Indonesian shamanic methods of fasting austerities

Fasting and asceticism are essential practices in Javanese Kejawen and shamanism--especially Indonesian shamanism. Most of the unusual and unique powers acquired in Indonesian occultism are dependent upon the mastery of these disciplines with their many forms and variations. Another important factor that must not be overlooked in the acquisition of these occult powers is the knowledge of the correct timing such as the proper month and day which magickal rites and disciplines are to be commenced, and this is intrinsically linked with the Javanese calender; this however, will not be dealt with in this article for it is beyond its scope. We will mainly focus on the many variations of fasting and the austerities carried-out in Javanese mysticism/occultism.

Fasting as a religio-spiritual practice is known the world over by modern and ancient cultures. Initially, fasting was the result of the inaccessibility of food and proper nourishment in the face of lack and poverty. It was later adopted by the religious/shamanic community for magickal and devotional purposes as it was found to provide certain interesting results psychologically, biologically, and metaphysically. The ancient grimoires, both eastern and western, are filled with rituals that require fasting as a preparation for the work.

Modern researches on fasting reveals that the practice results in health and in a regeneration of the physical body when done rationally and not carried into extremes. Fasting maintains one's health as it provides the needed rest to the digestive organs.

From the magickal perspective, fasting has an occult effect on both mind and body. Shamanic fasting changes the polarity of the physical body and also raises its vibrations, making it sensitive to the magickal frequencies imperceptible to the five senses. It especially sensitizes the autonomic nervous system making it a fine receptor for receiving psychic impressions that are overlooked by the nerves of the central nervous system.

Psychologically, fasting induces a certain borderline state making the mind susceptible to data fed into it in the form of affirmations, mantras, and prayers, and thus strengthening subconscious response to the information given. Fasting likewise orients the mind to the spirit within making it conducive for inner attunements and communications to take place with the Cosmic Mind and the various intelligences composing It. The increased vibrations of the body, cleansed of all toxic matter through fasting makes it possible for the attraction of certain types of spirit beings that normally would not come into close proximity to us because of the noxious affluvia that we emanate. Indonesian shamanism urges one to fast on one's natal day (according to the Javanese calender) to accumulate extra power and to strengthen the relationship with one's guardian angel and what they call the "four spirit brothers."

There is no denying that fasting aids the etheric body to accumulate cosmic power, especially when done in conjunction with the appropriate metaphysical exercises. Without physical nourishment, the body is forced to acquire the energy it needs through some other channels. When adopted as a regular practice, fasting unfolds psychic sensitivity.

As a spiritual discipline, fasting teaches one to refrain from greed in all of its hideous forms. It is a practical reminder of the injunction of the Master Jesus: "to be in this world, but not of it." Fasting, when accompanied with contemplation and spiritual reflection, causes beneficial changes in one's psyche. By fasting from the things of this world one would find oneself being nourished by the Divine Spirit, as Nature hates a vacuum. One would become a "god-eater" where physical nourishment becomes superfluous. This is, of course, quite an advance stage.

Generally speaking, during the period of fasting/austerities one should refrain from generating negative thoughts, feelings, and actions and should be busily engaged in spiritual works. It is a time of introspection and the reaching out (in) for the divinity within us. One's thoughts ought to be kept at a lofty level. If the fasting is related to a magickal ritual, the meditation or mantras of the work ought to be conducted or recited during the fast. The intention of the abstention of food and drink must be affirmed and impressed upon the subconscious mind ere the commencement of the ritual itself.

In Javanese mysticism, fasting is normally carried out during certain months of the Javanese calender, such as the month of Sura, as these months are considered conducive to spiritual activities. Fasting periods are between 1--40-days. Auspicious days to commence one's fasting from the Kejawenese point of view are Kliwon-Tuesday, Legi-Wednesday, and Pahing-Thursday. Fasts/austerities ought to be preceded by a holy wash/ritual cleansing, as this puts one into the proper frame of mind--aside from its other metaphysical benefits.

During fasting and the conducting of the austerities, one would indubitably encounter varied forms of temptations, visions, and physical discomfort that would thwart one's efforts. This is partially the result of the body elemental's protest against the discipline imposed. Because of its puerile and irrational nature, it will not accept anything that would upset its routine work.

Fasting and austerities brings out the worst in us onto the surface--and this is indeed a blessing as we would be made aware of all the neurosis, psychosis, and complexes lurking within the psyche that requires our attention in the art of transmutation. These dark elements are often projected onto the consciousness in the forms of hallucinations and illusions. This is one of the alchemical stages symbolically described by the mages of old. When these forms arise one should understand what they represent or interpret their symbolical nature. Knowing what they are is the first step of getting rid of them, of which would consequently make it easier for the empowerment of one's psyche and the raising of one's magickal power-level. It should be noted that even though such blocks are removed, one still has the source of the problem lying deep within in our spiritual forgetfulness and divine ignorance. They are like tentacles belonging to an unseen creature which if not killed, new limbs would form. However, we are digressing; this topic goes beyond the scope of this present article.

One thing more should be mentioned: traditionally, we are informed that inspirations, visions, and intuitive impressions of worth occurs from 1 am to dawn. It is said that during this period the impressions emanate from a divine source. At other nocturnal periods they issue forth from the subconscious mind or from spirit beings of the lower planes.

At the conclusion of any ritual fast or austerity it is a custom in Javanese occultism/shamanism to offer a thanks-giving consisting of yellow rice, glutinous-rice porridges, fruits, etc. The practitioner would invite friends and relatives to the feast.

Below are most of the methods of fasting and austerities as taught in Kejawen. We have intentionally left out the types of the left-handed path:


In this fast one may only eat white rice without anything else to go along with it. Not even salt or other condiments. Mutih is a tasteless meal. One may perhaps simply eat plain bread providing no salt has been added to the dough. In the mutih fast only plain mineral water is permissible to satisfy one's thirst. One may eat several times a day but with the stated conditions or once a day as perhaps designated in the magickal rite.


In this fast one may only consume vegetarian meals. Meat is to be completely avoided. Fish, eggs, and animal products are not to be consumed in this fasting method. It is permissible to eat 3 times a day. This fast is actually the refraining from eating animal life-forms.


This fast/austerity is a cessation of all normal activities. One may not eat, drink, get out of the house, or engage in sexual activities. Sleep should be minimized. One should preferably stay in one's room for the designated period--normally for 24 hours. During the twilight and night hours, the room should preferably be without physical illumination. The room itself should be dark. In this austerity it is permissible to visit the WC (located in other parts of the house), unlike the next difficult discipline.


Like the above, one may not eat, drink or engage in any sexual activities. In addition, one may not sleep, get out of the room, or have any physical illumination during night hours. One has to be in complete seclusion in a dark room. If one has the natural urge to discharge any waste in has to be done in the room--one with a bathroom attached to it would be a fitting place for this austerity. Depending on the requirements of the magickal rite, this austerity may run for a period of 24 hours, 3, 7 days, or more.


This is a lighter form of the above two austerities. One may not eat or drink for the designated period. Three hours is the maximum sleep allowed. One may wander outside of the house.


This is a complete fast from dawn to dusk. When one breaks the fast in the evening, one may only consume fruits--nothing else! This is a fruitarian discipline. It is permissible for one to eat as much as desired so long as they are of the same kind--bananas, for instance. The other harsh disciplines of the above such as seclusion, no sleep, do not apply in this austerity.


This is a fast from consuming anything that would cause a sensation in the tongue. In other words, the things that one eats or drinks should be tasteless. It is similar to mutih except that one has a more variety of foods to choose from: for instance, the tasteless diet biscuits . . .


Only edible leaves are eaten and plain water drunk in this austerity. Other foods and fluids are not allowed to be consumed.


Ngepel means "fist-full." In this fast, one eats a single meal a day and only a hand-full of rice is allowed or unless indicated by the requirements of the magickal ritual; two or three fist-full may be permitted. A very difficult fast as three days may be required to complete it.


Only cold, tasteless foods and drinks are eaten and drunk in this fast--three times a day, if you will.

Monday-Thursday Fast

This fast is normally done at the conclusion of the other types of fasts. On Mondays and Thursdays one would refrain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. It is uncertain if this fast originates with Islam, as this religion also teaches it.


This is a complete fast--the abstinence of food and drinks--for a period of 24 hours. One should also not sleep for that 24 hour period.

Other Austerities


No bending of the legs (i. e. no sitting) for 12 hours from dawn to dusk.


Non-stop walking from midnight to 3 am. This is a time for introspection.


This is quite an interesting austerity. Many have found strange sensations occurring in their body as a result of this discipline. The method of Kungkum is thus: one has to submerge oneself naked in a sitting position up to the neck at the mouth of a river where two minor rivers meet. One has to face against the currents. The appropriate place and spot ought to be located before starting this austerity--the currents should not be too strong and the sand-bed flat. The environment should be quiet without other human beings lingering about. Commenced in the middle of the night, Kungkum is to be carried-out for the designated period by the magickal rite which may be 3 hours or more. Needless to say, this requires lots of practice. One must not fall asleep while doing the Kungkum as this would be perilous--one must not even move as this would defeat the purpose of the austerity. Before entering the river one has to perform a ritual cleansing. While in the actual act of submerging into the water the following mantra ought to be recited:

"Putih-putihing mripatku Sayidina Kilir, Ireng-irenging mripatku Sunan Kali Jaga, Telenging mripatku Kanjeng Nabi Muhammad."

The eyes should be shut, and the hand crossed over the chest. The body's lower orifices also ought to be closed (perhaps one with a plug made out of cork) and the breathing regulated accordingly.

The Kungkum discipline is often carried-out for a period of 7 consecutive nights. It is especially useful in accumulating magickal force.


In this austerity one meditates with the feet up in the air with the head pointing downwards. The feet may be supported by a wall or one may do any related yoga asana for this. More advanced methods requires one to hang oneself upside down on tree branches, like bats. One should not attempt to sway or move while hanging thus. Physically, the constant exercise of this discipline helps the practitioner to develop the ability to control the breath--to refrain from breathing for hours at a time. This austerity is accompanied by the Ngrowot fasting method.


Ngeluwang is considered to be a frightening austerity that really tests one's courage. Various magickal powers are said to be acquired through the constant practice of Ngleluwang such as clairvoyance and the ability to making another see illusions. In Ngeluwang one has to place oneself in a large hole dug for the purpose, preferably in a graveyard or in a quiet place, and to remain there for the designated period--normally 24 hours. The basic biological needs of the body such as nourishment may be catered to. While carrying out this austerity one may face many temptations and frightening visions. Before entering the hole, the mantra below ought to be recited:

"Niat ingsun nglowong, anutupi badan kang bolong, siro mara sira mati, kang ganggu marang jiwa ingsun, lebur kaya dene banyu krana Allah Ta'ala."

From the descriptions of the types of fasting and austerities above, it can be seen that they are not easy to accomplish. The people of our contemporary times lack the fortitude as compared with the older generations; thus many do not possess the powers that their ancestors displayed.

Nowadays, with the materialistic orientation and life-style, people expect instant powers without too much effort. Although certain powers may be acquired through a transference of power, these are not the especially unique ones as applied and exhibited by the famed heroes of old, and may be temporary in nature depending upon the process used and personal potency of the channeler of the power. Perhaps we will provide examples of magickal rituals of occult-power acquisition that makes use of these shamanic fasting in future articles.

Since Kejawen or Javanese mysticism, and traditional shamanism have been influenced greatly by Islam, it would be most appropriate to complete this article by providing the types of fasting (called "saum" or "siyam" in Arabic. Lit. "self-control") as enjoined by this religion.

Basically, Islam categorizes two forms of fasting: obligatory and non-obligatory. The obligatory fast is part of the five-pillars of Islam, which is the mandatory fasting period in the month of Ramadan. Below we list the types of fasts:

The Ramadan Fast

This is the fast carried-out for the whole month of Ramadan. Islam does not encourage complete fasts such as taught in shamanism, thus there is food intake but within the hours designated. The Ramadan fast commences at dawn and ends at dusk--roughly 12 hours. Food and drinks may be consumed at any hour other than the 12-hour daylight period.

The Fast of King David

This non-obligatory fast is said to have its origin with the Hebrew King. Muhammad The Prophet, blessed is his name, is supposed to have said that among the non-obligatory fasts, the fast of King David is the best. This is recorded in the Bukhari and Muslim hadith, or recorded sayings of the Prophet. The method of the fast is similar to the one done in the month of Ramadan except that it is done every other day--fast one day, rest the next.

The Three-day Fast

This fast is done every month of the Arabic/Islamic calender for three consecutive days. The method is as the Ramadan fast. The best dates to commence this is on the 13th, 14th and 15th. This fast is non-obligatory.

The Six-day Fast

This fast is done for six days, preferably consecutive days in the month (Syawal) following Ramadan. Like the obligatory fast, no nourishment is taken from dawn to dusk. This is a non-obligatory fast like the above.

The Arafah-day Fast

To those who are not going on the pilgrimage to the Ka'ba, the Arafah-day fast is suggested for cleansing and the gaining of merit. It is done on the 9th day of the month of Zulhijah. This non-obligatory fast is supposed to wipe one's sins created within a two-year period--the year before the fast and the year after.

The Eighth-day Fast

Another single-day fast is the one done in the month of Zulhijah, just a day prior to the Arafah-day fast.

The Tasu'a and Asura Fast

This fast takes place on the 9th and 10th day of the month of Muharam.

The Al-Baidh (Full Moon) Fast

It is recorded that the Prophet enjoyed fasting in this period and encouraged others to do so. This is a three-day fast during the full moon.

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Pray without ceasing

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 16-18, NIV

Throughout the long year of trying to figure out how I could joint venture with Saving Grace Enterprises I've just known it would eventually happen - all in God's time of course. The past few weeks have been especially trying for both Dee (the owner of Saving Grace Enterprises) and myself. We've felt and had an onslaught of attack coming from the enemy's ranks to try and thwart our mission. Throughout it all, God has shown and directed both of us to pray without ceasing.

When we get busy in our daily lives, it's easy to think "I'll pray later when I am more relaxed" or "less busy" or "not so tired". That "later" usually doesn't happen. If you're feeling the need to pray right NOW and don't, it is really a direct rejection of the Holy Spirit leading you into prayer. He's here to counsel and teach us and if we don't heed His direction, we're not taking full advantage of the privilege we have in prayer because of our Savior's finished work at the Cross and subsequent resurrection.

Prayer isn't only a privilege, it's the power we have in the Holy Spirit. Prayer is direct communication with Omnipotent God. Almighty God! Wow, now think about that. He's listening and He wants to hear from us. God, our God, our huge God Who is so wide, so deep and unfathomable in our finite being! I often think that would be like me desiring a conversation with an ant, lol. It's a good thing God doesn't think like that huh?

God wants to be in contact with us at all times. Paul said to pray ceaselessly. Doesn't that mean pray all the time? Constantly? What God has been teaching me (Dee also because we talk together a LOT), is that He wants constant contact, constant fellowship with us. In my devotional commentary Devotions for a Deeper Life by Oswald Chambers today there was this message to me from God (yep He does talk to us in all sorts of different ways): And some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth; and immediately it sprang up, because it had no depth of earth (Mark 4:5)

".......This kind of self-sympathy, arising from the cares of this life, is carnal. It will kill the Spirit of God within you. Jesus said, 'If you look at your problems instead of Me, the Word will be choked in your heart.' Satan will try his best to have you look at the difficulties of your life. He knows that if he can get your eyes off of Jesus and onto these, he will be able to choke your spiritual life. Have you ever noticed how many times Scripture warns us not to be anxious, not to worry? He tells us to cast our cares upon Him, to trust Him, to wait on Him, and to fret not. May God help us to keep the thorns from growing up in our hearts and choking the Word of God in us!"

One way to always keep our eyes on Him is to be in constant prayer. If we're always praying to God about every single thing in our lives, our eyes won't waiver, nor will our hearts. One thing I'm certain of, this joyous amazing adventure Dee and I are on, while at times unsettling, it's a blast when you just give the reins entirely over to God, keep in constant communication with Him and just enjoy the ride! Pray without ceasing brethren and watch how God responds!

Metaphysical development disciplines part 1

The Need for a Guru

In the spiritual, metaphysical path, various disciplines and exercises are conducted to aid the awakening and the unfoldment of the faculties and virtues of the divinity within. To attune with the Higher Self, one is required to undergo the process of purification and to carry-out meditative exercises. Meditation, concentration, visualizations, chanting, esoteric rituals, and other spiritual disciplines are utilized as aids on the path of spiritual and metaphysical development. In order to tread the metaphysical path a spiritual teacher or Guru is indispensable as a way-shower. The Guru or Adept having been on the spiritual path for many years, or for the greater part of his/her life, or even for several lifetimes is qualified to guide the enthusiastic aspirant. Treading the spiritual path alone without outside assistance and guidance is a difficult task. Only a few great souls are able to do this. However, it should be noted that according to tradition and occult revelation, even great souls like Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad had Guru-Chela relationships with Spiritual Masters, both physical and non-physical. External spiritual preceptors are here to "push" or motivate the aspirant, just as the inner divine Master is present within our beings to "pull" us inwards, to help us gravitate towards the Inner Light.

Learning from books has its disadvantages; firstly, one is unable to bask in the presence of a Guru. A genuine Guru radiates powerful energies that stimulate slumbering souls in his immediate vicinity. The Master's aura prompts the energy-level of those around him to step-up in frequency. By constantly being in the presence of a Guru one gradually transforms one's microcosmic vehicles to a higher expression. One accelerates spiritually by being in the proximity of a Spiritual Preceptor. It is like a magnet that induces iron bits to become magnetized just as it is simply by the association.

Secondly, books do not provide all of the keys or knowledge necessary that would open metaphysical doorways to higher worlds or to higher states of awareness. Many keys are omitted in books. Thirdly, books hardly present a two-way interaction that a Guru-Chela relationship offers. From these three points (and there are more) it can be seen how necessary it is to have a Way-Shower. Genuine spiritual/metaphysical teachers are not easily found or met. One meets a real Spiritual Guide partially because of spiritual merit. There is an occult saying, "When the student is ready the Master appears." The student has to prepare himself for the Master's advent by attaining a certain soul-level, by spiritual works and study. It should be realized, however, that those individuals passing themselves off as Spiritual Gurus and Metaphysical Masters are hardly what they claim themselves to be. Here lies the problem for the occult tyro--how to discern the true Master from the "false prophet," or the wolf in sheep clothing and the true Shepherd of the Spirit.

In the traditional teachings of Christianity we are told that St. Peter, one of the Apostles of Christ, guards the portals to the Kingdom of Heaven. He holds within his hands various keys that would unlock the gate and allow the soul to pass the threshold and enter into a world of heavenly delight, to a land where one could pluck and eat the fruits of the Tree of Life. The average Christian interprets this teaching literally. In truth, this is merely an allegory, an esoteric precept referring to the principle that a Spiritual Guru or Murshid, (St. Peter) is necessary to guide one's spiritual development. The Spiritual Guru holds and preserves the keys of metaphysical (mystical/magickal) development. By applying the keys (the cosmic laws and spiritual principles) that the Guru transmits to his disciples, it would be possible to acquire a spiritual consciousness (the Kingdom of Heaven) and consume the fruits of the Tree of Life (a constant awareness of one's immortality).

In the early days of Christianity, "priests" functioned as Gurus and not merely as preachers. In the centuries that followed, the priesthood lost the keys to Heaven because of their corruption and degeneration. They subsequently grew envious of those that did possess the keys, the gnosis or spiritual, esoteric knowledge. This was one of the factors that instigated the attack of the orthodoxy upon the Christian sects called Gnostics. These Gnostics were the custodians of the secret, esoteric, spiritual teachings of the Essenes, the Master Jesus and the other divine avatars.

Now it should be realized that not all Spiritual Gurus are of the same evolutionary level. They are of various initiatory grades. Some Gurus offer their services specifically to the masses, to the average person on the street; others are here on the physical plane to help higher-evolved persons, or those of disciple status to attain the first and second planetary initiation. Rarely do we find Gurus who are real Adepts and Masters guiding those who have heard the call of the soul to attain liberation, enlightenment, and the ascension. Each person who is interested in metaphysical and spiritual culture will find himself at the doorstep of the Guru most appropriate to his present state of soul development. When he grows spiritually to a certain point with the guidance of his Preceptor, he may eventually find himself being led to other Gurus of a higher grade or different ray-ashram for further esoteric instructions or for developing a different soul-quality..

Metaphysical Development

In the Path of metaphysical development it would be advantageous and worthwhile for the spiritual aspirant to study the spiritual teachings of various religions and philosophies. Anything that would help refine one's soul-character and expand one's metaphysical knowledge is beneficial. The student should be equally comfortable studying the teachings of Alchemy or Zen. By the exploring of various teachings we do not imply that one should build one's spiritual philosophy upon the foundation of syncretism. This would hardly work if we strive to integrate the superficial, dogmatic aspects of religion. What we would like students of metaphysics to probe is the essence or core of religions, back to the source of all religions, or to the Gupta Vidya--the Ageless Teachings. In the Old Testament, for instance, we were admonished by God to walk the ancient paths (Jeremiah 6:16). This "ancient path" is an esoteric term for the Ageless teachings, or the Ancient Wisdom. Followers of the "New Age" movement may consider the revelations received through the phenomenon of "channeling" as something novel; however, the essence of what is revealed is nothing new and is to be found in the spiritual teachings of all ancient cultures. We admonish the novice not to focus on or speculate too much upon what lies above in the cosmos. It really does not matter what or who lies "up there," whether it is "Ashtar," "Kryon," or the "Pleaidians," or any other beings flitting around in their merkabah vehicles; what really matters is what lies within you. Pay attention to that, to the task at hand. Improve your character, your spirituality, your evolutionary status, and your awareness. Unfold unconditional love and compassion. Beware of self-complacency and arrogance, thinking that you know everything, or more than others.

The first step of spiritual unfoldment is the purification of the lower aspects of the microcosm of all psychical and physical toxins, negative energies, psychological complexes and fixations, karmic effects, record, and memory; and the transcendence of the false ego. Not only should these unwanted energies be discarded or transmuted, the spiritual aspirant should also be vigilant that they no longer be generated by the mind and emotions or attracted into the microcosmic force-field by establishing a point of attraction through negative thinking and feeling. Conversely, the aspirant should strive to express the divine qualities of the Spirit, such as compassion, tolerance, affection, beauty, order, generosity, selflessness, etc. In Patanjali's Yogic philosophy these two steps are called Yama and Niyama. They comprise the dos and the don'ts in religious moral teachings.

According to Patanjali's metaphysical system of development, breathing and physical exercises should next be conducted to maintain healthy and vital bodies. These are called Pranayama and Asana, respectively. Pranayama actually means the control of the life-force within the physical/etheric body, and not to the control of the breath as some occultists would have us believe. Asana means "body-position." In Hatha yoga we are taught various asanas to help maintain a supple, healthy, vital body. Although beneficial to a certain degree, in our metaphysical system of development we do not stress Hatha yoga too much for this form of yoga actually belongs to the Lemurian Age (the Third Race) where physical cultivation was the basis of spiritual unfoldment. In the days of Atlantis (the Fourth Race), it was Bhakti yoga that was of certain importance, for it helped cultivated the emotional nature. In our present Aryan Age (the Fifth Race), Raja yoga is indispensable for it aids in the development of our mental nature. Metaphysical development should therefore, be concentrated more upon the mental/spiritual plane for it is the most appropriate for our present Soul-Race. Below is a tabulation and clarification of the above information:

1) The First Race -- Polarian - No yogas, involutionary race.

2) The Second Race - Hyperborean - No yogas, involutionary race.

3) The Third Race - Lemurian - Hatha yoga, related to the physical/etheric principle.

4) The Fourth Race - Atlantean - Bhakti yoga, related to the emotional/astral principle.

5) The Fifth Race - Aryan - Raja yoga, related to the mental principle.

6) The Sixth Race - Unknown - Yoga unknown, related to the Buddhic principle.

7) The Seventh Race - Unknown - Yoga unknown, related to the Atmic principle.

But to return from our digression:

Following Pranayama and Asana is Pratyahara, or the withdrawing of the senses from external stimuli. This act of withdrawing the senses results in Dharana, a deep concentration upon some inner point within the consciousness. Deep and intense concentration of a lengthy period establishes the state of Dhyana, or meditation. The culmination of the Dhyana-state is Samadhi, or a higher form of consciousness where one experiences the state of bliss and peace. There are various consciousness levels in Samadhi; for simplicity sake we may designate them as "Christ Consciousness" and "Cosmic Consciousness." The former is related to the Soul-Consciousness of the Higher Self, or the threefold aspects of the Soul--the Higher Mental, Buddhi, and Atma. The latter on the other hand, is related to the Spirit-Consciousness of the Monad, the Divine Spark within the microcosm. The eight steps of the above are often called the "Eight-limbs of Patanjali."

In metaphysical development we strive to attain ever higher states of consciousness or awareness. In mystical teachings this is often illustrated as a climb towards a mountain peak and we are often advised by mystics to climb the highest mountain. In Holy Scriptures, when the tale is told of mystics "going up" to the mountains to pray and meditate actually refers to an inner ascent in the consciousness and not to an actual physical journey.

In the early stages of metaphysical development it is advisable for the neophyte to introspect and reflect upon the various elements forming his present desires, motivations, ideals, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings--all of the psychological stuff forming his world-view, his belief-framework, his religious-view, and his understanding of life as a whole, as well as its purport. There is much that we take for granted, much that we assume to be true because humanity as a whole or certain groups of humanity have believed in them for centuries. We have been taught many things as "truths" by our elders, our religious leaders, and pedagogues and we accept them at face value without any meaningful effort in reflecting whether they are of any real substance whatsoever. This the neophyte has to rectify first and foremost in his consciousness. The beginner in metaphysical development has to know why he is on the physical plane and for what Cosmic purpose. He has to discover the meta-philosophical truths concerning life and death, and the real reason why he embarks upon metaphysical study. In short, the neophyte has to awaken himself from his ignorance at the first Cosmic level. Until he realizes that in his present condition he knows nothing, the neophyte has not yet arrived at the state where he may acquire true knowledge.

Metaphysical development entails getting rid of the demons of the mind, the idols that drains one's energies. Idols are not simply statues made of wood and stone; they may be anything at all. Idols at our present stage of soul-unfoldment are glamours and illusions of the psyche. We may define idols do be anything that distracts the soul from carrying-out its evolutionary obligations. Thus, television or the obsession of psychic powers may be considered as idols, and irresponsible Gurus teaching psychicism sans spiritual unfoldment as fabricators of idols. This in fact is one of the avenues of dis-service (dark services) offered by the Fallen Angels. In Islamic tradition Harut and Marut were the two Fallen Angels that taught humanity psychicism/occultism irresponsibly. Low-calibre paranormals and metaphysicians perpetrate this shameful tradition.

Nowadays, people who are interested in psychicism are so eager to unfold paranormal powers. It should be realized that this is not a spiritual goal, because sometime and somewhere along the spiritual path psychic powers would have to be renounced as they simply blind our inner eyes to the spiritual state of Light-Consciousness, symbolized by the saviour-gods in the world mythologies. Psychicism prolongs our needless stay in the lower dimensions. Psychic powers may corrupt the human soul.

Getting rid of or destroying idols is not an easy task. In order to do this we need the help of the Christ-Krishna force, or the light of Muhammad. Invoke their power into your lives; pay more attention to their presence until the intrusion of the demonic idols lose their power and hold over you. In the end you will truly become a holy one, unattached and untainted by anything of this world--"to be in this world but not of it."

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Frauds in the metaphysical field part 2

Another indication of the metaphysical fraud concerns the matter of apparel. Psychic cheaters normally wear robes and turbans and other fancy costumes to give the impression to people and their prospective clients that they are different, sacred or holy in some way. The moment we meet such psychics our gullible subconscious minds are influenced negatively unless we take the appropriate measures of protection among which is to rationalize the situation and to see through their deception. Let it be known that true modern saints or genuine metaphysicians, in general, do not wear apparel any different from the norm. They dress the way ordinary human beings dress taking into account environmental factors and culture. One of the most important principle to keep in mind is that true metaphysicians or saints would never direct attention to themselves. Their words, mannerism, and behavior are free from the taints of the false ego.

It is important to realize that most psychics, whether fraudulent or genuine, when given the chance will play upon the fears and worries of clients. They would strengthen a client's belief that all that they fear are true and more besides, and that the only way out of their dilemma or problem is to apply the directions of the paranormal which usually involves emptying the purse. Often they would declare how negative you are or how you are so filled with negative energies and that with their "great powers" they would purify you and help you succeed in overcoming all that is counterproductive to your welfare--but with a certain reward, of course. At times they will say that you will have a potential problem in a certain bodily organ and to prevent it from manifesting they will balance the situation for you--for a fee. Although the detection of an unbalanced situation in one's bio-energy field is a possibility, many so-called psychics dupe the public as to their ability to do this. They only cause unnecessary concern over dangers that do not exist.

Beware of those psychics that advertise the "testimonies" of their "clients," (normally celebrities) to support their claims of power, talent or the effectiveness of their services and products. These statements often appear in print in the mass media and are mostly unwarranted.

You will also find many psychic frauds on the Internet. When requesting a psychic reading, psychics in the Net will send you a stereotype profile reading that would apply to any Tom, Dick or Harry. If one would reason it out one would come to realize that it would be impossible for any human being to cater or to devote their undivided attention to hundreds of persons requesting a psychic reading in a single day. The only resort left for these psychics is to present something applicable but spiritually meaningless to all. The daily or weekly horoscopes to be found in magazines are of these sort as well. Psychic frauds or those who are under the influence of self-deception often make bombastic claims in their advertisements but offer very little of soul-worth. Here we do not comment on the reality of psychicism, of magical forces, of subtle energies. We know that they do exist and are real to those who are able to perceive them; basically, what we are opposed to are psychics and frauds taking advantage of the ignorance of their fellow men.

Paranormals and low-caliber metaphysicians have the tendency in making their clients overly dependent upon them, their services and their products. Even spiritual teachers fall into this trap. They allow their disciples to lean too much upon them. The Master Jesus once said to his disciples that he had to leave them at a certain time, for if not, the "comforter" would not come. He meant by this that if he did not leave them, and that if his disciples depended too much upon him for their spiritual sustenance, they would not spiritually mature and that they would not acquire a higher awareness and understanding through personal effort and experience. True metaphysicians teach one not to be overly-dependent upon anything artificial and external for one's well-being. It is wholly vital that we resort to an internal resource or be dependent upon our inner Source, our true Self--the part of God within us for our spiritual nourishment.

The object of metaphysical service is to facilitate the spiritual growth of humanity. This principle is constantly being violated, however. Unaware of spiritual values and purposes, psychics simply deliver goods that in the long run stall the evolution of man. Their services do not promote spiritual unfoldment or the manifestation of the Christ Consciousness. In this they are no different from those who implement the practices of hedonism and materialism. For instance, one of the paranormal practices is the insertion of implants to manifest charisma, charm, power, fascination, etc. Indonesian psychics call these implants, "susuk." It is not too often realized that the power of these implants are temporary in nature notwithstanding the statements of some psychics as to the contrary. Energy by its very nature is in a constant state of flux and may be modified, changed, or transmuted. All organisms are constantly radiating energy and this influences whatever it comes into contact with, so an implant imbued with a certain force may unwittingly be transmuted or neutralized by the person who has it inserted into him. Now even-though such implants may contain and radiate power, the persons given such a force may not want to undergo the necessary character-building and metaphysical disciplines that would eventually give them what they seek and consequently, progress spiritually. For they presume that what they need already exists in them with the presence of the implant. However, it should be noted that the power derived from an artificial source is ephemeral and the total reliance upon it directs us away from the spiritual path. It makes one self-complacent and slothful. We should acquire the qualities or conditions that we seek through personal effort. Implants, talismans, and such are simply aids to help one--they are not to be totally relied upon. Their use should be rightly understood if they are to be of true worth to us. Please note here that we are not disapproving the practice of making or bearing talismans or acquiring magickal powers--in fact we present such things on our site. Our intent is to explain the right attitude to be adopted.

The Dark forces wish humanity to stagnate in its soul progression. It will not have humanity improve its spiritual status. Thus anything that stalls evolution or hinders man from treading the Spiritual Path is the work of the Fallen Ones. Psychic wares can degenerate into instruments of the Dark forces. Those who are inclined to experiment with the wares of paranormals should do so with the right understanding and perspective.

Pseudo-psychics have their confederates. They often have their minions search for gullible persons whom they may influence and manipulate. By persuasive speech henchmen of pseudo-psychics convince their prey how powerful and wise a certain paranormal (their boss) is. Various tricks are used. Information concerning a certain potential client may be acquired before hand and then conveyed to the "psychic." When the client visits the psychic, he is astonished that the so-called seer knows everything about him.

Sleight-of-hand, hidden gizmos, and gadgets are often used in the "healing" of a patient/client of a psychic malady, or to prove the existence of the psychic's innate powers. Since the belief in transferred, malicious etheric implants ("santet" in Indonesian) are taken for granted among the lower class, tricks and deceptions are frequently resorted to in order to convince the patient that an object had been taken out from the patient's body; and this is supposed to be the cause of an illness. Often a healing may well take place using such quackery since a large percentage of cases of illnesses have a psychosomatic origin or are caused by abnormal thoughts and feelings, and these respond to the shaman working within the patient's belief frame-work. Such healings are based upon the principle of suggestion.

Psychic healers may boast that a patient of theirs may have been to every kind of healer, undergone every form of therapeutics, and yet no healing took place until the individual came to them to be "healed." Not only is their boast self-promotional in nature but their belief is a fallacy. Firstly, healing is a process conducted by Nature--no single individual does the healing. A person may have been to one doctor or healer after another without being apparently cured; however, the healing process may already have begun without the person's knowledge and awareness. Thus, at a certain point of the healing process the person finds himself completely cured and he ignorantly attributes this to the last healer that attempted to cure him. And this "healer" arrogantly considers the healing to be the result of his or her own personal powers and prowess. Secondly, a person is not curable unless he subconsciously and consciously wants to be cured--when he is psychologically ready to release the malady. When this is released through self-determination and faith he finds himself cured, and this often occurs no matter to what healer he goes to or the form of therapy that he undergoes at that time. Thirdly, some illnesses are karmic in nature, and only when the karmic lesson is learnt or the karmic force spent and compensated will the inharmonious bodily or psychological condition disappear. Again, this may occur spontaneously at a time when the person visits a healer and without the healer actually having anything directly to do with the healing process, nor ever having acted as a catalyst of bodily harmony.

One of the negative traits of the so-called spiritual Masters who present themselves as teachers of meditation and metaphysics is that they do not offer constant guidance or availability to their students. They are here one day, and in the next they are off somewhere where it is almost impossible for one to contact or communicate with them. If one encounters a problem in one's metaphysical practices the Guru is not available to offer assistance. This is an irresponsible act of omission on the part of the so-called Guru. In many cases this can be construed as the incompetence or inability of the Guru to provide true beneficial guidance. It can also be assumed that their motive for teaching metaphysics or branches of it in the first place was simply for its monetary returns. The true metaphysical Guru knows that spiritual teachings cannot be given in one gulp, but morsels at a time. Spiritual growth is a process and the Guru has to be constantly around to nurture the unfoldment of his students. Frauds normally take off and break communication after a few sessions with their victimized students.

Genuine Masters and Adepts as a rule, also do not offer any services of instant metaphysical development. A true Master does not perform the work that the disciple ought to be doing for himself. Self-involvement in spiritual work unfolds a divine character, and this is what the Guru wishes of his students. There is also more merit and is more honorable doing metaphysical work and exercises for oneself instead of having others do them for us. For instance, which do you think is more praiseworthy, running in a race and reaching the finish line by one's own efforts, or to be carried there by the Master on his shoulders?

Concerning the instant transference of power, or the raising of the kundalini by the Master, there are many points that the true Master would consider. Such transference is a blessing and is given only after the disciple had applied the disciplines for some time--often years, and not given by the genuine Master at the very inception of a student's metaphysical career--especially not on a massive scale. This is an irresponsible act on the part of the Guru for not everyone is physically or etherically prepared for such an empowerment.

Many Spiritual Masters (so-called) are a disappointment. Oft times they declare, whether implicitly or explicitly, that their kundalini have been permanently raised, or that they have attained enlightenment or are in constant contact with the Ascended Masters. Should this be true one awaits glorious things coming from them--from their minds and hearts. One would expect them to be divine in their everyday expressions; original and creative in their literary works, and selfless in fulfilling their missions. Their works would be of an unsurpassed quality even surpassing the state of genius, however, as it is, their products lack originality and they produce no novel concepts or precepts that reveal heretofore hidden facets of Truth, or strive to uplift humanity even higher on the scale of evolution in a balanced manner. Most of their written works are too simplistic, they merely scratch the surface of metaphysical thought and often than not, are plagiarized versions of other authors' works. What is pitiful is that their ego can still be clearly seen--and they are blind to this. They are so keen in criticizing others but fail to look into their own soul and correct innate faults. Those with a little knowledge are so quick in attacking others and in speaking the loudest. These undeveloped "Gurus" give all sorts of "plausible" excuses for their short-comings, for their extravagant way of life, for their creature-comfort-which only shows that they are self-centered and focused upon the personality level. Hopefully this condition would change in this new millenium.

Dogmas, false religious teachings and revelations are often taught and spread by false mystics, bigoted priests, channels and paranormals. They do this for fame and to instill fear in the masses so that the masses would turn to them for assistance--and this, of course, is designed to fill their personal bank account. Some psychics foolishly predict the future revealing dire cataclysms and catastrophes that would occur sometime in the near future. Although most are deceivers and malicious in their intent, there are a few who are sincere but mistaken as to the source of their psychic impressions. They regard the visions that they receive as coming from God or the Ascended Masters. They do not realize that most of what they psychically see are mere thoughtforms created and radiated by those who are psychologically unbalanced or who are mentally disturbed. Substantially, these thoughtforms have no real power to manifest on the physical plane or affect it unless we give them power through our constant attention and fear. Even if visions did flow from the Divine Cosmic Mind, they are often distorted by the unpurified subconscious minds of psychics so that a clear understanding of the picture is not acquired and presented. Again, even if a vision of a catastrophe from God was correctly received there is always a possibility of preventing its occurrence or decreasing the magnitude of its effects through the proper metaphysical procedures. However, those who are self-deceived are often adamant that what they "see" must occur. Below we would like to quote a few scriptural verses for your consideration. They are related to this paragraph.

For both prophet and priest are profane; yea, in my house have I found their wickedness, saith the LORD. (Jeremiah 23:11)

I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. (Jeremiah 23:21)

Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the mouth of the LORD. (Jeremiah 23:16)

Thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing! (Ezekial 13:3)

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. (Matthew 7:15)

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Spiritual warfare and the deuteronomy factor

The Three Principles of Spiritual Warfare are explained in Deuteronomy 2. To achieve victory, you and I must follow these same principles to the letter.

Following them ensures our victory while disregarding them can spell defeat for us as we go after fulfilling our need. These three principles are absolutely essential for us to follow.

• Whatever your need, these three principles must be understood.

• Then they must be employed by you and me to possess the solution to our need.

Your may need healing, help for a loved one or improvement in your finances. Whatever your need happens to be, adherence to these three principles will determine your level of victory or lack of it.

Now let us apply these Three Warfare Principles. Say you need healing.

1. You cannot peacefully coexist with the devil or his sickness. Moses tried this with King Sihon but King Sihon would have nothing of it. This resulted in a fight to the death.

You see, Moses tried to peacefully pass by Sihon on the way into the Promised Land. Sihon would not let him pass peacefully.

Deut 2:30

30 But Sihon king of Heshbon would not let us pass by him: (KJV)

Since Sihon would not let him pass peacefully, war to the finish had to be declared and won. Moses could not peacefully coexist with King Sihon.

2. When you rout the devil on one front, he will come at you from another. (They barely had King Sihon sprawled at their feet in total defeat when King Og came at them with a vengeance, Deuteronomy 3:1-7.)

Nevertheless, be not alarmed at this because we have the victory guaranteed to us in advance. The victory is guaranteed because the battle is the Lord’s.

Deut 3:21-22

21 And I commanded Joshua at that time, saying, Thine eyes have seen all that the LORD your God hath done unto these two kings: so shall the LORD do unto all the kingdoms whither thou passest.

22 Ye shall not fear them: for the LORD your God he shall fight for you. (KJV)

In other words, no matter how many kings come against you (they had to face seven kings here), the victory is guaranteed by God himself. He said he would do to the remaining five what He had already done to the first two.

3. We must be armed to the teeth at all times.

Deut 3:18

18 And I commanded you at that time, saying, The LORD your God hath given you this land to possess it: ye shall pass over armed before your brethren the children of Israel, all that are meet for the war. (KJV)

“Armed,” in this context, lasts until they have completed the taking of the land God promised them. They are to be armed to the teeth until they are at complete peace and rest in the land. See Deuteronomy 3:20.

You, too, must be armed to the teeth until you have complete victory and are in possession of your promised blessings.

These three principles must be utilized in our fight for the healing of our loved ones. Our objectives are different and our weapons are different.

We don’t use spears and battle axes in our spiritual warfare to take back our blessings of health, family well being and prosperity. Our weapons are different but the principles are the same. We still, however, employ the same three principles given above.

• We cannot coexist with what Satan has put on us.

• We are not discouraged when one victory is won and another battle starts.

• Our victory is guaranteed in advance.

• We must be armed to the teeth at all times.

• All this will last until we are in complete possession of our blessings and at complete peace and rest with them.

Go for it! Work the Three Principles. The victory is yours.

Mystery of the soul part 5

Basically, Baby, Infant and Young souls do not have as yet coordinated personalities and their souls are often governed by the lower instincts and impulses of their personality. Mature and Old souls are more in control and their personalities are integrated and functioning under the direction of the Higher Self, the Soul. At each stage and level the soul's consciousness level expands. It becomes more spiritually aware. Almost all prophets were Old souls. They gave teachings to the younger ones that eventually was misunderstood by them and created into dogmas. Young souls are incapable of spiritually guiding Old souls. Young souls merely believe that which they feel to be true; Old souls know what they know. Young souls guess, Old souls perceive. It is said that Infant souls learn their karmic lessons through suffering; Baby souls through pain; Young souls through losing; Mature souls through anguish; and Old souls through terror.

There is one principle that ought to be understood, and that is the appropriateness of activity and expression of souls no matter what stage they are on. It is alright for a Baby soul to act as a baby, but for an Adult soul to act as one is inappropriate and is retrogressive. It is possible to draw a correspondence between the three systems discussed above.

The eyes have long been considered as the windows of the soul. This is an occult fact. The soul's age may be intuitively felt by its eye-emanations, by the way it gazes, the force and quality that it's eyes radiates. Younger souls are said to have clear energetic eyes while older souls possess a deeper, worn-out, experienced look. Transcendental souls, or those bordering upon perfection, the Old souls, have eyes that radiates power, warmth, love, compassion, and sincerity. They often have a faraway look as though they were looking towards infinity. They have eyes that see through you.

The predominant soul age of the population of any country reflects upon its social life, its social mores, beliefs, and the perpetuation of its cultural and traditional values. A country's soul-age can clearly be seen in how their internal and external diplomatic affairs are conducted, and how their people act in a crisis. A materialistic nation is basically composed of Young souls whereas a mystically-oriented society is comprised fundamentally of Old ones. Indonesia, the country where this writer lives is mainly composed of Infant and Baby souls; with a smaller percentage of Young souls trailing behind. Adult and Old souls are few in comparison.


There are no two Monads exactly alike, just as there are no two Souls exactly of the same similarity. Each Monad, Soul, or entity are one of a kind, each a distinctive facet of the One Divinity, of the One Reality. Nevertheless, generally speaking, it is possible to broadly classify the psychological aspects of souls. There are many systems of classifying humanity based upon body type and psychological nature. Physically speaking, bodies may be classed as ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph; and psychologically as introverted or extroverted, etc. In metaphysics there are also various methods of classification. The astrological method seems to be the most popular one.

It is no coincidence that both the Chinese and Western astrological systems have twelve signs representing twelve types of men. However, esoteric astrology teaches that this sum is erroneous. According to the esoteric teachings there are actually 144 basic types. Exoterically speaking, since the characteristics of each sign, both Western and Chinese have been well-documented in books we will not trouble ourselves explaining them here.

Still related to astrology are the planetary types. This gets its name from the planets of our solar system and the sun and moon, although the latter two are not technically planets. Below we list the positive and negative characteristics of these planetary types of men (excluding the Plutonian, for much is still not yet known of this type) as extracted from Michael's Handbook:

The Moon or Lunar Type

Positive: Calm, methodical, passive, patient, tenacious, maternal, sympathetic, and receptive.

Negative: Moody, introspective, cold-hearted, incommunicative, willfull, stubborn, unforgiving, depressive, and destructive.

The Sun or Solar Type

Positive: Radiant, creative, elegant, dignified, refined, innocent, fun-loving, and childlike.

Negative: Airy, aloof, intolerant, naпve, indiscriminate, greedy, and juvenile.

The Mercurian Type

Positive: Intellectually active, perceptive, witty, clever, versatile, and clarity of expression.

Negative: Inconsistent, impulsive, explosive, nervous, sarcastic, argumentative, and cynical.

The Venusian Type

Positive: Harmonious, socially warm, loving, gentle, non-judgmental, loyal, easy-going, and friendly.

Negative: Lazy, dependent, indecisive, careless, sentimental, and sloppy.

The Martian Type

Positive: Vigorous, energetic, passionate, decisive, brutally honest, heroic nature, and forthright.

Negative: Impulsive, irritable, pugnacious, defensive, quarrelsome, brutal, rude, lacking forethought.

The Jupiterian Type

Positive: Grand, generous, benevolent, compassionate, kind, loyal, caring, affectionate, and philosophical.

Negative: Self-indulgent, extravagant, conceited, wasteful, and craving attention.

The Saturnian Type

Positive: Paternal, calm, secretive, just, moderate, and self-controlled.

Negative: Immutable, inflexible, overly intellectual, despondent, severe, aloof, and feelingless.

The Neptunian Type

Positive: Spiritual, quiet, idealistic, imaginative, sensitive, graceful, and artistically creative.

Negative: Impractical, unworldly, uncertain, and melancholy

The Uranian Type

Positive: Independent, original, strong-willed, loathing restriction, and humanitarian.

Negative: Eccentric, rebellious, and deviant.


7-Ray Types

Aside from the methods of classification above, the 7- Ray types have acquired popularity in recent years with the teachings of the early Theosophical leaders and the writings of Alice Bailey. The study of the Seven Rays is an abstruse subject and there is much concerning it that has not yet been revealed by the Spiritual Masters. Nevertheless, that which has already been given to humanity in the Alice Bailey teachings are substantial and it takes more than mere intellect to apprehend them.

Before briefly explaining the Seven Ray types, it would be appropriate to clarify matters regarding the Rays. We will attempt to present this simply, in accord with our present understanding of the subject. What are these Rays? Every object, entity, being, and particle radiates energy. The Sun in our solar system radiates tremendous amount of cosmic energies for the purpose of nourishing the planets and all beings therein. The Spiritual Sun, or the Spirit of the Sun, radiates a spiritual energy of a certain quality. This energy has three aspects to it and four attributes, just as the physical light spectrum has three primary colors and four lesser ones. Each aspect and attribute of this primary spiritual energy in turn have specific qualities. These seven differentiations of the primary energy of the Sun are called the Seven Rays. These Seven Rays are much higher in frequency than those detectable by our present scientific instruments.

Every component in the microcosm of man is predominantly imbued by one of the Seven Rays. The physical body, for instance may be ruled by one of the Seven Rays, the emotional or astral body may be ruled by another. When the four lower bodies of the microcosm functions in harmony their ruling Rays are in turn coordinated by one specific Ray. When this occurs there are three ruling Rays in the microcosm of man to consider: the Ray ruling the Monad (the Spirit), the Ray ruling the Soul, and the Ray ruling the Personality. Each microcosm, or each human being as a totality, may not have the same ruling Rays. For instance, one person's personality may be ruled by the second ray, another the third, or fourth, etc.

A study of these Rays help us to understand the Soul's make-up, its potentialities, its weaknesses and strengths, its quirks, and karmic destiny. One's Ray type/s may be considered as the nature of the power assumed in order for one to play one's role in the cosmic scheme of things. The Seven Rays have spiritual, psychological and physical attributes, powers, and virtues. Their characteristics are represented by the seven fields of endeavor:

[Please visit our website for the table]

Each Ray may be perfectly or imperfectly expressed, and thus would seem that they have positive and negative qualities. However, the Rays are actually neutral in nature. Some of their attributes are:

[Please visit our website for the table]

The Seven Ray types of men are represented by the: King-First Ray, Sage-Second Ray, Server-Third Ray, Artisan-Fourth Ray, Scholar-Fifth Ray, Priest-Sixth Ray, Warrior-Seventh Ray.

We regret that we are not able to elaborate upon the teachings of the Rays and how the raw data given above adds up together. To do so would go beyond the scope of this paper. We advice those who wish to delve further to study the teachings of Alice Bailey and her modern interpreters.


Immortality in a religious sense, is the conception of the survival or continuation of self-identity, self-awareness, and all of the soul's innate qualities and attributes through the "Great Initiation," as death is sometimes called. Some conceive immortality as a potential condition to be attained by the individual through good works and moral living; others believe that immortality is an innate state of the soul. Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), the German philosopher, defined immortality of the soul thus:

"The immortality of the soul means the infinitely prolonged existence of one and the same rational being."

The above statement implies that Kant believed souls would perceive and rationally understand themselves to be the same as they were in the mortal state.

Among the people of ancient cultures, the Egyptians were perhaps the first to give credence to immortality. For the departed they formulated specific rituals that would guide those souls in the many events of the afterworld, such as the Judgement in the Hall of Osiris. It was believed that their angel of death, the god Anubis, would assist the newly deceased to pass over to the Otherside where in the Judgement Hall it would be weighed on the scales against Maat, or Truth.

The famed "Book of the Dead" was a guide for the Ba, the soul, written in hieroglyphics upon the walls of the tomb so that the soul would know the things awaited it and what it had to do. That immortality was a salient point in Egyptian beliefs may be seen by one of the inscriptions found on a wall of a Fifth-Dynasty tomb:

"They depart not as those who are dead, but they depart as those who are living."

The belief that the soul survived the body and its eventual return was one of the exoteric reasons that the Egyptians mummified their dead thus preserving it from deterioration. However, the real reason why cadavers were mummified is yet undisclosed. That they did not really expect their departed to return to the same body and be resurrected therein can be seen by their practice of the removal of the internal organs and placing them in special urns. If the body was to be reused they certainly would not have evacuated the internal organs. The practice of mummification is analogous to our modern practice of cryogenics in which newly deceased bodies are frozen. There is always a hope among men that future technology would be able to resurrect the dead. What motivates men to preserve the dead body is the instinctive desire for immortality. Men have always believed that a future life is possible, whether in this dimension or in some other realms. Cicero once wrote that,

"There is in the minds of men, I know not how, a certain presage of a future existence; and this takes deepest root in the greatest geniuses and most exalted souls."

Why is the immortality of the soul believed in so emphatically in most religions and philosophical thought? In ancient times man was considered to be a dual creature. He had a physical body that was tangible and corporeal; however the ancients also recognized the fact that man had feelings and thoughts, and this was related to an intangible factor that they conceived of as spirit or soul. In addition to this, the many supernatural phenomena such as hauntings and psychic contacts convinced man that the soul was indeed immortal and survive the death of the physical body. To the ancients, another factor that gave credence to immortality is that the life-force accompanies the breath when man as a newly-born child makes its first inhalation, and that they also depart simultaneously at the time of death. The soul was conceived of as being released together with the last breath. Since the breath is indestructible, so likewise was the soul. The living body breathes, the dead does not. Many cultures used the same word to mean both breath and soul, or life-essence. The ancient Greeks for instance used the word, "pneuma" to designate the breath and likewise the vital force that animates man. They also used the word psyche to designate the mind and soul.

Another concept of immortality is that the soul was never created and that it had always existed though its consciousness may not be as developed as it is now. What has no beginning has no end. Whatever had an inception is conceived to have a termination. In the Phaedo, Plato has Socrates arguing for the immortality of the soul.

It is said that the belief in immortality is a direct extension of man's instinct of self-preservation. All creatures struggle to survive, to maintain the life-force; all of man's finer instincts imbues within him the sense of the continuity of self-identity notwithstanding the transitory process. It is instinctive in man to believe in a continuation of life rather than its cessation. Subconsciously man knows what the conscious mind only has a faintest realization. In "Ethics" Spinoza affirmed:

"We feel and know that we are eternal."

From the scientific point of view, granted that the soul survives the physical form, it is still no assurance that it will maintain its integrity or structure forever. For instance, why is it that some religious doctrines believe that the soul may experience "the second death"? In what sense? Also, when the soul is considered to be immortal does this refer to its form or its essence? If its essence is considered immortal science would agree, for it knows that matter and energy are interchangeable one for the other and is essentially indestructible. Nothing is ever destroyed only converted or transmuted. However, as to the permanency of form, of structure--the structure of the soul--this is questionable. Another vital scientific inquiry would be, "Is self-identity and consciousness related to the essence, function, or form of the soul?"

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Expressions of sympathy

Even the most talkative and eloquent among us are often at a loss for words when it comes to helping people deal with the death of someone close to them. We want to express our sympathy, our sharing of their feelings, but we don't know how to do it. Words can be comforting, but they're also fleeting. So we turn to more tangible expressions of sympathy.

Sympathy gifts come in many forms. A card with a thoughtful message is often the first thing we seek. There is a surprising array of choices to be made when selecting a card. The natural inclination is often to pick a card that reflects the giver's beliefs as opposed to focusing on those of the bereaved. Some sympathy cards contain short generic messages and are appropriate for acquaintances such as co-workers with whom one does not have a close personal relationship. Other cards reflect religious or spiritual themes, which may bring great comfort at such a difficult time. The final type of card emphasizes the friendship between the giver and receiver. These cards assure the receiver that a true friend will be ready to provide support in any way possible.

We shouldn't underestimate the long-lasting impact a sympathy gift will have on the recipient. This point was driven home for me when I gave a plant to a co-worker. (It was spring and I was transplanting recently rooted baby spider plants to share with friends and acquaintances.) The next day she told me that she had cried when she brought it home and put it on her table.

It turned out that her father had died several years earlier. At that time, someone gave her a plant as a sympathy gift. Watching the plant grow and burst with life over the years always comforted her by reminding her of the energy and enthusiasm for life her father had displayed. Did that gift giver have any idea of the power of that simple condolence gift - that it would console her for years?

Unbeknownst to me, a couple weeks before I offered her that new little plant, her old one had died and she had to dispose of it. It upset her to see that empty place on the table every day. She told me that when she brought home my plant and placed it in its spot, it was like that life and energy returned, once again reminding of her in a positive way of her father.

Though it may be difficult to express our sympathy at times, we should all take comfort in knowing that the gestures we make and tokens we give in sympathy are gifts that really will comfort the hearts and souls of the recipients.

I don t believe in religion but i believe in god

Imagine for a moment that there is no God!

That we are just here. That we come into being and pass away and the rest of the human race after us carries our memories and in some cases our genes.

Is that such a bad thing? Do we cease to have meaning? Cease to love one another any less? Cease to struggle? Cease to care?

Or do we start to just live moment by moment and understand that our actions, our words, our deeds are of our own making and therefore our responsibility.

Be remembered for what you do here! The reward is your life and the world you create, the memories and positve change your life causes. Don't wait for the next life or heaven. Create it here!

Look at the world around you. There are many things that are wrong and need to change. Stop blaming God for them!

Don't expect divine intervention! We are the ones that inhabit this planet it is our responsibility. Believe in yourself and the power you have to create change in the world around you. Start small, change happens person by person.

Begin the revolution. Begin believing that God lives inside you and imagine that perfect part of yourself in other people

Learning and growing

Greetings self help readers,

I am amazed by the many opportunities that we have to learn on a daily basis. I am speaking of the chances we get every day to learn about ourselves. We can learn from the bad things that happen to us as well as the good things. I believe that everything and everyone can be a teacher. The Bible itself talks about how God works for the good of those who love Him in all things. I believe this. Mr. Kahlil Gibran talks about how we can learn kindness from the unkind and yet how we are ungrateful for this teacher. Yes, mean people can in fact teach us to be nicer. When we see how ugly mean words and actions look from a spiritual standpoint we can make a decision to be nice. No one wants to look ugly physically or spiritually.

When I focus on learning rather than reacting I will make much better decisions. You see when I simply react, my decisions are based on my emotions rather than my intellect and spirituality. I have learned that when I respond in a mean manner to a mean person, it is like matching fire with fire. In these cases both people are likely to be burned. I can instead choose to match their fire of unkindness with the water of kindness. We all know that water puts out fire. It is up to me as to how I will respond.

How do you respond when you are challenged to be spiritual? Do you match meanness with meanness or kindness? hate with love or hate? If we take the time to learn and not react we will grow into the people the creator of the universe has called us to be. We can grow quite tall spiritually and eventually dwarf the demons of unkindness just by not responding in kind and learning how to deal with situations. The same situations will most likely repeat themselves. Once we learn how to deal with them correctly we should be able to handle them better when they come around again.

Much continued positive attitude success,

The creator of "Positive Attitude Secrets"

My prayer for tonight

God. Thank you for the day today. God, I tried to do everything to the best of my abilities. I may have done few things right and others wrong. Please forgive me, my mistakes and please reward me for my successes if you so desire.

God, I want to forget today and get up fresh tomorrow. I also want to forget all of my past. God, I want to love tomorrow as if it is my birthday. I want to treat tomorrow as my new birth and forget all of my past. This will help me live life in a new way every day without any burden of the past. God, please help me doing this. God, There are many incidents of my past which were very bad when they occurred. But today, I don’t even remember them. I want to do this to all my incidents of today. I don’t want them to fade away from my memory slowly. But I want to bury them now. God, please help me doing that.

God, Please give me new ideas tomorrow. Please give me a new outlook. Let me treat all the obstacles as challenges. Let me enjoy fighting with them rather than getting frustrated by them. God, please give me a new way of looking at the things. Let all the situations be a test situation for me. Rather than getting annoyed and irritated, let me look at them as my adversaries that have to be outwitted by me. Let me do this in a playful way.

God, let me do this everyday. God, let me pray to you in the same way everyday. God thank you very much.

Buoyant mind --- no more tears

One can not imbibe steadfastness and buoyant spirits unless he has peace of mind within himself blooming with love. His positive approach in life will boost self—esteem and he has to leave the past dead. His success depends upon taking every challenge as a passion and never to curse his luck but look perkier. Such a person arrests every moment of life for best use and casts magic spell on others to pull them along with him. The life of such a person will be like swirling fields with changing seasons and strutting water streams with giggling and crackling sound. His activities of life are stressed on ‘Karma’ (actions) as to be remembered and emulated by others as he is forward looking with fervent hope at every step which is the basis for our moment—to – moment life breath and is elated at every success and he is never tired or disillusioned at failures. He is open, receptive and flexible to the new ideas and odd situations. He is not incorrigible, impudent or rancour but always prepared to absorb the shocks and ups and downs of life and ever prepared to support and help others in their hour of need. A person with such sterling and lofty qualities does wonders in organizational matters and will buster the evil impulses of others and is capable of puffing off / blowing off all the worries of mundane life and is contented and thankful to Almighty for His divine grace, bliss and bounties.

The neurons in brain are triggering and brimming/ revitalizing quickly with dormant energy and wisdom provided we take necessary steps to make our life ever fresh and spick and span by nourishing it. Consuming fibrous and nutritious healthy food helps us in doing so to avoid constipation which is one of the main causes of our swinging moods. Such a food also helps in strengthening our stamina and immune system. Keeping ourselves mentally and physically busy and strong is another way to stay lethargy at bay. Divine knowledge, attending spiritual discourses, participation in devotional songs and dances etc. boost our buoyancy to achieve God realization and also suicidal thoughts and attempts can be avoided. One should keep company of younger persons, relax often and get sound sleep with regular activities due to which we can achieve best results. Love and affection for all and praising the deserving for worthy cause can upbeat our mind and that of others. One should keep some leeway and flexibility in every dealing. We should not strike the wrong chord but be balanced, analytical and discerning while taking important decisions.

A person with above qualities is disciplined one and his mind does not agitate, which helps in concentration. He will be fascinated with life and the Supreme Lord, the Creator. He will easily come out of the whirlpool of life by avoiding attrition and fostering love and tolerance and adjust according to circumstances and keep at bay many ailments. Being a spirited person he scales down new peaks in life and iron out many wrinkles. This type of attribute adds fragrance and luster to life. He is swift in mending his fences to be in tune to transform his opposites who possess biased, contaminated and perverted minds. He may become a moving force to educate and reform people for enjoying real purpose of life, not allowing boredom to touch and ruin life and may, very often, take emotional upheavals and anxieties of others to his stride, not leaving anything to fate but will stand up again and again against odds to achieve desired result. Thus he will lead life without compunction.

The buoyant person is a mighty intellect, psychologically upbeat and possesses balanced disposition. He will prove himself as a motive force and being vibrant mobilize others’ opinion to mould them for the welfare of the society. He can prove himself as a striking example for others being a beacon light. He is able to detoxify his own as well as of others’ drosses to improve the power of sustenance and to live bubbling with verve, tolerance and will remain composed, thus rejoicing in every obstacle. He is capable to revitalize even those living in sedentary life. Such persons are fit and proper to create harmony, love, peace and order everywhere. Persons of same wave length become friends and share their pleasures and sorrows. These qualities are also extremely helpful in warding off diligently many hard-hit chronic and contagious diseases like arthritis, cancer, depression, diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack and allergy etc.

A cheerful , confident and optimistic person is uplifted with humanity and shining like a bright light and not smothering like a wilting wick. He will enjoy worthy life while serving others and be devoid of ego to remain in full esteem. He is committed, determined and wholesome person and will act as a locomotive to pull along the dimwitted. Even the blind, deranged, handicapped/incapacitated etc. will not suffer in his company. He will change the world with the help of his ilk by adding spice to their life. A few such persons can transform the whole world into a paradise. It is incumbent on our part to join the company of such people as they are achievers and will bring forth healthy, happy and friendly society. Let us keep in mind that in case buoyancy blends with spirituality then wonderful results are expected. On attaining spiritualism and virtues one will feast his eyes on Supreme Lord as gaining such a wisdom surpasses all the pleasures of life and also one becomes illustrious.

In conclusion, the author asks the readers whether they wish to shed tears in despondency and wail hysterically or like to be buoyant and uplifted ?

Personality test - do you have saintly qualities

What kind of a person are you? At the time of test, will you prove yourself a good person or fail? All of us think that we are good persons. But when it comes to crunch, not many pass the test. They change suddenly at that moment and become a different person.

Do you have saintly qualities? Are you compassionate? Are you a selfless person? Do you help others even if they don't ask you? Do you never do anything that can hurt anyone? Can you forgive your worst enemies? What kind of a person are you? How much do you know about your real self and your real attitude? What are your basic values, which will never be compromised by you? These are important questions to be raised by all of us. If at the end of our enquiry, we find that we are no saints, there is no harm. Because that realization will make us do good deeds.

How to find out if you have saintly qualities? Reflect about your actions of the day for five minutes every night. Go back to your meetings, your work and your conversations. Find out if you did something that was without any selfish motive. Find out if you did anything that might be called wrong. Find out if you hurt anyone with your words/ find out if you praised any co-worker? Look at all the good deeds and bad deeds. Keep on increasing your good deeds and reducing your bad deeds. You are not alone. All of us do bad deeds. The important factor is realization. Once you realize about your deeds, you will automatically do more good and reduce bad, because you are basically a good person. Try some tests and quizzes on the Internet and find out more about your real personality and if you have saintly qualities. Do it for few days, and you will feel good about yourself. That is a big achievement, bigger than any amount of money.

The universal law behind the golden rule

Copyright 2006 Tony Mase

In Chapter 7 of the book of Matthew, Jesus is quoted as saying:

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them; for this is the law and the prophets."

When Jesus made this statement, he wasn't just teaching his followers a religious rule...

He was teaching his followers the *practical* application of a Universal law.

This Universal law is known by many names:

The law of cause and effect...

The law of karma...


The law of sowing and reaping...

Are just a few of them.

In his writings, Wallace D. Wattles, best known for his classic masterpiece "The Science of Getting Rich", frequently refers to it as the law of action and reaction...

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Odds are you've heard this Universal law expressed in many different ways:

Energy always returns to the source of its origination...

What goes around comes around...

What you do comes back to you...

You reap what you sow...


My personal favorite:

It always comes back to bite you in the...


You know the rest. :-)

Regardless of how this Universal law is expressed...

The bottom line is...

Whatever you put out into the Universe comes back to you.


More importantly...

Because it's a law...

Whatever you put out into the Universe *always* comes back to you.

This is the way the Universe works.

When you look at it this way, it puts Jesus' words in a whole new light, doesn't it?

Practicing the Golden Rule, as it's come to be known as, isn't just the moral thing to do, or the right thing to do...

It's the *smart* thing to do!



Because it's the law...

If you cheat others, you *will* be cheated.

If you hate others, you *will* be hated.

If you hurt others, you *will* be hurt.

If you judge others, you *will* be judged.

If you steal from others, you *will* be stolen from.

If you take advantage of others, you *will* be taken advantage of.

If you treat others rudely, you *will* be treated rudely.

On the other hand...

If you forgive others, you *will* be forgiven.

If you help others, you *will* be helped.

If you love others, you *will* be loved.

If you treat others fairly, you *will* be treated fairly.

If you treat others honestly, you *will* be treated honestly.

If you treat others kindly, you *will* be treated kindly.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...

Whatever you put out into the Universe always comes back to you...

You can't escape it...

It's the law!


One thing that's *very* important to understand...

When Jesus said:

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them; for this is the law and the prophets."

He was *not* saying this because others, themselves, will "do unto you" what you have done unto them.

Jesus was saying this because the Universe, God or whatever you prefer to call the "Universal Power" behind all things, will "do unto you" what you have done unto others!

For example...

If you steal something from someone, it doesn't necessarily mean that particular person will steal something from you.


You *will* be stolen from.

It's not a matter of "if"...

It's just a matter of when and how!

On the other hand...

If you treat someone honestly, it doesn't necessarily mean that particular person will treat you honestly.


You *will* be treated honestly.


It's not a matter of "if"...

It's just a matter of when and how!


Because it's the law...

It's the way the Universe works.


The next time you're about to do something...


That involves other people...

Ask yourself this very simple question:

Would I want someone else doing this to me?

If your answer is yes...

Do it.

If your answer is no...


It's that simple.


Practicing the Golden Rule...

Doing unto others as you'd have them do unto you...


Treating others as you'd like to be treated...

Isn't just the moral thing to do, or the right thing to do...

It's the *smart* thing to do!

Relieve me of myself

"If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it. What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?" Mark 8: 34-36, NIV

This has been a long arduous summer and yet so fully alive with all the possibilites that God has shown me. I'm fast approaching the nearly finished task of co-authoring a book on natural dog health with a holistic veterinarian, launched out a new product line with Saving Grace Enterprises, and ramping up for an online conference with veterinarians, doctors, etc., to help educate on stopping a superbug staph infection. Now this all sounds kind of serious right? Well not according to what God has been telling me all week!

Last Sunday in service, our pastor had a very interesting sermon on Psalm 23 as we closed out a series on The Godward Heart. We've all heard and read that psalm since we were children most likely, no matter which Christian religion we are. However, I've not ever heard it presented like this and that is most likely why it resonated so loudly with me. Let me do my usual roundabout way of getting to the point here...

Psalm 23 is all about the Shepard and His sheep, right? Understanding what a shepard's duty was and how he went about it in Jesus' day is what got my attention. Anyone who has read my articles here know that I am not only a pet lover but my business is a business in natural pet care. When our pastor started explaining how a shepard cares for his sheep and what tools he uses, I felt like God was sitting next to me and whispering in my ear and it sent shivers up my spine in a most delightful way!

I've wondered for a long time how God would use me in a natural pet care business. Then He brought me together with Dee Kreidel and Saving Grace Enterprises to create our new product line in custom hand-tooled leather collars, leashes and journals. Huh I said? How does that go with natural pet care Lord? I got an interesting answer Sunday AND one that told me not to take myself so seriously. I'll get to all that in a bit.

The shepard had a staff (we all know that) that was about 5 or 6 ft tall I believe our pastor said. It had the hook at the end we all know about and that was to keep sheep gathered in and not wandering. Sound familiar? Ever wonder why God refers to us as sheep? It's not a flattering statement because they are not the brightest creatures in creation, and they need constant tending and supervision. The shepard also carried a baton about the size of what our police officers carry today. He would use that to fend off attacking predators. He also used it for something a bit more harsh.

If one sheep was constantly wandering off and not learning to stay with the herd, the shepard would use the baton to break one or two of this sheep's legs and then immediately set them. Then he'd carry that sheep around his neck until he was fully healed. The purpose? For the sheep to become dependent upon the shepard for all its needs and to bond fully with him. Again, God does the same to His children.

Another interesting thing the shepard would do is to put oil on each sheep's head and also body to ward off pests (fleas, ticks, flies, the usual suspects). Now the oil referred to isn't your vegetable cooking oil as that would not ward off insects. Nope it was what we now know as essential oils (which by the way still are used extensively in that part of the world for their healing benefits and fast growing here in the USA) mixed with most likely olive oil. The oils served another purpose too. Sheep are goofy and get angry with each other over anything (again like us). When they did get angry, they'd go charging into each other to butt heads so hard that they could kill each other. With the oil on their heads, it would help them to skid off each other keeping them from killing each other.

Yep, I'm getting to the pet business with Dee and the "serious stuff". So for his own protection the shepard would carry a big leather poncho he would wear during inclement weather and also use as a "pup tent" of sorts to sleep in. So we've got Dee's leather products and my essential oils from the pet business. Hmmm. Leather was the Shepard's protection. Oil throughout the Bible is representative of the Holy Spirit. He uses animals as examples of us. Is anyone else "seeing" this? God will definitely use whatever, wherever, whomever for His purpose and glory if we just get the heck out of the way. Be relieved of ourselves so that Jesus can reign and work. He will protect us and He will provide for us.

Here was what was so funny to me when our pastor got to the Three Points of Application part:

1. Because the Shepard is in control, I dont have to take myself so seriously. It's ALL about Him. This does not mean to not take ISSUES in the world seriously because we should. It means to not take OURSELVES so seriously. If we do keep taking ourselves so seriously, then that is really internalized pride and wrong thinking rooted in the inability to surrender.

2. Because the Shepard cares, I can release my burdens to Him. Matthew 11:28, 1 Peter 5:7.

3. Because the Shepard is qualified, I can trust Him to guide my life.

God told me in no uncertain terms not only WHAT I'm supposed to be doing but also WHY, and HOW it all tied in with WHO He is. What He did not tell me was WHEN. Leave it to Him to keep tempering and teaching as He goes about His purpose.

On Tuesday or Wednesday after this riveting sermon on Sunday, John Fischer of a Purpose Driven Life wrote this in his devotional Acquittal by Penguin the following paragraph:

"This is not to say that any behavior in the natural kingdom legitimizes corresponding activity among human beings, but I do believe God has given us animals to mirror human behavior, and help us see ourselves in another light and not take ourselves or our roles so seriously. " (italics mine)

Hey, do you think God is trying to tell me something? So then I was listening to some contemporary Christian music on Thursday while doing my housework. I was playing Jennifer Knapp's CD, Lay it Down, and the song "Into You" came on. The words in the chorus "relieve me of myself, bring me into You" just stuck out like a sore thumb and I've listened to that song a multitude of times. I KNOW God was telling me to take a chill pill, lay it down, trust Him, don't take myself so seriously, He has a purpose for the work I'm doing so allow Him to work, be relieved of myself, depend on Him and just enjoy the ride! WHEW! What a ride too brethren. So if anyone is getting too "puffed up" maybe we all just need to get over ourselves and rest in the Shepard. I sure don't want to have to learn the hard way and take a 2X4 baton!

Becoming a different toy

Now I've been told that the Purpose of life is to give glory to God through enjoying him. My first thought was - That's a great thought. But what about if your not a Christian? After alot of thought I realized that whether your a Christian or not your purpose doesn't change. We don't decide our purpose. Our creator does.

Think to a time in your life where you've designed something; anything. You designed it to accomplish something to have a set purpose. If you are a toy car, you can't not like the way that you drove one day and decide to become a toy robot. Just like if you design a car: you designed it to be a car, and that's what it's purpose is. The car can't just all of a sudden pull out of the garage one day and decide to be an airplane.

For me to say, whether you are Christian or not the purpose of your life is to Give Glory to God, is extremely single minded. To argue with me though, what are the alternatives? Even look at the issue on a lower level: what are the alternatives to Christianity - Evolution - That man came from Monkeys?

Everyone knows of course that you can argue it both way. Will science every be able to prove the big bang? Evolution? The Bible? Is there already proof and are we just to blind to see it? Science is continually discovering things. Things like the dead sea scrolls, things like fossils and bones. Back and forth, and back and forth I'm sure that it will go our through out our entire lives.

I've heard both arguements, several times, as I'm sure all have. This isn't about my opinion but rather: Either source that you choose to believe in is a risk. What you have to decide for yourself is what risk is more valuable to take.

Hey get the phone it s for you

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I'm sure most, if not all, of you know this old story, but I'm going to tell it anyway. (Don't stop me if you've heard it!)

Two old prospectors are arguing over the best way to train a pack mule. The first one maintains that you have to be extra firm with a mule from the beginning--just to let him know who is boss right away.

The other prospector maintains that you have to be gentle to win over a mule; you have to speak to him softly and sweetly. Then, he says, you can get the mule to do anything.

The first prospector doesn't believe a word of this and asks the second to demonstrate.

The second guy agrees and then picks up a log and hits the mule square on its head.

"What do you mean--be gentle?" the first one asks. "Is slugging him in the head being 'gentle'?"

"No, sir," the second prospector replies. "But first, you gotta get his attention!"

Now, my point in telling this story is that it is an analogy for how I'd like for the Lord to speak to me. No, I'm not a masochist. I don't want the Lord to hit me with a 2x4 across the skull. I just want Him to get my attention and let me know He's really, really there and He's really, really speaking to me! Really! Perhaps some of you will be able to identify with me.

A much better example might be the dramatic way God spoke to Moses:

"Moses was shepherding the flock of Jethro, his father--in-law, the priest of Midian. He led the flock to the west end of the wilderness and came to the mountain of God, Horeb. The angel of GOD appeared to him in flames of fire blazing out of the middle of a bush. He looked. The bush was blazing away but it didn't burn up.

Moses said, 'What's going on here? I can't believe this! Amazing! Why doesn't the bush burn up?'

GOD saw that he had stopped to look. God called to him from out of the bush, 'Moses! Moses!'

He said, 'Yes? I'm right here!'

God said, 'Don't come any closer. Remove your sandals from your feet. You're standing on holy ground.'

Then he said, 'I am the God of your father: The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob.'

Moses hid his face, afraid to look at God." (Exodus 3:1-6 The Message)

(As a side note, I especially love the King James version of Exodus 3:5, where God says to Moses,"Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground." The old language in all its majesty seems to fit a God moment like this. Hey, if He spoke to me that way, I would make sure I drew "not nigh hither" and I'd take off my shoes from off my feet in record time!)

And what if God spoke to us like He did on the road to Damascus one day:

"When Saul had almost reached Damascus, a bright light from heaven suddenly flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice that said, 'Saul! Saul! Why are you so cruel to me?'

'"Who are you?' Saul asked.

'I am Jesus,' the Lord answered. 'I am the one you are so cruel to. Now get up and go into the city, where you will be told what to do.'" (Acts 9:3-6)

Of course, you must understand that in Saul/Paul's example, I'd just as soon skip the 3-day blindness part (see Acts 9:8-9), although the 3-day fast might do me some good.

Am I being clear? The point I'm trying to make is that, from time to time, I'd like one of those Cecil B. Demille, Ten Commandments, Charlton Heston/Moses experiences where, "wooo hooo!", there ain't no doubt that "God is in the building."

But then I realize...

First, I'm sure that, like me, if you've been a Christian for any length of time you've had moments when the hair stood up on the back of your neck; when you've gotten "goose bumps"; when the arrangement of events have led you unmistakably to the conclusion that HE HAS SPOKEN. And you didn't need any wide-screen, Technicolor, or Dolby Digital sound to tell you that!

Secondly, I realize that what I really want is not these 3D/IMAX encounters with God which may come only once in a lifetime if at all but, instead, the regular, intimate relationship with God that Adam and Eve had with Him in the Garden. They lost this close relationship through Sin, but you and I have regained it through the death of Jesus--the second Adam. His death was the sacrifice of the Ultimate Lamb to atone for our condition. His resurrection and ascension to the Father and our receipt of the Holy Spirit was our salvation, and the total reason that God now sees us without blemish. When He looks at us He sees Jesus, and Jesus is our Mediator.

So, if we've regained it, why don't we seem to have it, and how do we possess it?

God gives us the answer: "'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.'" (Jeremiah 3:3 NIV)

God delights in revealing Himself to us, and He promises to answer if we call on Him.

Too simple? The Gospel, or Good News, of Jesus Christ IS simple: God does it all because we can do nothing. My relationship with God, through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, began with an admission and a request. When I admitted my Sin condition and my total incapability to deal with it on my own; when I expressed my belief in Jesus as my Savior and Mediator; when I accepted Jesus' death on the cross as full payment for my Sin--past, present and future, I also turned the direction of my life over to my Heavenly Father. It is by grace and grace alone.

And that responsibility, which I cast on Him, also includes the establishment of a truly intimate, moment-by-moment loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

If I don't have such a relationship, I must ask Him to build it. "Lord, I want to experience You, to walk with You, and talk with You, and HEAR FROM YOU moment-by-moment every day of my life. Lord, as with all things I admit my inability to do this. I ask that You draw me close to You. Make me instantly aware of Your voice when You speak to me. Empower me to practice Your presence wherever I am; whatever I am doing."

Don't argue internally about this. Don't say, "Oh, I'll try, but..." Just pour out your heart to Him. Persist in this attitude. Don't try it for awhile. Adopt it as your own. Just as your salvation came after you asked God, you must ask God to do this for you. We couldn't save ourselves and we cannot live any part of the Christian life by ourselves either. Salvation began with God and our walk with Jesus comes in the same way.

Read John 10. We are the sheep of Jesus the Shepherd. Tell Him, "I am one of Your sheep, Lord. Let me recognize Your voice."

And when you do, mighty things will begin to happen in your prayer life.

There's a song by Twila Paris which speaks powerfully about the intimate, sweet times that can happen when we draw away from the crowd and simply ask God, "What do You have to say to me today?"

The song is "When You Speak To Me."

When You speak to me

When I take the time to listen

There is more than what I think I feel

When You speak to me

When I sit and still the motion

There is nothing left but what is real

There is an answer to every question

The answer is You

And the heavens open when You speak to me

Pouring light into my waiting heart

And the music fills an ocean silently, quietly

When you speak to me

When You speak to me

When You call me and surround me

There is peace to cover any pain

When You speak to me

When You place Your word inside me

I am filled and I am strong again

There is a reason for every longing

The reason is You

And the heavens open when You speak to me

Pouring light into my waiting heart

And the music fills an ocean silently, quietly

When you speak to me

My brothers and sisters in Christ, I know you long to commune with Him--deeply, intimately and regularly. And there is a reason for this longing: Him. God longs to have that relationship with you. When you are there, the heavens will open for you. He will surround you. He will pour light into your waiting heart. And He will place His word inside you. Take the time to listen--to Him, right now.


Brother Bill

Annual forecasts fengshui remedies for 2006 year of the yang red fire dog - for rat sign

: The ancient Chinese Astrology is not only fascinating but also quite accurate. It’s Zodiac is based on 12 signs, a cycle of 12 years and are named after 12 symbolic animals : Rat (or Mouse), Ox (or Buffalo or Bull or Cow), Tiger, Rabbit (or Hare or Cat), Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (or Sheep or Ram), Monkey, Rooster (or Hen or Cock or Chicken or Phoenix), Dog and Pig (or Boar or Hog). Your Chinese Astrological Zodiac Animal Sign is based on your Chinese Lunar Year of Birth. The Chinese New Year is movable and could start anywhere between 21st January and 20th February, depending upon the year. If your Date of Birth falls into any of these below listed Chinese Lunar Years, then, because you are born in the Year of the Rat (or Mouse), you are symbolically identified as a "Rat" : From 31 Jan 1900 to 18 Feb 1901 From 18 Feb 1912 to 05 Feb 1913 From 05 Feb 1924 to 24 Jan 1925 From 24 Jan 1936 to 10 Feb 1937 From 10 Feb 1948 to 28 Jan 1949 From 28 Jan 1960 to 14 Feb 1961 From 15 Feb 1972 to 02 Feb 1973 From 02 Feb 1984 to 19 Feb 1985 From 19 Feb 1996 to 06 Feb 1997 In Chinese Hsia Calender, 2006 is the 4703rd year and is also the third year of the New Fengshui Land Luck Period 8. The new Chinese Lunar Year is from 29.01.2006 to 17.02.2007. Here are the Annual Forecasts and suggested Fengshui & Crystal Remedies that you may need for the coming "New Year 2006 : Bing Xu, the Year of the Yang Red Fire Dog" : CAREER : A satisfying year in many ways. The unemployed will get employed; the employed will get promoted or will migrate to a better job. The catch is that you should lower your over-expectations, without compromising on your ambitions and work really hard. The more efforts you put in, the more rewards you will reap. Fine tune your qualities and dedicate all your capabilites at work. Accept your responsibilities with a positive attitude. You will execute them with ease and comfort though with a lot of hard work. You can even claim the favour of your superiors, if you are careful with your communications. Prepare well to thwart frustrations and deal with difficulties. Think out different contingency plans for different scenarios. Avoid confrontations. Arguments at office will invariably lead to career damage. Arguments with friends and relatives could lead to depression and loss of mental peace. A pencil shaped Lapis Lazouli Crystal Pendant will help you out in this. Those of you who are related to police, law, judiciary, key decision making, administration, fire service, correctional institutions, medicine, food and beverages will do much better than others. For those of you in business, it is not that bright : the year will be busy, tough and demanding. There will be quite a few ups and downs. Be organised and enforce discipline. Think out thrice before embarking on new/big projects. Avoid taking major and crucial decisions this year. Hurdles will crop up at unexpected places and times. On no account take shortcuts. Display the image of Green Tara and the combined statue of Dragon & Phoenix, for overcoming obstacles. Back-stabbing could occur from all levels. Place the image or icon of Kuan Kung in the North West for protection and timely guidance. There could be theft problems for some. Place an Eagle statue or a pair of Kirins facing the entrance. MONEY : Moneyflow will be quite good, but may not be consistent, so plan your budget. Your earlier investments will payoff now. Many of your friends will return the favour you did to them earlier. Savings will help you build an account that will be needed later. Some of you will payoff the overdue loans comfortably. There could be some unexpected expenses too, but you can get through without much of a problem. Nobody can spoil your finances this year - except you ! Avoid over-indulgence and over-generosity. Keep off risky investments. Do not invest in unethical projects. To help you save money, you can carry a set of PaKua Horoscope coins or keep a set of Dragon & Phoenix Coins at home. HEALTH : Pay attention to your personal hygiene. Bleeding due to cuts could occur - donate blood. Take extreme care when you handle sharp objects like knife. Some of you may have to undergo surgery. Get your teeth cleaned up. Avoid adventurous and risky sports like mountain climbing, scuba diving, parachuting, etc. Stay away from water bodies. Take cautions when you travel and drive. Enjoy your food but make sure of it’s quantum and quality - otherwise you could end up with a lot of stomach problems. If you already have problems related to heart, head or limbs, it could worsen. Hard work and stress from family members could be a matter of concern. Take rest whenever you can. Check your ceilings for defects : water seeps or stains, cracks or peels. If you find any, fix them immediately. Hang a original, real Chinese Wou-Lou in the bedroom (on the headboard side) to drain away the sick energy. To avoid accidents, you may either hang a golden metal Wou-Lou near your main entrance or inside your car. If you are a pregnant rat, take the utmost care. LOVE : Good love luck. A nice year to marry and settle down. Marital bliss prevails. Just don’t let your possessiveness get too far, as that could cripple the present equation. Keep in touch with your partner and attend to his/her needs without fail. Pay personal attention to other members of your family too (especially to your elderly parents/grand parents) to avoid domestic troubles. In case of any conflict, stop arguing and resolve the issue immediately. Place an icon of Three Generations Turtles or Three Generations Dragon Head Turtles in the East. Beneficial Crystal : Chalcedony, for 2006 Good Relationship with : Rat, Dragon & Monkey, for 2006 Conflict with : Horse, Rabbit & Goat, for 2006 Yin/Yang : Yang A NOTE ABOUT REMEDIES : The above analysis has suggested some remedies/cures for reducing the impact of negative energy and has recommended certain enhancers for increasing and improving upon the beneficial energy. For the remedies/enhancers to be effective, they should be cleansed, energised, blessed and programmed not only for the particular individual/family but also for the specific purpose/problem. They should also be placed in the indicated location. Any or all of these remedies can be reused for the coming new years, the only thing is that some of them may have to be repositioned according to the specific new year.

Man the microcosm part 2

Another energy-giving of great importance is the acquisition of Self-knowledge, for by such work we will ultimately be in a position to guide others to fulfill their spiritual destinies, and to relieve them from suffering. Man, in our observation, spends too much time with glamour; with fashions and fads; with ephemeral baubles that does not benefit the soul--even with too much indulgence in matters of psychic phenomena, of "trying the spirits" instead of investigating the inner nature of the soul; of resolving psychological imbalances and increasing the awareness of the unity and oneness of all manifestations. Adam, or unregenerated Man, should curb his desires for sensation, no matter where it may be found: in the media, TV commercials, the neighbourhood gossiper, and--this may come as a surprise to some--even in occult or New Age literature. We should end our polarization in the emotional body and climb higher up along the mountain side; we should cease dilly-dallying in the astral world; we should halt most of our attachment and indulgence with psychic matters that more often than not, only arouse pride and arrogance.

Preoccupation with carnal appetites such as sex, wealth, power, and fame eventually lead to suffering. Man wastes his time seeking peace and happiness without--depending upon external sources or environment--and if acquired, he is deluded into thinking of the permanency of such a state. Peace and happiness that are dependent upon externals are artificial and transient, for matter is in a constant state of flux; and as such, an unreliable source of experiencing the state of well-being in a constant, continuous manner. When the Nazarene Master declared "My peace I give unto you," it is to the unfoldment of the Christ nature within us that is referred to, which does give us a sense of bliss. Living in harmony with the Tao, and knowledge of the True Self and the laws of the Cosmic, leads us to abundant living; it provides us with a greater perspective of life of which all seemingly injustices that we experience and encounter in the mundane sphere are understood as blessings coming from God. Before the New Jerusalem can come into existence, all of the old values, beliefs, attitudes and customs that cause spiritual stagnation and inertia would have to be destroyed, and thrown into the flames for transmutation. Alchemically, Man is both the crucible and the philosophical matter to be transformed.

It is an axiom within the world of esotericism that everything that exists is vibratory. The differences in manifestation of objects being that of a variation in its frequency, or vibratory rate. Even consciousness or one's personality is vibratory; and the higher the rate, the higher-the soul-expression, intelligence, spirituality, level of awareness, and habitual thought-pattern. Vibration is energy-in-motion, the exhalation of Parabrahm, the pulsating Word, symbolised by the ancient swastika. Without vibration that would be no stimulus to the senses, and therefore, non-awareness of life. What we sense; however, does not convey the Real nature of things, for our senses deceive us, and our interpretation of what we sense is subjected to error; the brain sees what the mind wants it to see. Man, therefore, does not immediately realize or is aware of his transcendental being, his Absolute Self; he instead sees and believes that the "skandas," his mortal aggregates is his Ego. Esoteric Buddhism teaches us that there is a self to be refuted and a Self to be accepted.; one is conventional, the other is absolute. The real nature of things the enlightened prince Gautama called "sunyata" or voidness. All is energy in motion; that which we call Spirit is energy vibrating at a tremendous rate; matter, on the other hand, is energy vibrating at the nadir of the cosmic scale of vibration. Nature, as scientists say, abhors a vacuum. Space is therefore apparent, and not Real. This seemingly contradicts the statement of the Buddhist that all is void; in reality, however, this substantiates Buddhism's esoteric viewpoint of the false self and the Real Self. Space, and all manifestations therein, from this point of view are illusory; all is SELF, or being, and nothing can truly exist outside of it.

Man, like all other beings and intelligences is a focalized-pattern of energy manifesting within the Omni-consciousness of the One. At the present stage of his evolution, Man has come to realize the three-fold principle of awareness: the knower, the thing known and the knowing--this is a sense of separation, of duality; animals, especially domestic beasts, are on the verge of attaining this state through the cosmic process of individualization. As evolution proceeds, from the dualistic point of view, the present principle of awareness will merge into a state of Oneness, of being the All. From a dualist, Man becomes a non-dualist.

This paper may contain inconsistencies as it is presented in a shifting form from the dualistic to the non-dualistic point of view; but since we recognize the two truths, the relative and the absolute, it is hoped that readers would likewise adjust their understanding. Conventional truth was what Pontius Pilate enquired of his divine prisoner. Absolute truth was what Jesus sought to represent. The highest respect that can be paid to the Absolute, as all sages have discovered, is silence.

All organic matter is composed of infinitesimal lives, and a higher intelligence mould such life-infused matter into form. Within Man are lesser lives of sentient beings. The cells in his body are beings endowed with consciousness, although the nature of their consciousness can only be conjectured. Man, himself, is analogous to the cells in his body. The composite lives of human beings is a part of a greater being, a greater Life-unit. It is, therefore, rightly declared in scriptures that we live and move in "His" being. This phenomenon is what is known as the hylozoistic theory.

The Shiva Samhita, a manual on Yoga, declares:

"He who . . . knows the microcosm of the body, being absolved from all sins, reaches the highest state."

We shall, therefore, take a closer look at the microcosm, for to know the Self and its expressions, it is important to understand something of the hidden constitution of Man; his occult anatomy and physiology, and his True Reality and purpose. We propose the following essential points of which we will discuss briefly:

1) The 7 Principles

2) The Chakras

3) The Principle Nadis & Kundalini

4) Chrism Oil & Brain Dews

5) Sutratma, Antahkarana & the Permanent Seed-Atoms

6) The Causal Body & Electronic Belt

7) The Dweller on the Threshold, "I AM" & the Flame Within

8) The Rays Governing Man & the Stream of Consciousness

9) Man's Purpose on Earth

The 7 Principles

For Man to exist, to manifest in a realm, he would have to possess a body to function in. That there are 7 planes in the Physical Cosmic Plane, with each plane consisting of 7 subdivisions, making it 49 planes in all, is a teaching of modern Theosophy. The seven planes or dimensions are called, "Physical," "Astral," "Mental," "Buddhic," "Atmic," "Monadic," and "Logoic." St. Paul's "third heaven" goes no higher than the Astral Plane; while Prophet Muhammad's (blessed in his name) journey to the "seventh heaven" is said to be in the Mental or Buddhic dimensions.

Teachings of the sages; however, differ in their division of Man into his component parts, his "bodies" or "principles," as it is called by modern occultists. They divide Man into 3, 5, or 7--the most common being 3 and 7. This seemingly contradictory assertion by the Seers is probably because of their perspective and their methodology of conveying the Secret Doctrine. According to the triune system, the divisions labelled by Christian mystics are body, mind, and soul; or body, soul, and spirit. St. Paul, however, taught a system of dual bodies; he declared that we had a natural, and a spiritual body (I Cor 15:44). The triune concept within Christianity, it would seem, evolved a little later as the religion progressed in its influence within the European kingdoms. Other ancient traditions and modern mystical teachings acknowledged the division of Man's being as a triad, among which are to be found in the following table:

Martinism | Buddhism | Hindu | Hebrew | Christianity | Theosophy

Ame | Dharmakaya | Atman | Ruach | Spirit | Monad

Plastic Envelope | Sambogakaya | Jiva | Neshamah | Soul | Ego

Physical Body | Nirmanakaya | Rupa | Nephesh | Body | Personality

Some liberal thinkers of occultism call the tripartite being of Man as self, Self, and SELF--which reminds one of the assertion of someone in a transcendental consciousness state: "I AM," "I AM THAT," or "I AM THAT I AM." We should not, however, make the mistake of thinking that there are three selves. There is only one SELF functioning at various levels; and while burdened with matter, an aspect of the SELF is deluded into thinking that the physical body, emotions and mind are the foundation of its existence. It is possible to correspond the threefold being of Man, the Monad, Ego, and Personality with the following:

Monad -- Man

Ego -- Hu-man

Personality -- Human Being

The Monad is Man, the spark of God, or the atom within God's body; the Ego as Hu-man, has a portion of the Monad in its being, making it semi-divine; while the Personality as the Human Being upon the physical plane, has a fragment of the Ego, with a minuscule spark of the Monad in the Holy of Holies burning within the heart.

It might be appropriate here to define the word "principle" as used to refer to Man's occult "bodies." The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as "a basic source." Principles, in our present context, therefore, are creative centers, sources and builders of forms for the spirit of Man to ensoul; they originate sheaths for the spirit of Man to function at the various levels or planes of the omniverse. According to the definition above, the lowest sheath, the physical body, is not considered a principle because it is not causative; it does not create or engender any other sheaths; of itself, it is lifeless. It is mainly reactive to pulsating streams of energy emanating from the higher principles; and without them, it lies inert. The physical body is sometimes; however, considered as a principle for the purposes of tabulating the list of bodies that Man functions in:

1) Divine Spirit or Atma

2) Life Spirit or Buddhi

3) Human Spirit or Higher Mental/Causal Body

4) Mental Sheath

5) Astral Body

6) Etheric Body

7) Physical Body

The physical body, as a pseudo-principle is sometimes replaced in the list by the fiery spark of Man, his core identity that emanated from the Spiritual Sun, called by Theosophists "Monad," or "Virgin Spirit" by the Rosicrucians. Man's individualized being, or Ego is represented by the threefold Spirit enumerated above: the Divine, Life and Human. The personality of Man's being, on the other hand, sometimes called "the Quarternary," or the lower trinity if the etheric-physical bodies are considered as one--is represented by the three lower bodies and the mental sheath. The Quarternary is the child of the higher trinity, Man's Ego, while the Ego itself is an emanation of the Monad. Patterns of interlacing energy form that being we call "Man."

"The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven" (1 Cor 15:47)

According to the third point of the Quarternary Law of Martinism (not to be confused with the 4 lower principles of the microcosm), all emanations that proceed from a higher source carry a lesser amount of its progenitor's characteristics, potencies and qualities. The Ego, according to this law, as a lesser manifestation of the Monad, expresses creative powers, intelligence, and consciousness in a lesser proportion to that which the Monad possesses. On a lower octave of the total spectrum of energy-principles, the Personality is in an analogous state. As a precious child of the Ego, it manifests very little of its emanator's inherent divinity--although the seed, or image of the Monad, the flickering fire, does lie as a minute spark in the altar of the physical heart.

The Monad issued-out of the highest principle of the Solar Logos as a Divine Spark. It is sometimes called "the Solar Angel." Solomon, or SOL-OM-ON, is a personification of this central core within the microcosm. The three syllables in the name of this Hebrew monarch, represent the Highest Principle in the Universe, or the Monad in three different languages : Hebrew, Hindu, and Egyptian.

Be-ness, or Being is the natural state of the Monad; becoming is the nature of the lower principles. The consciousness of the Spark of the Logos is divine, and its awareness and consciousness are attuned with "Ra," or "Helios," its progenitor. It is, in fact, a cellular body within the greater body of the Solar Logos. The Monad was created in God's image and it is God's likeness that the Ego is destined to become through the process of evolutionary transformation. It is through the Ego, the individualized Man, that the Monad fulfills its destiny, the reason for its be-ing. The Ego, however, is incapable of returning to the Monad, to merge with it without gaining the benefit of certain experiences and nourishment from the realms of Matter. It, therefore, engendered the Quarternary--the four lower bodies. The Human Spirit, or Higher Mental--the aspect of God's intelligence, caused a crystallization of part of itself on a lower plane, and the Mental sheath was born. Buddhi, or the Life Spirit--the aspect of God's Love, brought the Astral body into existence; and finally, Atma, or the Divine Spirit--the aspect of God's Will, formed the etheric and physical bodies. The Quarternary evolves in the lower realms and conveys pabulum--or soul-force, the fruit of its physical sojourn, to the Ego. This was intended and designed by the Solar Logos; however, the Personality, the persona, sometimes strays from its destiny like a wayward child, like a prodigal son, with the consequences of spiritual stagnation along the evolutionary spiral.

One of the purposes of the Quarternary is to manifest fully Monadic-Consciousness in the lower worlds. This is preceded by the attainment of Egoic awareness. In Figure 1, we present graphically this attainment according to the stages of Man's development represented by the average man, the Initiate, and the Adept. We symbolize the Monad with the circle, the Ego with the triangle, and the Quarternary with the square; and all three of them surrounded by the Auric-Egg, represented by the oval. This Auric-Egg is a subtle sac that encloses all of the components of the microcosm. In picture b, the Initiate begins to acquire Egoic awareness of which the average man in a lacks. In c the Adept possessing full Egoic-Consciousness, is just beginning to acquire Monadic awareness.

Although the subject of spiritual evolution is interesting and of prime importance to Self-knowing, we will continue with it later as it is a digression from our present subject. We will instead consider certain esoteric matters associated with the 7 principles.

As mentioned previously, Man is a septenate, and a threefold being; his seven principles corresponds to the seven realms. Man, in his present stage, is only aware of the physical plane. When his consciousness develops and unfolds in the normal course of evolution, he will be able to function with conscious Self-awareness in all seven planes of Life. We have mentioned the threefold-spirit above. The soul, or psyche of Man, is also threefold: it is conscious, emotional, and intellectual.

In Esoteric Christianity, the septenary in its division of 3 and 4, is personified by Joseph, Mary and Jesus--the Ego; and the quadruped, the ass, as the Quarternary. The docile nature of the beast indicates the mastery and complete control of the Ego over the Personality. Krishna's chariot with Arjuna onboard has the same esoteric significance.

Some schools of esoteric thought call the Ego, "Christ"--the intermediary between God (Monad) and Man (Personality). St. Paul, in one of his letters, admonished his disciples to allow Christ to form within them. Esoterically, this refers to the growth of Egoic influence within the force-field of the Personality.

The Ego is the divine trinity within the microcosm. It is, in fact, the Real Man, the invisible, sentient, and intelligent being. It is bisexual or bipolar, possessing both the masculine and feminine polarities. It represents the Father/Mother God in the microcosm. Atma, the Father aspect, expresses omnipotence; while Buddhi, the Mother aspect--or the Holy Spirit, expresses omnipresence. The higher mental, or Abstract Mind, is that aspect of the Ego, the Son, which is omniscient. In the Qabalah, in the Tree of Life, the Ego is Tiphareth, whereas the Monad is represented by Kether. Intuition is a faculty that has its origin in the Ego--or in Buddhi, to be more specific. Divine Love and compassion are other expressions of the Buddhic principle. It stands to reason that to develop intuition one has to have compassion; love truly, unconditionally, wisely, and divinely. Alchemists of the Renaissance called Buddhi, "the White Eagle."

In the Masonic mysteries, the threefold Ego is represented by King Solomon, King Hyram, and Hiram Abiff. The ruffians responsible for the "death" of the Master Mason, Hiram Abiff, are the personifications of the physical body, the astral form and the Mental sheath. The killing of Hiram is microcosmically speaking, the willful forgetfulness and disobedience of the lower self--the Personality, the false ego, towards the Higher Self--the Spiritual Triad. The lower mind, the intellect and desires, slays the Voice of Silence, the sway of the Ego; and the Word, that Word of God, which Hiram Abiff personifies, is lost in the being of the Master Mason. Recovery of that which was lost--the acceptance of Egoic influence into the life of the aspirant, occurs when the ruffians repent and align themselves to the higher will. When the Ego dominates the Personality, the aspirant has verily attained the title of a Master Mason. The aspirant acquires a greater understanding, a greater wisdom and a maturity of thought as a result of the resurrection of Hiram Abiff. Spiritual wisdom is the true criterion of Man's age, and not the material years of the physical body.

Once the Ego has control over the personality, Monadic influence gradually comes into sway. The elements of the Monad and the Ego are collectively the stone that the builders, or the analytical intellect rejected. The word "stone" in Hebrew is "Ahben." It is composed of two words "Ah," meaning "father," and "Ben," meaning "son." The stone is therefore, the oneness of the Monad--the Father, and the Ego--the Son. Mystical stones is a constant theme in various spiritual traditions. In Islam we have the Hajar Aswad in the Ka'ba. Solomon's Temple was built with the "shamir" stone; the mystical Shambhalla preserves the Chintamani; in Revelation, the child of God is given a white stone, etc. The spiritual essence of the Quran itself is the letter Ba with a dot--the dot representing the Stone. This is a profound mystery that will not be discussed in this paper.

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Opening to your life insights

Eight years ago this month I suffered the loss of a younger brother. This being the first time that I lost a sibling and the fact that he was the youngest made this time especially tough. To watch his children view him at an age where they didn’t even understand the concept of death was enough to tear your heart out. Needless to say the family was a wreck emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I knew that it was time to seek answers. There had to be someone able to help the family through this time of emotional unrest. Having always been a spiritual individual I had a few friends who knew what I was going through and knew where I could get the help I was looking for. This help came form a wonderful woman named Sher. She has since retired but I’ll never forget her. Sher was a medium. She was able to communicate with beings that have passed on. She was able to do this quite easily and with amazing accuracy. As with any first time meeting of this nature there is a degree of skepticism. I had certain questions ready for her to make sure she could communicate the truth. Well within five minutes I had to let down all of my guards because she was everything she claimed to be and more.

She proceeded to tell me how my brother had passed and the mass trauma he sustained. This wasn’t public knowledge. His accident was so severe she said that once he separated he never looked back. He knew what he had done and it was time to go. Now at this first meeting she was unable to reach him because his passing was so traumatic to him that he was unable to communicate. She was communicating with his guardian angles if you will, his spirit guides. They were working with him to transition him over to the spirit world.

I left that day with mixed feelings. I had come to establish contact with Eric and left with a better understanding of myself. You see once we established that she was for real, but had limited communication with Eric at this time, Sher proceeded to tell me about me. Well this is a bit unnerving. Having never been with a medium, I quickly realized that the spirits she was communicating with were able to tell her anything and everything about me. You can imagine what thoughts were going through my head at that time. She not only could communicate with the other side, she would drop her glasses down every so often and gaze at me. She was looking at my aura.

She was very careful not to make me feel uncomfortable about anything, and I suppose by her seeing my aura she could tell if she needed to change the direction of where we were heading. Every so often she would gaze at me and smile, an all knowing smile as if to say time to change direction. From a spiritual viewpoint truth is truth and you can’t hide it.

I learned a great deal for that meeting and from other sessions with Sher. I took my mother there about 1 month later and she was able to communicate with Eric very clearly. From that time forward I knew that I needed to be open to finding the answers from within me. Although Sher was this wonderful gifted person who could comfort you during these tough times, she would also show you that you need to grow. You need to look inside for the answers.

Everyone has the capabilities to grow and evolve spiritually. Once you are on this path you will experience life differently. You won’t be looking for others to make your life better; you will understand that it is up to you. You decide weather to be happy or not. You decide weather you are going to have loving relationships or not. Once you understand how to harness this life changing manifestation, you will experience life as being full and abundant in every way. Your life and everything about you will grow and evolve. You will begin to influence others to grow with you. You will be living with a peaceful understanding, an inner peace and your life will begin to flourish.


The American Heritage Dictionary defines Palmistry as the practice of telling fortunes from the lines, marks, and patterns on the palms of the hands. Palmistry is also called as chiromancy, palm-reading, chirology, or hand-analysis. Palmistry originated in ancient India. It was said to be practiced by the Brahmins of Ancient India. Palmistry can be regarded as a part of Astrology. Records of practice of Palmistry are also available in countries such as China, Tibet, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Ancient Greece.

Cheiro was the most famous practitioner of palmistry in modern times. He was born in Ireland and had predicted many incidents of his time. For example, he correctly foretold the Boer War, death of Queen Victoria, assassination of King Umberto of Italy, a year or so before each of these incidents occurred. He also had predicted about the infamous “Great Depression” all over the world. He correctly predicted the outbreak and end of World War 1 before it happened. Cheiro wrote a number of valuable books on Palmistry. He had also successfully predicted the downfall of the Czar in Russian and the subsequent massacre of him and all his immediate family members. Palmistry is based on reading the lines on the hand of a person. Palmists say that by reading the lines of a person’s hand, it is quite possible to tell about the persons past, present and future. They say that positioning of the lines in the hand is a key to determining the subjects past, present, and future. The basics of Palmistry are said to be quite simple as opposed to the popular belief that it is something mysterious. The fleshy part of the hand and the structure of the fingers reveal a lot about the subject. Palmists claim that predictions through Palmistry has scientific basis, even though the scientists worldwide have their own opinion regarding this topic. The scientists claim that Palmistry does not have any scientific basis. According to the Palmists, the dominant hand of a person reveals the current and future trends. On the other hand, the passive hand reveals the person’s childhood. Palmists see a definite pattern in the lines on the palm. These lines have been classified into heart line, head line, life line, fate line etc. Each of these lines will interpret different aspects of ones life.

In this age of cutthroat competition, the people seem to have become more and more dependant on things beyond their normal powers. Palmistry is gaining popularity even among the western public as well. This is because human beings have become more concerned about their future than ever before. Palmistry is quite popular in India. It is a part of the everyday life for many Indians. Life is unimaginable for them without Palmistry. They will consult the Palmist for almost every activity of their lives. For special occasions like marriage, setting up of a new business, birth of a child, starting a new profession etc, a visit to a Palmist has become a must. A palmist will examine the hand carefully and advice the clients about their next activity. The palmists say that there is a relation between the lines in ones palm, the planetary motions, and ones life.

Flying stars fengshui for 2006 yearly analysis remedies for main door facing south

: (Chinese Solar Year : 04.02.2006 to 03.02.2007) Flying Stars or Fei Xing is a powerful form of Feng Shui derived from the famous Xuan Kong Fengshui. It is an Analysis of the Five Elements and Star Combinations (representing certain energy patterns) that occupy every building. Each new year these annual stars change, Qi (energy) shifts happen, bringing good and bad energy with them - thereby producing different effects. In February 2004 all the Feng Shui Energy Patterns underwent huge transformations to the NewAge of Land Luck called Period 8 Energy Cycles. It means that a large scale evolution of the human race with completely new energy dynamics has started. The significance is that the new, vibrant energies of Period 8 impacts on the buildings differently than before and energies that were previously activated now need to be remedied, in order to reduce any bad effects from the past influences. The Flying Stars Chart or the 9-Grid Meteor Plan for the Bing-Xu, Year of the Yang Red Fire Dog has been plotted and the effects of their energy patterns are analyzed. The analysis also contains suggested remedies/cures for reducing the impact of negative energy and recommended enhancers for increasing and improving upon the beneficial energy. For the remedies/enhancers to be effective, they should be cleansed, energised, blessed and programmed not only for the particular individual/family but also for the specific purpose/problem. They should also be placed in the indicated location. The direction in which your main door lies is very important to any form of Geomancy, including Fengshui & Vaastu. The primary reason for this is that the air currents and energy flow in and flow out through the mouth of the main door. Thus you receive positive energy for the year, if the main door faces a direction of auspicious stars or meteors (powerful energy bodies) and receive negative energy for the year, if the main door faces a direction of evil stars or meteors. In case negative impacts are forecast, you can simply offset the negative energy by installing the recommended remedies there. Any or all of these remedies can be reused for the coming years, the only thing is that they should be repositioned according to the new year. Please note that the effects may be felt in varying degrees depending upon the exact compass degree of the main door. ANNUAL FORECAST & REMEDIES FOR FLATS/HOMES/OFFICES/FACTORIES WITH MAIN DOOR FACING SOUTH : A bad year that could see many fire based disasters including fire burns to family members. Especially in the months of February, May and November. Have your electrical wiring fully checked. Turn off all electrical and electronic gadgets when not in use. Be extra careful in kitchen, especially if you use a gas cylinder. Heart related health problems will surface. Bloodloss and surgery in the family are indicated. Women folk would be the most affected. Try and avoid getting into arguments. Communication gaps will happen frequently. If you are in corporate administration or in politics, you will be back-stabbed more than once. You will be haunted by gossips throughout the year. You will make new enemies with ease. Business people will face tough competition and lose a lot of customers. Theft is a reality. Invest in insurance for household articles and install good security systems. Keep a brownish Stilbite Crystal Cluster near your main entrance to minimise the power of negative energy. If you have a car, hang a golden, metal Wou-Lou near the dash board to try and avoid accidents. Be careful when handling sharp metal objects. If you are in fields related to entertainment, books, CDs, fitness centers, etc., you may do better business but due to negative publicity. If you are in teaching or in law practice or running an advertising agency, you will fare better. Relationship problems and love triangles can happen. Display the combined statue of Dragon & Phoenix or a pair of pink Mandarin Ducks in the south of your bedroom. Display the “Safety Talisman for 2006” in the North West sector and carry a miniature version of it always. Door Mat Colour for the Main Door : Blue (on the inside) and Grey (on the outside). COMMON MINIMUM REMEDY FOR ALL BUILDINGS FOR 2006 : To minimise damage due to gossiping and rumours, arguments and disputes, avoid the colours green and blue in the center of your home. Do not place any moving water features like fish aquarium or water fountains here. Display 8 red roses without thorns and leaves in the center of your home/office/building and light up a small red coloured bulb which will burn continuously, 24/7. This is applicable for all buildings, irrespective of the direction of the main doors.

Who are you - really

: You are a spiritual being. You recognize something in you that is greater than the experience you may be living. Trust that part of who you are. Our difficulty in our society is due to all the conditioning we have had through education and culture that places so much emphasis on our mind and denying our emotions. You have not been properly taught about your true spiritual nature and that the mind, body, and emotions are tools to serve you. These concepts can be quite challenging to accept, particularly if your family history and life experience is steeped in religion. Yet, all religions, in some way or another, do not contradict what is being said, nor are they contradictory to what science has discovered at the quantum level and beyond. All that is required is the ability to recognize the time period of religious origins, the knowledge and understanding of the day, and that the scriptures conveyed a message in the best possible way that could be understood at that time. Even in areas where no organized religion exists spirituality is an integral strand in the fabric of society. From bush people to native americans, Australian aboriginals, prehistoric caveman at some point in time, have all had those within their ranks that had a deeper sensitivity to something beyond the common experience. Shamans, medicine men and women, and whatever other titles they were given, all had a relationship with the divine, were more sensitive to the mystical, and had a capacity to understand mankind's relationship to Creation in the best possible context given the knowledge available to them in that time. You came into this world for a purpose. Your spiritual self is that part of you that inspires you to action. The soul cries out at the pain of living small, rather than your potential. The soul also carries the pain of the trespasses against the spirit on many other levels; transgressions of mankind against spirit. Remember? Spirit is love and you treat others the way you wish to be treated. These tales and expressions fit the model. Spirit to spirit you and I are the same, are one, and in loving you, I love myself. In violating you, I violate myself. The soul cries in anguish. Live to your spiritual potential, or experience the pain and anguish of the souls experience as it remembers the phsyical experience of being human. The body, mind, and emotions experience the manifestation of the reality you create. Through socializing and conditioning, particularly between the ages of 10 to 13 years old, as we discover our own reasoning abilities, most will experience some traumatic events in school, family, or life at large. Without the adequate social supports, healthy family dynamics, etc., the child is left to fizzle in the confusing array of contradictory social and spiritual realities that are at odds with each other in their daily experience. Imagine the confusion, particularly in a society that is so bereft of proper spiritual, body, mind, and emotion education. There is a lot more to us than what we are taught. We are energy, we are spirit, and we are all those aspects we have been taught as well; physical, mental, sexual, and emotional. We are complex and yet, from the energetic spiritual level, everything can be made easier to understand and manage. You then begin to enjoy the experience of being human, of being alive, and learning the meaning and various facets of the physical body:
  • the mind and its thoughts;
  • the emotions and the values they represent;
  • the body and its requirements for safety and security.
We are complex and yet, so simple. In order to understand the basis of this energetic spirit, it is important that one understand the origins of the universe. All matter is not really matter, it is energy. The science of today has made major discoveries beyond our previous understanding that clearly demonstrates that all matter is made from bands, or strings, of energy. In fact, for a time it was called String Theory. As the anomolies and discrepancies in the theory were resolved, it was renamed M-Theory and clearly shows that we live in a reality that includes 11 dimensions. For a good basic understanding of the theories and how it all works, visit and watch PBS NOVA Series - The Elegant Universe viewable online. I also recommend watching the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?™ which is now available in video stores for rent or purchase. And if you haven't seen it yet, check out The Official Dr. Wayne Dyer Website and discover the magic of The Power of Intention. This program is aired frequently on PBS stations all across North America. As you absorb all of this new information, watch for the common threads that link it all together, including the great teachings of the worlds religious texts. Science can help make better sense of religion. One thing I have in addition to what I'm viewing and reading about these discoveries is something more. Where many scientists may now think they fully understand the beginning and end of the universe and its origins, I'm further challenged by the fact that all of this energy came from somewhere. God still exists in this model. Science has always had the means to help us make more sense of the world, the universe, of creation, of God and of God's instructions.

6 fears and how to overcome them - law of attraction classics napoleon hill

"You Can Do It if You Believe You Can!"

BEFORE approaching the fundamental principles upon which this lesson is founded it will be of benefit to you to keep in mind the fact that it is practical - that it brings you the discoveries of more than twenty-five years of research-that it has the approval of the leading scientific men and women of the world who have tested every principle involved.

Skepticism is the deadly enemy of progress and self-development. You might as well lay this book aside and stop right here as to approach this lesson with the feeling that it was written by some long-haired theorist who had never tested the principles upon which the lesson is based.

Surely this is no age for the skeptic, because it is an age in which we have seen more of Nature's laws uncovered and harnessed than had been discovered in all past history of the human race. Within three decades we have witnessed the mastery of the air; we have explored the ocean; we have all but annihilated distances on the earth; we have harnessed the lightning and made it turn the wheels of industry; we have made seven blades of grass grow where but one grew before; we have instantaneous communication between the nations of the world. Truly, this is an age of illumination and unfoldment, but we have as yet barely scratched the surface of knowledge. However, when we shall have unlocked the gate that leads to the secret power which is stored up within us it will bring us knowledge that will make all past discoveries pale into oblivion by comparison.

Thought is the most highly organized form of energy known to man, and this is an age of experimentation and research that is sure to bring us into greater understanding of that mysterious force called thought, which reposes within us. We have already found out enough about the human mind to know that a man may throw off the accumulated effects of a thousand generations of fear, through the aid of the principle of Auto-suggestion. We have already discovered the fact that fear is the chief reason for poverty and failure and misery that takes on a thousand different forms. We have already discovered the fact that the man who masters fear may march on to successful achievement in practically any undertaking, despite all efforts to defeat him.

The development of self-confidence starts with the elimination of this demon called fear, which sits upon a man's shoulder and whispers into his ear, "You can't do it - you are afraid to try - you are afraid of public opinion - you are afraid that you will fail - you are afraid you have not the ability."

This fear demon is getting into close quarters. Science has found a deadly weapon with which to put it to flight, and this lesson on self-confidence has brought you this weapon for use in your battle with the world-old enemy of progress, fear.

THE SIX BASIC FEARS OF MANKIND: Every person falls heir to the influence of six basic fears. Under these six fears may be listed the lesser fears. The six basic or major fears are here enumerated and the sources from which they are believed to have grown are described.

The six basic fears are:

a The fear of Poverty

b The fear of Old Age

c The fear of Criticism

d The fear of Loss of Love of Someone.

e The fear of Ill Health

f The fear of Death.

Study the list, then take inventory of your own fears and ascertain under which of the six headings you can classify them.

Every human being who has reached the age of understanding is bound down, to some extent, by one or more of these six basic fears. As the first step in the elimination of these six evils let us examine the sources from whence we inherited them.


All that man is, both physically and mentally, he came by through two forms of heredity. One is known as physical heredity and the other is called social heredity.

Through the law of physical heredity man has slowly evolved from the amoeba (a single-cell animal form), through stages of development corresponding to all the known animal forms now on this earth, including those which are known to have existed but which are now extinct.

Every generation through which man has passed has added to his nature something of the traits, habits and physical appearance of that generation. Man's physical inheritance, therefore, is a heterogeneous collection of many habits and physical forms.

There seems little, if any, doubt that while the six basic fears of man could not have been inherited through physical heredity (these six basic fears being mental states of mind and therefore not capable of transmission through physical heredity), it is obvious that through physical heredity a most favorable lodging place for these six fears has been provided.

For example, it is a well known fact that the whole process of physical evolution is based upon death, destruction, pain and cruelty; that the elements of the soil of the earth find transportation, in their upward climb through evolution, based upon the death of one form of life in order that another and higher form may subsist. All vegetation lives by "eating" the elements of the soil and the elements of the air. All forms of animal life live by "eating" some other and weaker form, or some form of vegetation.

The cells of all vegetation have a very high order of intelligence. The cells of all animal life likewise have a very high order of intelligence.

Undoubtedly the animal cells of a fish have learned, out of bitter experience, that the group of animal cells known as a fish hawk are to be greatly feared.

By reason of the fact that many animal forms (including that of most men) live by eating the smaller and weaker animals, the "cell intelligence" of these animals which enter into and become a part of man brings with it the FEAR growing out of their experience in having been eaten alive.

This theory may seem to be far-fetched, and in fact it may not be true, but it is at least a logical theory if it is nothing more. The author makes no particular point of this theory, nor does he insist that it accounts for any of the six basic fears. There is another, and a much better explanation of the source of these fears, which we will proceed to examine, beginning with a description of social heredity.

By far the most important part of man's make-up comes to him through the law of social heredity, this term having reference to the methods by which one generation imposes upon the minds of the generation under its immediate control the superstitions, beliefs, legends and ideas which it, in turn, inherited from the generation preceding.

The term "social heredity" should be understood to mean any and all sources through which a person acquires knowledge, such as schooling of religious and all other natures; reading, word of mouth conversation, story telling and all manner of thought inspiration coming from what is generally accepted as one's "personal experiences."

Through the operation of the law of social heredity anyone having control of the mind of a child may, through intense teaching, plant in that child's mind any idea, whether false or true, in such a manner that the child accepts it as true and it becomes as much a part of the child's personality as any cell or organ of its physical body (and just as hard to change in its nature).

REMEMBER that when you make an appointment with another person you assume the responsibility of punctuality, and that you have not the right to be a single minute late.

It is through the law of social heredity that the religionist plants in the child mind dogmas and creeds and religious ceremonies too numerous to describe, holding those ideas before that mind until the mind accepts them and forever seals them as a part of its irrevocable belief.

The mind of a child which has not come into the age of general understanding, during an average period covering, let us say, the first two years of its life, is plastic, open, clean and free. Any idea planted in such a mind by one in whom the child has confidence takes root and grows, so to speak, in such a manner that it never can be eradicated or wiped out, no matter how opposed to logic or reason that idea may be.

Many religionists claim that they can so deeply implant the tenets of their religion in the mind of a child that there never can be room in that mind for any other religion, either in whole or in part. The claims are not greatly overdrawn.

With this explanation of the manner in which the law of social heredity operates the student will be ready to examine the sources from which man inherits the six basic fears. Moreover, any student (except those who have not yet grown big enough to examine truth that steps upon the "pet corns" of their own superstitions) may check the soundness of the principle of social heredity as it is here applied to the six basic fears, without going outside of his or her own personal experiences.

Fortunately, practically the entire mass of evidence submitted in this lesson is of such a nature that all who sincerely seek the truth may ascertain, for themselves, whether the evidence is sound or not.

For the moment at least, lay aside your prejudices and preconceived ideas (you may always go back and pick them up again, you know) while we study the origin and nature of man's Six Worst Enemies, the six basic fears, beginning with:

THE FEAR OF POVERTY: It requires courage to tell the truth about the origin of this fear, and still greater courage, perhaps, to accept the truth after it has been told. The fear of poverty grew out of man's inherited tendency to prey upon his fellow man economically. Nearly all forms of lower animals have instinct but appear not to have the power to reason and think; therefore, they prey upon one another physically. Man, with his superior sense of intuition, thought and reason, does not eat his fellow men bodily; he gets more satisfaction out of eating them FINANCIALLY!

Of all the ages of the world of which we know anything, the age in which we live seems to be the age of money worship. A man is considered less than the dust of the earth unless he can display a fat bank account. Nothing brings man so much suffering and humiliation as does POVERTY. No wonder man FEARS poverty. Through a long line of inherited experiences with the man-animal man has learned, for certain, that this animal cannot always be trusted where matters of money and other evidences of earthly possessions are concerned.

Many marriages have their beginning (and oftentimes their ending) solely on the basis of the wealth possessed by one or both of the contracting parties.

It is no wonder that the divorce courts are busy!

"Society" could quite properly be spelled "$ociety," because it is inseparably associated with the dollar mark. So eager is man to possess wealth that he will acquire it in whatever manner he can; through legal methods, if possible, through other methods if necessary.

The fear of poverty is a terrible thing!

A man may commit murder, engage in robbery, rape and all other manner of violation of the rights of others and still regain a high station in the minds of his fellow men, PROVIDING always that he does not lose his wealth. Poverty, therefore, is a crime-an unforgivable sin, as it were.

No wonder man fears it!

Every statute book in the world bears evidence that the fear of poverty is one of the six basic fears of mankind, for in every such book of laws may be found various and sundry laws intended to protect the weak from the strong. To spend time trying to prove either that the fear of poverty is one of man's inherited fears, or that this fear has its origin in man's nature to cheat his fellow man, would be similar to trying to prove that three times two are six. Obviously no man would ever fear poverty if he had any grounds for trusting his fellow men, for there is food and shelter and raiment and luxury of every nature sufficient for the needs of every person on earth, and all these blessings would be enjoyed by every person except for the swinish habit that man has of trying to push all the other "swine" out of the trough, even after he has all and more than he needs.

The second of the six basic fears with which man is bound is:

THE FEAR OF OLD AGE: In the main this fear grows out of two sources. First, the thought that Old Age may bring with it POVERTY. Secondly, and by far the most common source of origin, from false and cruel sectarian teachings which have been so well mixed with "fire and brimstone" and with "purgatories" and other bogies that human beings have learned to fear Old Age because it meant the approach of another, and possibly a much more HORRIBLE, world than this one which is known to be bad enough.

In the basic fear of Old Age man has two very sound reasons for his apprehension: the one growing out of distrust of his fellow men who may seize whatever worldly goods he may possess, and the other arising from the terrible pictures of the world to come which were deeply planted in his mind, through the law of social heredity, long before he came into possession of that mind.

Is it any wonder that man fears the approach of Old Age?

The third of the six basic fears is:

THE FEAR OF CRITICISM: Just how man acquired this basic fear it would be hard, if not impossible, definitely to determine, but one thing is certain, he has it in well developed form.

Some believe that this fear made its appearance in the mind of man about the time that politics came into existence. Others believe its source can be traced no further than the first meeting of an organization of females known as a "Woman's Club." Still another school of humorists charges the origin to the contents of the Holy Bible, whose pages abound with some very vitriolic and violent forms of criticism. If the latter claim is correct, and those who believe literally all they find in the Bible are not mistaken, then God is responsible for man's inherent fear of Criticism, because God caused the Bible to be written.

This author, being neither a humorist nor a "prophet," but just an ordinary workaday type of person, is inclined to attribute the basic fear of Criticism to that part of man's inherited nature which prompts him not only to take away his fellow man's goods and wares, but to justify his action by CRITICISM of his fellow man's character.

The fear of Criticism takes on many different forms, the majority of which are petty and trivial in nature, even to the extent of being childish in the extreme.

Bald-headed men, for example, are bald for no other reason than their fear of Criticism. Heads become bald because of the protection of hats with tight fitting bands which cut off the circulation at the roots of the hair. Men wear hats, not because they actually need them for the sake of comfort, but mainly because "everybody's doing it," and the individual falls in line and does it also, lest some other individual CRITICIZE him.

Women seldom have bald heads, or even thin hair, because they wear hats that are loose, the only purpose of which is to make an appearance.

But it must not be imagined that women are free from the fear of Criticism associated with hats. If any woman claims to be superior to man with reference to this fear, ask her to walk down the street wearing a hat that is one or two seasons out of style!

IN every soul there has been deposited the seed of a great future, but that seed will never germinate, much less grow to maturity, except through the rendering of useful service.

The makers of all manner of clothing have not been slow to capitalize this basic fear of Criticism with which all mankind is cursed. Every season, it will be observed, the "styles" in many articles of wearing apparel change. Who establishes the "styles"? Certainly not the purchaser of clothes, but the manufacturer of clothes. Why does he change the styles so often? Obviously this change is made so that the manufacturer can sell more clothes.

For the same reason the manufacturers of automobiles (with a few rare and very sensible exceptions) change styles every season.

The manufacturer of clothing knows how the man-animal fears to wear a garment which is one season out of step with "that which they are all wearing now."

Is this not true? Does not your own experience back it up?

We have been describing the manner in which people behave under the influence of the fear of Criticism as applied to the small and petty things of life. Let us now examine human behavior under this fear when it affects people in connection with the more important matters connected with human intercourse. Take, for example, practically any person who has reached the age of "mental maturity" (from thirty-five to forty-five years of age, as a general average), and if you could read his or her mind you would find in that mind a very decided disbelief of and rebellion against most of the fables taught by the majority of the religionists.

Powerful and mighty is the fear of CRITICISM!

The time was, and not so very long ago at that, when the word "infidel" meant ruin to whomsoever it was applied. It is seen, therefore, that man's fear of CRITICISM is not without ample cause for its existence.

The fourth basic fear is that of:

THE FEAR OF LOSS OF LOVE OF SOMEONE: The source from which this fear originated needs but little description, for it is obvious that it grew out of man's nature to steal his fellow man's mate; or at least to take liberties with her, unknown to her rightful "lord" and master. By nature all men are polygamous, the statement of a truth which will, of course, bring denials from those who are either too old to function in a normal way sexually, or have, from some other cause, lost the contents of certain glands which are responsible for man's tendency toward the plurality of the opposite sex.

There can be but little doubt that jealousy and all other similar forms of more or less mild dementia praecox (insanity) grew out of man's inherited fear of the Loss of Love of Someone.

Of all the "sane fools" studied by this author, that represented by a man who has become jealous of some woman, or that of a woman who has become jealous of some man, is the oddest and strangest. The author, fortunately, never had but one case of personal experience with this form of insanity, but from that experience he learned enough to justify him in stating that the fear of the Loss of Love of Someone is one of the most painful, if not in fact the most painful, of all the six basic fears. And it seems reasonable to add that this fear plays more havoc with the human mind than do any of the other six basic fears, often leading to the more violent forms of permanent insanity.

The fifth basic fear is that of:

THE FEAR OF ILL HEALTH: This fear has its origin, to considerable extent also, in the same sources from which the fears of Poverty and Old Age are derived.

The fear of Ill Health must needs be closely associated with both Poverty and Old Age, because it also leads toward the border line of "terrible worlds" of which man knows not, but of which he has heard some discomforting stories.

The author strongly suspects that those engaged in the business of selling good health methods have had considerable to do with keeping the fear of Ill Health alive in the human mind.

For longer than the record of the human race can be relied upon, the world has known of various and sundry forms of therapy and health purveyors. If a man gains his living from keeping people in good health it seems but natural that he would use every means at his command for persuading people that they needed his services. Thus, in time, it might be that people would inherit a fear of Ill Health.

The sixth and last of the six basic fears is that of:

THE FEAR OF DEATH: To many this is the worst of all the six basic fears, and the reason why it is so regarded becomes obvious to even the casual student of psychology.

The terrible pangs of fear associated with DEATH may be charged directly to religious fanaticism, the source which is more responsible for it than are all other sources combined.

So-called "heathen" are not as much afraid of DEATH as are the "civilized," especially that portion of the civilized population which has come under the influence of theology.

For hundreds of millions of years man has been asking the still unanswered (and, it may be, the unanswerable) questions, "WHENCE?" and "WHITHER?" "Where did I come from and where am I going after death?"

The more cunning and crafty, as well as the honest but credulous, of the race have not been slow to offer the answer to these questions. In fact the answering of these questions has become one of the so-called "learned" professions, despite the fact that but little learning is required to enter this profession.

Witness, now, the major source of origin of the fear of DEATH!

"Come into my tent, embrace my faith, accept my dogmas (and pay my salary) and I will give you a ticket that will admit you straightway into heaven when you die," says the leader of one form of sectarianism. "Remain out of my tent," says this same leader, "and you will go direct to hell, where you will burn throughout eternity."

While, in fad, the self-appointed leader may not be able to provide safe-conduct into heaven nor, by lack of such provision, allow the unfortunate seeker after truth to descend into hell, the possibility of the latter seems so terrible that it lays hold of the mind and creates that fear of fears, the fear of DEATH!

In truth no man knows, and no man has ever known, what heaven or hell is like, or if such places exist, and this very lack of definite knowledge opens the door of the human mind to the charlatan to enter and control that mind with his stock of legerdemain and various brands of trickery, deceit and fraud.

The truth is this - nothing less and nothing more - That NO MAN KNOWS NOR HAS ANY MAN EVER KNOWN WHERE WE COME FROM AT BIRTH OR WHERE WE GO AT DEATH. Any person claiming otherwise is either deceiving himself or he is a conscious impostor who makes it a business to live without rendering service of value, through play upon the credulity of humanity.

Be it said, in their behalf, however, the majority of those engaged in "selling tickets into heaven" actually believe not only that they know where heaven exists, but that their creeds and formulas will give safe passage to all who embrace them.

This belief may be summed up in one word - CREDULITY!

Religious leaders, generally, make the broad, sweeping claim that the present civilization owes its existence to the work done by the churches. This author, as far as he is personally concerned, is willing to grant their claims to be correct, if, at the same time he be permitted to add that even if this claim be true the theologians haven't a great deal of which to brag.

But, it is not - cannot be - true that civilization has grown out of the efforts of the organized churches and creeds, if by the term "civilization" is meant the uncovering of the natural laws and the many inventions to which the world is the present heir.

If the theologians wish to claim that part of civilization which has to do with man's conduct toward his fellow man they are perfectly welcome to it, as far as this author is concerned; but, on the other hand, if they presume to gobble up the credit for all the scientific discovery of mankind the author begs leave to offer vigorous protest.

Mudras hand symbolism hand symbolism beliefs part 3

[Note: This paper contains images which may be seen as originally published at our website]

As a support for our statement above, we might mention the Tarot cards as an example. These esoteric cards nowadays degraded to a method of divination, was actually a training manual for the promotion of one's spiritual and divine expression in the world of matter. The pictorial diagrams of the Major and Minor Arcana holds secrets that the casual operator of the cards are unaware of. When properly understood the Tarot cards take us step by step to our goal of human perfection through the alchemical process.

Having gone underground the Initiates of the Mystery Schools were quick to appropriate the popular religions to embody their secret doctrines and practices. Not only are satanic elements quick to jump on the bandwagon of spiritual establishments, angelic forces are adept in letting the Dark Ones think that they have the upper-hand while in the meantime reorganizing their army and infiltrating stealth-like into their religious camp upsurped from the Light forces. Like Dante, angelic consciousness wrote books of their spiritual wisdom using Christian imagery; or painters like the multi-genius Leonardo Da Vinci, who represented important occult precepts in his artwork using Christian themes. Music composers too, cleverly inserted mystical formulas and teachings into their symphonies, concertos, operas and sonatas. As an example, the musical piece, "The Magic Flute" of Mozart comes to mind. However, what is relevant here is that occult signs are portrayed profusely, graphically in art, and we would do well to focus on that.

Above we mentioned Da Vinci who conveyed teachings in his art productions. There were many others, like Albrecht Durer, Fra. Angelico, and Raphael. The signs that these artists and many others around the world for countless generations represented in their paintings and drawings were related to the secrets of initiation and the process of spiritual development where human genius, I. Q., creativity, morality, and holiness were raised to a sublime degree. The ancient Greeks, Chinese, Hindus and many other cultures and civilizations all had their initiates who were highly developed mentally, morally, and spiritually--these men and women were well beyond their time and the lay people viewed them as demi-gods and apotheosized them.

The artists and artisans of the secret Mystery schools made used of almost every material available for conveying the metaphysical doctrines of the Ancient Wisdom, such as papyri, stone, bronze, terracotta, clay, mosaics, ivory, enamels, stained glass, gems, crystals, cloth, wood, canvas, tiles, leather, etc.

The most prominent feature of the art productions of the Initiates of the Mystery Schools were the hand signs and this was known as the Ancient Sign Language which was transmitted from Age to Age, culture to culture. J. S.M. Ward made a thorough study of this secret sign language and in his book, "The Sign Language of the Mysteries," he identifies several of these hand signs and gestures to be found mostly in Christian art although by no means limited to Christendom. In his book Ward offers many instances of each sign. He explains that these hand poses are to be found all over Europe, Africa, Asia, India, Oceania, the Americas, ancient Crete, Polynesia, Babylonia, etc., in short, all over the world. Among the hand signs that he discusses are:

Sign of Preservation

Sign of Faith

Sign of Distress/Surrender

Sign of Death

Sign of Praise

Sign of the Heart

Sign of Prayer

Sign of Benediction or Blessing

Sign of Secrecy

Sign of Destruction

Sign of Exultation

Sign of Reverence

Sign of Horror

Sign or Resignation

Sign of Sacrifice

Sign of Heaven and Earth

Sign of Despair/Regret

Sign of Preservation

There are many variations of this sign. Basically, it is posed by placing one hand over the heart and raising the other at an angle at the elbow with the hand pointing upwards. In some forms, it is the index finger that points skyward. In most depictions of this sign it is the left hand rather than the right that is raised. There are numerous instances of this pose in Egyptian art. The Egyptologist, E. A. Wallis Budge, interprets the hieroglyph with this sign as Hen, or "praise." The god Anubis is often represented with this hand posture, and murals in the palaces and tombs of the pharaohs often illustrate votaries of Ra with this significant gesture. This sign is also found in the Minoan and Mycenaen civilizations. In Christian art, Jesus is often portrayed assuming many occult hand signs, among these is the Sign of Preservation. The sun god Damuzi of the Babylonians while descending into the underworld likewise bears this sign, as depicted on certain objects. In his book mentioned previously, J. S.M. Ward tells of a Roman sarcophagus in the Bardo Museum, Tunis, showing the emergence of Jonah from the whale that swallowed him for three days, and making the Sign of Preservation--in effect, indicating that his life was saved. Among the mystical Islamic sects, the Whirling Dervishes appropriate the use of this important hand pose in their ceremonial rites and practices. In archaic times, the Sign of Preservation was adopted by those petitioning the deity for the preservation of oneself or someone else, and with the strong conviction that the request was granted. In contradistinction to this, it was also employed by those of high spiritual attainment assuring others of their salvation. In Christianity it is often associated with the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

Sign of Faith

This sign resembles the Sign of Preservation with the exception that the hand pointing upwards is not squared at an angle and not pointing to the sky. It points outwards away from the body. Like the above sign, many examples of these are to be found distributed all over the world.

Sign of Distress/Surrender

When the two hands are lifted upwards above the head with the elbows bent--this is known as the Sign of Distress. This is one of those universal hand signs, and it seems almost human nature to fling the hands into the air when in despair or when faced with overwhelming pressure as a sign of psychological turmoil and the "giving-in" to a certain situation, or when feeling helpless. Therefore, it is not surprising when we find the use of this sign all around the globe as depicted in artistic works, and experientially in everyday life. This sign is an appeal for aid and is universal like many of the other signs mentioned in this section. Its use can be traced as early as 3,000 B. C. Quetzalcoatl, one of the gods of the Mayans, is sometimes depicted with this hand pose.

Sign of Death

This hand sign is related to the throat chakra, or psychic center. It consists of placing the hand's edge-whether left or right hand-at the throat. The thumb points directly at the throat itself. It is actually a moving gesture and is effected by moving the hand's edge across the throat as if to cut it. This sign suggests that something is to be terminated or killed, or that it is already dead. The ancient Romans and Egyptians were well familiar with this sign and in some Christian paintings of the crucifixion, the disciple John the Beloved is portrayed with this sign of cutting the throat while standing before the crucified Jesus. Arabs and Sudanese make use of this sign to swear their innocence uttering that God should cut their throats should they be telling a falsehood. Several American Indian tribes employ this sign as a salutation meaning that they are "faithful or true unto death."

Sign of Praise

This sign is similar to the Sign of Distress except that the hands are not lifted above the head but extended forward in front of the body, inclining upwards with the hands facing outwards and the elbows bent. This is also a greeting sign and the initial start of the salaam gesture of the Arabs.

Sign of the Heart

This sign is accomplished by placing the hand over the heart. A survival of this gesture in modern times is the bowing of a gentlemen to a lady with his hand to his heart as a salutation of respect, or as it was customary in the 17th and 18th century in Europe, for a man to remove his hat and to place it at the heart region when greeting the opposite sex. This is a hoary sign. It is to be found in ancient Egypt, Rome, and even in Crete in the Minoan period. It is also to be seen in the mosaic art of the many old churches and cathedrals. The meaning of this sign is a little obscure. It has been suggested that it signify faith or fidelity. However, with the placement of the hand at the heart we may make a conjecture and say that it concerns the finer sentiments of a person conveyed to the object of his attention or affection.

Sign of Prayer

This is probably the best known of ecclesiastical signs which is also used by the lay person. It consists of placing the palms of the hands together with the fingertips pointing in an upward direction. Another Sign of Prayer is the folding of the hands together intertwining the fingers.

Sign of Benediction or Blessing

In Christianity, this sign is utilized mainly by the priesthood. It is used by priests to bless people and consecrate objects. To assume this sign, the third and fourth fingers are folded onto the palms with the index and middle fingers held upright. The thumb may also be erect or it may be folded upon the ring finger. The significance of the erect thumb and first two fingers in the act of blessing is that the grace, virtue, and power of the Holy Trinity are being conveyed. Occultly, the subtle energies flowing from the hands are stronger at the terminal points of these digits than they are at the ring and little fingers.

Sign of Secrecy

This is a sign that has survived to contemporary times and can continually be seen in everyday life. It probably originated in Egypt during the heydays of the Mystery Schools. This sign was associated with Horus, or Harpocrates--one of the forms of Horus. This sign is executed by putting a finger to the lips as though to seal it. Its significance is that of secrecy and silence. In the Mystery Schools the Initiates were pledged to a vow of secrecy, never revealing the secrets of the Temple unless authorized to do so. Even nowadays, the following injunction may be found in occult schools: "know, dare, do, and be silent."

Sign of Destruction

When one or both of the hands are seen on the solar plexus in religious art, it signifies destruction. We can understand the significance of this sign when viewed from a metaphysical point of view. The solar plexus chakra is a storehouse of potent energies that may be used for good or ill. When this center is awakened prematurely in a disciple's life, it may cause problems that the disciple is not equipped as yet to handle. Physical, physiological, and psychological--not to mention karmic difficulties--might arise when a disciple foolishly stimulates this center. The solar plexus chakra is an emotional focus and by being polarized at this level one may have trouble extricating oneself from the lower instinctive and egoistic nature. The disciple may be destroyed by this center and evolutionary progress postponed, thus the hand gesture on the solar plexus came to be associated with destruction. There are numerous examples of the Sign of Destruction in Art. In India, Shiva, the Destroyer is often depicted with this gesture. Many Greek and Christian art-forms also bear personages with this sign.

Sign of Exultation

This hand pose is a sign of joy and satisfaction; it is done by extending the hands above the head with the fingertips of the hands touching. Though not as numerous as some of the other signs, there are several examples of these in Christian art. In China, the Hung Society uses this sign to represent the metal element.

Sign of Reverence

Reverence in the sign language of the Mysteries, is indicated by the shading of one's eyes with the hand, whether left or right. In some variations of this sign the eyes are fully covered. This sign originated in cultures where it was impolite to look directly at one's superior; for instance, a soldier would make this sign when saluting a superior officer. Another possible origin of this sign is the experiences had by blessed individuals during angelic visitations. The presence of these spiritual beings compels the beholder to shield their eyes from the angelic radiance. This hand gesture is not unique to any race for it is to be found distributed all over the world--in Ceylon, Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Sign of Horror

One of the dramatic signs, the gesture of horror is made by extending the right hand, palm outwards, while the head is turned to the right as though refusing to see something objectionable or frightening. The left hand is this gesture point outwards and in a downward direction as if trying to expel something. Examples of this sign in art may be seen in the Vatican and in the British Museum.

Sign or Resignation

This sign consists in crossing the arms upon the chest with the fingertips of the right hand on the left shoulder and the fingertips of the left hand on the right shoulders. This gesture is sometimes portrayed with the right hand over the left, but the reverse is regarded as a more proper representation according to tradition. This is another one of those signs that may have originated in the Mystery Schools of Egypt. The god Osiris and the statues representing Egyptian pharaohs are often depicted in this pose by artisans. For some specific reason the Egyptians also buried their dead in this manner, with the hands of the mummy crossed upon their breast. Even the sarcophagi or mummy cases of the deceased bear a pictorial resemblance of them with the same sign. In the Renaissance, artists often depicted Mother Mary with such a hand pose. Like the many hand gestures described herein, the Sign of Resignation generates a certain occult power of which we shall discuss later in an upcoming article when we apply and incorporate the sign in our mudra practices. The occult function of a sign is just as important as its esoteric meaning, perhaps even more so.

Sign of Heaven and Earth

This sign is executed by extending one hand above the head pointing skywards, and the other extended downwards pointing to the earth. According to Ward, the significance of this sign in Christianity is that someone had descended to Earth and later re-ascended to Heaven. Or alternatively, ascended to Heaven and later descended to Earth. There are numerous examples of this sign in Christian art related to the raising of Lazarus, the descent of Jesus into Hell to save the inhabitants, and Jesus' resurrection. There are many variations of this sign. Sometimes the hand with its open palm pointing upwards has its fingers together; occasionally we find examples where the index finger points upwards while the rest of the fingers folded onto the palm. The British Museum has a collection of Babylonian objects where the Sign of Heaven and Earth may be seen. In Greece, examples of this sign are associated with the Eleusinan Mysteries.

Sign of Despair/Regret

Regret, despair, and sorrow is indicated by resting the head upon the right hand and the left arm, which is horizontally across the solar plexus, supports the right elbow with its hand. Occasionally, this position is reversed. There does not seem to be any strict rule to this. In paintings with crucifixion themes, the Virgin Mary is often depicted with this hand position. There are examples of this sign of Persian and Greek origins preserved in museums all over the world.

Having explained the various hand signs to be found in art it would be appropriate if we were to emphasize that the signs described above are not merely symbolic or gestures without any occult significance. It is not too commonly known that these signs generate certain virtues as they modify, purify, intensify, and empower one's auric energy-structure or one's surroundings in some subtle manner. These signs are mudras with occult values. Mantras, incantations, and liturgies often accompany the signs. Most votaries of religion are unaware that their ceremonies are actually magickal rites and processes that call forth unseen influences. For instance, making the Sign of Preservation by the spiritually evolved occult practitioner, evokes spiritual and angelic forces that protects the person or persons to whom the sign is being directed to. The sign assures the petitioners and recipients that they will be protected and preserved from negative psychic attack.

It is instinctive for people to assume specific mental and physical attitudes when interacting with divine forces. We unconsciously feel hand signs and gestures to be efficacious in aiding the establishment of a contact with higher intelligences and requesting their intercession.

Hand-signs, or mudras are of great benefit to our well-being. In future articles, therefore, we will apply this mystical science in a practical way that may be practiced by the average person.

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Do you experience god

Connor, a man in his late 40’s, has achieved everything he ever thought he needed to feel happy and secure. He owns a successful business, has a wonderful wife and two children, and a beautiful home. Yet when you look at him, he doesn’t look happy. He looks empty, with no sense of vibrancy about him.

His wife, Brianna. also has everything she ever wanted – a husband, children, financial security, successful work and a beautiful home. When you look at her, you see a person filled with aliveness and vitality, friendliness and joy.

What is the difference? Why are these two people, each who have the same outer things, so very different in their energy? The answer is that Brianna has a strong connection with God while Connor has no spiritual connection at all.

The longer I’ve worked as a counselor, the easier it has become for me to tell the difference between people who know and experience God and people who don’t. It is the difference between Connor and Brianna. It is the difference between being full from the inside or inwardly empty.

It’s not that Connor doesn’t want to experience God. He says he really wants to. He sees the difference between him and Brianna and he says he wants what she has. He sees his parents as empty and he says he doesn’t want to end up like them, with no sense of passion or purpose in their lives.

Yet Connor does not experience God, and the reason is simple: he places a higher priority on having control over money, employees, what people think of him, his wife, and his children than on being a loving human being. He says he wants to be loving, and the times he is loving he feels great, but it never lasts because his desire to control is greater than his desire to be loving. He is afraid if he is loving to himself and others his business will suffer, he will have less money, he will lose friends. His ego wounded self tells him that if he is open and loving, he will be taken advantage of, and that is the last thing he wants. So his primary intention is to protect against what he fears rather than to be loving.

God is love, the spirit of love, the energy of love. That love is always here for us when we open our heart. Our heart opens automatically when our intent is to learn what is loving to ourselves and others rather than protect against what we fear with our controlling behavior. To know God is to know Love. To know Love is to know God.

When Brianna looks at Connor with love, Connor feels afraid and turns away. If he opens to her love, he fears he will be vulnerable to being hurt. Maybe she won’t like what she sees if he is open and will reject him. Maybe she wants more than he wants to give. Maybe she just wants to suck the life out of him like his mother did. Protecting against his fears is more important to him than being loving and sharing love with Brianna. Brianna loves Connor but is often lonely with him because he is afraid to share love with her. Connor complains that he doesn’t feel good a lot of the time – he feels empty. He avoids his emptiness with food and TV, which doesn’t bring him joy.

Connor complains that he doesn’t know how to experience God. I tell him it’s not about how, it‘s about intent. When his deepest desire is to be loving rather than controlling, he will easily and naturally experience God. It’s all about intent. Our intent is what we have choice over. Our intent governs how we live, who we choose to be, how we behave. Our intent to love and learn about love opens our heart to the experience of God.

If you feel empty, consider that it may be more important to you to control than to love. If you know others who appear to be empty, consider that it may be more important to them to control than to love.

Opening to love does not mean that we will be vulnerable to being hurt, manipulated, taken advantage of. In fact, the opposite can happen: in experiencing God, we receive the wisdom and strength to know what is good or bad for us, what is right or wrong for us. In opening to God, we discover what is in our highest good. It is far safer than relying on our wounded ego self. Opening to the Love that is God through your intent to learn can bring you the deep sense of fullness and safety for which your heart and soul have always yearned.

Feng shui study

: Feng Shui is relevant to any body. You can practice Feng Shui in any situation and living environment. Anyone who is interested in knowing about nature and is interested in improving the quality of life forself and others is sure to be benefited by Feng Shui study. But before you take up the Feng Shui study it is important to know that there are many schools of Feng Shui and there are many variations that exist within each school. What ever school you might consider for your Feng Shui study, remember the basic principles and theories (Feng Shui elements, concept of yin and yang, Feng Shui Colors ) would remain the same but there can be some variation in the tools that are used for analysis and interpretations. The following information provides you a brief introduction to various schools of Feng Shui: Flying Star Feng Shui Flying Star or Xuan Kong Feng Shui is the most advanced level of Feng Shui study, it adds a time dimension to a building's energy. The advanced Compass School also integrates the Eight House Theory to provide a comprehensive & professional analysis of a house. Feng Shui study under this school enables you to predict the good times and the bad times from year to year, month to month and day – to-day based which are based on the natal or the birth day chart of each house. Feng Shui consultant of this school suggests enhancements for every home after a complete Feng Shui study is made to know how the nine different "stars" or energies are moving or flying to different compass directions every year, month, day and hour. Base Charts of all nine periods are constructed based on the study. The residents’ dates of birth are also taken into account. The school also gives consideration to the form as it affects the stars. Compass School Feng Shui Compass School divides the structure into the eight compass directions using a lo pan compass. Each person has four good compass directions and four bad compass directions which are based on their year of birth and gender, the person either belongs to either the East Group or the West Group. A building's sitting direction determines whether it is an East or West Group structure. Each compass direction has a Feng Shui element associated with it: water, wood, earth, metal, or fire. A Feng Shui consultant who is proponent of this school suggests best compass directions for sleeping and working which can tremendous affect for improving your life. Form School Feng Shui Under the ‘The Form School of Feng Shui’ one makes a systematic Feng Shui study to understand how the shapes and forms of the surrounding landscape and waterways affect people living or working in a structure. The four cardinal directions of the compass are represented by four animals which are the Green Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Red Phoenix of the South and the Black Turtle of the North. Interior forms and the layout of the structure are also analyzed and Feng Shui consultation is made by understanding the many implications of the color. Western Feng Shui/BTB (Black Hat Sect Tibetan Buddhist)/Pyramid This is a modern version of Feng Shui developed in the mid 1980s and is a combination of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Psychology and Traditional Feng Shui and is based on a more spiritual approach. The structure is divided into eight sections and a bagua or Ba Gua map is aligned with the entry door, rather than actual compass directions. Each section corresponds to a different life aspiration. The Feng Shui study gives more emphasis on placing of symbols. The Feng Shui consultation also draws from modern psychology and design principles besides the ancient wisdom. Its guiding principle is that changing the subtle energetic (Chi) alignments and flows in a given space can change a situation's inherent intention, hence changing the fate of its inhabitants. Feng Shui Study One can go for Feng Shui study for any of the Feng Shui School mentioned above in a distance learning mode. There are available many certified continuing education providers on the internet. The Feng Shui study helps you to have deep and clear understanding of the energetics of environment; discovering how to begin balancing and positively activating energy in your working and living environments. It is only after a proper Feng Shui study that you are in position to explore new ideas and techniques and learn to extend the basic principles of Feng Shui to healing your body, mind and spirit.

Annual forecasts fengshui remedies for 2006 year of the yang red fire dog - for monkey sign

: The ancient Chinese Astrology is not only fascinating but also quite accurate. It’s Zodiac is based on 12 signs, a cycle of 12 years and are named after 12 symbolic animals : Rat (or Mouse), Ox (or Buffalo or Bull or Cow), Tiger, Rabbit (or Hare or Cat), Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (or Sheep or Ram), Monkey, Rooster (or Hen or Cock or Chicken or Phoenix), Dog and Pig (or Boar or Hog). Your Chinese Astrological Zodiac Animal Sign is based on your Chinese Lunar Year of Birth. The Chinese New Year is movable and could start anywhere between 21st January and 20th February, depending upon the year. If your Date of Birth falls into any of these below listed Chinese Lunar Years, then, because you are born in the Year of the Monkey, you are symbolically identified as a "Monkey" : In Chinese Hsia Calender, 2006 is the 4703rd year and is also the third year of the New Fengshui Land Luck Period 8. The new Chinese Lunar Year is from 29.01.2006 to 17.02.2007. Here are the Annual Forecasts and suggested Fengshui & Crystal Remedies that you may need for the coming "New Year 2006 : Bing Xu, the Year of the Yang Red Fire Dog" : From 02 Feb 1908 to 21 Jan 1909 From 20 Feb 1920 to 07 Feb 1921 From 06 Feb 1932 to 25 Jan 1933 From 25 Jan 1944 to 12 Feb 1945 From 12 Feb 1956 to 30 Jan 1957 From 30 Jan 1968 to 16 Feb 1969 From 16 Feb 1980 to 04 Feb 1981 From 04 Feb 1992 to 22 Jan 1993 From 22 Jan 2004 to 08 Feb 2005 CAREER : An year full of confusions, travels and troubles, mostly. This year, the Stars will force a lot of productive and unproductive travels on you. Avoid travelling North East. Your hard work and efforts will go unrecognised. And if you fight, you will lose. There will be many despairing situations where you will feel like crying. Cry and get it over. And wait for better times. Chances of losing official properties like important documents is quite high. Much as you would like to be your own master, the unfolding situations will demand your total co-operation with others. Exercise care and caution when getting into any agreements. If you are a journalist, author, copy writer, script writer, designer, academic researcher or an artist, you will do well. Any opportunity coming out of overseas connections will click. If you are offered a posting abroad, accept it willingly. If you are a student or you are writing a competetive exam, you will excel. Install the image or icon of Green Tara to help tide over obstacles. Wear a Black Tourmalene Crystal Pendant to balance your emotions. MONEY : A very average moneyluck. Put a Reality Check on your expenses, as you are a natural spender. Save every penny. Cut down on socialising and over spending on friends. Do not lend money to anybody, unless you are prepared to write it off. Spend more on travel insurance and health insurance. You are a fit case for carrying a set of PaKua Horoscope Coins and keeping a set of Dragon & Phoenix Coins at home. HEALTH : Beware of infections when travelling. There could be some minor accidents too. Always carry an emergency medical kit. Check for problems related to blood. Body pain and eye diseases will be a matter of concern. Be careful with fire as you could suffer fire burns this year. Accidents while driving is a reality. Avoid visiting hospitals and graveyards. Hang a natural, original Chinese Wou-Lou in your bedroom and carry a golden metal Wou-Lou with you, always. LOVE : Good relationship luck. Most of you will get a sympathetic ear and comfort at home. When you travel, always find time to talk to your spouse and family members, to avoid possible communication gaps. Most importantly, married monkeys should strictly resist temptations when they are abroad or when socialising with overseas friends of opposite sex. Beneficial Crystal : Orange Cornelian, for 2006 Good Relationship with : Dragon & Rat, for 2006 Conflict with : Tiger & Horse, for 2006 Yin/Yang : Yang A NOTE ABOUT REMEDIES : The above analysis has suggested some remedies/cures for reducing the impact of negative energy and has recommended certain enhancers for increasing and improving upon the beneficial energy. For the remedies/enhancers to be effective, they should be cleansed, energised, blessed and programmed not only for the particular individual/family but also for the specific purpose/problem. They should also be placed in the indicated location. Any or all of these remedies can be reused for the coming new years, the only thing is that some of them may have to be repositioned according to the specific new year.

Annual forecasts fengshui remedies for 2006 year of the yang red fire dog - for rabbit sign

: The ancient Chinese Astrology is not only fascinating but also quite accurate. It’s Zodiac is based on 12 signs, a cycle of 12 years and are named after 12 symbolic animals : Rat (or Mouse), Ox (or Buffalo or Bull or Cow), Tiger, Rabbit (or Hare or Cat), Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (or Sheep or Ram), Monkey, Rooster (or Hen or Cock or Chicken or Phoenix), Dog and Pig (or Boar or Hog). Your Chinese Astrological Zodiac Animal Sign is based on your Chinese Lunar Year of Birth. The Chinese New Year is movable and could start anywhere between 21st January and 20th February, depending upon the year. If your Date of Birth falls into any of these below listed Chinese Lunar Years, then, because you are born in the Year of the Rabbit (or Hare or Cat), you are symbolically identified as a "Rabbit" : From 29 Jan 1903 to 15 Feb 1904 From 14 Feb 1915 to 2 Feb 1916 From 02 Feb 1927 to 22 Jan 1928 From 19 Feb 1939 to 07 Feb 1940 From 06 Feb 1951 to 26 Jan 1952 From 25 Jan 1963 to 12 Feb 1964 From 11 Feb 1975 to 30 Jan 1976 From 29 Jan 1987 to 16 Feb 1988 From 16 Feb 1999 to 04 Feb 2000 In Chinese Hsia Calender, 2006 is the 4703rd year and is also the third year of the New Fengshui Land Luck Period 8. The new Chinese Lunar Year is from 29.01.2006 to 17.02.2007. Here are the Annual Forecasts and suggested Fengshui & Crystal Remedies that you may need for the coming "New Year 2006 : Bing Xu, the Year of the Yang Red Fire Dog" : CAREER : An excellent year, whether you are working or self-employed. Sieze all initiatives and take offensive steps. All of your efforts and talents will be recognised. Many of you will achieve your targets. Those in partnership will peak. It is the right time to switch jobs or diversify in business. Be busy and remember that the results will be because of your hard work and good interpersonal relationships with everybody and not because of any windfall. Opportunities from foreign countries will knock at your doors. If you are onto exports or imports, you will flourish. If you are in fields like direct marketing, MLM, public relations and insurance, you will set new standards in the speed in which the customers can be covered. Many of you will receive timely help from influential people and make fast and powerful break-throughs. Your existing clients will make kindly referrals to you and your friendship network will expand. Your social status will increase, but be careful on spending too much energy and money on it. Enjoy your populartiy but let it not come in the way of your efficiency. Don’t let your success carry you away; learn to be humble and polite. Maintain self-control. If you gloat or allow jealousy to breed around you, back-stabbing could become a real possibility. Carry a set of 3 Qui Yong Coins, just in case your ego acts up. MONEY : Good wealth luck. Moneyflow will be pretty even. Some will get money from totally unexpected sources. Excellent lottery luck. Some of you will make fortunes in stock markets, with exclusive and timely tips from influential people. Good returns from your previous investments. If you are looking for big business loans, you will get them with ease. On the other hand, those of you having loans will repay with comfort. Unexpected money losses through friends, unethical socialising and large medical bills (due to poor health of family elders) are indicated. Large sums of money will also be spent on adding furniture or household comforts. Don’t risk money on any short term schemes. Invest only for substantial long term benefits. HEALTH : Do not allow your work pressure to dominate you. Relax, meditate and rest more. Stay away from alchohols and unhealthy sex. Some of you face the threat of sexually transmitted diseases. There could be some problems related to abdomen, limbs, blood pressure and viral infections. Bleeding from small accidents is indicated - donate blood. If you are already suffering from chronic diseases like high cholesterol level and hypertension, take good care of yourself. Elderly rabbits should have periodic health check-ups. Wearing a Malachite Crystal Pendant around your neck will be helpful. LOVE : Disharmony in the home front because of quarrels and fights. Spend more quality time with the family and pay more attention to your spouse. Expansions in your social circle and some of your new found friends will bring gossips into your household. Stop being too friendly with friends of opposite sex. Resist temptations with all your strength, at stake is not only your reputation, but also your family’s. Keep a Rose Quartz Crystal Ball or Egg at home to spread harmony energy. If you are a single, good chances of settling down. Beneficial Crystal : Rose Quartz, for 2006 Good Relationship with : Goat, Dog, Dragon & Pig, for 2006 Conflict with : Rooster, Rat & Tiger, for 2006 Yin/Yang : Yin A NOTE ABOUT REMEDIES : The above analysis has suggested some remedies/cures for reducing the impact of negative energy and has recommended certain enhancers for increasing and improving upon the beneficial energy. For the remedies/enhancers to be effective, they should be cleansed, energised, blessed and programmed not only for the particular individual/family but also for the specificpurpose/problem. They should also be placed in the indicated location. Any or all of these remedies can be reused for the coming new years, the only thing is that some of them may have to be repositioned according to the specific new year.

Useful feng shui tips for bed room

The best Feng Shui bed room tip that a Feng Shui expert can offer you is to have your bed in ‘command position’.

But before you know what is a command position for your bed it is important for you to understand what is Feng Shui.

It is important for you to know Feng Shui is an ancient spiritual discipline which makes use of a process that affects your internal landscape just as much as it affects your physical environment be your home, office or your bed room. Before you start practicing or using Feng Shui enhancements to your living environment it is important for you to know that it is for nourishing and healing your soul. In a Feng Shui practice one is enriching the soul by directing the energies of universe and natural elements such as wind, water, earth, metals to it.

It is so important to stay positive and constantly filled with good, flowing energy. If you do so, your life and all the things you are surrounded by will represent such wonderful qualities as health, happiness, prosperity, love and contentment.

As you know, one of the principles of Feng Shui is that Chi flows through all objects in a space, and each item that is present in or around your home has some effect on whether Chi moves freely or gets clogged up and the same principles apply to your bed room also.

Feng Shui believes all types of energies on the earth fall in two opposite categories, yin and yang. Once you understand this you can understand the logic behind the best Feng Shui bed room tip offered here.

Bedroom is a place where you spend 1/3 of your time so having proper balance of yin and yang is very essential, some yang energy is essential, because it helps you stay motivated get going with your day-to-day chores but too much yang on the other hand can drive you nuts! It can make you feel chaotic, frenzied and over-stimulated. It can make you feel too passionate, so that you can never just sit back and relax in your bed room.

A command position for your bed room in Feng Shui means that you face the door from the far side of the room but are not directly in front of the door. The part of the room diagonally farthest from the entry offers the best Command Position for your bed, it is this position, you are able to benefit from the Chi that enters and flows through the space, while being far enough removed from the doorway that you are not exposed to Chi that is too strong.

Another Feng Shui bed room tip is that you keep your beds in a position that provides a solid wall behind you for support. Using this position puts you in visual command of the space, and allows you to face life directly, both literally and symbolically.

Sleeping in line with the door also exposes you to excessive Chi, which can contribute to stress, irritability and health problems, but keeping your bed in commanding position prevents you from negative influences and puts you in control of your space and of your life.

Another Feng Shui bed room tip that I would like to mention about is that never keep your working desk or computer in your bedroom. The logic behind this Feng Shui tip is that the energy of computer (work) and that of rest (bed) are opposite to each other and are therefore incompatible to each other. But in case you cannot avoid this combination you can at least separate the two by using Feng Shui Elements.

As discussed earlier that Feng Shui tips are universal in nature they are applicable to each space or area as discussed in the article on Feng Shui Bagua and the logic behind each Feng Shui tip remains the same. Take for example the Feng Shui bed room tip that advises you not to keep your bed where there is window behind but ideally it should be on your right. The logic behind this Feng Shui tip is to receive the positive energies from the universe when you get up and start a new day.

Though on the outset you may think these to be fairly simple Feng Shui bed room tips, but in reality these tips have strong spiritual or scientific foundation. For example, placing your desk with your back to a large window does not go well with Feng Shui and to think practically working at a computer in this position may be problem because of the glare from the window.

There can be many more Feng Shui bed room tips that can be offered. You can also make use of Feng Shui Color and Feng Shui Elements for balancing yin and yang of your bed room. Like making use of red pillows or changing the color of your bed room curtains, but for that you need to consider many other factors also.

Avoid the overhead beams, the low side of a slanted ceiling, sharp angles from interior corners, and an overhead fan in a room with a low ceiling are some of the common Feng Shui bed room tips that you can find in any Feng Shui book or web site.

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The truth behind belly energies and psychic abilities

Communications from spirit Guides and ghosts is somewhat of a mystery to most of us, but yet there are those who say they can openly communicate with other-worldly beings they call Guides and ghosts.

There are a variety of ways in which a Guide or a departed spirit can communicate with a medium or psychic. Often these communications are through what is called the "clair senses."

Clair senses is a collective word, meaning that the Guides' communication can utilize any of the following types of psychic sensitivity which co-mingles the physical body's normal five senses.

The five sense and the clair sense involved are:


Clairaudience are perceive sounds (or words) that a person can actually hear when, in fact, no one is speaking and nothing physical is causing the sounds. The sounds are thought to be impressions that register themselves on the spirillae of the ear's pineal gland. It is believed that clairaudience sounds go through the same process that normal hearing does, passing through the Third Eye chakra of the head.


Clairsavorance is translated as clear tasting. The person experiences tastes in the mouth without putting anything physical actually in the mouth.


Clairscient means to smell a fragrance or odor of a substance which is not physical in nature. For example, you might smell cigarette smoke when you are in a place where it is certain no one is smoking or has smoked.


Clairsentience allows a psychic to perceive information as a feeling within the whole body without any other stimuli related to this feeling or information, which comes from within the body, down the kundalini to the stomach area or solar plexus. The stomach area is one of the strongest communication centers that Guides frequently use to communicate.


Clairvoyance means to see into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes. Some describe it as reaching into another vibration frequency and visually perceive "within the head" something like moving pictures. The third eye area of the forehead is one of the other strongest communication centers that Guides frequently use to communicate.

Since this article is focused on the "belly energies" and psychic abilities, we will narrow our focus to the area of the clairsentience.

In his historic writings of "Psychic Science," Sir Oliver Lodge spoke about what he called "clairvoyance or lucidity" and raised the older concepts that were coined as "reading with the pit of the stomach." According to Lodge, using the stomach or belly area as the channel for psychic communications was an established practice.

That is an interesting observation when you look more globally at the ancient's beliefs about the belly. The Chinese called this belly chakra the "chi point," while the Japanese termed it the "hara" or "ki point." As the body's balancing chakra, this area is located one and a half inches below the navel and one and a half inches inward toward the spine. It is the "energy" that the body generates, some call it a power-center.

In writing this article, I spoke with world renown psychic and author Jane Doherty because as a psychic she experiences a physical phenomena that relates to Sir Oliver Lodge's concept of "reading with the pit of the stomach."

Whenever there are ghosts around Jane Doherty, she has an amazing physical reaction to them. The reaction Jane has is that her stomach area actually enlarges by as much as six inches around within seconds. And, Jane tells us that it is extremely painful to her when this happens. If you watch Jane while her stomach expansion is happening, you are going to hear her moaning and see her wincing … and trust me, it is not dramatics … Jane is in definite pain.

With regards to her expanding tummy, Jane says, “It feels like a contraction when a woman is in labor, but it doesn't ever release me until the spirit leaves. Instead, the stomach expands as if I was nine months pregnant.” Jane actually describes it as very intense muscle cramps, where her stomach is physically gripped by the ghost, and if you watch, the belly will actually lift up. Jane continues, “Often I can tell by the grip whether it is a female, male or child spirit. It first happened to me in 1990, when I investigated my first haunted house with a researcher.”

Psychic Jane Doherty has this psychic belly experience as she applies her clairsentience skills, but interestingly enough the phenomena only happens when a ghost is present and not when a Guide is present. You can learn more about Jane Doherty's psychic abilities in her book "Awakening the Mystic Gift: The Surprising Truth About What It Means to Be Psychic," which chronicles Jane's own psychic awakening and what it truly means to be psychic. You can also view her expanding stomach area on TLC's Dead Tenants show in which Jane co-stars. Jane's book and book club are located at www. Herbal-College. com.

Doreen Virtue, author of "Clairaudience: Hearing Your Angels' Messages," says that clairsentients get divine guidance through bodily sensations, such as a tightening of the jaw, fists, stomach or sex organs, and that they intuitively know the specific meaning of these tightening reactions. She further adds that clairsentients receive angelic guidance through an etheric sense of smell, taste, and touch.

Renowned medium John Holland says pointedly that the hot spot for clairsentients is the stomach.

Clearly the "belly energies" and "psychic abilities" are intrinsically related as a compliment that helps allow mediums to communicate with Guides, ghosts and other-worldly beings. The stomach area is indeed one of the strongest communication centers frequently use to communicate with that which has no physical form.

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