Stun guns

Stun Guns

The Stun gun is an effective weapon used to subdue a person

by administering an electric shock that disrupts muscle

function for a limited amount of time.

While the taser fires projectiles that administer the

shock, the stun gun is a handheld weapon that causes a

shock by direct contact.

Stun Guns use a temporary high voltage low current

electrical charge to stun the body’s muscles and immobilize

the recipient.

The recipient feels pain and is momentarily paralyzed. It

is also reported that applying the stun gun to more

sensitive spots on the body will cause more pain.

Tests show the most effective parts of the body to stun are

the upper shoulder, below the rib cage, and the upper hip.

The resulting shock causes muscles to twitch

uncontrollably, like muscle spasms.

The margin of safety on the use of stun guns depends highly

on the overall general health of the person receiving the

shock. There is some controversy over the use of the stun


The internal workings are basic and simple, based on either

an oscillator, resonant circuit, and set-up transformer or

diodecapicator voltage multiplier. This is what causes the

continuous, direct, or alternating high-voltage discharge.

They are powered usually on one or two batteries depending

on the manufacturer. The power of the output current

depends on the recipient resistance, skin type, moisture,

clothing, and the battery conditions.

A shock lasting about half a second will cause intense pain

and muscle contractions, which startle most people. Two to

three seconds will often cause the target to become dazed

and drop to the ground, and over three seconds will usually

completely disorientate and drop an attacker for several


Types of stun guns

Types of Stun Guns

There are many types of stun guns on the market today.

Which one you choose depends on what you feel comfortable

with and which one best suits you.

Standard stun guns are fairly simple. They are about the

size of a flashlight and work on a single 9-volt battery.

This type of stun gun gets its electric supply from the

battery and it is distributed to the various electrical

components. The standard type of stun gun has small

electrodes at the end where the current is released.

Cattle prods are similar to stun guns. They use an

electrical current that works off the two electrodes on the

end. But the cattle prod serves a different function.

A cattle prod only causes pain, the charge not meant to

disrupt the nervous system but to get the person or the

animal moving. The main difference is in voltage. The

voltage in a cattle prod is lower, only meaning to shock

instead of stun.

Another variation is the taser gun. It is still basically

works the same way, but instead, the electrodes are not

permanently joined to the housing. They are positioned at

the end of conductive wires.

Pulling the trigger releases the electrode, shooting it a

distance into the target, the wires still attached to the

housing. The electrodes have small barbs, which grip on an

attackers clothes. The current travels down the wire and

into the attacker, stunning him the same way. The main

advantage to this is that the attacker can be kept at a

distance, anywhere from 15-20 feet.

How to choose a stun gun

How To Choose A Stun Gun

With more and more people choosing to arm themselves for

personal protection, the sales of stun guns have


Most people are either not allowed to carry a concealed

weapon or are not comfortable carrying a gun on their

person so they opt for a safer but reliable way to fend off

unwanted attackers.

First off check your local laws. In some cities and states,

possessing a stun gun is either prohibited or restricted.

Know what you are allowed to buy and carry before you do

so. It will save you a lot of hassle in the end if you do

have to use your stun gun against an attacker.

Next you will need to know what to look for in a stun gun.

Something that is effective but not lethal.

The voltage will be the next issue. In general you want a

stun gun with a minimum of 180,000 volts, but to increase

your chances of taking down an attacker, here is where more

is better comes into play.

The effectiveness depends on the attackers clothing, if

they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or are

having psychotic episodes.

There are numerous models to choose from when selecting a

stun gun. Most are priced from fifty dollars to about

seventy-five dollars.

They can weigh anywhere from a few ounces to over a pound,

and use between one and three 9-volt batteries normally.

They even make stun guns now that look like cellular phones

and flashlights.

Know how to use a stun gun

Know How To Use A Stun Gun

It is not enough that you now own a stun gun to help

protect you and your family against attackers. You have

spent the time researching different types of guns, and

have painstakingly chosen one you think you can handle. But

will you know what to do if you are actually attacked?

The stun gun is a battery-operated device that uses

electrical currents to render an attacker disabled for up

to thirty minutes by interrupting the nerve impulses that

control muscle movement.

Many targets will have severe muscle spasms and be left

unable to move. It can be used as a protection against

attackers and muggers.

Instructions for use are fairly simple if you keep a level

head and just focus on what needs to be done instead of

panicking. First, when leaving the safety of your car, hold

the stun gun steadily in your hand. Also, turn the stun gun

on before leaving your vehicle, but do not pull the


Make sure the prongs are faced away from your body and

towards the attackers. Don’t touch any part of the prongs.

The current could temporarily disable you.

Hold the stun gun against the attackers hip or shoulder

before firing it. These are the best muscles to target, as

they are the most sensitive. Then hold the trigger down

until the attacker falls. This could be anywhere between 5

and 30 seconds. But be persistent because once he is

downed, you will have plenty of time to flee.

Then call 911. Make sure to report the attack as soon as

possible so the police can track the attacker before he is

able to get up and get away.

Controversies of stun guns

Controversies of Stun Guns

Even though the stun guns electrical current charge is

non-lethal, there are many controversies surrounding the

use of stun guns as weapons and a self-defense tool.

The controversy is centered on justification of the use of

the weapon in some instances and health issues that are

claimed to be due to the use of the stun gun.

Manufacturers instructions and disclaimers warn that the

prolong exposure to the electrical current given by the

stun gun can be possibly fatal.

The U. N. Committee against Torture reports that the use of

stun guns can be a form of torture because of the pain they

cause the disclaimers of death in certain instances.

They are also banned because of their heightened abuse

potential. There have been several cases of excessive stun

gun use that amount to torture. It is said that they are

used to inflict pain on individuals that is cruel.

Stun guns don’t leave the markings that other beatings

might so the cases of abuse are alleged ones at the time.

There are also doubts of the effectiveness of stun guns as

a self-defense weapon. Many people today carry some sort of

stun gun or taser on their person for the sake of an

emergency, but without the proper training the weapon may

prove useless.

Users need to learn where to stun the person and how long

to keep the stun gun against the persons body. Without

proper training, the user may have the weapon taken away,

broken, or used against themselves after only mildly

irritating the attacker.

How the stun gun works

How the Stun Gun Works

We have all seen them used in movies and on television, but

have you ever wondered just how the stun gun works?

It is amazing what a small simple device can do to an

attacker and how it can possibly save lives if used

correctly and effectively. But they are weapons that seem

to be right out of a science fiction movie.

While we are still far off from the type of stun guns and

such that we do see in science fiction movies, millions of

police officers, soldiers and every day citizens carry real

stun guns.

These weapons help to protect against attacks and are

designed to temporarily stun the attacker without doing any

long-term damage.

These weapons are by no means infallible, but they can save

lives in certain instances. We all know that electricity

can harm or even kill a person.

Lightening strikes, electrical shocks, the current can

cause extreme damage to the body. But in smaller doses, the

electricity is harmless and in fact, your body uses its own

electricity to do just about everything.

Electric signals tell send messages from your brain to your

body informing it of the necessary task. The basic idea of

the stun gun is to disrupt that electrical current.

Stun guns work by using a high-voltage, low-amperage

electrical charge. The charge has a lot of pressure behind

it but not much intensity. Not enough so that it will cause

permanent damage to the person.

When the gun is pressed to an attacker, the charge passes

into the attackers body. The high-voltage will insure it

passes through heavy clothing and skin. What it does do is

dump a lot of confusing information into the nervous system

and causes muscles to involuntarily twitch and spasm.

Smallest stun gun

Smallest Stun Gun

The world’s smallest stun gun is the streetwise mini Stun

gun. At a little larger than three inches long, two inches

wide and three quarters inches in diameter, this little guy

packs a wallop with its one million volts.

It uses three, 3-volt lithium batteries but it can also be

upgraded to a rechargeable unit for a few dollars more.

This will save you the typical fourteen dollars it costs to

replace the batteries. This mini stun gun is smaller than a

pack of cigarettes.

Not only does the voltage amount mean faster

immobilization, it means that the current can pass through

layers of clothing.

With 1,000,000 volts, it is not only the world’s smallest

stun gun, but also the most powerful stun gun on the


Just a test fire of this mini self-defense stun gun into

the air is sometimes enough to scare off attackers. If the

sight and sound from this piece doesn’t stop the attacker,

then surely the jolt from one million volts will.

Since the smallest stun gun is so small, literally fitting

inside a cigarette box, it also fits nicely in a pocket or

a purse. Women often carry purses filled with so many items

like makeup, perfume, lotion, and more. There usually isn’t

room for extra bulky self-defense devices.

Because it is so small, it is also ideal for men. It fits

easily into a suit or jeans pocket. It is perfect for the

person always on the go. The smallest stun gun is great for

walking the dog, jogging in the park or a night out with

your friends.

Liquid stun guns

Liquid Stun Guns

One of the newest types of self-defense stun guns on the

market is the liquid charged stun gun. This works the same

way that a taser gun works but instead of wire transferring

the current into the targets body, a liquid stream that is

shot out of the stun gun transfers it.

The gun is hooked up to a tank of highly conductive liquid,

usually a mix of water, salt and other conductive elements.

Then the trigger is pulled and the electrical current moves

through the gun through the liquid stream and onto the


These guns have a much longer firing range than the taser

guns and they can be shot more than once in succession.

One downfall is that these liquid stun guns are heavier and

more cumbersome than stun guns and tasers due to the


Portable models of the liquid stun gun generally have a

back mounted tank that holds the fluid, while vehicle

mounted guns use mounted water cannons. The portable unit

uses the same basic principal as a kids super soaker water


The market for stun weapons is rapidly growing since law

enforcement and military units are now in need of

non-lethal weapons to subdue angry mobs without the


Also with many people concerned for their own personal

safety and the safety of their families but are not

comfortable with carrying a gun, the stun gun is certainly

a better prospect.

And with technology always advancing, they will be even

easier to use and more effective as time goes on.

Cell phone stun guns

Cell Phone Stun Guns

The Pretender is a 950,000-volt cell phone looking stun

gun. It looks just like a camera cell phone but offers

discreet protection to the person carrying it.

You have an edge over your attacker because of its simple

appearance. And also, the power punching stun gun has a

small 12 LED flashlight for added safety.

With 950,000 volts, cell phone stun gun is one of the

highest voltage guns on the market. It is also the most

realistic looking cell phone stun gun available, giving you

an edge over your attacker if you need to defend yourself

with it.

In fact, just test firing this powerful cell phone stun gun

pay be enough to ward off any would be attackers. A bright

electric current crackles across the top of the cell phone

stun gun and it creates an intimidating electrical sound

that would scare off anyone with any sort of sense. If the

sights and sounds don’t scare them away, then the jolt of

950,000 volts definitely will.

In place are safety measures that prevent an accidental

discharge. The safety switch must be in the on position

which causes the LED warning light to come on and then the

trigger button needs to be pressed before the stun gun cell

phone will work.

This stun gun works on 3 CR2 lithium batteries. But

remember when purchasing this, it does not work as a cell

phone, only as a stun gun. And this particular one will set

you back about seventy dollars.

Stun guns for women

Stun Guns For Women

Are you interested in a life saving device that only costs

a few dollars but may mean the difference between life and

death in an attack?

More and more women today are purchasing stun guns to keep

on their person. With the rate of crime always seeming to

be on the rise, it is smarter, and safer than carrying a

loaded gun.

And not only can it save your life, but it takes away the

problem of using a gun and taking another persons life.

In the long run, stun guns are safe if used correctly. Of

course there has been controversy of stun guns being used

to torture people with repeated exposure to its electrical

charge. But we are not talking about those instances.

We are focusing on what it can do for you as a woman. No

longer will you need to be afraid when walking down the

street at night, or taking a jog in the park.

Non-lethal stun guns are perfect for women. They are

discreet and are available to look like simple items such

as a cell phone or a flashlight.

Some are super high powered, giving off as much as one

million volts per shock. When used against an attacker

properly, it really could save a woman’s life.

It is recommended that after purchasing a stun gun that if

at all possible, you take a short course on how to use it.

Some police stations offer safety courses along with their

self-defense courses.