Pregnancy dresses that balance style with substance

Pregnancy Dresses That Balance Style With Substance

Pregnancy is that stage of a woman's life that calls

for radical changes, in appearance as well as in

attitude. But despite the tectonic shifts in her way

of being, the importance of stylish dressing during

this period cannot be underestimated. Even so, the

expecting mother must feel pretty as well as


Pregnancy dresses in any type of cotton material is

comfortable for the expecting mother's body and for

the well-being of her baby. The embryo in the womb

requires to be kept in a constant state of controlled


In this period of a woman's life, body temperatures

are always fluctuating and hence you have to wear

clothes which make you feel comfortable. Never use any

synthetic material, because it's unhygienic for both

the mother and the baby.

Denims are really wonderful for this period because

it's made from cotton and you can wear it both in

summer and chilly winters also. Gowns are really

comfortable for any party or any other informal

occasion. In this period sometimes it's necessary for

a mother to join parties and at that time you can wear

pretty, fashionable gowns.

You can also wear any type of loose cotton pants and

long skirts. But one thing to remember is that pants

and skirts must be of a reliable pregnancy brand

because such stores use some special elastic that is

very necessary for the mother's continually growing

waist size.

During advanced pregnancy periods, the short align

type frock is a very good option because it's very

comfortable and it's convenient to wear.

In a word, during your pregnancy you should wear

dresses which help to create a good nexus between

mother and the baby and so that you can enjoy this

time, and be comfortable as well as fashionable.

Save big bucks on your pregnancy dresses

Save Big Bucks On Your Pregnancy Dresses

Maternity clothes are probably the biggest money drain

for any pregnant woman. Not only do they have a small

shelf-life (after all, you will use them only for a

few months) they also tend to become old-fashioned in

a jiffy.

So how does someone plan their pregnancy wardrobe

without allowing it to make a big dent in their


Consider borrowing from friends or relatives. Almost

everyone hangs on to their maternity clothes and they

will gladly allow you borrow it for some time.

Plunder your husband or your partner’s closets for

baggy shirts, large-size shorts, and roomy socks.

Frequent yard sales and garage sales where housewives

might be disposing their maternity wear.

Run the clothes through a good dry cleaning service -

you don’t want to catch all the germs, mites, dust,

etc that might have collected on old clothes. Open the

seams of your old clothes - you might be surprised at

how long you can wear your regular clothes when you

are bulging with pregnancy fat if you can make them


Stepping out for a party and you need something more

trendy? Well, consider buying last season’s pregnancy

dresses. Everyone at the party will be busy cooing

over your pregnancy glow to even notice your clothes.

Also, you might be excused because everyone buys

pregnancy dresses well in advance and if you are just

a season behind, well, that’s actually quite sweet.

And anyhow, pregnant mothers are forgiven a lot more

than out-of - fashion pregnancy dresses, so relax!

Why cotton is the preferred pregnancy fabric

Why Cotton Is The Preferred Pregnancy Fabric

Not only are cotton clothes stylish but they also seem

to be the preferred choice of pregnancy dresses across

the world. In hot and humid countries like India,

cotton is the number 1 selling fabric by default. But

for pregnant women in all countries across the globe

it is a god-send for many reasons.

Cotton allows your skin to breathe, which is very

helpful during the advanced stages of pregnancy. This

means you remain comfortable during hot flashes and

even otherwise, the fabric allows air to pass through

it easily. This means you get natural ventilation

which helps aid good hygiene and comfort.

Cotton is easily available almost everywhere. And

what’s more, you get cotton in different cuts and

styles which means, your pregnancy wardrobe can be

varied and interesting.

While cotton fabrics are difficult to care for, they

make-up for this shortfall by keeping you cool and

comfortable during difficult times. Your body goes

through many changes so it helps to wear pregnancy

dresses that don’t leave you itching, scratchy,

swollen, or bruised any more than is necessary.

Cotton is also considered to be the fabric of choice

of the upper elite. So it allows you to look chic and

yet you are as comfortable as possible in your cotton

pregnancy dress.

Cotton also molds itself in your body curves which

lends a slim, lean look. So don’t hesitate for a

minute before you buy cotton pregnancy dresses because

you will get a rich pay-off in terms of comfort,

style, and over-all well being.

Neat bathing suits for the pregnant mommy

Neat Bathing Suits For The Pregnant Mommy

Since belly-baring is the hottest fashion these days,

a la Demi Moore, you might also like to wear some neat

bathing suits while you are pregnant.

Swimming is also considered to be a good exercise for

pregnant women so selecting a good bathing suit may

also become a matter of necessity.

Two piece bathing suits come in several varieties and

for a little bit more money, you might be able to

purchase a belly baring swimsuit for yourself.

Check if the suit is customized for pregnant women as

the bikini bottom piece must have generous amounts of

elastic. This allows the bottom piece to hug your

belly as it keeps growing in size without really

pinching the skin.

A tank top bikini might also look sexy because breasts

enlarge considerably during these months.

Avoid using a one piece suit because that always

screams the fact that you are expecting. It draws

immediate attention to the large belly.

If you are forced to wear a one-piece suit, then tie a

sarong to it when you are out of the water. You might

also like to attach a swimming skirt to the swimsuit

so that it covers the ugly excesses of fat on your

upper hips and tummy.

While swimming, the skirt is designed to keep out of

the way. You might also consider wearing bathing

shorts and a tank top if you are feeling particularly

shy. So ahead and keep cool with those minimalist

bathing suits.

Sartorial expectations when you are expecting

Sartorial Expectations When You Are Expecting

Most mommies gain about 30 pounds during their

pregnancy and are often, sartorially, at a loss. In

the first couple of months, between weeks 8 and 16,

clothes with elastic waists will suffice.

You will notice weight gain primarily around the hips,

the waist, the thighs, and upper arms. While your bone

structure will remain pretty much the same, the fat

content of your body will increase dramatically. So

your pregnancy dresses must also be able to cope with

such weight gains.

In the first trimester, pants and skirts with flexible

or elastic waists, or clothes without any form-fitting

shape are ideal. Opt for loose and baggy tops which

conceal your slightly protruding tummy. Always select

fabrics that stretch because these are the clothes

that will see you through most of your pregnancy.

In the latter, half of the pregnancy you will be

spoiled for choice. Almost all maternity clothes are

made for this part of the pregnancy and you might

almost feel human as you try on these clothes.

Whether you opt for designer, tailor-made, or

off-the-shelf clothes, you will soon be spending a

pretty penny on your wardrobe. Try to make sensible

purchases, for example, pregnancy dresses with a

tie-up on the back or the side, wrap around skirts

with adjustable waists, and so on.

Such clothes will see you happily attired even after

the baby is born. You can always mix and match and

select combinations judiciously pre and post partum.

Pregnancy dresses in denim are stylish and comfortable

Pregnancy Dresses In Denim Are Stylish And Comfortable

With all those hormones raging in your body, you will

notice that your core body temperature keeps

fluctuating during pregnancy. You need to wear

maternity clothes that allow your body to be

comfortable during hot flashes and even while you are

feeling cold. In other words, you must wear pregnancy

dresses that allow your skin to breathe.

Therefore, common sense dictates that your pregnancy

dresses should be made from natural fiber. Put away

all your synthetics, poly-fibers, lycra, etc in cold

storage for at least a couple of years.

Instead opt for fibers like denim, which look

fashionable and yet are a sensible choice for all your

pregnancy dresses. Denim is a fabric that allows you

to be cool in summer and warm during the winter


It also allows you to regulate your body temperature

during hot flashes so that all the perspiration dries

up naturally. Other synthetic dresses don’t allow air

to pass through the fabric so sweat remains

uncomfortably lodged on the skin.

Denim is also a material that allows you plenty of

choice in terms of style and cut. You can opt for

pregnancy jeans which have special elastic that can

accommodate your ever increasing waist size during the

advanced months of pregnancy.

Denim culottes or a pair of well-cut denim trousers

will help also hide the pregnancy bulges. A

smartly-cut denim jacket also provides a slim and trim

look to your pregnancy silhouette. So do consider

denim as a key fabric in your pregnancy wardrobe.

Pregnancy dresses and your shopping habits

Pregnancy Dresses And Your Shopping Habits

In the first flush of pregnancy, many would-be moms

quickly buy their pregnancy clothes and then regret it

at leisure. Most first timers are unaware that while

their body undergoes many changes, their lifestyle

also changes.

And with it, their shopping habits must also

compulsorily change. Consider this scenario - when you

were a gangly teen, nothing fit well.

In your twenties, everything was absolutely a perfect

fit. You were small size then, now with a huge belly,

you must buy extra large clothes. Doesn’t your ego

take a beating?

That aside, there was a time when you could just look

at a top and you might know it will fit you. When you

are pregnant, avoid such snappy purchases. Try on the

clothes. Wear them for as long as you can. Even if

something feels slightly itchy or tight, lose those

clothes immediately.

Your skin becomes twice as sensitive and if you wear

those clothes for a longer period of time then a small

itch might become an ugly rash and a fitting top might

just squeeze the breath out of you. So don’t ever

think of buying a pregnancy dress without trying it on


Big is good, bigger is best. Aim to buy a size that’s

at least a couple of sizes bigger than you are

currently. Just accept the fact that you will grow and

grow and your clothes also have to keep up with your

increasing dimensions.

So change your shopping habits temporarily when buying

your pregnancy dresses.

Winter pregnancy dresses

Winter Pregnancy Dresses

Selecting winter pregnancy dresses can be a bit

trickier than selecting clothes for the summer. For

one, you cannot buy in advance because the clothes

might become old-fashioned and you will have no idea

of the size you will need by the time winter comes


Next, winter clothes are pretty bulky so if you're in

your first term of pregnancy, you might even be able

to fit into your old winter clothes. However, this

becomes more complicated if you get bigger.

In such a scenario, consider wearing your old coat but

without buttoning it up. If you can accessorize well

then you might be able to carry off a stylish winter


Since desperate times call for desperate measures,

borrow your husband’s coat. It might not be very

fashionable but at least it will keep you warm and


If you must absolutely wear women’s coats, well, then

you might like to trawl the flea markets and buy a

nice quality second-hand coat. Alternatively, a shawl

or a poncho is also good substitute to a coat.

Or perhaps you might like to add some layers to your

clothing instead of wearing one coat. If you team up

the clothes with eye of colors and textures you might

actually be able to hide the flab as well.

Think about a warm top, a color coordinated pull over

with a woolen skirt and some warm leggings with

matching muffler and mittens. Such an outfit will keep

you warm and trendy at the same time.

Select pregnancy dresses for style and comfort

Select Pregnancy Dresses For Style And Comfort

Today, pregnant women live in a society where they

don’t feel shy in showing off their bulging stomachs.

After all, why should pregnant women cringe at the

thought of what other people will think and say about

their protruding tummies?

In fact, being pregnant is one of the best and most

memorable times in a woman’s life. Therefore, you must

dress yourself with style.

However, it is appropriate for a pregnant woman to

wear a pregnancy dress for comfort as well as for

fashion. Many women don’t have any idea of the type of

pregnancy dress that they should wear.

Women should see to it that the pregnancy dress is

loose and comfortable and, at the same time, a little

stretchable so as to accommodate the growing bulges.

The old fashions and dresses worn by pregnant women

have today given way to smart dresses. You might have

seen many high profile celebrities sporting smart

pregnant dresses and the trend has picked up


You should wear pregnant dresses that match your

personality. Also choose a dress with clean lines

which takes attention away from your tummy. A

stretchable jumper will be just about fine.

Also you can spend money buying comfortable and roomy

maternity jeans. A good brand will add to your

personality and comfort. Bias cut, wrap-around tops as

well as dresses are the in-thing today as they are

very suitable for day and evening wear.

They can fit well and are good enough to last you for

the entire nine month pregnancy cycle. You can also

wear stylish ballet pumps with your pregnancy dresses.

The survival kit for pregnancy dresses

The Survival Kit For Pregnancy Dresses

During the 9 months of pregnancy, many would-be

mothers keep repeating the same mistakes over and

again. Here is a survival checklist for all first-time

mothers so that your pregnancy wardrobe is stylish and

comfortable without pinching your wallet. While

shopping for your pregnancy dresses, ensure that you

keep this checklist handy.

All pregnancy dresses should be made from soft

materials which are natural. Avoid man-made materials

like the plague. The material should be almost cotton,

preferably 90% and yet it should have some percent of

lycra - not more than 10% - so that it gives a little

stretch during the months when the tummy balloons and

flab appears all over the body.

Check the lining of the clothes you buy. It should not

irritate the skin and select colors that are soothing

to the eye. Opt for hues like cream, off-white, navy,

beige, black (just for its slimming effect), and of

course, pure white.

Baby pinks, light shades of blue, pastel colors are

also choices with which you look good during these


Most would-be mothers make the classic mistake of

"making do" with their old clothes. They keep wearing

their old clothes till it literally falls apart at the

seams. Avoid this at all costs.

Do spend a bit of money and try to spruce up your

appearance during the pregnancy months. Not only will

you look good, you will also feel good about yourself

if you have a good selection of pregnancy dresses.