Play Station History

A video console that is Sony Playstation. The computer game device was released in the late 90’s. It was on the name of Sony Computer Entertainment. Now, there many types of Playstation. These are Playstation2, Portable Playstation and the upcoming most awaited, Playstation3.

The Sony Playstation was launched in Japan last December 3, 1994. However, in the United States, it was released on September 9 1995, a little bit late compared to Japan. Europe was late by 20 days to United States; they release the Playstation on Septmber 29, 1995. They were successful on their launching. However, they have received negative feedbacks about the gaming machine.

In early1996, PlayStation was revised. The complaints they received was numerous, regarding the machine is easily over heat. They made an intervention that is to remove the S-video port a left over from Japan. The call the machine Sony Station.

In 2000, a smaller version was released. They call them the PSone. In early September, the game device was released in United States of America. The Playstation got its PS name from Japan. The game device is also famous by the name PSX, named by the Americans. In 2003, they release PS2. A DVD version of Sony Playstation.

The following are the accessories of Sony Playstation:

• AC adaptor

• Battery pack

• Memory Stick Duo with 32 MB

• Headphone with remote control

• Soft case and cloth

• UMD in-pack sampler

How are you going to navigate this device? Simple, just follow the following guidelines.

• Plug the device to electric connections. Make sure that the plug is safely plugged.

• Then turn on the device by pressing the on/off key.

• Open the disk compartment.

• Load the disk.

• Wait for the disk to load its content, and then proceed with the game.

Now almost all household have the game device at home. Kid and the kids at heart love playing this gaming machine. Many games are also available for them as well. That is why they are not fed up with the game and still indulge to playing with it.

Playing with Playstation is enjoying. There are plenty of game packs available for you to play. Just plug the game on the screen and get hold of the game pad then enjoy playing. Experience the adventure one playing the Playstation. It is a great activity for your past time. It can also be a great way to unwind. Just sit down and get your hand on the ultimate gaming experience.

However, kids are indulging too much from playing this device. As we all know, kids love colorful things. They love fantasizing. That is why they love playing the Playstation. Parent should catch their concerns about this. It will affect their school performance. Instead of studying, they waste all their time playing video games. Be watchful and give your kids a time specifically allotted to playing video games. Make them aware of the purpose of the game. The game is made to amuse but not to ruin life.

In coming years, technology will continue discovering new way to perfect life, to make life worth living. New breeds of game are going to sprout and continued to be patronized.

Just be aware of the proper use and do not let these machines run you.

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The Truth About Play Station Games

There are some video games, especially those internet-based games involuntarily related to the internet updating games. They authoritatively link to the internet for online service.

In some aspects game station are the website that serves as the web-based group that offers an arrangement of features and programs that will automatically provide players barely credible access to their games, league and characters. By combining your own PC video, together with the World Wide Web, you can already create a game station.

In terms of your video game subscription several of the features are included that are being offered by the games are automatically and prepared with you subscription. As far as subscription is concerned, you will need to contribute something to the website.

Several of the games in PlayStation at the present time will gave you a full access to essential character outline. PlayStation may also help you in update your video game functions. It will offer you some hints on how the game are supposed to be played.

If you wish to get an access to newer and in-depth information, you just need to see the internet for some details. Always make sure to install new elements of the games you are playing to make your game a more difficult one. Games in Play Station can also give you an online game. Some of these games are easy, while others may be difficult because you are not familiar with them.

What are the games provided in Play station?

In PlayStation they are likely to recommend you a about the game, evaluation and analysis, cheats and point of view involving the latest games.

PlayStation may also serve as a channel to further discuss the where about of the games.

In fact online sports video are the most viewed game in PlayStation. With kids and young at heart who loves to hang and run around in the open air and play sports. However, when cold and rainy weather comes all day long they stay at the four corners of their house and make them bored. Not for long, though, because PlayStation will provides those ideas on how to get the latest game.

PS1 has a Console, Analog Controller Equipped with Dualshock. It also has Memory cards for the use in having the entire game in PS1 has a game for the kids called “THE KIDS CORNER”. Video games like Monster’s Inc., Stuart Little, Crash 3, Lilo and Stitch, Treasure Planets, Spyro, Mickey’s and Wild Adventure, and Peter Pan.

PS1 can also have games for adults, like Ace Combats, Actua Soccer, Ape Escape, Crash bandicoot 1 & 2, Formula One and crash Bash.

Play station is Sony’s most popular video games. Dozens of the video games are available in variety of types. You can also use your CD-ROM for a more comfortable playing in Play station. DVD’s can also be used in the Play station system. Television can also be viewed using the Sony Playstation.

Playstation 2 has the more lists being compared to PS1. Ace combat was improved and it has a bigger memory. New games are also being introduced like FIFA World Cup, 50 Cent: Bulletproof, AFL Live, Aggressive line and Alien Hominid. Playstation 2 introduced the latest motivation in action packed video games like Broken Sword, Bloody Roar and Burnout “the Revenge”.

The majority of the developers have previously proclaimed that PS3 ill have a newly programmed games that are not included in PS2. Some of the featured games are Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Resident Evil 5, Devil May Cry 4, Shin Megami, Tensei, Armored Core 4, and Unreal Tournament 2007. Sony has put in the latest technology in video games for PS3.

The more latest the game the more games the video has allotted and the more memory the game has to offer. The more goodtime you will experience.

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Play Station’s First Effort

Many people now are playing the play station 1. It is one of the hottest games in the land. Even old people do care about playing the play station 1. Millions and millions of people are getting crazy over the play station fever.

You might wonder what the best play station 1 games commonly and constantly are played by the individuals. For sure not everybody has an idea about it. To know more about the common play station games, here are some of the most popular games being played in Play Station 1.

1. Final fantasy VII – this game was released last August 31, 1997. The Final Fantasy games created scenes much like the real world. It is very realistic and you cannot say anything about the background because it is strikingly beautiful. It has also a terrific soundtrack that everybody would love to listen too.

2. Resident Evil – this is a horror action adventure. This was released last March 30, 1996. This is one of the best buys of the play station. Everybody fined time this game very challenging and fun to play with.

3. Chromo cross – this was released last August 15, 2000. This game did not allot a big amount of money just to make this game. However, the outcome of the game really turned out well. It may not have a big amount however it has a big heart that everybody really loved.

4. Vagrant story - - this was released last May 15, 2000. This is a role-playing type of game with a mixture of action and adventure. This is a groundbreaking game. This game is unusual and nearly perfected game.

5. Dance Dance Revolution – once it was out in the market become more popular. This was released last May 9, 2001. This becomes a great hit Japan for so many years. Now they totally launched it in the play station where is convenient for everybody.

6. Grandia – this is more likely the final fantasy VIII. All the Sega fans have been waiting and excited for the arrival of the Grandia. This is a role-playing type of game. The most noticed in Grandia is its atmosphere, innovation and the story. This was released last September 30, 1999

7. The Legend of Dragon – this was out in the market last June 11, 2000. This is a fun and adventurous game. With good backgrounds and sound effects that really make you interests in playing.

8. Castlevania: Symphony of the night – this is probably one of the most popular video game in the history of video games being franchised in. The latest installment of this game for the play station is the best 2D action side. This was out in the market last September 30, 1997.

9. Irritating Stick – this was released last January 31, 1999. This type of game was set in Japan. The direction of the game is that, the contestant must take a giant electric rod and move it through a metal mace under a specific time limit. If you touch the walls of the maze, you will lose in a flare of flying sparks and the electricity.

With these play station games, the play station 1 become more popular and people started buying more play station so that they can still play even if they are in their homes.

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Download Play Station 2 Games

With the release of PlayStation 2 and the upcoming PlayStation 3, almost all of the game console enthusiasts have been into the fiasco of searching quality sites for rom downloads. We know what you are thinking and we know how you feel, with over millions of websites promising great rom downloads it is really difficult to find one that offers good, authentic and fast downloads.

But we have lessen your burden and have tried to come up with this short list of great play station rom downloads. Just try to visit some of these sites and hopefully you will be able to get what you have been looking for.

AROMS. COM - this site may be a bit dangerous for some minorities, they are full of some graphical advertisements but do not fret they are not what you are thinking this site is full of play station rom which you can download.

They also have a neat attitude of categorizing their play station rom into Top Downloads, Best Rated and Classical Rom.

ROM-WORLD. COM – is another rom download site that offers good play station rom. They have also alphabetically categorized their play station rom titles so a quick way to find your favorite play station rom is a hundred percent assured.

Plus this site offers exceptional screenshots of the game so there is no worry of choosing and downloading the wrong play station rom.

WAREZ101.COM – another site which gives you an ultimate play station rom download choices. They have a neat archive that stores thousands of play station rom.

They have this recent queries page where you can look at the recent searched roms and also Top queries where you will be able to see the top queried rom title and the Top 100 downloads which offers a list of the most popular play station rom on their site.

ROMS4.COM – this one also offer a neat archive of full play station roms, they have already categorized them into different levels so it is quite easy for you to look and download play station roms. They also have emulators and ISO’s that you would surely love.

MYROMS. COM – this site offer not just play station rom but also mod chips, this does not offer rom downloads but has a great information on how rom works, a good site to visit for beginners. This site also has a great interface and also some product reviews on some play station tools.

BESTROMSITES. COM – this one is the biggest rom site I have ever seen, they offer a great number of roms to download. Not just that but also a great list of websites that offers play station rom downloads. This is so far the best and the biggest rom site download that I have ever encountered on the internet.

ROMSHOT. TK – this one is a simple but yet acceptable rom download site, they offer a small amount of rom downloads but still they are good. They have free roms and also some roms which you can pay for to download. You need to register to be able to access some of the free play station roms.

EMULATOR-ZONE. COM – this one offers free play station roms. They have Public Domain ROMS, which means that this roms are made and released for free so it is legal to download and use them.

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Becoming The Play Station Champ

Cheat codes are used in video games. It is entered to the video games to control the behavior of the game. The cheat code originated when the Atari 2600 entered the market. Now a day, cheat other game distributor and game developers use codes.

Now the codes are well known to be available into almost all types of computer games. It is even intentionally included in a game and is even made a reward. Many video magazines contains many of these cheat codes. It originated since 80’s. Magazines are being sold containing only cheat codes. Today, many of these cheat codes are found in any mode of information. You can find them when you log in online at the different websites.

Cheat codes are also made for the developers or makers of the games. Their reason of releasing this cheat codes is that sometimes gamers do not have that much time to finish the game. Therefore, they provide the use of cheat codes to chop the gaming time to lesser time, but actually missing some details of the game.

Even Playstation can be cheated now days. Playstation that was first produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, in 1990’s. It is call the video console in Japan.

A serious players do not use these codes cheating. Nevertheless, using them sometimes may be needed. Most especially during a bug, if you encounter a bug you cannot go away from using cheat codes. You can surpass a challenge to the games by entering the cheat codes.

Sometimes they actually spell words, when the specific buttons are touched. They have specific codes for specific bugs. Gamed developer adds this so called Easter Eggs into almost every game. Easter egg is like volt that is hidden in the game. The origin of the first Easter egg is unknown.

Playstation got many cheat codes available online. Since Playstation is the most famous game console, developers made cheat codes and sell them as well. Here is one example of the cheat code for Playstation.

Playstation cheats:

You have to select the OPTION in the main menu. Then find the CHEATS then enter the following codes to make the action work.

• Double damage – Double Damage

• Laser Law – Laser Sights on gun

• Big Wheels – Big Wheels

• Open Road – No Civilian Traffic

This is jus a sample of thousands and thousands of available cheat codes online. Almost all the cheats for your favorite game can now be obtained online.

Playstation got many cheat codes online, few of which are these:

In Spider-man2 when you start a game you, need to enter this code HCRAYERT. The go back and enter the name of your choice.

The game will be starting to progress, with over 40% completion, at 201,000 points for the hero. For it to work correctly, you need to re-enter the memory card. Proceed to the restating of your Playstation. Enter HCRAYERT.

Once more, the select the option ENTER. Then, you need to go to the Spidey store to get all your needed upgrades.

The code for Spider-man2 has another effect. Reload the game and enter a new game. Enter the code once more, the game will never allow you to play the game but if you go out of the screen, you are going to get point for your hero.

This is just another code for Playstation cheats. You can visit online to get more of these cheats.

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What’s A PS Emulator?

There is a rising controversy whether emulation in your computer system is considered to be illegal or not. Of course, for those people who introduced emulation in the market will definitely defend that it is not. However, there are certain grounds set in order for emulation to be treated permissible. Check it out!

Emulation is usually installed into the computer system for the purpose of trying to imitate the internal design of a certain device. Some people would claim that it is stealing of one’s program. But the defense for this is that, as long as the information was obtained in a legal manner then it is allowable. You just beware of the copyrights that secure the patent of the program so that you will not be held liable to any offence.

Mainly, only those devices that consist of a microprocessor that are capable for running lithe program are the only devices that can have the emulator. It basically includes your personal computers, some of the calculators, videogame consoles or arcades, your favorite play stations and some other gadgets that have the said competence. You must also bear in your mind that the response of emulation will still vary on the quality and kind of device that you are going to use.

Moreover, installing an emulator to your play stations requires some know-how and proficiency. At least you have a good background when it comes to computer programming and digital electronics. You need to have these qualities because you must be familiar with the chips and the spare parts that you are going to move in the device.

Here are the basic steps for you to follow in putting an emulator to your device.

1. Choose a particular programming language that you find a bit easier. This is important since you will be dealing with the cyber world. As much as possible select the language that would best fit your capacity.

2. Check on all the available resources and information first regarding the emulated hardware. Do not install emulators to your play station without making a study first. Make sure that you choose one that is suited for your system.

3. Select the correct installation path. You can write CPU emulation or you can just pick up for the code that already exists for the CP emulation. This will start your installation.

4. Provide for a draft code in order to emulate the rest of the hardware for at least the partial parts. This will help you to monitor your emulation whether it is still tracking the right path.

5. It is helpful if you will have a built-in debugger because it will enable to stop emulation and try to monitor what the program is already doing to assure that it follows what you want.

6. Start to run program in your emulators to check whether it follow the pattern of your code. Wait until the instruction that runs to your play station is finished. Shutting it off immediately may loose all the files that you have and will make you install the emulator all over again.

Be sure to follow all the necessary steps accurately because remember that one false move would result to the destruction of the entire play station system.

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Introducing The PSP!

Having a portable Play station of your very own is a very pleasant thing to have. Just think of this you will be able to move it as easy as you can without any of the hustle and bustle of carrying heavy electronic devices.

As far as portable Play station is concerned, it is a well-accepted pastime for both grown person and children. All boundaries recognize that PSP (Portable Play Station) is also available as a part of the well-sold video games machines.

It was on the later part of July 2005 when Sony Corporation learned how to deal with the fast approaching competition against video games rivalry. Because of this, they had introduced a more earthenware white portable play station. In fact, a follow up release of this happened. During September 15, 2005, Sony Incorporated made another launching in South Korea.

What is it about the games in PSP?

The PSP are equipped by for playing games rather than having a multimedia outcome. PSP has a two shoulder push buttons. You can use it in starting the games inside the play station.

A descending plane panel is the one to use in this new games but not the old and habitual way of using the analog stick. Through this, you be able to control the games and buttons. You can also be able to use the panel in getting the analog input and a four directional pad.

The graphics and potential of the PSP lies somewhere among those of the original Play station and Play station 2, but PSP are portable and easy to carry around with. At the same, most of the available games are less difficult than games presented in the PS2.

The graphics nevertheless, have a propensity to be a great deal nearer in features to PS2 compared to the features in PS1.

This is provably the great component that the PSP because of the fact that it has a small range of monitor, joint with information that unlike PS1 has the PSP graphics can be able to execute a texture filtering.

How powerful is PSP?

In terms of powers PSP use a battery for power and endurance. Aside from the fact that it is rechargeable, it also offers that will you are using it, the battery continuously charges. PSP battery has a manual variety of system.

The life of the battery will surely depend on how brilliant and colorful the game is. It also depends on how long you will use the PSP. On the other hand, the volume level can also affect the battery.

On some points if you happen to choose, the game, which consumes more in the energy of battery of course you, will easily be drained. To be precise having more complicated games will completely use the power of your battery. Simple and uncomplicated games do not consume as much as the complicated games.

Now, several companies are now proposing to have a much powerful type of battery. These are similar to the cheap but long life batteries we hade in our cell phones.

However, some critics find it hard to deal with the PSP systems. Critics usually say that they perceived that PSP are lacking of quality games. They were condemned as high-priced machines compare to the old versions.

However due to the loyalist and devoted players, PSP still run in video game business world. The industry formulated it to produce more versions of PSP.

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PS2 Games On The Cheap

No other game console has made a splash in the gaming world like the playstation. When it first came out, backorders were still mounting and stores would run out of stocks in a matter of minutes. This tradition continued with its baby brother, the more powerful playstation 2.

Even with the influx of other game consoles claiming superiority over the PS2, sales charts would beg to differ. The playstation 2’s popularity can also be proven by the number of games done in their platform. There are no other game formats produced and manufactured as much as what is being done for the PS2.

While there are people that are constantly grumbling about the high prices of the PS2 games, this is only temporary. Most of them drop their prices as time goes by. There are also those that can afford to sell cheap games for the playstation 2 because they buy in bulk and get great wholesale savings.

While they may not be in every state, city, or county in America, there is no need to worry. You can find cheap games for playstation 2 without even having to leave your house. You can find it all in the internet.

With an internet connection and your computer of course, you can check out lots of websites that offer these great affordable games.

There are lots of websites that are solely dedicated to providing playstation 2 game consoles, playstation 2 games, playstation 2 accessories at affordable and cheap prices. What’s more, they offer them in a wide variety that anyone can choose from.

From the devoted to the virgin playstation and playstation 2 gamers, these websites offer the best for you. They also feature many other offerings that pertain to the pride and joy of Sony’s gaming department. These include clubs and organizations dedicated to the ps1 and ps2.

They hold forums and provide articles that can offer advices and guides about the games. There are many tips and cheats that would have remained as secrets but is now shared with every club member and forum member.

But the great thing still is the availability of a wide range of cheap playstation 2 game titles. No need to shell out more than you have to, just browse on to their wide selection featured in the site and compare their prices, you will see the big difference.

Many sites offer promos and discounts so it is good to watch out for them. You can see the price go down as much as half the original. All you have to do is click on it, give your credit card details and your shipping details and eagerly await for the game to arrive. No fuss, no hassle.

Another great way to find cheap games for playstation 2 when you join clubs is being able to trade your other games with the other members. If you get tired of a game you can swap them with other members who are willing to do so. You can just post a message on a forum or create your own thread.

Looking for cheap playstation 2 games doesn’t have to be a horrendous experience, the internet is your best friend and ally in this endeavor. Do it now and soon you will be shooting the bad guys, getting a hole-in-one, slam dunking freestyle or catching the winning touchdown with your favorite games.

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Photos Of Play Station 3

If you are about to buy the new PlayStation 3 then surely you want to take a first glance on how the product looks, that is why this article was made to give you a list on where to find great pictures of PlayStation 3.

With the success of PlayStation 2, which has shipped over a hundred million units to date, the PlayStation 3 is set to be a huge success too. Sony has invested a total estimated sum of 4 billion dollars into the technology and hardware that drives the new PlayStation which is dubbed as “The Cell”.

Teamed up with the unrivaled technological capability and capacity of an online gaming apparatus, PlayStation 3 is predicted to outsell 200 million copies and set the next generation of gaming consoles to come.

While I was searching the Internet the first place that got my eyes was the ps3land. com website, they are really an authentic site that gives out information about PlayStation 3, plus they have great pictures of the new Sony release too.

In this site you will find the latest and most accurate PlayStation 3 News, Information, Pictures, Gossip, Secrets, Forums and much more.

They also have a frequently asked question page that is solely focused on the new PlayStation 3. They also have a forum which you can interact and share great PlayStation 3 pictures with other gaming console enthusiasts.

Another site that have caught my eye is the engadget. com, they have this large pixel of PlayStation 3, plus you get to leave your comments on the new PlayStation 3 gaming console interface.

This site does not just offer Sony gadgets you will be shocked on how well informed they are on the latest gadgets happening in the world, they have an archive full of it, so visiting this site for PlayStation 3 pictures and updates is surely a fun way to kill time.

Next one is the about. com website which really offers a thrilling collection of the new PlayStation 3. They have 10 pages fully packed with PlayStation 3 pictures that PS 3 enthusiast would really love to look at.

The site says that the PLAYSTATION 3 looks even better than the artistic mock-ups we've seen. With wireless controllers, WiFi and broadband connectivity, hard-drive support and an incredibly fast cell processor, the PS3 is more machine than we could have dreamed for.

While the PS3's specifications and design may change between now and the spring 2006 release date, we know and rumors have it that it will only get better.

Gamespot. com is another great site for those PlayStation 3 fanatics, they do not just have great PlayStation 3 pictures but also some games previews that would surely get you on the edge of your seats.

This site has the biggest game preview archive that I have ever seen on the internet.

And of course you can visit the homeland of PlayStation 3, which is playstation. com you will surely get loads of PlayStation 3 pictures and updated information.

There are also some great search engines that can give you excellent results so do not forget to visit Google or Yahoo for more interesting pictures.

Lastly just for fun guys, you may check out this link it is funny, some kids just can not get enough of hating the new PlayStation 3:

http://homepage. mac. com/stevyn/images/ps3grill. jpg

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Cheat Codes For The Play Station

The age of high technology has evolved into something that is very distinct and advance. All of the things are made from the newest innovations. All are being run by computers. Everything today is being managed and controlled by the cyber technology.

One of the things that the cyber technology offers is the playstation. Playstation is a very popular console video game center and entertainment system. Many games of different types are available on CD and it can be loaded into the system to be played by one or more players.

Console video game is a game that is powered by a specialized computer desktop or sometimes regarded as software. The game software is widely available on CDs or DVDs. In the beginning of console video game, game machines used cartridges that contains read only memory chips.

The games in the playstations are of different types. It varies from a vast range of choices. The themes of the games are maybe of warfare, love story, cartoons or quest. In general, all themes of the games of playstations are about adventure.

The settings of the games are also of different categories and types. There are settings that are virtually beyond our imagination. Some are in forests, native lands. Most of the warfare games setting are inn abandoned buildings. Some setting of the games are of fantasy and magical world. There are also setting that are made from the imagination of the game creator.

The characters in the games of playstation are of peculiarity. All of them are very new in our minds and memory, but some are the traditional ones that we have already known. The characters are of different characteristics. All are very courageous and very determined. All most all characters are of super natural power.

Many or all most all of the games of the playstation use cheat codes. Cheat code is a character combination that is being entered to change the game’s behavior. Cheat codes were fist used in the Atari 2600 video game adventure and it paved the way to the widespread use of cheat codes.

After its introduction, cheat codes were implemented and were used by different game creators and developers to test play the different aspects of video games. The most common user of cheat code is to skip to a level in a game.

There are methods of entering cheat codes and it varies. On video game consoles that lacks keyboards, the code is frequently a sequence of button presses. On personal computers, cheat code can be textual and being entered with use of keyboard. It can also be entered with the use of mouse. In today’s modern video games, the cheat codes are also often enabled through adding special settings in the game configuration files.

Cheat codes by definition are considered cheating and those most serious players do not use them. Sometimes the use of cheat codes is necessary particularly in the case of bugs. A cheat code has the capabilities of bypassing a bug without the need of starting the whole game from the very beginning.

One of the famous cheat codes is the Konami code - up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. This is first used in the video game Gradius and prominently used in the game Contra. Another is the Sega Genesis version of Mortal Combat - A, B, A, C, A, B, B. This is the cheat code that allowed full blood and fatalities in the game.

The birth of cheat codes made the world of video games more exciting and challenging. However, since it is considered cheating, it is up to you if it is to used. As long as the player is enjoying, the use of cheat codes for playstaion games are not prohibited.

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A Portable Play Station?

Since the launching of Sony Potable Playstation years ago, it became one of the most favorite entertainment gadgets in every household especially to the kids and even the people that are kids or young at heart. Sony Playstation paved the way for ultimate gaming experience to many enthusiasts.

Sony Portable Playstation is a very much popular console video game center and entertainment system. The many games of different types of Playstation are available on CD-Rom and can be loaded onto the system that can be played by one or more players.

The Sony Portable Playstation or simply PSP was one of the most anticipated products of all time. Its technical features are very impressive.

The Sony Portable Playstation has a very unique processor. The chip in the PSP processor has a clock frequency o f 333Mhz. the memory of the processor’s main system is 32MB with 4MB of embedded DRAM.

One of the highlights of the Sony Portable Playstation is its screen that is very peculiar and very different from other gaming device. It has 4.3 inch 16:9 widescreen of TFT LCD. The screen features 480x272 at 16.7 million of colors. When the PSP is in battery pack, the luminance is 180/130/80cd/m2, and when it is in AC adaptor, the luminance is at 200/180/130/80cd/m2, a relatively higher amount of luminance compared when it is in battery.

PSP also feature built in stereo speakers as well as a headset connector. This ensures quality sounds and more entertainment.

It boasts a magnificent 802.11b wireless networking. This only means that you can play with up to fifteen friends in the same area. PSP also has a USB 2.0 slot where you can update, share files and etc. It also has a memory stick Dou port, IrDA, and a IR remote.

You can switch Sony Portable Playstation in different directions. The directional buttons are up, down, left and right. It also has left and right shoulder buttons, start button, sound button, volume buttons, a wireless LAN on or off switch, and an open latch for the UMD.

The newest Sony Portable Playstation has a specially designed rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and also features an AC adaptor. You can control the access through region and parental controls.

The Sony Portable Playstation also boast 802.11b that help support both infrastructure and ad hoc mode that enables you to connect up to sixteen consoles. It can also support both digital display and digital music playback in both MP3 and ATRAC Format.

The PSP is available in a value pack that include AC adaptor, battery pack, memory stick duo with 32MB, headphone with remote control, soft case and cloth and a UMD in-pack sampler.

The Sony Portable Playstation is accompanied by a UMD discs or Universal Media Disc. It is a newly developed media made by Sony just for PSP. Its diameter is only 60mm and can store up to 1.8GB of information. A broad range of digital content is to be delivered on the UMDs including game software, movies, videos and many other programs.

The unit’s screen is the one that capture the attention of many. It is vibrant, alive, and handles fast motion graphics that other cannot.

There are rumors that the PSO was supported by over one hundred content developers and publishers on a worldwide scale to create titles for PSP. With remarkable support from the software world, a nice price-point that does not ewxcluide the mid-ranged gamer and an amazing piece of hardware technology being the core of the product, the PSP has lived to the almost impossible hype of developing the best of the best of handled console gaming.

Sony Portable Playstation is truly a innovation of the advance technology that paved way for more convenient and relaxing life. Sony Portable Playstation makes the world a better place to live in.

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Finding Play Station 2 Cheats

The playstation 2 is the newest and best gaming console. This is compatible with the playstation 1, meaning you do not have to get rid of the first one. Instead you can still use that on your new playstation 2.

Play station 2 is also a DVD where in there is no need for you to buy another DVD player. This makes play station 2 applicable to many different games in the market.

Since most are PS 2 fanatic than DVD enthusiast many people would tend to buy more PS 2 games. And with these the fame of cheat codes has also increases.

Cheat codes are codes than can be put into a video game to modify the performances and actions of the game. Most people only learn about the cheat codes when it was already used for play station 2. But these codes are put into practiced and used by the developers of most games to check the presentation of their games.

To top it all, cheat codes are very important to every Play station 2 because it allows the players to achieve the satisfaction for a better gaming.

Twenty of the most popular cheat code play station 2 is listed below.

1. Need for Speed Underground 2 Cheats

2. Army Men: Green rouge

3. Seven Calvary of Molmorth

4. Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

5. Dragon ball Z: Budokai 3 Cheats

6. Eve Extinction

7. MVP Baseball 2005 Cheat

8. James Bond 007 Nightfire

9. The Scorpion King

10. Digital Devil Saga 2

11. Robot Cheats

12. Xenosaga Episode II Jenseits von Gut und Bose Cheats

13. Batman Begins

14. Haunted Mansion

15. Britney’s Dance Beat

16. Gran Turismo 4 Cheats

17. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

18. Tony Hawks Underground cheats

19. FIFA Street Cheats

20. Major League Baseball 2005 Cheats

These are twenty of the thousands cheat code play stations 2 available in the market. The also be purchased online, which is very much recommended since you will be given the chance to view different code cheats PS 2.

Or if you like you and if you can not really wait for too long, you can just purchase to any video shops. But before going to a video shop and buy the cheat codes, be sure that you already have in mind what you are going to buy. The best thing to do this is to log on to the internet and search for the cheat code play station 2 available.

Another good thing about researching on the net is that you are also given a chance to preview the games. Not only that prices of most games are already given so all you to do is decide for yourself what cheat code PS 2 to buy. You should make a very good decision about this since you are going to spend an amount for the cheat code alone.

Once you have decided, that is the time for you to purchase and enjoy the cheat codes. Keep in mind to purchase the cheat code that is applicable to all the members of the family to avoid any misunderstanding.

And if possible choose for the cheat code play station 2 that has already been tried and tested by most players to have a greater assurance of a good cheat code.

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About The Play Station 2 System

Play station gives entertainment; instead of playing other games, children and even some adults get fond of this computer game. Somehow, it is good because it will prevent the youth from engaging in vices. Their time will be merely devoted on play stations. However, if it already becomes a habit, then it is not something normal anymore. Parents should start to reprimand their children.

There are various types of games that you can choose from. This are suited with people of different ages. You will determine it by looking at the rating of the game, be sure to check whether it is for everybody or for adults only.

There is a need to specify age bracket because some of the play station games promote war, chaos and struggles. This sometimes led to the development of violence on the way of thinking of the young generation.

In spite of these factors, there is still a continuous demand in the purchase of play station. There are various latest innovations that feature for advance games. This is the first ever experience that have never made available before in a home console or hand-held game system.

Feature such as a dual screen format, the touch and voice commands and an amazing game play. All these are brought to you by the play station. It will certainly soothe your tiredness when you arrive at home after a stressful activity outside.

Here are some of the breath-taking features of the latest play stations packages.

1. It has more upgraded features. This will lead the player to a more enhanced level or dimension of playing. Unlike the earliest releases of games, these are more exciting and challenging games.

2. Dual LCD screens. Some of the noted play station companies have also this recent invention. This will enable the players to play at the same time have an over-all track view of the vehicle perspective that he has chosen on one side of the screen.. It is one of the pioneering game plays ever invented.

3. It also offers an entire three dimensional view. This will allow the player to have a realistic experience in playing with an amazing effect that can be seen on the screen. You can also have your own adjustments of how you you’re your vehicle perspective to appear.

4. A hassle-free invention. If before, you get tired of pressing the keys and characters to move your vehicle perspectives, with the new some of the new innovations, you can simply have a touch on your screen then you can facilitate the move of your vehicle already.

5. Services such as power stand by and sleep are also made available for you. If you failed to shut it off when you are already sleepy or you want to do something else you can just set it on the mode that you preferred.

6. You can now have your reserved batteries. These are already made rechargeable so if you have a continuous usage of the system 24 hours a day, you probably can have an extra battery.

Nevertheless, although you enjoy so much from playing, it is advisable to play this during your spare times only but if it is a time for going to class then you must do so. Play Station thus, has both its negative and positive impact to the people.

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The Introduction Of The PS3

PlayStation 3 Magazine disclosed new information about Sony’s latest PlayStation 3. According to the magazine, Sony PlayStation will have an online service center. PS3 works as a DVR (Digital Video records) to have a record on the television broadcast, PS3 will also be performing as a Location Free Player for the PSP (Portable Playstation). This will let PSP users with broadband internet. Admission to look at television shows and movies flowed from their PS3 to their PSP anywhere in the whole world.

In adding together to the amazing multimedia features, the PEST will also have an online download service related to “iTunes” which will let PS3 holder to download high description videos to their new PlayStation.

Ps3 has an online service that goes beyond even the latest Xbox live. These features will see live entertainments by the viewers directly and more clearly. There is many games being work out on PS3 for it right now especially in U. S. According to Sony Industry, the final PS3 development kit will be a lot faster than they thought.

You can also have a download of music and videos using the HI DEF downloader. The new PS3 will have a media center functionally 360 stations and still getting further.

Due to the consistent public demand, more forecast on the likely PlayStation 3 cost are in, at present time that holds and see that it will reach up to US $499. The $499 numeral added strength to the manufacturer's views.

Critiques for the PS3

• Contrary to what have been promised features on movie, music, and video downloads were not able to formed on the PS3 in real-time.

• The majority of the developers and technicians are operationally studying all the games that are running well at 720p, and then unsealing it to 1080p. This is for the reason that they are finding it difficult to attain and complete better results at the true, high resolution of the 1080p process.

• Sony Inc. Has the arrangement to alter the concept controller design, changing it with something up-to-the-minute that will retain the Dual Shock 2 lay out.

• The PS3 gives the impression of go one better than the Xbox 360 much particular where there is a set of turning it out in the screens, and PS3 do some extra work and stuff all at once.

• Some of the critiques and machines experts would say that it is not an overly superior to the Xbox 360, therefore distant applications seems to be better only by significant amount.

• On the other hand, 31 games are listed, including Devil May Cry 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Torismo, Matrix Reloaded, Lair, War hawk and Tekken.

Some of the PlayStation and Video Games analyst considered that Sony Inc. know-it-all when speaking of the mere foretaste regarding the new project for the PlayStation 3. Base also on the quick preview on games featured in PS3 games had gone so far, also video game experts had seen the featured games and they find out that PS3 games have a good approaching sequel.

It appears that PS 3 will be fully equipped with a nice hard drive. Hard drive of PS3 will ensure a huge hard disk to accumulate photos, TV Shows and music right directly into your PS3.

However, nothing in this world is constant. Several of the PS3 features will change in less than a month. Keep yourself updated about the features that PS3 offers.

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Play Station 3 Codes

Sony Incorporated initiated the launching of a newly created computer structure called the Play station 3.

It was on March 16, 2005 when Sony Incorporated admitted that the draw round of Play station 3 was made of the computer mechanism system. It has an automatic censor. It has automatic built-in processor that gives an extra feature to a person who wants to play and have fun with it.

It has a built in Cell prototype workstation that produces a super speed processor. It has the capacity to have a graphics. It was also widen thru the help of IBM.

Play station family unit products sells to over 120 countries and area, approximately all around the world. It has increasing number of shipments reaching more than 102 million around the world. With this data, Play Station will definitely provide compatibility to make it possible for gamers to enjoy its new technology.

Each one of the generation of the fast growing invention has made a remarkable and impressive way in terms of video games development. Play station will surely take a step forward in innovation by creating more astonishing games. It will not for sure restrict our thoughts and even our imagination.

Cheating in Play station 3

Have you ever noticed why some of the game enthusiasts and players have high stage of speed, accuracy, powers, and extra lives?

Have you also seen a player with extra things like armors, shield, and spare bullets whenever they play their games? It has also the extra time to get some extra items away from their opponent.

It is not because they have enough time and energy to play, these extras are due to something they have that you do not have.

Have you ever asked yourself why they know a secret map? Have you ever inquired why they know the leveling, stages, code word access and the whole document about a certain game?

Because of cheats that they install inside the processor there are items that those players can be able to steal, those tremendous and amazing items that you wish you had in playing that Play station 3 video games.

Some of the players are able to recognize a method that produces unlisted amount of money in their account inside the game.

Because of cheating devices like PSX3CODES, cheats are widely used and exploited by video game players.

This will prevent their enemy to have an extra effort in diminishing them. Some of the cheats in Play station 3 can also make them invisible; the enemy will not be able to see them in terms of war and battle.

Having the cheat some of the players have an extra power to discharge and release armor, levitation, getting an unlimited rest channel.

It has an unbelievable tracking program, as part of its cheating program, which can manipulate the whole game. In fact, they can survey you and your location. It gives them hints regarding how many soldiers you have and your exact location.

Fighting fairly is legal and not fraud. Having a cheat is dishonesty. We must learn how to fight fairly.

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Using Your Play Station Portable

Have you ever realized how innovative the inventors of the play stations are? They cannot be contented with its mere discovery, as time passes by, they discern for something new. They show a lot of flexibility in rendering the people the best service that their products can give.

The ultimate goal for their invention is always towards the user’s entertainment. Aside from the convenience and easy access to these equipments that they give to the customers, manufacturers also arouse their excitement. With the new features that they offer them, this eventually drives the interest of the people to buy one and discover it.

The newest that comes out in the market is the PSP associated with your play stations at home. PSP short for Play Station Portable offers you more powerful features beside those that are presented to you by the traditional play stations that you enjoy with. PSP allows you to get more fun with your most favorite games, music, videos, and photos wherever you go.

The PSP system has more gleaming high-resolution screen as well as a cutting edge-connectivity and Internet browser. This is more upgraded because it contains of chips that are well-equipped and suited for the system to make the process of whatever you wish to do as fast as it could. Unlike the typical play station that you have whose main feature is only for your games, this invention has a lot to offer you.

Here are the best-noted services that the Portable Play Station can do for you.

• On Photos. Capturing your memories will be one of its best features. With this PSP, you can now be able to store your digital photos with proven high resolution that helps it to appear clearer. It has a wide range of memory for your storage. By the use of the image transfer feature; you can also transfer your much-loved photos with your friends. Modifying your own wall paper is also one.

• On Music. Apart from downloading your most wanted songs to your own Portable Play Station System you can also be able to take a look at the full version of concerts being held of your favorite stars and out of sight footages. This can be done through the Memory Stick Duo feature of the PSP.

• On Video. If you find it a burden before to bring VCD and DVD just for you to watch the best memories you had, now with the new PSP it is not a problem anymore. You can bring along with you already this PSP and be able to watch on the big screen your videos.

• On Games. This is what the young individuals always look for. This is the most requested service of play station for them anyway. The big screen of the PSP gives them a realistic view and brings gaming to life. You will have the chance to play the game wherever you are and whatever time you want.

• On Browser. This is another benefit for you; it will offer you the greatest opportunity to surf on the net. All that you want to research will be made available for you. Pretty cool, right?

The Portable Play Station is already at your service. You can enjoy all these features by purchasing one for you and your kids.

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Past Anticipation For Play Station 3

Most of the information about the Play Station 3 release is extremely limited, which s why most of the data out there are simply rumored or even wrong.

At a press conference held in Los Angeles, California, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. revealed the outline of its PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, incorporating the world’s most advanced Cell processor with super-computer like power.

With the delivery of Cell based development tools that has already begun, development of game titles as well as tools and middleware are in progress.

Through collaboration with world’s leading tools and middleware companies, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. will offer full support to new content creation by providing developers with extensive tools and libraries that will bring out the power of the Cell processor and enable efficient software development.

At the end of a promotional video played during the PlayStation 3 launch event, the words “Spring 2006” were displayed on the screen – thus implying the console will be released sometime during this period. When exactly, and to which countries, is currently unknown.

The rumors, however, point to a worldwide launch in March 2006.

Typically the last two generations of the PlayStation have been priced at around $300 at launch. Both have continuously decreased in price year on year into their life, its quite likely PS3 will do the same.

Sony Computer Entertainment boss Ken Kutaragi has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 will feature backwards compatibility with the PS2 and PSone, ensuring continued support for older software formats in the new hardware.

Later it was confirmed again at the Sony’s E3 conference that the PS3 will be fully backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games. There hasn’t been any confirmation though if the PS3 will make PS2 games look better when playing like the PS2 did with PS1 games.

AFX News Ltd. reported that several analysts expect the US launch of the PlayStation 3 to be pushed back to the second half of 2006.

Evan Wilson of Pacific Crest Securities said 'the most likely scenario' is that PS3 will be released in Japan this summer with about 1 million units and in the US in November with 1 million units, followed by a European launch in March 2007.

Sony also confirmed the PlayStation 3 will use Blu-ray discs as its media format. The discs can hold up to six times as much data as current-generation DVDs.

It will also support CR-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R formats. It will also have slots for Memory Stick Duo, an SD slot, and a compact flash memory slot. It will also sport a slot for a detachable 2.5-inch HDD, somewhat similar to the Xbox 360's. Sony did not mention if the drive would be standard.

Sony also laid out some the technical specs of the device. The PlayStation 3 will feature the much-vaunted Cell processor, which will run at 3.2GHz, giving the whole system 2 teraflops of overall performance. This is a whooping feature for fast and graphically enhanced games.

Sony also unveiled the PS3's graphics chip, the RSX "Reality Synthesizer," which is based on Nvidia technology. The GPU will be capable of 128bit pixel precision and 1080p resolution--some of the highest HD resolution around.

PS3 combines state-of-the-art technologies featuring Cell, a processor jointly developed by IBM, Sony Group and Toshiba Corporation, graphics processor co-developed by NVIDIA Corporation and SCEI, and XDR memory developed by Rambus Inc.

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Game Tactics For Play Station 2

Play station has been the spice of conversation of most of the people in town. The game does not choose age, as long as you are hook into it, you cannot do anything but to go with the flow. Play station was introduced in the market about several years ago but until now, there are still many people who are fond of playing it.

You can find games in the play station that will offer you different kinds of pleasure. Games will suit your personality whether you are an adventurous person, sports lover, or a radical one.

One good thing about play station is that, it is made available depending on the age brackets where you belong. There are games that are appropriate for the kid, the teens and even for adults. You have many games that you can choose from and are available in the nearest computer stores in your place.

Are you aware that there are certain strategies also that are being used especially by those people who are quite experts to the play station? These refer to strategies utilized for neither winning the game or for advancing to the next level instead of undergoing the usual track of the game. Numerous kinds of cheats in play station bring all these to you.

Most of the play station cheats appear in codes, simply for hiding it from other people. You can check on the different cheats in the net since there are certain websites who are presenting some of the recent cheat codes that are usually surfed by the subscribers.

However, when searching or using the said cheats, hints and even the codes you have to bear in mind that not all of them work in all kinds of systems. The reason for this is that each of the system varies on the manner of its programming so they are of different languages used.

To give you a glimpse on the most common cheats in play station, try to check it out.

· If you want to keep your weapons after wasted advanced, you can surf on the Internet the code that you have to use so that you will not anymore waste your time in fixing all your weapons while on the fight.

· If you are playing with the game using the tank, for you to get advance in the game you can simply get a flamethrower and fire the tank. This will make you faster, because this will be as quick as destroying a normal car with a flamethrower.

· For all of the basketball lovers out there who get fond of playing ball games also in your play station, you can just pick up the basketball and press R3. Therefore, that will be the code for you to advance and win the game.

Those are just samples of the cheats that you can try so that you will enjoy the pleasure of ending up winning the game in your play station. Nevertheless, you have to bear this in your mind that you should never dare to save your game after using all these cheats. If you will do so, you would just end up starting a new game. Other users might discover the cheat that you have used.

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An Introduction To Play Station 2

When you are on the road and asked every youngster who among them plays the play station 2. Surely, you will hear the “yes” answer from all of them. Not only that, they will also give you some tricks on how they perform it. And also, they will give you some thoughts or advice of some possible games if you are willing to play it by yourself.

For these youngsters, the pay station 2 has already goes over their outlook and by now beat the original play station.

And without hesitation, the play station 2 systems are intended to retain for a moment. It is the system that only some will disregard and numerous will treasure. By means of the advance technology, a more improved system is already in rapid approach.

The play station 2 system is also believed to be the most dominant portion of a hardware ever completed for home amusement use. The main control of this system lies on a processor cable that performs a number of vast and precise calculations. This processor normally makes every developer thrilled since they do not have to think about encoding any laws and instead proceed on making other important parts of the games.

Have a closer look on the play station 2 system by reading the following features:

1. Memory Card and Controller Ports

The system functions just the same as the play station1. Simply set the memory card into its place and then put the controller ports in to the base.

2. CD/DVD Drive

By means of pushing the "Eject" button the tray will this tray will softly glide out which lets the user to put or remove their game, film or CD.

3. Reset Switch

This is the one that manages the play station 2 power.

4. Eject Switch

You will use this to open and close the drive tray of the system.

5. USB Ports

Most personal computers now use USB. These usually unlock the play station 2 system from all new other options.

6. Main Power Switch

The basic use for this is to switch on and off the play station 2.

7. AV Multi-Out

This is especially use when you are going to connect any video cable to the play station 2 system.

8. Digital Out

This is necessary when you will use a digital theatre system as you outside source of sound.

9. AC In

The user will usually plug the power cord here.

It is important that as a user, you will not just simply buy a play station 2 system without consider any tip. Remember that the PS2 is far more different from the first one. So, it is recommended that you take the following tips before you purchase your own PS2.

1. Be aware of the features that are available on your prospective PS 2 system. Or else, look for the above mentioned features on the PS 2 that you would like to purchase.

2. It is expected that you will find a play station 2 system that costs a hundred dollars. That is for the system alone. Any extra controllers and games are still not included on that price.

3. Know the number of games and accessories offered for the PS 2.

4. Look for your PS 2 at any local store available in your place or you can also purchase it online.

Normally, you will enjoy the PS 2 system only when you play more games into it. But this will surely cost you a big amount of money, just with the purchase of the games. Remember to consider all the expenses that you will probably need when acquiring for the play station 2 system.

Or simple as that, load your pocket with money in order to free yourself from worries when decided to purchase one for yourself.

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Play Station Time Machine

Electronic amusements are fashionable amusement for both the young ones and the old ones. These games group together as the plan games, aerobics instructions games, journey, quest and searching games, tag and board games, mystery games, speed-action games, and soaring expedition games.

Software course that make use of entertainment and play around essentials to educate people who are willing to become skilled at some of their talents Some of these features are reading and writing, drawing, driving a car, problem solving, even dancing and other basic skills combine with fun and amusement among the players and enthusiast.

From the basic source of the year 1950’s up to the late 60’s, games using electronic devices and features continuous to grow. Investor from this kind of amusement gained a multi-billion income. In these games, it uses the latest form of technology and the most highly qualified computer system.

It was in United States who furnishes first the video games. However, during that time it was too expensive for them to supply and provide the latest video games. It was about the war in space. During that time the game was not yet colored, it was installed through the help of the black and white television.

What is video game?

The word video games in general talks about the interactive amusement and games. It was also programmed with the help of a television style of screen. The enthusiasts play it by using coins that activates the machine. During that time, it was called as a coin-operated arcade.

As far as a built in video games is concerned different types of new games arises. Like Nintendo, Gameboy and Playstation. To valve persons who are interested in the growing up enthusiasm of video games. Many corporations who developed their own arcade and video approach to the masses, industry in video games continue to explore things that are more interesting.

As technology continues to grow, and computers already existed, the video game industry took a great leap. It serves as a channel in a modern video game world. Video games industries continue to develop and explore the running strategy in games. Video game designers are packing things in order to attract more people to play their newly invented amusement video.

As a result of that Playstation was introduced, sooner than the Playstation was bring in the company named Sony never had a larger knowledge regarding what video games was all about.

It was in the year of 1988, when the gaming world was at the peak. Now Sony Industry uses the multi-media equipment and machinery in order to cope up with the competition. As far as the competition is concern, that Industry added up the newly develop CD-ROM.

Playstation, game within the house

As a breakthrough, the company makes it a more upgraded video machine. Continuously it was already installed in the small disk called CD-I, the player enjoy the games even they are inside their home, provided somehow that they have a computer set.

During that time there was no doubt that, Playstation are within your reach. Since the launching of the Playstation, the Sony Company sold millions of Playstation sets. For the first year alone, it already sold out 7 million pieces all around the globe.

Having an ultimate breakthrough within the video games industry the devotees of video games were definitely be very pleased.

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All About The Play Station 2

Today, gaming consoles are a part of almost every household in the world. Everyone enjoys playing with it, like children, teenagers and even adults. Gaming consoles like the Xbox and the GameCube offers these entertainments.

However, these other gaming consoles do not even come close to competing with the Sony PlayStation 2 for their wide variety of game titles available. Most game publishers have exclusive contracts with Sony so their game title would not come out in other gaming consoles. You can also rent PS2 games online which broadens the library of games delivered straight to your door.

PlayStation 2 gaming consoles are one of the newest and strongest selling gaming consoles in the market. Its affordable price, wide variety of games and fantastic graphics made this one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world today. Unlike its predecessor the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 is more stylish, sleeker and smaller, it even comes in two colors, Charcoal Black and Satin Silver.

Although smaller, it does not mean that it has not extended the console’s features. PlayStation 2 still has an elevated awesome processing power, and even extended its library of great games and features. PS2 does not just limit its features to games; it can also play DVD movies and play music. In short, PlayStation 2 offers amazing features with its wide variety of entertainment that is sure to make everyone enjoy this single and easy to use console.

A PlayStation 2 package comes with a controller and all the cables needed to hook the system up to your television and sound system, it also comes with one or two games depending on the package you purchased. Setting up the PlayStation 2 game console is easy, even a child can do it. After setting up your PlayStation 2 console, you can immediately start playing with it. PlayStation 2 even has an integrated Network connector to enable you to use the Network Entertainment.

What is the Network Entertainment? Network Entertainment enables the game console to hook up to your broadband Internet connection, and makes you a part of a virtual community of online gamers. This feature allows you to play with friends online across the world.

Network gaming will change the way you play video games, you no longer have to play by yourself and defeat lame computer enemies over and over again but you can fight or team up with other players around the world which means your fighting human intelligence and so you’re guaranteed some surprises and tougher challenge right in the comfort of your own home. This feature is becoming more popular nowadays so regardless of what time you wish to play online there will always be plenty of gamers online, you can play whenever you want.

Right now, PS2 gamers from all over the world are playing online together. Either you can be part of a team to cooperate to win or you can go solo challenging other players. Most network games allow gamers to talk to each other by using a headset that plugs into your PS2 console. Play and win with a team, and the shared glorious victory will be more enjoyable! Lose, and you can hear each other grumbling and blaming each other. You can talk to your teammates about strategy and give each other tips.

PlayStation 2 is a good investment to any home, offering a new world of entertainment.

For an additional fee the PlayStation 2 also has gadgets you can buy such as Memory Card to save your progress in the game, DVD Remote Control, an Analog Controller Dualshock2 that vibrates so the gamer can truly feel the action on screen, a steering wheel controller such as the FANATEC Speedster 3 that race fanatics can enjoy and have realistic feel of the virtual car, the G-con 2 Light Gun for the first person shooter gamer, a USB headset for PS2 so you can talk online to strategize, plan attack with teammates, or taunt enemies and more.

PlayStation 2 also enables the owner to play music CDs and watch DVD movies with awesome picture and sound quality and Parental Lock security functions. In addition, if you are the owner of a home cinema or surround sound system, PlayStation 2 has a Digital Out connector to hook it up on your home cinema system.

In addition if you are the owner of the previous PlayStation or PS one, PlayStation 2 is compatible to all of the existing PS one games, which means you can still play your old PS one games in PlayStation 2.

PlayStation 2 is the most entertaining gaming consoles in the market, which offers quality entertainment whatever your age is. PS2 will keep you glued to your seat for hours by playing solo, play online, watch DVD movies or simply listen to music.

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Affordable Play Station Games

Did you ever notice that ever since the play station was out in the market everybody went crazy over it regardless of his or her age? They become more avid and number one fan of the play station.

Many play station games are already out in the market. No matter how expensive each game costs, they do not mind it at all for as long as they can continue playing with their play station.

As a result, many cheap play station games are also out in the market, along with the good ones. One of the cheap play stations is the Eagle 1: Harrier Attack.

This is an action type of game. The cast of the games are the United States pilot that has a different mission against terrorist groups that has conquered the Hawaiian Islands. The underground group of terrorist has set off an electromagnetic pulse device in the air all over Hawaii. As a result, it will destroy all the lines of communication, which will make the U. S. military forces based ineffective.

Therefore, what the U. S. president do, the U. S. military will act in response by setting up a Marine Corps task force that will be lead by the eagle one. By means of lots and different kinds of planes for attacking, Harrier Jumpiet, the leader and the player must get back the control in the Hawaiian Islands.

There are five varieties of aircraft to be chosen namely the top-secret Raven Stealth Jet, Harrier Jumpiet, an F16 Falcon, a rescue helicopter and the A10 Warthog.

All you have to is to personalize your first person, third person and cockpit views and put the players at the center of the battlefield. There is a long replay to know the amount of the aircraft damage, how long you can complete and finish the given mission and how accurate your weapons and system are. The replay also calculates how you will be rewarded for the bonuses and the points you will get if ever you discover hidden missions and aircrafts.

The purpose of the instant replay system is for the players can hit the pause button anytime they wanted even if they are in the war. It also has the ability to re-live the last ten seconds of action.

Two players can play this and both of them can have a split screen where they can monitor themselves properly. They also have the choice on what to play. It is either the dog fighting mode or operative mode.

There are twenty-five missions because there are five islands. Five mission per island. Some of the missions are under time pressure to add thrill and tension to the game. They should be able to finish the mission at once or else you will be lost in the battle.

This kind of cheap game is very fun to play. You will be discovering many different aircrafts that could be help to finish your mission at once. There are still more cheap play station that is out in the market.

You should not be bothered of having a cheap play station game for the reason that not all cheap games are ugly that is why people take it for granted. Don’t you know that the most fun and interesting to be played are the cheap play station games?

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Play Station Games For Youths

With the advent of technology, children are gradually disregarding the traditional toys that they have at home. They are not fond anymore of playing with toys that their parents buy, such as toy guns, puzzle, balls and many more. They prefer something innovative, the computer games and the PlayStation in particular.

Although it enhances the thinking skills of the children and they can already jive with the recent development in technology, parents are quite alarm with the arrival of the play station. They notice that it creates violence in the mind of the children. The games are quite sarcastic, it teaches children to use prohibited weapons and some tactics.

This particularly concerns those young individuals who are still minors. Older people know what they are doing. The exposure of the young generation into this kind of game brings fear to their parents.

As an elder, you are responsible for checking the ratings at the back of each game. Just like movies, you have to classify whether a particular game is suited for their age or not.

Some of the major classifications of games in play station are the following.

• A fighting game - It features some strategies used by the players on how to win a game. You must also be meticulous in choosing the right game for your kids, avoid those that inflicts violence. Better, go for those that can stimulate their mental capabilities.

• Fables - This type is the most appropriate for the young kids as early as their one year old. It is quite a long game on which at the end, the main character will turn into either a hero or a villain. At least, this game is more of a childlike approach.

• Far Cry Instinct - This is the battle of the heroes. It is oftentimes referred as an adventure game for rivals.

• Resident Evil - Certainly, it is not advisable for very young children because this game features the scariest scene. One of the characters is a flesh-eating mammal.

• War games - This is another game that is not advisable for children that are still minors. The characters are terrorists and depict a chaotic environment.

Those are just some of the classification of the games in your play station. Talking about the game rating system, it has also its types. If you see that it is marked by ‘M’ the game is exclusive for 17 years old and above only. However, if you see ‘T’ it means it is for teens. Lastly, ‘E’ is a game for everybody without age limitations.

There is a grave reason for considering matters like this, not simply for doing what is right but by teaching your children as well on how to become a better person. You cannot blame that the technology is rapidly changing. As the years go by more technological innovations, even for child's play will be invented.

As parents, you will serve as their guide in molding your children towards goodness. The development of the present civilization should not be a hindrance in performing your obligation towards them. Do not let these play stations ruin your child’s upbringing because of the violence that it may present to him.

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Trusty Play Station 2

Play station 2 (PS2) are very in demand nowadays following the path of the play station 1. Kids will even ignore most of their toys because of the existence of the play stations 2. They would rather buy play station games than buying toy guns, cars cards or balls. Countless hours of fun are expected with this new game console from Sony.

Play station 2 is the game that most kids from ages 8 and above are playing. And what some people do not know, PS 2 is also used to send electronic emails and browse the Web. This is the wonders brought upon by the new and ever-growing technology of the 21st century.

Play stations, because of its high technology have also presented many innovative games in the market through the many software and game developers in the market. And because of this variety of games, play stations enthusiasts increases its number on a daily basis. Before, only children are the ones who would spend their time playing game consoles and computer games, now, even professionals and the parents of these children would compete with their children. This is due to the great graphics and game play the PS2 offers.

This makes the playstation 2 undoubtedly to be the primary game console of most computer game players. Plays station 2 has raised its criterion following the triumph of the play station 1. Many other game consoles are following on its heels but Playstation is still the top crowd drawer.

Here just a sample of the games for Playstation 2 that has made people go gaga over:

1. PS 2 Finding Nemo – this is applicable for everyone. The price of this game ranges from 11 dollars to 15 dollars.

2. PS 2 Wheel of Fortune – good for everyone use. The price ranges from 12 dollars to 13 dollars.

3. PS 2 50 Cent Bulletproof – this is applicable only for elder people ages 18 and above. The price of this is 24 dollars and ninety-nine cents.

4. PS 2 NBA Live – This game is good for everyone. The usual price of this game is twenty seven dollars.

5. PS 2 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 – this game is available online. This is good for everybody. The price of this game if twenty eight dollars.

6. PS 2 NCAA March Madness 2006 – this game is applicable for everyone. You can purchase this PS 2 game for only twenty seven dollars.

7. PS 2 the Prince of Persia Two Thrones - this can be bought for thirty dollars only.

8. PS 2 Dragon Balls Z – available for thirty dollars up to fifty dollars.

9. PS 2 Sitting Ducks – good to purchase for nine dollars to nineteen dollars.

10. PS 2 Grand Theft Auto – the price for this game is seventeen dollars to forty

Most of the games mentioned above are also available online so the minute you want to purchase any of the said games, it is recommended that you log on to the internet. This will help you decide on what game to purchase. And also prices are already presented on the net so, you are given a chance to compare prices. This will make it easier for you when buying any of the games.

And also, to all the parents, keep in mind that even if you tolerate your children to play the games of play station 2, it is still necessary that you guide them. There are games that can get violent and not suited for children of all ages.

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Play Sony Station 3 Specifications

Play station 3 or simply known as the PS3 is a computer entertainment system that combines state of the art technologies featuring Cell, a processor developed together by IBM, Sony Group and Toshiba Corporation, graphics processor (RSX) co-developed by NVIDIA Corporation and SCEI, and XDR memory developed particularly by Rambus Inc. It also adopts BD-ROM (Bluray Disc Rom) with a highest storage capacity of 54 GB (dual layer), allowing delivery of entertainment content in full high-definition (HD) quality, under a protected environment made possible through the most advanced copyright protection technology.

Play station 3 has a magnificent computing power of two teraflops. It also has new graphical expressions have never been perceived possible previously. These bring such a reality feel into the game. Gamers will actually dive into the realistic world.

During the year 1994, SCEI commenced the original PlayStation, and eventually followed by PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable in 1994. Play Station sold 250 million copies of the Play Station Portable every year. This fist quarter of the New Year, 2006, the company introduced the new PlayStation 3 to the public.

PlayStation 3 Specifications:

1. CPU

• Cell Processor

• Power PC-base Core @3.2GHz

• 1 VMX vector unit per core

• 512KN L2 cache

• 7 x SPE @3.2 GHz

• 7 x 128b 128 SIMD GPRs

• 7 x 256KB SRAM for SPE

2. GPU

• RSX @ 550MHz

• 1.8 TFLOPS floating-point performance

• Full HD (up to 1080p) x 2 channels

• Multi-way programmable parallel floating-point shadier pipelines

• Dolby 5.1ch, DTS, LPCM, etc. (Cell-base processing)

• 256MB XDR Main Ram @3.2GHz 256MB GDDR3 VRAM @700MHz

• Main Ram 25.6GB/s

• VRAM 22.4GB/s

• RSX 20 GB/s (write) + 15GB/s (read)

• SB <2.5GB/s (write) + 2.5 GB/s (read)

3. Input and Output

• USB Front x4, Rear x 2 (USB2.0)

• Memory Stick Standard/Duo, Pro x 1

• SD standard/mini x 1

• Bluetooth (up to 7)

• USB 2.0 (wired)

• Wi-Fi (PSP)

• Network (over IP)

It has its blue tooth, which allows seven players to connect the console without the trouble of wires. Storage is protected by a removable HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

To summarize all these stuff, PlayStation 3 is indeed the best innovation to take place when it finally releases next spring.

There are games that prior existed with the debut services that were offered by PEST. Here are the list of some games that were introduced together with PlayStation 3 is as follows:

• Vision Gt

• Spider-Man 3

• Unreal Tournament 2007

• Eyedentify

• Fifth Phantom Sga

• I-8

• Final Fantasy Next

• NioH

• EA Sport Flight Night Round 3

• The Getaway 3

• Killing day

• The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

• MotorStorm

• Mobile Suit Gundam

• Heavenly Sword

• Formula One PS3

• Killzone Next - Gen

• Tekken Next

• Old West Game (untitled Rockstar project)

With the release of this new technology to the public, those players who went gaga with the release of previous PlayStation will have such a good time with this technology.

Moreover, even those who people with no liking for video games may start craving for this stuff. With more upgraded features and innovation, gaming will then be a true source of real fun and enjoyment plus a true to life depiction. Indeed, it is a living proof of the advancement of science and technology nowadays.

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