The history of quilling

Paper Quilling is an art form believed to have evolved over many centuries. Once known as 'paper filigree', the term 'quilling' was derived from the feather quill used to roll out narrow pieces of paper. Quilling is deeply rooted in world history, popularly believed to have come into being in China, after the discovery of papermaking. Members of spiritual communities were the first inventors and users of the quilling process. Gradually, this enjoyable art form spread to other countries and eventually became an important part of the common persons’ life.

Quillings’ main concept involves the use of a hatpin, rolling fingers, or quilling tools to roll paper into desired shapes. Multiple shapes are rolled individually and then connected to one another to construct a final shape or design. Finishing touches are then made to add to the beauty of the piece and to secure it in place. These finishing touches might include using acid free matte board or shadow box framing.

Now that you’re aware of the origin and some aspects of quilling, let’s explore some details of quilling history.

Research has established that a form of quilling metals was performed as early as the mid-4th and 5th centuries. Gold and silver wires were applied to pillars, vases and other objects and jewelry was also fashioned using this technique. By the 13th century this form of metal quilling had become well-known and was practiced world wide.

The conversion from metal to paper use probably occurred as materials became scarce, or were unavailable to the lay person wanting to create pieces. Metal quilling was commonly referred to as metal filigree, and as the technique incorporated the use of paper, was commonly referred to as paper filigree. Early use of paper filigree was primarily confined to religious groups promoting their beliefs and embellishing sacred messages. The shift to the common folk practicing this art brought the term ‘quilling’ into regular use. Paper quilling implemented many techniques similar to jewelry styles, utilizing strips of paper, free rolls and edging. In the 17th and 18th centuries, quilling art expanded to tea caddies, coat of arms designs and photo frames.

There are few facts, but many stories, attributed to the origins of quilling. Some say it was developed in ancient times, not long after making paper was discovered. Others claim paper quilling was born in the 13th century when nuns were unable to purchase metal filigree due to its’ high cost. Still others believe that quilling began in the Americas. And yet, further evidence points to quilling being used in the Mediterranean region. With so many conflicting claims, no one can say for certain where quilling originated, but clearly it carries a truly international history.

Books of the Victorian Age and quilled pieces of that time indicate that proper young women practiced quilling to decorate furniture or purses and to create jewelry. Similar to the artwork of handicrafts, it has found difficultly surviving in present day times and its’ popularity has decreased. However, perhaps one day, it will regain its’ lost glory as an ancient art, practiced for centuries, since the technique can be used throughout the world for nearly limitless purposes.

Why get an angel tattoo or tribal tattoo design

Why Do YOU Tattoo?

People representing all walks of life choose to tattoo, but like snowflakes, no two tattooing “stories” are the same.

For instance, many individuals decide to tattoo as a result of a major life event. They get divorced, get married, have a child, start a relationship, graduate from college, or lose a precious loved one. As an outward depiction of their inner emotions (which may be either positive or negative), they add a new dimension to their bodies in the form of tattoo designs.

However, not all tattoos are the culmination of a tragedy or exciting experience. Some are simply a fun reminder of a “what the heck” moment. On vacation, a couple is walking by a tattoo parlor and they spot fun tattoo designs displayed in the window. Eyebrows raised and smiling slyly, they look at one another… and walk into the tattoo shop to do something “outrageous” and utterly spontaneous. In an hour, they come out; grinning from ear-to-ear and sporting twin tattoos… something they might never have done had they been at home.

Another common reason for tattoos is the influence of alcoholic beverages. It’s no secret that many tattoos are the result of a night visiting bars or partying with friends. Usually, the person who awakens with a headache and a beautiful tattoo design is bewildered at first (and perhaps a little angry with him - or herself), but the tattoo usually becomes a great conversation starter.

Finally, there are numerous people of both genders who tattoo to make a statement about themselves and the world around them. They tattoo in unusual places – their faces, their upper necks, and their genitalia. Or they pick tattoo designs that are political or emotional in nature, intended to “shock” the folks who see them. For these guys and gals, tattoos are much more than decorations.

So… why do YOU tattoo?

A closer look at the acoustic guitar

The Acoustic Guitar

As was mentioned in our article on “the History of the Guitar,” guitars have been around for centuries. The original guitars were Acoustic guitars, which changed in shape over several hundred years. Since you’ve already been given a timeline of the evolution of the guitar, in this article we’ll go into greater depth discussing the Acoustic guitar itself.


The Acoustic guitar is essentially a descendent of the Classical guitar, which, in its current form, has been around for over 100 years. The main difference between the Classical and Acoustic guitars are that one is strung with nylon strings, while the other is strung with steel strings. Since the Acoustic guitar is strung with steel strings, it has a louder, brighter sound which is appealing to folk and blues players.

Another difference between the Acoustic and Classical guitars is that the Acoustic guitar has a bigger body size, stronger structure, and a narrower neck than does the Classical guitar. The structure of the Acoustic guitar is stronger so that it can withstand the immense tension placed on it by the heavier steel strings.

Acoustic-Electric guitars haven’t been in existence for nearly the amount of time that their Acoustic counterparts have. These guitars, which have the ability to be both plugged into an amp and played unplugged, have been around for roughly 70 years.

All about the Acoustic guitar

The bodies of cheap Acoustic guitars are typically made from laminated tonewood. More expensive Acoustics are made from higher cuts of solid spruce top wood On an Acoustic guitar, the material which the body is made from really matters, so those looking for a rich sound will want to choose a guitar with a body made from nicer wood such as spruce top wood.

The neck of the Acoustic guitar is usually made from maple, mahogany, or rosewood. However, some guitar necks are comprised of different woods. Yet again, the quality of wood does matter. Generally speaking, Acoustic guitars with necks made of a high quality maple or mahogany and bodies made with solid spruce top are quality guitars with great tone. These guitars usually cost $250 on up.

The vibration of the strings is amplified by the soundhole of the guitar. This is where all sound that you hear comes from.

If you look inside the soundhole of the Acoustic guitar, you’ll see the construction of the body. There are braces and linings, all essential to keeping the guitar intact and playable. X-bracing, a strong, durable bracing, is typically used on Acoustic guitars because it is heavy and strong enough to withstand the pressure of steel strings.

On the body of the guitar, you’ll find the bridge. This is where one end of the strings goes. The strings are inserted into the little holes and the bridge pegs hold them there.

On the neck of the Acoustic guitar is the fretboard. Most fretboards on the Acoustic guitar are made of rosewood or ebony. More expensive Acoustic guitars have fretboards made of higher quality woods.

The headstock of the Acoustic guitar features six tuning pegs (three on each side of the headstock) and six tuners (three on each side of the headstock). Good Acoustic guitars will have die-cast Grover tuners which usually stay in tune longer than other brands of tuners.

Like their Electric counterparts, Acoustic guitars are tuned in the standard E A D G B E tuning. Most Acoustic guitars have six strings, while some have twelve. If you are curious as to the difference between the two, check out our article on “Twelve string vs. Six string”.

The Acoustic guitar still remains a very popular instrument. It is used in virtually every style of music—rock, pop, country, blues, you name it. Acoustic guitars are wonderful instruments for both beginners and professionals.

Cubic zirconia jewelry creating the dream

Many places offer a wide selection of cubic zirconia jewelry. These brilliant sparkling stones demand attention wherever they go. But what is cubic zirconia (CZ), and how is it made?

A cubic zirconia is a man-made gemstone. They replicate the fire and flash of perfect diamonds, but at a fraction of the cost. Placed into fine gold or sterling silver settings, a cubic zirconia is almost indistinguishable from a genuine diamond. Only trained gemologists can tell the difference between the two.

While CZ crystals have been known since 1937, early crystals were too small for jewelry-making. In the 1970's, scientists discovered how to grow larger crystals in the lab. CZ is formed by heating zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide to very high temperatures (almost 5000 degrees Fahrenheit!). The mixture is then cooled very slowly. This results in beautiful, flawless crystals with amazing fire and brilliance. Other ingredients are also added to produce various colors.

The cooled crystals are quite large - too large for jewelry. A single large crystal is cut into smaller chunks. Specially-trained gemologists further cut and refine each chunk of crystal. They then cut facets into each stone. These facets reflect the light, creating the fire and brilliance that we love so much.

The smaller cubic zirconias are destined to become sparkling pendants, rings, earrings, and more. They are placed into settings that maximize the fire of each one. CZ jewelry is popular for its low cost and amazing flash.

It is my own personal opinion, that you don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks. Cubic zirconia jewelry is made to appeals to all tastes and budgets. Who says a diamond in a woman's best friend? Probably some billion dollar company. Well I'm here to say CZ jewelry can be a woman's new best friend! So happy shopping, and past those great finds on to me.

The cooled crystals are quite large - too large for jewelry. A single large crystal is cut into smaller chunks. Specially-trained gemologists further cut and refine each chunk of crystal. They then cut facets into each stone. These facets reflect the light, creating the fire and brilliance that we love so much.

The smaller cubic zirconias are destined to become sparkling pendants, rings, earrings, and more. They are placed into settings that maximize the fire of each one. CZ jewelry is popular for its low cost and amazing flash.

It is my own personal opinion, that you don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks. Cubic zirconia jewelry is made to appeals to all tastes and budgets. CZ Jewelry can be a woman's new best friend. So happy shopping, and past those great finds on to me!

The magic of harry houdini

Harry Houdini was born in Budapest, Hungary, on March 24th 1874. The name on his birth certificate was Erik Weisz, although he spelled his name Ehrich Weiss.

At the age of four, his family moved to the United States and aged 10 he made his performing debut, doing a trapeze act billed as "Ehrich, the prince of the air".

By the age of twenty, Weiss was working as a professional magician and the name Harry Houdini was born. The name was chosen to reflect two of the main influences in his life. Harry, was a tribute to Harry Kellar, the great American stage magician. Houdini was a reference to the French magician Robert Houdin. Adding the i to the end of Houdin is the french way of saying "like Houdin".

Initially, Harry Houdini's career met with little success, but in 1893 within three weeks he met and married Bess Rahner, who would work as his stage assistant for the rest of his performing career.

Disillusioned with his lack of success, Houdini experimented with many different types of magic, including escape acts which draw on all the childhood experience he had developed as a locksmith's apprentice. Finally, his big break arrived in 1899 when he met Martin Beck who booked him to perform is handcuffs act on the Orpheum Vaudeville circuit. Word of his amazing abilities soon spread and by 1900 he was performing in front of packed audiences in both Europe and America where he became known as "The Handcuff King".

As part of his act, Houdini would challenge the local police force to strip him, search him, shackle him and lock him in jail. He would then promptly escape, much to everyone's continued amazement. During one publicity stunt in Moscow, he managed to escape from a prison van bound for Siberia. The story goes that if he couldn't get out, he would have had to travel all the way to Siberia where the only key was kept. It goes without saying that Houdini managed to escape long before the van left Moscow.

In Cologne, a police officer claimed that Houdini only managed to escape because of bribery. He sued, and won the case when he opened the judge's safe.

For the next 10 years Houdini performed to massive audiences, escaping from handcuffs, chains, straitjackets, ropes and jails. To further spice up his act, he often made his escape while hanging from a rope high above the ground in full view of his audience.

However, by 1908, due to competitors and dwindling audiences, Harry had to improve his act, so he started escaping from water filled containers. The prospect of imminent death thrilled audiences and made him more popular than ever. His most famous act is the Chinese water torture cell, which involved him being shackled and suspended upside down in a locked glass tank completely filled with water. He had to hold his breath more than three minutes to allow his escape.

Throughout his career, Houdini revealed some of his tricks to fellow magicians. He explained how many locks and handcuffs could be opened with strategically applied force. He also explained how he could swallow various items, such as keys, pins and lockpicks to help with his escape and regurgitate them at will. In fact, one of his best tricks involved swallowing a succession of needles and a piece of thread and pulling it out with all the needles threaded through the cotton.

He also explained how to escape from a straitjacket, which involved gaining wiggle room by enlarging his chest and shoulders and holding his arms slightly away from his body when the jacket was being fitted. The extra space, and the fact that he could dislocate his shoulders, allowed him to escape from the straitjacket within a few minutes.

Harry Houdini died in 1926 at the age of 52.

Wholesale video games

Getting wholesale video games today gets in many rising entrepreneurial minds and in most home entertaining bargain hunting seekers-faster and easier than ever. The usual when wanting games at good cheap prices is to go to the local Sam Club and purchase one or two games at for example the $13.36-$19.86 prices that I see most often here at the states. I even see local businesses believe that the best way to get bargain cheap items is by buying wholesale from general local wholesalers and liquidation centers.

For the average businessman that does not like to do their own diligence for getting entertainment games at the greatest wholesale prices - it is fine and ok to purchase locally every week or every other month. Nothing bad with that, but is it enough if you are a wholesale addict like myself or an also entrepreneur like many of us that love playing Xbox wholesale games while getting to make thousands of dollars every month from the comfort of home and having multiple tangible business offline and online. The businesses that need the greatest sources, the greatest prices and the best wholesale business relationships for getting wholesale video games and every other entertainment and business need when it is in-demand for both your home and your consumer relationship with your business.

Today savings get harder and business indeed gets a lot more stronger but better than ever. It is of my fact, that the better wholesale sources that you get - the far better business that you will be able to get because of selling at what I love to call, cheap prices. Reality is, the majority in the wholesale business sell for the purpose of getting a 20-30% mark-up when they can get a comfortable 50-80% if having the mentality that both the home entertaining needs and online and offline business profits get made when you make the initial wholesale purchase, not when you sell the item.

Whether you end up buying real estate, DVDs, audio or what I love to sell both online and offline, games at wholesale prices-you make your profits when you buy from certain distributors and wholesalers, not when you sell. The profits are always dependent on how low you purchase and what service you ultimately provide when it comes to the sell of tangible items both locally and on the net. It is evident and clear to my wallet that the chances of selling for say: Xbox wholesale games at very cheap prices - will not depend solely on the service, image or credibility you have as a brand - but generally to the average consumer, it will be the price that you offer and low risk type of guaranteed that will have them craving for your wholesale video games business.

The history of metal detection

A third style, the Printed Spiral, is made only by Tesoro for use with pulse induction circuitry. It offers good sensitivity to a broader range of target sizes and improved sensitivity to less conductive targets such as fine gold chains. All searchcoils are electrostatically shielded and waterproof. As you can probably tell metal detectors are very useful not only to find that cherished earring but for our everyday safety and well being. This is a great invention that will be here for years to come.

If this is your first metal detector purchase, consider getting some professional and expert advice to make sure that you have making the right choice. Metal detectors usually come with a complete control box containing the controls, circuitry, batteries, microprocessor, and the speaker. Metal detectors also include a search shaft that connects it to the coil and the control box. Metal detectors come with a control box that contains the circuitry, controls, speaker, batteries and the microprocessor; a shaft that connects the control box and the coil; a search coil that actually senses the metal; and a stabilizer that keeps the unit steady as it is moved.

The History of Metal Detection

Metal detectors have been around for more than a hundred years. Miners first used this device to detect ore. Since the machine was very crude, people still relied on old methods of striking against the rock in the hopes of finding this rich material. It was only in the 1930's that scientists were able to develop a system that would alert the user if there was metal underneath when it responded to a certain a radio frequency. The device was heavy; with a battery pack placed on the person's back and with the detector held by hand.

The military found these useful during the Second World War in the search for landmines so that the area could be cleared for troops to pass. This is still in use today in troubled spots around the world to remove explosive devices and unexploded ordinance, which may kill or injure helpless victims.

More than 40 years later, people have found other uses for metal detectors. With the increasing incidents of hijacking happening in planes, vessels and other modes of transportation, security experts have installed these airports to check passengers before they get into the departure gate. Metal detectors work on the principal of electromagnetics and their effects on conductive metals. There are actually two separate elements in the coil of a typical unit. One is a high-powered coil of metal which uses the battery power to generate a penetrating magnetic field.

The good news is that prices have never been lower for such easy to use full featured automatic detectors. A good way to view the purchase is to decide how much money you are comfortable spending.

Any place there is construction and the ground is being cleared, that is a great place to start treasure hunting. Successfull treasure hunting starts with having the right metal detector. But which type of metal detector should you get? Complete info on metal detectors and treasure hunting at http://detect-metal. info. he man of the house would have buried a cache of money someplace that could be seen from the bedroom window. Loose change could have been dropped when getting in or out of vehicles.

Some cant perform as much. This is decided by the battery life of the device you are going to purchase. Also decide if you rather have extra batteries or if you prefer to get a charging kit.

When buying a metal detector consider the price. If the metal detector offers the best features of a then expect it to be expensive. If having fewer features is all right with you, go for a less expensive one. Metal detectors can run from as low as $50 to higher than $800. Schools, commercial buildings and other vital installations also use these devices. These are either placed in a fixed location or held by hand so that a person can be screened for weapons or bombs before entering. But the metal detector is better known as a device to look for treasure and other artifacts. Archeologists use these in excavation sites. The type used can detect the size, weight and description of the object buried in the ground.

Those who want to do this for fun can use them at the beach, in the backyard or in a vacant lot and be happy to find jewelry, coins and other objects that are concealed beneath the earth's surface.

The versions available in the market no longer come with earphones but will just use sound to alert the uses that some form of metal is detected under the ground. When this happens, all the person has to do is put the device down and start digging to see what fortune awaits the treasure hunter. Metal detectors have come a long way from their initial purpose of detecting minerals such as ore and gold. The applications today are for military and civilian use, which will continue to exist until better machines are made to replace them.

As more and more contemporary children seem to have major family problems compared to years past, it is absolutely critical that both you and your team thoroughly know mental health basics. Since studies emphasize that seeing and helping distressed youth are the primary ways to prevent school shootings, that's another reason that non-mental health youth professionals like educators must upgrade their skills right away.

Find the best gold metal detector today and start treasure hunting! So next time you loose that ring at the beach or you dime at the park remember there are ways to find you beloved object. Have Fun. Some users put a rubber band around the knobs to keep them from moving or becoming loose. You should buy a metal detector that is light weight. This is important when you are detecting things on a riverbank or body of water.

It is always very nice to purchase at least the second model up in the brand. You will get a few more bells and whistles and a lot more control over your detecting. Total purchase means that you will also need some accessory items such as trowels, scoops headphones and coil covers.

Rc airplanes are cheaper than getting flying lessons and way more fun

Mankind is now able to fly! During the last century, many new airplanes and engines have been developed and today people have even gone to such an extent of flying planes for fun. These are commonly known as RC airplanes, Building and flying an RC airplane is now a very popular pass time and you will realize that theres never gonna be an easier time to just get started.

I guess someone somewhere would have told you that you need an instructor to teach you how to fly RC airplanes. Dont believe it! You dont need an instructor if you choose the right airplane to start with, and there are plenty of true "beginner" airplanes, it will be like riding a bike only not on the floor but in the sky!

Create a budget. A beginning model flyer should always be on the cheaper side; you can go for a better one when you get more experienced.

The Soarstar is a good, all-around rc plane to start your training with. It is very stable and totally made out of foam, and is fairly easy to repair with Elmer's glue, if it gets damaged. It has a pusher prop setup; which protects the prop from damage during hard landings. Also a Northeast Sailplane Husky has a fair amount of dihedral, and is a good trainer Aircraft.

These are some popular RC Planes available:

Plated' F-84G Thunderbirds Model Airplanes Tamiya

RCAFUN' DHC Caribou Transport Model rc airplanes

'Snowbirds' Tutor Multi Role Jet Model Airplanes

starjets 1:500 US Airways Airbus 330-300

Herpa 1:500 United Express Canadair jet CRJ-200

GeminiJets 1:400 Piedmont YS-11

Skyliner, FreedomFlyer, USS Los Angeles, Fantail flyer, Nitro Air Strike are some of the best known brands available today.

What Types Are Available?

Electric RC airplanes provide you with the easiest and quickest way of getting started, their affordable prices and availability make them a great attraction for any budding pilot!

Gas RC airplanes give you a bigger reward than electric planes, although they need to be taken a bit more seriously.

Mini RC airplanes are a great concept for indoor flying enthusiasts using normal indoor model planes, different kits modify them to take on the new breed of micro servos, receivers, battery packs and motors.

Micro RC airplanes ('micro flyers') are starting to appear in a lot of hobby stores, the reason is that radio control components are becoming smaller, lighter and cheaper to produce.

Youngsters should be accompanied by adults when flying scale models. The fuels used can be volatile, and the propellers spin fast enough to injure a finger or the hands.

Flogging molly tickets - see emerging celtic punk stars live

Anyone who’s used Flogging Molly tickets understands that this is a band whose influences incorporate a wide range of styles, genres and sounds. Flogging Molly is also a band that’s continuing to gain notice in the music world with their incredible live shows, and their on-stage persona was earned the hard way. A look at this relatively new band’s ascent should help fans gain an understanding of where they could be headed in the future.

Early Beginnings

The band really didn’t even start as an official “band” in the sense that the two original members, Dave King and Bridget Regan, were two friends who simply enjoyed listening to and playing Irish music. They realized after jamming together for awhile that they were getting to be pretty good, so they decided to take their show public.

It wasn’t long before they were earning their on-stage stripes by playing live gigs at a series of Irish bars in Southern California, and there were more than a few times when a generally intoxicated crowd would heckle them mercilessly for their apparent attempts to copy the music of Ireland.

People soon realized, however, that this was no “classic” Irish band, as there was a definite influence of punk rock on their style and resulting sound. They always stayed true to their roots, however, and even named themselves after Molly Malone’s an Irish pub in Los Angeles.

New Success

As the band continued to play and to garner a loyal following, Flogging Molly tickets became a hot item, as their shows were always intense and loud. This newfound following led to a demand for albums, and the band got to work in the studio in the late 1990’s. Their first album, released in 1997, Alive behind the Green Door, was not a commercial success, but was met with acceptance by critics and their cult-like following.

Subsequent albums enjoyed a higher degree of commercial success, but Flogging Molly has always been about their “base” of fans who have enjoyed their style from the beginning. They are starting to appear on larger touring shows, and their sound continues to transform with the times.

Although Flogging Molly’s influences were and remain acts such as Their music is influenced by such bands as The Pogues, Dubliners, Stiff Little Fingers and even the country sound of Johnny Cash, they continue to search for new sounds and styles to add to their already-impressive repertoire.

If you want a night of lively, festive and celebratory Irish rock and roll, secure Flogging Molly tickets for a night to remember.

How to hold your drum stick to produce the best sound

The way you hold your drumsticks plays a vital role on the quality of sound that you produce and the length of time that you will be able to play your drums. Unfortunately, the proper holding of the drumsticks is one of the most ignored and neglected protocols when it comes to playing the drums. If you are one of those drummers who have not really been holding your drums, you will most like hurt yourself in the long run so start paying close attention to how you hold your drumsticks. Always remember that your drumsticks are extensions of your hands and not just an accessory that you use to hit the drums with.

Gripping Your Sticks

If you are still a beginner and you still have not established a way of holding your drumsticks, it would be best for you to ask your music teacher to show you how to hold your drumsticks properly and practice that kind of grip. Learn the right way to hold your drumsticks right from the start. Always remember that unlearning something is a lot more difficult than learning something for the first time so make sure that you start your drumming lessons in the right direction.

Different people have different ways of gripping their drum sticks. The most common way of holding the drumsticks is the matched grip. The matched grip is very easy and is very popular especially among those drummers who are into pop music. When using the matched grip method of holding your drumsticks, you just simply hold both sticks in the same way with your palms facing downward. All your finger tips should rest lightly on the drumstick. The good thing about using the matched grip method of holding your drumsticks is that you can use the same gripping style when playing other instruments such as the timpani, chimes and other types of percussion instruments.

Another popular way of holding the drumsticks is the traditional grip which allows you to hold your drumstick with your palms facing up with your fingers gripping the sticks from underneath. The traditional grip is very popular among jazz drummers because this allows better dynamic control. If you are aspiring to become a jazz drummer, it would be a good idea for you to practice holding your drumsticks in this manner from the very start so that you will be able to get the hang of it. However, if you have no plans on concentrating on jazz music, it would be best for you to use the matched grip. Note that if are using a bigger drum kit, the traditional grip may make it difficult for you to move around especially if you are using a bigger drum kit. You may find it quite awkward to hit your cymbals in this position.

Tips for renting a phoenix limo

Renting a Phoenix limo is one of those tasks you want to nail down early on. In fact, shortly after you plan a date and a location for your special occasion, you need to begin working out the transportation details. This is especially true if you are planning an event during a busy season such as summer or between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Even though you’ll find several Phoenix limousine services ready to help with your transportation needs, don’t delay.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do to get ready for that big day, remember this: There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. You’d be surprised how many people are standing by waiting to be asked. Here are a few other tips that can help when you need to arrange a Phoenix limo to transport any size group.

Know what you need

Before you even begin searching for Phoenix limo rental agencies, it’s a good idea to have firm dates and locations in mind. You also will need to know the number of individuals who will accompany you in the limousine. You want to make sure that the limousine you reserve will be able to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Also ask yourself whether you have a particular limousine color preference or particular limousine style in mind. Besides the standard stretch limo, you’ll find that many Phoenix limousine rental agencies also offer Hummers, Escalades, super stretch limos and even the mighty Rolls Royce! Be sure to specify your desires when contacting the rental agency.

If you’re not sure about the details of your transportation needs, you’ll just be wasting your time and that of any Phoenix limousine services you contact prematurely.

Know what to ask

It’s one thing to choose the right car from the fleet, but there’s much more to ask about before choosing a Phoenix limousine service. Two important questions that can literally break your budget are whether the rental price you’re being quoted includes the driver’s gratuity and whether any drinks you pour from that fully-stocked bar that comes with the limo are complimentary. Enough said.

For some individuals and for some types of occasions, how the limousine driver is dressed is going to matter. If you have certain expectations of your driver’s appearance, this is not the time to assume. It’s better to find out beforehand that the driver doesn’t own a tuxedo rather than being surprised when he or she shows up in casual dress.

Double check your reservation

To avoid any last minute disappointments, repeat this step multiple times. You want to double-check all details before you actually sign a Phoenix limousine rental agreement. Never assume that the information is correct. A typo made when entering the pick-up date will have disastrous consequences. You also want to call the Phoenix rental agency one week prior to the date of your special occasion just to make sure the rental information is still “in the system” and that any monies due the rental company have been paid.

De lempicka oil paintings always in vogue

"It can be argued that the Art Deco spirit expressed itself more naturally through portraiture than through any other kind of painting. The quintessential Art Deco portraitist is undoubtedly Tamara de Lempicka. Fashionable society of the 1920s and 30s is now perceived very largely through her eyes" -- Edward Lucie-Smith

Tamara de Lempicka is considered the most famous painter of the art deco period.

De Lempicka was born in Poland and moved to Russia where she lived until the Russian Revolution. She fled to Paris. There she enrolled at the Academie de la Grand Chaumiere and studied art privately.

De Lempicka had a natural talent; by 1923 she was showing her work at major salons. She developed a distinctive and bold style, referred to as “soft cubism”, but is most known as Art Deco – a cool modern movement of the roaring 20’s.

For her first major show, in Milan in 1925, she painted 28 works. She was soon the most fashionable portrait painter of her generation, painting duchesses and dukes.

She acquired a patron, the Baron Raoul Kuffner, who bought dozens of her paintings, and commissioned her to paint his mistress. De Lempicka finished the portrait, and then took the mistress’ place in the Baron’s life.

In the summer of 1939 she and the Baron went on vacation in the United States and eventually relocated to New York; she continued to paint in her trademark style – Art Deco though she expanded her subject matter, painting Still Lifes, and even some Abstracts.

Eventually she adopted a new style, using palette knife instead of brushes. Her heart was broken as her new style was not well received. She then decided to never show her work again, and stopped painting altogether.

Tamara de Lempicka died in her sleep in Mexico, 1980. She lived a long and eventful life. Before she died a new generation discovered her art and greeted it with enthusiasm. At the time of her death, her early Art Deco paintings were being shown and purchased once again. A play about her life was produced in Los Angeles. Many movie stars started collecting her works including Jack Nicholson and Madonna. Madonna has also immortalized De Lempicka in her music videos for “Express Yourself” and “Vogue”.

Before they were famous top 10 celebrity lorry drivers

Actors, athletes and mass murderers – it takes all sorts to drive lorries. With brief details of their involvement in the trade and subsequent celebrity, here is a countdown of the top 10 stars who worked as lorry drivers before they were famous, with varying degrees of success.

# 10 Chris Tarrant:

This radio and television presenter, best known for hosting the TV game show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’, pursued a number of jobs before finding his feet in television. Tarrant’s former roles include long-distance lorry driver, security officer and schoolteacher.

# 9 Chris Eubank:

Chris Eubank is notable for being the only member of our list to have taken up lorry driving after he become famous. October 2003 saw a politically motivated Eubank descending on Whitehall in his personal HGV to protest against the war in Iraq. The former world middleweight champion boxer ended up being arrested for blocking the entrance gates to Downing Street, driving around Parliament Square sounding his horn, with a knife in his pocket, and reversing into a delivery van.

# 8 Rock Hudson:

Hudson was a popular American film and television actor and a romantic leading man in the 1950s and 1960s. During WW II, Hudson served as a Navy airplane mechanic and after the war he was a truck driver. His size and good looks got him into movies.

# 7 Chevy Chase:

Our number seven is an Emmy Award-winning American comedian, writer, and television and film actor. Before his breakthrough as a comedian, Chase worked as a truck driver, cab driver, motorcycle messenger, waiter, busboy, construction worker, audio engineer, produce manager in a supermarket, salesman in a wine store and theatre usher.

# 6 Long Distance Clara:

The only woman on our list and, unfortunately, fictional, juggernaut-driving Clara was the star of 80s children's cartoon 'Pigeon Street’. Some see Long Distance Clara as an unsung feminist icon - her marriage to chef Hugo demonstrated a refreshing reversal of gender stereotypes.

# 5 Charles Bronson:

Charles Bronson was an American actor of ‘tough guy’ roles who made his name starring in a number of major Hollywood flicks including ‘The Great Escape’ and ‘The Dirty Dozen’. Before becoming famous, Bronson was drafted into the army and was assigned to the Air Corps in 1943. He started as a truck driver and then trained as a pilot, winning awards for good service.

# 4 Richard Pryor:

Pryor was the first African American stand-up comedian to speak candidly to mixed audiences using the language and jokes of the black community. He worked in numerous jobs before finding fame, including truck driving and meatpacking.

# 3 Liam Neeson:

Liam Neeson is a movie star most well known for his role as Oskar Schindler in the 1993 blockbuster ‘Schindler’s List’. Irish-born Neeson once worked as a truck driver as well as a forklift operator for Guinness, an assistant architect and an amateur boxer.

# 2 Sean Connery:

This retired Scottish actor is best known for starring as James Bond in seven Bond films. Heart-throb Connery joined the Royal Navy after leaving school but was discharged on medical grounds. He went on to a succession of jobs, including lorry driver, labourer and lifeguard.

# 1 Elvis Presley:

The American singer, musician, actor and cultural icon took up truck driving as one of his jobs after graduation. The future ‘King’ drove a truck for the aptly named ‘Crown Electric Company’. Presley even took up wearing his hair longer with a ‘ducktail’ - the style of truck drivers at the time. A musician for whom a young Elvis Presley auditioned advised him to 'Stick to driving a truck, because you'll never make it as a singer'.

The Mass Murderer - Peter Sutcliffe:

Quite possibly the most evil and deranged presence in the history of lorry driving, the ‘Yorkshire Ripper‘ is far too nasty to make it into our top 10. Between 1975 and 1984, this lorry driver and former gravedigger killed 13 women in a five-year reign of terror before being sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in jail. On his arrest, Sutcliffe claimed that God had told him to go out and kill prostitutes. A sad blemish on the good name of lorry driving.

Celebrities who were lorry drivers before they were famous – a heady mixture of the talented, the eccentric, the unpleasant and the downright brilliant. Who knows what magical creatures are sitting behind the wheels of our country’s lorries today?

World of warcraft guide khadgar

Warcraft 2 was a masterpiece and it improved on the original in every sense. Located in the mysterious insect-infested quasi-Egyptian themed area of Silithus Ahn'Qiraj was the capital city of the powerful Qiraji a race of magical creatures under the thrall of an ancient and terrible Old God who was chained beneath the earth in ages past. Before and during the first coming of the burning legion Azshara was queen of the Night elves. Warcraft III owners can create free accounts and participate in regional gateways which helps reduce lag; players can create accounts in Azeroth

Her whereabouts after Beyond the Dark Portal are unknown and she is speculated to be either dead or to have barely made it to safety (as in the case of Khadgar and his companions). So even if you start off slowly and don't play often you can still up your levels and become a great contender in this worldwide popular Massive Multiplayer Online Game. You can area of effect the scarlet monastery graveyard (in Tristfall glades northeast corner of map) for a good 2silver - 6 silver per kill. See http://www. worldofwarcraftguide. us/warcraft-iii/index. html Unfortunately the Barrens is just a fact of life for Horde players - better to go do what needs to be done and get out.

New themes were added in the expansion. People places and units from the strategy games are finally brought to life in World of Warcraft. The Crusaders are intolerant of all non-human races regardless of alliance or affiliation. Blizzard states the minimum GPU requirement as a GeForce 2; while a GeForce 2 will run the game just fine at lower resolutions and detail settings it will do so at the sacrifice of a good amount of image quality. When you do put an item up for auction make sure you stipulate a buyout price for the item (just like the "Buy It Now" price available on many eBay items).

Through each race's campaign the player retains control of one or more heroes which slowly grow in experience as the levels progress. This experience is carried over to subsequent missions allowing the hero to grow throughout the course of the campaign. Back on Stonetalon Peak Thrall reaches the Oracle to discover that it is actually the mysterious Prophet. The Prophet informs Thrall and Archmage Jaina Proudmoore that Grom has succumbed to demonic control and that the two races will need to join forces to save him and suggests that Grom has a crucial role to play in the unfolding of events. The largest most powerful Dragonspawn (ie: General Drakkisath in UBRS) have wings as well though most don't. In the end Arthas prevails and Mal'Ganis flees to the northern continent of Northrend pursued by a vengeful Arthas.

Thinking and imagining in technicolor

Are your thoughts a dull and lifeless grey? Or a glorious, vivid and lively technicolor? Are they one-dimensional or like a hologram and fully formed in 3D? Are they tired and dull or vivid and full of life and hope? The difference is what separates the genius from the rest. If they are not you can train your mind and put it on the road to success. Because this kind of "imaging" in the mind and the will to make what you think a reality is a guarantee of success.

How does this kind of thinking or ideating ensure success? The answer lies in making perfection happen in the idealized world of the mind. Once you bring thought to life in your mind, you've gone into the realms of reality, eliminating any mistakes. For example, if you were to think of making a robot that would anticipate your every need and do everything you ever wanted, you are still in a wishful thinking stage. But if you were to build up the image of such a robot in your mind and put it together as if it were in the realms of your thought processes, you would pay careful attention to every detail. You would ferret out every which way you could to make it viable. You would play the devil's advocate and make sure all doubts and grey areas were eliminated. You would, in your mind, build perfection. When you decide to make this a reality in the real world, it would only be a matter of putting what already exists into practice. It would mean translating your vivid image idea into flesh and blood or metal or whatever as the case may be.

Does this sound too esoteric? Too good to be true? But that's the way the genius's mind has functioned from the beginning of time. Putting life into the images in your head means you've raised your level of consciousness to another level. No great invention in history could have been possible without this kind of imaging. It raises the human mind beyond its humdrum existence to a world beyond probabilities…to a world of infinite possibilities. It is to enter into a world without barriers, without limits. The only limitation is your own imagination. So sing "Don't fence me in" to your mind today and you'll find you soar somewhere over the rainbow where there are even more colors than you could ever dream of!

Overview of call of duty 2 achievements

Call of Duty 2 is the second installment in Activision’s Call of Duty series and the winner of over 80 game of the year awards. As with all of COD game you get to play as a different soldier fighting in different armies as you progress through the game. It gives you a chance to try out a lot of different weapon selections which are pretty accurate to what the actual armies had access to in World War 2. They picked really good World War 2 scenarios to use such as the American Rangers landing at Pointe du Hoc. Nobody can deny that was one of the most heroic efforts of World War 2. Another great scenario is the British campaign against Rommel in North Africa including El Alamein. That is one of the most valid achievements for any game.

Not by any stretch of the imagination could you say any of the Call of Duty 2 Achievements are easy. However you will notice a lot of gamers who have all 1000 points. You have to best it on the hardest difficulty level to do so. I personally started out on the hardest difficulty and try for the achievements right off the bat. I felt that was more rewarding. On Veteran difficulty you really have to think about what you are doing in the game. Don’t plan on getting all 1000 points off one rental. If you are wanting all the achievements you should definitely buy the game. Don’t worry; you won't be disappointed.

As I was making my way through the achievements I felt like I had been through a war. The veteran difficulty in this game is really intense. In the menu for the subtext it says “you will not survive”. This is keeping with the tongue in cheek ratings with other games such as Doom’s “hurt me plenty” level. At the end of the day you will look back on those achievements fondly as you will in the memories you had playing the game. The overall rating is a solid 8 out of 10.

Angelina and her babies

Adoption of babies by celebrities is the epicenter of controversies and brings special coverage in print media.

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Goodwill Ambassador and Hollywood actor Angelina Julie has been trying to adopt babies in several countries though she biologically owns one and is reported to be expecting another. Controversies are part and parcel of these initiatives that intend to help the underprivileged families finding sponsors for their kids.

Despite issues faced by the Oscar winning star of the action movie Tomb Raider and her boyfriend Brad Pitt, the glamorous couple on the earth is set to opt for more adoption across the world. They have already adopted two children – Maddox, a five-year old and Zahara, a 22-month old, and are looking at adopting one in India, though their plans are yet to take shape.

Do the adopted babies add value to their already swelling kitty? Future might have an answer for this though these kids will be brought under different geographies and culture. Their adorable baby Shiloh has already brought more fame for their family and attracted millions after the Hollywood couple sold the first public photographs to magazines and then donated the proceeds to charity. Besides Shiloh, the two adopted babies are also getting substantial media attention.

Following the adoption of Zahara from Ethiopia, a number of women had claimed Zahara’s motherhood giving a fresh phase to the adoption-related controversies. The controversy ended after an Ethiopian judge ruled that the woman who claimed to be her mother is not the biological mother.

Besides babies, Julie is keen to support humanitarian causes throughout the world visiting several countries, and is well known for her work with refugees through UNHCR. As the Goodwill Ambassador, Julie’s main focuss is on field missions. As part of the field missions, Julie visited refugees and internally displaced persons during her first three years as the Goodwill Ambassador.

Julie was subjected to criticism by the pop diva Madonna for using the former’s fame to assist the UN. According to the pop singer, she has done more good to the world by adopting the underprivileged.

In contrary to Madonna’s allegations, Julie was not just visiting refugee camps, but she also published Notes from My Travels, a collection of journal entries that chronicle her early field missions in 2001-2002 alongwith the release of one of her movies. The proceeds from the book sale was used to support the UNHCR initiatives. As part of her humanitarian work, Julie was already associated with several social issues by funding a number of projects and visited places like Thailand, Ecuador, Kosovo, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Russia, North Caucasus, etc.

Julie’s celebrity status is making headlines everyday. She used her celebrity power to highlight humanitarian issues globally and get support from others. For instance, she promoted World Refugee Day 2006 in a two-hour interview with Anderson Cooper in CNN, and this program attracted more than double the audience of his typical newscast.

Miniature collectibles perfect gifts for the miniature enthusiast

Finding the perfect gift for a miniature enthusiast does not have to be as difficult as you might think. Picking your way through the myriad of possibilities can be a bit daunting to those who are not familiar with the world of miniature collectibles. Armed with a little bit of information and the right questions though, you should be able to find a piece that will be the ideal complement to the dollhouse dйcor your collector has created.

Finding out what someone would like as a gift doesn't have to be a huge, secret affair. Asking the individual what they'd like is the best way to buy a gift they'll treasure. You will, of course, have to resort to some sneaky methods to keep your purchase a surprise. Innocent questions about their hobby that appear as idle curiosity can help reveal what you need to buy a gift. With a little creativity to your conversation, you can even find out what the person would like to add to the miniature collection or dollhouse in the future. Mention scale as well, because you'll need to know what size of piece to buy. You may end up receiving a thorough lesson though!

A gift should be one that shares sentimentality with the receiver. Choosing a miniature piece that means something to you both or represents an experience you and the person had together is a very nice gesture. The gift will be appreciated on many different levels. Think of a serious or life-changing experience you had together or a funny moment you shared. You might be able to find a miniature piece that looks like a person you both know, such as a relative or the collector himself.

Keep in mind that most miniature dollhouses are fashioned around a specific decorative theme. Make sure that the piece or pieces that you choose to not clash badly with the rest of the miniature collection. If it doesn’t match well then the collector, while appreciative of the gift, may be hesitant to display it with the rest of the miniature collection.

Some collectors choose to display individual pieces outside of the dollhouse setting. These collectors take delight in displaying each miniature piece as its own work of art. If this is the case with your miniature enthusiast, then you may just want to find a piece created by their favorite artisan. Most collectors can tell you fairly quickly whose work they admire and whose work would be a treasured addition to their collection.

Direct tv review what does it offer for sports fans

You hear it in their commercials all the time: Direct TV offers the most comprehensive sports packaging than any other satellite TV provider. But, is it true? Let’s have a look.

If you love Football, then you won’t want to miss the chance to subscribe to the NFL Ticket, which offers you the most sought-after NFL games on TV. You might even be tempted to say that Direct TV built its business on the back on the NFL, and you wouldn’t be off base (so to speak). Because it’s exclusive to Direct TV, NFL Sunday Ticket regularly accounts for a large chunk of people who sign up for the service. I’ve had it for a couple years and have to admit it’s great. But if football isn’t your thing, what else is there?

Plenty. Is basketball your game? Then sign up for the NBA League Pass, which shows all of your favorite NBA teams in action. This is a great package for displaced fans, as is MLB Extra Innings, the equivalent of NFL Sunday Ticket but for baseball fanatics. Still not satisfied? Then check this out -- NASCAR lovers too can enjoy non stop action with the NASCAR Hotpass. There’s also ESPN Game Plan, which is great if you’re a fan of many sports, but not diehard enough about any one in particular to pay for the dedicated packages.

Speaking of a budget, if yours won’t allow ordering any of these extra special program offerings, don’t fret, the Direct TV regular sports channels still provide hundreds of hours of sporting coverage each and every week. Plus, those who enjoy more obscure and international sports can tune into a variety of sports specialties on Direct TV such as Cricket, European Soccer (obscure only to those of us here in America), horse racing, bowling, tennis and much, much more.

With programming prices starting at around $20 a month (with the most popular premium programming about $50-$65 per month), and running as much as $100 or so a month for a full load sports programming and specialty channels, there’s pretty much a level that just about anyone can afford. But hey, if you want to spend a couple hundred bucks, Direct TV isn’t going to turn you away. I’m sure you could find a bunch of pay-per-view movies and events to get you up to that level if you’re so inclined.

Finally, I wanted to fill you in on an extra special feature found only on Direct TV: the Interactive Mix, which allows you to watch eight (yes, I said eight) separate sporting events at a time on a split screen! Now, what could be better than that? And that’s a feature offered with the most basic $20 a month programming plan! Pretty cool, huh?

Now, I should point out that Dish Network also has a ton of sports programming as well, as do most digital cable packages. But both of those options lack some of the true out-of-market programming such as Sunday Ticket and Extra Innings. So, from one sports to another, I hope that helps you make a decision.

Traits of a good embroidery digitizing company

If you're looking for the best embroidery digitizing company, you may find yourself frustrated with a variety of things on your search.

First, it's difficult to tell how much experience a company has had with digitizing embroidery patterns when they do not have any samples of their work on their website. The number one thing you want to do if you are starting your own embroidery digitizing business is put up pictures showing samples of your work. There is so much competition out there, that you want any edge possible.

Second, it's difficult decide on a digitizing embroidery company when they do not have their prices stated on their website. When you have a website for your digitizing embroidery company, you want to state your prices so that potential customers can comparison shop for their embroidery digitizing needs. If they don't know how much you charge, they may assume that you charge too much and not even consider giving you their images to digitize into embroidery patterns.

Third, it's difficult to decide on an embroidery digitizing company when you have no idea how good their customer service is. When you have your own embroidery digitizing company, you can demonstrate your customer service by answering emails or other questions as quickly as possible. Think about what level of customer service you would like if you were the customer. That's what you want to give to your potential customers. If you get referrals or endorsements from your current customers, ask their permission and post their comments on your website.

There are many more potential sticking points with embroidery digitizing companies. When you are putting up your website or starting an embroidery digitizing company, you want to brainstorm what you would like if you were going to use an embroidery digitizing company and make sure that your company has each of these points. That can actually be easier than it sounds. Some of the issues are going to be like the customer service question. Consistency and good service are going to keep your customers coming back.

If you are looking for an embroidery digitizing company, you will need to figure out what you want in an embroidery digitizing company for yourself. Once you have a list of what you are looking for, you can research the different companies that digitize embroidery patterns, and see if they qualify under the guidelines that you have set for your search. During your search, you may find other issues that you add to your list. You may decide that some of the items on your original list don't matter as much as you had thought they would, but other items on your list take precedence. When you do your research, you can be prepared to decide on what you want out of an embroidery digitizing company, whether you are the owner of the company or a customer.

Where to find a superman return poster

If you are looking for a Superman Return poster, you know that collectable items such as this are going to be hard for you to find. Luckily though, with the invention of the internet, and with the advances in technology of online selling sites, there are many places online and offline that you might be able to find a Superman Return poster.

Check Offline

The first thing that you can do is to check your local antique and collectable stores to see if any of them have a Superman Return poster. This is something that you should do first because you might be able to get a better deal if you can find one in your hometown that you didn’t know about before. So, this is the first thing that you should do. Also, you should ask at these stores if they know of anywhere else that you might want to look for a Superman Return poster. This is often the best way to find what you are looking for because sometimes traders have different friends that they pass along business to, in exchange for those people passing business to them as well. So, if you are in the market for a Superman Return poster check first with your local merchants.

Go Online

If you are still looking for your Superman Return poster you are then going to want to turn to the online sources and see what there is available for you as far as posters go. This is the best place for you to go if you can’t find anything locally. You should simply start by doing a search for Superman Return poster in one of the main search engines and see what comes up. Then, you can begin to look at the different auction sites to see what there is to see.

Remember that you should be patient because there are a lot of things that are for sale on the internet, and your best bet is going to be to look through them all. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t’ find a Superman Return poster right away, you might want to keep looking and see if what you are looking for happens to come up in another type of search. Keep looking, and don’t get discouraged! You should be able to find it before you know it! This is going to be the best way for your to find the Superman Return poster that you have been looking for.

A beginner s guide to antique collecting

The reasons for collecting antiques can be as varied as the people who collect them. Some people first become interested in collecting as children, collecting anything from baseball cards to dolls, coins, stamps or even insects. Others don’t begin collecting until their adult years. That interest may be prompted by some significant event, being given a family heirloom or from a desire to preserve elements of our past.

But the one thing all these people have in common is that no matter what they have chosen to collect, it’s fun! Enjoying the pieces one has collected can be very satisfying, but it can’t compare to the thrill of the hunt and the fun of finding a treasure.

Collecting can be a great hobby, but there is an advantage to collecting antiques over something like matchbooks or souvenirs. Antiques appreciate in value. By learning to buy, sell and even trade wisely some people have been able to turn a hobby into a successful business. But how can someone move beyond collecting for fun and begin to build a collection that has value? The key to building a collection that has value, especially antiques, is knowledge. Learn everything you can about the antiques you are collecting. Not only will it add to your enjoyment, but when you learn to buy, sell and trade from a position of knowledge you will be able to build a modest collection into one of real value.

When starting a collection, it’s important to do your homework. When you begin shopping for antiques armed with knowledge, you are in a better position to spot a bargain or avoid making a purchase you may regret. Because the world of antiques is so broad, it is advisable to limit your collection to a specific area. No one can be an expert about every type of antique. That will allow you to learn about important manufacturers, recognize rare specimens, and most important for beginners, know how to spot reproductions.

Beginning to learn about antiques can be as simple as making a visit to your local library. There are a multitude of excellent books available about every conceivable category of antiques. However, two sources of information novice collectors may overlook are antique dealers and collectors. People who deal in antiques for profit or for pleasure enjoy talking about them. Antiques are one of their passions. Visiting antique shops and antique shows will not only allow you ask questions and learn from experts but it can be a fun way to spend a day or a weekend.

Once the “collecting bug” has bitten you, how do you decide what to collect? Simply collect something you love – something you are interested in. That makes learning about the items you collect all the more enjoyable. As you learn more about these antiques and their value, you will begin to learn how and where to shop for bargains. Being able to buy and sell to make a profit may not be your primary goal for collecting, but it may help you finance your hobby and enable you to increase the value of your collection.

In your hunt for antiques it is also important to buy quality, not quantity. Owning a few truly fine pieces is always preferable to owning many mediocre pieces. That may mean you may have to start small and gradually build your collection, but quality pieces appreciate faster and will build the value of your collection more quickly. When buying antiques you should avoid pieces that are damaged or repaired. They may be cheaper but they won’t appreciate as much or add value to your collection.

When you search for the unique rather than the common, you will find that the more rare the antique the more it appreciates. This is another reason knowledge is so important. With enough skill, you may be able to recognize rare or valuable pieces less knowledgeable collectors might overlook.

Although they can be excellent sources, antique shops and antique shows aren’t the only places where you can find valuable high quality antiques. People have made some great finds at flea markets and yard sales.

You may also find a wide range of antiques at auctions. But remember, if you go to an auction it’s doubly important to know the value of the pieces you’re bidding on. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the auction and end up spending way too much.

Finally, in your search for that special piece you have been searching for don’t forget about internet auction sites like Ebay. Thanks to the internet it’s possible to find just about anything.

Whatever you decide to collect for whatever the reason, enjoy the hunt. Bargains and interesting pieces can be found everywhere.

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Animal dolls own a virtual one that comes to life

There are so many example of children who really love animal dolls. I would say that animal dolls is the best and most favourite type for children. As being a mom of a daughter who loves dolls so I would like to tell you a bit more about a girl’s story, which is very good example for parents who may consider to buy toys for kids but still not sure what to do, which may be due to budget limitation or any other reasons.

An only child, my six-year daughter was pestering me to get her a pet, preferably a golden retriever or lab, as her cousins have one. It was quite painful trying to explain to her that owning a pet, though wonderful, was a bit difficult, since we lived on the fourth floor of an apartment building in a congested city. My work schedule also did not permit me the luxury of taking care of a pet, as I often had to stay late at work. Imagine not being able to walk the dog, or feed it in time, which wouldn’t be fair to the poor animal.

I got my little girl a number of toys and animal dolls to play with, including a few teddy bears, a jumping dog, a stuffed tiger and even a cute little kitten doll. I then heard from a friend of owning a pet in the virtual world, which I found at first quite amusing. To know more, I decided to visit and took a tour of the site. I found it really amazing that one could just buy an animal doll, and obtain a secret code printed on the tag of the doll. This secret code then allowed one to own an animal doll as a virtual pet on the website.

There are a number of games, which a child can play with the virtual pet, and they had games for kids as per their age groups, starting from 5 years and above to almost any age!! to 13 years of age. It is also educational for the child, and gives the child enormous emotional support and company. It also helps the child gain responsibility, and gives cash, which is used to buy things, or feed the pet, using virtual money, teaching the child how to use money wisely without any actual risk. My daughter is now thrilled to be a proud owner of a pet, and she is having great fun. I even play with her pet on weekends, and enjoy every moment of it.

Even though there are many type of toys that have been invented to impress children. But it is fairly to say that dolls or animal dolls have its own legend and still be the most favorite type for children. In some case you may find other type of animal doll like pet dolls or virtual pets to let them try the new technological innovation of children toys. There is no harm for them to have it and sometimes you may find that your child will have rapid learning form playing this type of toy.

Stephen m. h. braitman-putting a value on your vinyl collection

The value of vinyl records is very subjective and certainly up for debate. There are many elements that go into ascertaining just how much a specific record or a whole collection may be worth. Do you use fair market value, replacement value or record price guide value? As I found out, it all depends on the circumstances, and the best way to achieve these objectives is to have your collection professionally appraised. I had the opportunity to speak with professional appraiser and music historian Stephen M. H. Braitman about the elements that go into putting a value on a record collection.

But, first, let me introduce Stephen. He has been involved with records and music since the late 60's, writing and editing several entertainment and music publications. He also has been a dealer, buying and selling records, posters and related memorabilia throughout the years. His widely acknowledged expertise in the marketplace for music and memorabilia makes his appraisal services very important for estate planning, charitable contributions, expert testimony and for insurance and coverage claims. His many credentials include: passing the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) Principles of Practice and Code of Ethics exam in 2004, completing courses on such subjects as the Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Personal Property Valuation, Methodology-Research and Analysis as well as the legal and commercial environment of appraisal. He is also a music analyst with Gracenote, the digital music management company.

So what does all this mean? Stephen M. H. Braitman is a qualified, certified appraiser. Why is this unique service so important? As I discussed the details of his occupation with Mr. Braitman, let’s explore some of the details that go into a record collection appraisal and how a record collection should be appraised.

“This is a new service, a new genre so to speak,” he said. “The service is being offered for those people who may have large or small collections and have really no idea their worth. Unfortunately, there are no legal requirements to qualify as an appraiser except in the real estate market, but the IRS and the Appraisal Foundation have led the way with the adoption of nationally recognized standards that reputable appraisers in all fields use. The IRS, for example, uses the concept of fair market value, meaning the agreed-upon price paid by a willing, knowledgeable buyer to a willing, knowledgeable seller. One of the reasons I entered this profession is, not only because of my love for music and music memorabilia, but because I felt that the industry needs certified appraisers to provide critical assistance in defining the values of collections for insurance purposes, estate planning, tax donation claims, personal disputes and investments. Part of the job is also being called upon as an expert witness to attest and back up the values set upon a collection. That’s where I enter the picture.”

When asked what exactly goes into an appraisal, Stephen explained:

“There are many variables that have to be recognized when placing a value on a collection. It also depends on the purpose of the appraisal. For instance, the IRS uses fair market value in determining the value of donated material. But, replacement value in insurance cases different; it’s higher because you’ll be paying a higher cost to recover certain collectibles, let’s say, that may have been lost in a fire. So, the intent of the appraisal must be taken into consideration as well.”

“We research what are comparable items in the current marketplace. There are several aspects to research that include recent and relevant sales, trend analysis, professional consensus, retail stores, auction prices as well as record guide prices. The record price guides are a nice starting point, but they may not reflect true value because of the variables just mentioned.”

“Our first order of business in an appraisal is generally to examine the physical items, if possible, and note the condition, edition or other key points of recognition. Then we conduct extensive research to ascertain the current marketability of the items. Our service concludes with a certified document that details the estimated retail value and the current wholesale value, depending on the type of appraisal. We also include a statement of the overall quality level of the item or collection, including condition, pressing edition or the cultural or historical desirability. This document exceeds the appraisal requirements of the IRS and the insurance companies.”

We discussed one of the most confusing and subjective elements regarding vinyl records: grading the vinyl. I asked Stephen what method he uses.

“It is actually a combination of many methods, including the Goldmine Standards that have been set up in their many publications, the ‘Good Rockin’ Tonight’-formula, and my own formula. I like to take it a step further and use a 100-point scale, and deduct points for every flaw, not only on the record, but the picture sleeve (if it is a 45rpm), LP jacket and cover. I would like to see a uniform standard set up sometime in the near future, something that everybody in the industry could agree on,” said Stephen.

There are also a couple of ways to have your memorabilia or record collection documented and appraised, as Stephen details:

“We actually offer two distinct services, the professional appraisal and a quick evaluation of your memorabilia or record collection. This entails you sending us a list of your items from which we provide a detailed document with a range of market values based on comparables. You’ll be able to tell whether you have something worth $1.00, $10, $100, or more. This process is quicker and less expensive that the formal appraisal and is most useful in estimating what a sale to a dealer might bring,” explained Stephen.

“Our service includes, not only the appraisal of records and record collections, but posters, flyers, handbills, programs, CDs, promotional items, tour books and other music collectibles. (I don't handle musical instruments, which is a very different kind of specialty). It is important to have your items or collections appraised to gauge the potential replacement value, assist in estate planning goals, tax elements and other factors. I have much more information on my Website, http://www. MusicAppraisals. com.”

As we wrapped up our interview, we talked about our love for not only music, but the historical audio format of, vinyl records. I asked Stephen about one of his most memorable record collection appraisals.

“I did an appraisal for a gentleman in Texas and he had a wonderful and superb record collection. But, when he put on an old 78rpm of Robert Johnson and played it on his professional sound equipment, and as the music filled the room, you could have swore that Mr. Robert Johnson himself was playing for you right then and there. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience, and one I will never forget,” recalled Stephen.

So, not only does Stephen M. H. Braitman offer valuable and unique record appraisal services, he also gets to archive, appraise and handle important parts of audio history, and gets to hear them as well. And that is a reward that you can not put a value on.

Stephen’s contact information:

Website: http://www. MusicAppraisals. com

Blog: http://www. NeedleScreech. com

Email: [email protected] com

Monthly Column: "The Picture Sleeve Archive" in Goldmine Magazine

Phone: 925-679-3044

The ins and outs of jennifer lopez s relationships

Her strong enthusiasm for life affects everyone around her. Jennifer Lуpez has a sense of well-being, a harmonious sex-life and she is likely to enjoy healthy and affectionate love relationships. Jennifer Lуpez also has a lot of creative ideas and could do well with art projects.

Jennifer Lуpez inspires others to take positive action in their lives through her own enthusiasm and eagerness to meet life's challenges, and she is attracted to people who are adventurous, courageous and independent. Jennifer is rather bossy but does not like to be with people that she can boss around too much. She enjoys a good fight sometimes. Relationships that are built on mutual respect and emotional freedom are ideal for Lуpez.

Lуpez depends a great deal upon other people for emotional support and she has a large "family" of friends that care about her and treat her as kin. The women in Jennifer's life are particularly important to her, and her relationships with them powerfully influence her sense of security and happiness. Jennifer Lуpez may be overly dependent and unsure of herself without a close partner.

Jennifer Lуpez has a dreamy nature and an inclination to be influenced or led easily by other people. Jennifer looks for the perfect mate and dream of fulfillment. Jennifer Lуpez must learn to deal with her extreme idealism and to face life a little more realistically.

She is quietly devoted and faithful to her loved ones and often becomes subservient to her love partner. Jennifer Lуpez is more comfortable showing her love by doing or making something for her loved one, or simply being there for her, rather than by making any romantic, soul-stirring declarations. She is timid about expressing too much sentiment or emotion. Jennifer Lуpez also underestimates her attractiveness and lovability and doubts her own worthiness of love and appreciation.

Jennifer Lуpez seems to be happy in her environment and is likely to be the center of attraction in her surroundings. Jennifer Lуpez has a kind, warm-hearted and cordial nature and she treats others with sympathetic and compassionate understanding. She is a very sociable, congenial person and she wilts very quickly without relationships with good friends and people to share good times with. Jennifer Lуpez thoroughly enjoys working with others on group projects or community activities. She is quite happy when she is a part of a club, support group, or team of some sort.

Jennifer Lуpez has frequent emotional outbursts due to her fiery temper and emotional impulsiveness. Lуpez expresses herself very directly and honestly and no one has to guess what her true feelings are. However, Jennifer Lуpez dislikes showing any personal weakness or her need for support, comfort and nurturing. She is often impatient with herself and others. Jennifer abhors emotional dependency and dislikes "complainers".

She becomes very cross if she lacks vigorous physical activity. Lуpez feels her best if she frequently "does battle" on the tennis or racquetball court (or engages in another form of competitive sport). Also, her artistic feeling or perception gives Jennifer Lуpez a strong creative potential. Jennifer has the ability to think in forms or shapes and also to tune into rhythms such as dancing, gymnastics and song. Her physical coordination could be excellent as well.

Paris hilton reveals nasa ufo secrets sort of

Buzz Aldrin was scheduled for a phone interview on the Friday, June 8, 2007, edition of Your World with Neil Cavuto on the Fox News cable channel. Originally booked to talk about the latest space shuttle launch, he suddenly found himself being asked about Paris Hilton and had some very interesting things to say.

Friday, June 8, 2007, should have been a big news day. A former Preacher’s Wife was sentenced to three years in prison for shooting her husband in the back while he slept. A Tax Protestor couple in New Hampshire discovered what happens when you challenge the authority of people you elect to office: You get state police and an army of federal troops with tanks and federal agents with submachine guns at your door. The space shuttle took off on a mission to support the International Space Station. It was announced that the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was stepping down. East Coast air travel was practically brought to a stand still by a computer glitch.

None of those news pieces ended up being the biggest story of the day. Instead it was Paris (Hilton, not France). Yes, it apparently took Fox and other news gathering and reporting organizations eight hours to tell the tale of Naughty Paris and the Nasty Judge. It didn’t seem to bother the news pundits that Paris was ordered back to jail to serve a forty-five day sentence for a probation violation, when other celebs have spent as little as five hours in jail for the same thing. I mean, give a gal a break! Don’t billion dollar babies get an automatic pass? Regardless of how you feel about the Paris Affair, it may have paid off in an unusual way for UFO Researchers.

Buzz Aldrin was supposed to be talking about the latest Space Shuttle Mission. Imagine his surprise when the famous astronaut’s guest spot was jammed into the middle of the never-ending discussion about Paris. An experienced media guest, Buzz is never at a loss for prefabricated words. Years ago I appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show with him and a few other UFO Researchers. As long as you didn’t ask him anything out of the ordinary, he had some terrific prepared responses. If you did, he stammered and stumbled. That’s what happened on Your World with Neil Cavuto today around 1:30pm Arizona Time.

Asked to comment on how he felt about living in a world where Paris dominates the news for hours on end, he began by stammering on about some science fiction book he once wrote. The story was about a civilization that was going to be destroyed in exactly 140 years by a terrible calamity. He point was that everyone knew about it and did nothing until the very last minute. Huh? Like I said, not good without the prefab responses.

Buzz continued and finally made a lucid point. He apparently feels that we have lost our focus. Instead of worrying about how the Russians, Chinese and Japanese are slowly overtaking us in space research and exploration, we sensationalize and promote non-events like today’s Paris debacle. Just as Your World was headed to a break, Aldrin reminisced about the days of the Apollo 11 Moon Mission and said, “Suppose Neal and I said, ‘Look at what’s outside of our window! It’s a UFO!’ Instead, we said, ‘It’s unusual to see a booster rocket outside of our window.’ Think about what people would have said and what they would have done if we told them it was a UFO following us? That‘s what it was.”

This was not Aldrin’s first statement about UFO encounters during the Apollo 11 Mission. He appeared on a Science Channel program entitled, “First on the Moon: The Untold Story” in 2005 and made this unusual observation: "There was something out there that, uh, was close enough to be observed and what could it be? Mike (Collins) decided he thought he could see it in the telescope and he was able to do that and when it was in one position, that had a series of ellipses, but when you made it real sharp it was sort of L shaped. That didn't tell us very much."

While interesting, it was carefully worded and left the door open to various interpretations. Compare that to the statement he made today, “Think about what people would have said and what they would have done if we told them it was a UFO following us? That‘s what it was.”

Throwing caution to the wind, Aldrin brings up two points that involve accusations UFO Researchers have made against NASA and the Government for years:

1. The U. S. Government is hiding information about UFOs for fear of public reaction to the affirmation that Aliens exist and are visiting our planet at will.

2. The U. S. Government knows all about UFOs and has the ability to identify them.

To my knowledge, Aldrin has hardly ever used the term, “UFO.” Astronauts have avoided that term like the plague. Deke Slayton, an Astronaut and Chief of the Astronaut Office made this statement in 1976: “I don't recall any of our astronauts ever reporting UFOs.” Why would he say that when there were already so many Astronaut sightings and UFO photos on record by then? Simple. They were already IDENTIFIED, not UNIDENTIFIED. And as far as word games go, the use of the term UFO by government or military personnel officially ended with the close of Project Bluebook (the official U. S. Government investigation into UFOs) in 1969.

As indicated by Buzz Aldrin’s latest statement, NASA already knew how to recognize UFOs in 1969. Aldrin: “Think about what people would have said and what they would have done if we told them it was a UFO following us? That‘s what it was.” However, Aldrin hasn’t always been so forthcoming. I recall Aldrin’s trademark Cheshire cat smile on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show anytime we asked about UFOs or Aliens. It was his preprogrammed defense mechanism. Anytime he’s asked about UFOs during a television, cable or film interview, the smile pops up. Other times he’ll substitute the smile with handy comments like, “It’s a big universe” or “I guess someone else has to be out there,” but it’s still more than we ever hear from Neil Armstrong.

The world is still waiting to hear what the first man to walk on the moon has to say about what happened during the Apollo 11 Mission. Described as a deeply private and honest man, Armstrong has been virtually silent since returning to Earth except for a few interviews almost immediately after the mission. The question that has always bothered me is why?

The only sensible answer is that things happened on the Apollo 11 Moon Mission that Neil Armstrong doesn’t want to talk about. It’s likely that he would rather say nothing then lie to people, mislead them or deliver a series of NASA approved responses. It’s impossible to say exactly what happened, but there is a decent body of evidence to indicate that it was anything but a routine flight.

During a time when the media was allowed to monitor most radio transmissions from the mission, odd noises and allegedly unknown languages were heard. Various statements regarding unknown objects and particular incidents were made by all three of the Apollo 11 Astronauts. Some photos taken during the mission appear to show a number of odd lights and strange objects in various positions near the moon.

Armstrong’s overall lack of enthusiasm for press events brings up another question. Why would NASA choose a quiet guy like Neil Armstrong to be the first man to walk on the Moon? They had to know that everyone in the world would want to interview him for years to come. That could have been a major publicity boom for NASA; instead it turned into a bust that probably contributed to the eventual gutting of the Space Program. That leaves the door open for all kinds of speculation.

Whenever he’s asked a question about something that Neil Armstrong said or did during the Apollo 11 Moon Mission, Buzz Aldrin always says, “You would have to ask Neil about that.” We would love to Buzz, but he ain’t talking! The best we can hope for is a final disclosure from Armstrong while he is alive or some kind of written or recorded statement left behind after he passes on. Now almost seventy-six years old, his last public appearance was at the White House in 2004 for the 35th Anniversary Celebration of the Moon Landing. As usual, he had little to say during that occasion.

On a day when all the news cameras were focused on a tearful Paris Hilton being dragged off to jail (again), Buzz Aldrin’s latest statement was the real bombshell. But those precious few and very important words from Aldrin came about all because of the Hilton court date coverage. So I say, Thanks, Paris! I’ll send a cake with a file in it and a Get out Of Jail Free Card from my children’s Spongebob version Monopoly game if that will help. Read more and view UFO photos taken during the Apollo 11 Mission at http://www. CanYouStandTheTruth. com

Creating a drum

Drums are one of the world’s oldest known and simplest instruments. Unlike most other instruments, they can be created using regular items and there sound can be recreated using many different kinds of items. The traditional drum form is a “membrane” stretch over a hollow shell. This membrane can be made of many different kinds of materials but were originally made from animal skin.

The animal skin is typically wet when it is first stretched over the drum. The skin is easier to work with when it has been wet and becomes increasingly difficult to handle and manipulate as it dries. The wetness of the skin is particularly important as this will allow the skin to be stretched, thus creating the tension necessary to create resonance in the drum. It is also important that the work area is very clean when the skin is dry so that dirt and debris do not get caught up in the skin and damage it. The skin that goes on the drumhead is traditionally soaked and stretched twice. The first stretch is employed in order to shape the skin to the head of the dream while the second stretch serves to make the skin taut enough to create an effective musical instrument.

Drum skins can be purchased from a variety of different locations. One website, http://www. soundsofclay. com has drum heads available in a variety of different patterns and styles. These drum heads are made from goat skins and some deer skins. They are also offered with or without hair and in patterns such as tie-dye and fluorescent tie-dye.

Still other sites, such as http://www. janm. org offer long descriptions and detailed instructions on how to make a Taiko Drum. Taiko means “drum” in Japanese and are drums used traditionally in Japanese classical and musical traditions. The drums are large and beautiful and resemble large barrels.

Typically, drums that are played with sticks use thicker skins while drums played with the hand use thinner skins. The animals skins used for making drum heads are almost always rawhide, which is exceptionally strong and flexible and has the added bonus of stretching when wet and tightening when dry. Most commonly the drum head is made out of goat or cow. Skins used for drums cannot be flawed and can be checked for flaws by holding them up to the light. To find out further information on drums, log on to the Internet.

Digital camera accessories that you ll actually need

In just about any technical product these days you are bound to have some options for accessories. This is no different with Digital Cameras. The problem is that the average consumer can be a little overwhelmed when trying to decide which accessories they really need for their camera. Especially coming from a pushy salesperson.

My goal here in this article is to provide some ideas as to what you really ought to be considering when purchasing Digital Camera Accessories.

An Extra Battery! - For me personally this is the number one on my list of Digital Camera Accessories. I don't know how many times I have been somewhere and my camera decides to die on me. Most Digital Cameras today use up an enormous amount of power, and unfortunately the only solution is to carry a lot of spare batteries on the side. There are camera with batteries you can recharge, naturally these are usually more expensive, but the same rules apply. You will need to charge these batteries very often, so having one on the side will certainly help with the continuity of photo taking!

Digital Camera Software - While you may have taken the worst picture in the history of photography (OK, that would be a pretty hard task to accomplish) but the good news is that you can often correct the mistakes with software. Fixing aspects like red-eye and brightening effects can turn a so-so photograph into a professional-looking one.

Tripod - This is one of the key items that professionals use all the time. This will allow you to take photographs with a much more evened look to them. The trick on this item is to get one that is relatively easy to carry around. Some tripods can be very bulky and cumbersome.

Carrying Case - When you spend a few hundred dollars on a good camera, you really need to find something that will protect it from nature's elements and also the accidental drop on the ground. Try to look for one that provides ample cushioning for your camera. Another Flash - This is also known as an "external flash" and is really for more professional and advanced users. The most obvious benefit of this flash is that it provide much better lighting than your normal camera

There are more accessories that you can buy, but for now these are some basics to get you started.

Here's to some great photographs!

4 tips to improve the life of your ipod

While everyone knows about the iPod and what it can do, not too many people are aware about the batteries that are located inside. Most people may assume that the batteries will simply last forever, because they are permanently attached to the inside of the iPod. Now, this assumption is incorrect on two levels. On one level, the lithium ion iPod battery that’s inside your iPod can be removed and replaced with an iPod battery replacement kit. Secondly, even though the battery never really leaves the inside of the device; that does not mean that the battery will last forever.

Now, because we now are aware of the fact that the battery won’t last forever, we need to make ourselves aware of some of the tips and tricks that can be applied in order to extend and improve the life of the new iPod battery.

TIP 1: Don’t overcharge the battery

WHY: Overcharging the battery can damage the lithium ion iPod battery itself.

EXPLANATION: With nowhere to store or displace the energy, the battery will become damaged as it attempts to keep charging even when it’s full.

TIP 2: Keep your iPod at room temperature only

WHY: Temperature plays a vital role in the function of the iPod battery

EXPLANATION: Chemical reactions take place inside the lithium ion iPod battery, and it’s those reactions that make the battery properly function. If the temperature it too cold, then the reactions slow down. And those reactions will also speed up if the temperature is too hot.

TIP 3: Only charge the iPod battery when it needs it

WHY: Charging the battery actually weakens it at the same time

EXPLANATION: Each time you recharge the lithium ion iPod mini battery, the overall charge capacity of the battery dwindles ever so slightly. By only charging the battery when needed, you are ensuring that the battery only loses its charge capacity when it has to.

TIP 4: Use your iPod on a consistent basis

WHY: Keeping it inactive dulls the battery

EXPLANATION: If you never use your iPod, the device and the battery itself can simply wear out and die. Using them on a regular basis can keep them both fresh and operational.

What you need to know as an actor

There are a couple of things every actor should know about auditioning. The Main tool besides their body of an actor is their voice.

Get involved as much as you can in live performing to discover how your character ingredients come across to others. The deeper you go with a character the more believable the experience becomes for both the audience and yourself. Since ancient times men and women have practiced the art of acting - playing the role of a character in a story, for the entertainment of an audience.

Acting schools are the perfect forum to enhance and embrace people who have what it takes to become an actor/actress. Many acting schools have differing programs that allows the student both choice and flexibility when choosing the class to suit their requirements. Acting Schools can be found in many fine arts departments in colleges and universities across the country. Four-year degrees through intensive professional study in Acting Schools are common, however, some specialized acting schools provide programs that last just weeks.

People who are just getting into the acting business have quite a few misconceptions about how the casting process works. Many agents and casting directors go to these small theaters looking for talent.

By definition an agent is someone who finds work for an actor at a fee of about 10 to 15% of whatever he earns for that job. In getting the audition in the first place, you or your agent are going to have to submit a photo and resume to the casting director. Understanding these issues will make it much easier for you to decide which agent best fits your ambitions and talents. Research is the key to finding an agent that suits your needs. Yes sometimes the casting agent will have them there for you but why rely on them to determine you success. Take some classes, work on some student projects and then keep knocking till you find an acting agent that is genuine.

Before you leave your home, make sure you have your headshot/resume neatly stapled together, the address and a map of where the audition is, and the phone number of the auditors in case you get lost. If you’re young, audition for some graduate or undergraduate programs even if you probably wouldn’t go.

Good acoustics were designed into theater halls to help performers to be heard differently and to have more subtle and natural reflections.

Join a theater group or company—this will inevitably keep you on your toes.

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