Samothrace trips to paris

Samothrace Trips to Paris

How to choose your time wisely at Samothrace:

Samotrace is the area of France’s victory. Throughout this island lies the history of Northern Aegean Sea, where circa rest near 200 BC. Upon this monument is the beautiful Nike Angel, the goddess of the Greeks who is popular for her large wings. Samothrace was lifted on to the islet, which it now rests at the forte that overlooks the Eminent Gods asylum. The sea is the main attraction, which Paris today still celebrates it arrival and history. Over the Galley, you will notice the goddess standing at the prow. The goddess resists the blustery tempests as you hold her arm up far above the ground. In BC during the second century, the history is memorable, since Paris has carved in stone, the memories of Rhodian. This is the regulated govern that set the mark for course plotting through the Byzantine Territory. The laws are outlined on sculptures, which pronounce the Justinian Codes of the antediluvian nautical laws in the Rhodes of the Sea Law of Rhodian. The laws focus on cargo. Rhodian sets the attitude for dynamic hangings that are foreshadowed on the Pergamum alter for liberation.

In this area is the Cyclade Islands where the Venus de Milo once visited in the BC era. The island has a cluster of islands. The Greek Islands consume 200 or more south islands around Aegean Sea. The Venus statue rests on one of these islands. This goddess marked the Aphrodite, representing the sea, nudity, Amphitrite, and Melos respected islands.

Amphitrite is the sea-goddess from the distant Greeks. This myth woman became a companion to the Poseidon. In addition, she became friends with Neptune’s wife. Melos is the Greek Islands through Cyclade. The island makes up 23-kilometers of engaging space. The island has a total room space at 58 square feet. Venus the sea-goddess walked this island, which today her memories rest at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Venus settled at this island in BC (1550) with the Phylakopi. Before this time, Dorian settlers destroyed the area. Athens again conquered the Island during the 400 BC era. All males at this time where annihilated. The island became a middle-of-the-road region during the war Peloponnesian. The native Lysanders’ gave the island hope, as it was reinstated. In time the island, become the rule from Crusaders who fashioned segments of the Naxos duchy.

When choosing to visit Samotrace plan a day of learning and enjoying the sea. If you plan to visit Paris, France, perhaps you may want to choose the tour guide packages. Some of the packages offer you a trip around the island, as well as tours through some of Paris’s top attraction areas. Few of the tour guide packages offer you a trip to Champs-Elysees, Sacred Heart at the Vendome Square Montemartre and the Place du Tertre. You also get a chance to visit the Arc de Triomphe, Trocaedero, the famous Eiffel Tower, and more. Most tour guiders will pick you up at your downtown hotel, escort you to various areas around the town and bring you back to your room once the tour has finished. You have a leisure tour, which takes you through the best areas around Paris. The bus will pick you up. The tour guide will tell you about Paris’s history while you take in the beautiful surroundings on tour.

Online you will find a wide array of tour packages to Paris. We encourage you to shop around, since some areas online are offering up to 75% off the packages. What a remarkable deal.

Camping the grounds of paris

Camping the Grounds of Paris

How to choose camping sites:

Paris has a nice selection of camping grounds. Some of the best camping sites around Paris are located at Charente-Maritime, Brittany, Central Cote d’ Azur, Languedoc, Aquitaine, and Vendee.

Camping at Brittany:

Brittany camping grounds have stunning grounds where superb buildings stand out in the background. The campground provides you fun and entertainment, since you will visit the splash zone, while enjoying many activities.

Brittany is a wonderful way to spend your holidays, as you will enjoy the tales of the past. The tales will walk you through spooky moments where you will take a haunting adventure back to the sprites of folklore giants, such as King Arthur and the well-known Merlin. The sorcery memories come alive as you listen to the tales of old.

On the adventure, you will enjoy ivy films along with beautiful views of lighthouses, which spread out over rock-strewn inlets, bays and coves. Throughout the bays are remarkable villages where friendly Parisians live. This cultural environment will allow you to enjoy music that takes you back to the legends and myths of the land, as the drums, harps, flutes, and bagpipes sound in your ears.

Taking a camping trip to Languedoc:

If you enjoy nature, spread your wings and fly since you will walk through luscious green/purplish pathways that lead up to ancient structures. This area is highly guarded by the French residence, and to see it you would know why. The beaches are filled with white, pearly sand those channels beyond the luscious fruits of town. Scented fields of lavender lilacs take you beyond the wild Marsh Island horses painted white. As you camp on these grounds, you will enjoy the tastes of hardy ripe grapes.

Past the broad-based cities near this lavishing park are labyrinths of walkways that take you to some of Paris’s hottest antique shops. You have a selection of other shops as well.

Tossing your tent in Aquitaine:

Taking a camping trip to Aquitaine will put you on Paris’s finest sandy beaches around. This sunny beach has a shred here and there of vineyards that stretch along the mountains of Pyrйnйes. The beach has a wide array of land that stretches over to Spain. Aquitaine is the capital of Bordeaux, which land area surrounds glaciers, ponds, lakes and stretches to the Atlantic Ocean. Grapes are the most valued fruits on this land that vines around forests.

Vendйe Camping:

If you want comfort, relaxation and adventure combined then Vendйe Camping is your choice. This beautiful sandy beach area provides you with golf courses, museums, wildlife, monuments, and more. You can enjoy surfing followed by a visit to one of the lovely arenas around Paris. If you enjoy sea diving, then Vendйe is the place to camp. Vendйe lies central west of France. The areas surround the Atlantic Bay and stretches onto the southern-east parts of the dйpartement of France.

Vendйe at one time served as a battleground, yet today the lovely area is a peaceful water galore haven. Mont Mecure is Vendйe highest point stretching up to 935 feet and over 285 miles. Around Vendйe areas many tourists, industries, agriculture, and processed foods make up the environment. The camping at Vendйe however is one of the most popular adventures.

Along the cultural grounds of Vendйe are hundreds of miles of sandy beaches that stretch to dune edges around mild climates, pinewood, and so on. On the south region of the beach is Paris’s nude region. The nude beaches are at Pointe d’ Arcay south of the lovely La Faute sur Mer.

Traveling aboard paris

Traveling Aboard Paris

Visiting the Internet will put you in touch with travel packages to Paris. If you are preparing a vacation, why not visit one of the most fabulous cities in the world. Paris is notorious for its music, nightlife, arts, and many attractions. If you are not familiar with Paris, why not learn about the attractions and packages now.

Traveling down Rhine River:

You have the option of taking a cruise down Rhine River. On your first day of travel, you will depart from the United States of America. (If applicable) Once you leave the US, you will arrive in Switzerland. On board the airplane, you will enjoy drinks and meals as complimentary of your package deal. You will also have entertainment to enjoy aboard the aircraft.

On the second day of your trip, you will fly to Basel, which is one of Switzerland’s cities. On this day, you will be transferred about the ship. Since it is afternoon, the tour guide will introduce you to Basel. During the evening, you will enjoy cocktails, complimentary of the Captain. You will have dinner after.

On the third day of your trip, you will enjoy an afternoon in the lovely city of Strasbourg. Strasbourg is the Capital of France’s Alsace. Here you will admire on your tour the lovely sandstones of the Cathedral Gothic where you will be taking into space. After you will enjoy the Squares, which takes you back to the 13th centuries. By evening, you will board the ship and enjoy a fine meal.

On your fourth day, in the morning you will sail through the lovely area around Speyer. While on board the ship you will continue sailing through France’s city Worm. Here you will enjoy off sea touring through Heidelberg. Throughout the city, you will enjoy fine arts of science. The day continues over to Rudesheim. Down through the lovely channels you will cast you sail to venture at Siegfried, which costs $19 to see the fine Musical Instruments at the Museum. On board your ship again, this evening you will enjoy fine entertainment and dining.

On the fifth day of your trip, you will enjoy a trip through Cochem, followed by a lovely view of the popular villages around France. You will visit Cologne and move onto Rhineland followed by an evening of dining and leisure aboard your cruise liner. Rest up, since in the morning you will take a walk, touring through the ancient environment of Cologne. The cathedral city will inspire you. As the day carries forward, you will enjoy Gothic structures and then enjoy a meal while viewing the Netherlands as you sail past Nijmegen. Have dinner with your captain this evening and rest, since the final day you will enjoy cruising throughout Amsterdam.

On this last day of your venture, you will enjoy shopping as you disembark at Tiel. If you choose the package that takes you to the lovely Gardens of Keukenhof, then don’t forget your camera. You have a lovely view ahead. As you continue your trip, you will enjoy exhibits around France, which includes the globes’ hugest vineries, vegetation and so on. You will also enjoy a visit the Regal Palace on your final day. Here you will move onto view the National Monument, which engraves history that takes you back through the history of France. Throughout the trip, you will feel inspired as you view Skinny Bridge and move onto a glass-top dinner aboard your ship.

Sounds like a dream come true, hey? Well, for $799 you can enjoy this trip. To learn more go online and check out the deals.

Enjoying seine river adventures in paris

Enjoying Seine River Adventures in Paris

How to find hot spots around the Seine River

Paris’s popular river is the Seine. Seine River (Seine means Fishing) is one of Paris’s main attractions. The Origin of Seine is Burgundy. Seine often passes by the beautiful Eiffel Tower and the lovely Place de la Concorde. At the mouth of the Seine is the spectacle English Channel stretches back to the basins of Frances beautiful country. The river is around 482 miles and elevates at 1,545 feet while discharging 17, 660 feet down the basin region more than 30,300 miles.

The Celtics (Gaulish) and Sequana (Latin) is where Seine came about. If you review the history of the Seine, you will see that it has a Sacred Celtic history. In fact, the name Seine is highly recognized throughout the western rivers of Europe.

When cruising the waters of Seine river searching for the finer areas to visit, consider the areas around the river. Seine River stretches out River Shannon, Saуne River, Yonne River and so on. Down the river stream, you will come to the sandy beaches at Normandy. Here you will enjoy fishing, diving, skiing, lodging, fine meals, beautiful nature surroundings, wildlife, pines and more. Down further you will come upon Rhуne River, which are Europe’s chief rivers. The river stretches throughout France and Switzerland.

Down Seine River, you will come upon Rouen where dredges spread out to allow traveling ocean vessels to drop anchor. The river stretches from the sea over 75 miles. In this area and at the mouth of Bar-sur-Seine riverboats carry forward over 350 miles.

Seine has a river depth 80 feet above the level of the sea that stretches another 277 miles. Along the Seine River, you will enjoy panoramic views of Paris. Along the channels, you will enjoy the well-lit Saint-Michael Bridge. This beautiful well-lit bridge is near the grand Notre-Dame of Paris. The bridge when lit up at night has a wide array of glamorous colors, including blues, yellow, gold, peach, turquoise, greens, orange, and so on.

This bridge is necessary see. In fact, bring your video recorder to show your family and friends back home. The recordings alone will inspire them to take interest in visiting Paris.

Paris has an outstanding history as well; this city is the universes most beautiful city. Paris rests at the north or Seine arc bending and winding over inhabited inlets. At the heart of Paris are the joining islands that take you through paramount of hills, mountains, seas, parks, squares, exhibits, architecture, rivers, and more. The climate in Paris is based on the oceanfront drifts.

One of Paris’s main attractions is the Eiffel Tower, which you will see traveling down the Seine River. The historical centers include Champs-Elysйes, Montaigne, L ‘Opйra, Les Halles, Faubourg Saint-Honorй, La Dйfense, Place de la Concorde, and so on.

Paris has a wide array of areas to enjoy while traveling down the Seine River. If you are new to Paris travel, why not go online to view images and information. The details will carry you down the right channels into Paris’s favorite spots. In addition, you can find helpful pamphlets at your local travel agency to assist you in planning and enjoying travel down Seine River.

Planning is the first and foremost thing you should do before traveling in or out of country. When you plan it puts you in front of the best deals, best areas to visit, and keeps you safe from visiting areas that put you at risk.

TIP: Paris’s population has a many pickpockets. Learn helpful tips to avoid problems while visiting Paris.

Picking the hot museums to visit in paris

Picking the Hot Museums to Visit In Paris

How to choose museums

Choosing museums to visit in Paris is not an easy task. Perhaps you want to go online to find day passes, which these passes will take you to and from many of Paris’s museums. Paris has scores of museums. At the museums, you have science, arts, learning centers, military, and so on. To choose museums we can consider a few details. Do you intend to take the children to Paris with you?

How to choose children museums in Paris:

Musйe de la Poupee is a children’s museum you may like. Even if you do not have children, you may enjoy the cluster of beautiful dolls on the displays. The dolls will take you back to the day when life was filled with men and women dressed in traditional attire. During certain months at this museum, Paris gives a Quel Spectacle show. The staff uses the dolls to deliver themed arts show. Inside the museum, you will enjoy fashions, dolls, textile, arts, decorative exhibits and more. Check the Internet for details on dates, times, location and more.

Opйra Bastille is not your average museum, yet you may enjoy visiting this remarkable opera house. If you enjoy ballet, you must visit the Opйra Bastille. Opйra Bastille is seated at Paris’s Place de la Bastille.

Musйe du Louvre is another of Paris’s nice museums where you will enjoy Antiquities from Egypt, Roman, Etruscan, Greek, Eastern Antiques, Islamic Fine arts, dйcor arts, sculptures, drawings, prints, paintings, and more.

Notre-Dame de Paris ET Son Tresor is Paris’s clone towers. The building was sculpted to fit cathedral and gothic nineteenth century history of Paris. The building alone is something to see.

When visiting museums in Paris, it is wise to go online and purchase passes. The passes will take you to more than 70 popular museums in Paris. You have free passes. Some passes will take you to Centre Pompidou, Musйe du Louvre, Musйe de Rodin, Arc de Triomphe, Musйe national Picasso, Musйe d ‘Orsay, and so on.

When you purchase passes, it gives you many benefits. You have over 50 or more museums to visit. In addition, you get discounts and coupons to eat at Paris’s restaurants, shop at the department stores, or visit the beautiful Lafayette Galleries.

If you purchase passes, also you will not have to wait in long lines to purchase tickets in Paris. The notion behind tickets is to make life easier on you.

How do I find passes?

You can go online to purchase passes. Online you will find a wide array of travel sites that offer you the opportunity to purchase your tickets.

The tickets are sent to your doorstep. Once you receive your tickets, carrying them on the plane to Paris and use them to visit the many museums in Paris.

The passes are nice, since you also get free transportation with the tickets. Some areas offer to travel you on Paris’s metro buses, which are open at hours that give you the choice of visiting the museums as you choose.

How much are the tickets?

It depends on where you purchase the passes. You can find passes for as low as 69 French dollars per couple. Children passes are 19 French dollars per two. When you purchase passes you, also receive discounts at Paris Cinemas, Hard Rock Cafйs, Galleries, and so forth. Some passes offer you a buy one and get the next one free at certain locations.

To learn more about passes to Paris’s museums go online and check out the wide array of travel web sites.

Going for a ride on l open hops and hoping off in paris

Going for a Ride on L Open Hops and Hoping Off in Paris

How to choose your travel:

Is your ready to travel to Paris? Why not go on the Hop On and Hop Off touring bus. The bus will take you many areas around Paris. Once you Hop Off the bus and call back, the bus will pick you up once you are finished and take you to the next destination. The bus is nice since you will not have to battle Paris’s heavy traffic. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the route, this tour bus is a double Decker bus.

It has a place for people to ride at the bottom of the bus, which places you on top of the bus, which at the top sections you are free of clutter.

The times you are done historical hunting, have been on a few romantic cruisers and shopping for the whole family hunting up new designs you are ready to enjoy someone else doing the work for you.

Paris offers a wide array of transportation. Still, you want to check out the Hop On and Hop Off services.

How much does bus fair cost?

The price to ride Paris’s Hop On and Hop Off service is only 35.37 U. S.D. The price may sound steep, yet you get a two-day pass. For two days, you can enjoy a tour around Paris on one of the fastest services in town.

Where is the station located?

It is located in Paris, France. It will also take you about 2 hours to go to all the places it offers you to sightsee. It will stop somewhere every 15 to 20 minutes so that you can get off or board.

Where does the bus travel?

Some of the highlights around Paris include the Madeleine, opera, Louver Museum, Notre-Dame, and St. Germane-De Pres, Orsay Museum, Concord, Champs-Elysees, Srcde Triomphe, and the Trocaedero.

So every 15 to 20 minutes you get off and they will come back and pick you up so that you can enjoy the next place on that list you have. The bus may not pick up at hotels unavailable for this service due to jurisdiction issues.

Nevertheless, maybe in time to come it will be offered to you. This tour bus only runs in the months of April through October.

How to choose practical travel?

Paris has the practical service called L - Open Tour. The pass supplies you with boundless tour access. You can travel two days on the pass. The pass enables you to travel to and from areas around Paris, knowing the bus will pick you up.

Paris offers you an interpretation of French and English running, which once you authenticate the pass, you are given an earphones. Do not loose the earphones.

The bus also has an upper deck, yet the services do not promise their customers a seat in this area. In addition, any items you bring with you, it is your responsibility to keep track of the goods. You should also keep hold of your pass, since the service will not reimburse you if you lose the pass, or if someone takes it from you. The pass and your belongings is totally your responsibility. In addition, if you are caught selling your bus pass you are subject to costs and fines. It is a crime in Paris to sell your pass.

Buses in Paris will take you around the city for low fees, yet you should check pricing frequently, since most bus services state that they can change pricing at any time they choose.

Le meriden paris hotel

Le Meriden Paris Hotel

How to choose Paris Lodging

Here is a hotel you may want to go and stay at in Paris. It is called the Le Meriden Mantprmasse. At this particular hotel many famous people have stayed.

Many famous people go to Paris to get away or go to do shows at this hotel. There have been many famous people Like B. B. King, Cab Calloway, Fats Domino, Lionel Hampton and many more. This hotel has 953 rooms, and is Paris’s four-star hotel. The hotel is a good one to stay at, since you can tell all your friends back home that you stayed in Paris’s famous lodging arenas. The first-class hotel is minutes away from the Eiffel Tower. The Luxembourg Gardens is near the hotel as well.

This hotel has a bowling alley in it as well as a fitness center. The hotel has non-smoking rooms for those who do not smoke. The hotel also has a gourmet restaurant. In addition, if you want to go for a midnight stroll down the streets of Paris, do not sweat the kids in the hotel sleeping. The hotel has a babysitter in-house to assist you.

Choices of travel:

The hotel also has dry cleaning services for those that need it as well as a meeting room. If your wondering about how you are going to get around, don’t sweat it. The grand hotel is a hop, skip and jump from the train station. If you don’t want to travel via train, take the subway, which is also close to the hotel.

How to choose activities:

The hotel is near the Exhibit Center. If you are not interested in exhibits, you can choose from over 700 hotels to visit. Inside the hotels, you will have a wide selection of activities and entertainment. Most hotels in this area are 3, and 4-star lodging.

Some of the hotels are smaller than others are; yet, Paris has a few hotels that have over a thousand rooms. Inside most Paris, hotels are swimming pools. The family and children perhaps would enjoy an evening dip. In many hotels in Paris, you also have hot tubs. Hot tubs are idea for relaxing and relieving pain after a long day of sightseeing.

How to choose other activities:

Paris has a wide selection of Exhibits shown in various museums. Around Paris you have the choice of visiting Centre Pompidou, Musйe du Louvre, Musйe de Rodin, Musйe d’ Orsay, Musйe National Picasso, Arc de Triomphe, Panthйon, Crypte Archйologique de Notre-Dame, Chвteaux de Versailles, and so on. You can also take a river cruise on the Bateaux Parisians.

How to obtain passes:

If you intend to visit several areas in Paris, it is best to purchase passes. You can find day passes for two adults online for as little as Ј69.

Pay an addition Ј19 for the children. Four adults passes combined with four children passes costs Ј128. You can also find five-day passes for both children and adults, i. e. ten people for Ј191. The passes provide you with free entry to attractions and includes benefits. Children 12 and under are often permitted entry to many museums in Paris.

Paris also has the Villa Savoye, Rouй Libre, Sainte Chapella, and more to select from a list of museums. In addition, you have a selection of Hard Rock Cafйs, Galleries, Department stores, and ore when visiting Paris.

One of the interesting areas to visit in Paris is the Musйe des Egouts. This museum is called the sewer, since the establishment is actually inside a sewer. The museum is a bit smelly, yet it takes you through a journey in Paris’s history. You will learn about Paris’s waste treatment and water supplies, as well as other historical realities.

Entertaining friends in paris

Entertaining Friends in Paris

How to entertain friends in Paris

If you are planning to entertain friends in Paris, then you have a wide array of activities, entertainment, meals, and attractions to choose. Paris, the France’s Capital has a wide variety of fun activities to choose. You have stadiums where many sporting events take place, as well as a variety of nightlife spots. When planning to entertain friends in Paris, keep in mind that it is cheaper to purchase promotional, discount, travel, or vacation packages. The flights are incorporated into the expense of the packages. If you are taking a group of friends, search for the group packages to help you and your friends save money.

Choosing Passes in Paris:

Purchasing group passes before you leave on your trip is a way to save money. Of course, some packages include passes. You will find bus passes online, as well as passes to monuments and museums. The passes for monuments and museums are nice, since you visit over 50 establishments on a single pass. Look for the group passes to save you money. The nicety about passes is that the pass provides you transportation where you will be taking back and forth from your destination.

Choosing places to stay in Paris:

Paris has a variety of hotels for your convenient. However, if you intend to take friends with you, you may want to look into apartment prices. The apartments offer you more space. You have a wide array of apartments on various islands around Paris. Hotel rooms can cost anywhere from $100 and up per night. Shop online where you will find apartments to help you save money. You can also choose the group packages that will save you money as well. Online you will find travel, vacation, promotional, and group packages for your convenience. The packages will include airfare, entertainment, activities, and more. The meals are not included in most packages, yet you will receive coupons or discounts to help save you money.

How to choose entertainment:

Paris offers you a wide array of entertaining spots. You have monuments, museums, nightspots, art shows and more. Cancan dancers will entertain you in Paris, or you can choose to dance the night away with your friends.

If your friends or you have not been on a cruise you may want to look into Paris cruises. The boat I want to cruise on is the glass boat. Image traveling Paris’s waters on a large aquarium. The glass boat enables you to watch the life under water while enjoy life on a luxurious boat. The boat seats you at nice tables in the front where you will enjoy a nice meal, fine wine, Champaign and more. I am sure that your friends will thank you for years to come.

Paris is famous for its outstanding lights, culture, scenery, arts, music and more. Paris has attracted many famous people, including Johnny Depp, B. B. King, Katherine Hepburn, and more. I would love to turn a corner and run into Johnny Depp himself.

This would leave a lasting memory for years to come while visiting Paris. In Paris your friends may enjoy the many shows offered in the hotels or establishments. Paris offers you puppet shows, cancan dancers, musical shows, theatre and more. One of Paris’s main attractions is the Eiffel Tower. Perhaps your friends and you will enjoy a day on the town visiting the many famous areas.

How to choose food:

Paris has hundreds of restaurants. No matter what you and your friends enjoy, you will find it in Paris. Paris meals include pizza, French dishes, modern meals and more.

Locating sizzling spots in paris

Locating Sizzling Spots in Paris

Considering food:

Paris has a wide selection of fine dining areas. When visiting Paris you have a choice of restaurants, food circuits and so on. You can also find guides that take tours to some of the best dining areas in Paris.

To consider foods, you want to learn your passions. If you enjoy pizza, then you want to find the best pizza joints in Paris. Paris also has a nice selection of chocolate outlets. If you enjoy chocolate perhaps, you would like the dishes served at Jean-Paul Hйvin where some of the best chocolate packed with cheese is served. If your passions are croissants then you may want to visit the cafй Paris. Inside the cafй, you will enjoy window views of the lovely Notre-Dame. You can take your laptop to this cafй, since you have access to the Worldwide Net. The Champs-Elysees is near the cafй as well. Inside the Le Meriden hotel is the fabulous Shambala Restaurant. The establishment serves fine meals at various hours. Neighboring the restaurant is the bar.

The big deals:

Paris recently is installing WI-FI in most hotels around Paris, as well as in many public establishments. The visitors coming to Paris in time will enjoy free access to the Internet in hundreds of areas around Paris over a WI-FI connection. In the near future, you can take your laptop and enjoy accessibility to the Internet nearly anywhere on the streets of Paris. In fact, you can enjoy resting in comfortable furniture around the streets as you chat with friends and family back home on your computer. Paris is in the making of adding comfortable furniture on their streets.

Paris is on a mission. The mission is to encourage itinerants from around the world to enjoy public areas around Paris. In many areas around Paris, you will have the convenience of using WI-FI connections, yet the city has not made the top goal at this time.

How to choose pubs:

In Paris you have a wide selection of bars and pubs. If you enjoy cocktails and hippest hop areas in town then check out the Shambala. The bar is inside the beautiful Le Meriden. In the bar, you will enjoy DJ, fashionable seating, relaxing couches, and a wide array of drinks. The establishment will impress you as you enjoy the panel that glows, shedding colors of neon lights across a hot flaming environment.

If you are searching for ballroom boogie, you may want to visit the le Divan Du Monde. This sizzling spot in Paris is one of the popular concert halls around where you will enjoy music by Arabs. You have the La Fourmi Cafй across the street when you feel worn out from dancing.

More sizzling spots in Paris:

One of the nicest areas to visit in Paris is the Montmartre. This area as told by visitors has an interesting effect after sundown. At the cities peak rests the jewel of the Sacre Coeur. Here the steps take you through an air filling burlesque of multi-cultural melody.

You have a wide selection of cafйs and art corners in the area as well. Throughout your visit, you will enjoy great meals, live melodies and scenery that will take your breath away.

If you are planning a trip to Paris, go online. Online you will find many helpful sites that take you through the streets of Paris. In addition, you will learn about more sizzling spots in Paris. In addition, you can check with your local travel agent to find packages and deals to help you save money while visiting Paris.

Taking a shopping trip in paris

Taking a Shopping Trip in Paris

When shopping in Paris it can be fun. Paris not only has huge stores to shop in the country also has shopping on the streets. Paris has everything you would want to take home for the whole family to enjoy. You will notice that everyone on the streets is dressed in very high fashions. Paris is known for their stylish fashions, yet at many shopping malls the prices are affordable, making Paris’s pricey fashions deceiving. Therefore, when it comes to shopping you are in fashion haven when you shop at Paris.

How to choose six of Paris’s best stores:

The Christian Laouboutin is one of Paris’s top selling stores. The store has a fashionable display, i. e. one of its kind shoes. You will find the perfect pair of shoes that suit all your family needs.

The Emporio Armani is a great store in Paris to shop as well. The store is well known for its casual wear to custom suits. The store has four floors to shop, which it has nearly anything you could image on the shelves.

Forum des Halles is Paris’s top store also. The store is known for its largest food market. The store shops are underground, which the surface is used for a parking lot.

The Galexis Lafayette is the fourth known store in Paris you may want to visit. This store is known for its beautiful stain glass dome. The store has a wide selection of cosmetics and the huge slot of perfumes is the legion fashioned in this store. Galexis has a high profile on women and men selections.

Hermes is known for its wide selection of home office and office supplies.

Its window display holds a wide selection of products that keep people coming back because they sell leather agendas and notebooks and some umbrellas. The store sells lots of hats and oh yea-riding boots too.

The last is number six and the store is called LeBonMarchй. This store is known for its ancient history. The store is over 100 years old. It is the largest men and women appeal fashion store of its kind, and it has the only full menu restaurant option so you can go shopping and when you tired, you can sit down and have a full course meal before going home. Forget cooking aye!

While you are in Paris, go on a shopping trip, since you will have a ball seeing all the things the stores offer you. The stores make everything easy for you, since everything is at your fingertips.

There are many other shops to visit in Paris as well. The list in this article is just the top six shopping areas. Paris, France’s Capital has over a 100 stores in the country to shop in so you can pick which one you want and shop until you drop.

Once you are done shopping you might want to go to your hotel and just relax. Perhaps take a hot bath and enjoy the rest of the evening, then again you might want to go out on the town. What ever you decide have fun doing it.

Paris has many nightclubs you might want to go see as well. You can choose from dancing to comedy or maybe you would like to just go see the performing arts. Paris has a wide selection of museums as well. Whether you enjoy history, arts, science, etc, Paris has something for you to see. To learn more about Paris’s shopping malls, diners, nightclubs, and museums check out the resources online. Paris is only a click away!

Choosing a hotel in paris

Choosing a Hotel in Paris

How to Choose Paris hotels

When choosing the right hotel you may want to check with your local travel agent or you may even want to go online to check out the site for hotels. However, I like to go for the stars. Stars rate the hotel in Paris. The more stars they have the better hotel they are. For this reason, I will tell you about the three best hotels in Paris. Remember the stars will tell you which hotel offers the best choices. The hotels include the 3, 4, and 5 star hotels. The higher the stars, the better you choice of staff, room, amenities, and more that you have.

How to look for options in 4-start hotels:

When you are looking for a good hotel in Paris, you need to decide what and where you want to be, like near a historical site or in the gardens of Paris. Perhaps you would even like to rest near the banks. Whatever meets your needs will help you decide where to spend time in Paris. In hotels in Paris, you have amenities, which include Internet connection. If you are on a business trip, this is the ideal hotel for you. Most hotels in Paris have restaurant. You also have hotels near shopping centers, financial districts, and so forth.

How do I choose the hotels?

Paris has many four star hotels to select from. One of Paris’ finest hotels is the Le Meridren Etoile. This hotel is located on the right side of the riverbank looking over the Palais De Congres. The hotel has up to 1026 rooms that were all redecorated in 2001. The rooms offer you a warm and modern surrounding.

The hotel has a restaurant, as well as room service. You can choose rooms, including the non-smoking rooms. All rooms in this hotel have soundproof walls. The hotel offers you babysitting availability. For those who want go and have a few after dinner drinks, you will not have to worry about the little ones. The children will be safely waiting for your return.

In the morning, you can wake up to a hardy breakfast buffet. Throughout the day or night hours you can enjoy Internet connectivity. This hotel is nice, since many famous people have stayed here, as well continue to rent rooms in this hotel today.

Perhaps you like outdoor surroundings. Paris has a wide array of garden-like hotels. The Hotel Exelmans in Paris is 10 minutes via transportation from the Porte de Versailles Exhibit Center. Surrounding the hotel is the Parc des Princes, which is also near the famous Roland Garros. The hotel is suited for business guests or those enjoying leisure time in Paris.

The hotel overlooks the beautiful garden. The hotel provides you with garage and convenient distance to the Shuttle. You have many room features, including cable TV, which you can watch on color platforms. A private bath, alarm clock, and direct in-house phone line is available as well.

How do I book a room or make reservations?

Online you will find travel sites. The sites offer you the ability to book rooms or make reservations. When you visit online sites to book rooms or make reservations take note. If the site is unsecured and has no proven history, avoid giving your credit card or other personal information. Conduct a quick BBB (Better Business Bureau) check of the site, as well check for reviews. The reviews should offer you verified details on the site operation.

To learn more about hotels in Paris, go online and check out the travel packages.

Planning a long visit to paris

Planning a Long Visit to Paris

When you plan a long stay in Paris for any length of time, you should look into a few things before getting started. You will find many things to do as the seasons change.

How to choose sports in Paris

Unbelievably Paris offers 360 different sports. You can check with your nearest travel agent and they can assist you in finding out what would best fit your wants before going. There are many parks in different areas that a person and just go to relax as well as play some football or soccer. Perhaps you can have a picnic while your there. Swimming is a popular sport for fun as well as exercise, most hotels have swimming pools but you can also go to the many public pools and private owned ones too.

You can visit the stadium in Paris to enjoy your favorite sport. There is always something going on at a stadium to make give you a relaxing enjoying night out.

How to choose schools in Paris:

If you are planning to make your stay long term, so you can go to school that’s great. Paris has 13 universities for you to choose from making Paris known as the European University Capital. Over 300,000 students attend school each year. The King of France started the first school and academy in his palace the year of 800. He wanted everyone to have the chance of a lifetime to learn. During the months of September through November, the welcome center is open to help the students find housing, jobs, get bank accounts or whatever they may need for their long term stay.

How to find Gay spots in Paris:

Paris is open-minded for the Gay and Lesbian, letting these people be-their own person. Dozens of bars, restaurants, hotels and many more things are open for them. Wherever you see a “rainbow flag,” it is for the gay and lesbian crowds. Join the association for gay and lesbian tourists, they provide a meeting point for groups on Saturday. Find an apartment in the gay community and make your life a happy one on a day-to-day basis. Check out the Gay travel agency where they have tours and events for everyone. Paris also provides clubs with the gay and lesbians in mind.

How to protect your belongings:

Safety is something everyone needs to be aware of. There are many pickpockets out there walking the streets so keep the wallets in your back pocket, make sure your bags are securely fastened. Hang onto those cell phones; everyone likes those free minutes. If someone should walk up and offer their services to you, make a visit to the official sales point to let it be known. The official sales point can give you information on safety a list of all the police stations as well.

When your choosing the season for your stay in Paris be sure to check with your nearest travel agent. The air is not of good quality and can cause your airways to plug up, you might experience difficulty breathing and it even causes the erosion of monuments.

Paris City is doing all they can to provide fresh air, which is polluted, caused from the surplus of traffic. Air is constantly being monitored; when the pollution is high, the media is alerted. Warnings are put out for the children, elderly, and pregnant women in mind. When the pollution is high, all outdoors sports are canceled until it goes down. Although the air is generally good, the city is encouraging the people to use the public transport, cycling, and roller-blading more. This would cut down the pollution and make it safer for everyone.

Choosing hotels in paris

Choosing Hotels in Paris

How to choose Paris hotels

When choosing hotels in Paris, it may be a little difficult, since there are many to choose. Paris has a wide selection of hotels, which most are in walking distance of historical places. In Paris, there are over 500 nice hotels to choose. The best way to find a hotel in Paris is to decide first what you want. If you are not sure, go to your local travel agencies and pick up a few pamphlets. However, if you would like you could go on the Internet and check out the suites. This way you can view images of the many hotels in Paris. Keep in mind; some information may not be updated. If you want to spend the extra cash, search for Paris’s fancy hotels.

What are some of the hotels?

Well this hotel is called the hotel Lotti this is a jolly hotel it is one of the most charming in the area of Paris between the Tuleuls Gardens and the place Vendome which in known for there jeweler shops. Another good hotel is called the Lemeridren Etoile this is located on the right bank of Paris facing the palais des congres only a few steps away from champs-elysees. Paris has a wide selection of Best Western Hotels. The hotels for the most part are in walking distance of Champ Elysees. In addition, in about three minutes you could make it to Louve palasis des congres. The Louve Museum is also in walking distance from some of Paris’s Best Western hotels.

How do I travel around Paris?

Remember Paris has a taxi service and a tour bus so if you do not want to drive or walk you can let the service do it for you. This way you will not have to battle trivets of getting lost in the large crowds around Paris. Paris is a large city.

How do I choose areas to site see?

Paris offers you a wide array of areas to site see. Throughout Paris, you have a selection of shopping malls. The shopping malls are fit to match your family needs, or personal tastes. Paris also has thirteen railroads, which are underground. Paris has another three huge airports, and a selection of Antiquaries Galleries. Paris is a beautiful environment, which most hotels you visit are in walking distance. If you choose tour guides, you have an advantage, since the guides will take you to the most well liked areas. Many of Paris’s grand stores and diners are open around the clock.

How do I choose romantic areas to visit?

For a romantic night out on the town, you may want to check out the cruise Paris businesses offer to their tourists. On the cruise you will enjoy fine dining, relaxation, site seeing and more. Paris has a wide selection of onboard and off board restaurants to select from a list. For instance, you may want to enjoy feasting at the fabulous Dechezeux. The restaurant has a French twist of outstanding cuisines. Ultimately, you can walk the main streets of Paris to find fabulous restaurants that fit your tastes. Do not forget to check out your options at the local travel agents, or on the Internet.

Paris is a well-liked country, therefore if you plan to travel to Paris France it is wise to check out the package deals online. Often you will find coupons, package deals, discount packages and more. Often when you choose packages the travel agents will provide you with necessary items, such as hotel stay, tra

Choosing the right packages for paris travel

Choosing the Right Packages for Paris Travel

How to find travel packages to Paris:

When choosing the right package for Paris travel, it can become a task. Therefore, you would want to look around to get the best package on the market to fit your budget. Remember your local travel agent can help you out a lot or you might want to go online and see what you can find that way.

Online you will a wide array of packages. Online you will find the eight-day and seven night packages. The packages include hotel stay, flight fare, discounted meals and more. Packages offer you tour guides, which take you around Paris as well. You will enjoy sightseeing, activities and have plenty of free time to do, as you like. If you feel uncomfortable visiting a foreign city, the tour guides are idea. However, if you are like some people, such as myself you may want to choose other packages. Some of us prefer to handle our own activity planning and so on.

How to choose highlights?

It depends on where you want to visit, dine, stay, etc. If you intend to visit the Louvre Eiffel Tower and/or the Gothic Notre-Dame, which is the Cathedral Arc de Triomphe, then choose a package to fit your needs. The catholic building alone will inspire your interest. The Notre-Dame is made of Rose patterned windows and stain glass. At the establishment, you will walk through a garden of impressive designs. The building makes up rib vaults, ogee pathways, buttresses that fly, and so on. You will enjoy religious arts and more.

When choosing packages to Paris you want to match your budget. The typical tour packages start at $45 and up to $130 per person. If you intend to travel first-class the prices range from $80 to $280 per person. Deluxe Paris travel ranges from $100 up to $400 per person. Deluxe packages give you eight days and seven nights of outstanding sightseeing adventures. You will stay three nights at London’s finest hotels and three nights at one of Paris’s hotels. The continental hotels have a wide array of attractions inside its building, including fine dining, wines, bars, and more. If you combine the package between London and Paris, you often find cheaper deals.

How do I entertain the family?

If you intend to bring the family, make the trip one to remember. You will find special family packages, which the rates are fit to meet your needs. The packages offer your family and you a great opportunity to spend quality time together. Your family and you will enjoy the time away from the stress and worries back home.

How to choose activities and attractions for children?

The children may enjoy all the historical sites that Paris and London has to offer. The family will likely enjoy the selection of restaurants Paris has to offer. Dining together as a family brings the unit closer.

Maybe you and the family would like to go on a tour. Then again, maybe you will want to just sit and watch the sun set off the many bridges in Paris. Paris and London has a wide array of fun plazas, parks, sight areas and more. When preparing to entertain your children while in Paris go to the newsstands. The paper will have an assortment of activities and entertainment designed to fit your children’s needs.

Paris also has a wide array of shopping malls, department stores, museums and more. If you children enjoy the waters, you may want to take them to Seine River on a cruise where they will enjoy the ocean view from a glass boat ride.

Sky traveling through paris

Sky Traveling through Paris

How to travel Paris with wings:

Visiting Paris with wings is easy. You can take a flight over the Seine River without boarding a plane. Just go up to the rooftop of one of Paris’s finest hotels and enjoy a meal while you soar over the views across the country. Paris hotels have casinos and rooms available, as well as a wide array of fine restaurants and shops. If you want to enjoy the finest cultures of the Parisian while spreading, your wings visit the lovely Amarante Hotel Champs-Elysйes. The hotel is a mansion styled to fit Hausmann. This fabulous hotel has a boutique of stores within walking distance. In the 8th district of Paris, you will enjoy exclusive 19th century styles. In addition, inside the hotel you will enjoy fabulous rooftop views along with Hi-FI, mini-bar, High-Speed Internet, and more. This hotel even provides you some of the most fashionable cosmetics.

Hotels that gives you wings:

The hotel accommodates you with conference rooms’ idea for business houseguests. You will enjoy cocktail bars, shops where cakes and pastries will delight your taste buds (Patisserie), marbled texture, fireplace, and more. On the rooftop, you have privacy, which takes you through the terrace of a beautiful mansion over to the luxurious gardens. You have a choice of activities, point of meeting and point of interest to consider while visiting the lovely hotel. The hotel is near Place du Trocadйro, Arc de Triomphe, Lido de Paris and the beautiful Musйe de la mode. Place du Trocadйro set the landmark for the troops in French. This name came into existence when the Battle started in the southern areas of Spain. The French military troops took over this citadel, which closed the ordeal in the mid 1960s. Accordingly, Place du Trocadйro was honored.

How do I choose water adventures in Paris?

Paris offers you a boat ride down through the Seine River where you will stop to visit Passer Elle des Arts. If you are on a romantic vacation, this stop will ignite your lover’s fire. You will meet at Lover’s lane. The entire area is well lit and provides you and your lover an amazing view. You are near the Eiffel Tower in this area as well where musical voices will ignite your lover and your fire as well. As you channel down the river you will be amazed at the 30 feet below the street water level as well. The river is ruled with stonewalls, which grow ivy vines. Iron rings hang on these walls, which signify the folklores of the past. Along the riverbanks, you will enjoy lines of shrubs and trees as you pass under bridges. In the area, you will enjoy riverboats traveling between the ancient buildings. You will have sprinkle of gardens, interchanging colors and more as you enjoy your sail.

Sky Panorama Views of Paris:

If you want a nice sky Panorama view of Paris visit the beautiful Rue Monsieur. This fabulous arena gives you the option of taking the pulley to the top roof area. On the terrace, you will enjoy an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. If you are romancing your mate, take him or her up at sunset.

Various hotels, restaurants and attractions in Paris have rooftop views. If you want to take a sky panorama view without boarding a plane, then check out the many areas around Paris that offers you rooftop connections to Paris, France.

If you haven’t booked your flight to Paris, now is the time to get started since online the web owners are passing deals to galore.

Taking an educational vacation to paris

Taking an educational vacation to Paris

If you are planning to take the children to Paris for the time of their life, then you may want to consider the many children activities available to you. Paris is a great place and has many educational sites to see. Here are a few of the hot spots to visit.

Paris, Notre Dame sets between two riverbanks. Notre Dame sets at the heart of Paris. A plaque has been set and marks zero miles from all country roads. This is the starting point for most all visits to Paris. Paris, Notre Dame is necessary to see. When visiting the Notre Dame you will find many museums, getaways to acknowledge, creation and human adventures. You will see some of the greatest arts ever created.

Spend some time at one of the greatest European Capitals of all parks, wood and gardens along with cemeteries. The largest park in Paris is known as the Pere Lachaise.

There are many bridges created at the Seine River. Thirty-five bridges, all them are in the soul of Paris. Along these bridges, you will see many monuments showing the historical events and meeting places.

Need a fun night for the children to break the educational mood. How about taking the children to the Hotel de Ville Square or the Raonl-Dautry in Paris? The hotels have outside rinks all in the prime locations. Having fun is necessary when on vacation.

Perhaps your children would like a visit to Paris during Christmas time. Thousands of lights are on display all through the historic streets of the French Capital. Make a night of enjoyment and beautiful entertainment.

In 1886, one of Europe’s finest Gothic Revival architecture was built. Stained glass windows done in the 15th century of many colors surround the American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. When visiting the Cathedral you will see many things including the needlepoint of 50 state flowers and flags. Many plaques in memory of all the Americans who died in Europe during the World War l and WWII are plastered on the walls. The American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is the center of worship everyday of the week in English. Besides the worship, you hear choral concerts, and lectures along with seeing art shows too.

Visit the Basilique St-Denis while in Paris, built in the 12th century. See the inscription on the bronze door saying, “Marvel not at the gold and expense but at the craftsmanship of the work.” Basilique St-Denis is France’s first Gothic building built in 1137 and 1281, the first spiritual patron of the state. On the front are rose stained glass windows restored in the 19th century. Sundays are known for the beautiful organ concerts to enjoy.

In 2004, the body of a 10-year-old boy was laid to rest at the St-Denis near his parents. He died of tuberculosis in 1795, was dumped in a common grave sight after a DR stole, pickled and returned his heart after carving it out.

Two centuries later DNA test were taken when the body was found matching perfectly to Marie-Antoinette by matching some of her hair taken during her childhood.

Perhaps the family would like to shop at the Palais Royal Palace formally known as Palais Cardinal where the prime minister, Cardinal Richelieu lived. Later after his death, King Louis inherited it. Louis and his mother Anne who was from Austria lived there most of his childhood life with the Cardinal. The government has now opened it to the public and has put cafes, gambling dens, along with other entertaining arenas. Don’t miss the main courtyard when visiting Paris to see the 1986 Buren sculpture of 280 prison-striped columns.

Consider going to visit the Hotel Des Invalids. It was built in the 1670’s to house disabled soldiers and later a layer of thin gold was laid over the top. Upon entering the hotel, you’ll walk down a cobblestone walk lined with many different cannons. Once inside the hotel you’ll be greeted with a museum of weapons, uniforms, and equipment anything that will kill. Make you list of things you want to see and do and have fun.

Discovering paris

Discovering Paris

How to discover Paris:

Visiting Paris gives you many options to consider. Most tours will guide you through the history of Paris. Tours are known to take tourist around Paris during day and night hours respectively. Some tour guides offer you pick up and drop off at your hotel and others will just pick you up. The length of time it takes varies depending on the tour and how much time you have. There are many choices to choose from.

How about a city tour taking up 3 Ѕ hours of your time with a guide and a minibus to take you to see the most major sites of Paris. As you come upon these sites your guide with tell you the history of each area you visit, making it an enjoyable and a learning experience for everyone.

Don’t have 3 Ѕ hours then take a shorter tour of the city. See the must see spots in the capital city of France in 2 hours instead. The trip will be shorter but just as enjoyable.

Have a little more time than 2 or 3 hours to tour the city. How about seeing the entire major spots of the city and ends your tour with lunch at the Eiffel tower. The bus will pick you up at your hotel but your return will be on your own. You’ll be able to see monuments, landmarks with the learning of history behind each one from you guide. End your tour at the Eiffel Tower for lunch. Because you have come here on a guided tour, there is no waiting at the elevator to take you to the restaurant and a table will be waiting for you. In Paris, you will enjoy sending a postcard back home with a stamp of the Eiffel Tower printed on the stamp.

Tours can be chosen in many different packages. Take a tour of the city and a short cruise down the Seine River. This package will only take 2 hours of your time.

Want to make a day of it. Try the city tour, lunch and cruise all in one package. A minibus will pick you up at your hotel and than there is a 2 hour orientation of the hot spots in the city of Paris. Go right from you tour of the city to the Seine River for more excitement on your cruise. You’ll be riding down the river in a glassed in boat making the perfect view for everyone aboard. Classic French music will be played from time to time for the relaxed mood while your having your lunch. Upon your return to the Eiffel Tower, you’ll go around the Statue of Liberty.

If you feel adventurous why not have lunch at the Eiffel Tower followed by a Cruise down the Seine River. Sounds fun doesn’t it. The bus will pick you up at the hotel with this package as well and give you a 2 hours ride around the city. The Eiffel Tower is the next stop for lunch with no waiting in line for the elevator or your table everything will be waiting for you upon your arrival. Enjoy your view and relax the cruise is about to start. Just walk across the street and aboard the boat for more fun and relaxation. You’ll have music to listen to as you ride down the river and the education is the greatest. Enjoy this tour and make you dreams come true.

Want to visit the largest museum in the world? Take the Louvre guided tour package. Here you’ll see many painting beginning from the 16th century. Louvre is known as the Palace of the kings of France. The Louvre has 800 years of history established in 1793.

Have fun with you tour.

Enjoying paris travel

Enjoying Paris Travel

Taking tours to Paris can be very educational and enjoyable as well. When taking a tour they are already planned out for you and sometimes you will have a guide to tell you about each stop you make along the way.

One of the most important stops you may have on a tour is the La Louvre. Take a walk around the outside and you will see as much as you would when going inside. Notice the fountain standing at the front entrance with the walkway going around it. Inside the La Louvre, you will be able to see the one and only La Pyramid. Check out the shape. At night when it is, all lit up you will see beauty you will never forget. Looking out of the Louvre you can see the Buran Statues in the Paris Royal.

Go inside the Pyramid and you will see the winding staircase going straight to the top. Get a haircut while inside at one of the many salons.

Visit the Palasis Royal and see most beautiful fountain Le Jardin des Tuileries. The Place de la Concorde is in the same area. Visit them at night and see the beautiful lighthouses and fountains all around them. Another great place to go is the Les Champs-Elysees at night where an archway stands with trees lining both sides of the street to the entrance; ride a train or drive through the arch.

Want to see the famous Montmarte Cabaret of Moulin Roughe. It is a huge building with the great windmill sitting on the rood.

You can also visit Paris from the sky by flying over the Seine River. See the fantastic view over the rooftops. Take a boat ride down the River and see the Passer Elle des Arts known as the Lover’s meeting place. The view down the River is out of this world with everything lit up drawing everyone’s attention. The Eiffel tower is located on the Seine River as well and when passing you can enjoy the many fountains all around it.

When taking your tour down the river notice the water level, it is 30 feet below the street. The river is lined with walls of stone with ivy growing through in places; the walls have iron rings hanging on the walls to represent the past ages. On each side of the river, it has many trees and shrubs and up on the street more trees looking over the river. There are 32 bridges crossing over the Seine River with old buildings and riverboats between them. Look at the water while taking your tour down the river and notice the beautiful colors coming from the buildings and trees with some gardens here and there.

Paris is the capital of France and is over 2,000 years old sitting on an island off the Seine River. The island is 233 miles from the English Channel.

Have you ever wanted to see the L’Hotel de Cluny in the Notre Dame area? The hotel was built to house the monks when coming from Cluny to visit the capital. The L’Hotel de Cluny was turned into a museum in 1844 representing the Medieval France.

Stand outside and look at the beautiful cross-windows in the front and the others are all done in Gothic style. Inside the hotel, you will see many tapestries done in the 15th and 16 century

Visit the great Chapel while on your tour of the Seine River. Inside the Chapel, you will see more tapestries of the Lady and the unicorn of the 16th century, which will inspire you to learn more about Paris.

Apartment hunting in beautiful paris

Apartment Hunting in Beautiful Paris

How to find apartments:

Do you plan to visit Paris for a week or so? Have you discussed where you will stay once you arrive? In most areas choosing an apartment is hard, yet in Paris, you have access.

First when choosing an apartment you need to look at the neighborhood you plan to be in along with your budget. Are you going to stay one night or several months?

There are many apartments available in various areas around Paris. The rates depend on the number of people that is going to stay there and how long you will be staying. If you are traveling alone, why not choose a Bed & Breakfast? A comfy apartment or bed and breakfast would be nice to have giving you your freedom, romance, and your own private view.

The sites and tours are always going on for you to fill in those empty days and nights that you have free. Enjoy any one of them whenever you’d like.

The most popular apartments are near the Seine River. You have all the privacy of your own home and the view is right outdoors. The island apartments on the river have a small population, relaxing settings making a person not wanting to leave. Of course, if you want to leave the island the boats are always making their rounds and you can hop on one to be off for a good time in the city.

On the Ile Saint Louis Island, there are only 6,000 people and the most romantic spot in Paris. Enjoy the daily life of the old capital with its 17th century buildings and fantastic views all around you. If you decide not to leave the island, the groceries stores and shops are open all the time.

The Luxe Apartments is something you may want to consider as well. These apartments are all non-French people wanting to live the Parisian ways. The sizes and cost varies considering how many people are staying there.

Living in luxury, enjoy the view, and relax is the way to live anywhere.

The France Lodge suggest when you are looking for an apartment it be furnished and equipped. When traveling to another country it is hard to take all that you will need especially if you are staying for a long period. The bed and breakfast is nice for one or two people, it is efficient and relaxing, again the views are fabulous.

The sizes of the apartments in Paris range from Studios to 5 rooms and there is a solution for all budgets. If you need assistance with finding your knew temporary home away from home check in with an information office and they will be able to assist you.

Keep in mind when you are apartment hunting that you probably want to be near where you are going to be most of the time. You might want to consider the bus stop too; sometimes walking very far isn’t too pleasant. Check in with your local travel agent and see if they can help you make you choose the right apartment and location to fit your budget. Sometimes these places have a lot more information than one thinks.

Hunting for an apartment in Paris is not going to be easy. There are so many things to think about. The area I think would be the hardest to choose because of the beauty of the views and you really want to see everything. Just remember your going to be there awhile so you’ll have time to do that site seeing you want to do.

How to choose museums in paris

How to Choose Museums in Paris

When choosing the museums in Paris that you may want to visit, keep in mind you have a selection. You might want to visit your local travel agent, or go online to view the museums in Paris. The sources will offer you pamphlets, or images to view.

How do I choose which museum in Paris to visit?

In Paris, there are many museums to see. These museums are very educational as well as fun to walk though. Everyone loves Paris museums. Paris makes visiting their museums easy, since you can use transportation services, which will take you to all areas you want to visit in Paris. Taking transportation is a choice, since you will avoid getting lost. In addition, you will not have the frustration of driving. Moreover, your feet will not wear down from walking the streets of Paris all day.

Paris has a selection of popular museums, which include the delightful Lacite des screneset del Industries. The museum houses a variety of educational views, which make up a world of science. The exhibits will tour you through space. You also have a wide world of touring on computers that will take you undersea.

Paris has an additional museum you might like to visit. The Museum Cathedral of de Notre-Dame is one of Paris’s fine exhibiting atmospheres. The de Notre-Dame is an outstanding arena where some of the famous concerts take place. You will experience an unbelievable day as you walk through the arena that has left a stamp around the world.

Loire is Paris’s pyramid of the fabulous French coir of napoleon. If you enjoy art and print then you will love touring through this outstanding museum. The museum is filled with wonderful paints of the famous Mona Lisa. You can also view famous art of gems, such as Egyptian art. Sculptures of Greek and the Roman antiquities also shatter the walls in one of Paris’s outstanding museums.

How do I find historical museums in Paris?

If you like history, take a trip through the Museum Judaism. The museum is filled with d’ aer’ er’ d’ hisstoire de Judaisme. This museum even has a section on the holocaust and anti Semitism this wonderful museum is in a lovely mansion so you can enjoy the museum and see a mansion. You have many selections of museums, which the list only names a few of the fabulous establishments in Paris, France. Musйe Valentin Haьy is another of Paris’s historical museums. This hotel will take you through historical moments as you receive educational pamphlets and voices from experts on technical presentations and objects. You will learn about equipment, as well as books designed to benefit the handicapped. The cultures will take you back to the late 1700s.

A trip to Paris will take you through many great adventures. You have a selection of museums, hotels, diners, etc. If you are, considering a trip to Paris check with your local travel agencies and/or visit the Internet to view images of Paris’s finest establishments.

On the other hand, maybe you just want to wait until you get there and see what is offered to you. Paris has a wide array of travel services as well. You have choices of taxi services, which is nice since you do not have to walk long hours, or drive through Paris’s heavy traffic.

When you go to these wonderful museums make sure the whole family goes they are so educational to everyone, we should all learn about the things they offer us in these museums. When visiting these places your family will have something to tell everyone you know about Paris. Paris wants you to fill like you are at home there so that maybe you will go back and visit again. Heading to Paris is an adventure.

Relaxing in paris

Relaxing in Paris

How to choose relaxing areas:

Some of us prefer to leave our hometown to relax in distant areas where no one knows us. Rather than roaming, the streets in foreign countries, or sightseeing some of use prefer to relax in a nice hotel.

Well it can happen in Paris. You can relax and enjoy a nice dinner. In addition, if you feel like visiting a club, Paris has a wide array of bars to choose from, including the English pub. At the pub, you can relax on deep red velvety sofas. If you plan to stay a few days in Paris, perhaps you would enjoy a meal on the roof of Raphael hotel. The La Salle managers will make sure that you enjoy a relaxing meal at the Jardin Plein Ciel. You will enjoy a panoramic view of the famous Eiffel Tower. The Arc de Triomphe is also in view as well as the Sacre-Coeur. Raphael has bedroom and suites designed in a French artistic environment.

The spacious hotel has a variety of wall hangings or tapestries and decors. The furnishings are endowed and are offset by bravura carpeting. Your room offers you the luxury and relaxation you deserve. The bathrooms are roomy, which you can enjoy a shower combined with a massaging spray. The hotel gives you complimentary hairdryer. In addition, you can adjust the light to fit your mood. If you feel a need to work those muscles, perhaps you would enjoy a trip to the fitness center.

When you feel a mood to intermingle perhaps, you would enjoy walking around the area of the hotel to visit the Champs-Elysees and other up roaring areas around the city. The Arc de Triomphe is also in the vicinity.

The Raphael is a deluxe hotel. This hotel offers you a surprising Parisian twist. The glamorous hotel has a remarkable profile. The hotel has housed people internationally after its change into a discreetly refuge of charm. This hotel was built in the mid 1920s. Its well-to-do structure has made the landmark of the globe’s literature.

Within the hotel, you will get pleasure from the history of politics, music and cinemas. The hotel carries the voices of Katherine Hepburn, Brando, Jack Kennedy, Gainsbourg and more. You will also enjoy the lobby in the hotel where galleries of wood and panel is filled with paintings from the famous. Turner’s paintings is just one of the nice paintings you will enjoy.

In the hotel room, you will enjoy air-condition environments. The hotel rooms have satellite and cable television, clock, radio, hairdryer, data port, High-Speed Access, in-room safety box, climate control, mini bar, in-house Pay Per Movie, phone and a private bathroom.

The hotel has a huge lobby. You have 24-hour Porterage, lift, room service, sauna, car rental, babysitter, laundry, and room for the handicap. When you want to relax, it is nice to know that you can soothe your muscles in a sauna.

As you can see this hotel offers you a wide array of relaxing convenience. You have a mini bar inside your room with radio and television to keep you company. Your room will offer you a wide array of space as well as accommodations to meet your every need. While in your room you can enjoy surfing the Internet. In addition, you have WIFI available. The rooms are decorated in French lavishing styles and offer you a peace, calming place to stay.

To learn more about choosing relaxation in Paris visit your local travel agent, or go online and check out the wide array of sites available to you. Relax those nerves!

How to plan especially for the kids in paris travel

How to Plan Especially for the Kids in Paris Travel

When taking the kids to Paris on vacation there has to be something for them to do as well. What fun would it be without a day planned just for the kids to enjoy themselves? The kids are going to enjoy a new atmosphere naturally, yet the children will miss their friends back home. Keep them occupied and their need to be with friends will subside. Remember at one time we were kids. At heart, we are kids still, so try to pull that child inside of you up, and entertain those little ones.

Make your day for the kids a fun and learning experience. Paris offers a wide array of learning facilities and fun arenas.

How to choose for the kids:

Perhaps your children would enjoy riding on a donkey, or having an ice cream cone on the right side of the bank at the Jardin de Tuileries.

You can also visit the left side of the Jardin dul Luxembourg where you and the children can enjoy a wide array of entertainment suitable for children of all ages. The Champ de Mars is on the other side of the Luxembourg.

In this areas, your children and you can enjoy Paris’s famous puppet shows. The puppet shows are worth seeing for its colorful preclusions. The puppets reenact the Gothic Castles and the Oriental Palace adventures. The best puppet shows are held at the Champ de Mars. Your children will definitely enjoy the experience. Likely, you will enjoy the show as well.

Choosing entertainment for children also depends on age and likes. If you children enjoy Disneyland, they may enjoy visiting Mickey Mouse and his friends in Paris.

If you children enjoy learning, stroll them down to the Ru-Monsirur-6-Prince, this is known as the Yankee Alleyway. Yankee Alleyway marks the year 1959 where the well-spoken Martin Luther King Junior visited Mississippi’s native Richard Wright. The famous novelist, Wright gave his opinion on the movement of civil rights. In this area, your children and you may also want to visit the popular diner, Haunts of Kerouac. In the same area is Paris’s famous Hemingway.

Once your children learn the history at the alleyway, you may want to visit the Les-Catacombs, which is an underground tunnel. Les-Catacombs in Paris is a nice area to visit, if you have older children that enjoy learning history. The tunnel is interesting, since the children walk underground, walking more nearly 3,000 feet of dank walkways. Throughout the tunnels, your children and you will learn about more than 6 million macabre arranged skulls and cross-bone skeletons. Les-Catacombs was opened in 1818. This arena is the French Resistances original headquarters. During WWII, the French Resistance used the tunnels as a militant cemetery.

If the cemetery is too ghastly for the children, perhaps you can take them shopping. Along the streets of Paris are nice shopping malls. You have a choice of Antique shops, souvenir shops, shopping malls, and more. Visit the shopping malls, since children tend to enjoy styles and fads.

After shopping, choose a hot spot to enjoy a meal together. If you are on the run, check out Paris’s fabulous Tea Diners. The Tea Restaurants serve hardy sandwiches, salads and a variety of tea blends. When you sit and relax with your children, enjoying a meal and cool drink, it brings the family together. Take the time to ask your children if they enjoyed their experience. Ask the children if you missed something. Once your day is finished, enjoy a nice movie in the hotel with your children. If the children enjoy swimming, take them to the pool area in your hotel.

If your children are not ready to return to the hotel, enjoy a movie at one of Paris’s theatre. What every you decide; make sure you will make it enjoyable for the children, allowing them to have fun in Paris.

How to be a tour guide in paris

How to be a Tour Guide in Paris

In order to be a good tour guide in Paris, you may have to go to school to learn about Paris. You will have to be able to talk to people in large crowds, and naturally be friendly to all kinds of people. You will have to know all about the history sites as well as the other things like the hottest shopping spots. Best hotel, best eating spots and so on is something you must learn as well. It would be a challenge but again it could be fun to become a tour guide yourself.

What should I know?

The knowledge of the Great Louver Museum as well as information that surrounds its purpose is a start. The Museum is one of Paris’s finest art Museums. The masonry museum establishments house a variety of exhibits, which include the Hogarth and the Rembrandt paintings. Your visitors will see up close the famous Scribes of the Seated. In addition, the tourists will discover Thematic Paths where they will learn about the masterpieces of various arts.

Throughout the tour, visitors will enjoy a wide array of activities. The museum walks the visitors through a wide array of cultures with educational backgrounds. Inside the museum, the tourists will enjoy workshops, trails, classes, and more.

Taking tours through Paris will inspire you to visit the Eiffel Tower. The tower was structured in 1790 and was completed in quickly. The museum is one of Paris’s largest structures built. To start the museum was made of tin foil. The tin foils have more than 3 million names inscribed on its texture. The names help the staff to keep up with faults of the structures. Becoming a tour guide in Paris, leads you to learn all you can about each attraction, diners, hotels, and more.

Since the museums site in the largest tour areas around, you will need to learn about different stores in the region. You will also need to learn the best dining areas, cool shops, and romantic settings. What are the hot spots for couples is another area you want to consider. Paris has a selection of couple-oriented activities, which include the horse and carriage ride down through town. Riding the buggy at dust to dark is ideal for enjoying romantic evenings. The town is lit up, so the couple will feel inspired at the wide array of structures throughout the city. In addition, Paris offers couples the chance to walk over the bridges while viewing the sunset. Throughout Paris, the couples may enjoy sitting near one of the finest water fountains in Paris.

How do I learn more about attractions, dining, hotels and more in Paris?

You would more than likely have to go to school if you intend to train as a tour guide. It depends however on the company that hires you. You will find helpful information online that leads you to Paris’s finest attractions, diners, hotels, and more. Your local library may offer you materials that help you learn about Paris as well.

How do I decide when I’ve learnt enough?

As long as you are a fast learner and nice to the tourist you will do fine. You must love your job also to be able to work with people.

If you are heading to Paris with friends, family, and desire to guide the tour, then learns information to help you keep the audiences interest. When guiding family and friends, you want to keep their likes and interest in mind. One of the worst things about guiding tourists in Paris (If you don’t live there) is that you can be caught up, since the city has an outstanding surrounding that attracts the eye. In this instance, you might take your tour to areas you like, rather than areas they may enjoy.

Wining and dining in paris

Wining and Dining in Paris

How to Choose your Wining and Dining Arenas in Paris:

When you want to plan a night on the town, it is wise to make sure that you spend the night right. Therefore, check into the best wine and dine areas by visiting your local Travel Agent. Perhaps you can go online to find a wide array of fine wine and dine areas in Paris as well. There are many nice ways to spend your evening while you are in Paris.

If you enjoy cancan dancing, then you will love the wine and dine adventures at the lovely Moulin Rouge Paris. The Temple of French cancans has been taking place in Paris for 100 years now. As the lights deem and the curtain goes up, you will enjoy the show while feeling the magic in the atmosphere. Over 60 women in this show help you to enjoy the cancan dance. If you are not careful, you will be misplaced in the Doriss Girls and her Dancers beauty. While watching the show you will enjoy the 3-course dinner that is served with wine. Do not worry, since you will have a ride back to your hotel. Paris transport will pick you up and take you to the destination. Therefore, you can enjoy Paris’s fine wine without stressing. Remember this is a jacket and tie dinner so that means no casual cloths. This show will last about five hours. What a night!

For those of you who do not like cancan dancers, you may want to enjoy a meal and educational areas around Paris. The dinner is served at the Eiffel Tower. You will enjoy fine dining at Altitude in one of the 95 restaurants in Paris. On the first floor of the restaurant, the name 95 arrived due to the towering meter that is above sea level.

In this restaurant, you will be able to look out the big bay windows at the wonderful lights around Paris. This is not recommended for a romantic dinner, since you will be seated and dinning with the other entire tourist. This restaurant seats 200 people. The restaurant does not give you menus. Rather the staff serves what the menu as for the night offers. You can bring your children at this event.

If you are planning a romantic night on the town, you may want to consider the Seine Cruise, where you will enjoy a selection of entertainment, meals, wine and more. On the cruise you will enjoy find meals over the Champs-Elysees.

How to dress for your cruise in Paris:

This dinner is a formal meal, so you have to be dressed in formal wear. This means no casual wear. The cruise lasts about four hours or so. Here you will enjoy sailing under all the famous bridges that Paris has to offer you. This cruise does not offer drop off and pick ups at the hotel, so take it easy on the wine unless you are taking a taxi home.

Still one the cruise you will have a time of your life. Make it a romantic cruise for two and enjoy the wide array of fun and entertainment. To find out more about dinner outings while in Paris you can check with your local travel agent or go on the Internet for more information. Have fun.

A friendly word of advice:

At present travel agents online are offering up to 75% off cruises through Paris. The package includes hotel, cruise and more. To learn more about the packages visit the Internet and locate Vacation packages to Paris.

Paris how to plan a trip

Paris How to Plan a Trip

Planning a trip to Paris is easy, since you can go online to find travel guides, travel packages and more. Paris is France’s Capital, which is located at Seine riverbanks throughout the northern-central parts of France. Paris is also capital of various regions. The Regions surround the suburbs of Paris France. In the early 2000s, Paris had a population of more than 2,000,000 people, which the count has increased.

Paris has surrounding urban regions, which extend ahead of the boundaries around the city. Almost 10 million residents live in Paris today. Around the metropolitan region, you will stroll through Satellite where more than 11 million people lived in this area during the late 1900s. This metropolitan region near Europe is one of the most inhabited regions.

Throughout the area you will enjoys dynamic France centers. Many economic activities take place in this area. The wealthy are is surrounded by beautiful buildings and land where the La Dйfense resides being Paris’s hugest multi-purpose commerce district. The area surrounds urban regions of Paris and Europe. In this area, chief French businesses head off the region. You will also find intercontinental firms in this region.

Today, Paris is taking the lead in business, cultural and politics alike. The city is powerful influenced by the latest fashions, arts, etc. Gastronomy, or cooking is popular in Paris as well. The chief city is a global hemisphere where intercontinental headquarters and organizations rest, including the famous OECD. UNESCO is also in this region.

Lately, Paris is popular for its Napoleon structural designs. Throughout the area is a host of galleries, museums and so on. Paris has many popular nightspots in the area as well. One of the most popular visited areas in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. This metro has over 1000 feet of attractions and sits on the banks of the famous Paris Seine River. This region is known as the la Ville Lumiиre. (City of Lights)

Paris has for sometime now been known as the city of romance. Paris is a beautiful region where more than 29 million people from around the world visit each year. Pari is the original name of Paris. Pari came from the tribe of Gallic Parisii. During the Roman Emperor Paris was called the city of Iutetja or Lutetia. At the end of the Roman Emperor era, Paris became known. Most Parisian people are popular announced as Paname, which is the slang for Panam. Because the city has beautiful lit up areas throughout the country, it becomes popularly known as the La Ville - Lumiиre, or the City of Lights. Parisians reside in Paris, which sometimes these people are known as Parigots. These people often reside outside the region of Paris. Actually, Parigots is the French term meaning one and the same as Parisian.

Paris took part in war efforts, which lead the city to entertain the world by enjoying victorious parades that promote peace. After the peace treaties, Paris became famous for its nightlife, arts, and cultural, which carries on today. From all over the world, artists visit one of the most inspiring cities in the world, i. e. Paris. One of the popular artists included Stravinsky, who is a Russian composer exiled during the end of the world. Picasso, Dalм, Hemingway, and many others visited Paris as well and left their prints on the walls of many of Paris’s fine museums.

Paris was liberated during the 1940s. For this reason, throughout the suburbs are factories, terminals, train stations and so on. Today in Paris, you will enjoy peaceful streets where many famous people walk. In addition, you have a wide choice of nightspots, diners, wineries, business districts and more.

Choosing resting spots and activities in paris

Choosing Resting Spots and Activities in Paris

When visiting Paris as a family or as a couple there is a lot to decide on. In Paris, you have so much to learn. As well, Paris has so offers to offer tourists. Paris has a wide array of landmarks, water cruises and many tours, giving you the option to sightsee many monuments, museums and more. Paris also has a wide array of nightspots where some of the best drinks are served with dancing. In fact, Paris is popular for its nightlife, arts, and culture.

Paris offers you easy access, since the transportation will take you back and forth any area around the city. You can learn more about Paris, France’s activities, entertainment, attractions and more online. Your travel agent may assist you as well.

How to choose hotels in Paris:

In Paris, you want to consider that many hotels are available. The Capital of France has a wide selection of garden-like hotels, famous hotels and more. One of the top hotels in Paris includes the Le Meriden Etoile. The hotel is a four-star establishment. It is rated as one of the best hotels in Paris. Of course, you have a wide array of four-star hotels to choose from in Paris. The Le Meriden however has been redone, which today you have a warm and up-to-the-minute setting to enjoy. Le Meriden has a chain of hotels, which are open around the clock. The hotels offer you easy access to downtown Paris. You will enjoy the best lights, drinks, local pubs, etc. The hotel also has a babysitter. If you bring the kids, you can relax alone with your mate, enjoying drinks knowing your kids are safe at the hotel.

Most hotels in Paris have non-smoking rooms, convenient for those who do not smoke. You also have rooms where you can access the Internet. You have a wide selection of soundproof rooms so that you can enjoy a good nights rest. In addition, the hotel is around 130 shopping areas. You can walk out the door and enjoy a day shopping. Put on your best walking shoes, since this is a lot of shopping arenas to visit. Once you are finished perhaps, you may enjoy a relaxing moment in the hot tub. Most hotels in Paris offer you hot tubs. You can also dip in the swimming pool after a long walk to refresh your skin.

If you feel hungry, no sweat, since after a busy day you can enjoy a fine meal at one of Paris’s finest restaurant. Once you are finished with dinner, perhaps you can take a hot bath, soak your skin and spend the night in your room enjoying the view outside of your window as you look down at the most lit up town in the world. Light a few candles and put on some soft music. Sit back and relax with your mate.

More hotels in Paris:

The Raphael is a deluxe hotel. This hotel offers you a surprising Parisian twist. The glamorous hotel has a remarkable profile. The hotel has housed people internationally after its change into a discreetly refuge of charm. This hotel was built in the mid 1920s. Its well-to-do structure has made the landmark of the globe’s literature.

Inside the hotel, you will enjoy history of politics, music and cinemas. The hotel carries the voices of Katherine Hepburn, Brando, Jack Kennedy, Gainsbourg and more. You will also enjoy the lobby in the hotel where galleries of wood and panel is filled with paintings from the famous. Turner’s paintings is just one of the nice paintings you will enjoy.

Choosing the top park spots in paris

Choosing the Top Park Spots in Paris

Paris has a wide array of camp spots for everyone. The city is filled with beautiful surroundings, entertainment, activities and more. In Paris you will enjoy camping at Domaine de Kerlann, Le Bois Dormant, Le Bois Masson, and so on.

How to choose camping sites:

Let’s review camp Domaine de Kerlann to see if this is something you may enjoy. This camp has a nice wood setting that surrounds parks where plenty of action takes place. You have three miles to travel to the sandy shores and only a hop, skip and jump from the beautiful UK.

Kerlann campsite has a wide array of fun and entertaining adventures to enjoy. In the park, you will enjoy countryside of shady woods and luscious beach areas. Along the area are stones dating back for years. You have a guarded entryway that spreads over to the gardens and onto the park. The children will enjoy flopping about in the splash zone or pool. In the park people, enjoy horseback rides, ball, bicycling, sailing, and more.

Bars are around the beautiful area. In most bars, you will enjoy fabulous Paris shows, disco, oceanfront views, and more. In local eateries, enjoy cakes, crepes and cider.

Seafood eateries are about the area as well. At the park, you will enjoy heated pools, paddle pool, spas, waterslides, splash zone, wave rider, water chutes, and more. Enjoy golf, football, tennis, bars, aerobics, volleyball, games and more as well. You have a wide array of bakeries, bars, supermarkets, and so forth to choose.

Choosing more sites to camp:

Le bois dormant offers you a spacious park where beautiful environmental wildlife and scenery captures your eyes. If you enjoy sports, this the park you want to visit. You also have a beach in the short distance to enjoy water sports. The park makes room for golfers as well. You have a wide selection of water adventures, including spa, aquafit, heated pool, etc. Lifeguards are onsite. To make leisure and sports enjoyable the park opens up action packs, video game areas, miniature golf, football areas w/coach, game boards and more. Food and drinks include FREE BBQs. You also have supermarkets in the location, bars with restaurants and poolside, carryouts and so on. Onsite you have Internet access as well. You can travel a short distance to enjoy horse rides, wind surf, sailing, fishing, golf, boating and so on.

The le bois masson park is another enjoyable arena you may like to visit. This park has a large variety of fun adventures for adults and children alike. The family would enjoy wave rider, heated pools, spa baths, waterslides, water chutes, and more. Lifeguards are onsite.

If you enjoy sports, you will enjoy the parks action packs, volleyball, tennis, football, satellite bars, table tennis, biking, and more.

Children will enjoy the Tiger, Paw and T-co clubs. Choosing the right package gets you FREE BBQs. You have a choice of pizza and restaurants, carryout, bars, salons, supermarkets as well. Onsite you have many bordering facilities offering you Internet access, wind surf, sailing, boat trips, fishing, horse rides, golf and more. The park is easy accessible to one of Paris’s lakes and you are not far from the UK.

Les Chalmette’s certainly holds true to its name. This lovely park has a selection of activities combined with entertainment and relaxation to choose from. You have Jacuzzi, waterslides, pools, spa, wave riders, water fountain pools, and more to choose. You also have a wide array of leisure and sports to choose, which include volleyball, tennis, football, crazy golf, bicycling, basketball, pool, and so on.

Heading to rome paris

Heading to Rom e Paris

How to travel cheap

Online you will find a wide array of travel, discount, promotional, group, or other packages to suit your needs. The Internet has amazing offers. For instance, you can purchase a package kit to Rome Paris for as little as $819.

For this price, you will enjoy spending a staggering time on a lovely journey discovering one of the globes most popular areas in the universe. On the first day you will enjoy touring throughout Paris visiting the many department stores, nightspots, pubs, diners, cafйs and more. Throughout the city, you will enjoy glamorous adventures as the town lures you into adventure and romance combined. Paris is the romantic capital in the world that takes you to the trendy tourist attractions throughout the lovely city of Paris.

On the trip, you will enjoy a visit to the lovely Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is Paris’s Iron Tower Loom. The Tower was put together on the riverbanks of Seine. The Tower stretches from Champ de Mars and onto the lovely areas around Rome. This building is the tallest composition in the city of Paris. Gustave Eiffel is the man that set out to build the Eiffel Tower. This is one of Paris’s most toured structures.

Once you finish your visit at the Eiffel Tower, you will enjoy a trip to the lovely Cathedral Notre-Dame. The place of worship was ensued by the Romanesque, which is the style and architecture of the southern and western Europe throughout the 9th century and the 12th century. As well, the Gallo-Roman Holy Place that extended to Jupiter caused Paris to proceed in building the Notre-Dame.

The Romans built the temple, designing it with many views in mind. The windows were structured, as well as the doors were structured as archways. Arcades groin vaults, aisles, galleries, etc, make up this lovely cathedral environment.

After visiting the Notre-Dame, you will take a trip to Louvre. Throughout Louvre, you will stagger through the streets enjoying stylish fabrications of restaurants, cafйs and shopping arenas. Louvre also houses Paris’s popular museum of arts. This is the world’s largest establishment built in 1793. The former Regal Palace attracts millions of tourists around the world annually. The oldest art gallery enables you to enjoy a wide array of notorious arts throughout the gallery. You will enjoy prestigious arts created by Venus de Milo, Leonardo da Vinci, the lovely Mona Lisa, and more.

Once you leave Paris you will board your flight and take a hike over to Rome. In Rome, you will release your wings and enjoy the lovely Eternal City. Throughout the city, you will take delight in Italy cultures. NOTE: Eternal City is Jerusalem and the Headquarters of Italy. Rome is the home of the Roman Catholic Pope. Throughout this area is an amazing history. The region in this, surroundings will take you through Latium as you cross on to the convergence of Aniene and Tiber River. At one time, this area was Roman Empires capital and was deemed the most hugest, powerful and standing western civil empire.

On your journey, you will enjoy Colosseum of the famous ancient amphitheatre in the area of Rome. As you pass through the city, you will enjoy a view of the Fountain of Trevi. Traveling to Rome puts you in loop of Italy and France combined. You will enjoy many cultures on your vacation to Paris Rome.

Rome is Paris’s most popular touring arena, which the area will captivate you and take you back into the day’s of Roman Cathedral Empire. To learn more about packages to Paris and Rome go online now.

How to shop in paris

How to Shop in Paris

You have a wide array of shopping malls in Paris to choose. Paris has an array of kitchenware, discount shopping, fashion shops, art stores, antique malls, department stores, jewelry shops, bookstores and more. Paris has a selection of music stores, perfume and cosmetics, souvenir shops, China and Glassware stores, malls, Lingerie shops and so forth. No matter what you like, Paris has something for you.

How to choose stores:

When choosing stores in Paris it is best to shop around. If you know what you want, then shop at the stores that sell your items. For instance, if you are searching for antiques, check our Paris’s Antique malls. If you plan to carry souvenirs home then shop at the stores where souvenirs are sold.

If you want, a variety visits Paris’s discount shopping malls, department stores, and so on. When searching for designers you may want to visit Paris’s popular Alain Figaret mall. The store has a wide array of clothing, including shirts and blouses for men and women. The stores have a selection of fabulous silk ties for men and scarves made of silk for the ladies. Alain also sells a selection of nightgowns, pajamas, underwear, bras, shirts, and more.

Across from the fabulous Paris Bristol Lodge is the wonderful boutique Anna Lowe’s. The store has a wide selection of discounted items. The store sells famous clothing, designed by well-known designers. The clothes may have been worn, but you are purchasing items worn by famous models. The store sells a collection of Galliano creations, Mugler, Valentino, and more. The items are sold used, but visitors say that the labels remain on the items, and the prices are within your means.

The fabulous Au Bon Machк, which is a low-budgeting mall in Paris. If you are searching for furniture, fashion designers, children clothes, houseware, or related items then visiting Machк is where you want to go.

Inside the mall, you will find one of Paris’s prevalent dining areas. Paris also presents the wonderful mall of Annexe des Crкateurs. The discount store should not fool you. This particular store has received high-media attention for its popularity of selling some of the top-of-the-line products. Annexe des Crкateurs offers discounts up to 70%, yet you will find a wide array of Meister fashions, McCartney, Westwood, and more. Most clothes are used is why the prices are affordable, yet the clothes were worn once by meticulous fashion faders. Therefore, what you are purchasing is the top-of-the-line garments perhaps worn by famous people once.

How do I choose flower shops in Paris?

If you are searching for flowers visit the outstanding Marchй aux Fleurs. In English, it means the Market of Flowers. This market has attracted the interest of popular photographers and artists (In French: artistique) respectively.

The floral market sells a wide selection of perfumes, flowers and so on. French Riviera from the Grasse factories is the designer of many perfumes sold at Marchй aux Fleurs. At the store, you will find colorful Fleurs on a stylish display case.

How about flea markets?

Paris has flea markets. One of the popular flea markets in Paris includes the popular Marchй (Market) aux Puces St-Quen de Clignancourt. (Paris Metro) Puces, St-Quen sums up the used variety of products sold at Paris’s popular flea market.

Choosing Tasty Dishes in Paris Flea Markets:

The flea market also has a wide array of pizza stores, cafйs, restaurants, and so forth. At the eating areas, you can enjoy salads (French: Salade), sauces and more. No matter what your tastes are, you will find it at the Paris Metro Flea Market. Before hopping a flight to Paris consider planning your activities, hotel stay and so on.

How to learn about paris

How to Learn about Paris

Paris is located on an island in Seine called Ile de la Cite. Lie de la Cite served as the headquarters for the Paris tribe during the 200 B. C., known as Lutetia.

The Roman Empire was attached with 2 wooden bridges crossing the river between the island to the river left and right. The bridges caught Julius Caesar attention, which he in turn brought it to the Romans attention. Julius Caesar explained how the Gallic War burned the bridges in the 52 B. C. and along with all the attractions in this town on the island in Seine called at this time Lutetia.

It took nearly a century to build Lutetia in a town. Only one thing, the island continued flooding so badly the water forced many of the people to move to the Left Bank of the river. More people were forced to move to safety, going to the surrounding hills when the Barbarians attacked in A. D. 200.

Over the next 50 years, the Christian communities moved in. During this time the city was blessed with it’s first bishop known as St. Denis around 250.

During the same time, that the Christian communities were moving in the Roman Empire’s political power started growing. The Roman Empire political powers started building up the cultural and religion became stronger. With the cultural and the religion growing it connected to the bishops making Rome stronger yet.

The Roman armies dropped in count during the 400’s when the Germanic tribes took over the island. At this time a Frankish-Latin to form, a union and they started making the town grow. The first Frankish King grabbed up the Christianity as his tribe’s religion. The King then encouraged the Parisian to place names like Paris.

The Carolingians stepped in during the 800’s and replaced the Merovingians. The Carolingians were than crowned having the supreme power and rank over Western Germany and Eastern France. Paris was never it’s capital. The City was known as the commercial and religious center in memory of St. Genevieve. St. Genevieve protected Paris when attacked by the Huns in the final days of the Roman Empire.

Paris became known to rule the power at the end of 987 when the empire split. The split was because of the large growth and became the modern France and the modern Germany.

The saying “There is never any ending to Paris, and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other.” Your personal discovery is the most compelling reason to visit Paris.

Today Paris is so compact with 2.5 million in population that it has been divided into 20 sections. Each section has it’s own mayor, city hall, police station along with their own post office.

The river that runs through Paris is the Seine River. The Right Bank is on the north and the left bank streaming south. There are 32 bridges crossing the river with two small islands at the end of some of them. Ihe island of Ile de la Cite is the cities birthplace and the home of Notre-Dame. Ile St-Louis island is the second island and it is the home of many 17th century mansions. The bridges will give walkers access to these islands and at the end makes things look like a maze with narrow streets and old buildings.

Visiting Paris can be very educational. You’ll discover many old and new things on your vacation. In addition, Paris has a wide selection of fabulous dinners where you will enjoy a tasty meal after visiting many areas around the beautiful streets of Paris.

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