The two shades of timeshare properties

The Two Shades of Timeshare Properties

As investing is to most people, timeshares are

seemingly risky and expensive. But for some people, it

may be one of the best ideas in business. It is a

great way to enjoy VIP accommodations each year in

your preferred vacation spot. But then, for those who

love to travel and are skimpy with their cash,

investing on timeshares may not be a very good idea.

Yet how can one find out if he/she is either of the

two types of people I described? Let’s look at

timeshare’s pros and cons.


If your family is the type who adores only one place,

say Paris, and you prefer it as your main vacation

spot in those long-awaited holidays, then you can

definitely benefit from a timeshare property. These

simply make it easy for you to find five-star

accommodations every year without even attempting to

look over some lengthy brochures and stand hours on

end on those rather dull tours. Not only that, you can

practically "share" your unit with friends or

relatives when they feel that they need a vacation too

but not necessarily at the same timeframe as yours.

And what’s great is that some properties come with

package deals that have different rooms for the

client. There are one bedroom apartments, three

bedroom homes with a balcony, etcetera. I may even

fill up the whole page just by listing all the options

down. So to speak, timeshares are simply the perfect

way to find a second home when you’re spending a


Lastly, a signature feature of these kinds of units is

that they are personalized. If you love to get room

service or you want to host some BBQ parties,

timeshare companies have all the options for you. They

make it a point that your every need or want is

fulfilled and with your satisfaction fully guaranteed.


If you’re not the type who prefers only one

destination year after year, preferring to savor in

the cultures of different countries dotted around the

world, sad to say that timeshare properties won’t

exactly fit your lifestyle. You may swap these units

with other families, but it’s likely that the location

won’t fancy you that much.

There is also the huge problem of hidden costs and

astronomical maintenance fees in timeshare properties.

Whether it’s just mowing the lawn, or fixing that

broken window the previous owner made, it just going

to take a substantial part of your income and let it

fly out of your pocket. Make sure that you bring along

some extra cash with you on vacation. You may never

know if your maintenance fees could substantially

weigh more than the initial costs of the property.



Even if I had put out all the pros and cons of

timeshares here, it is important that you shouldn’t

forget about doing your research on these if you do

consider investing in them. These are very versatile

assets than may be used for your pleasure or for extra

profit. Make sure to find one that fits your

personality and lifestyle to get the most out if it.

Also, watch out for those extra services that may come

your way if you invest on them. Those VIP

accommodations may punch your bank account hard enough

you may go home from vacation a little earlier than

expected. All in all, with all these done, I wish that

you’ll find the perfect timeshare property for you.

The different forms of timeshare properties

The Different Forms of Timeshare Properties

A lot of people have given bad views on timeshare

properties time and time again without taking to mind

its different forms and types. The thing is: no

specific timeshare is exactly the same as the other.

Also, the people who group them all together and judge

them all as one are simply myopic since they cannot

see the nuances of timeshare properties and how one

may find the perfect one for himself/herself.

But generally, a timeshare is a real estate investment

wherein all the investors involved own the unit and

typically "share" it with each other. All the

benefits, upkeep and fees that come with it are all

felt by all the investors. Even though the costs are

evenly shared between the owners and/or investors, one

should look into the different types of timeshares so

as you’ll find one that suits your lifestyle and


The types of timeshares differ greatly from each

other. It may differ from various ownership or usage

rights. It may seem very trivial, but it may influence

how well it works for a person. Scanning through

different outlines of these timeshares will help you

glean the best one for you.


The first is fixed week timeshares, where each buyer

has rights to the unit for a week of their choice,

whether it’s the 36th week of the year or the 21st.

The thing about this timeshare is the specificity that

comes along with it, enabling one to choose a certain

time period the client fancies.

Another are floating timeshares; the main feature of

this is that one may choose a week in a general time

period or season, but not necessarily saying exactly

when. An example is having rights from April 21 to May

17, but you may only use one week within that time

period. That’s added convenience for those who are not

quite sure when they will go on vacation due to

certain reasons.

Next is the Right to Use Timeshare: the type where one

doesn’t exactly buy the unit, rather, it "rents" the

property for a specific week each year. A contract is

necessary when carrying this out so as you’ll have the

option of locking out that specific week from others

for a good number of years.

Another timeshare is the Point Program, where one gets

a certain level of ownership and gains "reputation"

along the way. And once you get a good level of

ownership, you will gain access to more popular

destinations and the better perks that come along with


And lastly are vacation clubs, where one may own

multiply timeshares in different resorts and hotels.

And a good feature that comes along with this is that

it comes with different perks and benefits for all

people from different income levels.


Timeshares have gotten criticized over the years as

highly expensive for most people. But the fact is

there are units that are affordable for the C-class or

lower if you find the right one. The level of

exclusivity and price ranges widely and it is assured

that the perfect timeshare with the right location,

price and accommodations will be found out if you take

that little extra effort and interest entailed to make

your vacation as memorable as possible.

Avoid astronomical maintenance fees in your timeshare

Avoid Astronomical Maintenance Fees in Your Timeshare

On paper, timeshares look very cheap as property costs

are relatively low. But then again, while the initial

cost may be inexpensive, you have to look at other

fees, especially maintenance costs. These are used to

do the little things that make your vacation a more

worthwhile experience: they cut the lawn and maintain

the interior. Homeowners know that doing these

themselves will wreck the vacation and with the

corporations aware of this, one cannot avoid it taking

money from your pocket.

This is important as no one wants to find his/her unit

trashed by the previous user, with dirty carpets,

broken windows and whatnot. The reason why there are

maintenance costs in the first place is to fix these

inconveniences and make the client’s vacation as

wonderful and smooth as possible. These fees also

include property tax and the insurance and electricity

bills, so as to take off unnecessary burden on your


Estimating the Fees

For one to estimate the maintenance fees of the

corporation (because they don’t give them out), one

has to know what amenities will be served by the

corporation. Of course, this will vary, ranging from

merely hundreds to back-breaking thousands every year.

At times, location is a part of this fee depending on

the fluctuations of demand. For example, a resort from

Acapulco is substantially cheaper than in California.

So it’s important that not only should you do your

homework on what possible costs you may incur when

you’re vacationing, you also have to flat-out ask the

company on what extra charges, which come from extra

services, that you have to pay to the corporation. So

when you are about to sign on those dotted lines, you

have to be clear first on what maintenance fees that

you may pay when you’re lounging around under the

caress of the sun.

Do What You Have To Do

Another important aspect that you must take into heart

is that you should fix your budget before investing in

a timeshare property. In doing this, one must have

enough market savvy to estimate the extra fees that

may come your way. For instance, if you pay around

$2000 a month, then you’ll have to pay half of that

for maintenance. So to speak, allocate that much money

for these types of costs so that you will never have

to sweat when you get that bill.

If you can’t take the maintenance fees two or three

years after you’ve bought the property, you have to

option to resell it. There are a lot of companies that

try to find people who are willing to find people who

are trying to resell their timeshares. You may find

them on the World Wide Web.

If you’re planning to keep the timeshare property for

a few good years, then it’s important that you finance

your timeshare. Make sure that you pay in cash as

there will be extra tax if you don’t; they also range

pretty high when it comes to fees, so keep that in

mind. Not only will long-term planning will save you

some dough, paying it in cash will strip more

unnecessary costs.

In a nutshell, if you want to avoid immense

maintenance and miscellaneous fees on your tab, make

sure that you do your homework on timeshare properties

and don’t forget the basics of budgeting: pay it in

cash and think of the long haul.

Whats better - timeshares or luxury resort memberships

What’s better: Timeshares or Luxury Resort Memberships?

Both timeshares and travel club memberships have

gotten a bad rap nowadays. They seem to be more

expense than leisure than anything else. But as I have

weighed down the benefits and flaws that both have to

their repertoire, I have to say that luxury resort

vacation memberships are way better than timeshares.

Timeshares’ Flaws

With all the benefits that come with owning

timeshares, the costs that come with it will simply

weigh down anyone because it ranges from $15,000 to

$30,000. And the fact that one doesn’t really use it

all-year round, it is simply ill fit for the casual

vacationer. Not only that, maintenance fees are

immense and they usually cost around half of the

weekly costs of the property.

Another problem that comes with purchasing timeshares

is the inconvenience that you have to go through. Not

only do you have to peruse long, detailed and droll

contracts, you have to do it and sign the dotted line

early because timeshare units are very limited. As a

matter of fact, you may have to book a property as

early as one year before your vacation! That’s simply

too long for the more impulsive vacationer.

Even if most people in the United States are fairly

satisfied with the service that they get from

timeshares, which hovers around 80% of buyers, I’ll

convince you that beneath the hype that timeshares are

synthesizing throughout the years, the age-old way of

getting VIP accommodations in your vacation, which is

signing up for a luxury vacation membership club,

still comes off as one of the best in service.

Membership Benefits

The thing about being a member with these clubs is

that they have extensive and exclusive connections.

You’ll get access to many of 5-star luxury resorts

dotted across the globe. And the thing about these

memberships is that they are substantially cheaper

than timeshares. There are even lifetime memberships

that fall into this category, with one that only costs

$2,995. As compared the sextuple digits seen in the

bills of timeshare properties, luxury club memberships

are immensely cheaper than these.

And the thing is, you can just hop into your hotel any

time of the year with the frequency of which all in

your volition. Timeshares, however, only limit their

clients to around one to two weeks per year, which is

highly disappointing given its sky-high prices.

More so, being a member entails many discounts, from

flights, cruises, hotels and many more. And lastly, it

is very convenient. As compared to the timeframe

needed to buy a timeshare, which may go up as long as

a year, being a member can get you to a 5-star room in

as little as 72 hours.


With all the pros and cons that I’ve listed down,

luxury memberships really do outweigh timeshares.

However, this doesn’t take into account pure

customization and personalization characteristic of

timeshare properties. Yes, luxury memberships do give

that, but at a substantially smaller degree. But it

still depends on how much you can spend and how

luxurious you want your vacation to be. Now, I still

believe being a member of a luxury vacation club

outweighs timeshares given that it outperforms

timeshares by a mile not only by price, but also by

connections and convenience as well.

Dump those shady timeshares by joining the global resorts network

Dump Those Shady Timeshares by Joining the Global Resorts Network

With all the disadvantages of timeshare properties,

especially the one where people get suckered into a

scam, have been ticked off many clients, all coming

from different facets of society. Yes, there are cheap

ones if you dig the industry long enough or scan

through Ebay as frequently as possible, finding that

once-in-a-lifetime deal. But they’re usually shady, so

don’t even think about investing in them.

Furthermore, people don’t usually use their timeshares

as often as possible; meaning, you won’t get enough

points for that extra perks and benefits that will

make your vacation more worthwhile. And don’t forget

the astronomical maintenance fees that eat up a huge

chunk of your income. After all is said and done, it

seems as if you’ll get more of a headache rather than

a vacation.

Planning for that month-long break shouldn’t be as

scary and tasking as that. And trying to get a

timeshare exactly does those things to you. A way to

solve this is to join a Resort Club, where all the

perks and accommodations are at you fingertips by just

a little conversation with the clerks and a little

sign on the dotted line.

The best club membership where you get exclusivity,

connections and fair price is from the Global Resorts

Network. Let’s look at the benefits that they give:


The Platinum Plan, as listed down in

www. globalresortsnetwork. com, says that you get

unlimited access and vacations for only $2,995 a year.

Timeshares, on the other hand, cost around $15,000 to

$35,000 a year, with the only advantage being that

they give customizable amenities to the client. You’re

not some hotshot investment banker who can afford

anything he/she wants, right? Global Resorts Network

will give you all the luxury that any stressed-out

person needs for only about a tenth the price an

average timeshare offers. That’s what you call a big


They offer you a slew of options, making you decide if

you want to be in a hotel, a cottage or an apartment.

They provide you with car rentals and cruises on top

of the top-of-the line service that they serve you. If

you just want to take a vacation for a mere week,

prices can get as low as $300 a year, excluding some

miscellaneous fees. So to speak, you definitely get

the bang for your buck in these club memberships.

Lastly, starting from 1999, they had put a step

forward in membership benefits and convenience by

offering online reservation, with access to their

world-wide database to their resorts, with some

friendly customer support people all willing to help

you find the best location and price. They also ensure

that their travel and staff are one of the most

experienced in the travel industry, making their

advice very valuable for the casual vacationer.


With all the horrid flaws of timeshares, namely the

possible scams that might walk your way and the huge

maintenance and initial costs, it has been off the

vacationer’s radar for a while now. People want a

safe, convenient and hassle-free vacation where they

won’t worry about the money they have to spend but the

enjoyment that they will feel. Global Resorts Network

ensures that with their exceptional and experienced

staff along with their low prices and selection of

companies. So to say, resort memberships should be

your target when you’re planning for a vacation.

Tips before investing on a timeshare property

Tips before Investing On a Timeshare Property

As people get more and more interested in investing in

assets and selling them for profit, not only the real

estate world but also timeshare properties are getting

second looks from investors around the world. There

are a lot of opportunities at stake for those who can

stomach the costs of timeshare properties, but you

also have to be wary of scams going around the

internet, claiming that they are a legitimate


Anyway, a good first rule is to help yourself and

don’t fall into fancy sales pitches that get you in a

lot of trouble. Don’t forget to do your homework with

these properties first and not just sway yourself to

their arguments.

Is it near the school or the office?

This is a rule that is priority number one in real

estate; and that doesn’t change with timeshare

properties. Not only is it very relevant as you may

use the unit one day when you take a vacation, it is

also important for customers so that they’ll buy it.

There are certain conditions that must be

accomplished. One is how it is easy to get to point A

to point B, meaning, is the traffic to severe or loose

enough as so there will be less stresses in vacations?

Another is the weather. Is it too warm or to cool for

the client? Make sure that you make the package

tailor-made for specific types of customers. You

should also consider the entertainment available in

those parts? Is Broadway going to be there in a

specific day? Is there tough competition from other

timeshare corporations? Are they too popular as to

impede your selling strategies? These are the

questions you must answer first to find the optimum

location for a timeshare property.

Does It Take Too Much Off the Pocket?

When people present the packages for these types of

properties, you have to be wary because of the hidden

costs and whatnot. But first and foremost is that you

have to look at the initial cost. Is it a good

investment as compared to the time you will spend on

vacation? Are you ready to shoulder some travel and

overhead costs? Be sure to read between the lines and

think of the potential costs you may incur. What are

the additional costs if you extend the lifetime of

your property? Don’t forget the insurance costs so

that you may get out of a horrible rut when a certain

economic crash or a housing bubble occurs.

It doesn’t even end there. You have to ask if you have

to pay for legal fees, maintenance, and etcetera. And

there’s even some cleaning frees to boot. It seems a

lot, eh? Not only are timeshare properties costly, so

does its hidden costs! So watch your pocket and make

sure that you find the right bargain and perfect price

for your budget.


There are a lot of things that you have to consider

before investing in a timeshare property. I’ll

reiterate the most important aspect, which is

protection. There are many companies who will try to

goad you into buying their product. They’ll throw

parties, incentives and whatnot just to make you sign

on the dotted line. But then you’ll suddenly realize

it was a scam. Don’t fall into that trap. Make sure to

watch your back, protect yourself and don’t forget

about finding the right location and apt cost.

Timeshare property and its benefits

Timeshare Property and Its Benefits

Whenever you plan your winter or summer vacations, you

should consider buying timeshares. These are units

that are bought for a specific period of time, the

most common of which are weekly timeshares, but you

may also extend that period. There are a lot of things

you can do on this kind of unit. You may, of course,

share this with your relatives or friends. But if you

want to awaken the investor in you, you can sell them

to others or rent it to others for a price.

If you do decide to join in the timeshare community,

which stretches out to every part of the globe, it is

necessary that you plan and schedule the times you

want to use the property and when you want to rent

them to other people. But one isn’t just limited to a

single timeshare company, you may buy (or sell) as

much as possible in timeshare exchanges like Hawaii

Timeshare Exchange. When you do that, you have as many

lodgings available when you plan on taking a vacation.

Timeshares and Its Basics

From its beginnings in 1960, these units have grown in

integrity and popularity with good degrees. But when

you choose a particular timeshare company, be sure to

pore over the firm’s website and if possible, study

their financial reports to see if they are stable

enough to invest on. The latter is important because

you want a company that will stay afloat in case a

stock market crash ensues.

Be wary of upstarts and/or shady companies. There are

a few that will take you money and then dissipate out

of thin air. This would be a horrible nightmare

because timeshares cost a lot of money. To avoid this,

make sure that you don’t randomly hop in random

websites that speak of genuine service with

exceptional quality. It also won’t hurt to know which

timeshare companies are legitimate by contacting the

Better Business Bureau.


There are a lot of amenities that come along with

package when you purchase a timeshare property. There

are pool passes, golf passes, private docks and many

others that make your vacation as worthwhile as

possible. If you have children to bring along with

some relatives, this can be a wonderful opportunity to

meet and greet other people, bond with them and paint

some wonderful memories.

Partaking in timeshares will not only leave you with

rewards and memories, it will also brush away the

hassles of booking on hotels and eating out almost

every meal. Most of these units have fully-stacked

kitchens, barbeques and a whole host of other things

that will make your life a lot easier.

Also, if you don’t want to switch to other homes every

so often, so you have the option of only having one

home to go to on vacation. The thing is, you have to

read the agreement properly, not a scan and sign, so

that you’ll fully understand your limitations and

extra benefits.

With all that said, timeshares are beneficial for

anyone who chooses to buy them. Whether it’s a casual

homeowner who wants to extend his/her reach to the

globe or the savvy investor who wants to sell the best

deals for the most gain, timeshare property’s

versatility has proven to help anyone willing to take

it on.

Find affordable timeshares at ebay

Find Affordable Timeshares at EBay

With the increasing demand for timeshare properties,

where one has versatile options on how to use it, it

has become one of the most popular ways on which one

will buy a certain unit for vacation purposes. But

then again, with its astronomical prices, people now

prefer to purchase timeshare properties in the resell

market rather than buying a new one at a steeper

price. Also, people can get to critique and find some

considerations from the selling party to get the best

deal possible.

Find One at EBay!

Of course, you may find one with your extensive

connections on finding a reseller of timeshares but

you may also opt for the best reselling website right

now, which is Ebay. Not only you may find an extensive

list of people who are selling timeshares, it is also

one of the best and most reliable companies that are

selling them. Also, they give big discounts on these

kinds of properties. So not only do you have a lot of

options in Ebay, you can avail of it at a better price

than anywhere else in the market.

Today, the firm has an estimated 1400 timeshares which

are placed from the west coast to the east coast, from

Hawaii to Manhattan. With that list in place, you are

assured that you can find the best place that is

suited to your lifestyle and needs. If you luck out,

sometimes you’ll get a substantial discount of 75%.

Sometimes, you may even get a property for an

unbelievable $105. But when you think about it, the

maintenance costs aren’t cut, so it’s likely that

you’ll get around $650 as bill for maintenance and a

rather funny one that costs only $105 for the


With the phenomenal costs of maintenance on hand, you

also have to watch out for other costs you may incur.

For instance, a property that costs around $120 may

also have $700, $350 and $100 in maintenance, closing

and resort transfer fees, respectively. So all in all,

you have to pay around $1280 for the first year.

Other Benefits

The most wonderful benefit that you can get for

purchasing timeshares in Ebay is that you’re free from

convoluted timeshare contracts. But what you have to

know, however, is the state policies that come with

the timeshare; meaning, you have to know where the

location of your unit is. You should know them because

it will help you escape big trouble in the long run.

It would be great if you can get help from a good

lawyer. Check it out properly, taking notice of the

fees, taxes and restrictions that come with the

timeshare property. You also have to remember that you

must avoid freaky scams and only entertain EBay fees,

nothing more, nothing less.


With all the conveniences and benefits that come along

with purchasing a timeshare property in EBay, the site

is definitely for keeps. It screens the system every

now and then to find out who is a known malicious

seller or not. But then, don’t forget of the overhead

and maintenance costs that come with the timeshare.

These are not discounted like the property price, and

it is very likely that these fees may cost around

three or even eight times the property. Lastly, you

have to watch out for the policies that come with

specific timeshares. So that not only will your

vacation will be safe, it will be hassle-free and

inexpensive as well.

Avoiding freaky timeshare scams

Avoiding Freaky Timeshare Scams

As timeshares have grown more popular throughout the

years, more and more opportunistic scammers have

rooted in this industry, using the hype to their own

advantage. They have made up some elaborate schemes

with increasing improvement to reel in the innocent

and rob a good part of their cash. And demographics do

show that there are high increases in

timeshare-related crimes.


With this said, you have to be highly aware of the

timeshare scams that may be pitching their way to your

bank account. Most of these are borne out of

telemarketing and the internet with a database that

lists down former and current timeshare owners. And

they give out irresistible prices so that they can

seal the deal. A good pattern of this is they usually

goad the clients to pay a certain amount of brokerage

fees. And when you do pay the fee, they’ll disappear

out of thin air and so, of course, is your hard-earned


Another style on which these scammers use is that they

inform you that you’ve won an additional holiday trip

on top of your vacation. It can come in the form of a

timeslot you can choose within a 12-month span. But

the catch is: you have to reply with your decision

very soon. Along with that, you have to pay a service

or even a miscellaneous fee. And when you do make the

payment, guess what? The promo, the company has said,

has just closed.

A devious style on where a scam does not leave you

with nothing like previous two is where they try to

sell you a timeshare in exchange for your current one.

When you make the purchase, they don’t do their share

and you’ll end up with two properties to deal with,

paying all the miscellaneous fees and whatnot. They do

this simply to make fun of other people; there really

are people who have nothing to do with their lives,


These are the three major types of scams "invisible"

timeshare companies do. Be aware of these techniques

so as you won’t end up like the hundreds who walked

away with worry in their eyes and their vacation plans

gone in a snap.

Ways to Avoid Them

Well, you should do your homework when you’re involved

in shady deals where companies require you to pay a

fee first before anything else. Study the company

closely and call business bureaus to validate the

existence and credibility of the company. Don’t be

swayed by the prices that they offer; in fact, this

should be a basis for speculation because they’re a

business. They shouldn’t just offer such low costs

without their company being in a financial rut. Find a

company which posts fair prices and with no random

fees involved. Make sure of this so that you won’t end

up with empty pockets.

As with everything that becomes a fad in the world,

like thorough game guides for World of Warcraft or

Weekly Courses about a certain subject that are sold

online, you should be wary when you attempt to

purchase this as this may be a devious attempt to

steal your money. As I said, do your homework on these

companies or call the Better Business Bureau to

validate these seemingly shady companies.

Shop for timeshares safely online

Shop for Timeshares Safely Online

Timeshares are versatile properties that can be sold,

rented or treated as a stock for which to invest on.

The cost, of course, is set by the owners and shared

by the client and his/her friends and family. Resorts,

condominiums, yachts and the like are the most popular


Of course, it is recommended not to buy a timeshare

property without seeing it firsthand: the halls,

environment, people, etc. Companies try to make use of

this piece of advice by organizing promotional weekend

trips for popular individuals so as they can scan over

the area. But not all firms have enough financial

power to shoulder the costs that follow with those

trips. And not all clients have the time to spend

hours on end looking over resorts and their amenities.

Online Shopping

For those types of clients, there is a hot resale

market for timeshares in the internet. Hundreds of

websites offer these like timesharereselling. com. But

the problem of these types of websites is that they

are shady and aggressively priced. Not to mention that

these site are butt-ugly. So to speak, don’t rely on

search engines like Google where it only leads you to

sites that are specially designed to be on top of the

list it keyword stuffing and whatnot.

The companies that you can trust, of course, are the

larger ones like Hyatt, Hilton and Marriot. Although

the costs of these might be astronomical, you can’t

expect a bargain if you don’t have the time to pore

over brochures and packages, right? There’s always a

drawback to everything. Keep in mind the pros and cons

that come with shopping for timeshares online.


When you do have the means to handle the extra costs

that come with online timeshare exchange, there are a

number of features that help you out with your final

decision. There are virtual tours wherein you can scan

over every room and its little nooks and crannies.

They might even provide you with a tour of the whole

area, including the gardens, golf courses and

surrounding properties so that the client will truly

feel the place, raising the chances for a closed deal.

Transactions are also easy to finish given that you

only have to review thoroughly the terms and agreement

and by filling up the numerous forms that go along

with it. After the company has read everything and

studied your credit rating and other variables, then

you’re all set with the company’s email confirming

your purchase.

But then again, if you still cringe at online

shopping, you may also do the initial legwork online,

which is poring over the contract. Then you do a

physical ocular of the place and talk to the salesman

there if you have the time and means to do it.


The internet has its shady streets and it has never

failed to rob some people of their hard earned money

by haphazardly choosing a random timeshare selling

firm. Don’t fall into that trap. Utilize properly the

benefits of online shopping and only choose the best

and well-known companies that ensure customer service

and satisfaction. They usually provide you with the

basics of purchasing a timeshare property and they

give you the option of either doing a physical ocular

of the place or a virtual tour of it. Whatever your

choice may be, the fact remains that the internet has

revolutionized the selling of timeshare properties and

made everyone’s lives a lot easier.