding these types of common problems in relationship to outsourcing software development means you are more likely to get the results you seek. You will be able to move along through the project with the programmer and work together on anything that does come up. You will be able to have your completed project on time and in the right format. You will likely save a great deal of money in the process which is definitely something to make your day a bit brighter.

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