Exercise and stress relief

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Using Exercise as Stress Relief

Stress is a common daily struggle for millions of people around the world. These stresses stem from many things, including work, finances, taking care of the house, worrying about friends and family and just trying to keep life together as we know it. Many people who suffer from stress strive to find relief, but fall short of trying everything possible.

Sure, visits to the doctor and certain medications can help, but one form of stress relief comes from exercise. This kind of stress relief is known for soothing the body and mind, and working wonders in relieving the daily worries we as humans endure.

Types of Exercise Used for Stress Relief

Yoga is probably one of the most popular forms of exercise when it comes to relieving stress, and it s because the methods of yoga are well known to soothe the mind by focusing all energy on relaxing and coming to peace with your surroundings. If this can be achieved, a feeling of serenity often lingers for hours after the yoga exercise.

Aerobics is also another popular form of exercise stress relief, as the fast paced exercise helps to release endorphins within the body which results in happiness and security. Getting rid of pent up energy by doing aerobics is something that will release stress within itself.

Exercise tips for Stress Relief

If you choose yoga as a stress relief exercise but don t have the time or endurance to perform an entire yoga session, there are a couple of moves you can do on a daily basis to help keep your stress in check. The first is a series of breathing exercises, performed while laying flat on your back.

Once in position, make sure your arms are flat against your body and your head is facing straight up. Close your eyes, and breathe. Using your nose, breathe in while counting to 5. Using your mouth, breathe out while counting to 5. Continue this cycle for 20 sets, all the while clearing everything but counting and breathing from your head.

The second yoga exercise for stress relief is a little more active, but can be done before or after the breathing exercise. First you ll want to position yourself on your hands and knees with your head facing straight down. Next, you ll use your right leg, lift it and bring your knee in toward your face below you.

While you bring your knee in, breathe out slowly. Next, extend your leg back out behind you, while breathing in slowly. Once your leg is in mid air and stretched behind you, hold it for a count of three, along with your breath, then repeat 10 times for each leg.

These short yoga exercises for stress relief can help turn a new leaf for you in your day to day activities, and it s something that s easy to keep as a part of your daily routine.

Stress relief vitamins

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Stress Relief Vitamins and Supplements Are a Huge Market

There are hundreds of stress relief vitamins and supplements on the market today. With heart disease as the leading cause of death in women, everyone is looking for ways to relieve stress from their daily lives. Depression has hit an all time high and suicide rates have escalated. In order to relieve our daily stress, our lives must begin with exercise and then be supported in healthy and nutritious food and vitamins that relieve stress.

The Leading Vitamins

Some of the leading stress relief vitamin supplements are Kava Kava, St. Johns Wort, 5HTP, Melatonin and Vitamin B Complex. All of these vitamins and supplements have been proven to relieve stress in the people that take them continuously.

Kava Kava

For instance, Kava Kava which is a natural root extract supplement promotes a calming effect while increasing mental acuity. There are different forms and extracts of the Kava Kava, but they all have the same effect as long as one continues to take the vitamin regularly. 5HTP is another example of a vitamin supplement for stress relief. 5HTP helps the body to naturally increase the serotonin level. It has been used to assist in weight loss and it improves the mood, reduces migraines and helps to diminish depression.

St. John s Wort

St. John s Wort is also in the anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs. This natural supplement has been used for centuries to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions such as sleep disorders, bacterial infections and inflammation. But this supplement is primarily used to fight the effects of stress. SAM-e, another supplement, increases the levels of serotonin, dopamine and phosphatides and improves the serotonin and dopamine receptor site binding. SAM-e always results in mood elevation.

There are many more stress relief vitamins and supplements on the market today. The stress relief vitamin companies are becoming financial empires. They tout vitamins and supplements for every area on the body including all brain related functions. It s quite possible that everyone takes a vitamin of some sort every day and, as a matter of fact, many people take handfuls of vitamins and supplements every day.

Stress relief is something that every one of us is trying to achieve and if a company advertises stress relief in a vitamin, then the majority of people will buy it. But before buying stress relief vitamins and supplements be sure and check with your doctor to see exactly which vitamin would be best for your particular area of concern. Start an exercise program and watch your diet and the stress in your life should melt away.

Depression stress relief pills

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Brands of Depression Stress Relief Pills

Everyone can feel depressed at some time or another and that s just part of life. For some people, the stress builds into depression that consumes their lives and makes the person seek help. Some won't go to a doctor for depression because many people still believe that depression isn t something medical. The fact of the matter is clear however, clinical depression is physical and if left untreated can tear a person apart and lead to suicide just to stop the pain that they feel. Others can t know what they feel and eventually, the depression makes one believe that they don t deserve to even live.

There are certain drugs that are very helpful in controlling the symptoms of depression and if taken regularly, the person won t stay depressed for very long. There are still people who believe that taking depression stress relief pills makes them weaker or less than the people around them. It just isn t true and the word needs to get out that depression stress relief pills are no different than a cast on a leg or crutches to help people walk. With that attitude, more people might come forward and get the help that they need. There are many medicines now that can affect the brain by better regulating the chemical release of serotonin. A person s mood will get better and that allows the person to better control the many things that originally were becoming stress and depression.


Many people have heard about the drug called Prozac but not everyone understands what it does. Prozac is a pill that effectively controls depression; a continuing depression that interferes with daily functioning. It also has a generic equal called Fluoxetine. They are the same depression stress relief pills; just one cost less because it is a generic which means that there isn t a brand name on it.


Another type of depression stress relief pills is called Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin works by affecting two chemicals in the brain that are believed to help moods; dopamine and norepinephrine. It usually comes in 150 mgs to 200mgs. This as with all prescription drugs should be monitored by a doctor. If something doesn t feel right make sure to call your physician and discuss symptoms.


One more depression stress relief pill is Zoloft. Zoloft is even more powerful than the others. It is prescribed for people that suffer from extreme depression. People with major depression will be in a very low mood that stays that way everyday. People with major depression are more susceptible to having thoughts of suicide. Taking a depression stress relief pill can help a person to feel better and handle stress better.

Harmony stress and anxiety relief

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Choosing Between Harmony Or Stress And Anxiety Relief

If you were to ask the average person on the street whether they would want harmony or stress and anxiety relief, it would seem that the answer would be obvious. Individuals today seem to be more stressed out than those individuals in past generations. This high stress level seems to be due to a number of factors. Those factors include stressful jobs, the high cost of living, factors that pull the family apart, global issues, etc.

Unfortunately, choosing harmony or stress and anxiety relief cannot be addressed by simply taking a pill or a commodity that can be picked up at the local store. Choosing harmony or stress and anxiety relief is a process that needs to be cultivated and requires a change in thinking. In addition, a conscious or unconscious choice is made when selecting harmony or stress and anxiety relief.

The Process

The process of choosing harmony or stress and anxiety relief begins with cognitive thinking. This simply means to be aware of how you think, what you think, how you process information and what triggers stress in your life.

Once you become aware of some of these factors you can immediately  catch yourself and begin to think differently or avoid those triggers that create stress. For example, if an individual s personality stresses you avoid them if possible. If this is not practical, endeavor to think about them differently. This can be accomplished by focusing on their good qualities or expressing thankfulness and appreciation for them rather than allowing them to cause stress.

To aid in identifying those stress triggers that prevent the individual from choosing between harmony or stress and anxiety relief keep a journal. When it is convenient write in a journal those times where you felt stress. This will not help you to identify those issues, but help you in tracking your successful progress.


Choosing between harmony or stress and anxiety relief also involves behavioral changes. Behavioral changes means that if you are walking down a road that has a big pot hole and you fall into that hole all the time what do you expect other than you will get hurt. The key is to walk down a different road.

Therefore, when choosing between harmony or stress and anxiety relief the different road means avoiding circumstances and people that cause that stress. If meeting a deadline stresses you out work on the project well in advance and avoid waiting until the last minute to complete the project. If your daily commute is stressful, make arrangements to car pool, take public transportation or simply take another route. If the less stressful route is longer compensate by leaving your home earlier.

Also, it is important to say no when choosing between harmony or stress and anxiety relief. Sometimes there just isn t enough time in the day to do everything we want. Realize your limitations and graciously decline the requests of others.

Change In Thinking

The bottom line is that when choosing between harmony or stress and anxiety relief a change in thinking is required. When something happens there are two ways that an individual can reflect on that event. They can see the glass as half empty or half full. Obviously looking for the positive is the best response as it will help to minimize the stress on the body and mind.

Finally, when choosing harmony or stress and anxiety relief learn to smile. It will lighten your load as well as make people wonder what you re up to.

Ocd stress relief techniques

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How OCD Stress Relief Techniques Work

OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. People with OCD typically have two categories of symptoms. One symptom is obsessive thoughts. For instance, a person may become obsessed with the idea that his or her child will die, or that a burglar might break into the house.

The second symptom is compulsive behaviors, usually related to the obsessive thoughts. For instance, someone who worries that his or her child will die might check on the child ten, fifteen, or even fifty times a night.

OCD Stress Relief Techniques: Finding a Supportive Therapist

Treating OCD is not a do-it-yourself proposition. The first step is finding a therapist experienced in treating OCD. Make sure that the therapist is someone you trust and feel comfortable talking to. Even though some of the thoughts or behaviors you have may feel embarrassing, it s important that you are honest with your therapist.

OCD Stress Relief Techniques: Learning Deep Relaxation

The next step in OCD stress relief techniques is learning deep relaxation. There are several techniques available.

One relaxation technique is called guided imagery. With the help of your therapist or on your own, imagine the most relaxing place you can. Maybe it s a warm beach or a cozy cottage with snow drifting past the windows. Wherever it is, imagine yourself there; feel the sand between your toes and the wind blowing in your hair. Feel your muscles relax completely as you enjoy your surroundings.

Another popular relaxation technique is progressive relaxation. Starting with your feet, tighten you muscles hold them for five seconds, and then allow them to relax completely. Do the same with each muscle group in your body until you are completely relaxed.

OCD Stress Relief Techniques: Systematic Desensitization

Once you have learned how to relax, you can move on to the next step in OCD stress relief techniques. This step involves gradually facing your fears while continuing to remain relaxed. For instance, say one of your compulsive behaviors is frequent hand washing. With your therapist s support, you might avoid hand washing for, say, half an hour while you practice relaxation techniques. After a few weeks, as you become more comfortable, you might increase the time without hand washing to 45 minutes, then an hour, and so forth.

OCD Stress Relief Techniques: Thought Challenging and Thought Saturation

In addition to systematic desensitization, people with OCD may benefit from some cognitive therapy techniques such as challenging irrational thoughts. ( There is no reason on earth why my child should suddenly die ) or thought saturation. Thought saturation is when the therapist actually encourages the client to focus on and think about a disturbing idea. Imagine exactly what it would feel like to walk into the room and find your child dead. Picture it in your mind over and over. After awhile, the idea will begin to lose its power, just as your own name will lose its meaning if you say it over and over.

OCD Stress Relief Techniques: Medication

If your OCD does not seem to respond to therapy alone, you and your therapist may want to discuss the possibility of medication. You may find that a low dose of an anti-anxiety medication or an anti-depressant helps calm your symptoms and makes working with your therapist easier.

Anxiety and stress relief

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You Can Find Anxiety and Stress Relief

Life can often seem like a predatory beast out to get you for dinner. There are bills to be paid, family to take care of and calamity on the news  the worry and strain can seem overwhelming. It can also feel as if you are the only one in the world going through such fears; however, you aren t. You have a common problem that many people suffer in silence about. But there are many people and organizations that can help you find anxiety and stress relief.

Doctor, Doctor

It s no shame to have to go to the doctor and ask for help. If you can never relax and are so consumed by worries that it makes having a normal life hard or impossible, you need to see your doctor right away. There is a stigma about seeking anxiety and stress relief. You may think you re crazy or lazy; but you re not.

If you had a broken leg, you would go see the doctor for help, wouldn t you? Anxiety and stress relief should be sought after in the same way. If anybody teases you about being a  mental case , ignore them. They are just voicing their own fears about their own sanity. Your doctor will understand; he or she sees patients with you similar problems almost every day.

Perhaps the doctor will prescribe medicines for your anxiety and stress relief. That doesn t mean you re  lacking in some way for needing to take pills for a mental or emotional problem. Extreme anxiety and never ending stress can often be the signs of easily treatable physical problems.

Take Time Out for You

You deserve at least ten minutes of fun and luxury a day; after all look at all you have to put up with! If you can find ten minutes a day to treat yourself and be comfortable with it, you can find fifteen minutes, and so on. This doesn t mean you are selfish; you are just training how to feel good about yourself. By experiencing happy times, you can remember what it feels like. With time and practice, you can tap into that calm and secure feeling whenever you need it.

Some people take a walk during this  me-time . Some people read a non-fiction book to gain anxiety and stress relief. Some people take a bath; others write a poem or engage in light exercise or take yoga classes. See what works best for you; you want something that takes you out of the river of worries onto a little island of calm. Listening to music or mediating can bring this island about for many people. Anxiety and stress relief is within your reach  you only have to make a little effort to get it.

Stress relief music

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For Stress Relief, Music Is Great Prescription

Shakespeare said in Twelfth Night,  If music be the food of love, play on. The jury is still out on whether music is the food of love or not, but it sure is food for stress relief. Music taps into our most primal emotions and can manipulate us for good or for bad. With patience and honesty, you can discover the best stress relief music for you.

Play That Funky Music, White Boy

One of the original functions of music may have been to express the inexpressible. Music was used for laments, for worship and for medicine. One of the oldest kinds of healer, shamans, used songs to seek assistance from the spirit realm to assist his tribe. In modern times, blues music can make you feel good by listening to songs about bad times.

Times have changed, but the need for relief from, as Shakespeare put it,  The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune , haven t. Between worries about basic survival, there are also worries about traffic, about how to cook a new meal or meeting your date s parents, about why the cat won t use her litter box, and hundreds of other straws that can make your camel s back reach breaking point. By reducing stress, you can make yourself healthier, which can lead to being more energetic, creative and happy.

For stress relief music, you might prefer instrumentals to those with lyrics. Some people find their minds latch onto words, whether sung or not, and can t stop thinking about the song lyrics rather than trying to relax. And then, there are some people who can only fall asleep with Metallica blasting at full volume (and they always seem to move next door, don t they?) Music taste is a very personal thing, so stress relief music that works for one person may do nothing for you.

Bringing Sounds into Focus

Your stress relief music should remove you from your worries and fears. It is as if you are placed in a temporary cocoon hanging outside of reality. You can t stay there all of the time, but a few minutes a day can make coming back to reality a lot easier.

Not your body s reactions when listening to a favored piece of music. Does your pulse quicken? Then that s not the best stress relief music for you. You want your body to calm down, not speed up. You might try tapes of classical, New Age or even songs of whales or birds to help you relax. You want to be interested enough in the music to pay attention to it, but not so much that it bores you to tears and thus cause more stress. The best stress relief music can balance between relaxing you and boring you. You ll know it when you find it.

Things you can do for stress relief

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Things You Can Do for Stress Relief Today

Our world seems to be spinning so fast; nobody ever seems to be able to catch up. It produces stress that builds each day. People wake up the next day and go through the same thing. On and on it continues until someone has a heart attack. Then they realize the harm that stress can do to the body.

Other people develop what they think is a coping mechanism by not revealing all of who they are. They become cold and hard to talk to. The problem with this is that they don t realize that they have over time pushed everyone out of their life and when they retire they end up alone with no friends. People need to stop and realize that there are several things that can be done for stress relief that will improve all aspects of ones life.

One way to deal with stress is to confront it when it bubbles up. One thing you can do for stress relief is to stop and get up and do some simple stretching of ones muscles. It might be best done where there is some privacy or others will cause you more stress. Stretching allows the blood to flow better threw the body and eases stress out. It also feels good to stretch.

Other Things You Can Do for Stress Relief

Something that can really take all of the stress from the body is to work out during your lunch hour. A person will feel great and more awake after taking the time to exercise. It is a healthy endeavor and can make the second half of the day breeze by without anything left to bother people. The more that a person does this the better they will feel. Work performance will go up and the opportunity for advancement will be the end result. Things you can do for stress relief are usually helpful in other areas of ones life too.

More things you can do for stress relief include but are not limited to walking. Getting out of the office building and seeing how the world is moving and the beauty of the trees and small flowers or the bird sitting on the railing can make people forget about their worries albeit for a few minutes. When they come back in, it feels like they were gone a long time.

These are all effective ways to fight stress daily. Trying one or more of these things regularly might help you to live a longer more fulfilled life.

Stess relief

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Bringing Stress Relief to Your Life

Some people seem to suffer from more stress than others, and those who seem to have the most severe stress often wish that they could reduce it in their lives. Often, people attribute stress to certain situations, whether it s the job, financial difficulties, or raising rambunctious kids. However, stress can make any situation harder to deal with, so working to eliminate your stressful feelings can help you in all of those situations. However, many people don t know how to bring stress relief into their lives. If you re having a problem with stress, there are a number of things you can do to help achieve stress relief.

Get a Good Night s Sleep

One of the easiest ways to help provide some stress relief is to get a full eight hours of sleep at night. If you ve forgotten what it s like to get more than six hours or so, give it a try; you ll be surprised at how well it can work to provide stress relief. By getting enough sleep, you start your day clear-headed and energized, ready to face the day, rather than yawning and struggling through it. A good night s sleep is the foundation for a stress-free day.

Tackle Tough Things First

When you re in school, you re taught that the best way to take a test is to handle the easiest questions first, leaving more time for the tough ones. In life, though, you ll have greater stress relief by starting your day by doing the worst tasks first. For instance, if you have a work call with a difficult customer, by making that customer your first call of the day, you save yourself the stress you d get from anticipating that call throughout your day. So, by getting the situations that cause you the most stress out of the way early in the day, you bring long-lasting stress relief.

Get a (Social) Life!

Part of the problem that many people have with finding stress relief is that they have no outlet for it, suffering silently rather than look to others for help. But using friends to provide stress relief is one of the best things you can do. By having a friend to talk to about problems, or someone that simply helps you to take some time out to have fun and enjoy yourself, you can better handle stress than on your own. Sometimes, just the reminder that someone s hoping for the best for you can bring the stress relief you need. So, by sleeping right, tackling your most stressful tasks as early as you can, and taking some time out with friends, you should be able to bring more stress relief into your lifestyle.

Simple stress relief

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Five Easy Steps to Simple Stress Relief

Everyone has to deal with stress at one time or another. And in some ways, that s not a bad thing. Stress keeps us at the top of our game. If we didn t care whether or not we succeeded at work, hit it off with a new friend, or learned a new task, we d never be motivated to move outside our comfort zone, and oh how dull life would be!

While a little stress is a great motivator, however, too much stress can make us sick in both body and spirit. If you re experiencing too much stress, try these simple stress relief techniques.

Simple Stress Relief Tip #1: Exercise Regularly

If you ve had a long hard day, a treadmill or an aerobics class is probably the last thing you want to face. Before you retreat to your couch, however, remember that exercise is a great way to blow off steam if you ve had a tough day. Exercise also floods the brain with neurotransmitters that increase your sense of well being. And since many people stress over the size and shape of their bodies, following a regular exercise program can alleviate this source of tension.

Simple Stress Relief Tip #2: Don t Binge Drink

It s okay to have a glass of wine or a beer in the evenings the newest research suggests that it might even be good for you but don t drink to the point of intoxication. It may temporarily ease the stress you re feeling, but since alcohol is a depressant, you ll only feel worse in the long run. And if you thought your boss was hard to handle before, just imagine what he ll be like when you re nursing a hangover.

Simple Stress Relief Tip #3: Employ All of Your Senses

An old clichй reminds us to  take time to smell the flowers. Even if sniffing roses isn t your thing, however, the spirit of the advice is correct. Sometimes in this rush, rush, rush world we live so much in our heads that we all but forget about our bodies until some ache or pain reminds us. Take some time to enjoy a soothing massage, soak in a tub of hot water, savor a delicious meal, light a candle and enjoy the scent, or appreciate the feel of your dog s furry ears under your fingers. It s amazing just how relaxing a place your body can be when you choose to inhabit it fully.

Simple Stress Relief Tip #4: Make Time for the Things You Love

Are you a book lover who hasn t made a trip to the library or the local bookstore in ages? A pet owner who hardly ever has time for your pet? Whatever you love to do, whether it s watching television, playing computer games, writing in a journal, or taking a long walk on a beautiful trail, do your best to make time for it. Participating in activities you love is part of what makes life worth living.

Simple Stress Relief Tip #5: Keep a Brag Book

It s human nature to remember the negatives at the expensive of the positives. For instance, you can probably recite almost verbatim the last criticism your boss gave you. But do you remember the last compliment? When someone says something nice to you, even if it s admiring an outfit you hate or complimenting you on losing weight when you ve actually gained ten pounds, take a moment to write it down. When you re feeling stressed, you can go back to your book and read all the wonderful things about yourself.

Stress relief balls

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The Benefits of Stress Relief Balls

Work causes stress in all of us, and we all deal with our stress in different ways, whether it is in the silence of our respective cubicles or by venting our frustrations through cursing and shouting at our co-workers. One way more and more people are dealing with stress in the workplace is by squeezing stress relief balls. Stress relief balls have grown in popularity so much that some companies are giving them to employees and many salesmen give them away as a way to promote their products. The most obvious benefit of stress relief balls is that they might cut down on all the cursing and shouting.

How Do Stress Relief Balls Work?

Like any form of stress relief, stress relief balls simply divert the user s attention from the problems that cause stress. This increases circulation and stimulates the hands, allowing the user to focus on work instead of the source of stress. Basically, you get a calming effect by squeezing stress relief balls that increases your concentration. Another benefit of stress relief balls is the exercise you get for your hands and forearms. Athletes and coaches have used squeezing exercises for years in strength training.

Are There Risks?

There has been very little research done on the benefits and risks of using stress relief balls as a form of stress relief, but the soft foam rubber with which they re made allows even the most non-athletic of us to use them easily and with little risk of over-exertion. There are no documented cases of injury from the use of stress relief balls, and by the sheer number of companies selling and utilizing them in their marketing campaigns and employee wellness programs; it is safe to say that any risks would be low to negligible.

Stress relief balls come in a variety of shapes, almost any you can imagine, and are a fun and safe way to promote a company or product, as well as employee health and wellness. Chances are your company already utilizes stress relief balls in its own marketing program, but if it doesn t they can be found with a quick internet search or at your local office supply store. The next time you find yourself on the verge of being overcome with stress at work, pick up such a ball and start squeezing. You may find it to be a more positive way to deal with stress than shouting or picking up the printer and flinging it across the office.

Vibrational stress relief

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Vibrational Stress Relief  A New Concept

There seems to be as many kinds of stress relief as there are causes of stress. The latest breakthrough in stress relief is a machine that shakes you about rather pleasantly. It s often referred to as a vibrational stress relief machine. This is not to be confused with equipment to make metal more earthquake proof, which is also often called  vibrational stress relief . You want the kind made for people. Many celebrities such as Madonna, Claudia Schiffer and the entire German Football team swear by them.

What Is It?

Exercise reduces stress; however a lot of people don t have much time for exercise. Vibrational stress relief machines use a series of rapid vibrations, almost like the vibrations you feel when you hold a working drill, to move you when you can t be bothered to move yourself. The vibrations cause muscle contractions and improve circulation, and thus lower stress. The machines usually come with various speeds to shake to.

Uh& What Is It?

Ever get a really good massage, or soak in a Jacuzzi when the jets are on? Feels good doesn t it? That feeling good lowers your stress levels, which can make you healthier. When you re stressed, you re more prone to catch any bug going around, or to make mistakes that might wind up hurting you in the body and in the pocketbook. Stress can also contribute to digestive, heart and sexual problems. Ever have to make a speech and really didn t want to? Your heart pounds, you tremble, your blood pressure rises and you feel like you have to pee. Living with stress can make you feel like that all of the time. It s not good on the body.

So, there s now a vibrational stress relief machine that looks a lot like an exercise treadmill. You stand on it, hold tight to the bar and get nicely shaken (not stirred) for fifteen minutes. This supposedly also helps you lose weight, but the weight loss benefits haven t been proven yet. However, many people have reported much reduced stress levels after a  workout on the vibrational stress relief machine.

These machines are stressfully expensive. There are some that only cost a few hundred dollars, but most cost thousands and they can be found in health clubs and spas. You can use the vibrational stress relief machine by itself or in combination with other treatments, depending on what the individual club or spa offers. Since they are relatively new, the price will most likely drop as the years go by.

Stress relief massage

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Treat Yourself to a Stress Relief Massage

You ve tried dozens of techniques to relieve stress after a hard day s work, from exercise to meditation, but the stress returns the minute you finish. Maybe it s time to consider the stress relief massage. Stress doesn t just affect you mentally; it can also lead to long-term physical problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Taking the time to indulge in the occasional stress relief massage can prove beneficial not only for short-term stress relief, but for long-term health care. A stress relief massage will relax the muscles, allowing oxygen and nutrients to flow to stressed areas, as well as releasing toxins.

Can t Afford a Massage

It s true that a stress relief massage doesn t come cheap, and if you fail to do your research and go to an unlicensed masseuse, you might find yourself arrested in a bathhouse sting operation. The American Massage Therapy Association can provide help in finding a qualified massage therapist in your area through their online locator. But if you can t afford to visit a licensed massage therapist, there are other avenues to consider.

There are numerous books and websites dedicated to teaching basic stress relief massage techniques, most of which are quick and easy to learn. If you are married or in a relationship, perhaps you can convince your partner to join you in learning some stress relief massage techniques. You both may find stress relief massage can quickly become a sensual massage and it can become a cheap and fun way to relieve stress and increase the romance in your relationship.

There are even techniques you can learn to give yourself a massage. One of the most common and effective areas that needs attention is the face and scalp. Most people overlook the benefits and relaxation that can be attained by simply rubbing the scalp.

Walking Stress

One of the most satisfying forms of stress relief massage is the foot massage, because you tend to use your feet in some way in almost every activity you perform throughout your day. This type of stress relief massage can be performed by a licensed massage therapist, or just as easily at home by your partner, or even by yourself. A quick search online can provide easy and effective techniques. Better still; a foot spa for around $30 can help you soak away your troubles.

No matter what you do to relieve stress, a stress relief massage can provide numerous benefits. It can be a fun and relaxing way to deal with the things in your life and work that cause you stress.

Workplace stress relief tips

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Taking Back The Workplace: Workplace Stress Relief Tips

It can be easily argued that today s world has grown far more complicated. This complication, it can be argued, is due to the high cost of living, global economy, the pressures placed on the family, etc. In addition, the increased expectations of performance and revenue generating have increased the demands in the workplace.

All of this has contributed greatly to the stress that individuals experience in their lives and specifically stress in the workplace. It is important to note that stress can be a significant detriment to the well-being of individuals and families. Therefore, it is critical that stress be relieved.

Specifically, there are certain workplace stress relief tips that can be followed. These specific workplace stress relief tips can be divided into two categories. The first category is through the implementation of practical suggestions and the second category is through a change in attitude.

Practical Suggestions

There are many physical symptoms that are associated with increased levels of stress. Those symptoms include tension headaches, muscle ache, upset stomach, etc. At the first sign of these symptoms it is important to put into practice some practical workplace stress relief tips.

One of those practical tips it is to take a mini stress relieving vacation. First of all, it is important that you are not disturbed. This can be accomplished by hitting the do not disturb button on the phone or turning the phone off. In addition put a do not disturb sign on the door leading into your office.

Once this has been accomplished than simply close your eyes and allow your mind to fix on a favorite vacation spot or dream area that compels you. In addition, concentrate on your breathing. Any thoughts that bombard your mind should be acknowledged and quickly let go. Also, take into account your body and how it is feeling. For example, if you realize that your neck or the muscles of the shoulders are tense release that tension through your breathing.

Finally, focus on a mantra. This mantra can be affirmations of being stress free or can be a mantra that simply calls your mind to dwell on higher thoughts.

A workplace stress relief tip for those individuals who do not have offices is to take a walk. If there is a park nearby or garden area take advantage of the stress relieving power of communing with nature. This action will help to reduce stress through this nature communing process and through exercising.

Attitude Change

An additional workplace stress relief tip is through an attitude change. This can be accomplished by thinking about stress situations differently.

Rather than hanging on to the stress of the day, share your stress with others. This can be done in an enjoyable manner in that a group of people will share their stresses of the day, within reason, and try to out do the others. Often this type of session will end up in laughter as people try to embellish their stressful situations.

Also, another workplace stress relief tip is to try to find the good in every situation. For example, if a co-worker is especially annoying think to yourself about one good quality that they may have. If you can identify that quality reward yourself with an enjoyable treat.

Natural stress and anxiety relief

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Try Some Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief Tips

Usually, people are too busy to bother with natural stress and anxiety stress relief and try to find a quick fix in a bottle. But stress and anxiety can greatly impair your health, which affects not only you but your family and anyone else who depends on you. Being healthy can cost less in the long run and give you more energy to get done the things you want to do as well as the things you need to do. Some investment in time and energy now to learn natural stress and anxiety relief methods can pay off in the long run.

When to Call the Doctor

No one wants to pay a doctor s bill and then be told something he or she didn t already know. So here is how you can tell if you need to go to see a doctor about your stress:

Always call your physician if you are you having trouble eating and/or sleeping, if you feel overwhelmed, if your worries are running so constantly through your mind that you can t relax and if you think that if you stop worrying, it s somehow wrong. Evaluate these symptoms honestly. If you suffer from any or all of these symptoms, make an appointment with your health care professional today. Follow his or her advice closely and try to squeeze in these natural stress and anxiety relief exercises as well.

More Oxygen, Please

Pay attention to yourself or ask someone you trust to tell you how you breathe under stress. If you pant or hyperventilate, or breathe a lot faster than usual, this cuts the oxygen supply in your body, and your body puts out distress signals for you to get more oxygen that might contribute to your anxiety. When you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath. Take many deep breaths for natural stress and anxiety relief. This minute or so of taking time out to breathe deeply will give your body a time-out and help calm panic. It will also lower your heart rate and blood pressure during stressful times.

Some people find it difficult to breathe deeply for natural stress and anxiety relief. This is normal. If you have this problem, keep a small dark glass bottle of essential oils nearby. Sniffing the essential oil will make your body instinctively take deeper breaths. Some recommended oils that encourage deep breathing are lavender, frankincense and tea tree. Bergamot works for some, but not for others. Scent is a very personal thing; take some time to sniff essential oils sold in a health, fitness, occult supply stores or pharmacies. Some large chain supermarkets carry essential oils in their organic departments. They are made from natural plant and fruit extracts and oils, making them truly organic and natural solutions for stress and anxiety relief.

Stress relief center

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Managing Stress Through A Stress Relief Center

Stress in our lives can be a motivational force. In fact, some individuals require stress to be productive.

However, for the majority of people stress can be very debilitating. This undue stress will wear on the nerves of the individual and affect their mental, physical and emotional state.

There are many exercise routines and programs that can help to relieve, channel or dispel stress. However, if none of these traditional methods are effective there are other options. One of these options includes the involvement in a stress relief center.

A stress relief center deals specifically with the issue of stress. When looking for a good stress relief center it is important to consider a number of factors. Those factors include the effectiveness of the stress relief center in helping the individual identify the symptoms of stress, understanding the harmful effects of stress and how to manage stress.

Identifying The Symptoms

Sometimes the symptoms of stress can be very obvious. Those physical symptoms can include pain in the neck or upper back, digestive problems, pain in the stomach, inability to fall asleep, headaches, etc.

In addition to the physical symptoms are the mental and emotional symptoms. Some of those mental symptoms can include anger for no apparent reason, being moody and overly sensitive, being restless and anxious, depression, displaying emotions at inopportune times, etc. Mental symptoms of stress can include difficulty in remembering, inability to make decisions, lack of concentration, poor judgment, or a desire to runaway, etc.

Therefore, it is important to identify these symptoms when they first occur. A. good stress relief center will not only help the individual to be cognizant of the symptoms when they first appear, but provide the tools and techniques in alleviating the stress when these symptoms are first recognized.

Understanding The Harmful Effects of Stress

A quality stress relief center will not only help the individual in identifying the symptoms of stress but will help the stressed victim to understand the harmful effects placed on the body. These harmful effects not only affect the individual physically, but in actuality touch every aspect of the individual s being.

Some of the harmful physical effects of stress upon the body include an increase in blood pressure, ulcers, muscle pain, tension headaches, etc. In addition to the negative physical effects, are the emotional repercussions placed upon the stressed person and those that the stressed person interacts with. This stress upon the mental state of the individual can lead to poor work performance, marital strain and inattention to the safety of the individual and others. This can be seen if a stressed person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle and does not give 100% attention to the rules of the road.

How To Manage Stress

Once the stress relief center has helped the individual to identify stress and to emphasize the harmful effects of stress, usually the individual is ready to be taught various techniques on how to handle the stress in their lives. Generally good coping techniques include a combination of various mental, spiritual and physical exercises. An example in each of these three categories could include the spiritual practice of yoga, the mental exercise of positive thinking and the physical involvement in a diversion such as a hobby or participation in an exercise program.

Bubble wrap for stress relief

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The Truth about Bubble Wrap for Stress Relief

Every newspaper, magazine and TV show is punctuated with ads describing some form of stress relief. Often it is a story about an exercise program, meditation technique or some form of medicine. Most of us understand that stress relief is an internal process that we must control and drive ourselves. As each of us focuses on our inner self it was only time before that focus moved to using standard materials around us to narrow in on our problems.

The use of bubble wrap for stress relief is one of the results of this movement. However, even the use of bubble wrap for stress relief may not help the most stressed individuals. As bubble wrap is everywhere, the supply of this new found health aid is not an issue, nor is the cost for that matter.

Popping for Relief

The destruction, annihilation or other anger machination of inanimate objects has long been a rather inefficient form of stress relief. Slamming doors, putting fists through walls are both examples of rather shortly lived attempts at stress relief. These may feel good momentarily, but the stress returns very quickly. The use of bubble wrap for stress relief, through the popping of the little pockets or bubbles, is an innovative idea that provides some real opportunity for true stress relief.

First, the use of bubble wrap for stress relief does not involve any real use of drugs unless you pursue the bubble popping to a point of requiring ibuprofen for soreness of your popping fingers! The use of bubble wrap for stress relief does not require visits to a gym or guru. The continued popping noise and the feeling that it generates naturally reduces your stress and soon you will realize that nothing else matters but the rhythmic popping of the bubbles in front of you.

Wrapping for Relief

At some point in the near future, many spas and fashionable clinics will begin to offer the bubble wrap. Once this occurs, the use of bubble wrap for stress relief will become ubiquitous. Imagine being wrapped, to a degree that is comfortable for you, in bubble wrap and then beginning your meditation in your favorite sauna or steam machine. As time unfolds, the heat and sweat reduce your tissues, clean your pores and help you melt away an inch or two.

Using bubble wrap as the wrapping material, enables the use of the bubble wrap for stress relief at the same time. The patient may pop away and create that unique rhythm, that they alone feel, that melts away the stress. Bubble wrap for stress relief is by far one of the most novel modern methods of treatment for stress.

Herbal tea stress relief

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The Centuries Old Herbal Tea Stress Relief

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a nice cup of hot steaming herbal tea. There is something very soothing about drinking herbal tea, especially before bedtime. Herbal teas have been used for centuries for medicinal purpose and in the last 50 years tea companies have actually been advertising herbal tea for stress relief. The English have been stopping for years for afternoon tea. This is one of their ways of reducing stress. But with the world becoming so health conscious, exercising and eating nutritious food, it is only natural that they have turned to herbal tea for stress relief.

Kava Kava

Kava Stress Relief tea, which comes from the Kava Kava plant, is an herbal tea for stress relief. This tea helps you clam down and relieves anxiety, stress and minor pain. It also helps in digestion and the kidneys. It is a member of the peppercorn family and has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb, specifically to alleviate anxiety.

It is native to the South Pacific and is well known for its ability to calm the body and mind and produce a good night s sleep. It is also known as a powerful antispasmodic. It has been found to relax the uterus and relieve menstrual cramps and minor menopausal symptoms. It has been supported by scientific data from The Herb Research Foundation that the use of kava will relieve minor anxiety, stress, restlessness, muscle tension and mild pain.

Calming Yogi Tea is another herbal tea for stress relief. This tea is a calming tea that eases stress and tension and encourages relaxed alertness without drowsiness. This healing tea contains organic chamomile that supports, soothes and rejuvenates the nerves. Chamomile has a natural herbal apple flavor and has been known for centuries that it soothes and calms the mind and spirit. It is no wonder that these herbal teas for stress relief are reaching the number one spots on herbal tea stress relief charts.

The saying goes,  If you could box it and sell it you would make a fortune . Well, this is exactly what these tea supplement companies have done to make their fortunes. There are herbal green teas, herbal tonic teas and herbal exotic teas all packaged for stress relief. If you could bottle a stress reliever, eat a stress reliever or put it in a teabag, than the public will buy it. How much easier can it get then but to sip a good herbal tea for stress relief?

Stress relief activities for kids

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Three Stress Relief Activities For Kids

When talking about the stress that today's children experience there are two basic schools of thought. One school says that there is no added stress and that the stress level of today's generation of children is no different than previous generations of children. The other school of thought states that the children of today are under enormous pressure to succeed academically and socially. This school of thought further asserts that because of these increased pressures there is tremendous stress that is experienced.

Regardless of which school of thought the reader may be associated with, it is important to practice stress relief activities for kids at an early age. These stress relief activities for kids will help the young child to cope with any stress that they are currently experiencing and will create good habits in dealing with stress in later life. A few stress relief activities for kids include the involvement in hobbies, practicing meditation and calming activities before bedtime.


One simple but powerful stress relieving activity is through the use of a hobby. A hobby is that activity that is practiced or accomplished in which there are no expectations. It is simply a pastime that is done for the sheer enjoyment of the enthusiast.

A hobby can be the involvement in a sport, creation of a craft, woodworking, coin collecting, etc. Examples can include the playing of chess, bowling or playing softball, working in the woodshop building a bird house, etc. Again, the purpose of taking up a hobby as a stress relief activity for kids is to provide a diversion and not an additional activity that requires the person to excel or be the best.


Another excellent stress relief activity for kids is through the use of meditation. Meditation is simply a time set-aside during the course of the day to release the mind from the bombarding thoughts of the day. This is simply accomplished by concentrating on one's breathing and releasing the thoughts that would endeavor to enter the mind.

Also, another technique to help facilitate meditation and practicing stress relief activities for kids is through the vocalization of a mantra. A mantra is simply a word or number of words that help the individual to meditate. When the mantra is vocalized the other thoughts are diffused and oneness with the individual s spirit is obtained.

The use of meditation not only helps to relieve stress, but has a powerful effect on the other physiological functions. One of those physical benefits of meditation is a reduction in blood pressure.

Calming Activities Before Bedtime

Of all the stress relief activities for kids, probably the most practical is the use of calming activities before the child's bedtime. This can be simply accomplished by turning off the television an hour or so before bedtime. This simple measure will allow the child to begin their resting period and calm down before going to sleep.

Also, before bedtime, other stress relief activities for kids can be incorporated. Therefore, practicing meditation, yoga or enjoying a relaxing bedtime story can do wonders to reduce the stress level in the child or can help to create good habits as they mature into adulthood.

Natural stress relief

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Relax  It s Only Natural Stress Relief

It should come as no surprise to anyone that it s a stressful world out there. With family, career, bills and a hundred other daily worries, it s only natural to get stressed. But stress is bad for your health, which can lead to more expenses and worries for you, in turn creating more stress. You can feel caught in a vicious cycle; but you don t have to be. There are many things you can do to get lasting stress relief. So as not to stress you out even more than you already are, this article will concentrate on natural stress relief remedies rather than medications that may worry you.

Take a Breath

The easiest, quickest and most inexpensive natural stress relief you can get is to take a deep breath. A series of deep breaths not only relaxes your body, but brings more oxygen to your brain, which may help your thinking abilities. Check yourself when you are really stressed  you start to pant or hyperventilate which tenses your body up and lowers your oxygen.

Just how deep is a deep breath? Inhale to the count of five, hold it for a count of five, and then exhale to the count of five. As your body relaxes, you can gradually lengthen these counts to seven or even ten. You only need to do it for a minute or two in order to give your body a time-out. That s all there is to it.

Wake Up and Smell the Natural Stress Relief

If you don t get enough sleep, you will be stressed. Without enough sleep, it can very difficult to make decisions or put anything into a proper perspective. Check with your doctor to see if there s any help he or she can give you for your sleep problems. While you wait for your appointment, here are a few things you can do to help promote better sleep.

Cut back on caffeinated drinks at least three hours before bedtime. Darken the windows, even if you have to nail a dark colored towel over it. Sounds silly, but this helps a lot of people. Use scents that promote deep breathing and relaxation. Essential oils are best, even the smell of chamomile tea can soothe. Each person reacts differently to each essential oil, but lavender and frankincense are generally proven to promote deep breathing, relaxation and a feeling of serenity. Find the scent that helps relax and comfort you.

Make  em Laugh!

Another easy and inexpensive natural stress relief remedy is to laugh. Go ahead; laugh out loud now for no reason at all. Feel better, don t you? And you probably made passersby laugh, too, helping them to de-stress. That s the best natural stress relief of all.

Stress relief kit

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Making a Stress Relief Kit

Everyone gets the feeling that the sky is about to fall on them alone. That certain point in a bad day where it seems like the only good thing would be to fall asleep and wake up the next day. Stress doesn t discriminate between men and women, or professional and blue collar, even parent or kids. Stress is an equal opportunity destroyer. The key to fighting stress is to understand stress and learn how to cope with it. It isn t something that people grow out of later in life. One of the most productive things a person can do is to put together a stress relief kit.

One can buy a stress relief kit but it costs much less money to put it together and it can be fun to shop for the different items. At home or on a break at work, think of the things that a person finds refreshing and calming. Certain items like herbal teas and body sprays are great ways to lower the amount of stress in a day. Some might begin to feel better with a little stuffed animal that a person can take out of the kit and squeeze or sit on ones desk. A stress relief kit mainly should have things that are appropriate for the work place. However, there can be more than one kit; one for home and one for work, for instance.

Stress Relief Kit for Friends

If you often have to deal with the effects of stress, it s true that your friends may have to bear the repercussions at times. It can be a great gift idea to either buy or build stress relief kits for your friends too. If time is a concern, consider looking for a ready-made stress relief kit that others would enjoy. It can hold about anything so think about things like herbal teas and scented soaps. Another great kit might include candles that have a soothing aroma and some chocolates. There is no limit to what can be put into a stress relief kit. Just keep in mind the other person's likes and dislikes as well as the work environment. Will it be appropriate at work or should it stay at home? Let the friend know what it was put together for and watch their face light up.

Men don t always know what to do about stress except to go outside and punch a friend (just kidding). Putting together a stress relief kit for men might take some time to figure out what will work but once figured out, most men will enjoy it. The bottom line is simple. Put together a stress relief kit for yourself and then make them for your closest friends too; it s a unique gift that will always be remembered!

Celtic stress relief

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The Power Of Celtic Stress Relief Methods

For many of us stress is a real part of our daily lives. A typical stressful day generally involves interactions with children, a spouse, co-workers, a micromanaging boss and fellow commuters.

Added to the stressful mix are on-going daily concerns that can rob lives of peace and harmony. Those concerns include the paying of bills, non-functioning cars, mortgages, health issues, etc.

To help deal with the daily grind there are many options available. Some of those options include meditation, practicing yoga, hobbies, etc. One additional method of stress relief is by utilizing the power of Celtic stress relief methods. Specifically, these methods can include Celtic music and working with Celtic knots.

Celtic Music

There are certain features that should be associated with Celtic stress relief music when using this powerful method to dispel stress. One of those features should be an appropriate musical rhythm. Rhythm is the measured movement of the music. To reduce stress the rhythm should be slow and methodical. The appropriate number of the music s rhythmic beats should be 72 beats per minute or less. This is due to the fact that this is the average number that the human heart beats per minute.

In addition, the music that is used to relieve stress should produce powerful imagery. That imagery could be rolling hills, lush green grass, softly flowing streams, etc. The instrumentation and music of Celtic stress relief music creates those stress relieving thoughts. This is due to the mind associating the flutes and stringed instruments of Celtic music with the countryside of Ireland and Scotland.

When listening to Celtic stress relief music allow its embrace and visualize the music like a light spring shower washing away the stress from the day. Also, allow breathing to ebb and flow with the music. In addition, it is important to concentrate on the music of silence between the notes.

Celtic Knots

Another stress relief action that can be taken by individuals is by engaging in a hobby.

A hobby will help to divert the thoughts and energies of the stressed individual and concentrate on an activity in which there are no expectations, timelines or other stressors.

Therefore, one additional Celtic stress relief method is through the hobby of tying Celtic knots. There are at least two benefits that can be realized through this Celtic stress relief method.

The first is that the Celtic knot is a symbol of eternity. These interwoven knots are often seen on marriage bands. The symbolism of these knots on wedding bands speaks to eternal love and commitment. When involved in this Celtic stress relief hobby, the individual may be able to increase their spiritual awareness and realize that stresses pale in comparison to eternal things.

The secondary benefit is the education and satisfaction gained from creating something beautiful from stress. The educational lesson is that stress can be channeled and used positively.

Dbs labs stress relief

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DBS Labs and Stress Relief: Two Curious Stories

Interestingly, two businesses that bear the name DBS Labs have played a role in stress relief. Here are their stories.

Story #1. DBS Laboratories, LLC

DBS Laboratories, LLC, sometimes known simply as DBS Labs, seems to have been formed early in the millennium. The owner was Jonathan Barash. Although best known for Pedia Loss (a nutritional supplement for overweight children) and Fabulously Feminine (a product claiming to enhance female desire), DBS Labs also toyed with stress relief products such as vitamins and herbs.

In 2003, the Federal Trade Commission began investigating the advertising practices of DBS Labs. They found no evidence that either of DBS Labs most famous products worked as promised. In November of 2004, the Federal Trade Commission issued an order that effectively prevented DBS Labs from advertising Pedia Loss, Fabulously Feminine, or any other product unless they possessed hard scientific evidence that it actually worked as advertised. This order would have included DBS Labs stress relief drugs.

In a response to the FTC order, Vineet Chhabra whose businesses were also implicated in the scandal, asserted through his attorney that to the best of his knowledge  [DBS Labs] is now defunct. Indeed, their website is dead, and although some of their products continue to appear occasionally on auction sites, the Federal Trade Commission clearly dealt a mortal blow to DBS Labs and any stress relief medications they might have offered.

Story #2: DBS (Delivering Better Service) Labs and Urinary Neurotransmitter Testing

Anyone who has studied the psychology of depression and anxiety knows that the most commonly blamed culprit is an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are the brain s messengers. In theory, people who are anxious and depressed have fewer of the crucial neurotransmitters that carry signals of pleasure. Anti-depressants attempt to increase the available amount of neurotransmitters.

Although sophisticated scans can determine how the brain responds to a given stimuli, there is no way to actually measure the level of neurotransmitters in the brain. Thus, the only way to tell if antidepressants are working is to see if the patient s mood improves.

DBS Labs, working in partnership with NeuroResearch, a company that advocates the use of amino acids to treat depression and anxiety, profess to think differently. They assert that after treatment has started, they can measure crucial neurotransmitter levels in the patient s urine.

NeuroResearch supports treatment with amino acids for what they call  neurotransmitter dysfunction disease which includes conditions like attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, anxiety, and even obesity. DBS Labs assist with stress relief by testing the neurotransmitters in the urine of people whose symptoms do not appear to be responding to amino acid treatment. Although there is no evidence that DBS Labs or its partner NeuroResearch has been investigated by the FTC, the sites of both entities are full of disclaimers about the value of urine neurotransmitter testing, pointing out that it is appropriate in only a small number of cases.

With so little scientific information available, it remains to be seen what role amino acids, urinary neurotransmitter testing, and DBS Labs will ultimately play in stress relief.

Stress relief tips

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Stress Relief Tips on the Web

Because there are so many sources of stress in our lives, from work and family to television and the radio, you can find stress relief tips almost anywhere. Commercials advertise shampoos and foot massagers to such an extent that one might wonder why anyone would suffer from stress at all. But the fact remains that we all live with stress, and stress relief tips have become a very real commodity - even a growth industry!

The internet provides various stress relief tips, ranging from exercise and meditation to massage and sex. Online retailers sell massaging chairs and aromatherapy candles at an incredible rate, but several websites provide simple stress relief tips that we all can use at no cost.

Breathe Deeply

One of the most common stress relief tips you will find on the internet is the practice of meditation and meditative breathing. These simple and effective techniques are easy to learn and can be applied to various other methods of stress relief. You have to breathe when you exercise, right? It may seem like a no-brainer, but breathing the right way is a major component to effective exercising, whether it is yoga or running. A good night s sleep is the most obvious stress reliever we know, and learning to meditate effectively can help achieve some wonderful sleep.

Happy at Home

You shouldn t have to work at relieving stress, and that is one reason why so many of us look for ways other than exercise when searching for stress relief tips. Some other common internet stress relief tips are simply listening to music and burning aromatherapy candles. There s nothing like doing nothing, and nothing is more relaxing than listening to soft music with the scent of candles in the air. If you re with the right person, this might even lead to one of the most sought stress relief tips on the internet: sex.

With the speed at which the world moves, we can never truly relax, but we can hope to find a little relaxation and relief from the stress of our lives with the help of some useful stress relief tips. Some tips will work for you and some won t, we can t all be yoga masters, but finding the right program can be as simple as pushing a few buttons on your keyboard. A little online research can be your path to a life with a little less stress, and that can help lead to a longer life.

Stress relief promotional items

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Using Stress Relief Promotional Items in Marketing

The first thing to know when considering stress relief promotional items is that any item can be viewed as a stress reliever. A pharmaceutical company might give away paperweights emblazoned with a stress relief awareness message and these can be considered stress relief promotional items. There are a variety of stress relief promotional items a company can choose from when considering a marketing strategy, ranging from stress relief balls to ball point pens fashioned after bodily organs. The trick is finding the right fit for your company.

Common Stress Relief Promotional Items

We ve all seen someone squeezing a stress relief ball. AFLAC salesmen give away stress relief balls in the shape of the famous duck. But there are many other stress relief promotional items available to the discerning marketing professional. Stress relief games are increasingly popular; these can be stress relief crossword puzzles and puzzle cubes in the style of the old Rubik s Cube. There are also key chains and bottle openers, which can be inexpensive and are always popular.

It is always useful to suit the customer s particular needs when considering stress relief promotional items, such as the mini massaging key chain for an industry that requires physical exertion from its workers, or incense and aromatherapy for office workers. You can also find playing cards, lotions, miniature pillows, posters, books, action figures, and even Australian chewing sticks. There are stress relief promotional items to suit almost any need.

Who Needs Stress Relief Promotional Items?

Of course, pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals aren t the only ones who use stress relief promotional items in their businesses. Stress can be found in every job at every level. As we continue to recognize the dangers associated with high levels of stress in the workplace and in our everyday lives, the need and usefulness of these stress relief promotional items continues to grow as well. The days when stress relief balls were the only available stress relief promotional items are long gone. These items have also proven invaluable to salesmen in their marketing campaigns. They are a fun and inexpensive way to promote products and instill goodwill to potential customers.

Promoting goodwill is the main goal of the sales professional, and there are few better ways to do this than to come bearing gifts. In such a competitive marketplace, stress relief promotional items serve a very important purpose in supplying name recognition to the companies that use them. And who wouldn t want a cute little AFLAC stress relief ball sitting on his or her desk?

Christmas stress releif

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Christmas Stress  Relief Is Available

Christmas  a perfect time to get together with family, feast and celebrate. Some celebrate it as a secular holiday and celebrate their family. Others celebrate the Winter Solstice, while many have religious reasons for choosing Christmastime to celebrate, for most major religions have a religious ritual of some sort in late December, after the longest nights of winter have passed.

Unfortunately, however, all of this brings a sense of dread to many people. Here are some suggestions on how to give you Christmas stress relief.

Stop the Comparisons

Many people try their hardest to recreate the holidays using movies, books or childhood memories as blueprints. This is the biggest cause of Christmas stress. Relief is simple  stop trying to compete! You are not obliged to be perfect; just do the best you can with what you have. Having a happy, comfortable time is more important than decorations, gifts or the perfect gift wrap pattern!

Do Not Give Pets as Presents

This will give a lot of Christmas stress relief to you and your animal companions. Christmas can be a loud, unpredictable, messy time. Part of the fun is that you do things you don t do everyday and this lack of routine can frighten an animal. Also, picking a pet is like a picking a marriage partner  do you really want someone else matchmaking for you? If the puppy or kitten at Christmas doesn t get along with the intended owner, that animal will most likely have to be given to a shelter by Easter. You and the animals don t need the stress of sad memories.

Change the Date

There is no law that says you and your family HAVE to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day. If you have family members who work in retail stores, food service or in the airline industry, they will be too exhausted to celebrate. If you feel you and your family are too pressed for time, just choose to have Christmas on another day. Seriously think about having it in January if the majority of family members have to work overtime during Christmas. Stress relief is worth the breaking of tradition.

Do Not Shop at Stores

If shopping is your biggest cause of Christmas stress, relief comes in the form of mail-order catalogs and online shopping. Sometimes, for a small fee, you can even get the presents gift wrapped. There is the slight chance that the package won t arrive in time, but that chance is a lot smaller than fighting traffic, squeezing between irritated strangers to find the shop is out of stock. Some people love being given a wrapped catalog under the tree with a note attached saying  One item on me!

When you realize that the holidays aren t about how to celebrate them, but that you celebrate them at all, Christmas stress relief just comes natural. Merry Christmas stress relief, everyone!

Stress relief products

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3 Kinds of Products for Stress Relief

Finding a way to relieve stress is a problem that many people wrestle with at one time or another. Those that succeed tend to find themselves more satisfied day in and day out, ready to face the challenges that each day throws at them. To that end, many companies put out products for stress relief; it s a good business. What this means for you as a consumer is that there are plenty of stress relief products out there to serve your needs. Let s take a look at a few:

Aromatherapy Diffusers

Similar to the plug-in air fresheners that are sold in grocery stores, aromatherapy diffusers are stress relief products that put scents in the air to help with your stress relief efforts, whether you re looking for a relaxing scent while meditating or just feel better when pleasant scents are in the air. These stress relief products work by heating up essential oils so the scents carry to the air. The great thing about using these products for stress relief is that since you pick the essential oils that go into them, you get to pick your favorite scents.

Music Products

Stress relief can come in the form of a CD as well, whether it s a selection of relaxing music, motivational tapes, or the sounds of nature recorded for your listening pleasure. Popular internet retailer Amazon.com lists dozens of CDs that are targeted for those searching for products for stress relief. For instance, Natural Stress Relief: Dan Gibson s Solitudes mixes natural sounds with music to provide stress relief that comes in through the ears.


Other stress relief products include massagers, which can be handheld or be built into an armchair. These stress relief products use vibration, percussion, kneading motions, and even heat to help relax your muscles, helping the tension in them to drain from your body so you can relax. Prices range from thousands for chair models to about $100 for a foot massager.

For those who don t want to have electric massage done, there are always hand massagers such as small rollers, which can have little knobs that do the massaging for you as you run them over your body. These smaller stress relief products often cost under $50 and are easy to tuck into a purse or a travel bag for stress relief on the road. But whether you re looking for a massage, for music to relax you, or scents to aid in your quiet meditations, there is a wide range of stress relief products that can help you.

Quick stress relief

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Sex- The Easy Way to Quick Stress Relief

Everyone deals with stress in his or her own way. One of the most common ways is lighting up a cigarette. Unfortunately, this is also one of the least healthy ways to deal with stress. So how do you find a healthy alternative for quick stress relief?

Writing, or keeping a journal, is a proven method of quick stress relief because it allows you to express yourself creatively while viewing your perceived problems in a different light. Of course, this is not for everyone, and you may even find stress levels increase as you place pressure on yourself to think of something to write. Hello, writer s block!

Meditation and Yoga as Stress Relief

Perhaps the oldest form of stress relief is meditation. Anyone can do this without any prior training because it only requires you and your mind. All you have to do is breathe deeply and focus your mind on nothingness. Once you have achieved this state, you ll find that meditation is not only great for quick stress relief, but can also help you easily get some sleep.

You may want to combine meditation with muscle relaxation techniques. To do this you tense and relax your muscles slowly. For example, starting with your toes, you tense the muscles, then slowly release as you breathe deeply. Move on to your calves, then your thighs, and so on until you have focused on all your muscle groups. Yoga is also an ancient stress reliever, but it requires some training to get started, so you may not wish to utilize this practice for quick stress relief, but rather for its long-term benefits.

Fun Ways to Relieve Stress

Exercise is fun! Okay, so it may not really be fun, but it is probably the one path to quick stress relief that will provide you with the most benefits. And you may not think so, but it s incredibly easy to get started. Just drop everything and try 5 or 10 or 20 push-ups or sit-ups; that s all it takes to change your mind s focus from the things that are causing you stress. By the time you are straining to knock out that last rep your boss s belly-aching will be miles away. You may be a little sore at first, but the physical stress is a lot easier to overcome than the emotional variety. And maybe you can even talk your significant other into giving you a massage, another form of quick stress relief that may lead to the most fun stress reliever of all.

Come to think of it, the oldest way to find quick stress relief isn t meditation at all, and it s not nearly the most fun. In this day and age of therapy and prescription medication, sex is probably the most overlooked stress reliever of all. But as long as you have a consenting partner, it can be the easiest way to quick stress relief, and it can also serve as a form of exercise and just a general way to put a smile back on your face. You may find that stress has caused your libido to slow to a crawl, but a little creativity can relight that fire and you will be well on your way to enjoyable stress management.

Stress relief games

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Playing Games for Stress Relief

No one can truly escape stress; everyone has varying levels of stress that plagues them from time to time, whether it comes from work, from the bills, or from personal issues. The thing about stress is that it can build up, making little problems feel like something much worse, and when things get like that it becomes time to take a step back and reduce stress.

One great idea for dealing with those problems is to play some games for stress relief. Using fun and games for stress relief is a great way to help yourself to feel better, whether you're alone or with friends. There are a number of different kinds of games for stress relief that you can play.

Computer Games

These days, nearly everyone has a computer and an internet connection, making computer games for stress relief a great option. Computer games especially puzzle games such as the classic Tetris, can be a great way to pass a few minutes or an hour having fun and putting your mind on something other than stress. You don't have to buy one of those expensive gaming consoles to play computer games for stress relief; sites such as Yahoo! offer free or low-cost computer games to play.


If getting outdoors and having some fun appeals to you more than sitting at the computer, then softball and other outdoor games for stress relief will be best. Softball, basketball and other games bring stress relief, but health benefits as well, such as increased health, stamina, and so on. One of the great things about sports for stress relief is that a good, hard workout or night playing sports will help your body produce endorphins, which produce a sort of natural high. It's been widely accepted that sports and outdoor games work for stress relief.

Board Games

If you can get together with a few friends on a regular basis, then coaxing them into playing some board games can bring stress relief as well. By combining fun activities with social time, you not only provide an outlet for you to have fun and relieve stress, but can share that same outlet with others. Another advantage of taking some time out with friends is that if anything in particular is causing stress, talking about it with a buddy can help which is an added benefit to having people over to play games for stress relief. So whether you're at the computer, out on the basketball court, or sitting around at a table playing UNO with friends, there are plenty of ways to get stress relief from games.

Stress relief techniques

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3 Simple Techniques for Stress Relief

Too much stress can ruin your day, and sometimes it seems like it s just unavoidable. However, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent those really awful, stressful times. The first tip to manage your stress is more of an overall lifestyle change. The second, for when you can t seem to avoid that stress, is to apply a few stress relief techniques in order to attempt to provide a more immediate reduction in your stress levels. Here are a few stress relief techniques that you can easily do on your own, for those days where you need more than just your usual stress management.

Deep Breathing

One of the simplest stress relief techniques is to practice deep breathing. Part of the problem with stress is that it tends to make you take shallow breaths, which in turn deprives your body of oxygen and leads to muscle tension. Taking just a minute to breath deep is one of the stress relief techniques you can do anywhere. Simply concentrate on breathing in deep enough to make your stomach rise, then let the air out slowly.

Muscle Relaxation

Other stress relief techniques focus on your entire body instead of just your breathing, such as muscle relaxation, which has been used by yoga practitioners and even hypnotists to help relax the body and remove stress. With muscle relaxation, you first cause your muscles to get a little tension, flexing them, and then you concentrate on relaxing them totally, which helps you to let go of both the muscle tension and your own personal tension.


When people mention another one of the great stress relief techniques, meditation, others often think about the religious connotations, since meditation is important to religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. However, meditation doesn t need religion to work; a room that s quiet or has soft music playing, a place to sit comfortably, and a few minutes are all that you need. Simply sit back and try to just let your mind empty of thoughts, and you can help eliminate stress.

Even better, meditation combines with other stress relief techniques such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation, both of which can aid in your efforts to meditate. So whether you attempt to use just one of the techniques discussed or you try to combine multiple stress relief techniques, these activities can all work to help you reduce you stress and prevent your day from getting ruined.

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