Designer sunglasses

Designer Sunglasses

You always spend the extra buck to make sure you own

everything designed by today’s most famous designers. There

is no reason to skimp when it comes to purchasing your

sunglasses either.

The list is infinitive when it comes to fashion designers

who now have lines of sunglasses. Names like Marc Jacobs,

Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Fendi, and Valentino are just the

beginning of a long, distinguished list of those who now

have their own line of sunglasses.

Now you can purchase sunglasses to match your dresses,

suites, shoes or handbags.

Even celebrities are getting in on the game. Movie stars,

sports stars and musicians are also putting their two cents

in on the fashion of designing sunglasses.

Britney Spears, Lauren Huttin, Kathy Ireland, Donald Trump

and Linda Evans are just a few names that now have their

own lines of sunglasses.

Celebrities typically have a style dictated by the image of

them in movies, TV shows and performances and they are

designing eyewear to match the persona as we see them.

More optical shops, department stores and sunglass

specialty stores now carry these more than famous lines of

sunglasses designed by all the tabloid cover people we know

and love to hate.

If you are looking for a designer sunglass, but just don’t

know which one best suite you, visit a variety of stores.

Spend time trying on different sizes, styles and colors.

Designers have a definite style they are trying to recreate

so if you know what style you are looking for, trendy,

sophisticated, and sporty or something to match your

clothes then let the store know. They will most likely know

what direction to steer you in.

Importance of sunglasses

Importance of Sunglasses

In the 1950’s sunglasses became a very popular fashion

statement. Stars began wearing them, and not just outdoors,

but indoors and at night as well.

You weren’t cool unless you had shades on. But wearing

sunglasses is more than about being cool or trendy.

Sunglasses have a real use, to protect the eyes against

harmful UV rays from the sun.

Too much exposure to ultra violet, or UV rays can cause

both short and long term ocular problems. Such problems

include photokeratitis, snow blindness, cataracts and

various eye cancers.

Medical experts warn the public often about the use of UV

blocking sunglasses. They also warn that during solar

eclipses, the protection of sunglasses is not enough.

Just because sunglasses are higher priced does not

necessarily make them better at protecting against UV rays.

Expensive brands do not guarantee optimal UV protection, so

price is not an indicator of quality. One study found that

a pair of sunglasses costing seven dollars a pair had

better protection against UV rays than one of the name

brand designers.

Sunglasses for children are also very important. Children’s

ocular lenses are thought to transmit more HEV light than

adults. This can cause yellowing if the eyes with age. HEV

has been implicated as the cause of age-related macular


Unfortunately, there is no set standard for sunglass

manufacturing other than safety testing. So not all

sunglasses have some sort of UV protection so it is

important to do your research before buying.

Photo chromatic sunglasses

Photo-chromatic Sunglasses

The science behind photo-chromatic sunglasses can be a

little difficult to understand, but the first step is to

know what photo-chromatic sunglasses are.

Photo-chromatic sunglasses are prescription sunglasses that

change from clear to shaded sunglasses instantly when

exposed to the sun then back again when inside.

It is a reversible application commonly known as


Photochromism is the reversible transformation of a

chemical species between two forms by the absorption of

radiation where the two forms have different absorption


As previously stated, it is quite difficult to understand

the science behind it. Though they are highly popular, the

science is still slightly unstable and the color changing

lenses found in eyeglasses cant withstand thousands of

hours of outdoor exposure.

The changing speed from clear to shaded lenses is highly

sensitive to the rigidity of the environment around the


Photo-chromatic lenses can be made of either glass or

plastic. The glass version was developed around 1960 by the

Corning Company. The plastic version is used more as it is

more affordable.

Transitions Optical introduced the first successful plastic

photo-chromatic sunglass lens in 1991. What makes them

special is they do not change indoors under bright lights.

It takes the UV that the sun provides to activate the

chemicals that darken the lenses to shade and protect the


Because photo-chromatic compounds fade back to a clear

state by a thermal process, the higher the temperature, the

less dark the lenses will become. It prevents the glasses

from becoming true sunglasses in very hot temperatures.

How sunglasses work

How Sunglasses Work

Are ten-dollar sunglasses as affective as hundred-dollar

sunglasses? Does price constitute effectiveness? If it is

bright and sunny outside, you may reach for your sunglasses

without even giving it a second thought.

But there are a few key things to think about when buying

those sunglasses, because they do more than just shade your

eyes from the sun.

The right sunglasses could protect your eyes for years to

come from harmful UV rays that could potentially cause

macular degeneration and blindness.

There are four things good sunglasses should do. Sunglasses

should provide protection from the harmful UV rays in

sunlight, provide protection from intense light, provide

glare protection and eliminate specific frequencies of


The right sunglasses made with lenses with polarization,

photo-chromatic lenses or anti-reflective coatings are a

great place to start in protecting your eyes.

You want to select a pair of sunglasses that have a 99% or

100% UV protection. The UV protection is what keeps the

harmful UV rays out and protect you eyes. UV rays can cause

blindness and macular degeneration.

The biggest problem with some cheap sunglasses is the way

the lenses are made. Many are made with ordinary tinted

plastic that does not include the extra coatings and


If you are an outdoor enthusiast or you spend a lot of time

driving in the daytime, it is important to buy sunglasses


Polarized glasses protect from the glare of water, snow and

asphalt. So you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on

the right sunglasses, but make sure you are getting what

your eyes need to keep them safe and healthy.

Prescription sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses

No longer to prescription eye glass wearers need to worry

on those sunny days when your regular lenses just don’t

help. Or maybe you wear contacts and they are just

bothering you too much to keep them in while you lay out at

the beach enjoying the sun, sand and surf.

Now you can get prescription sunglasses in almost any style

and for almost any prescription.

From Gucci to Pravda, almost every fashion designer that

has a line of regular prescription eyeglasses also has

available fashionable sunglasses for the public.

Now you don’t need to worry about searching for those tacky

clip-on shades for your sunglasses or dealing with contact

lenses when they bother your eyes.

Prescription sunglasses have become readily available at

your local optometrist’s office. Prescriptions range

anywhere from basic to high prescriptions, bifocals and

progressive lenses for the prebyoptic consumer.

There are even lines of children’s sunglasses for the kids

in your life who wear prescription lenses.

The styles of prescription sunglasses available are pretty

much the same as basic sunglasses. One exception is the

wrap around glasses.

Prescription lenses that curve typically distort vision,

but Oakley makes a wraparound style that does accept

prescription lenses. And lenses that hold a slightly curved

wrap are available.

For people who don’t want to bother with prescription

sunglasses, there are now lenses called photo chromatic


These are an amazing innovation, your regular lenses are

coated with a material that darkens in the sunlight and

return to normal when indoors.

Guide to buying sunglasses

Guide To Buying Sunglasses

Though sunglasses are important for protecting your eyes

against harmful UV rays and from sun damage, they can also

be a great fashion statement.

Staying current with seasonal trends and updated selections

is important to many people, including famous stars and


Clothing designers and celebrities alike have developed

their own lines of sunglasses.

Gucci, Fendi, Donna Karan, Vera Wang, and Tommy Hilfiger

make some of today’s hottest sunglass designs while

celebrity designers include Britney Spears, Joan Collins,

Jerry Garcia and Donald Trump.

Whatever you are looking for in sunglasses, you can be

assured someone has designed it. You just have to be

willing to pay the price.

Buying sunglasses for your children is very important.

Children have sensitive eyes and over exposure to the sun

can cause permanent damage and lead to macular degeneration

when they get older.

While many people don’t realize it, price does not dictate

function. Even sunglasses costing seven dollars have been

known to have better UV protection than ones costing


What you are looking for is a pair of sunglasses that have

100% UV protection. Sunglasses labeled polycarbonate have

100% absorption, and glasses marked CR-39R plastic are

about 88% effective. You want something cute and

comfortable and of course stylish.

If you spend a lot of time on the water, snow, or you spend

a lot of time driving then it is best to choose a polarized


Polarization cuts out the light coming from the horizontal

meridian while allowing light to come from the vertical.

Basically it blocks reflections of light off water, snow

and highways while reducing glare.

Eye health and sunglasses

Eye Health and Sunglasses

It is extremely important to protect your eyes against the

harmful UV rays of the sun. For most people an inexpensive

pair of sunglasses will do the job.

The sun produces different types of light. The most harmful

to your eyes are ultraviolet, or UV rays, bright or intense

light and blue light.

UV rays carry more energy than visible light rays. The eye

is at a greater risk from absorbing UV radiation than from

any other type. UVA and UVB are the types of UV lights that

reach the earth from the sun.

Blue light is visible light. Typically blue light is found

in reflections off of snow and water. Blue light prevents

the eyes from focusing properly and routine exposure to

blue light over many years may age the eyes and increase

the risks of blindness.

When your eyes absorb light, the eye tissue is affected by

heat and chemical reactions. These reactions can cause

permanent damage if they eye becomes overwhelmed and the

natural ability to heal itself is compromised.

Eyes that are overexposed to UV radiation can suffer damage

to the front portion. The retina can be damaged if you

stare directly into the sun, even briefly, and can cause

permanent loss of vision.

UV radiation, wind, and dry eyes can cause a temporary, but

uncomfortable condition called snow blindness. All of these

reasons are why it is so important to wear sunglasses

whenever you are exposed to the suns rays. You want the

highest amount of UV protection you can get.

History of sunglasses

History Of Sunglasses

You may be surprised to find out that in the history of

sunglasses, they weren’t always used to protect people’s

eyes from the sun.

Sunglasses date back to ancient China and Rome where it is

reported that Roman emperor Nero enjoyed watching the

gladiator fights through polished gems. And in China,

sunglasses were used in the twelfth century, possibly even


Sunglasses were first made out of lenses that were flat

pieces of smoky quartz. They were not used as prescription

sunglasses to correct vision and they did not block any of

the harmful UV rays, but they did reduce the glare and made

those bright sunny days a little easier on the eyes.

Chinese judges used smoky quartz glasses to hide their eye

expressions in order to interview witnesses.

Sunglasses did not undergo any changes until the eighteenth

century when James Ayscough experimented with tinted lenses

in eyeglasses. He believed that glass colored green or blue

would help to correct eye problems.

Sam Foster introduced the sunglasses to America in 1929

where they underwent more change. They were designed to

protect people’s eyes from the sun and Foster sold them at

local beaches and at Woolworth on the boardwalk in Atlantic

City, New Jersey.

Polarized sunglasses became popular in 1936 when Edwin H.

Land began to use his Polaroid filter when making


Even more Americans began buying sunglasses and they became

very popular among the musician and movie star scene.

The fact that so many famous people began to wear

sunglasses made them - cool - and sales skyrocketed. People

even began wearing them at night and indoors.

Effective sunglasses

Effective Sunglasses

Today, sunglasses are a dime a dozen. They can be found

anywhere from your grocery store, dollar store, and

discount shopping center to high end boutiques, specialty

sunglass stores and department stores.

But people who are spending tons of money on sunglasses are

not necessarily getting better protection than the person

who paid one dollar for a pair.

Effective sunglasses will have proper UV protection. This

is what protects the wearer’s eyes from harmful UV rays.

Ultra Violet, or UV light contributes to cataracts, macular

degeneration of the retina and blindness.

To prevent these conditions, sunglass lenses should be

coated with UV protection. Today, the industry standard for

sunglasses is UV400. This protects your eyes from about 98

percent of the suns harmful UV rays.

Today, even many of the eyeglasses we wear have a special

UV coating to protect our eyes, even though the lenses are


But there are also other things sunglasses do to protect

your eyes. For people who work out of doors or spend a lot

of time on the water or snow, then polarized sunglasses are

what are needed.

These provide a great amount of glare protection and

surprisingly the same man who invented the Polaroid camera

invented the polarized sunglasses.

But for many people it is not really about protection. It

is about style. So there are now many designer sunglasses

that provide just as much protection. Buy something you

like and something that looks good on you. But make sure to

keep an eye on the UV protection rating.

Most popular sunglasses

Most Popular Sunglasses

As the popularity of sunglasses as we know them has grown

in the US since their conception in 1936, more and more

name brands are on the market by top fashion designers.

Sunglasses come in different shapes, sizes, colors and

frames. It is difficult to choose sometimes. But the

numbers don’t lie.

The most popular designer glasses are stylish, comfortable

and look good on the wearer. Trends follow in sunglasses

just like they do in fashion.

Popular designers are Prada, Gucci, Revo, Ralph Lauren,

Dior, Kate Spade, Ray-ban, Versace, Vogue, and the list

goes on and on.

The most popular selling sunglasses though are Gucci. A man

named Guccio Gucci started Gucci brand in 1920. Famous

celebrities have specific sunglasses custom made for them

by Gucci and are what has caused the brand to become so


The most popular sunglasses are of course determined by the

sales. In the 1950’s the most popular brand of sunglasses

was Ray-ban and the most popular Ray-ban design was the


These were typically black frame sunglasses with very dark

black lenses. Many stars wore these glasses including James

Dean. They are also thought to be the best selling

sunglasses to date.

In the 1960’s large sunglasses were made popular by Jackie

Onassis and were popular again in 2003 with younger women.

Big sunglasses have still maintained their popularity

throughout 2007.

Another popular Ray-ban model is the Aviator. This design

first appeared in 1936 for military use. They were popular

with pilots, military and law enforcement persons and their

popularity has never wavered.