Preserving your perfume

Preserving Your Perfume

When you spend that much money on a perfume you expect

it to last a long time. There are several different

reasons why a perfume will not last long after you

purchase it but the main reasons why is due to heat,

light, oxygen or ingredients.

Heat can harm the perfumes preservation, not to

mention it can be flammable. It is a great idea to

store them away from heat, such as a heater, heating

vent, stove, etc.

This can cause the heat to dissolve the natural

ingredients and the chemical used to preserve it may

be ruined. Light is not good for perfume life.

If the perfume is left in the light for too long, it

can cause it to become discolored and the scent will

become weakened. Oxygen can develop inside the bottle

as you use it.

When the space that once stored your perfume fills up

with oxygen, that oxygen can cause the perfumes smell

to become altered as well as the color.

There are several ways to preserve your perfume.

Perfume should last for up to one year on a full

bottle. As you use it, the quicker it will expire.

Buy perfumes that come in aluminum containers or use

the original packaging to keep the bottles stored in.

Glass bottles are beautiful but they can ruin the

perfume quickly. You can’t control the oxygen that

gets into the bottles.

Buy perfumes that come in a spray like aerosol. The

spray bottles hold the scent longer and prevent dust

and other particles from getting to the perfume.

What perfumes are made from

What Perfumes Are Made From

There are several different perfumes available and

each one has a different fragrance. They are made up

of different ingredients. They can be made of natural

resources, chemicals or a combination.

Most perfumes use a blend of aromas that are usually

found in concentrated essential oils. There is a

formula that goes with each perfume in order to reach

that particular scent that you are trying to get.

Essential oils can be either natural or synthetic,

which will affect the result of your fragrance.

Natural ingredients cost a little more but it is worth

it when you get the natural scent to combine to make

the best fragrance.

To use synthetic essential oils will have an affect on

the results of your fragrance. The fragrance may not

last long, may not smell natural, or may cause an

allergic reaction.

There are other ingredients that go into making a

perfume, including Ethyl Alcohol. This type of alcohol

will mix well with the essential oils.

There are two fixatives that may be used to allow the

fragrance to last longer. Phtalates is a substance

that is used as a fixative. Phtalates may cause an

allergic reaction in some people as well as other

harmful effects.

Glycerin is another common fixative to use in

preserving the perfume.

Glycerin can also cause an allergic reaction. These

ingredients are important to maintain shelf life. If

you are making your own perfume you may leave a

fixative out to enjoy the natural scents without any

harmful ingredients.

Selecting a perfume

Selecting A Perfume

There are hundreds of perfumes to choose from and they

are priced anywhere from a few dollars to a hundred

dollars or more. With so many choices, how do you know

which ones are right for you?

There are a few guidelines that can help you choose

which perfume is right for you. First you will need to

find out which type of perfume will fit you the best.

Look at the ingredients on the bottle before you buy.

You need to analyze what type of scent you want to get

out of perfume; a light musk, natural scent, loud

fragrance, floral scent, warm scent, bright cheerful

scent, and more.

Your body chemistry might play a roll in your

selection as well. Sometime what smells great on one

person may not smell as good on another.

Perfumes that are natural tend smell warm and soft,

such as Rose or Lavender. Musk can produce a light

fragrance that lingers softly around you. It is not

too strong and may be pleasant to smell.

There are stronger scents that you may like and that

is fine too. If you don’t like a loud smell but you

like the perfume, try using a minimal amount or spray

your clothing instead of your body.

The material helps to absorb the fragrance leaving a

lighter version to smell. Choosing the right perfume

for you may take some time. Stop and smell different

fragrances to find the right one for you. Once you

find one you like, it will be worth all your time and


Celebrity perfumes

Celebrity Perfumes

There are several different celebrities that are now

making their mark on the world by introducing their

own line of perfumes. There are several reasons that

they do this; they want to provide their fans with a

perfume that they would choose to wear, they want to

attract more attention, and of course they want to

make money as well.

There is a variety of perfumes out there with a

fragrance that is approved by your favorite celebrity.

They may have a different selection for the daytime

and the night.

Not only do the sales increase as every new fan

discovers the new fragrance but it encourages the

celebrities to come up with more.

Several celebrities donate portions of the profit they

received from their perfume line to a charity that is

in need. This is great advertisement and it allows the

fans to support a charity that they might not

ordinarily support.

Perfumes are a way to express your self. You become

more confident and powerful just by the fragrance of

your perfume. Celebrities feel the same way and they

wish to pass it on to fans.

You may prefer certain scents for spring, fall, summer

or winter. Some fragrances last all day while others

may not last you until the evening.

This is a problem that celebrities face as well. That

is why it is a great idea to see what they have to

offer. If you are not sure what celebrities offer,

search your favorite celebrity’s website to find out.

Perfumes for little girls

Perfumes For Little Girls

Your little girl probably watches you spray on perfume

wanting to be just like you. If she likes to try

perfumes on, give her a little spray on the wrist.

Depending on the age she is, there are several

different perfumes available for young ladies to use.

Allowing them to use things such as perfume or makeup

can encourage them to take care of themselves.

Watching you can help them establish great personal

hygiene and attention to themselves.

Little girl’s skin may be sensitive to different

perfumes. The perfume line for little girls uses a

lighter formula when creating the perfume. This allows

the scent to be weaker and the ingredients to be less

potent. Teach her how much perfume she should use at

one time instead of letting her spray it all over.

Finding perfumes may be easy to do, depending on what

character she likes at the time. Perfumes are made

using character perfume bottles to attract your little

girl’s attention.

Once you purchase the perfume, allow her to spray it

on her wrist only. Make sure she sprays it only on her

wrist for at least two to three days. This will give

you time to see if she will have an allergic reaction

to it. If she don’t than she will be okay with it.

It’s not a good idea to allow them to spray perfume

all over their body and find out later that they are

allergic to it. The skin is sensitive and it’s better

to be cautious.

Signature fragrances

Signature Fragrances

You may have seen them advertised on television, in a

magazine or on a website. These fragrances usually

feature a famous person advertising them or creating

them. These signature fragrances are great for any

mood that you are in.

Fragrances sold in the signature series are usually

priced expensive. A signature perfume is one that you

wear continuously without changing fragrances.

There are several reasons why someone would choose to

wear the same fragrance without trying new ones.

Basically it is because they are comfortable in that


That specific perfume gives them the confidence they

need to get through their day. It makes them feel

strong, individual and can allow them to feel proud.

Signature fragrances are great as long as the perfume

is being produced. A lot of times, when you find

something that you really like, they quit making it.

Then you are left searching for another fragrance that

may be similar to the signature fragrance.

With signature fragrances, the chance that the scent

will go bad decreases the more you use it. So if you

have a signature fragrance you are probably going to

use it everyday, even if you don’t go out of the


Putting on your make up and perfume can make you feel

great. To choose a signature fragrance, you will have

to do some testing. Go to a store that provides a wide

variety of perfumes to choose from. You will be able

to choose a fragrance that is right for you.

Why do people buy perfume

Why Do People Buy Perfume

Fragrance can cause happiness, sadness, comfort, love,

and more. When you are a child, you may not be aware

that your mind can remember scents and fragrances.

You may have played outside one day on the first warm

day of spring and you remember the colorful Daffodils

that had bloomed and the Lilacs in the yard and how

well it smelled.

When you got older and you smelled Lilacs it made you

feel happy inside. Fragrance is everywhere and we can

remember things from our past by just smelling

something that was there at that time.

It doesn’t have to be flowers it could be your dad’s

cologne or your mom’s perfume. Perfume has been around

for a very long time and will continue to be around.

People buy perfume for several reasons but basically

it is because of the way that it makes them feel. They

may feel like they can do anything when they wear a

certain perfume.

Perfume can set your mood for the day, it can boost

your self esteem and it can allow you to feel good

about yourself; you look good and you feel good.

You may want to wear perfume because your significant

other likes to smell a certain fragrance on you. You

are also less self-conscious when you wear perfumes.

For others, smelling perfume may bring a bad memory to

mind that they didn’t want to remember.

The reason you have for wearing perfume is going to be

different from everyone else. Perfume is a personal


Natural perfumes

Natural Perfumes

Natural perfumes are perfumes made from natural

extracts from plants, trees, leaves and other. The

natural extracts that are turned into essential oils

work hand in hand to create a wonderful scent that

will make you feel happy, unpredictable, calm, and


When you use natural perfumes, it combines with your

body chemistry to make the fragrance compatible to

your style. There are several advantages to using

natural perfumes.

The natural perfumes do not usually contain a lot of

chemicals and synthetic ingredients, as long as the

perfume is made with natural essential oils and not

synthetic oils. Each essential oil has a special

affect on the body.

For example, Lavender is a natural stress reducer and

has a calming affect. When you wear lavender you may

not feel as stressed and anxious when you go out.

The natural perfumes that you buy have a longer shelf

life and do not need harmful chemicals to preserve

them. There are over 90 different essential oils and

each one has several different ways that it can help

the body.

For an example, Lavender not only provides a calming

affect but it also help the body in several other

ways, including helping the skin recover from burns.

When you use natural perfumes you can help your body

in several different ways.

You can purchase natural perfumes online or at a

health food store. Large chain stores may offer

natural perfumes but they may be made with synthetic

ingredients to meet the supply and demand.

Buying perfume online

Buying Perfume Online

Everyone wants to smell great. It makes you feel

better about yourself when you can add some perfume on

your body before you step out the door.

Perfume is a confidence booster and can make you feel

like you can take on the world. There are several ways

to purchase perfume; drive to the store, buy online or

buy from a private dealer.

When you buy from a private dealer, they may make

their own perfumes with a unique combination that goes

great with your body chemistry.

Buying from a private dealer may cost more but if they

sell the fragrance that you want, you will pay extra

for it.

Buying from a store usually means that you re buying

perfume that have been created in large amounts in

order to distribute it to enough stores.

The store purchases a large quantity of perfume at one

time, which can reduce the price per bottle of

perfume, giving you a discount on your perfume.

Then you have the option of buying perfume online.

When you buy online you can shop from home and your

favorite fragrance delivered right to your door.

You can take your time to find the right perfume for

you. Buying online has never been easier or better for


As with anything, you need to be careful how you

purchase your perfume. If you don’t use the perfume

often you may want to make sure that it only contains

natural essential oils so it will have a longer shelf


Perfume gift tips and ideas

Perfume Gift Tips And Ideas

Perfumes are a unique way of expressing yourself.

Perfumes can be worn depending on the mood that person

is in; happy, sad, lounging around the house, going to

work, or going out on the town.

Others may choose to wear the same perfume everyday no

matter where they go or what they do. Either way a

perfume is an individual preference. So how do you

know which perfumes are right for gifts There are

several ways that you can choose the right perfume for

the right person.

When selecting a perfume, choose one that brings a

special memory to mind, like the perfume that was worn

on their wedding day, anniversary, or graduation from

college. These perfumes will bring back happy memories

and make them feel happy.

If you are not sure what scent that is, mention it in

general conversation in order to find out. Other ways

to find out is to look at her perfume collection. Find

out which perfume bottle has the least amount in it.

That will let you know which one she uses the most. If

these ideas don’t help you may need to treat her out

on the town and allow her to pick her own fragrance

out that she likes.

Most stores offer perfume gift sets which will include

the perfume, a powder and body lotion or body wash.

These perfume gift sets are the perfect idea as they

provide a variety of products and the gift will last

longer. Women like that.