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Shoes are the part of your personality that matters more then you think. If your dress is like a book to your personality, then Ill say shoes are the title of yourself. If you are wearing a fabulous designers dress along with matching jewelry and wearing a charming make-up including most suited hairstyle, but there is a still a possibility you may not look like a bombshell.

You might be thinking what got wrong? Yes, of course the shoes what else? If your shoes don’t match the mood of your dress, then there is no way that you can create an overall stunning look. On the other hand if you are wearing a good suit (not your one of your best collection), but wearing a nice matching shoe you can give a very elegant look. Shoes are necessary for giving a final touch to a suit. Shoe choice also reflects your sense of style. There are so many shoes styles that now it has become hard to like just one when you go for shoes shopping. At least when I go for buying a shoe, I always end-up buying at least 2-3 pair of shoes.

Besides styles there are lot kinds of footwear available in the market that even make it tougher for you to buying only one pair. On every different event or activity you can wear shoes according to your need. Most commonly used shoes are casual shoes then you have athletic shoes, running, walking, wrestling, sexy, dance, and wedding, bridal, dress, designer, neutralizer, branded, men, women and kids shoes to match with your occasions. You can get a huge variety of shoes in all three main categories as men, women and kids. For any celebration you can get footwear according to the atmosphere of event for women, men and children. There are open shoes, full, boots, sandals, fancy, canvas, and casual for all. Now it also depends on your choice, sometimes you can get a beautiful fancy sandal that may not be comfortable as well, normally high heel pretty gorgeous shoes are not very comfortable but they are worth wearing. And as you know everything has its price. Some people like fancy shoes only and others may only go for casual regardless of any event.

Casual shoes are best and most comfortable to your feet. Doesn’t matter what kind of foot pain you could be suffering from - corns, flat feet, fallen arches, once you find the right pair of casual shoes; you’re not going to want to ever leave home without them. Now you can find versatility in casual shoes and you can wear it with anything. Well you know what? I know what you are thinking doesn’t matter how comfortable any casual shoe is you’ll certainly go for a designers footwear when going for a party, well I am just telling you, that you can find a large variety in casual shoes, the choice of wearing them will always be yours. Doesn’t matter what shoe you go for but still there are few consideration you should look for.

A proper fit shoes should be the only choice if the shoes fits you properly only then you can see further features in it otherwise don’t buy that shoe doesn’t matter how much you long to do that? When you wear a shoe in a shop, try it and walk in the shop to confirm the right size. Too narrow or too big shoes can only cause pain and discomfort for your foot. The next thing you’ll be considering is your life style, Are you a working lady always on the go or a domestic woman? What sort of activities you perform everyday? As if you are a working woman don’t think of high heel, get nice, elegant comfortable formal wear for you, and also try to go for common colors that can go for a lot of dresses like black, brown or gray. And on the other hand if you remain home and take care of your family then you need casual wear and you can also go for fancy when you go out partying once in a while.

The climate of your dwelling area is extremely important for buying shoes. If you live in a colder region then despite of any kind and style try to buy close warm shoes that you can wear most of the times. And on a warm climate enjoy sandals and open pretty shoes wear. Besides these basic questions there can other needs too that call for other things to look for while purchasing shoes like if you need added support for that you can choose high - topped leather or canvas upper shoe. I’ll say prefer to avoid buying cheap shoes from sales or stall, as neither do they last long nor provide comfort. Try to wear a proper thick sock when you intend to particularly buy a new shoe. These are the tips you can use in buying men and kids shoes too. Regardless of all these tips I am sure you can judge by just merely looking at a shoe whether its worth buying or not. And I am sure this verdict is seldom wrong. Maybe you’ll be thinking why to fuss so much for buying a plain piece of shoes, well Ill say these little minute details add in your personality. And I am sure you’ll not compromise on your personality.

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Why are people buying shoes online let me count the ways

These days, finding the perfect pair of shoes is only a click away. The enormous selection at Shoebuy. com is something that your local shoe store just can’t match. Whether you are looking for boots, dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes or some comfy slippers you will find exactly what you need at the price you want and in the size that fits you. Why are people buying shoes online? It’s easy, for selection, price and convenience.

Shoebuy has the largest selection of shoes anywhere, online or offline. Shoebuy represents 250 top brands with the most styles per brand, the broadest range of materials, colors, sizes, and widths, and with the most up to date fashions. Find shoes in sizes ranging from a women’s size 2 to a size 17 or a men’s size 1 to a size 20, with width’s running from extra narrow to extra wide.

The sale center provides savings of up to 65% off, so why would you want to shop anywhere else? Plus, you can see what other customers think by checking out customer’s reviews and ratings on the thousands of shoes and accessories; enjoy free shipping with live customer service and free returns, all available at Shoebuy. com.

There are great savings every day at Shoebuy and with these great savings, you won’t be hit with any additional sales charges or fees. Shoebuy offersfree shipping and free return shipping anywhere in the United States and you will receive your order within three to ten business days. First time customers receive an additional 10% off their purchase and the opportunity to save more on future purchases. Whether you’re a first time buyer or not you can review other customer’s ratings from the thousands of products across the website. Find out if a shoe runs a little wide or narrow from others who have bought the same item.

Another advantage to online shopping is not worrying about the hassles of long lines and all of your returns are free and come with a 110% price guarantee. That’s right, if it doesn’t fit – return it. Not only is shopping online fast, easy, and hassle free, but Shoebuy. com offers advice on how to purchase shoes online for wide, narrow and all shoe sizes that most people have a difficult time finding. In fact, Shoebuy provides printable fitting charts and bandwidth for men, women, and children to help your shoe buying experience an absolute success. All you need is a printer and you can use our printable fitting chart. Similar to the foot-shaped devices you find in a traditional shoe store, simply stand on the printable fitting chart to determine your shoe size. The printable fitting chart works for men, women and children. No printer? No problem, you can use our measurement table. Simply measure your foot with a ruler or tape measurer, then find the closest measurement on the measurement table that is equal to or greater than the length of your foot.

After you’ve found your shoe, read the reviews, and are ready to make your purchase, you also enjoy the advantage of no sales tax on every order because Shoebuy pays all applicable sales tax for you. And whether you are making a return or an exchange, Shoebuy will provide you a pre-paid shipping label for your order to send your return. All you have to do is choose from the largest selection of shoes online.

The choice is simple, with the advantages of purchasing without any sales tax, and enjoying great sales and discounts from your own home, secure purchasing, live customer service, and free shipping, you can see why everyone is shopping online. Make your next purchase with Shoebuy. com.

How to play it safe in a casino or in an online casino

Here are some reliable tips to help you to gamble safely with your money.

Limiting the Time You Play:

By picking a stop time before entering the casino you can control the amount you may lose. This is the simplest method there is. All you have to do is set the alarm on your cell phone for a specific time and once you hear the alarm you finish the round you are in and then you leave the casino. Leaving the casino will not only stop you from losing any more money but it will also allow you to clear your head and eventually you can return t the casino and start fresh from the beginning.

Cut Off Point:

To help make sure you do not give in to the gambling gods and fork over all your savings to the casino I recommend setting a cut off point. This means that once you hit you set amount you push yourself away from the table and leave the casino. It does not matter if you go to the bar, have some food or take a shower and a nap. Just getting out of the casino will help you regain your attachment to reality. Then after an hour or so you can go back to the casino and start over in a better state of mind then when you walked away before.

Voice of Reason:

When you are gambling alone if you should start to lose the only one who is going to tell you to leave the casino is your conscious, but then you will get the other voice in your head telling you that if you just risk more the reward will be even better when you win. If you are gambling with a friend they can tell you when you are getting out of control and can physically drag you from the casino if that is necessary. Of all the different safety nets you can use this one is the best, just make sure that your friend is a responsible gambler and that he is not a 95 pound weakling so that if needed he really can drag you from the casino.

Public Internet Access:

Many cafes and restaurants now offer free Wifi access to the internet and for those who do not have a laptop with them they will have one or 2 terminals that you can use but they are coin operated. Because they are only meant for short term use it will prevent you from sitting there and losing money for long periods of time, after a half hour or so someone is going to ask you if they can use the computer.

Gambling on the Go

Many people are too busy to be able to get away to a casino or play in an online casino, but they have the time to do their gambling from their cell phones. To help them stop from going overboard I recommend they use a prepaid cell phone which can be purchased very cheaply. These phones require you to purchase talk time in advance and when the phone is out of time until you buy more minutes the phone wont work. So if you spend more time in the casino then you have minutes the phone disconnects. This allows you to limit your gambling time and helps protect your bank account.

Anything you can do to help keep your gambling under control is a good thing and if you are the type of person that can lose control you should definitely use some method when gambling in any of its forms.

Casino mi-ange mi-diable

Dans son livre sur le poker intitulй l'Illusion du hasard, Alexis Beuve le dйdie « а tous les champions de poker qui ont perdu leur derniиre partie ». Ce titre et cette dйdicace mettent en valeur toute la dimension conflictuelle que porte le jeu du poker. Car le jeu du poker peut кtre un jeu plaisant, mais peut йgalement кtre un plaisir qui vire bien vite au monstrueux. Comme le dйclare Alexis Beuve dans son livre "Le poker a conduit bon nombre de joueurs а la ruine. Et cette dйclaration formelle de la part d'un jouer connu et reconnu de poker nous donne juste la preuve que les rumeurs concernant des familles entiиres dйtruites a cause d un pиre trop joueur ne sont malheureusement pas seulement le fruit de notre imagination.

Par ailleurs, selon Robert Cohen (expert en Poker) et encore bien d'autres, "Le poker est un jeu inflationniste qui pousse а

la mйgalomanie". Le poker peut aussi en effet virer le joueur а la mйgalomanie. Transformer le joueur homme (car il faut le

dire aussi, le poker est un jeu machiste) non seulement en un кtre йventuellement ruinй mais prфnant йgalement sa suprйmatie

en tant qu'homme et en tant que joueur de poker.

La littйrature austerienne йgalement vient mettre le doigt sur les dangers du jeu de poker. Ainsi, La musique du Hasard, roman de Paul Auster raconte l'histoire de Nashe, sйparй de sa femme et de sa petite fille, libre comme le vent et ayant en poche 200 000 dollars. Le protagoniste ne sachant pas quoi faire de tout cet argent et de cette libertй soudaine choisit tout d'abord l'espace, l'espace immense et vide amйricain des « roads movies ». Puis, lasse, la musique du hasard l'invite a vivre une nouvelle aventure, une aventure inconnue jusque lors : miser tout son argent sur une seule carte dans un des casinos francais . A vous de lire la suite d'un roman fabuleux ou l'auteur de Mr Vertige, dessine encore une fois un personnage йmerveillй face a son propre anйantissement avec un talent digne uniquement de la rigueur et de l'ironie austerienne.

Casino, film sorti en 1995, rйalisй par Martin Scorsese et adaptй du roman de Nicolas Pileggi (qui a йgalement participe a la rйalisation du scйnario), met йgalement en scиne la dualitй du casino. Ainsi, Las Vegas, ville dans laquelle se dйroule toute l'histoire du film, apparaоt en filigrane comme йtant d'une part une ville a en tomber amoureux et d'autre part un endroit a tout simplement dйtruire. Tout comme le hйros, Sam Rothstein, (le directeur de l'hotel casino de Las Vegas), qui souffre d'un ulcиre mais qui porte des costumes de couleurs йclatantes ; Las Vegas, cache une rйalitй sordide, criminelle et triste de derriиre un masque scintillant de « paradis terrestre ». Ne pouvant donc cacher ses cotes nйfastes plus longtemps, Las Vegas apparaоt don bien vite au long du film comme un vйritable enfer terrestre, une ville dйmolie par l'excиs , la corruption et la tricherie. La ville de la bontй se mйtamorphose donc bien vite en ville du pйchй. Cette mйtaphore arrive a son comble lorsque dans une des scиnes du film le bandit prйtend кtre la police d'un autre bandit : la mafia surveille donc les croupiers corrompus qui eux-mкmes surveillent les joueurs qui ne cessent de tricher. Voila donc encore un film qui nous invite a rester sur nos gardes quant aux diffйrents jeux que le casino propose. Car derriиre ces machines et ses tables tellement tentantes se cache un petit diable qui n attend que vous pour devenir sa prochaine victime.

Tips on finding special sized shoes

Whether you have wide or narrow feet, you know that finding special sized shoes is difficult. The most difficult type of special shoe to find is one for a wide or large foot. Having large feet does not have to mean you should pay high prices to have custom made shoes. There are a large number of online shoe stores that concentrate on large men and women’s shoes almost exclusively. In addition, a great many of those sites offer the shoes at reasonable prices and are what you might expect to find at a regular shoe store. Both men and women have a hard time finding shoes when they are relegated to hard to find large sizes. There are ways though; that you can get the specialized shoe that will work best for you.

For women, the quest for large shoes can end up with the purchase of large sized men’s shoes just for the sake of comfort. The problem is that when the occasion calls for something beyond casual or athletic wear. If a woman should need to wear a shoe that goes with more formal attire, then she will not have anything that works with her clothes. Wearing men’s shoes may be an easy solution, but it will not serve you well if you are in need of formal women’s shoes.

If you are a woman who wants good looking shoes for all occasions, then try checking out strapless shoes and sandals. These shoes are available in large sizes, but will not cost a lot of money. If you are a man, you may also need large shoes for every occasion whether it is athletics, formal wear, or even slippers. For men, if you contact manufacturers online or via the mail, you will find that many actually do offer the shoe sizes you need. It is just a matter of ordering them, and they are often much less expensive than you may think.

One thing to keep in mind when you order special sized shoes online, whether you are a man or a woman, is that most stores do not stock large amounts as a general rule. Instead, it may happen that you will find larger shoes on backorder. This most often happens when the style is popular or trendy. If you do end up with a backordered pair of special sized shoes, then the website will usually let you know how long you will have to wait.

When it comes to women’s special sized shoes, there are other things to consider, as well. The same size in each style may not fit you every time. For instance, when it comes to wide shoes it is possible that a large shoe with elastic will help you just as much as a specially ordered shoe. If the shoe has narrow toes or a high heel you will likely need to order something a little larger than you are used to. The idea is to make sure you know what is going to be best for your feet with regard to the type of design.

Keep in mind that if you do have very large or very small feet, that it is no reflection on you as a person. It is easy to complain about your shoe size or to be embarrassed about having to buy specialized shoes, but there is nothing you can do. Instead, concentrate on getting yourself shoes that fit properly so that you can walk in comfort. In addition, shoes that fit your feet correctly will actually help them look normal in size. If you take care of your feet, they will take care of you.

If you have feet that are either too big or too small, you may feel a little embarrassed in addition to having trouble finding the right shoes. You may have been told or feel like you should have to pay a lot more then you would for regular shoes. The truth is that some places may actually do that by telling you that custom shoes are more expensive. However, if you search online you will find a shoe that fits you and is at a price you can afford. Whether you are a man or a woman, you just need to make sure you are getting a shoe that fits you well so that it is not only comfortable, but also healthy for you and your feet.

Top 9 essentials shoes

Top Essential Women's Shoes

Women and shoes are a great combination and we love to have our shoes. Shoes have more of a purpose than just covering our feet. They will cover every different outfit and our many different moods. We might to portray confidence and professionalism. Another time we might want to portray to be fun and flirty. Whatever your attitude is Laura's Treasures will meet your need. Here is the top list of the basic women shoes.

1. The "Little black dress" of women's shoes - A low heeled black pump

Here is the first essential for every woman's wardrobe you can't go too far without this pair of shoes.

2. New black - A neutral shoe

These neutral shoes are just as essential a the classic black pump. Add a neutral off white pump to your shoe collection.

3. The basic of women shoes - A semi-casual flat

These shoes will update your casual outfit you want to be casual but not dressing down. This loafer will make you be classic with your casual outfit.

4. A trendy black high heel shoe

Here is a classic heel which is great to make your legs look great. A dressy

high heel shoe will go with any professional or party outfit.

5. The outfit styler - A metallic high heeled dress shoe

When you want to look awesome in your dress outfits, sometimes you need

to a little daring. Why don't you try a metallic dress shoe and you will look


6. Comfort Shoe - Your everyday oxford or loafer shoes

Here is a great shoe that will update your outfit but you still be stylish. It could make you a little preppy. You could be a casual and still have a little style that will never make you out of style.

7. Don't fortget the Sneaker or athletic shoes

Don't forget you can become stylish in that great pair of sneakers for that

perfect outfit. Athetic shoes have changed and they are not just for working

out. Having the right shoe with the right arch support is important.

8. The instant style up shoe - Wedge shoe

The new wedge shoe is the must have shoe of the season. It adds style to your outfit. This is the shoe that will make your spring and summer outfits just pop!

9. The must have - Boots

Boots have taken over the shoe market just when years ago no one would wear them if they were cowboy boots. Boots have taken over the market. There is every type of boot to feed every women's style to taste. You go from short ankle boots to sexy high boots.

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Nike air force one the shoe

The Air Force 1 shoe is a product of Nike, Inc. which was released in 1982. The Air Force 1 was the first Nike basketball shoe to use the Nike Air technology. The name is a reference to Air Force One, the plane that carries the President of the United States. The shoe was popular in the early 1980s and then again in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These shoes are one of the most popular and sought after items in cities and many suburban areas. Due to their popularity, Air Force 1s are custom made by people and sold online - websites such as www. fashionfreakers. com. Customizers change the colors of different parts of the shoe like the swoosh, heel, toe, bottom on request. The shoes are also made with different colors for special occasions such as the Olympic Games and released in colors commemorating regions such as Puerto Rico, New York City, Detroit "D-Town", and the West Indies. Some music industry members such as Roc-A-Fella Records and some athletes such as Lebron James have their own special versions made by Nike. There is also one active NBA player to play in them on a daily basis - Rasheed Wallace, who played his whole career in AF1`s High Tops. Sheed in his AF1`s The rapper Nelly made a song called "Air Force Ones"

In the hip hop subculture, the Air Force 1 shoe is a reflection of the individual. Some like "white on whites" while others, go as far as dyeing the inside of the shoe to make them unique. The shoe originally came in a low top and a high top, the latter featuring a removable strap. Nike continues to produce these two variations of the Air Force 1 and, in 1994, they added a Mid top to the lineup with a non-removable strap. The shoe has at times featured smaller rubber "jewel" swooshes and metallic plastic "super jewel" swooshes.

In recent years, Nike has offered customers the opportunity to design their own Air Force 1's in exclusive venues in New York, London, Paris, Milan and Los Angeles. Nike has also produced a few "Lux" colors of Air Force 1s in Italy which are made entirely of Italian leather. Websites such as www. fashionfreakers. com, now give you the opportunity to purchase your custom shoes online.

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Nike primes shoe biz for jordan play

Bidding to restore some luster to its showcase sub-brand, Nike is cutting retail distribution of its Jordan brand footwear in half beginning with the critical back-to-school selling season, with new ads due in July.

Jordan brand chief Larry Miller said that while sales of the latest Air Jordan XV sneaker have exceeded expectations, "We've been riding the brand pretty hard for awhile, because regardless of the state of the market, Jordan is a constant. Now we want to get back to the days when people stood in line for the product."

Nike and every athletic shoe brand has suffered from a glut of models and retailers. While marketers generally have cleaned up excess inventory, the problem of too many stores persists--especially in malls, producing a sales environment that only competes on price.

Nike also plans to expand its apparel into non-shoe accounts, such as department stores and urban outlets. "The idea is to have a look that's a mix of authentic athletic and style' said Miller.

Spending levels will stay consistent at $12 million, as will creative, which casts Jordan in a more supervisory role to better showcase active endorsers like Eddie Jones, Randy Moss and Derek Jeter.

"We will always use Michael but we cant really show him slam dunking anymore," said Miller.

Beach shoes are the new summer fashion trend

Beach shoes have evolved significantly over the last few years. Gone are the days when flip-flops and Birkenstock’s (remember that not all Birkenstock’s are waterproof so choose the ones you’ll wear to the beach wisely) were your only option. Though who can really live without a nice comfy pair of Birkenstock’s or 12? Today there are all kinds of shoes made specifically to wear to the beach.

From netted athletic shoes made for running and walking just along the edge of the water to jelly shoes, flip-flops, and dozens of varieties in between it is now more than ever possible to not only have shoes that are practical to wear to the beach, but fashionable in this endeavor as well.

Shoes say a lot about the wearer, there is really no exception for beach shoes. Any old flip-flops say the wearer isn’t very concerned about their foot fashion. Of course there are flip-flops with embellishments that make them a little more fashionable than the dollar store variety. A nice pair of Birkenstock’s says the wearer is wisely more concerned with quality and comfort than following trends. Impractical beach shoes or those that are likely to need repairs after coming into contract with water and/or sand say the owner has more money than sense. And shoes that are funky and fashionable and made for the beach say the wearer is fashionably chic.

When choosing the right beach shoes for you it is important that you consider what your beachside activities are going to be. If you want to run along the shoreline, you might want to purchase a pair of the beach friendly athletic shoes that are relatively new. If you want to be fashionable go for some of the trendy beach shoes, if you want the ultimate in comfort go for a nice pair of Birkenstock’s, and flip-flops are always an old fall back that have been the shoe of choice of beach goers for ages.

Poker taxi

Seit dieser Woche kцnnen nun Hamburger und Gдste der faszinierenden Hafenstadt von einem groЯen weisen Auto ьberrascht werden. Wer auf der Taxi Suche ist, sollte die Augen groЯ aufhaben, denn ab nun fдhrt nachts in den Strassen Hamburgs das so genannte Poker-Taxi. Doch was genau ist ein Poker Taxi?

Ein Poker Taxi ist wie bereit im Namen zu erlesen ein Taxi, das sich jeweils am Samstag von 18.00 bis 22.00 Uhr durch die StraЯen Hamburgs fдhrt. Doch das besondere am Poker Taxi ist die Mцglichkeit eines jeden Mitfahrer, verschiedene Preise auf der G sich Das Poker Taxi startet am Samstag um 18.00 Uhr vor dem Hamburger Rathaus und fдhrt jeweils Fahrt beim Taxifahrt zu gewinnen!

Also, samstags um 18.00 Uhr vor dem Hamburger Rathaus fдhrt das Poker Taxi los und wartetet vom ersten Kunden angehalten zu werden. Wenn das Licht des Taxis grell aufleuchtet, ist das Taxi frei. Sobald ein Kunde das freie Poker Taxi angehalten hat, entleuchtet das Licht und das Spiel kann beginnen.

Wer ab nun in de Poker Taxi einsteigt hat die groЯe Chance bei einem einmaligen Spiel verschiedene Preise zu gewinnen. Im Taxi angekommen, wird der Mitfahrer von einem sympathischen Brьnette erwartete, die sich mit dem Namen Melody vorstellt. Melody ist die "Moderatorin" auf der Fahrt und erklдrt Spielregeln und Geschehen. Melody ist gleichzeitig die Poker Dealerin, denn beim Taxi Poker handelt es sich nun mal ums Poker.

Wer den Poker Taxi gerufen hat, wird selbstverstдndlich zu seinem Ziel gefahren. Doch beim Poker Taxi ist die Fahrt kostenlos! Wдhrend also der Taxi Chauffeur seine Gдste und Melody durch Hamburg fдhrt, wird hinten fleiЯig Poker gespielt. Wer noch nie Poker gespielt hat, wird von Melody ins Poker Spiel eingeweiht. Wer es mit dem Poker noch immer nicht genau kann, kriegt immer wieder nette Tipps und Tricks von Melody. So kцnnen nun die Mitfahrer zusammen mit Melody eine gute Zeit auf dem Weg zum Ziel verbringen. Gespielt wird solange das Poekr Taxi fдhrt, bis er beim Ziel angekommen ist. Angekommen am Ziel, muss sich der Mitfahrer leider von Melody und Poker Taxi verabschiede.

Was fьr Preise einem als Taxi Poker erwartet soll ьberraschend exklusive sein. Der Hauptpreis ist jeweils ein spannendes VIP Wochenende im Rahmen der FIA WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) auf der Rennstrecke in Oschersleben mit exklusivem Zutritt zu den Boxengassen und Fahrern inkl. Hotel sowie An - und Abreise fьr zwei Personen. Andere Preise werden ebenfalls verteilt. Sogar Verlier gehen nicht mit leeren Hдnden aus dem Poker Taxi. Fьr den Verlier gibt es wertvolle Trostpreise wie Pokerkoffer, Renntickets und T-Shirts auf die fahrenden Pokerfans.

Poker Taxi ist das erste interaktive Taxi in Europa, dessen Hauthema "Pokern" ist. Hamburg ist somit die einzige Stadt, wo ein solches Poker Taxi wiederzufinden ist. Die Iniation Poker Taxi wurde von PokerRoom kreiert und auf die Beine gestellt.

Poker Spielen mal anders! Europas erstes Poker-Taxi lohnt sich fьr jeden Poker Fan und werdenden Poker Fan und ist eine unglaublich witzige Aktion, die sich PokerRoom ausgedacht hat. Mit solchen und anderen Events schafft es PokerRoom immer seine Konkurrenz einen Schritt voraus zu sein.

Man dress shoes - how to choose

Which man dress shoes you pick may at first seem like a simple choice. You might shop around, see something that looks nice, and then pick your favorite color. While this might work, there are many things to consider that might not even cross your mind.

The first thing to consider is what else you are wearing. I know, seems simple, but knowing if this is going to be worn with business casual dress (slacks/dress shirt) as opposed to a full suit does make a difference. With a full suit, you want the nice, traditional polish shoes to compliment the suit, as that is the look you are putting forward with wearing a suit. If you are are dressing more casual, as most places are in recent times, you might consider a comfortable pair of oxfords or rockports. After all, if you don't have to wear full dress shoes, why not just wear a comfortable shoe.

The average person steps 4,000 - 5,000 times a day. That's roughly 3 miles. This can heavily impact which style of man dress shoes you wear, as well as how the padding and insole are manufactured. Quality speaks for itself, as the saying goes. How well the shoes will hold up is a definite thing to consider.

The above are just some items to consider when you're shopping for man dress shoes, and things normal men don't think about when they're out and decide to grab a new pair of shoes. Shopping online can make it drastically easier to find precisely what you want at the price you want.

Ideal of fashion air jordan shoes

Availability for a pair of Air Jordan sneakers can be in short supply. Trying to find the perfect pair of Air Jordan sneakers can take you sometime. You may know which pair you want but then you will have trouble trying to find the right place to purchase them. www. urbanhotlist. com seems to always have an unlimited stock of Air Jordan sneakers and you can be sure that you will be buying quality sneakers. Depending on what type of Air Jordan sneakers you will want availability might be in short supply. There are some pairs of these Air Jordan sneakers that have sold out very quickly straight after they have been released. However there are companies that still have certain sets of Air Jordan's available for purchase. If you want to buy these Air Jordan sneakers in bulk then you are more then welcome to make a purchase at our website. It is usually better to purchase a pair of Air Jordan sneakers online, as they are usually cheaper in price. The high street stores are trying to lower their prices in a bid to win the battle with these online stores. But it seems that they are losing this battle as many more people are turning to the Internet in an attempt to get cheaper products.

The materials used for a pair of Air Jordan sneakers will greatly depend on which type of Air Jordan's you wish to buy. The earlier pairs were made out of plastic, while the later pairs of Air Jordan's were made of leather, thus making better Air Jordan sneakers. This can then justify the price tag that is on nearly every pair of Air Jordan sneakers. As soon as a new pair of Air Jordan sneakers hit the market, they seem to always start at the retail price of $150. This is not extremely expensive for some, plus if you want to keep yourself up to date then you will not mind spending this kind of money on a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

Choosing the right shoe for you

A Well Known Fact

There is no better feeling than when you are wearing a comfortable shoe. Comfortable shoes allow us to enjoy the day’s activities pain free. Wearing shoes that fit properly can also prevent potential health problems from occurring.

When To Buy

Most shoes can last an average of three to twelve months. As you begin to wear out a shoe, you begin to notice a difference in comfort. Worn out shoes can cause back pain, sore knee joints, or aching feet. The time to replace your shoes is when the cushion has broken down or the motion control has been lost.

Which Shoes To Buy?

Everyone’s foot is different. The best shoe for you is the one that gives you the proper fit, support, cushioning, and flexibility.

Choose a well-cushioned stability shoe that compensates for any irregularities in your foot or your stride.

Some Common Foot Irregularities

High Arched Feet

A high arched foot does not roll inward very much at all. There is a highly curved arch along the inside of the foot. Also, the toes appear to be in a clawed position. Highly arched feet are very rigid and are unable to absorb shock when making contact with the ground. The reason for this is that the foot is not able to roll inward when the foot makes contact with the ground. This lack of pronation can cause heel, knee, shin, and back problems. Inserting special pads in the shoes, which compensate for this condition, treats highly arched feet. The pads allow the feet to absorb shock more easily. People with high arched feet, should try to stay away from stability or motion control shoes, which reduce foot mobility.

Flat Feet

The term “Flat Feet” refers to people who have a low arch, or no arch at all. Sometimes they are said to have "fallen arches". Most people's feet have a space on the inner side when the bottom of the foot comes in contact with the ground. This is called the arch. The height of the arch varies in size from one person to another. Flat Feet are generally a hereditary condition. The best shoe for this condition would be a motion control or stability shoe with a firm midsole.

Over or Under Pronation.

Over pronation is the excessive inward rolling motion of the foot. This inward motion is considered unhealthy because it can cause a great deal of strain on the back, ankles, knees, and lower legs. Over pronation can cause shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and IT band syndrome. Under pronation occurs when the outside of the foot takes the brunt of the shock when coming in contact with the ground. This condition can cause problems with the ligaments in your feet and ankles. Stability shoes feature either a dual density midsole or a roll bar to help combat pronation problems.

Some Helpful Shoe Buying Tips

· Shop late in the day. Feet tend to swell as the day goes on. Shoes purchased in the morning will feel tight during by afternoon.

· Shop for shoes with your health and comfort in mind. Your foot size changes every year. Always measure your foot first. This should give you a general range when considering different styles of shoes. Choose shoes that are shaped like your foot.

· Check to see how the sole feels on the bottom of your foot. It should have a soft and supportive cushion. People with high arches generally need more support.

· Stand up and take a quick walk to get a feel for the shoe. Your feet shouldn't slide around inside and there should be little bit of room beyond the largest toe. But no more than 1/2 inch.

Remember: You should never have to "break in" a tight shoe.

Still think high heels are worth it

It's not what fashion-conscious women want to hear-another warning about high heels. But, according to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, pump-style shoes often cause significant pain by irritating a common bony deformity on the back of the heel, called "pump bump." In many cases, it can lead to bursitis or Achilles tendonitis, if left untreated.

"Pump bump is common in young women who wear high heels almost every day," said Marybeth Crane, DPM, FACFAS, a Dallas-area foot and ankle surgeon whose practice near DFW International Airport is well populated with flight attendants. She said the employee dress code on most airlines requires flight attendants to work in high heels, and their feet take a beating as a result.

"The rigid back of a pump-style shoe can create pressure that aggravates the heel bone when walking," said Crane.

According to the ACFAS consumer Web site, FootPhysicians. com, the bony enlargement can cause Achilles tendonitis or bursitis due to constant irritation in pump-style shoes. Those with high arches or tight Achilles tendons are especially vulnerable to developing pump bump, if they work in high heels.

The medical term for the disorder is Haglund's deformity. In addition to the noticeable bump, symptoms include pain where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel, swelling in the back of the heel and redness in the area.

In the large majority of cases, pump bump is treated nonsurgically by reducing inflammation, but this does not get rid of the bony enlargement. "Pain relief is the primary treatment goal, so anti-inflammatory medications usually are prescribed," said Crane. She added that icing the back of the heel reduces swelling, and stretching exercises can relieve tension in the Achilles. Long term, however, it's best to avoid wearing high heels, if possible.

"When the office or airline dress code requires high heels, I advise women to try heel lifts to decrease pressure on the heel or wear appropriate dress shoes that have soft backs or are backless," said Crane.

Australian designer shoes

What it means to be “designer”.

The term “designer” is often used loosely in the fashion industry, and certainly so by a number of factories mass producing shoes that copy the fashion leaders.

We do it differently. How you’d expect a true designer shoe to be created for you. At Vein, each new design is sketched, first as a conceptual, and then worked and re-worked into final drawings with graphite on paper, by head Vein designer, Christopher McCallum. Then, a prototype shoe is meticulously crafted by hand.

The new design is then put into production, brought to life for our discerning clientele using the finest leathers, hand selected for their uniqueness and quality, from renowned international and Australian tanneries.

When you inspect our famous Vein shoes, you’ll quickly see they embody qualities others only aspire to. Designs and quality inspired by the great clothing fashion houses, by timeless architecture and the personalities, stunning locations and exciting lifestyles we experience around the world.

As you can probably tell, we live, fantasize, dream and breathe male footwear. This burning passion has made Vein the premier Australian male designer footwear label. In 2005 Vein was the only male footwear label to be invited to exhibit in Mercedes Australian Fashion Week. Trail blazing clothing labels like “NYOU”, “Leopold”, “Tom, Dick & Harry”, “Red Cordial” and Australian Fashion Design Awards Winner “Always Habit”, choose to complement their labels with Vein on the runway. In 2006 at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Vein was the catwalk shoe of choice for Kenzo, Morrisey and Leopold.

Vein stands for excellence. You’ll feel it, look it, live it too … every time you slip on Vein shoes.

Vein shoes. Love more. Stress less. Express your creativity. And above all, envy no one.

Women s shoes

Women’s Shoes – Not necessarily Expensive

‘A pair of new shoes might not cure a broken heart or soothe a tension headache but they will relieve the symptoms and chase away the blues’ – these words were written by the famous Fashion critic, Holly Brubach. Well this statement reflects that shoes are of immense importance and they are an integral part of fashion. The origin of women shoes dates back to before Christ. In some parts of the world, they are a symbol of status.

Women are especially finicky about shoes compared to men. Besides jewelry, purses and clothes, there is definitely something special about women shoes. With the passage of time, women’s shoes have changed. At a regular intervals we usually see a new trend in shoes. Very interestingly, each new style is a reinvention of fashions from decades ago with some added innovation and twist in design.

Apart from style and designs of women shoes, another important aspect that needs to be considered, is the cost. We all want or need affordable shoes, especially for daily wear but we still want something stylish. Cheap women’s shoes are not only affordable but they can be designer inspired and in vogue.

If you want a few pairs of contemporary designer shoes, but have a tight budget, then look at the different cheap women’s shoes available. Although everyone covets branded shoes, but owing to a limited budget, cheap women’s shoes are certainly the best pick.

You will be quite surprised to find that you will find a great variety of styles and brands of shoes available for less than $25. So if you envy the pair of shoes that your friend owns, don’t worry, you can also have an equally eye-catching pair of women’s shoes – all you need to do is to survey the market and do some research and then pick the best pair for you.

There are several shoe stores that have a number of shoes available below 20$. You can also make your purchases online. Owning cheap women’s shoes is not at all difficult. Even though it might take a little research to make the ideal purchase but you will soon realize that it’s worth it!

Usually, online stores sell relatively cheap women’s shoes. They can afford to offer reasonable discounts because they don’t have to invest on floor costs or in house assistants. These online stores have hundreds of varieties of shoes that people from different parts of the world purchase. Thus they can afford to offer reasonably cheaper prices. Also, the online stores have special arrangements with several designers and so they can obtain somewhat discounted prices on shoes.

The discount prices usually vary in the range 25%-40%. However, be careful that you buy genuine shoes and do not end up buying the fake ones. If there is an excessively low price, then there is a big possibility of the shoes being a sham.

Also, try not to order replica designer shoes. The chief reason being that these replica designer shoes may harm your feet. The quality of materials in the shoes determines their comfort. So buying the replica shoes means that you will not only waste money but also you will not feel comfortable.

Keeping the above tips in mind while shoe shopping will make you the owner of a huge collection of some wonderful pairs of women’s shoes at cheap prices. Spend some time but less money and you can definitely bag the best picks one could ever find.

Nike air force ones

With prices ranging from $70 to $80 for the standard white or black Nike Air Force One and up to $300 for customized colors and logos this modest shoe has continued to hold a market share ever since.

Corresponding with the release and growth in popularity of the Nike Air Force One shoes was the growth of the Hip Hop movement and the growing popularity of Hip Hop clothing. Hip-hop fashion had begun to gain a foothold in the late seventies and continued to climb as a major culture and fashion through out the eighties. Marked by clothing with a distinctly African American influence the early Hip Hop fashion included the wearing of large glasses, gold necklaces, rings on many fingers, oversized clothing in pallets of red, black and green and an emphasis on brand name footwear that was comfortable and reflective of personal style.

The Nike Air Force Ones became very popular as a brand of footwear within the Hip Hop fashion culture. Bright colored with over sized laces, or white sneakers peaking out from under overlong pants Nike Air Force Ones maintained their hold on the Hip Hop market through the late eighties, nineties and continue to hold a strong place now. Whether high top, low cut or standard height these shoes that were once mostly for sporting uses are now a casual wear footwear seen on the streets and in the classroom as well as on the basketball court.

Currently there are many stores that sell the brand name Nike Air Force Ones, prices ranging from $70 upward, averaging out a bit over $100. In order to combat these prohibitive prices online websites such as urbanhotlist. com have appeared, offering discounted prices on these shoes as well as other popular brand names.

There are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to working with an online sales site, like urbanhotlist. com. There is access to a much broader base of merchandise, in this case additional colors and styles of shoes that might not be available in stores and pricing can be kept reasonable, even after shipping and handling. For these reasons, among others, websites like urbanhotlist have become popular with consumers. Customers must be sure to get a good refund policy before placing an order, so that any defects or sizing problems can be easily addressed.

As long as this movement continues it seems that Nike will have a hit with their Nike Air Force One shoes and consumers will have places to go to get what they want for the price they want to pay.

Buying birkenstock sandals at a discount

There are many sources of discount Birkenstocks, however to find them you may need to look around a little in your area. Even if Birkenstocks are about the best value for your shoe money, they can be a little expensive, especially if you're outfitting the whole family.

There are three simple ways that you can find Birkenstocks at reduced prices. You can look at retailers of Birkenstocks for sales on last year's models, you can find overstock or liquidation style stores, or shop online and take advantage of reduced costs available online (often with rebates and sales that are only available online).

Another reasonably good place to check for reduced prices on Birkenstocks is through eBay. Many people sell Birkenstocks through online auctions, many at considerably reduced prices from retail, even on current year models. Since eBayers don't have to spend money on setting up their own retail presence, they are able to offer cheaper and discounted prices on Birkenstock sandals or any other footwear by Birkenstock. Just be sure to use the eBay that is closest to you to save on shipping costs.

Birkenstock sandals - if you've never had a pair you don't know what you're missing. You can wear them barefoot in summer or toss on a pair of wooly socks and boot around in your Birkenstock sandals all winter. Well at least that's what we do out here on the west coast.

For those of you "Back East" Birkenstocks and wooly socks may be a bit much, but you can always choose to wear clogs instead during the winter.

The sandals that Birkenstock makes are quite unique. They have a very sturdy cork sole that is really light and naturally water resistant so it holds up well in almost any conditions. The nice thing about the cork is that it slowly forms to your feet so that you get a completely custom fit that provides just the right support.

To be sure some people find that the arch in Birkenstocks does not fit their feet exactly right (I have had this problem), but by trying on slightly different sizes and adjusting the straps on the sandals you should be into a pair of comfy footwear in no time at all.

There are cheaper knockoff versions of Birkenstock footwear, but none of them can come close to matching the quality. The foot-bed is second to none, and the sandal straps are made of high quality softened leather so that the sandals are comfortable from the first day you walk in them. I've had pairs of Birkenstock sandals last as long as 7 years, no other cork-soled leather sandal I've ever owned has even come close.

Getting in shape to play poker


Before going into any big money poker tournament it is important to spend as much time as possible playing poker. The more hands you play the more you will learn, and the better you will get. I personally will spend up to 5 hours a day in an online casino or poker room, and then on the weekend I will go to the casinos and spend the entire weekend at the poker table with the exception of a few hrs a day to sleep. When I ht the casinos for these mini marathon poker weekends I like to put some wet wipes in my pocket just to make it easer to clean up so I do not have to leave the table.

A medium sized poker tournament can take as long as half a day before a winner is declared and the really big ones can take 2 days of playing. Sometimes you could be sitting at the poker table playing for up to 5 hours without a break in the game. This can take its toll on the body and the mind, so before the game arrives here are some ways to help prepare your mind and your body.

Fuel for the Body:

Many people like to fill up before a poker tournament because they do not want to get hungry during the game, but eating a big meal before hand can cause you to need to go to the bathroom during the game. This is bad because it will break your concentration. If you have to hold it in you are thinking about not making a mess and can start to make bad decisions. What you need to do is to start eating well balanced meals 2 weeks before the tournament. Proper meals on a regular schedule will regulate when you have to use the rest rooms and when you will want to eat. Before the game you will know how often you will get a break and when the start time is and can create a schedule around that time table.

Work Out:

Spending so much time sitting and using your brain can be drain on your energy levels. It is very important to work out regularly. Once your body starts to feel tired your brain has already stopped working at 100%. A regular workout will stop you from falling asleep and keep you in the tournament.


The body needs on average 8 hours of sleep every day to keep your brain functioning properly. for at least a week before the tournament you need to make sure to not only get 8 hours of sleep every night you need to make sure to get to bed at the same time every night and to wake up at the same time. This pattern of rest will help the body and the mind stay at their best when you get to the poker table. You would not want to be all sleepy and yawning during the game.

Brush up on the Fundamentals:

Before playing in a poker tournament especially if there are big stakes involved it is always good to go back and relearn to play. Many poker players like to read books on poker tips and tricks as well as different strategies, and before going to a tournament you should bone up on all these things again. It is also good to watch as many poker games as you can. This will help you study the players and break down their strategies. If you can break down the strategies of the other players you will have a big advantage over them.

Following these recommendations have helped give me an advantage during several poker tournaments and the more I play, the closer I get to winning the pot of gold.

Catwalk choice for shoes

Vein Wear is Australia’s number one men’s footwear designer. Vein, by designer Christopher McCallum, has been recognised as the shoe of choice by Australia’s top clothing houses. Vein opened its Winter season with the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival main parades Morrisey, Kenzo and Leopold.

Vein shoes were the natural footwear selection for Always Habit when they won the coveted Australian Design Awards in November 2005. Always Habit designs are for savvy young professional men. They are looking for a striking shoe to compliment their casual and suiting attire. Vein provides that.

Vein shoes were the footwear of choice when high flying Aussie labels “Leopold” and “Tom, Dick and Harry” unveiled their Winter collections at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week. The parades were stand-outs with both collections attracting critical acclaim.

When Vein launched its Winter 2006 collection at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in March there was no question which shoes should be worn with the three pinnacle men’s collections of the season. Main parades Morrisey, Kenzo and Leopold chose to accompany first class designs with Australian designer shoes by Vein.

“The fashion festival is definitely the highest point yet in our rise in Australian designer fashion. Morrisey is an idol and an icon. To be worn on the foot of his, Kenzo and Leopold’s collections is a great honour. I know our shoes do their clothing justice”, says McCallum.

At the upcoming Mercedes Australian Fashion Week Vein will be working closely with hot men’s label Red Cordial. Retailers, stylists and other fashion industry participants can also see a preview of Vein’s Summer 06/7 collection at MAFW’s Source Exhibition at the end of April.

“At Vein we are delighted to work with clothing designers. Footwear does not steal the limelight at fashion parades, but a designer collection show is too important to leave footwear up to models, friends or God forbid resort to pluggers”, says McCallum.

How to get hired as a casino dealer

Before you can get any job in a casino that requires you to handle money you will need to have a background check. If you have ever been arrested for any criminal activities no gamming commission anywhere in the country will license you to work in a casino.

Assuming you have a clean record you will be required to register and complete one of the many authorized casino schools. These schools can be found scattered around the USA wherever you find legal gambling, but the largest amount of them can be found in the Nevada area.

The length of the course depends on the game or games you choose to learn, but on average for one game the course can be between 50 and 100 hours, and some schools have set days for you to go to class and other schools allow a more free approach and offering revolving hours where you can show up when it is best for you and there is always classes going on for you to sit in on.

Generally the schools will offer classes for:






Pai Gow Poker

Here is an example of what you will learn in the blackjack class:

General Procedures – card placement, player issues and backing up the deck

Shuffling – How to Deal from the shoe

Handling and cutting the cards

Appearance, How to project a professional attitude and how to control the table

Security and maintenance

Payoff procedures

Deck, bank protection and walking the table


Hands on dealing lessons

After this it is just a matter of contacting as many different casinos as you can. There is competition for casino dealers, so you should not expect to get into one of the countries top casinos with no experience unless you have some connections. A good way to make some fast money and get some experience is to work on a cruise ship.

Many people do not like this option because you will have to share your cabin with a roommate or 2 all sharing one small room, but the rent is free and you get free meals. This is a great way to save money if you are looking to move to an area like Vegas or Atlantic City. After a few months on the ship you will have some experience and some cash in your pockets.

You should avoid moving to Vegas or Atlantic City until you have at least a year of experience as a casino dealer. There are many smaller casinos around the country many are on Indian reservations. These casinos will be able to give you a start and the experience needed to make it in the bigger casinos.

Once you have your year of experience, you can then move to one of the big casino towns. You still may not be able to get a job on the strip but you will be earning more and getting better tips. Then you can keep trying every few months and eventually you will be working in the casino of your choice dealing the game of your choice.

Casino domicile pourquoi il vaut mieux jouer de chez soi

Aujourd'hui, il est trиs facile de se procurer le matйriel adйquate grвce a la vente en ligne de matйriel pour des prix plus que raisonnables par Internet, que l'on retrouve йgalement dans les grands magasins de jouets spйcialisйs. Mais l'accиs a ses jeux est d'autant plus facile que des sociйtйs йvйnementielles offrent des soirйes casino a domicile, pour un prix certes beaucoup plus onйreux. Ces derniиres se chargent de vous apporter l'йquipement nйcessaire, de le monter et de mettre a votre disposition des croupiers ou croupiиres pendant un laps de temps dйterminй ( pas plus de 4 heures). En bref, l'idйal pour jouer dans une atmosphиre intime, conviviale et sans trop de pression.

Mais pourquoi en arriver la quand on sait que les casinos en ligne existent? Tout simplement parce que ces derniers connaissent une crise sans prйcйdent . En effet, depuis le mois d'aoыt, plusieurs arrestations ont eu lieu entre la France et les USA de dirigeants de casinos virtuel pour malversations. A cela s'ajoute la nouvelle politique des banques amйricaines, qui refusent aujourd'hui toutes transactions bancaires effectuйes par leur clients pour le compte de casinos en ligne afin de lutter contre un surendettement excessif mettant le joueur compulsif dans une situation financiиre plus que dйlicate. En effet, on constate, aussi bien aux USA qu'en Europe, que beaucoup de joueurs en ligne s'endettent de cette maniиre en raison de l'appвt du gros gain йventuel, qui ne vient pas.

Toutefois, de nouvelles directives gouvernementales viennent s'ajouter a cette crise existentielle des jeux d'argent virtuels. Les gouvernements amйricains et europйens actuels ont peur face a l'effervescence de cette nouvelle demande, qui met en pйril le monopole de certains gros casinos rйels. Cela reprйsente une perte financiиre inestimable pour les йtats qui prйlиvent des taxes aux casinos rйels d'un taux important. Par consйquent, l'Union Europйenne et les USA mettent actuellement en place de nouvelles lйgislations, afin de prйserver ce monopole mais aussi leur monopole des jeux d'argent tels la Loterie Nationale, dont le nombre de participants ne cessent de diminuer.

Mais pourquoi vaut il mieux jouer de chez soi? Surtout en raison du problиme de gestion d'argent et de compulsion. Car la tentation de jouer en ligne ou en casino rйel est souvent trиs forte, les mises gйnйralement йlevйes, cette derniиre peut vite tourner en cauchemar et vous mener tout droit а l'endettement, sans oublier les conflits familiaux que cela peut entraоner.

En effet, en jouant de chez soi en cercle privй, vous ne vous retrouvez pas dans l'obligation de jouer avec de l'argent rйel. Et mкme si cela йtait le cas, les mises sont gйnйralement moindres et le jeu reste avant tout un plaisir. Pourquoi? Tout simplement parce que vos soirйes casinos n'ont en principe pas lieu tous les soirs et que l'intйrкt premier est de se retrouver entre amis avant tout. L'objectif psychologique n'est donc pas le mкme, et les moyens de paiements assez limitйs puisqu'il n'y a pas d'utilisation de carte de crйdit et donc moins de risque de se retrouver dйmuni.

Five pairs of shoes that every woman should have

We know that everyone loves shoes, buys shoes and has many pairs of shoes in their closets. While you might not need all the shoes that you have in your closets, here are five pairs of shoes that every woman should have:

- Great Looking Business Shoes. You need to have a special pair of smart shoes for work. These should look great, and match well with your suit. They will be perfect for interviews, as well as those important presentations and business trips.

They would usually be black shoes with medium size heel, to make you look taller and in control, but still comfortable enough to wear all day.

- Great Looking Shoes to Wear With Jeans. Who wears jeans with sneakers anymore? As jeans are becoming cooler, and more embellished, you need something cuter then a basic sneaker to go with them.

We recommend cool high heel sandals in the summer, or great looking boots in the winter.

- Great Looking Sneakers. You still need to exercise and go to the gym. While you will not wear sneakers with your stylish jeans, you still need sneakers for exercising and walking outside. There are lots of different sneakers on the market now - pick the ones that fit you, and that fit your exercise routine.

- Cool Dressy Shoes. You have that gorgeous dress, and you need matching shoes to go with it. Get something fun and gorgeous to go with the dress. Splurge a little - here the right shoes will make all the difference.

- The Pink Shoes. You know, everyone has at least one pair of completely impractical, bright pink or bright red shoes. You found them at the store, they didn't really match any of your outfits, but you just had to have them.

Which ones of these types of shoes do you have in your closet?

Birkenstock boots - durable footwear with sole to boot

When you think about birkenstock footwear, most likely sandals, and perhaps clogs come to mind. Certainly that is what they are most famous for. Very comfortable, durable sandals that are great for both casual daily wear, and even casual summer parties. Those who have used 'Birks' know that they will last for ages and gently form to the shape of your feet to provide an excellent fit that is just right for you. If you have any doubt, simply slip on another person's pair and you'll understand.

However, Birkenstock has recently added boots to their line of footwear products expanding out from sandals and clogs to include both shoes and Birkenstock boots. Time will tell if they are as successful as the sandal line, but if their sandals are any proof, the boots should be a success as well.

There are 3 basic types - approach/day trip boots in the Birkenstock Alpine series, regular aggressive hiking boots in their Rockford line, and a several trendy boot styles like the Segovia Calf-boot for women.

When you go out to look for a new pair of Birkenstocks, you may find that they fit a little differently than what you are used to. Don’t let this bother you. Simply try on a slightly different size and you should be able to find a pair that is comfortable for your feet.

No question boots are not what made Birkenstock famous. However they their experience producing top end casual footwear gave them a great base for developing a quality line of boots from the start. They were able to do it all without loosing sight of their core principle of simplicity and durability.

So, the next time your go shopping for a quality pair of boots or shoes be sure to check out what Birkenstock has to offer. They may be slightly more costly than other sandals, but they will last much longer, and will be more comfortable on your feet and back as well.

What can a pair of sexy shoes do for you

Shoes are an every day part of life for most of us. We wear shoes to protect our feet from the harsh elements that they encounter on a regular basis. But the kind of shoes we choose is a matter of our own personal preferences and tastes.

When it comes to shoes, there are so many choices today that it almost boggles the mind. The activity that we are participating in or what we are trying to accomplish will have a direct impact on the type of shoes we choose to put on.

When it comes time to looking and feeling good about yourself, there is no substitution for a stylish pair of sexy shoes.

Sexy shoes can help you to gain a level of self confidence that might otherwise be unachievable.

Put on a pair of sexy high heels and they will boost you up to a new height that you might not be accustomed to. This will draw more attention to you thus increasing your confidence.

Additionally, wearing a pair of sexy high heel shoes will alter your stance having the effect of pushing your breasts up and forcing your buttocks outward. Both of these traits are highly appealing to the visually oriented male.

Many people feel that wearing sexy shoes even makes their feet appear smaller than they actually are.

Another wonderful benefit of dawning a pair of sexy heels is that they elongate the lines of the legs. This makes the legs look thinner and much more elegant to the onlooker.

So there you have it. Add up all of these benefits, take a look in the mirror and then ask yourself this question. What can a pair of sexy shoes do for me?

Find quality boots that fit like a glove

Finding just the right fit for your boots is important if you want comfort and healthy feet. Whether buying motorcycle boots, logger boots, lacer boots, cowboy boots, or steel toe boots, you'll want the best fit possible so you can enjoy your activities without aches and blisters. Here are some "fitting" tips to remember when shopping for boots.

Choose Quality over Price

Invest only in boots of high quality. Price should only be a factor once you've carefully examined the quality of the boots. To put them to the test, check for solid bottoms. Try pressing your thumb into the bottom of the sole. If the sole can be pressed in with your thumb, the boots are probably too soft to give the protection you need. Also, try twisting the soles of the boots. If you can twist them, they're probably too soft. Solid bottoms are very important with steel toe boots, logger boots, lacer boots, or any other boots used for strenuous work or activities.

Another indicator of quality is the strength and protection provided by the sides of the boots. Good boots will provide extra padding to protect your feet from rocks, stones, metal objects, and so forth. Ankle support can be tested by grabbing the top of the boot and trying to bend it over sideways. If it can be bent easily, then ankle support is probably not a main feature.

If working outdoors or doing outdoor activities such hiking or riding motorcycles, be sure the boots are waterproof. Motorcycle boots and cowboy boots will be exposed to all sorts of weather while riding, from the heat of the sun to possibly heavy rain downpours! Waterproof boots will last longer and protect your feet from moisture.

Pricing your boots should only come after quality has been considered. You can shop online to find great bargains once you know which type or brand name of boots you want.

Fitting Your Boots

Even if shopping online for boots, you should have them fitted in person by a professional if possible. Remember, all boots are not created equal; all feet are not created equal! Your boots should fit like a glove and be as comfortable as your running shoes. Even heavy boots should fit comfortably.

Before leaving the house, grab a pair of socks you would normally wear with boots. Try on the boots and wear them while walking around the store for at least 15 minutes.

Sizing Your Boots

Be sure the boots do not slip on the heel. Also, check for plenty of room at the toes. Many brand name boots offer a "wide-toe" size if needed. Check the sizing with your index finger. To do this, unlace the boots and move your foot forward as far as possible. Try slipping your index finger inside the boot behind the ankle. If your finger fits there comfortably, then you've got the right size. They're not too tight or too loose.

To check for tightness, try them on without socks once. Be sure your toes have plenty of "wiggling" space. Also, feel for tight spots around the sides of your feet. Then, test the boots again with socks.

Test Your Stride

While walking around the store, notice how the boots feel when walking forward, backward and side-ways. If planning to wear the boots while hiking or walking on inclined areas, ask the store clerk if there's an inclined area in the store or a slanted board to test your boots.

Shopping for Boots Online

Once you find the perfect fit and quality boots, you can go online to find great prices on the type of boots you need. There are boot outlets online that offer many brand names and styles to fit your needs. Also, many online malls offer other items for sale, from RC toys to diecast model cars, so you can do other shopping during your visit. Whether you need logging boots, lacer boots, cowboy boots, steel toe boots, or motorcycle boots, you'll want the very best. Your feet are worth it!

Meine ersten eindrбcke im casino

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In Wiesbaden angekommen stцckelten wir Mдdels zum Eingang des Casinos und zeigten unsere Perso stolz. Wir waren ja alle endlich Volljдhrig. Der erste Besuch in Casino Wiesbaden war kostenlos, wir mussten also keinen Eintritt zahlen. Die Mantel gaben wir in der Garderobe ab und tauschten zugleich jeder von uns damals 50 DM, heute etwa 25 Euro in Jetons aus. Aufgeregt mit den Jetons in der Hand stolzten wir zu den Spielrдumen und sollten nicht schlecht staunen, bei dem Anblick dieser neuen Welt.

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Choosing footwear - why choose sandals

Why wear sandals? This question comes up on so many occasions. It is like there are rules to the etiquette of sandal wear. Can you wear socks with sandals? Dress wear and sandals? Can you golf in sandals? Many people have their interpretation of when sandal wear is appropriate. In many countries and especially where there is a beach culture, sandals are the footwear of choice year-round.

The benefits of wearing sandals on your feet vary to the activities that you are interested in. Sandals obviously do not suffice for any activity that requires proper foot protection. Flip flops are great for using in public areas and can protect your feet from fungal infections, warts, and lacerations. They are great for wearing indoor as well and takes only seconds to put on or take off.

Sandals are stylish. At the beach, at parties or even at business meetings, there is a wide range of sandals that are available. From bright colored flip flops, to the strappy high heel, to casual wedge-style platforms, there are enough styles out there to suit any occasion.

There are many types of sandals on the market today that not only look good, they keep your feet happy with good ventilation and foot circulation. Sandals are even making winter appearances in cooler climate areas. Name brands such as O’Neill and Sanuk are beginning to produce sandals with quilted flannel and fleece attached to straps, or stitched wool socks lined in polo fleece for the die-hard sandal wearer.

The sandal industry has substantially increased in the last few years. Stats from March 2006 indicate that the sandal industry rose 13 % to 7.4 billion dollars nationwide in just one year. Sandals have now expanded to nearly one-fifth of the footwear market.

Shopping for sandals is quite easy. Most local shoe stores will have a small selection. You can pick up a cheap pair in a department store or even in some grocery stores. You also have the option of shopping online from a wide variety of sandals from any brand. As most sandal models have adjustable straps, you can be confident in your online purchase. You can choose from literally thousands of different sandal models. Check out some online today.

What is the best footwear for your outdoor activity

There are many types of footwear on the market today depending on what activities you enjoy and what suits your needs as an individual. From posh parties to the beach to a casual shopping trip, what you wear on your feet distinguishes who you are. A day hiking the trails can be a disaster with the wrong footwear.

If you are the type of individual that enjoys a number of outdoor activities but none serious enough to warrant specific footwear for each sport, then a multi-sport shoe is for you. This type of footwear is ideal for that walk in the park, a light day hike through a well traveled trail, a fun game in the field, and is a definite life-saver on vacations. It allows you to multi task your activities and gives you enough support and versatility to not limit your enjoyment.

If you are more of an enthusiast and have an adrenalin-like craving then Approach Shoes are the ticket. They are great for those mountain visits with their excellent rock scrambling traction and climbing potential, yet stylish enough to cruise the mall. The soles of these shoes are made out of a sticky rubber and more closely resemble a climbing shoe than a hiking shoe. Approach shoes where intended to give a climber or mountaineer a comfortable yet solid footing for those short or long traverses to your climbing area. These shoes are not to be confused with climbing shoes. Though many climbers prefer them on easy multi terrain climbs, they are no substitute on difficult climbs.

Then there are your beach activities. Whether you are playing volley ball or just swimming, sport sandals are a good choice. There are many makes and models to choose from. These types of sandals are also referred to as “Mandals”, because they are primarily worn by men (or in New Zealand slang “Jandals”). They are constructed with many types of materials. Synthetic fabric and leather is widely used along with a rubber treaded sole. These sandals sometimes have a removable rear heel harness to minimize foot slippage and are ideal for beach sports. They enable the user the mobility to maneuver over rough terrain and not have his or her sandal come off.

If you are just cruising the beach and do not need the support and versatility that a sport sandal offers, then a “Flip Flop” is perfect for you. It consists of a rubber (usually) sole held on to the foot by two pieces of material ranging from plastic to leather called thongs. These thongs extend from the inner and outer side of the foot to the gap between the big toe. There is no strap to the heel and the sandal moves up and down, creating a “flip-flop” sound.

Flip-Flops (thongs) are very prominent in the surfer culture. They are becoming everyday footwear in the cities as well. Flip-Flops have stood the test of time and are growing more and more as some of the most popular footwear for the summer.

When choosing footwear for outdoor activities, ensure you consider the climate and the requirements of the activity. Does the activity call for extra traction, more ventilation, more insulation or more support? Above all, pick a shoe that will keep your feet comfortable. Choose the right shoes now and enjoy your outdoor activities even more.

Shoe designer bathing ape comes to manhattan leases 91 greene st

The leasing team of Faith Hope Consolo, vice chairman, and Joseph A. Aquino, managing director of Garrick-Aug Worldwide, Ltd., exclusively represented the landlord in leasing 91 Greene St. to an obscure, yet ultra hip urban retailer A Bathing Ape. The Soho location will serve as the U. S. flagship for the street wear retailer, also known as BAPE (pronounced baypee), and will include a cafe.

The 10-year lease is for 3,036 s/f, including two levels and mezzanine space. Apparel retailer Tehen previously occupied the site.

According to Ms. Consolo, "BAPE's retail concept is perfectly suited for this hyper-trendy Soho neighborhood. The company, whose name is a clever riff that pokes fun at complacency among Japanese youths, was launched 11 years ago by designer, producer, musician and disc jockey Nigo, a self-professed 'Planet of the Apes' fanatic. His designs incorporate simian imagery, hip-hop culture and camouflage motifs and are deliberately sold in limited quantities to preserve exclusivity. BAPE clothing and accessories have reached feverish popularity among the young and hip. Customers in Japan have even been known to wait in line just to get into the store to shop! This New York flagship will allow the retailer, which already has stores in Japan, Hong Kong and London, to expand its brand within the U. S."

The lifestyle retail boutique, which will feature an array of apparel and accessories, is slated to open this summer.

"This incredible signature location features a modern, all-glass facade and nearly 20 feet of street frontage," said Mr. Aquino.

"However, the area's non-stop pedestrian traffic and proximity to some of the most well known retailers in the world are what truly makes 91 Greene St. a standout retail address."

Situated on the same block as Louis Vuitton, Armani Casa, Anne Fontaine and La Perla, 91 Greene St. is also located near other marquis retailers, including Salvatore Ferragamo, Helmut Lang and Apple Computer.

Christopher Owles, managing director of Sinvin Realty, represented the tenant in the transaction.

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