Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego contains some of

the most extensive and dramatically designed

historic buildings in the area. Constructed between

1873 and 1930, these Victorian style buildings are

truly a sight to behold.

The Victorian era buildings found in the Gaslamp

Quarter are home to night clubs, restaurants,

theaters, and shops. A simple stroll down 4th

and 5th avenue will put you at the heart of the

Gaslamp Quarter.

Also found in the Gaslamp Quarter is the Horton

Plaza and Horton Plaza Park. The Plaza is the

first place in the United States to feature a water

fountain containing electric lights; a true

tribute to the designer Alonzo Horton.

The Gaslamp Quarter received its name from the

gaslamps that were used in the area around the early

1900's. During those times, gaslamps were the

main source of light for the area that is now

the vision of Modern Day San Diego.

Now days, there are more than 130 stores and shops

filling the Gaslamp Quarter. With everything from

Macy's to Mervyns, Gaslamp Quarter has plenty for

you to see and do. In Horton Plaza, you can find

a multi screen movie theater that is sure to please

movie lovers.

For a wonderful experience, the Gaslamp Quarter of

San Diego shouldn't be overlooked. There is a lot

you can do here, from fine dining to excellent

shops. For a family vacation, San Diego has a

little bit of something for everyone.


La Jolla San Diego

A sparkling jewel of San Diego, the La Jolla

area is a picture perfect post card with several

beaches along more than seven miles of coast

against an array of rolling hills known as Mount


Being a part of San Diego, La Jolla is only

15 minutes from the downtown district. Along with

beautiful scenery, the area also offers many fine

restaurants, art galleries, hotels and resorts,

and many other attractions such as the Scripps

Institution of Oceanography.

The Birch Aquarium is also a part of La Jolla,

giving you the chance to enter the exciting world

of sharks, living coral reefs, and many other undersea

exhibits. This aquarium showcases the mysteries of

the ocean and what actually lives there.

The shoreline of La Jolla consists of rocky headlands

seperated by pristine coves and sandy beaches. All

along the beach, you can find many different hotels

and resorts, designed to make your stay a little bit


The North Pacific Beach extends to La Jolla, traveling

from the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach. If you travel

north of this area, you'll find yourself on the

beaches of La Jolla.

By going to the south end of the La Jolla shoreline,

you'll find Windandsea Beach. Windandsea Beach has

long had a reputation for surfers paradise, although

the steep beaches and rocky cliffs can be very

dangerous if you aren't aware of them.

Close to downtown La Jolla, there is an area called

Casa, which used to be a children's pool. Now days,

the area has been taken over by seals and sealions.

Although children can't swim here anymore, it's a

great pastime to lay on the beach and watch them play.

Traveling along the La Jolla shoreline, you'll find

the tide pools. These pools are great to look at,

although you shouldn't touch them. You should visit

during low tide and be sure to wear rubber soled shoes,

as they can get quite slippery.

The cove in La Jolla is very beautiful, although one

of the smaller beaches in San Diego. On either side of

the cove, there are sandstone cliffs. This helps to

add an isolated feel to the cove.

Throughout La Jolla, the Shores Beach is the widest and

longest beach. If you look off to the distance on the

beach, you can see the Scripps Pier. Also on the beach,

there are novice scuba classes held throughout the summer


With plenty to offer you and your family, the beaches of

La Jolla are among the best in San Diego. There's plenty

to do and see here, with dining and swimming. For a

great visit to the beach, La Jolla seems to simplify the

best of life in California.


La Jolla Caves

Along with the beaches La Jolla gives the San Diego

area, it also has some very nice caves. The caves

of La Jolla are great for tours, exploring, or

anyone wanting to see the best of La Jolla.

Carved into the sandstone cliffs of La Jolla, there

are seven caves. Most of the time, you can visit

any seven of these caves by sea kayak. Although

all but one are accessible by foot, you should be

very carefully when minus tides sweep the area.

The Sunny Jim Cave is one of the most popular and

well known caves of La Jolla. You can enter

through the Cave Store by paying a small fee. There

are 145 steep steps to get through the cave,

which is great for exploring and seeing the area.

The cave store can tell you many things about the

caves, including tours. If you plan to visit the

La Jolla area of San Diego, the caves can be a great

place to explore. Those of you who have kids coming

along for the trip, should remember to be very

careful - as the caves provide a lot of beauty -

they can also provide a lot of danger as well.


San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo, located in San Diego California is

one of the best zoo's in the United States. Serving

as one of the main reasons to visit San Diego, the

zoo houses nearly 4,000 animals. Also in the zoo, are

the infamous pandas, one of the main reasons as to why

the zoo is so popular.

Among the many animals you'll find here are the pandas,

giraffes, tigers, and basically any other animal that

you can think of. The animals themselves have plenty

of room to run and play, giving you all the space you

need to view them in their active environment and

best of all - while they are at their best.

Anytime you plan to visit San Diego, you should make

sure you visit the zoo. Kids simply adore the animals

here, while parents find them adorable. Even if you

have never been to a zoo before, the San Diego Zoo

can more than change your outlook.

Once you enter the zoo, you can check out the animals,

get some food, or just walk around. The park is

enormous in size, having everything you can basically

think of when it comes to animals. Once you visit, you

may find yourself hating time when it comes time to



Mission Beach San Diego

The area of Mission Beach is a stretch of the sandbar

along the Pacific Ocean. Through Mission Beach, the

main artery is Mission Boulevard. This Boulevard is

a popular place to go in the summer or winter, as

there are main shops and restaurants.

Near Mission Beach, you'll find attractions such as

Sea World and Belmont Park. Both amusement parks are

well known, and very popular. Within the two you'll

find rides such as the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster,

Chaos, Vertical Plunge, the Liberty Carousel, and

The Trampoline.

Mission Beach also gives you plenty of opportunities

to participate in volleyball, tanning, surfing,

skateboarding, and many other activities. There is

also a local skating club, Skate This, which performs

for free on the weekends with sick tricks and dancing.

Even though nudity isn't allowed on the beach, alcohol

still is. Thong bikinis aren't legal on the beach,

although lifeguards and security personal normally don't

make a big deal about it.

With plenty of shops and restaurants, Mission Beach

in San Diego is a great place to go. The beach is

very warm and offers a sandy environment. If you like

the beach with other perks to offer, Mission Beach is

one place you should check out.


Pacific Beach San Diego

Alive with the sea and plenty of activities for all

that visit, Pacific Beach is a great place. With plenty

of activities to offer visitors, Pacific Beach in San

Diego has seen well over 26 million visitors! With

numbers like these, you know you really can't go wrong

by visiting.

Aside from the wonders of the beach, the boutique

shopping distric of Pacific Beach features hundreds and

hundreds of choices to find treasure in the sand. With

local names such as the L. A. Rack and Starbucks, this is

truly a shoppers paradise. There are also new and retail

clothing stores, salons, and many other stores to be

found here in this shopping paradise.

When it comes to the nightlife and exquisite dining,

Pacific Beach has it all covered. The restaurant experience

here is as diverse as the undersea life. You can find

everything here from fusion Thai to gourmet pasta, seafood

to hamburgers and virtually everything in between.

When the sun starts to set and the tide changes, the

Pacific Beach seems to come to life. There are dozens of

nighttime high spots with dancing, live music, and some of

the best beach bars in California. With most being found

within walking distance of the hotels, Pacific Beach does

it's part to simplify your experience.

Arguably the best feature to Pacific Beach is the golden

sands that California is so very well known for. The beach

and the Ocean Front Boardwalk are both modest in their

approach to offer bike and board rental stores, beach-

front dining with great views, and plenty of green

parks for you to experience.

Being out on the sand, you can experience the thrill of

horseshoes, the hot girls, dolphins playing in the water,

and endless surf competitions in the summer. The summer

is definately a little bit hotter when you are sitting in

the ocean at Pacific Beach with your toes in the sand.

With Mission Bay Park and the Historic Crystal Pier nearby,

you'll always find something to do here. Mission Bay is a

public park, offering the world famous Sea World, with

plenty of amusement park rides, undersea wildlife to see,

and plenty of fine dining.

On the other hand, the Historic Crystal Pier offers a

taste of Southern California reinvented. A walk along

the pier can bring back a taste of days gone by, coupled

with the lifestyle that only California can bring.

With a taste of the ocean and everthing in between, Pacific

Beach makes for a great and unforgettable summer. Offering

plenty of shops, fine dining, and California sand, this is

one area of San Diego that should be visited - time and

time again!


Belmont Park In San Diego

Located in sunny San Diego, the Belmont Park is one

of the best amusement parks in San Diego. With plenty

for the entire family, this Park has something for

everyone. With rides for the entire family and basically

everything in between, Belmont Park makes for a very

exciting adventure.

The most distinctive attraction in the Park is the Giant

Dipper Roller Coaster. The coaster was built in 1925 and

has been restored over the years. This coaster is truly

one of a kind, as it offers quick drops, steep hills,

and insane speed!

Belmont Park in San Diego also offers the endless wave,

which is perfect for wave riders. The Flowrider offers

hourly rides, even lessons for beginners. If waves

aren't your sort of thing, you may find the raceway bumper

cars or the Chaos enticing. Chaos resembles a ferris

wheel, although it creates a random three dimensional

rocking and rolling. Anytime you get on it, no two rides

are every the same!

For arcade enthusiasts, there is a family fun arcade and

gamelords. This creates the ultimate gaming experience,

keeping kids, teenagers, and even adults occupied for

hours on end.

Other rides at the park include the Vertical plunge, krazy

kars, and the infamous "plunge". The plunge is a great

attraction, and actually happens to be the largest indoor

heated pool in San Diego. Perfect for swimming, diving,

and just enjoying yourself, the plunge is a blast.

To feel the sensation, the Crazy Submarine and the

Trampoline can help you. To truly test your limits, the

Rock Wall will offer a unique challenge. Anyone wanting

to give it a try, can get to climbing the wall and see if

they truly have what it takes to get to the top.

Once you've had your fill on rides, there are plenty of

other entertainment and events to keep you occupied. In

Belmont Park, there is always something going on. With

San Diego being a tourist attraction, you can bet the

entertainment in Belmont Park is nothing short of


For the kids, Belmont Park offers some truly unbeatable

deals on birthday parties or private parties. If you

decide to have a party here, you can pretty much rent a

chunk of the park for yourself. For kids, this can truly

be an unforgettable memory.

Closed Monday - Thursday, Belmont Park is open Friday and

Saturday 11 AM - 10 PM and Sunday 11 AM - 8 PM. Although

the park is closed on major holidays, you can visit on

the weekends and enjoy the best in entertainment.

To round out your fun, make sure you do a little shopping

and take in some of the food. Belmont Park in San Diego

has great food and shopping, giving you more than a few

reasons to visit the park and be amazed - truly amazed.


Ocean Beach San Diego

Located in the Ocean Beach Community, Ocean Beach is

actually just south of the entrance to the Mission

Bay channel. Located at 1950 Abbott Street, the beach

is a very popular location in the summer. During the

winter months, couples like to walk the beach and

just bask in the presence.

The Ocean Beach is wide in structure, about a mile

long. Along the north end of the beach, you'll find

a volleyball court. During the summer, the court is

always teeming with people playing volleyball while

the sand around it is teeming with people watching.

At the south end of the beach you'll find the Ocean

Beach Municipal Pier. The Pier is open to the public

with plenty of walking and fishing available. Located

on the pier is a bait and tackle shop along with a

restaurant. Although you don't need a fishing license

to fish off the dock, catch regulations are enforced.

If you walk to the south end of the beach you'll find

many restaurants, surfing shops, and many other commercial

shops and establishments. Although you can travel to

the north end of Ocean Beach, it's mostly bordered by

residents of the ocean area.

The unique part of Ocean Beach is the Dog Beach, located

at the north end. This sandy area is where dogs can

run and play without a leash - anytime - day or night.

Although dog owners are responsible for their dogs and

the clean up of them, Dog Beach is actually pretty

nifty for anyone who owns dogs.

For your protection along the beach, lifeguards are

out each and every day, year round. They are generally

on duty from 9 AM until dark although you can check with

them for their specific hours of operation. They are

there for your protection and very willing to answer

any question that you may have.

Keep in mind while on the beach, California beaches do

experience powerful rip currents. It's because of these

currents that beaches in California experience over

1,000 rescues by lifeguards every year. To be on the

safe side while in San Diego at Ocean Beach, it's

always a good idea to swim near a lifeguard.

For those who like surfing, surfing is permitted at

Ocean Beach in designated areas. Scuba isn't recommended

however, because of the lack of undersea life, heavy

rip currents, and the surf.

For swimming or enjoying the California lifestyle, Ocean

Beach is a great place to go. It is a very popular

place in the summer, drawing hundreds of thousands of

people. If you long for a taste of the California

lifestyle, make sure you visit Ocean Beach in San



Maritime Museum San Diego

Since 1948, the Maritime Museum located in San Diego

has served the city in many big ways. The museum here

is dedicated to collecting and preserving the rich

maritime heritage and historic values of the city -

then presenting it to the public.

The biggest attraction to the museum is the historic

ships. Here, you'll find five great examples of

maritime vessels - Berkeley, Californian, Medea,

Pilot, and the Star of India.

All across the museum you can find many examples of

Naval technology and ships of the past. The guides

at the Maritime Museum are very friendly and helpful,

willing to answer any question that you may have.

Nearby to the museum, you have several attractions

and things to see. With the museum being in the

downtown area of San Diego, it's very close to some

of the other things that San Diego is so very well

known for.

If you happen to be on vacation in San Diego, make

sure you visit the Maritime Museum. Kids love to

see the ships on display, as well as the USS Midway

Aircraft Carrier Museum, which is a short walk from

the Maritime Museum.


San Diego Convention Center

On the Embarcadero in downtown San Diego, the

Convention Center provides the best of facilities

for trade shows, conventions, and even corporate

meetings or all sizes. For breaks and outdoor

events, there are landscaped terraces available

that overlook the bay.

The civic theatre in the Convention Center, offers

2,975 seats for meetings and formal assemblies. This

helps to make the Convention Center the biggest and

best equipped of all performing arts theaters in

San Diego.

With its great views of the water and city, the

Convention Center is also convenient to hotels,

shopping stores, and plenty of entertainment. Within

walking distance you also have the Gaslamp Quarter,

Horton Plaza, Petco Park, and Seaport Village.

Held here, are events such as the International

Auto Show, Boat Show, and many others. The San Diego

Convention Center is located at 202 C. Street, in

downtown San Diego.

Undergoing expansion in 2001, the center doubled

it's space. It now offers 500,000 square foot of

exhibit space, 90,000 square feet of multi-function

space, 72 meeting rooms, and now 90,000 square foot

of glass enclosed pavilion.

Those visiting the San Diego area or those who reside

here should check with the Convention Center to see

if there is anything going on. The Convention Center

is a great place to visit - especially if there is

something interesting going on.


Things to Experience in San Diego

Visiting San Diego for the first time can be quite overwhelming,

especially when you consider that there are so many things you

can do. Deciding where to go and what to do can be quite time

consuming, which is where we can help. Below, you'll find the 8

best spots in San Diego - things you simply must experience.

1. Hitting the beach.

No matter what season you visit, the beach is one area that

personifies the entire San Diego lifestyle. Whether your watching

the tide come in or soaking in the sun, the beach is where the

action is. From Mission Beach to the Belmont Park rollercoaster -

make sure you hit the beaches here.

2. Trying a fish taco.

Although it may sound a bit weird, the fish taco is one

of the best foods in San Diego. Deep fried, battered fish encased

in a corn tortilla is one of the foods that once you try it the

first time - you'll crave anytime you come back!

3. Going to Mexico.

It's no secret that San Diego borders Mexico, with Tijuana

being a metropolis in its own right. Visting Tijuana or Baja Mexico

is perfectly safe day or night, no matter what you have heard. Keep

in mind that they have their own laws, bring your passport, then

enjoy everything that this foreign paradise will provide you with.

4. Take a ride on the trolley.

San Diego doesn't have the best public transit system, yet

they do have the well known trolley. The highways here can be quite

intimidating, making the trolley the ideal way to travel. If you

want to learn more about the city, simply buy an all day trolley

pass - you'll see more of San Diego this way than you ever thought


5. Visiting the Pandas.

While Sea World and Legoland has their share of animals, the

San Deigo zoo is no stranger to Pandas. The zoo is a tourist attraction,

with the baby Su Lin, which is quite a feast for the eyes. When you

visit the San Diego Zoo, visit in the morning - when the pandas are

most active.

6. Balboa Park.

After you check out the pandas, take a trip to the jewel of

the city - Balboa Park. The atmosphere is breathtaking here, no matter

when you visit. If you visit on Tuesdays however; you'll find that

most museums have free admission. After you visit a while, dine at the

Prado Restauraunt and experience great food in a great setting.

7. Gaslamp and the nightlife.

The Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego is the place to be

for dancing, eating, or just people watching. You can experience the

best of life in San Diego here, with food to fit every taste.

8. The Old Town.

While historical San Diego isn't always apparent, a visit to the

Old Town State Historic Park can bring back the past. There are snippets

of Old San Diego found everywhere you look here. Although there are many

fine restaurants here, make sure you visit the Old Town Mexican Cafe, as

it serves the best Mexican food around San Diego.


San Diego Harbor Bay Tour

As vast as the San Diego harbor is, a simple walk

around it doesn't do it justice! To partake in the

beauty that is San Diego Harbor, you need to take a

tour of the bay. San Diego Harbor Excursion can

help you do that, as they are the most established

tour company throughout the bay.

As a guest, they will treat you with as one of them,

helping to bring your cruise to life. There are

a few parts to the tour, ensuring that you get the

most out of your time on the cruise.

Tour of the North Bay

On your tour of the North Bay, you'll see the North

Island Naval Air Station, Shelter Islands, and even

the Naval Sub Base. If you look closely, you'll

also be able see the Cabrillo National Monument as


The tour of the North Bay is around 12 miles in length

and lasts about an hour. This is a fine tour for

anyone interested in the Navy as well. During your

tour the guides will explain everything to you as

you see it. This way, you'll always know what's going


Tour of the South Bay

Your tour of the South Bay consists of the Star of

India, the Naval surface fleet, Coronado Bay Bridge,

and the shipyards. This is a very busy and hectic

area, which makes a tour excellent to see everything

that this area has to offer.

The tour of South Bay is roughly 12 miles in length

and also lasts around an hour. The guides will explain

things here to you as well, ensuring that you know

exactly what you are seeing.

Tour of the Bay

Those of you who are looking to see it all should go

for the deluxe tour of the entire bay. You'll see

everything covered in the North and South Bay, along

with everything else the bay has to offer. The tour

is around 25 miles in length and lasts around 2 hours.

To get started on your tour, all you need to do is

contact the Harbor Excursion. The price for the tour

is very reasonable, considering everything you'll be


If you happen to live in San Diego, taking the tour is

easier than ever. Those of you who are visiting or on

vacation should give the tour a shot as well. This way

you'll get to experience everything that San Diego Bay

has to offer you without having to walk around. And

best of all - tour guides will explain the sights to

you - so you'll never miss a second.


San Diego Whale Watching

It's no secret to anyone that the coast of San Diego

is the ideal place to watch the annual migration of

the gray whale. Looked upon as one of nature's ultimate

spectacles; the migration of gray whales is nothing

short of breathtaking. The coastline of San Diego is

one of their migratory points as they travel from the

waters of the Arctic to the warmer regions of the Baja

(California), where females also give birth.

Every year, roughly 26,000 gray whales will make the

long journey of 10,000+ miles from the Arctic to the Baja

and back. If you look at this journey and compare it to

any other mammal, you'll notice that the gray whale by

far has the greatest amount of traveling at hand.

If you've never experienced whale watching, you'll be

happy to know that anyone will find it memorable - young

or old. Spotting a gray whale along the coastline is

something that is truly a memorable moment, making you

stop for a second and truly appreciate these awesome


If you ask the Birch Aquarium in San Diego, you'll find

that gray whales are seen most frequently from December

through March. While they travel in dozens normally,

it's nothing to see pods of them (2 - 3) as they travel

during migration. Throughout the coast of San Diego,

you can easily spot these whales as they are somewhat

slow swimmers.

During their swimming, they will normally dive to a depth

of 100 feet or more for a few minutes, then surface and

blow. Then, they will do a few shallow dives, before

making that deep dive again. When watching whales, figuring

out this pattern makes the success of watching them all

the more fun and exciting.

While there are many common places to watch whales,

nothing seems to compare to the excitement of watching them

from aboard a cruise. There are many cruises that take

place in San Diego, many of which offer unbeatable deals.

From H&M Landing to the Birch Aquarium, cruises are some of

the best ways to see the beauty and tranquility of the

traveling gray whales.

The beauty of the gray whales can also be seen from many

points of the San Diego coast, including the Cabrillo

National Monument on Point Loma or the cliffs of Torrey Pines

State Beach. Along these points, you can see the whales as

they make their travels.

Whether it's a cruise or just watching from the coast, whale

watching in San Diego is something you truly have to see to

appreciate. You can take your kids, family, or even your

friends. Whale watching can definately be exciting, all you

have to do is plan your day and enjoy everything that the

beauty of the gray whale will provide you with.


Old Town San Diego

The Old Town San Diego Park serves as a way to recreate

life in both the early American and early Mexican era

of 1821 - 1872. Perfectly situated in San Diego, the

park helps to recreate what was once San Diego. No

matter how you look at it, a trip to California isn't

complete without a visit to the Old Town.

Around the five adobes of the main complex, there are

shops, a museum, and several restaurants. Around the

garden courtyard, the La Casa mansion helps to bring

back a taste of the Old Town. Just a short hop from

there, the museum is full of artifacts that help to

reflect on the life that was once the Old Town.

The Old Town also has a blacksmith shop, schoolhouse,

and several other historic buildings, including the

first newspaper office in San Diego. This is truly

a place to visit, especially for those who are wanting

to learn more about the history of San Diego.

The city of San Diego was the first Spanish settlement

in California. This occurred when a fort and mission

were established in 1769. Back in 1769, California

was just beginning to get established, therefore it

wasn't near the state nor the size that it is today.

When visiting the Old Town Park, you should make sure

to visit the Robinson-Rose House Visitor Center. This

center is reconstructed now and displays a model of

Old Town and the way it looked back in 1872. The model

that is on display was created by Joseph Toigo.

The Old Town Park also offers exhibits of the way things

used to be, programs, and even guided tours. You can

get a personal tour of the park, with a guide who

will show you around and even explain things to you.

During your visit to the park, you can also enjoy a

picnic at one of the picnic areas or get something to

eat from one of many vendors. There are supplies here

as well, including restrooms.

Those living in San Diego can find the Old Town Park

on San Diego Avenue and Twiggs Street. Being close to

the main city, visiting the Park is easier than you may

think. If you live in the city but have never been to

the park, you should stop by and take a look.

On a vacation or a visit from town, the Old Town San

Diego helps to bring back a taste of the past. There

is a lot to see here and a lot of historical value. All

you need to do is stop by the park and see what you

think about the way things used to be.


Little Italy San Diego

Little Italy in San Diego is rapidly evolving as an

inner city neighborhood that's perfect to live in,

shop, dine, or visit. The Little Italy offers great

views of the bay, art and cultural festivities, and

great food.

The nearby street sign for Little Italy, created in

1999, signals that the area is the heart and soul

of San Diego's inner community. The sign is truly

a signal of peace, and can be found on India Street

between Date and Fir.

Each and every year, there are nearly a dozen festivals

held in Little Italy. There are tons of holiday

celebrations, music, and art expo's. During this

time, Little Italy comes alive like never before.

The heart of Little Italy is India Street. This

street has plenty of outdoor cafes, restaurants,

galleries, and specialty shops. Nearby Amici Park

offers a playground for the Washington Elementary

School and a community park that's complete with

a bocce ball court.

Bigger than the Little Italy neighborhoods in New

York and San Francisco, San Diego's Little Italy

keeps getting bigger and better. The waterfront

district of San Diego is bouncing back with Little

Italy, proving to be a great place for tourist



Mission Bay San Diego

Mission Bay Park in San Diego is the largest facility

of its kind, offering over 4,600 acres with free

recreational activities for visitors. What was once

a sprawling swamp in the 1960's, was dredged and

transformed into what is now a great attraction to

the San Diego area.

Across the 27 miles of bayfront, water activities are

all over the place here. For beach lovers, there are

17 miles of oceanfront property, including Mission

Beach and Pacific Beach. There are separate areas

as well, for swimming, fishing, boating, and even

sailing. Mission Park also offers free events such

as volleyball, jetski, and many different types

of competitions and exhibitions.

For the children, Mission Bay Park offers a playground

area with plenty of other things to do as well.

Mission Park has always been an attraction, one

that keeps people coming back for more.

For those living in the area, Mission Bay in San

Diego provides plenty of things to do. The location

is great, with something always going on. If you

plan to visit San Diego in the near future - make

sure you drop by Mission Bay and see what makes this

area one of the best in the world.


San Diego At A Glance

Referred to as many as being the only area in the

United States with perfect weather, San Diego remains

the oldest port on the West Coast. Complete with a

well known Naval Base and a high level of tourism, this

breathtaking city continues to dominate the economy.

Aside from offering high mountains, deserts, and over

70 miles of the world's most renowned beaches, San Diego

also offers other great attractions such as Sea World,

the San Diego Zoo, and Wild Animal Park.

For art lovers, there are many different museums and

even the Shakespearean play at the Old Globe Theater.

Throw in the fact that San Diego has more championship

golf courses than any other area in the world, and you

have a city ready for anyone's imagination.

As a tourist city or a place to call home, San Diego is

one place you should at least visit. The night life here

rivals that of Las Vegas, giving you something for

everyone in the family. Young or old - San Diego is the

one city that you'll never find boring.


Seaport Village San Diego

The Seaport Village of San Diego combines the best

of waterfront shopping, dining, and overall family

entertainment. While the Marina Park is here as

well, nearby is the small but popular San Diego

public park.

In Seaport Village you'll find 14 acres of pleasure

with more than 75 shops and galleries, restaurants,

and eateries on the sidewalk. Even though the area

is primarily targeted towards visitors, locals get

the best of the best with the restaurants and their

out of town company.

The San Diego Pier Cafe is also here, which is one of

the best known restaurants in the area. Located on

the bay, the cafe provides seafood with breathtaking


The Seaport village provides a great place to view

Coronado and the Coronado Bridge, as it overlooks the

harbor. Just a short stroll from the village, you have

the San Diego Convention Center, Petco Park, and

the Gaslamp Quarter.

Providing plenty to do and plenty of things to see

nearby, Seaport Village has it all going on. A visit

here is unlike any other, as the city of San Diego

will always have something unique to offer you and your

entire family.


San Diego For Kids

Although San Diego has many things for grown ups to

enjoy, it hasa lot of activities for kids to enjoy

as well. Custom made for families, San Diego has

plenty of public parks, nice weather year round,

several museums, and many things for children of all

ages to amuse themselves with.

For kids who love animals, there's the well known

San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Animal Park. The zoo

is located in Balboa Park, while the park is located

a bit north of the city. If you have the time, you

should take a full day for your kids to enjoy the park

and the zoo. If the traditional zoo makes your kids

uncomfortable, the park is a great alternative.

Kids of all ages also enjoy the world famous Sea

World, which is home to Shamu the killer whale and

several other marine animals and exhibits. Sea World

has been a great attraction for kids for many years,

showing them the marine life like never before.

When it comes to the winter months, whale watching is

a very popular activity. You can watch them from

the coastline or take a cruise. Watching the gray

whale is very amusing to kids, openening their minds

to new possibilities.

Balboa Park is a great place to visit as well, as it

has a lot more than the San Diego Zoo. There are

places for kids to explore, with the children's museum,

the Fleet Science Center, and the Natural History


Another popular park for kids is Legoland California,

which is located north of San Diego. There are a lot

of things to see in this park, with a majority of

the park being built from the popular Lego blocks.

Overall, this is one of the best and most quiet options

for younger children.

Hitting the beach is great as well, as San Diego has

many different beaches for kids of all ages. On the

beaches, kids can build sandcastles, rent boogie

boards, or just enjoy the swimming that San Diego so

proudly displays.

Older kids will enjoy the true recreation mode for

San Diego - roller skating and rollerblading. Along

Mission Bay there are great spots, along with

playgrounds and parks. You can fly kites here as

well, which is a great break from the ordinary.

Amusement Parks are a great attraction in San Diego,

with Belmont Park being very popular. There are many

rides here, amusing kids for hours on end. The

Giant Dipper and the Plunge are among the best, for

younger or older kids.

If San Diego is on your family vacation list, rest

assured that there will be plenty for your kids to

do on your stay. They will feel right at home with

the many things to do - while you your mate are

occupied with plenty of things for you to do as



Facts About San Diego

Considering how San Diego is one of the best cities in

the United States, its really easy to tell how popular

the city is for tourists. Among the many accomplishments

behind San Diego, let's take a look at several facts behind

this amazing city.

Fact 1

Inside the city limits of San Diego, more than 1 million

people live there. This makes the city the second largest

in California and the sixth biggest in the entire United

States! For the city to be this big, the residents still

have that hometown experience - which is quite amazing!

Fact 2

No matter what type of year it is, it's never the wrong

time to visit. The weather is near perfect year round, giving

you the chance to experience everything to offer here. With

an annual high of 70 degrees and a low of 55 degrees,

you can pretty much go swimming year round.

Fact 3

If you visit between December - March, you can catch some

glimpses of the impressive gray whale. All along the coast

or on a cruise, you can catch this very amazing mammal.

Fact 4

If you travel just 23 miles south, you'll be in the beautiful

city of Tijuana. What was once thought of as dangerous,

happens to be an amazing place of Mexican hospitality,

with great restaurants, shopping, and a pleasing nightlife.

Fact 5

San Diego offers an amazing array of flowers and roses. With

the climate being dry, it's the perfect conditions for roses,

wild daises, and other exotic flowers. With different flowers

in the winter and summer months, avid flower lovers will fall

in love with everything San Diego has to offer them.

Fact 6

It's no secret that one of the biggest attractions to San

Diego are the beaches. Make sure you read the signs though,

as the beauty behind the beaches vary almost as much as the

rules do.

Fact 7

When it comes to nightlife, San Diego has something to please

everyone. From country dancing to singing in a bar, the city

has a very happening nightlife. No matter what you like to

do at night, San Diego has it all - and probably a bit more.

Fact 8

The most attractive feature to San Diego is the zoo. The 100

acre zoo here houses almost 4000 animals all of which who have

plenty of room to roam around. With pandas for everyone to see,

the San Diego zoo is reason enough to give the city a visit.

For more reasons than one, San Diego is the perfect city to

visit. You can visit here with family or friends and know that

you'll always have places to go and things to see. Winter or

summer, San Diego is the one place you'll never find boring.


Sea World

One of the biggest and most attractive features to

San Diego is Sea World. Sea World is one of the most

popular amusement parks and also happens to be one of

the main reasons behind tourists. Anyone who visits

San Diego has the intentions to visit Sea World - or

at least they should.

Being famous for Shamu the killer whale, Sea World has

the ability to entertain kids and adults for hours.

There are many different animal shows here as well,

along with other amusement park thrills. While Shamu

is a must see, there are other animals here as well,

that you simply have to see.

Sea World also offers an exciting dolphin interaction

program where you can get in the water and play with

the dolphins. This is a great learning experience,

especially for those who love dolphins. Dolphins are

an integral part of Sea World, as there are literally

hundreds of them here.

Once you visit Sea World, you'll go below the surface

and see life that you may have never before thought

possible. You can feed the dolphins and other mammals,

even count the teeth that a shark has! When you

consider what Sea World has to offer, you simply can't

compare it to any other amusement park.

On the entertainment side of things, Sea World offers

a haunted lighthouse and several other rides and shows

for you to see. You can even get an all day pass here,

which is great for anyone who is wanting to enjoy all

that Sea World has to offer.

New to Sea World is Believe. This is a new show that

will show you Shamu like never before. It's a journey

of wonder and magic that you simply must see to believe

and appreciate.

No matter what season of the year you visit, you'll be

happy to know that Sea World is open year round. It

does close on major holidays though, which isn't really

a bad thing. As long as you don't visit on a holiday

you can pretty much expect Sea World to be open.

On a vacation, Sea World in San Diego will have something

to please everyone. The kids will have plenty to do

here, while you experience things that interest you as

well. The neighboring areas to Sea World have plenty

to offer you as well, from dining to many different

sights to see.

When the time comes for you to go on vacation you

shouldn't pass up Sea World. It's in a great location

with plenty of activities and things to see. Sea World

can show you the creatures of the sea like never

before - which is reason enough to go.


Cabrillo National Monument

Located in San Diego California, the Cabrillo National

Monument provides a historic lighthouse with plenty

of activities. There are great views here as well,

with tidepools, flora and fauna, whales to watch,

and even military history.

The Monument offers hiking along designated trails,

bicycling on paved roadways, and swimming within the

park boundaries. Fishing is permitted here as well,

with hook and line - although only one fish may be

taken. When walking the trails and exploring, make

sure to be on the lookout for cliff areas, as they

can be very unstable.

A lot of visitors come to the National Monument to

enjoy the breathtaking views of the San Diego Bay and

the Pacific Ocean. Because of this very reason, the

park has become of the best harbor views anywhere in

California - or the world for that matter!

The tidepools are great to see here as well, although

you should always be careful. Even though they are

great to admire, the surface may be very slippery.

Anytime you are in the San Diego area, a trip to

the Cabrillo National Monument is more than worth the

time. You can walk the trails, have fun, or just

enjoy the breathtaking views of San Diego that only

the Cabrillo National Monument can provide you with.


Coronado Island In San Diego

Everyone in California knows that the best beaches

in San Diego are on Coronado Island. Being linked to

downtown San Diego by the Island Bay Bridge, Coronado

is home to the SEALs training center and the Naval

Air Station Coronado. A military powerhouse, the

island of Coronado always has something going on.

One of the best features to Coronado is the world

famous Hotel Del Coronado. This Victorian style

seaside hotel was established in 1888, and was easily

one of the biggest and best hotels of that era. The

hotel was hosted in the past by the infamous Marilyn

Monroe and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

The Hotel Del Coronado has some of the best service

in California, along with breathtaking views of the

San Diego area. The restaurant here is one of the

best around, and even if you aren't staying here, you

can enjoy a great meal. Each and every year, thousands

of people visit Coronado just to stay at this world

class hotel - yes, it's that good.

The Ferry Landing is also a great addition to what

Coronado Island has to offer. The Ferry Landing

Marketplace offers you 30+ shops, restaurants, and

art galleries. You can walk around and check out

what the marketplace has to offer, or enjoy a

visit to the Tidelands Park.

There are great places to walk and bicycle here,

with awesome views of skyline San Diego. At sunset,

this is one of the best places to be. On Tuesdays, you

can find a farmers market here as well.

The Coronado Beach is located here as well, along the

Travel Channel. North of the beach there's the Best

Weekend Getaway Beach. Even in the summer, the

Coronado Beach isn't crowded, giving your family plenty

of room to enjoy the splendors of one of California's

best beaches.

From the Glorietta Bay Inn in Coronado, you can take

a walking tour. Tours leave several times a week,

showing you everything the area has to offer. This is

a great way to learn more about the area. Or, if you

like, you can let someone else do the driving and

try a pedicab tour.

For the romantic, the Gondola Cruise helps to take the

pressure out of life. A romantic spin through the

canals of Coronado Cays can be quite the break from

the ordinary.

You can reach Coronado Island from San Diego by taking

the Coronado Bay Bridge exit off I-5. By water from

San Diego, you can take the Coronado Ferry that runs

hourly from 9 AM - 10 PM. Walking from the Ferry

Landing to Hotel Del Coronado is a little over a mile.


Torrey Pines State Preserve

Located at the Northwest end of San Diego, within

the city limits, Torrey Pines offers you over 2000

wild and natural acres. Along with the trees of

Torrey Pines, there's a visitor center, miles and

miles of trails, miles of beaches, and a lagoon

that's a vital area for seabirds.

The State Preserve of Torrey Pines not only preserves

the trees but the salt marshes and waterfowl refuges

as well. The Torrey Pines State Beach here stretches

nearly four miles, from Del Mar to the sandstone

cliffs of Torrey Pines Mesa.

Also found here is Blacks Beach, located at the

base of the 300 foot cliffs. The cliffs here offer

paragliding, remote control gliding, and even hang

gliding. At the north end of Blacks Beach, clothing

is optional. To be on the safe side, always read the

signs and follow the rules of the beach.

With plenty to offer, Torrey Pines State Preserve is

a great addition to the already vast area of San

Diego. You can visit here from San Diego, as it's

a short drive away. Torrey Pines has great beaches

and plenty of trails for you to see. As a family

trip, Torrey Pines is a great place to spend the

afternoon on your once in a lifetime vacation.


San Diego Wild Animal Park

Aside from the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Wild

Animal Park is the best place in San Diego to see

animals. Over the spread of 1,800 acres, the animal

park gives animals the room they need to roam and

play. The animals here play just like they do in

the wild, which almost makes you feel as if you

are in their native of Africa and Asia.

Throughout the 30 year history of the animal park,

the Noah's Ark symbol of endangered species has grown

to dozens upon dozens of animals. Now, every Arabian

Oryx found in the wild is the descendant stock from the

San Diego Wild Animal Park.

In the park, there are many different paths you can

take to visit the smaller animal exhibits. Although

the smaller animals are a sight to see, the main

thing to see is the hour long trip on the Bush Line

Railway. Along the railway, you'll see animals that

you'd never get the chance of seeing anywhere else,

such as the white rhino and the rhinoceros.

If you plan to visit the park in the summer, it's

always a good idea to visit early. On a normal summer

day, ten - fifteen thousand people will visit the

park. During the winter, the ratio is down as

normally 2,000 people will visit. Although it's much

colder in the winter, the park is less frequent with

people looking to see the animals the park offers.

You can find the animal park 32 miles north of

Escondido in San Diego. The park is in a peaceful

area, which makes things a lot better for the animals

that live there.

When visiting in the summer, it's a great idea to walk

a while, then take the railway. After you have took

the railway a bit, you can walk some more. It's also

good to take plenty of sunscreen with you as well, as

summer at the park can get very hot. Water is great

as well, simply because the summer in California can

be a bit of a scorcher.

The San Diego Wild Animal Park is ran by the San Diego

Zoological Society. The society also runs the San

Diego Zoo, which is one of the most popular animal

parks in the entire world. With the park and the zoo,

the society does more than its part to bring the

best of seeing the animals to you.

The next time you are in San Diego or if you are

visiting for the first time, the Wild Animal Park is

a great place to visit. You can check out some truly

endangered species and learn more about the types of

animals that you'll see in this once in a lifetime