Do i need music software

Well answer some more questions… Do you like music? Do you find it convenient to download and store music on your computer/ipod(or other type of mp3 player)? Do you hate how long it takes to download music? Do you like to make mixes? Do you find it difficult to keep your collection organized on your computer? Well… if you answer yes to several of these questions than you probably would find it worth your while to invest in some good music software.

Music software is software that makes downloading and listening to music much much easier. There are many services that can be offered by a software package but the basic service of music organization is always there. These programs are set up to evaluate the song(s) and automatically will organize them according to predetermined preferences. The organization is such that you can browse by category, artist, date downloaded, name of song, etc. It also will allow you to do a directory wide search keeping all of the titles on the tip of your finger for maximum enjoyment possibilities.

Other services that music software packages will often provide are links to good sources of online music and account information banks allowing you quick and easy access. Download accelerators are a common feature. Mix creation wizards are a cool and relatively new addition to the digital music world. This is in essence a tool that allows you to automatically create a mix using the entirety of your music collection and answers to questions that you provide it. For instance if you would like to make a 70’s greatest hits compilation than you can order it up and it will happen automatically.

So where would I get music software? Well there are many ways. As usual there is a ton of sites that offer all manner of this popular product. You can also go to most computer stores/technology stores and find good products. My advice is to go online and look at a bunch of reviews and try to select one that has the capabilities that fit you best. Be confident with whatever you buy too because these are great little programs and they aren’t that expensive for the increased power over your music collection.

Alternative web browsers what are the choices

With all the security woes and annoying user-unfriendly problems associated with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, more and more people are looking for alternatives. Internet surfers seeking out new web browser options have a few good choices to consider, and luckily, all the browsers in this category boast positive attributes and cool features that can make anyone’s browsing experience a good one. In the end, it’s up to you to pick one that fits your specific needs, as everyone looks for something different in a browser. But one thing’s for sure – you’ll never go back to IE.


The Opera browser sings to a tune all its own. One of the more popular alternative browsers available, it is highly acclaimed by new and veteran users alike. This browser is well-known for loading pages very quickly (especially important for those of us still puttering along on a dial-up connection) and making the browsing experience a smooth one, especially compared to the sometimes-grueling loading times that are the trademark of Internet Explorer.

Opera is lighter than its competitor as well, weighing in at much less than Internet Explorer. The browser comes with a lot of features people have come to expect in the realm of alternative browsers (such as tabbed browsing and a pop-up blocker) that make it faster and easier to navigate the web. Another thing about Opera is that it lets you choose whether or not to run certain features, such as java applets. These are small applications written in the java programming language that can slow down a browser. If you specify, you can turn off certain JavaScript functions. If you’re willing to sacrifice some features that bog down other browser software in order to enjoy the benefits of a faster online experience, Opera is probably the perfect browser for you.

Opera can be downloaded for free – in the past you had to pay for the ad-free version, but with the release of the latest version all that has changed.

Another plus: no security issues have yet to be associated with the browser, so it’s your best bet for surfing safely, although compatibility issues may sometimes hamper your ability to view particular websites.


Firefox is gaining steam as a favorite alternative browser, although it has been the top choice for quite some time amongst old-school Internet addicts and those who make good use of tabbed browsing and other user-friendly features not available with Internet Explorer. As it cements its position in the world of mainstream browsers, you can expect even more people to jump on the Firefox bandwagon (Grandma included).

There’s good reason why Firefox is fast becoming a favorite browser. It offers a simple design, fast browsing, and a safer Internet experience. The browser blocks pop-ups, viruses, and spyware – and it doesn’t contain near as many security holes as Microsoft’s IE, meaning the chance of falling prey to browser hijackers and other such online vultures is slim to none. Patches are made available very quickly when problems do arise. Browsing is faster because you won’t have as much spyware clogging your computer’s arteries, making your trip down the information superhighway slower than molasses.

And of course, anyone who has tried to open multiple windows on Internet Explorer knows that tabbed browsing is the most convenient way to surf the web – it sure beats having a million separate browser windows open at once. Another great aspect of tabbed browsing on Firefox: when you open a window in tabs the browser doesn’t automatically take you to the new tab – instead, you remain at the original page. The latest version of Firefox even lets you move tabs around after opening them.

Alternative browsers can be a lot more fun than IE as well. Firefox, for instance, offers neat features such as live bookmarks, an integrated search bar, automatic software updates, and the ability to customize the browser by taking advantage of a number of available extensions.

As usual, the trimmed-down browsing experience means not all web pages can be accessed through Firefox. Lacking ActiveX support, this browser can’t display certain types of web pages, although the majority of websites can be viewed using Firefox.


For all you Apple users out there, Safari is your best bet for an alternative web browser. If you own a Mac, you probably already know about Safari, as it came bundled with Mac OS X, but it’s worth mentioning as an alternative to Internet Explorer simply because it is another option that works well for most web users.

Safari possesses all the usual browser features, such as bookmarks, but it also offers features people have come to expect from the other popular alternative web browsers currently on the market. The browser offers tabbed browsing and an integrated Google search box, similar to Firefox, and an automatic pop-up blocker. Again, like its competitors, Safari also offers a faster browsing experience for the keen Internet junkie.

Many Mac users prefer Safari to Internet Explorer for Mac for the same reasons more people have been flocking to Opera and Firefox. Overall, it makes the whole Internet experience faster, and the browser is very easy to use.

Instantpros professionals directory provides direct access to thousands of professionals


Do you think its good when there is community for professionals? Here there is Community for professionals on all skill sets, where all the people can communicate with every one through chat and get the live help regarding skills becomes easier.

InstantPros professionals directory provides direct access to thousands of professionals in many different subjects like web design, audio mixing, music production, SEO, Internet Marketing, Oracle, Java Script, Cubase SX3, Recording Studio Gear,.NET, C, C++, SEM, Testing, SAP, Data Warehousing, CAD Design, Seibel and other subjects too. You can instantly connect with professionals via instant messaging and chat applications. Instant pros offers various facilities like, register with the Instant Pros community, to suggest a friend if you are satisfied with the services, to chat with professional in the community and to look the professionals listed under various skill sets. You can find quick live help in all topics through messengers.

Instant Pros is a community not only for software people but also who are on different skill sets, to join instant chatting on the terminal and clarify any type of doubts through the people in instant pros community. Through Instant Pros you can connect to many of the software people and other varies professionals on various subjects, search for personal assistance on any subjec and share the knowledge on any subject with the people in the community.

For further more clarification or suggestions communicate with Instant Pros @ www. instantpros. com

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Custom software development

: For any company, software solutions represents an important factor for the business success. This is why you should be very careful when you buy software for your company. In most cases it is very hard to find a software solution that has all the features you need. This is why it is better to have your own custom software. When you have to chose a custom software development company you should know very well what you need and what you are asking for. Most of the custom software development companies will develop your software exactly as you asked for without any project analysis. In this case the software may depend on the platform it is installed and many other factors. This is not good for the business. Custom software development needs a complete project analysis, based on the client requirements, to be used anytime, anywhere. On the net you can find many custom software development companies but only few of them will match your criteria. And fewer will give you warranty and full technical assistance for the software developed. Please visit Custom Software Development to find a programming team that can make the perfect custom software solution for you.

Web-based learning management systems deployed in customer support settings

In many respects, e-learning has matured as a technology and industry. Today we will look at how web-based learning management systems can and are being used as part of the customer support function in a company or organization.

What is a learning management system?

Learning management systems (LMSs) are web-based software application platforms used to plan, implement, and assess learning processes related to online and offline training administration and performance management. LMSs provide an instructor a way in which to create and deliver content, monitor learners’ participation, and assess student performance. They also provide learners with the ability to use interactive features such as threaded discussions, web conferencing, discussion forums, and other methods of communication.

Where and why are learning management systems being used in customer support settings?

LMSs are being used in business-to-business, high process, value added, and technology-oriented business environments in industries like telecommunications, advanced electronic technology, semiconductor manufacturing, insurance, banking, medical products manufacturing, and others. Learning management systems are being used in customer support settings because they can be a cost-effective solution to providing customer and performance support for a company’s products and services.

Why is it cost-effective to use an LMS for your company’s customer support operation?

Learning management systems can be used to create a library of custom online courses that demonstrate how to use your company’s products and services. The course can be updated at will, so you’re not paying every three months to print new product guides and support manuals.

LMSs can be used to track and monitor your customers, instead of using a bunch of spreadsheets. This is very effective in scenarios where customers must be certified in order to use your products and services. The learning management system can be set up to notify a user when their certification is set to expire using an email tickler so they can recertify on your product.

What other features in learning management systems can be used for the customer support function?

A good LMS comes with a help desk feature that can be used for 24/7 customer support. Learning management systems can have integrated web conferencing technology which can be used in a number of ways to support customers such as synchronous training used in product implementation; a web conference on a new feature set that can be archived for later viewing; actual, on-the-spot tech-support using the “share your desktop” feature so your tech can go in and fix any problems necessary; and more.

LMSs can have a built in survey tool that allows you to query your customers with the results stored in the learning management systems database for later use. Learning management systems can have a single sign-on/e-commerce registration feature that can be used to sell add-on features. They also may have events management/seminar logistics add-on application that can help you manage both your off-site and onsite customer support training, and much more.

A company can realize effective resource planning and substantial cost savings by using learning management systems in customer support settings. Even greater gains in productivity and cost savings can be achieved using a learning management system in hosted business model environment. The virtual customer support campus is created to have the same look and feel as the company’s web site. Since the customer support campus is hosted and maintained on the learning management systems providers’ servers, the company only pays for set-up, its level of desired functionality, and usage. In conclusion, web-based learning management systems can be a very useful, cost effective way to manage a company’s customer support function.

Why convert process in word to xml documents

: Convert is the step to be able to be successful in your internet marketing business, it was chosen as the main application for editing content. Publishing directly from Word into xml was not considered feasible, given the considerable manual effort involved, and the multiple target websites visualized. Instead, Word documents are converted and stored as in a presentation-independent XML format, using an XML DTD developed specifically for the types of information being stored. Once stored in XML, XSLT scripts are used to convert the XML into there quired presentation HTML for the OASIS website, and automatically apply the required navigation framework. XML convert services provides content conversion solutions, by using rich media that will enable you to reuse the converted content and deliver them in multiple formats, like XML, Word or PDF. As a part of the Custom document conversion Services, we provides innovative and affordable document Conversion solutions. This service is customized specially to meet your requirements and help you to get a competitive edge. The XML convert process is complex and requires cumbersome tagging process. However, all the glitches can be overcome by the skilled and experienced XML professionals who are forte in this. We ensure 99.995% accuracy for your outsourced data conversion services. With a host of new tools, you can quickly construct documents from predefined parts and styles. Instead, Word documents are converted and stored as in a presentation-independent XML languages format, using an XML DTD developed specifically for the types of information being stored. Once stored in XML, XSLT scripts are used to convert the XML into there quired presentation HTML. Many users of XML want to keep the original documents in Microsoft Word because the Word environment allows easier editing and maintenance. We are often able to provide our customers with an on-demand system to convert new Microsoft Word documents to XML. In this way, editing remains in the Word environment, and XML is produced for whatever uses you require. We specialize in the large volume conversion of Word to XML. The responsibility which has been trusted on the people has much experience in this area and has a large and comprehensive library of conversion modules. They can therefore assemble sophisticated conversion routines that meet the most demanding requirements. We help information workers create professional-looking documents more quickly than ever before. We can process any kinds of data within short period of time due to our big well trained team. Contact us to know more about xml conversion Services.

Cheating spouse- infidelity investigations

The idea that a loved one may be breaking sacred promises and engaging in an outside relationship is accompanied by a myriad of emotions. You feel betrayed, you feel abandoned and left alone to survive in a world that has been utterly unfair to you. Yet the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with not knowing the truth may be even worse than the abandonment itself. It disrupts your life and prevents you from moving on. It deprives you of peace, sleep, and is emotionally and physically taxing. We at Lakeside Investigations understand this, and are here to prove to you that you are not alone. You can fight back and take control of your life again, and we have all the state-of-the-art tools ready to put to good use--to get you the truth once and for all.

We are experts and professionals. We work with clients like you every day to get them the proof they need to improve their lives. Confidentiality and results are our highest priorities—and the initial consultation is always free to you. In fact, we realize that you may be uncomfortable about revealing your own identity, so we are willing at first to consult with you anonymously until you feel confident enough in our professionalism to reveal yourself to us.

The reality in life is that infidelity happens a lot, and while it is difficult and painful to think it might happen to you, it is also immensely important for the truth to come to light. Not only does infidelity hurt emotions and disrupt lives, it may also be extremely dangerous for health reasons. So if you suspect your spouse or significant other of infidelity, it’s very important that you do NOT confront them. This will only cause them to change their habits and deprive you of the certainty you require for good health and peace of mind. The first thing you should do is call us, the experts at Lakeside Investigations.

If you believe your spouse might be cheating, then never forget that you have a right to know—and statistics are on your side proving that 85% of all women who suspect their men are cheating are correct. And the same is alarmingly true for 50% of men who suspect their wives or girlfriends might be cheating. Yet you still need the proof that will get you not only the peace of mind you deserve, but the moral and legal vindication that you need. We have the capacity to bring all that actionable proof right to you.

At Lakeside Investigations, it all begins with very detailed background work, which includes planning and investigation that is tailored to the lifestyle of your spouse or significant other. Many of our competitors waste your time and theirs performing shallow investigations based on their own schedules. Next to nothing gets accomplished in this way, and you end up wasting money on circumstantial evidence—or worse, on no evidence at all! Our investigators are committed to finding proof of what your spouse is really up to, and this will mean you must provide very detailed and specific information to us that will put us on the right track.

The difficulty that this situation may present to you is understandable, and our consultants are compassionate toward this. At the same time, it is necessary for you to be candid about all the areas of your spouse’s personal life that might be relevant to the investigation. The thoroughness with which we question you will give you an idea of just how far we will go in the actual investigation to get you the truth you need. We know that you are desperate now to find out the true activities of your spouse, and we are committed to match that desperation with our meticulous attention to all the details that will uncover the most discreet activities of your mate.

Our experts are highly trained in the systematic methods of cheating spouse investigations that are guaranteed to produce the most accurate results. However, let us also assure you that all actions we perform will be carried out with the utmost discretion and the strictest attention to propriety and good taste. Our goal is not to embarrass you or create an unnecessary scandal. We simply recognize your need and right to know the details of relationships in which your mate is engaged, and we are committed to providing you (and no one else) with that information. We are careful to provide the most thorough investigation so that you are free and able to use it in legal proceedings, or simply to confront the cheating spouse and get your life back on track—but we leave that decision up to you.

Call us now for a free and confidential evaluation. The profile we’ve provided above is made up of a list of behaviors that point toward a cheating spouse or significant other. While no single one of these behaviors should be considered evidence of a cheating spouse, if a few of these are present in your spouse’s behavior then your alarm is understandable.

Life is too short and yours too important to continue living in misery and doubt. We’re here to help you ease the pain by winning back your happiness, security, and freedom. We guarantee exceptional service at affordable prices—and our level of service you won’t get anywhere else! Call now.

Private investigator software and what is the best

The job of a private investigator is to find information and clues that provide the client with proof to whatever. In today's age people are storing important information on their computer; because of this private investigators are spending more and more time sitting in front of the computer. Specialized computer software developed for private investigators have helped save valuable information of clients from being hacked. There is also software used for spying, connecting to databases and retrieving information.

Let it be known that using software for spying, commonly known as Spyware, is illegal. Because most antivirus software instantly detects and removes Spyware you can get caught easily, and then have to face a criminal record and more than likely the revoking of your license. If you are going to attempt to use Spyware, make sure that you have to latest, most specialized for the use you are wanting, software so you have less a chance of getting detected. It is considered criminal activity and if you get caught tracking people's passwords, etc. there will be consequences.

There are other types of spying software that allows you to watch the monitor of whoever you are spying on. This is just basically hacking. If you are trying to find information on a certain person's activities online then this type of program gives you instant verification in to the websites they are visiting, etc. Again, this is illegal for these programs enable you to take control of the person's PC. There are serious criminal charges for doing so.

You can buy private investigator software online, and they are bought with your credit card. There are also companies that will make software specialized for you, which is the safest way to go in the sense that it is the most difficult to track and monitor, therefore harder to catch who is using it. The prices can vary from $50 to $300 for the basic software you can buy online, while if you are getting software made especially for you, it could cost up to several thousand dollars.

Before installing private investigator Spyware onto your computer make sure that there isn't any antivirus software of your computer. Also, please keep in mind that there is a serious possibility for you to get caught and arrested for using them.

Use picasa to create a quick slide show for your dvd player using a cd of jpg images

As a photographer, I like easy ways of storing, editing and producing digital pictures. As a moderate user of Adobe Photoshop, I have now discovered Picasa, Free Software from Google that allows you to simply catalogue, store and perform some post production enhancements to your digital pictures.

Like many Digital Photographers, you may want duplicates (multiple versions) of your digital pictures, to which you apply various enhancements - cropping, B&W, softening, etc. If you are using Picasa, then you will need to apply some file renaming to ensure your pictures are grouped together: picture original, picture copy1, picture copy2,,,picture copyn. Currently, duplicating a digital picture within Picasa does not produce a filename which preserves the desired filename sequence (ascending sort - alphabetic order) - "Original, OriginalCopy, OriginalCopy (2),,OriginalCopy (n)"

Do not despair. Here is a simple fix that will ensure that your 'CD of JPG images' will playback properly on an inexpensive DVD player ($29.95 at Walmart), which is capable of playing back (like a Slide Show) stored JPG images.

A little background on how Picasa creates JPG file copies on your computer. When you copy/duplicate a file in Picasa it creates the copied file with the following prefix - “Copy of IMAGEnnnn. jpg”. Since alphabetic sequencing has "C" coming before "I", this means that all of the prefixed files with “Copy of” are saved in your computer [picture] directory ahead of the original JPG images, which all start with “IMG” or “IMAGE” - Ouch! But you want all your JPG picture files to start with "IMG" or "IMAGE", just like they were originally created on your digital camera.

Apply a simple and consistent renaming of these "Copy of" JPG files and you will get the desired playback sequence. Rename these “Copy of” files so that the original filename prefix is preserved - “IMG” or“IMAGE”. Just remove the “Copy of” prefix and add an appropriate ascending numeric sequence suffix to each of the copied files.

For example, IF your original JPG file and the Picasa two copies were:

IMG_2787, Copy of IMG_2787, Copy (2) of IMG_2787

THEN you would rename the TWO Copy files to get this grouped sequence:

IMG_2787, IMG_2787-2, IMG_2787-3

Now you will be sure that the filename sequence will match your desired Slide Show sequence.

You can submit an enhancement request to Picasa to fix the way they name copied files (Adobe has is right!). You can submit your request to: Picasa Help Ticket Submission. The more requests the sooner they fix this inconvenience.

Seo software

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If you'd like to learn:

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+ Then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Let me explain.

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Sends a stampede of visitors to your website the very day you invest in this incredible web marketing tool

Makes you kick butt profit in the traffic generation process

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Business software solutions

Business software solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Choosing the right business software solutions at the start will save you a lot of time. Time you can spend growing and developing your business. Here are a few tips.

Keep your business software solutions very simple. Many times we're tempted to think that if we had a magic piece of software, the business would run itself. Not true. Computer consulting is not going to run itself regardless of the type of business software solutions you are running. It's a people business that relies on relationships not software.

Recommended Business Software Solutions

Make real simple choices:

Use Microsoft Office, Outlook, Publisher, Word, and Excel.

You will use these business software solutions very heavily.

Use a time, billing, and accounting package that provides business software solutions to small business. Quickbooks is a good, simple choice.

Get a good contact management package. Use a business software solution like ACT.

For basic research use the tools at support. microsoft. com. Their knowledge base is tremendous and you'll likely be working on Office, Windows and Microsoft SBS all day.

Don't reinvent the wheel and try to build these solutions yourself. There are very good and inexpensive business software solutions on the market that will do 99 percent of what a custom built program will do. Your time is much better spent doing more networking.

The Bottom Line on Business Software Solutions

The best business software solutions for a small business are the ones that come pre-packaged. Remember, you're not in business to develop business software solutions. You are a consultant who only needs the basics to run your own business. Leave the fancy business software solutions to others and be there to implement or troubleshoot them as required.

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Trendmicro pc-cillin internet security review

Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security is the best Internet Security software in its market. This release combines award-winning antivirus security and a personal firewall for comprehensive protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, and hackers. It also detects and removes spyware and blocks spam. It even guards against identity theft by blocking phishing and pharming attacks. PC-cillin also protects your wireless network with Wi-Fi Intrusion Detection, an innovative security feature that alerts you when an intruder uses your Wi-Fi connection.

Major Features That Make TrendMicro PC-Cillin Internet Security 2006 so effective include:

Comprehensive Antivirus Security that detects and removes viruses from emails, Internet downloads, removable media, and your personal computer's hard drive. The improved Outbreak Warning System sends alerts to warn you of new threats. Security updates automatically execute as soon as they are available.

Powerful Spyware Protection is assured using Trend Micro's leading anti-spyware technology that blocks spyware and grayware in real time. Manual and scheduled scans detect and remove spyware that may already be installed on your personal computer. New Exception Lists and improved Quarantine Management give you more control to keep, delete or restore programs.

Phishing Fraud Defense allows URL filtering, anti-spam, and patent-pending technologies to work together to block fraudulent websites, phishing emails, and pharming attack. These scams are designed to attack financial data, user names, and passwords. The Anti-Fraud Wizard makes it easy to configure and the new Anti-Fraud Toolbar helps you avoid future scams by displaying a credibility rating of Web sites in real time.

Wi-Fi Intrusion Detection is the industry's first alert system for wireless home networks and is now faster and better at sending rapid alerts as soon as an unauthorized user intrudes your wireless network.

Improved Spam Filtering employs advanced spam-filtering technology that blocks spam from flooding your inbox and new integration with Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to set preferences. New user-friendly tools and more reports make it very easy to view and manage.

Enhanced Personal Firewall is your personal firewall that prevents intrusion from hackers, and blocks network viruses like the well-known ZOTOB worm that targets network vulnerabilities.

Home Network Control is a centralized management console makes it easy to configure, update, and manage all aspects of security for every computer on your home network or wherever PC-cillin 2006 is installed.

Vulnerability Assessment is provided via PC-cillin as it performs regular scans of your computer, alerts you to operating system/browser vulnerabilities, and provides one-click access to Windows Update.

System Requirements for TrendMicro PC-Cillin Internet Security 2006:

Hardware - Microsoft Windows XP/2000: Intel Pentium 300MHz or above; Microsoft Windows Me/98/98 SE; Intel Pentium 233MHz or above; Microsoft Windows XP: 128MB or above; Microsoft Windows 2000/Me/98/98SE:128MB or above. Requires 120MB available hard disk space

Software - Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition/Professional SP 2 or above; Windows 2000 Professional SP 4 or above; Windows Me, Microsoft Windows 98/98 Second Edition; Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP 2 or above; Netscape 7.1; AOL 7.0 and Firefox 1.0;

Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0; Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, or 2003; Netscape 7.1; Eudora Pro 6J; AOL Mail; Yahoo! Mail; MSN Hotmail and Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0; Windows Messenger 4.7, 5.0 and MSN Messenger 6.2; ICQ 5; ICQ Lite; AOL 5.1; Windows XP SP 2 or above; Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, or 2003; Microsoft Outlook Express 6, SP 2

Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 with an MSRP of $49.95 offers a broad range of protection for your PC. It is a feature rich, powerful choice in Internet Security protection your PC.

When is the right time to upgrade software

I don't claim to be a "techie," but I thought I would say a few words about upgrading software programs. If you use software, such as Microsoft Office, on a regular basis, how often should you upgrade to a newer version? That depends on several factors, such as support (is your current version still supported by the software company?), features, and compatibility with other software programs on your computer.

I recently upgraded my version of Office XP to Office 2003. However, it took me a long time to make the decision to upgrade. The XP version had all of the features I thought I needed. The programs - Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint, all seemed to be working fine, and XP was still supported by Microsoft. Well, being a business person in an administrative profession, I need to constantly update my software skills, and that includes working with various office software applications. As I came across online training classes for Word, Excel, etc., I started to realize that classes in XP applications were no longer being offered. That is really what cinched it for me. Since upgrading, I've also come to like certain features in each of the programs. I'm also learning Publisher, which came with the upgraded version, and may help me with desktop publishing projects for my clients.

The bottom line is that as long as your current software programs offer you everything you need, there is no reason to upgrade to a newer version unless you simply want to. It's really a subjective, individual preference. That is my take on upgrading software!

True mobility switch from network to network in a click

That's how it looks. You have a job that is about using a notebook with a network connection in different places. Each time you change your location, including returning home, you have to spend time on resetting network settings, which keeps you away from optimal efficiency. It includes changing settings not only for network but also for your browser, e-mail software, shared files and more. Why does it have to take so long? That kind of question keeps bothering you each time you get from one network into another. And just as you thought that adjusting settings was an unavoidable routine, Net Profile Switch stretches out a helping hand.

Net Profile Switch means no more bother with network settings at all, create profiles to apply preconfigured settings and you're ready to go. You can even import current settings to create a profile in no time. Now all network-related adjustments will only require a few seconds, you won't need any more than that. Once you have defined settings in the program's profiles, a single click will get the job done any time you need it.

Net Profile Switch wouldn’t be so useful without a number of additional handy features. Along with network settings the tool offers a simple way of adjusting web browser proxy settings. It works not only for standard Internet Explorer but also for Opera and Firefox as well. The program can also be used to instantly map network drives and configure firewall settings. And you can make it set other SMTP-server for email software. Lastly, Net Profile Switch can change your default printer. Altogether these features comprise an ultimate set for fast and trouble-free network switching, so if you seek true mobility Net Profile Switch will make a huge step towards it.

What’s more, it is especially convenient that the software works equally smooth with both Windows XP and Vista. For the latter it means that Net Profile Switch complies with UAC (User Account Control) and needs no administrative permissions. Thus you can be sure that fast network switching on the latest OS from Microsoft, as well as on XP, won't give you any trouble. Open new advantages of being mobile with Net Profile Switch.

Why it gets faster with Net Profile Switch:

• Everything to be configured while network change is taken into account

• One click handles all network-related settings at once

• Switching profiles is much faster than managing settings manually

How to disable short cut in excel

: Over the last few days I have been running basic and advanced Excel courses and one of the common questions that people are asking me is "What is a simple way to Disable a Short cut in Excel?" I have spent lots of time thinking about a non-programmatic way to do this and there is a very simply solution. Write a macro … Let us say for example you are writing a Microsoft Excel template that you need various users to enter data into, but you want to limit their ability to use the features of Cut, Copy and Paste. Okay, so let me start off by testing your memory… What is the shortcut keystrokes for Cut, Copy and Paste … I will put you out of your misery if you do not know, they are - Cut - [Ctrl] + [X] Copy - [Ctrl] + [C] Paste - [Ctrl] + [V] Now to override these basic shortcuts we simply use a macro to do so, keeping in mind that the macro will only disable the short cuts for that document, as long as you choose the right options. Let us go through the process to disable the short cut, Cut. The first step is to open a new spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, then go to the Tools menu and then choose Macro from the drop down menu, then select Record New Macro … The Record Macro dialog box will be visible. In the Macro Name text box, type the text EliminateCut. Now not that I did not have a space between the word Eliminate and Cut. If you have a space, the Excel application will come up with an error because in Microsoft Excel you are NOT allowed to have spaces in macro names. Second step click in the box that say shortcut key and type in the letter X. In the Store in Macro drop down box the option "This Workbook" should be selected. If it is not, make sure you select it from the drop down box or you will disable Cut for all future workbooks, which will not be a positive outcome. Finally press the OK button. Word of warning … Do Not Click or do anything on the Worksheet. The Stop Recording toolbar should appear, simply click on the stop button which looks like a stop button on a CD Player and the macro recorder will stop. Now if you put some text into a cell and deactivate the cell by pressing the [Enter] key, then go back and click on it once and try out your shortcut. What you will notice is that the cell is selected but if you click on another cell and try and paste the value by using [Ctrl] + [V] you will notice that the cell does not move and as such the short cut [Ctrl] + [X] is disabled. I should note that there are some limitations to this technique. If you actually activate the cell and select the text in the cell itself and then try [Ctrl] + [X] you will find that the text will be cut, but if you use [Ctrl]+[X] on a normally selected cell you will notice [Ctrl] + [X] is disabled.

Cd dvd replication vs. cd dvd duplication what the heck is the difference

: As you begin looking for CD DVD replication or duplication services, you will likely be asked many questions concerning your project and the type of media you need. You may wonder to yourself, "Aren't all burnable discs the same?” - but as you’ll come to find out - there IS a difference between the media used to manufacture CD DVD duplication orders and the media used to manufacture CD DVD replication orders. Using a reputable full service CD DVD Replication / Duplication company like PacificDisc, Inc. to partner with is certainly a helpful option to ensure a professional end result, but here is a simple explanation of some of the differences, answer some of the questions you may have, and set aside some misconceptions about DVD replication and DVD duplication. CD DVD Replication CD DVD Replication is the standard used to make mass quantities of CD's or DVD's. A “glass master” of your information is made which in turn producers “stampers” which are used for injection molding the information onto foil. Layers of polycarbonate plastic then protect the mastered information. It is then lacquered, usually screened, and ultimately packaged. Because most of this process is automated, the cost per unit becomes factored in and very affordable on orders generally greater than 1000 pieces. Until recently, almost all DVD CD duplication companies replicated their discs and would only offer service of larger volume CD DVD replication runs to their customers. CD DVD Duplication DVD Duplication is the standard in which smaller quantities of CD’s or DVD's are usually manufactured. CD-R and DVD-R media is loaded into burners. Your information is digitally extracted from your master source (usually a master CD-R or DVD-R) and transferred to the blank discs. Your information is typically verified and the copy then accepted or rejected. With the advent, popularity, and reduced cost of writeable media, it is now possible to offer the same level of CD DVD duplication services to customers that need smaller quantity orders as well as customers which need larger quantities. What's the difference? There is no data difference between a processed CD DVD duplication and a glass mastered CD DVD replication disc. In fact, both processes extract the information from your master source in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Other than the way your disc is manufactured, the biggest noticeable difference between a replicated CD / DVD disc and a duplicated CD / DVD disc may be the way the surface is marked. This is usually due to the cost restraints associated with the method chosen to process the order. True or False: CD or DVD duplication is not as reliable as CD or DVD Replication? It may surprise you to find out that in most cases the answer to this question is FALSE. Writeable media was invented for the storage of data. Audio CD-Rs and subsequently video DVD-R's were an offspring of the data disk. As with any new technology, there are bugs and glitches to iron out when trying to mass-produce writable media. In an effort to get product into the market place, many disc manufactures produced sub-par product, which had trouble loading audio and video, and thus would keep your disc from “spinning up” in your player. Today’s writeable media are manufactured under much stricter guidelines. It is true that there are still many inferior brands of discs saturating the market place, but by choosing a reputable CD DVD duplication company like PacificDisc Inc. - which uses only professional equipment and high quality media, you should be assured of receiving a quality product. In Conclusion: CD DVD Duplication and CD DVD Replication both have their cost and quality advantages. Ultimately, it is the consumer/customer that will choose the best method to manufacture the replication project. The CD DVD replication company you partner with will help you put a project together that both meets your quality demands and budget restrictions. Learning all you can about your CD DVD Replication project will help you make an informed decision about your project and the way you will manufacture it.

Microsoft excel

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet program that was developed by Microsoft. It is designed for computers that use the Windows operating system, and it can also be used on computers that use Mac OS as well. It has an easy to use interface with a number of tools that can make creating a spreadsheet fast and simple. This combined with a powerful marketing campaign has made Excel one of the most popular software programs in the world. Excel is typically bundled in the Microsoft Office package of programs.

Excel is not the first spreadsheet program to be produced by Microsoft. A spreadsheet program called Multiplan was first released by the company in 1982, but it eventually lost market share due to the release of Lotus 1-2-3. Because of this, Microsoft decided to create a spreadsheet program that could effectively compete against the dominance of Lotus. The very first version of Excel was introduced in 1985, and was available on the Mac. The first version for Windows would be released two years later. Because Lotus didn't bring their spreadsheet program to Windows quickly enough, Excel begin to gain a larger share of the market. By 1988 Excel had surpassed 1-2-3, and it is one of the factors behind the success of Microsoft as a software company.

The latest version of the software is Excel 11, and it is part of the Microsoft Office 2003 bundle. An Excel file will come in the form of. xls. A number of changes can be made to the interface of the program, but the GUI will always be composed of rows and cells. Information can be placed in cells which will have an effect on the data that may be present in other cells. In addition to this, Excel gives the user a large amount of control over the look of cells and the information that is placed in them. Both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint were designed to conform to Excel.

The introduction of Visual Basic with Excel allowed a number of tasks to be automated. Since 1993, Visual Basic has become an integral part of Excel, along with the introduction of the integrated development environment. However, the automated properties of Excel with Visual Basic has caused a number of macro viruses to be created, though many of them are now blocked by standard antivirus programs. Microsoft also allows users to disable the use of macros if they choose to, and this has largely eliminated the problem.

While Microsoft Excel was not well known during the late 1980s, it has now become the most widely spreadsheet software, though it is facing competition from a number of companies, most notably Google. Despite this, Microsoft has made a name for itself with the release of Excel, and next to Windows, it is one of the most well known software packages in the world. It has excellent calculation tools, and it can effectively be used for graphing as well. However, the software wouldn't have the dominance that it has today if it hadn't been for Multiplan, the predecessor that started it all.

Css articles

: With the many benefits that come with Cascading Style Sheets, it is able to make a significant impact in the minds of web designers who have embraced this stylesheet language with both hands. In spite of the various disadvantages of CSS like lack of support by all browsers, no use of variables, float limitations, multiple properties performing same functions and not possible for the selectors to ascend, it is now a popular mean of defining and changing the attributes of certain objects in a web page. Beginners as well as experts find the website namely; css-faq. com really informative as it contains latest articles, reviews and blogs on CSS. Articles like CSS Guide for Beginners, Creating Cascading Style Sheets, CSS Mistakes and Web problems help the readers to gain good knowledge about the language. Cascading Styles Sheets is a way to style HTML. Whereas the HTML is the content, the style sheet is the presentation of that document. It is very easy to understand the basic CSS syntax and the various ways of adding a stylesheet to a web page like Inline method, embedded method and Linked method. All these steps are described systematically so that beginners don’t create any kind of confusion in their minds. Cascade Style Sheets is one of the most important languages in web development as it helps the conversion of the mark up languages to the various interfaces that people can understand. It is very essential that all the information is suitably passed across to each and every one across the world and therefore it is important that there are no CSS mistakes in a website forming document that can hamper the smooth functioning of the website in the future. There are quite a few widely known mistakes that people do make regarding the application of this stylesheet language but most of these mistakes are fundamental in nature. The articles posted on css-faq. com cover all the aspects of this presentation language. It not only helps the viewers to know the advantages and disadvantages of CSS, but it also mentions various CSS tools, its designing aspects and some of the popular websites. http://www. css-faq. com

How to avoid spyware

Spyware is a kind of software that monitors the different activities of a user, without his consent or knowledge. Spyware is a major threat and menace to your productivity as well as privacy. Many PC's are affected with spyware and it greatly hampers their performance.

Spyware can spy on your personal information, the software installed in your computer and the web pages that you visit. Sometimes spyware can even hack your username and password. Spyware is a big menace for computer users but can be controlled with the use of spyware removal techniques.

Spyware can be present in any form of harmless program or software. The spyware is capable of sending information to the creators of the software or program without your consent.

Imagine the amount of damage that can be caused to you due to this unauthorized leakage of your personal information. A resent consumer study has found that around 80% of PC's in the United States of America are infected with some kinds of spyware.

Another study has indicted that the IT managers rate spyware as the number one threat for networks. It is likely to happen that you yourself have infected your computer with spyware.

The free smileys and the cursor that you download from websites are most likely to contain spyware. Be very cautious about whatever you download from the online sites. Most free programs and downloads have spyware attached to them. It is highly unlikely that people read the contents of the different pop-ups appearing on their computer screens during downloads. Spyware distributors take into consideration this aspect and embed the spyware in such program.

Spyware puts your privacy at risk. Spyware has become a leading threat to personal computers and online privacy. Spyware interferes with normal functioning of your computer and send information about your online activities to spyware manufacturing companies.

Installation of spyware in our computer without your consent amounts to bad netiquette. It is netiquette to seek permission to use personal information of any kind for any purpose. Incorrect use of your personal information online can land you in trouble.

You can follow some common and simple steps to avoid spyware installation in your system. The basic rule for avoiding spyware is to practice safe surfing. Safe surfing ensures that you are not lured into doing anything, which you do not wish to do. Be very cautious while you are downloading any thing, as it is very difficult to tell what program contains sypware and what program does not. Many legitimate free download programs come with spyware embedded with them.

Install a good anti spyware software, such as XoftSpy, with advanced features in your computer. Do not forget to run your spyware protection every day. It is extremely important for you to read the license agreement terms and conditions very carefully, before you download anything. This can help you in preventing spyware installation in your computer. Spyware threat can greatly hamper your work and other activities.

What s the best background check company

A good background check company will facilitate the hiring process for an organization by providing them with accurate and up-to-date details of their candidates. The company should have the resources to retrieve in short time information such as credit records, social security numbers, driving record, criminal records, and educational background.

Background research companies must operate in sync with softwares such as Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Resources Management Systems that their client companies might use. This will help both parties to exchange information quickly and smoothly. Organizations value background research companies that help them in their hiring decisions and aid in minimizing instances of hire-and-fire that result in an additional burden on the company.

Good background check companies will have reliable resources of information such as individual researchers who may be their employees or individual contractors. These individuals gather information on people as per the directions given to them. The companies may also buy the information from resellers who collect data such as employment records. Courthouses are a good source of criminal records. Also, there are several data aggregators who provide access to credit bureaus as well as federal and state information resources. The veracity of the information offered by trustworthy background research companies can always be checked and these companies update their databases continuously.

A good background research company will be in a position to offer its clients quick turnaround time. This is because the longer it takes for information to be made available, greater is the cost involved in the operation and the chances of error. The background research company obtains its information from various sources and the process of obtaining data can be time consuming, especially if traditional means of communication such as letters or faxes. Even if the information is emailed, there are bound to be requests for clarifications from the research company, the back and forth communication will invariably lead to a loss of time. Companies that have an integrated information flow which is standardized and is also implemented by their business partners will provide information fast and will be preferred for a repeat job by client companies.

A good background research company understands the importance of entering into a contractual agreement with its clients with regard to the nature of information to be collected, the contact points in their company, and the time-frame for submitting the information. The background research company must be insured against errors and omissions and should be well-versed with federal and state requirements regarding the procedures to be followed for obtaining information. A good background research company will never violate the rights of a prospect as doing so can compromise the position of its clients.

Ssl ensures the protection of personal and sensitive data

Since the advent of Information Technology there is an enormous change in the world of practical functioning. Internet is the highly advanced and quick paced means of communication that gets you connected around the globe instantly. This has been the major contribution of the IT development and has revolutionized the working strategies of the varied industries including government, educational, information technology, and corporate industry. SSL is an essential component that ensures the safety and security of your personal and private data on the Internet. It has been proved as the most secure tool for both the government and public sector data privacy.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is a protocol that is developed by Netscape in order to transfer confidential documents and official data via internet. It helps in transferring the data on secure server by setting up a connection between the client and server. It is a digital certificate for your website that verifies its authentication and encrypts the information data sent using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. This encrypted data is transferred to the server in a non-readable format and is deciphered later by an appropriate decryption key.

SSL certificate acts as an e-passport that acknowledges an online identity of your website verifying its data transfer while conducting business online. When you transfer some confidential data or file on internet to a web server, your web browser gets an access to the digital certificate of the server and forms a secure connection.

The SSL certificate contains the general information including the name of the certificate holder, certificate serial number, expiration date, copy of public key of certificate holder, and digital signature of the authority issuing certificate.

SSL certification has been a boon for business organizations in ensuring the protection and privacy of personal and sensitive data. This has been necessary with the rise in outsourcing industry. Most of the nations that have expensive work labor problem get its work outsourced from countries where labor charges are cheap which saves a lot of money. Almost every business activity whether it is related to the data transfer or official discussion is conducted via Internet so SSL certification helps by allowing the secure platform for transferring the data confidently in an encrypted form which only client can decrypt with the use of key.

SSL certificate has entirely changed the working strategies of government institutions as well in many ways. E-governance has become the latest term for the government transactions taking place online. Government has upgraded its working efficiency with the introduction of high technology and e-transactions of data, documents and files in order to achieve higher performance goals. SSL has been instrumental in secured transfer of information regarding government policies, control and coordination of the various government offices and tax filing and vote or polling via effective communication system.

Lockaccess perfect web site password protection user authentication script user access control and htaccess password protection

LockAccess is a professional management tool for web site password protection, user authentication and user access control to web directories. Using. htaccess password protection, this software grants you one of the most secure and easiest ways to protect your directories and restrict access to them.

LockAccess provides intuitive web-based interface and self-installing system that doesn’t require any programming skills, authentication or PHP knowledge. All the actions are clearly visible, and the results of these actions will be shown instantly on your screen.

With LockAccess you can create unlimited password protected directories with unlimited usernames and passwords. To set password protection, just click on catalogue tree image elements and protect the appropriate directory, register new users and edit their personal data, easily grant access to protected areas, define user expiration date, send mail lists, customize email and language templates, and much more... at http://password-managers. net

The top five spyware issues dealing with internet security

One of the main ways to compromise internet security on your PC is via a program called a Trojan Horse. A Trojan Horse is a program that quietly runs in the background, inviting the user to run it, while spreading its malicious code. This code can do any number of things. It can start right away or it may simply install a program that won't start for sometime. Once it does start, it can delete all of the files on the computer or it can infect the computer and try to infect other computers on the network. There are a number of ways spyware is delivered, and as a Trojan horse is the most common.

In addition to these things, spyware may infect your e-mail address book. Once this occurs, spam will be sent to every single person in every single infected address book.

The major difference between spyware like Gator and most other spyware programs is that users are understandably notified of its download before it actually occurs.

Another significant spyware threat is CoolWebSearch. This spyware can do a number of things to compromise your internet security. First, it can take over your current internet settings, making things display wrong, and causing other system inconsistencies.

The third major spyware threat is 180searchassistant. This program has both pop-up and pop-under ads based on the user's search terms. Moreover, once a site is clicked on, a new browser window opens to display more advertisements based on the search terms. It constantly updates by itself, and it can display pop-up ads even when the internet is not running. In addition to compromising your internet security, it can cause system slow downs.

The fourth detrimental spyware threat to your internet security is ISTbar. This spyware program displays adult pop-ups, even when the internet is not in use. It can hijack your browser settings, reset your homepage, and cause continual cascading pop-ups while you are using the internet. It will continually download related files without your knowledge. Moreover, it can cause system slow downs.

The final major spyware threat to your internet security is Internet Optimizer. This program redirects your computer to its advertising sites. It also downloads and continually updates itself without your knowledge. The worst part about this spyware, though, is it leaves a back door open to your system so other viruses can penetrate your defenses.

Digital signage software dynamic advertising tool

In today's hypercompetitive market each retailer needs to grow revenue and market share along with customer satisfaction. Retailers are using new technologies like digital signage to retain customers. Retailers not only provide additional value by facilitating their customers but also generate additional revenues by running branded advertisements. Static pop-up is a thing of the past. Digital signage is being placed in-store, showcasing product information, new arrivals, offers, clearance sales and information about availability of products along with their location. Huge video display screens grab comparatively more attention than other sources, influence customers and are a means of additional revenue and customer satisfaction.

Communication is the key to any organization's success. However, in today's fast moving market it becomes a bit cumbersome and tedious for a corporate to inform each and every employee with key information at one go. One reason may be that all the employees do not have email ids like in floor shops, back offices or branch offices spread geographically.

The organization can update its employees based in any country, in any location with the latest internal news; can welcome the new joinees, keep the entire employee force abreast with the latest HR policies, transfers of employees, etc. The organization can even broadcast live internal and sporting events simultaneously. Using Digital Signage software these updates and events can also be displayed on LCD or plasma screens. Digital signage also helps in assisting visitors in accessing a facility's way finder, utilities area and other important information. The same can also be used to display the company profile and areas of expertise. Third party feeds like news, weather, stock market updates, financial news, etc., are added advantages for staff and visitors alike.

Why is digital signage important in the transportation sector? Digital signage allows you to put live or real time data on to screens (LCD/ Plasma) fixed at the departure or arrival areas of airports, railway and bus terminals. Passengers can be updated with the current schedules in an interesting manner, rather than the boring numeric being currently used. This can be used to display useful information that a passenger would like to know - trip delays, news, sports coverage, stock market updates, currency rates, safety information, world clock and weather. All this can be displayed simultaneously. Interactive kiosks or touch screens make it easy for travelers to purchase tickets, check-in and locate where to board planes, trains, and buses and tourism info centers.

Digital signage can delight customers by displaying their menu, along with their ingredients and calorie counts, price and the waiting time outside their premises. This could encourage the customer to have pre-decided his/her order once she looks at the menu thereby leading to the higher TRT (turn around time) leading to more revenue. Inside the restaurant besides the menu, entertaining videos, news, stocks etc can be displayed for customers.

Digital signage is ideal for retail banking because it lets you deliver personalized information to individuals critical to the success of retail banking. It can be used to display messages from the bank's board of directors or head appreciating and thanking customers for their loyalty. Display screens fixed at waiting areas informs the customer about the current offers and services for different categories and testimonials along with tickers, live news feeds and stock data making his wait more entertaining. Further the head office can communicate with other branches simultaneously at a pre-defined time for all internal communication.

Digital signage can play a significant role in making your guests stay memorable, for e. g. Screen at the reception desk, can be used to display different time zones of different countries dynamically which means a clock showing IST(Indian Standard Time) can have a background of The Taj Mahal and after predefined time it can show London time with Big Ben or video of London or a hotel logo as the background, this can also be added with weather conditions in multiple numbers, here imagination has no full stop. Likewise in the lobby area a screen can be used to display facilities and amenities available with-in the hotel like today's function, today's top menu etc. to facilitate customers and guests. This can also help your guests find their way to rooms, what's in for menu, type and time of restaurants, bar, rest room and other amenities etc. at touch of their finger tip along-with the city's tourist's places, entertainment venues and prominent market in interactive kiosk mode.

Handy tools from the microsoft office package

Microsoft has become famous for their operating systems but they also provide a great set of tools in the form of Microsoft Office. Many people take Microsoft Office for granted and don’t realize how hard life would be without it.

The Microsoft Office Package comes with 4 important software products. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power-point. Each product having their own separate uses.

The first is Microsoft Word. It is a word processor meaning it is very useful in writing documents, stories, work instructions and so forth. It has many different functions. For instance you can quite easily save your documents as web pages therefore being able to publish them on the internet. A second useful function is the drawing toolbar. The drawing toolbar allows the user to create exciting headings, draw arrows and squares and insert pictures. All in all it has many, many uses.

Microsoft Excel is more for crunching numbers. It allows the use of colorful graphs, equations and also pictures. It allows the use to set it up so it does calculations automatically. It also allows the user to look at several “sheets” at the one time making working on different projects simultaneously a breeze.

Microsoft Power-point is used primarily for presentations. It is simple and quick to create a colorful slide show that would WOW anyone.

Microsoft Access is database software. It allows for the use of SQL queries, tables, forms, macros and much more. It allows the user to easily and effectively store their data while being able to manipulate it in different ways.

An important aspect of the Microsoft Office package is that files from all 4 applications can be interchangeable. This means you can grab a file you created in Microsoft Excel, and import it into Microsoft Access very simply and easily.

Microsoft navision implementation integration customization sao paulo erp market notes

Microsoft Navision is localized and translated into Brazilian Portuguese to be efficient MRP/ERP/accounting solution for Brazilian enterprises as well as for subsidiaries or manufacturing facilities of multinational corporations and companies, participating in international business. We plan to inform potential customer about the situation on Brazilian ERP market and particularly in Sao Paulo, based on our consulting practice experience. We also plan similar publications on Axapta, SAP Business One, Oracle E-Business Suite (also often referred as Oracle Financials, or Oracle Applications)

• Sгo Paulo Economy. Being largest South American megapolis, Sao Paulo and the state provide approximately 75% of nation output in machinery, rubber, electrical products & goods. Heavy industries include motor vehicles, electrical equipment, computers, chemicals. Consumer goods: textiles, food processing, china & pottery, household utensils, furniture.

• State production centers. Campinas, Sorocaba, Jundiaн, Cubatгo, and Ribeirгo Prкto – last couple of decades production facilities moved out of city of Sao Paulo to other locations in the state. The city of Sao Paulo has traditional businesses: banking centers, finance, corporate headquarters, etc. The city also serves a rich agricultural hinterland, one of the most productive agricultural areas in the nation. Soybeans and especially coffee are of great commercial significance.

• Navision. Microsoft Business Solutions has several ERP applications – Microsoft Navision, Great Plains, Axapta, Solomon, Microsoft CRM, etc. Microsoft is on the way of so-called Project Green realization and you may of heard the new names: Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta), etc. Navision Software was purchased by Microsoft in earlier 21st century and before that Navision had very strong positions in Europe, especially in Manufacturing MRP & corporate ERP market. In our opinion Manufacturing module implementation is critical for Sao Paulo market.

• Localization. Microsoft probed several applications on Brazilian market: Solomon (2002-2003), then Great Plains (our company was chosen as official partner for Brazilian version localization), but later on the final decision was made on Navision (Axapta will be also available in it localized version in 2006). One of the challenges for ERP localization for Brazilian market is unique tax code. Unique tax code probably supports strong positions of local ERP packages, such as Microsiga, RM, etc.

• Customization. Navision has its own proprietary language C/Side and currently Microsoft recommends MS SQL Server as the database platform. Plus the future customization directions will be focused on XML web services and developers will be deploying Microsoft Visual Studio. Net

• Integration. Considering MS SQL Server platform – software programmers have all the spectrum of integration technologies: ODBC, JDBC, Microsoft will be moving more functionality to business portal – where Navision logic will be called through the sets of stored procedures and be exposed through SDK. Open MS SQL Server technologies gives you SQL based reporting, you can deploy such industry standard tools as Crystal Reports, MS SQL Server Reporting services, etc.

You can always appeal to our help and expertise – in our Sao Paulo office we have all Navision expertise, plus Microsoft CRM, MS Great Plains, Axapta, SAP, Oracle, Lotus Notes Domino. Please give as a call Sгo Paulo 55-11-3826-3449, USA 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918! [email protected] com

Installing linux 5 things to consider first

: Is Linux the way to go? Well that’s a question that does not have a simple answer. Some people, mostly hardcore gurus, will say “Yes it sure is!” but believe it or not there are people who still like Windows. When it comes to deciding between installing Linux instead of Windows (or any other operating system) you must keep various things in mind. Below is a list of the five key things you need to consider before choosing. 1. Is this going to be used as a desktop or server system? – Linux has been primarily used in the mainstream server world as web and ftp servers. There are many types of servers that you can run with Linux such as DHCP (BOOTP in Linux terms), directory services (LDAP), and many more. 2. What software is going to run on this computer? – There are many applications that still have not been written for Linux. Check with your software vendor before installing Linux to see if they have a version of their software that will work. 3. Are you going to be playing games? – As with other software, there are lots of games that have not be ported over to Linux. If you are really into a certain game and it does not exist in a Linux version you might want to consider staying with Windows. 4. What is your level of computer knowledge? – Since Linux is completely different than Windows you will probably have to learn everything from scratch. Things such as installing software, booting up, and deleting files are completely different. If you are not willing to take some time to learn a new operating system then you may want to steer clear. 5. What is the price? – Well with Linux there are two price ranges, free and not so free. The main idea behind Linux is the “Open Source” concept. This basically means that the code of the operating system is free to use, distribute, and modify at your will. This is good because most Linux distributions are free. It also means that companies can package and sell it under their own name. Ordinarily if you want to go with Linux you should stick with the free versions. After you have considered these five questions you should have a good idea of whether or not to install Linux on your computer. The main benefit of Linux is that there are tons of free versions out there. Over the past few years Linux, in general, has grown quite well and there are many resources, on the web, where you can find information, explanations, and tutorials on just about anything to do with it.

Quick selling software

This is one of most advanced high quality software packages available for sale. You get 20 quality software titles included, all of which you get resell rights to, so you can profit from every sale!

Non only can you choose to sell these popular and fast selling programs to other, but you can also give them away as bonuses, by including the entire package or individual programs, along with other software or product you are selling, on software membership sites, etc.

And unlike many of the other software and EBook packages out there, you only need to distribute one small file when selling or giving away the quick Selling Software package. No lengthy, complicated downloads or high bandwidth and server space concerns!

Once you've paid for the program, you get the rights to resell all the programs together or separately plus the web sales page. Of course, I believe you will also enjoy using these programs yourself for years to come. Even if you choose not to resell or give away copies of this software to others, you can rest assured that for the low price you paid for this fantastic software package you could have only bought one or two of the programs contained on the packages at prices.

You may sell or give away this entire Quick Selling Software packages or the software contained in this package to others.

So, this package include following software:

1. Contact Form Wizard - A great tool that sets up a php file for creating quick and easy contact forms with maximum function. Can either have 1 email address or give them a choice - contact forms like this are a great way of avoiding spam - your email address isn't put into the html. Prefix the email subject for easy sorting.

2. Email Protector - In 2001, spam email accounted for 8% of email sent. Today, according to industry experts, it accounts for 64% to 85% of all email sent. Spam is a huge productivity drain on business. We tested several demo-version email harvesting programs and found that changing the "@" and "." to their Unicode equivalents was sufficient to fool the spambots.

3. File Splitter - A great tool for splitting files to fit onto disks or use in emails. Can't send a file through email without your account timing out? Split it with File Splitter and send it in chunks. Has settings for splitting for floppies, small email, good size email and big files. Or you can choose your custom size. After splitting you just click Join Files then choose one main file.

4. Form Builder - Quickly build a form that allows visitors to submit information to you, create your own one that has all the fields that you require - setup an unlmited number and you can make it so they are validated (have to be filled out) you can set it so it goes to one email address or they can select from a choice of address's. Very easy to use and also comes with a quick help file to get people going.

5. IE ToolBox - Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most common browser in use. If you are a user of it, then it makes sense to keep it clean and running well. This program quickly and easily cleans the history, typed urls, cookies, temporary internet files and even has some misc options to speed up your web browsing experience.

6. Image Viewer - Easy to use image viewer, one that doesn't change all you image file settings. Just pick the folder to browse and view images or use the slide show feature.

7. Instant Download Form - Quickly create download forms on your website, where users can come along, enter there name and email address and have an email sent to them containing there download link - you also get an email with this persons email address. A fantastic tool for building up your mailing list!

8. Java Source Machine - Java Source Machine, the best javascript tool! Java Source Machine includes 15 different javascripts and makes it easy to use them. You input what you want, then preview or generate code. Save the file as html or just copy and paste the code into your existing website page. Not only does this have the code, but tells you what browser it will work in.

9. Meta Code Generator - Meta Code Generator makes it easy to MetaTags into your pages for your website. Easy to use. Fill in the blanks, then generate the perfect code to copy and paste into your site! Or use the insert tab and insert the code into Multiple pages! When using insert function you must add %meta% to the html where you want the code to insert at.

10. Multi Search File Finder - Searching of selected drives for files. Searching of items within the first search. Delete items easily. Open the item to check what it is. Open the folder where the item is stored to see what else is there. Fast searching!

11. Multiple Find and Replace - Simple and easy to use Find and Replace tool. Use to change text or html on multipy files.

12. Note Organizer - Note organizer is an advanced program for storing notes, you can create as many sections as you want, sections on html snipets, peoples contact details the possiblitys are endless. Very easy to use and navigate - the is the best way to store notes. Add and remove folders and notes easily!

13. Screen Capture - Screen Capture easily captures screenshots from your computer. Captures the last active screen, full screen or user selected area. Also numbers each picture consecutively. Creates jpeg images.

14. Time To Stretch - Simple and easy to use program that reminds you when it's time to stretch. If you spend most of the day on the computer you probably aren't doing enough to keep you from getting RSI. The program reminds you to stretch your arms and legs so you don't have to get the pain of RSI. Very simple to use. Takes up little space on your desktop, can sit in the system tray.

15. Traffic Wizard - Traffic Wizard is packed with 10 scripts which are easy to use to increase website traffic. These scripts include Break Frames, Bookmark Us, Email This Page, Set Homepage, Logo Branding, Frameless Popup, Browser Entry, Language (which routes traffic based on browser language settings), Avenue Search, and Popup Page.

16. To Do List Manager - Add tasks and remove tasks, tasks can contain notes, set a date when it's due along with priority, sits in the system tray out of the way, print all the tasks out, auto saves and loads the list when you open close program, add an unlimited amount of tasks and edit any task that has been setup.

17. Start Page Surfer - Do you surf alot of the start page's? (Surf pages, get credits then others surf your site) This program will surf 5 pages at once, it will block pop-up windows, reset the start page between 0-60 minutes incase a javascript changes it. Minimizes to the system tray to be out of your way

18. Auto Hitz - Add as many start pages as you want. Limit how many times that start page is opened. Opens them randomly so hard to trace. Save and load lists of auto hitz pages. Many more great features!

19. CSS Machine - Quickly change your boring pages with these easy to use CCS scripts. Effects from No underline links to Blurry Text effects. Contains 8 very popular script with quick description and how to put it into there pages. A very handy tool to have in a webmaster kit.

20. ICQ Recieved File Remover - Easy 'Wizard' style interface for removing files that people have sent you via icq. If you got as many people on your list as I do, all everyone sends you a file now and then you'll see notice that the received files directory is taking up far to much disk space.

Xhtml - kicking and screaming into the future

XHTML, the standard, was first released back in 2000. Roughly five years later we begin to see major websites revised to use this standard. Even the favorite whipping boy of standards-compliance punditry, Microsoft, presents their primary homepages, msn. com and microsoft. com in XHTML. Standards compliant XHTML sites are still the minority. The reason is simple. When the W3C released the new standard, the rest of the web running on HTML did not cease to function. Nor will the rest of the web, written in various flavors of HTML, cease to function any time soon. Without any pressing need to conform to the new standard, designers continue to use old, familiar methods. These methods will perform in any modern browser, so why bother switching?

These sentiments are similar to ones I experienced. A kind of "if it's not broke, don't fix it" mentality sets in. Whether HTML was "broken" or not is a different argument. To the casual Internet user, their standards are fairly direct. If a site displays without noticeable error and functions to their satisfaction, these standards are met. Whatever additional steps the browser took to make such display possible is irrelevant to most users. This kind of mentality is difficult to overcome in designers accustomed to their old methods.

Technical obstacles to adopting XHTML may be quite steep as well, especially as regards large, existing websites with complex scripting. Yet the time may eventually come where yesterday's "tried and true" HTML is little more than an ancient language, unable to be interpreted by modern electronic devices. Whether one agrees with the direction the W3C takes in the development of HTML is irrelevant, you are just along for the ride. With some perseverance, getting the hang of XHTML is possible. In form, it is not as different from HTML as Japanese is from English. Knowing HTML grants a basic knowledge of the language, it simply becomes a matter of learning a particular dialect. Even an original nay-sayer such as myself managed to do it.

Benefits of XHTML

There are 2 primary benefits to using XHTML. First is the strict nature of valid XHTML documents. "Valid" documents contain no errors. Documents with no errors can be parsed more easily by a browser. Though the time saved is, admittedly, negligible from the human user's point of view, there is a greater efficiency to the browser's performance. Most modern browsers will function well in what's usually referred to as "quirks" mode, where, in the absence of any on-page information about the kind of HTML they are reading, present a "best guess" rendering of a page. The quirks mode will also forgive many errors in the HTML. Modern browsers installed on your home computer have the luxury of size and power to deal with these errors. When browser technology makes the leap to other appliances it may not have the size and power to be so forgiving. This is where the strict, valid documents demanded by the XHTML standard become important.

The second benefit is in the code itself, which is cleaner and more compact than common, "table" based layout in HTML. Though XHTML retains table functionality, the standard makes clear tables are not to be used for page layout or anything other than displaying data in a tabular format. This is generally the primary obstacle most designers have with moving to XHTML. The manner in which many designers have come to rely on to layout and organize their pages is now taboo. Simple visual inspection of XHTML code reveals how light and efficient it is in comparison to a table based HTML layout. XTHML makes use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which, when called externally, remove virtually all styling information from the XHTML document itself. This creates a document focused solely on content.

XHTML makes use of "div" tags to define content areas. How these "divisions" are displayed is controlled by CSS. This is known as CSS-P, or CSS Positioning. Trading in "table" tags for "divs" can be tough. Learning a new way of accomplishing an already familiar task is generally difficult. Like learning to use a different design program or image editor, frustration can be constant. Looking at "divs" as a kind of table cell might be helpful, though they are not entirely equivalent. As required by the XHTML standard, always make sure there is a DOCTYPE definition at the top of the document. This is not only required by the standard, but it will force Internet Explorer 6, currently the most common browser, to enter its "standards compliance" mode. IE6 and Firefox, both operating in standards compliance mode will display XHTML in much the same way. Not identical, but far better than IE6 operating in quirks mode. Learning how to iron out the final differences between displays is the final obstacle and can require a bit of tweaking in the CSS.

Clean code has multiple benefits. It creates a smaller page size which, over time, can save costs associated with transfer usage. Though the size difference may appear small, for someone running a highly trafficked site, even saving a few kilobytes of size can make a big difference. Further, some believe search engines may look more kindly on standards complaint pages. This is only a theory, though. In a general sense, any page modification that makes the content easier to reach and higher in the code is considered wise. Search engines, so it is believed, prefer to reach content quickly, and give greater weight to the first content they encounter. Using XHTML and "div" layout allows designers to accomplish this task more easily.


XHTML is the current standard set by the W3C. The W3C continues development of XHTML, and XHTML 2.0 will replace the current standard in the future. Learning and using XHTML today will help designers prepare for tomorrow. Valid XTHML produces no errors that might slow down a browser, and the code produced is clean and efficient. This saves in file size and helps designers better accomplish their search engine optimization goals. Learning XHTML is primarily about learning a new way to lay out pages. Though frustrating at first, the long term benefits far outweigh any initial inconvenience.

Microsoft great plains chicago erp market overview

In this small article we will review Chicago ERP market: Chicago with suburbs, Northwest Indiana, downstate Illinois and St. Luis. Let us begin with small introduction.

Microsoft Business Solutions has recently renamed its products – new unifying brand name will be Microsoft Dynamics. Project Green should end up in interface unification and probably database merging for all former products (Great Plains, Navision, Axapta, Solomon) – but obviously at this point nobody knows the details. So, we will be dealing with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Let’s go to the topic and consider the specifics of Chicago Mid-West regional market:

• Downtown Chicago businesses: Here we see Financial, Hospitality, Recruiting & Payroll outsourcing, Retail headquarters, Distributors, Non-for-profit, Government (Cook county offices), Exchange & Brokerage. All these businesses and organizations are very good prospects for Microsoft Great Plains, we will talk about implementation challenges below

• Chicago Suburbs, St. Luis, Northwest Indiana businesses. This region specializes in distribution: metals, recycling, transportation & logistics, light final assembly & manufacturing. St. Luis region has Oil & Gas facilities: Oil Refineries, Power Plants, etc. Downstate Illinois has manufacturing plants: machinery, chemicals, auto assembly (Rockford area)

• Springfield. Government offices plus non-profit organizations: loan processing for farmers, rural communities, agriculture, etc.

• Great Plains ERP. As you should expect, nowadays ERP requires customization and altering to fit unique business needs and considering the specific of Chicagoland you should expect Services, Finance & Distribution modules and custom pieces for Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains: Service Management Suite, integration with Microsoft CRM Sales & Service, Transportation & Logistics custom pieces: settlement report, bill of ladings

• Legacy Applications Integration. Chicago area businesses should be considered as traditional and established ones, this is not a California high tech area (however Rockford is trying to attract high tech businesses). You might need Microsoft Access, Unix, Linux, Java/EJB, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, DBII applications integration and heterogeneous reporting

• Dexterity Customizations. This is very painful question – we know that many businesses had kind of renaissance time at the end of XX century and this was time when you were sold a lot of Great Plains customizations: Dexterity, VBA/Modifier, ReportWriter, VB, ASP. In order to recover and upgrade these custom pieces you need to find Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains Partner who has access to Great Plains Source Code (DYNAMICS. DIC with Dexterity scripts)

Please do not hesitate to call us: 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918, [email protected] com

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