Can you be loved for being different

title:Can You Be Loved for Being Different?

author:James Sniechowski Judith Sherven

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1398.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



When you were growing up what did you learn about how you were supposed to think about and treat people who were different from you and your family? What did your family say? How about your friends? Neighbors? What were the messages you received—either openly or by suggestion?

You may not have an answer right off, because this is not a question that gets asked very often. But think about it. It holds the key to better relationships in every area of your life.

We've asked thousands of men and women in the U. S. and overseas. They've all admitted that what they learned, some more intensely than others, was to distrust those who were different. So they kept up their guard most of the time—without even realizing it.

What does this have to do with you? We'll get to that in a minute. But, here's another question.

When you were growing up, how were you treated for all the ways you were different from the other people in your family? Were you respected? Were you teased? Were you praised? Or were you brought into line, expected to be just like everyone else—or else!?

The people we asked said that they learned to hide what made them different. Some were ashamed of themselves. Some were embarrassed. Some were frightened. And what they decided about themselves was tragic. They decided that they were somehow flawed. It was their fault—even when it came to how they were brilliant, talented, beautiful, and all manner of other exceptional gifts.

Think about that. What was it like for you? And here's why it's important. You can't help being who you are. And what make you you? The ways you are unique and, yes, different from everyone else.

Now think about being in a relationship. You are unique. Your partner is unique. That means you both are different from each other. Now if both of you have buried in your unconscious minds the belief that being different is somehow bad, even dangerous, how do you expect your relationship can ever be truly satisfying? It can't be if you're hiding some parts of who you are and judging your partner for who he or she is.

So what to do?

First, know that you're not alone. Even a superficial scan of society shows that everyone's wary of those who are different. We've all learned it early in life, just like you did.

Next, you have to want to believe that being different is okay. And why not? Differences are inescapable. Rejecting differences is like rejecting air. They're everywhere, and necessary for life.

And now, about love. What is love if it isn't accepting of all that you are? If you have to go through your relationship fearing and hiding parts of who you are, you'll have to walk on eggs, and that's very tiring. It will also be the ruin of your relationship.

If you're married and have children, that will set a foundation for them to be wary of themselves and eventually not be able to feel loved.

Remember, love loves all of you. And love will work its way into your soul shining its light on even those parts you've kept covered up. That's also inevitable. The only way that won't happen is if you settle for false love, the pretense of being emotionally intimate with someone.

Take the time to remember what you learned about differences. Those lessons that bring you joy and pleasure, keep them. Those that don't, that cause you to disguise who you are and judge others, they're not doing you any good. Decide to change your mind. That means decide to grow up and see the world from your own particular perspective. When you do you will free yourself, you will free those you would have judged, and you will open yourself to a love that you cannot now even imagine.

Can you have it? Of course. The chance is yours. All you have to do is say "Yes."

Airfare for the wayfarer

title:Airfare for the Wayfarer

author:Frederic Madore

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Have you checked the price of airfare lately? Are you like myself, and quite afraid to contemplate that you’re going to spend that inheritance from Aunt Tilley on a flight to LA? For the general public, air travel is still an occasional event, and airfare is still comparable to a surprise attack of influenza.

We all will agree that air travel is much nicer than the open road (and faster), when you’re in a hurry and in a compact car. Airfare, however, is not the pleasant experience that air travel is. Airfare, once you’re past the sticker shock, is a confusing subject. The prospective traveler can go online, and check for cheap, discounted airfare, on several websites that are independent of any airline sponsorship. What you will find is a confusing list of possible flights, possible fares, and a message that alerts you to hurry to book at these discounted prices. At this point, I generally long for a course in Airfare 101.

Okay, everyone here’s your Basic Instruction class. There are roundtrip tickets, last minute tickets, discounted and bargain tickets. First class, coach, and business tickets; Oh yes, and let’s not forget, the International airfare tickets. Those are the tickets that come with nitroglycerin tablets as a complimentary gift.

Roundtrip airfare refers to flight purchases that allow you to go to and from your destination on just one ticket. This is the most desired form of travel, and quite frankly, often the cheapest. Last minute airfare can cause nosebleeds. The tickets can be purchased online, but only after you mortgage the farm, and promise your next child to Delta. Low cost, bargain, and discounted airfare is usually available thru websites like Cheap Seats, Priceline. com, and VacationsToGo. com. The prices are often a great deal, if you don’t mind the occasional “bump” when too many seats are booked, or you can plan and purchase 2 years in advance. The classification of business, first class, or coach tickets would refer to your seating accommodations on the aircraft. The most desired seating would be the first class section. Here, seats are big, roomy, and stuffed with the softest feathers on the market. Wine, cocktails, and a great meal are often standard fare on flights offering first class seating. Coming back to reality, however, there is business or coach for the rest of us citizenry who must actually purchase our own tickets.

Lately, with all the bad publicity that international tourism has been receiving (thanks to the terrorists), international airfare has seen modest decreases. Of course, really wonderful destinations like Paris, Rome, and London are still purchased with the complimentary nitroglycerin tablets.

As a seasoned traveler, I can promise you that even with this highly educational course, you won’t be any clearer about what you need, when you need it, as you purchase your next airfare. You will never be able to pin the airlines down as to their exact formula for pricing options, mostly because they don’t have one. The last lesson in Airfare 101: As you prepare to purchase your next airline tickets, you can throw out all the rules and formulas, close your eyes, and just pick one!

Guide to southwest travel

Southwest region of United States is an exhibition of myriad cultures, traditions, activities, events and ambience. This is because the region is composed of globally recognized states - Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Texas and Utah. Colorado too is often deemed to a part of this insignificantly harsh or water deficient region. According to many people visiting Southwest is akin to confronting the past. For pioneers, cowboys and mountain men traveled around and settled in this area. Also the southwest festivals and fairs are a complete reflection of tradition and culture. For instance if you want to taste the typical southwest region flavor, take part in the fairs like Texas State Fair or the 49ers festival in Utah.

Southwest region is an area where cultural diversity can be delighted in, where variety has become the specialty. So while Mexico has its own Mexican culture to greet you with, the Old World Spanish culture still echoes in California. The imprints of the tribes such as the Navajo, Apache, Hopi and Zuni are visible on the land of Southwest. One amongst the wonderful features of this area is that age, caste and sex are no bars to enjoy. In other words people of all ages can have a gala time here.

The place has everything to lure its visitors. From beguiling scenic splendor to thrilling and adventurous activities, it has all. Kids can have an amazing time visiting sites like Jellystone Parks, dinosaur digs, National Parks like Guadalupe Mountains national park etc. Perceiving Grand Canyon, one amongst the wonders of the world is definitely a lifetime experience for every visitor. Death Valley is another awesome place to hit. It is one of the geological wonderlands. Apart from this the geological formations in Zion National Park, desert terrain running alongside the lush mountains are a toast to eyes. Magnificent and colorful volcanic deposits can be seen at the Artist’s Palette. The oasis, warm springs, palm trees and cottonwoods make the Furnace Creek a place worth going. You can even board a flight and soon be a member of the rocking nightlife of Las Vegas, the place that never sleeps.

In Southwest you can relish rock climbing, mountain hiking and even skating. The Zion National Park and a few other national parks offer many hiking trails. Hiking Zion Canyons is also a breathtaking experience but meant only for skilled hikers. Ruby Mountains situated in northern Nevada are ideal for rock climbing. There are overhanging rocks and 800 feet tall rock towers that make rock climbing most adventurous sport so far. The Lamoille Canyon, located in Ruby Mountains is also a place swarming with visitors. Little Florida Mounatins are also associated with hiking. Here you will find trails for hiker of every level and the most bewitching aspect is the incredible view one gets to see after climbing on the top.

The Rockhound state Park in New Mexico is largely recognized as a picnic spot for entire family. Rockhound offers excellent camping opportunities. There are hot showers, bathrooms and a Visitor’s Center too. People love to do camping here because of the fascinating aura and to grab 15 pounds of agates, geodes and quartz that anyone can gather and take to home.

Since the southwest region is rich in dinosaur fossils and has countless rocks, treasure hunting is a popular activity here. Here you can hunt for treasures of all types. Dinosaur bones are found littering sand dunes and dry lakebeds. Gold can be discovered in California and Arizona.

Ten backpacking trip essentials

I've had backpacking trips that included rain, snow, lightning, rockslides, altitude sickness, and twenty-mile days - all in a summer weekend. Wilderness trips can be dangerous, but you can make then less so, by having the following ten essentials in your backpack.

1. Knowledge. What good is a compass if you don't know how to use it? Play with matches if your fire-making skills are shaky. Learn what to do when you see a bear. Read a little, practice a little - knowledge is more likely to save you than gadgets.

2. Map and compass. These are together, because that's the way you need to use them.

3. Matches and lighter. Bring both, or waterproof matches and a fire starter of some sort. Having two ways to start a fire is much safer.

4. First aid kit. Buy a pre-packaged one or build your own. Make sure it has pain relievers, bandages, disinfectant, and notes on basic first aid procedures.

5. Foot care. Your first aid kit needs moleskin, and maybe a pin, to treat blisters. Your feet have to be well cared for when you're hiking miles from the nearest road.

6. Water purification. A filter works, but they clog and break so often that you should have a small bottle of iodine tablets or other water purification as back up.

7. Rainwear. One of the biggest killers in the woods is hypothermia, and it often starts when you get wet. Try to stay dry.

8. Shelter. This can be a tent, tarp or bivy sack. Just be sure you know how to use it.

9. Sleeping bag. Down bags are the warmest for their weight, but be sure you know how to keep it dry, or bring a synthetic bag.

10. Specific trip items. For backpacking trips in Michigan in May, bring insect repellant. In June in Arizona, bring sunblock. Think about the specific conditions for the time and place of your trip.

Make your own list if you take regular backpacking trips. It's no fun when a friend tells us ten miles down the trail that he's allergic to bees and forgot his medicine. A little planning means less worries, and a better trip.

Looking for work in spain

Am I allowed to work in Spain?

All EU citizens have the same right to live and work in Spain as a Spaniard and do not require a work permit.

I don’t speak Spanish, what are my chances of finding work?

This can be a big barrier and will narrow your opportunities. However, non-Spanish speakers will have more success in the areas where there is a high expat population. Amongst the British communities, there are always people who prefer to use British tradesmen such as plumbers and carpenters. This applies to any job in which complete understand and communication is necessary e. g. hairdressing and other services. Tourism, real estate, insurance and finance open further avenues.

Are my UK qualifications valid?

According to EU law, any trade or professional qualification that has been awarded in the EU will be recognised in Spain. To have your qualifications recognised, take your certificates and translations to the Ministry for Sport, Education and Culture in the field in which you wish to work to obtain ‘homologacion’. See the Spanish Embassy www. spanishembassyhomepage. com and the British Consulate in Madrid www. ukinspain. com. For medical and agricultural qualifications see www. naric. org. uk.

Can I claim unemployment benefit/job seeker’s allowance?

Yes, you do have rights to the same Job Seeker’s allowance as you would get in the UK. It is paid by the Spanish INEM (National Institute of Employment) for a maximum of three months. In order to qualify you must first register in the UK.

Will I have to pay tax?

Yes, if you are resident for more than 183 days in a calendar year. Spanish income tax tends to be lower than the rest of the EU. The tax rate is calculated after allowing for various deductions, including living expenses and social security payments. It starts at 10 per cent for the first four thousand Euros of taxable income, rising to 45 per cent on taxable income over forty five thousand Euros.

How do I pay tax?

It is automatically deducted by your employer. You need to make an annual tax declaration at your local tax office.

Niagara falls 3 tips to having the best vacation

title:Niagara Falls: 3 Tips To Having The Best Vacation

author:Tim Jeffries

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1113.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Is Niagara Falls your dream destination? Don’t be afraid to admit it. For a lot of people, it is. Niagara Falls is always at the top of the “places I want to runaway and get married” list. Well, Niagara Falls might not be giving Vegas a run for it’s money these days, but it’s still holding strong in a lot of people’s minds as a place that they dream of for a variety of reasons. Japanese, American, and European tourists constantly rate it one of the best attractions in North America. I’ve compiled a list of three of my top tips to getting the most of a great Niagara Falls vacation.

1) IMAX. Don’t overlook the power of technology at a natural attraction. IMAX can add a great 3rd party viewpoint to any attraction. In fact, a lot of times, I’ll go see an IMAX production before seeing the real thing to get an idea of what to look for. There might be all sorts of history attached to an attraction that you won’t know without someone telling you. Niagara Falls has an IMAX production that you should definitely watch.

2) Go to the Aquarium of Niagara Falls. Across the border, in Canada, you can find one of the best bargains in the area. Last we checked, they were only charging $7 for adults and $5 for children. While this might have changed since this article’s writing, it’s still a good deal at any price. There are tons of cool fish and animals available for your viewing pleasure. I’m sure you will enjoy it, and it’s a nice break from the rapids themselves.

3) Surf the shoulder seasons. This is really a great tip that someone gave me (sadly, I cannot take credit for it). Niagara Falls is best seen during the summer months. Much like Europe, the big crowds in Niagara Falls come during June through August. However, the weather is still really nice during late May and early September. Just because the rest of the world goes home during the last week in August, doesn’t mean you have to. September is an especially beautiful time of year at Niagara Falls. Use it to your advantage and make your trip special without dealing with long lines and unmanageable crowds.

Don t miss the anchorage fur rendezvous

title:Don’t Miss the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous

author:Ron Richards

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1776.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Alaska is known as the “Last Frontier State” and is famous for its pristine wilderness, abundant wild animals, beautiful scenery, and fun loving people. The most prominent display of fun and festivities during Alaska's winter is known as the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous. If you are under the impressing this unique event is “just another sled dog race,” think again! Although Alaskans love their sled dog races like the world famous Iditarod and thrilling Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race, this event is cherished as wild, wacky, and 100 percent Alaskan.

With a variety of events scheduled from mid February to early March, this “fur-rific” Rendezvous is a must see for all visitors to Alaska, regardless of age. The young and the young at heart will both appreciate the festive atmosphere, amazing activities, and of course the great people that call Alaska home!

The exact definition of the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous is quite difficult to explain. Part recreational opportunity, part serious event, and all fun, the Rendezvous is an annual winter tradition that dates back to the early 1900s. In these early days, trappers and miners braved the Alaskan seasons trying to earn a living off the natural resources available in the then territory. Once a year, these hard nosed creatures would leave their winter camps and head to Anchorage for some much needed socialization, carousing, and general fun. While with their newfound friends, the trappers and miners would compete in a variety of games and events, most of which focused on tasks necessary for survival in the Alaskan wilderness. Trappers were invited to compete in a judging of their kills, pelts, skinning methods, and tanning abilities. These latter competitions gave the event its official name of the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous in 1937.

The Anchorage Fur Rendezvous is an excellent way for visitors of all ages to learn more about the culture of Alaskans and the Native Americans whose tribes have dwelled in the state for thousands of years. Representatives of various Native American tribes showcase their skills and crafts in arenas like the Eskimo Blanket Toss and the Native Musicale. Dancers get the opportunity to kick up their heels at the annual masquerade ball, the international dance festival, bagpipe competition, and polka fest. These activities and events are open to individuals of all ages, just like the original Rendezvous in the early days of Alaska’s history.

By far, the stars of the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous are the four legged kind. Each year, the Rendezvous hosts a Dog Weight Pull and the World Championship Sled Dog Races. The sled dog races are sprint race covering several miles of trails but not as long as the cross country races such as the Iditarod. This is a great opportunity to see some unique Alaskan culture and enjoy the many activities Anchorage has planned. All in all a great time to visit Alaska in the winter.

Ice fishing tips for beginners

title:Ice Fishing Tips For Beginners

author:Iain Loveman

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1382.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Did you hear the one about the guy who went ice fishing and came back with 50 lbs. of ice?

Well, if you found yourself here your at least one step ahead of this fella, that is unless you intended to bring home some ice. Ice fishing is actually a very simple sport but must be practiced with some caution.

WHAT you say?

Seriously before you set out to catch any fish on "hard" water there a couple of things you should be concerned about. Firstly, make sure you are equipped with the proper attire. Setting out from home on a nice sunny day is fine but once you approach your destination things may have drastically changed or may change without notice. This would also be a good time to check the weather channel or newspaper for the up to date weather forecast.

Secondly, remember to check the ice conditions wherever you go, there are local ice hut operators or locals who are willing to help make your trip safe.

A friend of mine told me once, "You can always take it off, but its pretty hard to put it on if you haven't got it!" My advice, purchase a good floatation suit. They are warm and if you happen to break thru the ice it will probably save your life.

A warm dry set of gloves, preferably without fingers is a must. This way all the fingers share the warmth. A full face belaclava is also required as well as sunglasses. Scarfs can help but be cautionary of the vehicle you are using to get you out to your favorite spot. You don't want to have it get tangled up in a chain or track.

Several layers of clothes are a benefit for when you have the luxury of taking them off. Another good idea is to have a fishing buddy. They are not only there to enjoy the day with you and help make the fishing story a real tale but if an emergency arises they are the only support you've got.

We still have a few small things to do before setting out. Make sure your transportation is trustworthy, a general maintenance check will do, tell someone where your going and how long you expect to be gone and last but not least, a simple thing like a compass, so you don't get lost.

Okay, are we having fun yet. Now that we have got all the scary stuff done, its time to leave, right .... WRONG ! You forgot the gear.

A general rule of thumb regarding gear is to choose the equipment you will need to match the fish you are seeking (e. g. the larger the fish, the heavier the tackle).

Of course you won't be able to get to them if you don't have a hole. So depending on the ice and your wallet or both, you are going to need an ice spud or handgas auger. You can purchase both but if you just happen to have a friend that welds you can get him to make the spud up for you out of a 6' x 2" piece of flat steel and round bar. Don't forget to weld a "T" on the top and grind the flat bar down to a chisel point.

If you are in good shape and have the time the hand auger is great but if you intend to fish several spots and don't want to tire yourself out making holes get a gas auger. Look for an auger with at least a 6" cut just so you can get the big ones thru the hole.

Next, you'll need an ice skimmer. I suggest the aluminum one because if you are in a hut with a stove just warm it up a little and touch it to the hole and voila ... instant skim! Also, tie a light chain or rope on it just in case it falls down the hole.

Well, your almost there. You can't catch anything without some type of jigging rod. They come in all types, sizes and styles but look for one with which you will be comfortable with. This may take a few outings to discover, so see if you have a buddy who will lend you his or hers. Another general rule of thumb, a light rod for perch and panfish using 2 to 4 lb. test, medium action for trout, walleye, whitefish, etc. and 6 to 10 lb. test.

If you are energetic an have a second hole you can also use a tip-up. They range in price from several dollars to around twenty-five bucks. Well, this should get you started. The rest you can learn from patience and experience. Good Luck and Good Fishing!

P. S. One last thing... remember to take a light lunch with you, just in case they decide not to bite or your fishing technique is off for the day. I can remember a few times when we had to have "fish lip soup", it wasn't very filling.

Well, seeing as you have made it this far. I guess an obvious question would be "When is the best time to go ice Fishing ?" Everyone I know wants to get out there as soon as possible. It is probably because the fishing seems to be a little better or more likely they just want to be the first one to haul one out of the hole.

It is true that the fish are relaxed and in the best feeding spots because they haven't been hassled for several months. Trout in particular spawn in the fall and can be found in deep water at this time. You can find them on bars, shoals, rocks and fingers. Perch, pike and walleye tend to look for shallow , weedy lakes because the oxygen level tends to be a lot higher.

Once the little villages spring up and the anglers take their toll the catches tend to decrease but don't despair they are still out there. You just have to work a little harder.

So you need a few pointers because your just not catching your limit.

Well what is it that you do in the summer time, whether you are fishing from shore or boat if your not getting the bites ?... You move.

I do it all the time, it's not hard if you've got your own sled and make sure you've got a power auger, you'll need it. In order to be mobile you really need to be prepared. This includes a portable shelter, flotation suit, auger, sled or 4x4, fish finder and GPS. Give yourself about 10 to 20 minutes per hole. That's enough time to find your depth, scratch the bottom for debris, rocks, sand, etc., set up your fish finder and locate fish and at what depth. It also allows you to try your technique to see if they are interested. If you happen to have the hydrographic map of the lake or fished it before it helps. Try making calculated moves, such as holes, shoals, weedbeds.

If you can afford it, get yourself several rods and rig them up with different presentations. Not only do you become a quick change artist but it saves tying on different lures when the weather isn't friendly.

Jigging is really an art form. Not to fast and not to slow, kind of a rhythm thing. Keep in mind it is okay to jig hard at first, you want to attract them, get them interested. Once you've done that slow down to a twitch by using only your wrist or trolling from one side of the hole to the other. Alternatively you can raise the rod tip a few inches and lower. Stir up the bottom a little.

Make sure your rod is short, stiff and with big eyelets. It's hard to fish in a hut that's only 4 x 6 with a 3' rod. You only get one chance to set the hook, so if it moves you don't want the rod to bend. Having your line get frozen because of clogged eyelets just isn't any fun.

PAY ATTENTION! No, I'm not trying to wake you up from your daydream but feeling a hit is not the only way to get fish out of the hole. If you see the slightest movement, either side to side or up or down, set your hook! Remember, if your sending your lure down and it stops and your not where your suppose to be, you probably have one on the line.

Now, if you want to get them up the hole your going to need to hook 'em, so keep your hooks sharp. The easiest way to test is when you push the point thru the minnow, if the point doesn't go in easily either sharpen it or replace it. Speaking of hooks, size is important. The smaller the bait the smaller the hook. Also, If your using a large hook on a small bait you restrict it's movements and could possible even spook your game.

Timing the hook set is crucial when using minnowbait. It is well known that most fish attack from the side, so don't try to set the hook at the first sign of movement or tug. Allow the fish time to swallow the minnow. Okay, so you lost your patience, had him and lost him. Don't be in a hurry to change your bait, put the line back down the hole. Remember, he just lost supper and if he's hungry he'll be back. Wait a couple of minutes and if you don't get a response your welcome to change your bait.

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Tired of the cold weather get a cruise ship job this winter

title:Tired of the Cold Weather?…. Get a Cruise Ship Job This Winter!

author:Neil Maxwell Keys

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1985.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



With Winter here, and the cold setting in, maybe it's time to think about climates sunnier? One very popular solution is to "Get a cruise ship job!" Think about it, sailing around the Caribbean for 6 to 8 months at time, visiting idyllic islands everyday like Barbados, St. Thomas, Aruba, and the Bahamas. Oh and having great fun in the sun! This is exactly what I did for five years in a row, and you can do it too!

Now, before you run off and start blasting your resume out to every cruise ship company in the world there are a couple of things you need to think about. Although cruise ship life does have its perks, I must warn you that it also has some 'negatives'. First of all, you will probably be living in a room smaller than most walk-in closets, and sharing it with another person. Secondly, when you start to work for a cruise ship company, you will not have the freedom of "Land life". As a cruise ship employee you will be under fairly strict rules and regulations (what you can and can't do on the ship, crew curfews, what you can wear, and other rules).

This is generally for the safety of all ship passengers. You don't have the freedom, to just jump in your car and go to the movie theatre, or go for a long road trip to relieve stress. When you sign a contract on a ship, it is usually for a minimum of 6-months (although shorter or longer contracts are available for certain positions). Plus in many positions you can be expected to work everyday. Not ALL day but at least a part of the day. Usually this is when the ship has left port and all the passengers are back onboard.

With all this, I feel that a cruise ship job is the best place for young people to work, earn $300-$700 U. S. per week cash, and travel the world for free with all of your expenses paid. Every cruise ship company that I have worked for really does go out of their way to take care of their crew. They pay for your flight and travel expenses to meet the ship, and if you complete your contract they pay for your way home. Food is provided for free to crew of the ship and alcoholic beverages are dirt cheap. There are not too many places in this world that you never have to pay for food, board or travel.

To work on a ship you have to be able to leave everything behind at home for at least six months. This job is perfect for people without any ties like a spouse, a house, or even a pet. The job is a great fit for students that are taking a 'gap year', or have graduated and are looking for a break before they enter the "real" world. All you need is a valid passport, be drug free (they randomly drug test their employees on a regular basis). You must also be prepared to leave when needed, and be a friendly, 'customer focused' person.

A lot of people come to me and tell me that they have applied to cruise ship companies before and have never had a response. Well this is very understandable when you realize that major cruise ship companies receive thousands of resumes every week. They often sort through the resumes and throw them out for the smallest reason. I have a couple of friends that were human resource managers at major cruise lines, and they have told me some interesting stories. The first sort of a pile of resumes is done on punctuation and spelling errors. If there is absolutely any punctuation error your resume will be "filed" (thrown away). They could then sort on anything they feel like, for example, font, paper color, or even length. The best advice I can give you is to keep it simple, and be meticulous for details and consistency.

They have jobs for most everyone on board a cruise ship. A lot of the newer cruise ships set sail with over 2,000 guests and over 800 crew on board. Cruise ships are becoming small cities on the ocean. They have everything you could want from a shopping area, theatres, dining rooms, live shows, hotel services, passenger activities, health clubs, and spas. Whatever your trade or skill is on land; there is a 99% chance they have a job for you on a cruise ship.

Copyright 2006 Neil Maxwell Keys

Use hostel accommodation if travelling on a budget

You might think of hostelling as something that college students do while traveling through Europe for the summer. However, hostelling is not just for the college crowd anymore, and now includes people of all ages and backgrounds. If you are a traveler on a budget, staying at a hostel can be an adventure that will add to your travel experience.

Staying in a hostel will not be everyone’s cup of tea, and many travelers would prefer to spend the money on a traditional hotel. Hostel traveling is best suited to those traveling alone, or to young people traveling in groups. Hostels are not really recommended for families traveling with young children. In fact, many hostels do not accept children under a certain age.

Most hostels are set up like dormitory rooms, with several bunk beds arranged in the room, with anywhere from four to ten bunks per room. Each traveler is assigned a specific bed upon check-in.

Nearly all of the hostels in the United States group their accommodations according to gender, with the female guests in one section of rooms and the male guests in another. In multi-level hostels, males and females are often separated by floor.

It is not uncommon, however for European hostels (and those elsewhere around the world) to allow mixed genders to share a room. Make sure to ask about the policy of the hostel before you check in. I, as a woman traveling solo, have never encountered a problem with these arrangements, and I have stayed in hostels throughout Europe, including Rome, London and Amsterdam. Some visitors might be surprised or offended by these sleeping arrangements.

The bathroom accommodations at hostels differ also, with some rooms containing a shared bathroom and shower, while other hostels will have shower and bathroom facilities located in the hallway. If you would prefer not to share a bathroom with strangers, make sure you ask about the hostel’s policy ahead of time.

More often now, reservations are becoming increasingly vital at hostels, especially during the summer months in popular cities. It is now not at all unusual for hostels in popular tourist cities to be booked solid for months, where once it was common for travelers to be able drop by the hostel and expect to get a bed.

Price is by far the biggest appeal of staying at hostels. The nightly rate for a hostel is usually no higher than $25 or $30 per night, with most costing even less. With the average hotel room costing somewhere around $100 to $150 in many cities, it is easy to see why hostels are becoming such a popular alternative.

Another benefit of staying in a hostel is that the staff is extremely accommodating and knowledgeable about the local area. Unlike many staff members of some luxury hotels, who travel in from the outlying areas and rarely see the city in which they work, hostel staff tend to live in the city, and have an personal knowledge of the local sites, including which attractions are can’t miss and which ones aren’t worth the trip.

Hostels also usually have access to discounts and coupons for local area attractions and restaurants, and they can provide information on the best restaurants and hangouts around.

While not everyone will find a hostel appealing, and the accommodation of a local hostel are simple at best, they can be wonderful options for lodging for the budget minded traveler. After all, the goal of travel is to get out and see the world, and hostel travel lets you save money on lodging so that you can do just that.

Nervous and excited my first solo trip in 20 years

title:Nervous and Excited - My First Solo Trip in 20 Years!!!

author:Susanne Pacher

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1062.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



So I am leaving to go to Cuba tomorrow, really early in the morning, to be at the airport at about 5:30 am. The last few days have been absolutely nuts, 16 hour days just to take care of work and get ready for the trip... And for the first time in a long time I am really nervous before a trip.

Over the last few years all my trips have basically been to nice, predictable and safe places like Canada, New England, Florida, California, Spain, tourist areas in Mexico. All these trips have been with my husband and/or friends.

Now I am venturing to a real 3rd world country - Cuba - and it's my first solo trip in 20 years! The only other time I went on a trip by myself was 20 years ago when I booked a package deal to Spain's Costa Brava (my fascination with Spain started early....) all by myself.

I have already had some encounters with Cuba's realities, and I have realized that I am definitely dealing with an unusual country here. I have been trying to reach the University of Havana, where I am going to study Spanish for the next 2 weeks. Tried to reach them by fax, phone, email - absolutely no luck!

I've tried to reach the hotel I am going to and I also tried to reach a couple of bicycle rental places listed in travel books with some questions regarding renting a bike. Again, absolutely no chance of getting through! There is no dial tone for a long time and after about a minute or so I heard some noises in the line and then some faint recorded voice that I couldn't even understand.

I admit this has me a bit scared. I know the savvy world travellers among you are going to chuckle since you have probably traveled to India, Africa, Asia, all places that are vastly different from the Western world that we are used to.

But I am a bit spooked since I haven't really ever gone to a country where I am going to be almost completely cut off from Western communication, where basic goods (apparently toilet paper, soap and aspirin, among other things) are hard to get.

So even packing has been a bit stressful for me since I figure if I forget something it's going to be hard to get it in Cuba. Not like our recent trip to Quebec, where I just headed to a discount store after I realized I forgot to pack my underwear! (Can you believe that? I forgot to pack my underwear on a trip, that was a first-timer too...)

My suitcases are almost packed. I am bringing my bicycle helmet, my bicycle lock (all things that they don't have in Cuba) and for the first time in my life I have put together a travel emergency kit with basic medications (aspirin, Polysporin, Imodium, bug repellent, bandages, etc.) since apparently basic medical supplies are hard to get in Cuba as well...

And, I am excited to say, I have made some arrangements to meet with locals so I will really have a chance to dive into the culture and find out what life in Cuba is really like. Through a friend of mine I am going to link up with "Pedro" (no idea of his last name) who is supposed to meet me tomorrow at my hotel to give me a quick tour of Havana.

On Saturday I am heading out on a Viazul bus to Vinales in the province of Pinar del Rio, to connect with Sandra, who came recommended through Jeff Minthorn who I interviewed earlier. Sandra owns a "casa particular" (basic bed and breakfast) and she is a tour guide who takes tourists on hikes in her beautiful province.

Again, another first-timer for me: the opportunity to truly connect with locals and to get to know their life-styles, their experiences and views of life. Everybody I talked to has told me that Cuba is a very safe country and the people are amazing.

So despite all the butterflies in my stomach, I look forward to this possibly life-changing trip with nervous anticipation and curiosity.

I just hope I'll be able to find an Internet cafe somewhere in Havana (apparently another thing that's not easy to find) so I can stay in touch.

Hasta luego (next time from Cuba)......

Hilton head resorts

title:Hilton Head Resorts

author:Rich Neste

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1260.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Hilton Head Island has a number of world class resorts, from 5-star branded hotels like the Westin Resort which is home to AAA four-diamond restaurant The Barony Grill, to the Sea Pines Resort which hosts the PGA Tour's annual MCI Heritage Classic one week after the Masters' in Augusta. The Disney Vacation Club Resort established in 1996 was fashioned after the hunting and fishing lodges fashionable in the 1940's. The resort covers fifteen acres and is adjacent to the Shelter Cove Harbour Marina, with over 100 villas, a beautiful swimming pool, exercise room and a main lodge in the Palmetto Dunes Resort. Other resort areas include Shipyard Plantation, Palmetto Dunes, and Daufuskie Island.

Shipyard and Palmetto Dunes offer a variety of activities including golf and world-class tennis, along with miles of beautiful beaches. Shipyard is renowned for its tennis and golf. It offers families affordable vacation experiences and is conveniently located near Coligny Plaza, North Forest Beach, and the Village of Wexford where fine dining and great boutique shopping are available. Also within the plantation is the Crown Plaza Resort considered by many to be the finest hotel accommodations on Hilton Head Island. Whether you enjoy golfing, playing tennis or just lounging by the pool, Shipyard is truly a resort for the adventurous and active family.

Palmetto Dunes, located in the center of the island's seashore, offers other amenities such as fine restaurants, shopping and night life. Golf there is fantastic and challenging but yet social in nature. The plantation also includes an 11-mile lagoon system where one can rent a kayak and paddle away to observe some of the most beautiful homes on Hilton Head Island.

Across Calibogue Sound from Hilton Head Island is the enchanting Daufuskie Island Resort, with miles of secluded beaches. The Daufuskie Island Resort offers a variety of romantic settings for weddings or intimate getaways. It's romance at its finest, a place where beautiful brides ride in horse-drawn carriages to their storybook weddings under canopies of palms and moss-draped live oaks.

Finally, there is the original destination resort on Hilton Head Island. From its championship golf courses to the top tennis center in the United States, Sea Pines offers its visitors the best of everything. Sea Pines has quiet miles of bike paths, golf, spas, shopping, sandy white beaches, fishing charters and even dolphin cruises that depart from Harbour Town Marina, where the signature red and white lighthouse stands proudly looking over the harbor and the world famous 18th hole of the Harbour Town Golf Links. If you truly want a vacation for all ages, Sea Pines Resort has it.

Hilton Head Island, simply put, is the gold standard for the vacationer who wants refinement and style. There are no neon lights, no ostentatious signs, just natural beauty blended with good old-fashioned hospitality.

01 what can lanzarote offer you on your next holiday

title:01 What Can Lanzarote Offer You On Your Next Holiday ?

author:John Plumb

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1931.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



The short answer is "It can offer you anything and everything", but surely you want to know more ?

Where is Lanzarote ? - It is located on the eastern side of the Canary Islands and is a mere 13 miles wide and 40 miles long, so you can travel to each and every part of the island and spend the whole day not having to worry about lengthy journeys to and from excursions and one of the most appealing aspects is the climate as it offers warm temperatures and scarce rains all year around, turning it into a great place for those who wish to spend time at the beach and enjoy as many outdoor activities as possible.

Whether you are in to Land, Sea or Air sports there is plenty of everything here :

Cycling, Go-Karting, Golf, Horse-riding, Jeep Safari, Quad-Bike Safari, Rancho Texas & The Tropical Park

Boat Cruises, Catamaran, Fishing, Submarine or perhaps you just want to go to an aquapark

Flight Tours, Hand-Gliding & Parasailing

If you prefer the more cultural aspects of a location, then you have to come to 'heaven'. This side of Lanzarote is best summed by the mere mention of one mans name - Cesar Manrique, a man whose influence can be seen all over the island at places like Castillo de San Jose, Ceuva de los Verdes, Fundacion Manrique, Jameous Del Aqua, Jardin De Cactus, Mirador Del Rio, Museo Campesino and the fantasic Timanfaya ("Fire Mountain") and in future articles I will write about each of these.

Lanzarote is the only place in the world where you have your lunch in a cafeteria that is built on top of an active volcano, where the heat to cook your food comes from the volcano itself ?

- See my article 21 on Timafaya

and where else can you go deep into a cavern in the middle of nowhere and find a huge ampitheatre used for live concerts, aplace that doubles as a nightclub two evening a week ?

- See my article 22 on the Northern Attractions

If you want a great beach, then again Lanzarote has one to compare with the very best.

- See my article 11 on Yaiza Beaches and Punta de Papagayo

Some recommendations to immigrate to canada

title:Some Recommendations to Immigrate to Canada

author:Alex Berez

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_673.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



"I Hate Hearing Stories About Families Who Return To Their Original Country After Unsuccessfully Attempting To Settle In Canada."

Don’t Be One Of Them... Information Is Power, And Being Prepared For The Immigration Process Will Increase Your Chances Of Successfully Settling In Canada...

"I want to start a new life. I want to sell everything I have, go to the airport, take the first flight to Canada and start a new life."

Sounds familiar?

While it may sound very easy, it is not as simple as that. One of the most disappointing facts about Canadian Immigration is to hear the stories of families who return to their original country after unsuccessfully attempting to settle in Canada.

One of the main reasons for these failures is that the principal visa applicant that supports everyone financially is unable to obtain an employment in his or her profession.

However, being prepared and educated about a process makes it simpler and less stressful.

Moving to another country is not easy. It is crucial, however, to be organized and prepared for this "once in a lifetime" process which, if it is done correctly, can change your life forever.

I have constant communication with thousands of potential immigrants all over the world, and I keep listening the same questions about moving to Canada, such as:

Where do I start? What do I need to do first?

Will I get a job in Canada?

Can I bring my family with me?

Which documents do I need to attach to my application?

How long does the whole process take?

What do I need to do after I send my visa application file?

Well, information is power. The more you know about the process, the easier it will be to be a Canadian Permanent Resident and fulfill your dream of living in one of the best countries in the world.

Let me give you some suggestions...

1 - Set short and long term goals - It is very important that you decide important factors such as : When do you want to move? Which Canadian city do you prefer? Do you need to quit your job? when?

2 - Prepare your visa application - Remember, it is very important to fill these application forms correctly if you want to increase your changes of getting the Permanent Residence visa.

3 - Prepare the supporting documentation - This is probably the most important part of the immigration process, since the way you gather and prepare these documents will determine to a high extent if your visa will be approved.

4 - Send your file - Once you have your forms and documents ready, you need to send your file to the Canadian Visa Office that is responsible for analysing your case. It is very important that you send your file the way it is specified by each Visa Office.

5 - Start looking for a job - Since the visa application process may take a few months (depending on your country of residence), you should start contacting companies in Canada while your documents are being processed by the Visa Office.

6 - Follow the instructions - You should follow the instructions received by the Visa Office after you have sent your file (you might have to attend an interview or medical examination).

7 - Plan your trip - If your visa is approved, you should plan the date of arrival to Canada. It is very important to contact Real Estate companies in Canada before you move; so that they can help you find a place to live in this beautiful country.

8 - Pack your bags! - Get your bags ready and move to Canada!

Remember, the process can be very difficult, or extremely simple, depending on your willingness to understand and prepare for the visa application process.

It is not impossible, thousands of people from all over the world move to Canada every year!

No more excuses... Start planning your goals, start preparing the application forms and gathering the supporting documents. The best moment to start is NOW...

See you in Canada my friend!

Best Regards,

Alex Berez

Step by Step Immigration to Canada

http://www. stepbystepimmigrationcanada. com


If you want to start preparing your Canadian Visa Application in a few minutes, the downloadable guide Step by Step Immigration to Canada will be extremely useful. One of the 4 guides you will receive contains links to Headhunters and Job Recruiting companies in Canada (it will help you start looking for a job in this beautiful country while your visa is being processed) --- To order now, visit http://www. stepbystepimmigrationcanada. com/order. htm

Timeshare fraud how to recognize and avoid it

title:Timeshare Fraud - How To Recognize And Avoid It

author:Dana Sanders

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1134.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Does the ideal of purchasing a timeshare vacation package sound exciting? It should be, at the least, an exciting endeavor. Imagine your first inexpensive trip to the beach, a romantic week away or a much-deserved escape from the hustle and stress of the real world!

Ever think 'timeshare' only to have fraud be the next thing on your mind? You are not alone. Yet the simple truth of the matter is timeshares are generally a brilliant, safe and accommodating way to experience many popular vacation hotspots or secluded geographical treasures in the United States or abroad.

While purchasing timeshare options are usually safe, there are some common pitfalls – including less-than-honest dealings by some companies offering timeshares. But there are foolproof ways to avoid being caught unaware while searching for and purchasing the timeshare plan best suited for you and your family.

The first rule is an easy one - go with the larger, well-established companies. Common sense tells us that if they have been around for years it is less likely they would ruin their impeccable reputation with any type of fraudulent behavior. This especially holds true during the initial purchase or resale of a timeshare package.

Another important tool used to avoid timeshare fraud is to be certain you fully understand the contents of your contract. For example, a less than reputable company may make it contractually difficult to sell your timeshare in the event you wanted to do so. Contract literature is at best an art form. And since art comes in various disguises and at times carries a subtle dagger, you should be sure of the contents of your timeshare contract. Again, this is simple common sense as you would carefully consider the contents of any contract before signing on the "dotted line."

Be particularly wary of European and other overseas destinations if you aren't familiar with the company offering the timeshare. Be wary also of any timeshare company asking for upfront fees before they will engage in the sell of property. Blacklists are available to inform of companies that have engaged in timeshare fraud. Both ordinary citizens who have banned together and wish to inform others of their fraudulent timeshare experiences and timeshare companies have created these blacklists.

As you consider the potential for timeshare fraud, remember that there will always be reputable timeshare companies out there that will be straight up with the facts. This, of, course includes many overseas companies. In that regard, do your own research. Timesharing is a popular and unique way to vacation. Perhaps if you were to ask around there are co-workers or relatives who have purchased timeshare packages and were pleased with all aspects of a certain timesharing company.

Becoming the victim of timeshare fraud is a frustrating and often expensive mistake. Research and planning – including having an attorney with your best interests at heart – will help you avoid the fraudulent companies. To get started in your research about timeshare fraud, just log on to the Internet and visit locations such as http://www. or http://www. atimesharesz. com/timesharefraud to do a thorough search.

No matter if you are on the red list or the green, regardless if you are expecting first class accommodations or comfortable down home charm, there will be countless timeshare packages that hold true to another clichй, what you see (in the brochures and the videos) is exactly what you will get. But remember, when it comes to timeshares or any other purchase you are considering, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

© Copyright 2005 by Dana Sanders. All rights reserved.

The best wildlife camera to take on safari

title:The Best Wildlife Camera To Take On Safari

author:Bruce Whittaker

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_599.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Good wildlife camera equipment on safari can make the difference between pictures you will be proud to show your friends and family when you get back and ones where it's difficult to figure out exactly what you were photographing because it's only a fuzzy black dot surrounded by green vegetation.

I take wildlife photographs for a living and I have had to quickly figure out what the best cameras and lenses are to get the job done effectively.

Digital or Film - Which is better for a safari?

Wild animals are very unpredictable. That's one aspect of safari photography that makes it so exciting because you never know what you are going to get but this also means that the number of pictures you need to take to get a keeper increases.

And if you use film that can become very expensive whereas with a digital wildlife camera you can take as many as you want and then just delete the ones where the lion has ducked behind a bush, the cheetah has blurred because the autofocus locked onto a twig in front of it and the exposure of the hippo was way off because of the reflected sunlight in the water.

You can also make consistent use of bracketing to get the perfect exposures without worrying about cost or running out of film which can be a problem in certain remote areas of Africa where safaris take place.

So more is better in this case but what about quality? The fact is that digital quality is fast catching up to film unless you fall into the professional category and are going to be selling your safari pictures or entering them into competitions. In that case it might be better to stick to film because the trained eye will be able to spot the difference but in most other cases digital quality is more than adequate.

Digital also gives you valuable feedback while you are still on safari so that you can try and improve on that elephant picture with the ear cut off the next day. You also have a lot more control over the final product because you can use software like Photoshop to enhance and fine tune your pictures.

Digital SLR or Compact Wildlife Camera

A safari is the dream trip of a lifetime and it's a great opportunity to get some fantastic wildlife pictures but it's not necessary to buy the latest and greatest digital SLR and lenses to get them unless you are planning to take nature pictures for a living or are a serious photography enthusiast and are going to make regular use of the camera and lenses after the safari anyway.

The cost of a digital SLR wildlife camera is high compared to a compact but that is only half the story. The lenses that you need to purchase for decent wildlife photography often cost more than the camera itself making it a very expensive business indeed.

And a bulky camera body and multiple interchangeable lenses do add to the weight of your luggage and the inconvenience of carrying everything around with you.

Digital compact cameras on the other hand are not extremely expensive and the results that you can obtain from them are almost on a par with a digital SLR camera and you don't have to worry about any additional lenses if the compact you buy has a decent zoom covering the range from 80mm to about 300mm. There are a few of them on the market that do have lenses like this and the range of the zooms increase every year.

And compact cameras live up to their name by being relatively small and light and one lens means no additional weight or carrying and no time wasted changing to another lens to suit the situation.

The Best SLR Digital Wildlife Camera for Nature Photography

If you have decided to go with a digital SLR then by all accounts the best one to purchase for wildlife photography at the moment is the Canon EOS 20D due to the blinding speed of its shutter release (near instantaneous) and its continuous shooting speed of 5 frames per second to a maximum burst depth of twenty three frames. It also powers up in next to no time at all.

This wildlife camera is as fast as you will ever need to freeze wildlife action and get the picture in the can before the animal moves off into the undergrowth.

There are other SLR cameras that are nearly as good like the Nikon D70 and the Pentax ist D so take a look at them too before making a decision.

The Best Compact Digital Wildlife Camera for Nature Photography

Canon comes up trumps again in the compact camera category with the Canon Powershot S2 IS. The factor that makes this camera ideal for safari wildlife photography is its huge 12X optical zoom lens (36 - 432mm equivalent) with a built in image stabiliser which cuts down on blur when using such a massive zoom lens.

A 5 megapixal sensor is more than enough to produce stunning safari images and as long as you can live with a slight shutter release lag and power up delay this compact wildlife camera is perfect for a safari trip.

Tips for travellers to the tropics

title:Tips For Travellers To The Tropics

author:T. O' Donnell

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1730.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



I went on my first holiday to the tropics recently. I was afraid of catching a disease, so I did a bit of research, and took some precautions. Here are some tips I found useful.

1. Get your shots.

I spent a short time in areas relatively free of mosquito-borne disease. The key word is 'relatively'. A two week holiday in an urban area is probably alright. If you're staying for months, or in an area flagged as dangerous, get your shots well in advance. Don't leave it until the last minute, as by then it'll be too late! The drugs need some time to 'kick in', and your doctor may have to order them in advance.

2. Get an insect repellent.

I made one for mosquitoes by mixing citronella with olive oil. Citronella is an essential oil (an essence). I rubbed the mixture on all exposed areas morning and night, and after washing. Seemed to do the trick. I put too much oil in, I think, so it smelled a bit. Better that, than being bitten, I say!

3. Wear long sleeved shirts and trousers.

I also wore socks in bed. Give pests no purchase! Mosquitoes are just doing what comes naturally; they need your blood to live. It's just unfortunate that they can pass on parasites when they bite. Deny them a meal, and the only things you'll bring back from your holiday are a silly hat and some souvenir photos. To wear long sleeved garments in bed, you'll need a room with a fan and air conditioning. No need to set them to freezing; just cool, with a slight breeze.

4. Air conditioning.

Air conditioning and fans are supposed to deflect mosquitoes, which is good. Avoid 'going native', and thinking you're as hardy as the locals. They get malaria and dengue as well, be sure of that.

5. Use mosquito nets.

Do what you can to keep them at bay. Paranoia is good!

6. Avoid ice and salads

Ice can have faecal coliforms. It depends on what water it's been made from. Salads can be prepared by low-paid workers who've forgotten to wash their hands. In Muslim countries, they often don't use toilet paper, just a hose, so if the staff haven't been scrupulous about their personal hygiene ...

You may feel self-conscious about refusing. Would you like your holiday to be spoiled by a spell in hospital, in a Third-world country, just for the sake of avoiding embarrassment? People like people who are forthright, so stick to your guns.

7. Don't drink the water.

A country can have a veneer of modernity, but what separates the men from the boys is the sewage system. The tap water may not be filtered properly. Drink bottled water, or water you've boiled yourself. Get a kettle, and boil it up every day, then put the water in your water bottle in the morning. Easy.

8. Drink plenty of water.

A few sips every so often, rather than a litre in one go. You'll save on trips to the lavatory!

9. Stay out of the sun.

There's a reason the locals are laid back; it's too hot to run around like you do at home. Sun tanning is actually skin damage. Due to ozone layer depletion, you may be getting more than a golden tan. Who cares if you don't come back home bronzed? Ladies especially will appreciate this in later years, when their sisters have leathery skin from roasting on the beach. Nothing less 'cool' than a white man with sunstroke, either.

When travelling in the tropics, it's best to be paranoid. I hope you can still enjoy your holiday!

Why elvis preston king the new king takes cruise vacations with his dream girls

title:Why Elvis Preston King the NEW King Takes Cruise Vacations with His Dream Girls!

author:Elvis Preston King

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_307.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Why Elvis Preston King the NEW King Takes Cruise Vacations with His Dream Girls!

There is nothing like a cruise to please Elvis and his top dream girl all at the same time.

Number one Elvis Preston King never takes diving trips. It’s too dangerous and Elvis thinks his chauffeur is a lousy driver! And for sure if other drivers were to come face to face with Elvis and one of his stunning 18 year old dolls he could cause a deadly accident or at the very least a traffic jam backed up for hours!

Elvis likes how you check your bags at the port and the Magic Wizard whizzes them to his room before he get to his suite. Elvis only accepts suite rooms with a balcony which he says is really romantic for his girls!

Elvis likes tradition, Elvis likes elegance and to be treated like Royalty. After all Elvis Preston King is the NEW King and he is today’s Royalty. He expects to be treated that way. On the RIGHT CRUISE he gets such treatment.

Some times Elvis likes to dress up in his Tuxedo and reminisce when he was the King of Rock and Roll. The formal dinner is the only way Elvis likes to dine. Although he has been known to ask for room service and order the buffet but private in his room. Also he loves it when the chef cooks his peanut butter and fried banana sandwich and sends it up to his room in lieu of the midnight buffet.

On one cruise Elvis broke down and sang “Are You Lonesome tonight” in a lounge and caused a commotion still talked about to this day on this particular cruise line. Oh yes Elvis has a disguise. But you can see it is really him if you look closely. He is graying and fat but it’s him alright.

Remember how Elvis had to rent the whole movie theatre to go to a movie. Well now he goes widely unnoticed at the movies on a cruise ship and he loves going to the movies on his cruise vacation most of all!

To find out which cruise you can catch Elvis Preston King on you need to do a Google search for future articles by Elvis Preston King the New King!

Please feel free to publish this article and resource box in your ezine, newsletter, offline publication or website. A copy would be appreciated at [email protected] com

Alps and the neuschwanstein castle

title:Alps and the Neuschwanstein Castle

author:Joy Cagil

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1734.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



My love affair with the Alps began inside the tight cabin of the now defunct Pan Am airlines. When I saw the wrinkled, craggy mountain tops breaking through thick clouds, I held my breath. Nothing like this majestic splendor had ever crossed my eyes. Immediately, I took a few pictures, not minding that a 126 box camera wasn’t the proper tool for such a sight. Ever since then, we got lucky enough to pay our respects to the Alps with a few trips.

The best resorts in the Alps for me, since I am not a climber or a mountain goat, are the lakeside towns and fishing villages. Most of the Alpine lakes are carved by glaciers; the water inside the lakes sparkles like a gemstone, be it a blue topaz, emerald, or lapis lazuli, and the lakes are edged by fancy gardens and all sorts of greenery.

In nice weather when the strong sun shines on the mountains and the area, compassionate peaks embrace the lakes and send cool breezes down on their protйgйs. These are the times to live for, whether one takes a short hike through the woods or by the lakeside or moves higher up to climb.

One climber asked me to accompany his group at least during the first part of their climb, which consisted of nothing else but hiking, and told me I could always take the cable back. I told him I was too old for that and it would be risky. His eyes lit up. “But it is just the point,” he said. “Risk is great. Risk is the healthiest thing one can do for himself.”

So I let myself be convinced, although I had no idea how far the walk would be. From a distance, the place he pointed to seemed close enough. Little did I know that to go there, we had to take a serpentine path and even do some rock climbing, something I had never done in my life. Soon after we started out, I felt tired, beat-up, and clumsy. Worse yet, what little dignity I had left, I had to give it up; during the climbing part, I let people pull me from above while others pushed my butt up from below.

In hindsight, I think, by accepting the offer to climb, I did push things (like asthma) a bit, but I got a sense of satisfaction from dealing with fears and hardship. A lesson like this one is applicable beyond the mountains and beyond any hike even if one wheezes a little.

Once I asked a climber what the hardest in climbing a mountain was. He said, “The last few hundred feet to the summit, because you have to step across from the snow patches on to the loose rock.”

His words made me look at a few mountain photos carefully. He was right. As snowy or icy a mountain appeared, its top ridges could be detected as bare rock, sometimes as a solid line, sometimes as broken rocks. Especially on the Alps, the only things that whiten the top ridges are the clouds. Is it because the highest heads do not wear crowns?

Talking of crowns, the Alps have quite a few castles built on them. The most interesting ones are those King Ludwig built in Bavaria. We visited it on a trip when we went to see one of my cousins. For an only child, I have scores of cousins, most of them scattered around Europe.

Neuschwanstein is an ivory castle with majestic spires sitting on a solitary peak. To enter the castle we had to wait in line, buy tickets, and then wait in line again because tourists from all lands come to visit it. I heard, during the last few years, they built a separate ticket place before entering the castle and also tickets can be bought beforehand, I don’t know if online or by mail. When we went there, about ten years ago, we had to wait in long lines just to get inside.

Neuschwanstein is a very pretty castle. My cousin’s husband told us to come back and see it in winter if we could, because then it looks like something out of a fairy tale. Although it was summer during the time of our visit, the castle looked magnificent, like a place any princess would want to wake up in. I could only imagine what it would be like in winter. The entire faзade of the castle was of limestone found near Swansee (Swan Lake) nearby, and the walls that supported the stones were of brick. Against the backdrop of Bavarian Alps, this white castle with red trim (because of the bricks) stood like a dream.

Once we were inside, I couldn’t believe the splendor I witnessed; neither could I believe all those spiral stairs we had to climb. An old lady (at least a lady older than me) just stopped and sat on one of the steps and waved us past by her. Although I didn’t blame her one bit, we were tripping over our own feet as we tried to go around her since the staircase was so narrow.

Neuschwanstein castle was built during the second half of the nineteenth century, as an imitation of a medieval castle. Then this castle itself was imitated by Walt Disney for his sleeping beauty’s castle.

King Ludwig was said to be homosexual and had a special relationship with Richard Wagner as the musician’s patron. Rooms on the third floor are based upon the legends of Wagner’s operas. For Tannhauser a winter garden and grotto and for Lohengrin a chamber and a throne room with a vaulted ceiling supported by columns and decorated with stars. The throne room surprised me because it was almost exactly like the inside of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, which I have seen inside out. Also there was another place on the fourth floor dedicated to Parsifal.

King Ludwig was a romantic. Besides his fantasy of the third floor cave built for Wagner’s Tannhauser, the king had a love for swans. The motif of swans repeated itself in small statuettes throughout the castle. There’s a life size porcelain swan which is said to be the king’s favorite. Even the tap in the kitchen had a swan head.

All through the castle there were breathtaking chandeliers. King Ludwig’s Bed boasted the most intricate woodcarvings with the bed covers embroidered in glitzy decorations.

The kitchen was large with a vaulted ceiling with a huge stove in the middle of it. There was a basin near a window. We were told that it was for keeping the king’s fish fresh.

Another castle nearby, yellow in color, was the castle where Ludwig grew up. We were too tired to visit that one. Anyhow, I believe all the castles in Europe are good to look at from the outside, walking around inside them is interesting but too tiring.

Kudos to King Ludwig, Neuschwanstein Castle had been equipped with the best technology of its times. The toilets were flushable at each story and there was running water on all floors. The castle had central heating system and a winter garden with glass sliding doors.

King Ludwig built other castles too. Another one people said was interesting is Linderhof, to the east of Neuschwanstein. These castles cost so much that, even when almost finished, they were opened to the public for money, to cover the expenses. To this day, that tradition continues.

To me, King Ludwig seemed to be a character created to inspire any writer. Known by many nicknames as the Swan King, Dream King, Mad Ludwig or The Mad King of Bavaria, Ludwig was an extravagant spender who became king at the age of 19 and never fit in with the royal crowd. He had serious problems relating to all people in general and to women in particular.

Even as a child of 12, King Ludwig was fascinated by the legends and Wagner. After becoming king, when he couldn’t stand Munich’s society, he withdrew to the Bavarian Alps where he met Wagner and began a long but very stormy friendship with him until Wagner’s death.

It is said that Neuschwanstein was built in Wagner’s memory and Ludwig irritated the builders and craftsmen by showing too much interest and getting on their nerves by his constant intervention while his palaces and castles were built.

Ludwig’s death was a puzzle also, for he died under questionable circumstances three days after he was declared insane. Some think that he might have been murdered. His death was by drowning in a lake to the south of Munich.

In our day, the legendary king Ludwig’s fairy tale castles are a huge tourist attraction and they are said to be a very important source of income for the state of Bavaria.

I was very much impressed with the environs around the Neuschwanstein Castle. Although the place had become too touristy, the landscape, the mountains, and the colors were breathtaking. There was a bridge at a distance where, from higher up looking down at the scenery, we could see the castle in all its grandeur. If grandeur is the word to use for the Alps and the castle, gaudy grandeur has to be the definition for the castle’s insides, even if the castle appeared cute and charming from far away.

A question I still ask is, would this same castle capture so many imaginations, had it been situated elsewhere other than the Alps?

For the same token, would we have the same exact study of psychology today, had not Jung visited these mountains with his father in his youth? After all, he considered mountains and trees as symbols of the self. He believed that all knowledge about the world, understanding, thought, dream, opinion, philosophy, peace, and courage existed inside a mountain.

Maybe Jung was right. In any case, don’t people look up high for things of quality?



author:David Chandler

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_537.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Mexico is popular with travelers from all over the world. The visitors of Mexico go there for many reasons: sunshine, blue seas swarming with fish and coral, crystal-white beaches, mountains and volcanoes, jungles full of striking wildlife, collectible folk art and the wonderful remains of ancient cultures.

Mexico is known for its tourist destinations. Its fantastic location and year-round mild climate, gorgeous white beaches are ideal for water sports. The site of the Caribbean Ocean makes this place a desired vacationing spot for all.

History of Mexico

Mexico has reminders of its past in just about every city you visit, due to Mexico's vast history. Sometime during the last ice age nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers from Asia first crossed the Bering Strait and entered the Western Hemisphere. The various civilizations of Mesoamerica are distinguished from others elsewhere in the New World by a variety of common cultural developments including hieroglyphic writing, commerce and trade, an extensive knowledge of astronomy, a highly accurate calendar system, and fascinating religious beliefs featuring a complex pantheon, a ritualistic ball game, and human and animal sacrifices.

Cities of Mexico

Cancun has a first rate tourist road and rail network. The most famous hotel chains in the world have combined luxury and comfort with hospitality. Cancun has fascinating Mayan remains, as well as a museum displaying pieces from this culture. It's excellent overland and air links will whisk you to some of the most impressive places in the Mayan World in both Quintana Roo and neighboring state of Yucatan.

Cabo San Lucas at the southernmost tip of Baja, was once a base for pirate ships waiting to pounce on Spanish treasure ships. It has quickly become the main point of Los Cabos: million-dollar condos have sprung up, palm trees have been transplanted, golf courses have been laid, water has been piped in from San Josй and everywhere is kept immaculate.

The island of Cozumel Mexico has shops with a nice selection of goods including fine jewelry stores. There are so many great reasons to visit Cozumel that once you visit once, you might just get hooked. Compared to other tropical vacation spots, Cozumel is very inexpensive. The unusually short 2-hour flight from Houston, Miami, or Dallas/Fort Worth means you can be lying on a lounge chair sipping a beverage by noon!

Puerto Vallarta is smaller, quieter and younger than Acapulco. In its own way, it is actually every bit as commercial - perhaps more so, since here tourism is virtually the only source of income - but appearances count for much, and Puerto Vallarta, while doing all it can to catch up with Acapulco, appears far less developed and retains a more Mexican feel.

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas for Mexicans, in traditional homes and rural areas, is a religious holiday. It is a celebration of the Nativity. The first thing to know about celebrating Christmas in Mexico is that most everybody takes off the last two weeks in December to spend more time with the family, visit with old friends, even make new friends.

Desert inn makes room for encore at wynn las vegas

title:Desert Inn Makes Room For "Encore at Wynn Las Vegas"

author:Iulia Pascanu

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_290.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



The towers of the legendary Desert Inn in Las Vegas (nine-story each) were imploded on November 17, 2004, in order to make room for a new construction in the "Wynn Las Vegas" project, initially planned to span over 20 acres of land.

Nostalgically described as "another chapter in Las Vegas' history that is being closed beneath a cloud of dust" by Las Vegas Review Journal, the name of Desert Inn stands now by the side of other famous & former Las Vegas resorts like The Dunes, Hacienda or Sands.

Entitled "Encore at Wynn Las Vegas", the new 61 story hotel tower will feature at least 1,500 suites and full-resort amenities such as a casino area, restaurants, a spa, swimming pools, retail and conventional space.

"Encore at Wynn Las Vegas" is expected to open in 2007.

Steady plans for the Wynn Las Vegas grand opening

By that time, there are other major events to tick off on Steve Wynn's agenda (the man behind the whole project). The original plans for the 28th April 2005-grand opening of "Wynn Las Vegas" remain unchanged.

The date is a double anniversary for Steve Wynn - the launch of a mega-resort wearing his name and his wife's birthday. Within a few days of approximation, by the same time back in 1950, Desert Inn itself was opening its doors.

"Wynn Las Vegas" is the classic idea of a modern resort & casino, only bigger, more luxurious and certainly, more expensive.

Steve Wynn's portfolio as a Las Vegas hotelier includes impressive names like Bellagio, Mirage, MGM Grand and Treasure Island. Wynn's management is famous for generating high cash-flows in the first years of activity of his previously developed projects in Las Vegas.

Initially, the investment at Wynn Las Vegas was announced to rise up to $2,6 billion. With the new tower expansion, the sum changed to $3,5 billion; by either estimation, the most expensive Strip resort, up to the moment.

Inside look at Wynn Las Vegas

Apart from the "Encore" tower, "Wynn Las Vegas" will feature:

* Approximately 2,700 rooms

* 111,000 square-foot casino space

* 18 restaurants

* Ferrari & Maserati full-service & dealership

* An art gallery (Sure to display - among others - “In the Roses”? by Renoir and a self-portrait from Cezanne, both achieved by Steve Wynn during an art auction, at a total price of $40 million.)

* An 8-story (150 foot high) man-made mountain with a 5-story waterfall cascading into a lake.

* A globular show-room with 2,000 seats and a center stage that immerses through the audience. The theater will be domed & quite aquarian, with water flowing below, above and around the audience - and destined to host a new Franco Dragone spectacular show, produced especially for the Wynn resort. Franco Dragone also produced Cirque du Soleil's "O" and "Mystere", and is presently engaged in Celine Dion's new show at Caesars Palace.

A photocopied travel letter to home

As they drove from Traverse City, illinois to Tucson, Arizona, I wrote a series of letters, & photocopied them to send to relatives & friends. This was the first of the two.

Travel Letter #1

Saturday, 12/13/03 - nice morning. Welcome to our holiday form letter. we are in Arizona now. The sun is shining & it will be in the sixties today, which should melt the ice on the windows soon. Ana's foot doesn't seem to be broken, as they thought, so they took a long walk in the desert last night. they saw a coyote, probably the same two I chased the other day, & there were javelina tracks everywhere.

The library in Safford has books in french, so Ana is enjoying reading now that her eye-patch is off. The doctor promised that the "divet" left by his golf-club-like blade will heal soon. they learned that eyeballs have plenty of nerve endings, & they think the object in her eye may have been a fiber from a yucca plant.

Our uncontrollable coughs are under control now, & they are not among the ten people in Arizona that died from the flu this week. Oh, & the antibiotics from the Safford clinic seem to have helped with Ana's abcessed tooth.

I should start at the beginning. The first day, after dealing with the usual rudeness of the INS employees in Detroit, they made it to Kansas. they hit a traffic cone there at high speed, & heard a horrible sound coming from under the van. The cone, I discovered, had been dragging along underneath. Nothing was broken, but later the bright light switch stopped working.

In Farmington, New Mexico, they spent a few days resting & coughing. they were about an hour away from buying a house when they discovered it needed new wiring, had a garden hose attached to the natural gas line, & other problems they missed on our first visit. The new bloke begged me to buy it, called our motel room to tell me they needed money for open-heart surgery in two days, & called again to lower the price, but they moved on. By the way, the house was to be a winter project, not a new home.

Fortunately, they drove during daylight after that. In the Colorado mountains they went from 16 to 20 miles-per-gallon, confusing the sensors & causing the "check engine" light to turn on. they successfully ignored it until it changed it is mind.

Steve & Ana

Monument Valley was beautiful, the Christmas parade in Holbrook was cute, & despite various problems & illnesses, we are having a great time. You see, I didn't need to make you all jealous, so I left out a lot - the constant sun, the beautiful sculptures in Grand Junction, & the nine times we've been in hot springs in Colorado, New Mexico, & Arizona. Next week we are going to Mexico for lunch. Hope all is well in arizona. Adios,

London the wheel clamping capital of the universe

I have lived in London for all of my life (38 years)

Yeah, there is no doubt it is a fabulous city, well what i have seen of it anyway.

Living so close to the city makes the average Londoner a little lazy when it comes to visiting the tourist attractions that London has to offer and i guess any traveler who has spent 2 weeks visiting our fine capital city would have probably seen more of London than i ever have 8)

I guess i visited more popular places when i was a child and often on school trips so i guess it was mandatory for me to attend a school day trip whether i wanted to or not.

Personally i would suggest that you visit the city in the evening after all you haven't come to London to sunbathe have you?

Seeing the sites of London is highly recommended but do not expect to be able drive around the city and park your car outside of your desired attraction. (no chance)

London supplies it's visitors (free of charge) with several thousand 'ninja, moped riding traffic wardens'.

I recommend using public transport such as buses and the London underground service as the roads are highly trafficked and if your were to win the 'parking lottery' and actually find a parking space, you would have to spend a huge lump of your winnings on the parking meter or car parking fees.

But hey, don't let this deter you from coming, it really is a great city.

Find out more about how to escape parking fines and wheel clamp fees at my blog.

http://wheelclamp. blogspot. com/

Regards to you the reader, surfson ;)

Travel to italy rome and venice

title:Travel to Italy – Rome and Venice

author:Rick Chapo

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_829.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Where does one begin to start when discussing Italy. Well, if you intend to travel there, Rome and Venice are good places to start.


Perhaps you’ve heard of it? It goes without saying that Rome has a rather prominent past. Lets see, in Rome you will find…[deep breath]…the Vatican, Coliseum, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Church of Saint Agnese, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and a guy name Allassandro. Just making sure you’re paying attention. Indeed, Rome is filthy with historically significant attractions. It seems you can’t turn around without bumping into something an Emperor built, captured or destroyed. For those willing to risk potential wrath, there are also the new Divinci Code tours, which take you to the locations found in the book.

In all serious, Rome is a city you should visit at least once in your life. No article could ever do it justice, so I’ll just stop here.


I fondly refer to Venice as the floating city even though it is apparently sinking. If you’ve seen Venice is movies or televisions shows, the depictions are accurate. Piazza San Marco looks exactly the same, birds and all. The Grande Canal is, well, a grand canal with incredible houses lining it and boats putting up down this water way. Built on mudflats in a lagoon, the city doesn’t really have much room to grow. It just seems paralyzed in time.

Once you’ve conquered the tourist attractions, it will be time to get serious about Venice. The best way to do this is stand in front of your hotel or hostel, determine which direction the tourist attractions lie and start walking in the opposite direction. While you may feel like you’re driving the wrong way on a freeway for a few minutes, you’ll eventually start getting into real Venice.

An entirely different side of Venice will appear and you’ll love it. You’ll find little cafes with locals happy to talk to you [and non-tourist prices]. In fact, the Venetians will tend to hold you in high regard since you’re a tourist who is bypassing the tourist areas. This, of course, will logically lead to a whirl of introductions to this nephew, that son of a brother and so on. Next thing you know, you’ll be complaining about Italian politicians and how things used to be better in the past.

While Rome and Venice are excellent travel destinations, you can’t really go wrong in Italy. For the adventurous, set your itinerary with the old map on a wall and dart technique.

Florida vacations in jacksonville

title:Florida Vacations In Jacksonville

author:Rose Lenk

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_836.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Situated in the northeastern portion of Florida, lies one of the gems of the state and a popular vacation destination: Jacksonville. Far from being just an urban destination, Jacksonville offers a unique vacationing experience complete with beaches, natural attraction, museums, wildlife exhibits and other tourist attractions.

Shimmering beaches, golf courses to die for, breathtaking state parks, intimate bed and breakfasts and enough shops to make even the most devout shopaholic faint, are some of the reasons that Jacksonville, Florida is a perfect vacation getaway. Whether you are looking to get away from it all or just want to soak up a few rays, Jacksonville has something to offer everyone.

Jacksonville is nestled in Florida's northeast region which is known for its diversity. Featuring cool mineral springs, breathtaking lakes, lush forests, and a string of beaches, the Jacksonville area is a beacon for those looking for a memorable vacation.

In Northeast Florida beaches stretch for more than 100 miles along the Atlantic Coast. Some of the most popular beaches are Amelia Island and Fernandina which consist of approximately 13 miles of stunningly beautiful beaches. If you enjoy surfing, windsurfing, fishing and camping, Huguenot Memorial Park is a great beach for these activities.

Here are just a few more of the many activities to be found in Jacksonville:

St. Augustine. St. Augustine is the oldest city in America and was founded in 1565 by Pedro Menendez. One of the main attractions of St. Augustine is the old for that sits near the bridge of the lions. This fort is centuries old and in great condition. While walking through the stone corridors and gazing the rooftop, which used to boast of powerful cannons used to protect the fort, one can get a glimpse of history and almost imagine what it was like to live at the fort during the height of its glory.

Guana River State Park. This 2,000 acre preserve is a perfect spot for your family to enjoy picnicking, biking, fishing and hiking.

Anastasia State Recreation Area. This bird sanctuary consists of 1,700 acres of ancient oaks, five miles of beach, spectacular sand dunes and tidal marshes which are a perfect backdrop for camping, picnicking, hiking, boating, swimming, windsurfing and fishing. Here you can learn to windsurf from the professionals and take a canoe trip along the banks of Salt run.

Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. The Cummer museum features an award-winning collection of classical art, traveling displays, breathtaking riverside gardens and a children's learning center.

Downtown. Downtown Jacksonville boasts of the world-famous Landing, an intricate web of shops and eateries where local entertainment and special celebrations are held. Also downtown you will find Alltel Stadium, home of the Jaguars; Veterans Memorial Coliseum where many events such as circuses, concerts, and monster truck shows are held; Wolfson park, home of the Jacksonville Suns baseball team; and Met Park, an amphitheater that plays home to many concerts. Jacksonville also hosts the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and Junior Orchestra. And at the Florida Theatre you can see many Broadway plays as well as shows from stars such as David Copperfield and the Nutcracker Ballet during the Christmas season.

As you can see from these few examples, there is no chance that you will get bored on your next vacation getaway if you choose Jacksonville, Florida as your destination. From a round of golf to lazing away on the beach or touring one of the many nature preserves, the Jacksonville area has something to please even the most finicky heart.

Exploring the exotic antarctica cruise

title:Exploring The Exotic - Antarctica Cruise

author:Colin Hartness

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_413.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Antarctica is one of the great unexplored areas of the world. It wasn’t until the last fifty years that there has been any appreciable exploration or study of the vast frozen continent. Now the tourist with sufficient money can actually view and set foot on this unique part of the earth.

The tourist season for Antarctica is restricted only to the months of December through February when it is the peak of summer in the southernmost part of the world. Only vessels equipped for the icy waters cruise to one of the coldest areas of the earth. Three major cruise lines offer Antarctic cruises: Celebrity Cruises, Orient Lines, and Radisson Seven Seas. Smaller specialty expedition companies also offer other trips to this destination.

Celebrity Cruises travels to Antarctica with the polar icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, a refitted 1980’s Russian polar research vessel. This ship takes a fortunate 106 passengers to the polar region with the amenities expected from Celebrity Cruises such as pool, sauna, and gym. Accommodations are small by comparison to a cruise ship

Cruise the nile of cleopatra

title:Cruise The Nile of Cleopatra

author:Colin Hartness

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_275.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



For centuries, the Nile River has been at the center of life in Egypt. The ancient Egyptian civilization relied on the flooding of the Nile to create fertile land for farming in an otherwise desert landscape. Excavations along the Nile have unearthed vast quantities of archeological remnants from ancient times and a leisurely cruise along the Nile takes you through this ancient populated area that is so steeped in history. And remember, you are following a royal route; the pharaohs and Queen Cleopatra cruised the Nile!

A cruise along Nile is an excellent way of visiting scattered archeological sights in a country with less than spectacular roads and airline service. In fact, some quality travel agents recommend cruising as the preferred method of transportation in Egypt. The best time of year to enjoy a Nile cruise is winter, from December to February, due to the hot desert climate.

Think of the romance of a leisurely cruise through such an ancient and historic land. The banks of the Nile are lined with ancient monuments and unusual sites, like banana plantations. Excursions to other famous locations, such as the Karnak Temple and the tomb of Nefertiti in the town of Luxor, are available on most cruises. Other towns that can be touring stops are Aswan, Esna, Kom Ombo and Edfu. Knowledgeable local guides are available and are recommended to explain the finer points of each site.

A Nile cruise can be quite economical. For a three-star ship the cost can be as little as $70 per person per night while a deluxe cruise can cost a mere $130 per person per night, double occupancy. The length of the cruise can vary from 3, 4 or 7 nights. Rooms are well-appointed and meals are included. Of course, deluxe and luxury cruise boats also provide a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bar and recreation facilities, and gift shops. Air-conditioning is a must for the American tourist who is unaccustomed to the possible one hundred degree heat. And remember, since you are cruising on a river than the ocean, the river cruise ship will be much smaller, with anywhere from 100 to 500 passengers.

Generally, meals on a Nile cruise are served at a specific time, with all passengers being served at a single seating. Expect a full range of cuisine from local to international. Some meals, such as lunch and dinner, may be served buffet style. And, of course, luxury cruise companies employ world-class chefs to pamper the palette.

A cruise is an excellent way for the American tourist to visit a unique and different culture since all services are provided. For example, there is no worry about where and what to eat. Also the cruise company arranges all the tours to the major ancient attractions and provides reputable guides who know Egyptian customs. Thus, you do not need local currency for admissions as these have been paid in advance. By taking a cruise, you are buying a measure of safety in a foreign land, provided that you select a reputable cruise company with a good reputation.

Egypt is an ancient land with fascinating monuments and temples that are adorned with mysterious hieroglyphics. What better way to immerse yourself into this unique culture than to experience it by cruising the Nile like the royal pharaohs.

The luxe side los angeles

There is Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, and just L. A. Savvy travelers, jetsetters, and movers and shakers know where to stay, where to eat, and where to go for entertainment.

Everything in the L. A. area—give or take—is a 30-minutes-or-less drive. However, due to heavy traffic on most major roadways, more times than not; it is better to give yourself extra time than take it for granted that traffic is running smoothly.

Despite the dense traffic, Los Angeles is among the most glamorous of the mega-desirable hotspots of the world. If the mission is about just staying and playing, it is impossible not to have a great time while doing it here. There are beaches, marinas, cultural events, shopping, dining, and wining aplenty. We are going to take a look at the luxury hotels, the best restaurants, and fun activities in Los Angeles.

Luxury hotels in Los Angeles run the gamut from boutique to vast. The three luxury hotels on this romp through L. A. include the Bel Age Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills, and the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza.

The Bel Age Hotel is a West Hollywood landmark that is being reborn as the London West Hollywood in 2008.

The hotel, which is now a property of the LXR Luxury Resorts & Hotels, has an East Coast presence as well with the London NYC. Retaining the decorum and ambience that only the Bel Age could radiate, the LWH rings in a new era that is so retro fittingly. Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay and the hotel's supreme concierge service richly complement the hotel's full-service spa and workout facility.

The Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza is closer to the urban side of Los Angeles. It is neither in the legendary Valley nor Tinsel Town. The majority of Southern California's terrain is dotted with suburbs and beaches. However, the city proper is making a most-promising return to the limelight as various ecologically correct luxury residential developments are cropping up. The Omni features outdoor jogging paths, a fitness center, and a full-service spa. The spacious Club-level rooms are where the real luxury starts, but all quarters are refined and stately.

The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills puts guests within walking distance to the fabulous boutiques and specialty stores of Rodeo Drive. The hotel is an embodiment of the Hollywood highlife and its accompanying perks. There are poolside cabanas, a full spa, and numerous enticing amenities for guests. All 285 guestrooms have step-out balconies, and roomier suites are available.

Entertainment venues are many and varied in L. A. There are amusement and entertainment-theme parks, sports events, museums, concerts, theater, and many more family-friendly activities throughout Los Angeles. There also are clubs, lounges, bars, and other sources of adult-friendly entertainment too.

To experience the Hollywood phenomena and be treated like Hollywood's favorite flavor of the month, check out the Tropicana Bar inside the Roosevelt Hotel. This legendary-status A-list getaway for drinks or a night out has been serving the community stalwartly since 1927.

It is a fortress of lush, tropical luxury located in the center of Hollywood near Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Maybe it is just the poolside bar and the mix of old and new decadence bonding seamlessly in this community of cabanas and a poolside-bar.

Many evening adult-entertainment activities such as dance clubs, sports bars, and comedy clubs, listed on L. A.s tourism Web site GreaterLosAngeles. com. There are many options for both daytime and nighttime fun and recreation.

For daytime yachtsmen seeking adventure, merriment or both, Marina del Rey—with its 6,000-slip marina—is a great spot for sailing or docking. Charter a yacht for a weekend from Marina del Rey's Ronin Yacht Charters. Bareboat and full-crews charters are offered. The Marina's social calendar is a whirlwind of yachting and boating events, as well as other events and social affiairs occurring year round.

Rise above it all at the Elevate Lounge. It is a nightclub set atop a 21st-floor penthouse overlooking L. A.'s Financial District. The lounge shares the top floor with the Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant. So, while there is a mouth-watering menu of Japan-influenced delicacies and entrees on one side, there is swank, indoor-and-outdoor dance club with the freshest D-Js, a large dance floor, and a VIP private-seating area.

Featuring the best restaurants in Los Angeles is an ongoing gastronomically delightful experience that will have to be revisited many times over to justly represent all the great restaurants the area has to offer. A quick look at menus of the Stinking Rose, the Water Grill, and Ocean and Vine are presented on this round.

The Stinking Rose is located on La Cienega Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Garlic-infused foods are the house specialty as this is a garlic restaurant. Traditional dishes such as crab and prime rib and mussels are enlivened. Patrons can order a garlic martini or a bowl of Gilroy's famous garlic ice cream.

The Water Grill offers up some of the best seafood dishes in Southern California. The Zagat Guide and the Robb Report have officially touted the works of executive chef David LeFerve. David, who has participated in more than 50 culinary competitions, changes up the Water Grill's menu daily. The food is international by scope and otherworldly by most people's palates.

Ocean and View is a beachside restaurant located in Santa Monica that features a distinctive Southern California cuisine along with a very relaxed atmosphere. It is spacious and has indoor and patio seating. The refined enclave for epicureans with playful personalities is the lounge/restaurant for Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.

Coast of britain exmoor national park

title:Coast Of Britain – Exmoor National Park

author:Steven Cronin

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_617.shtml

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Surrounded by undulating, verdant countryside, as well as diminutive, charming hamlets, Exmoor is justifiably acknowledged as the land of cottages and combes. Located on the north Devon coast, Exmoor National Park is residence to a plethora of chocolate box villages along with magnificent landscapes.

Exmoor is the smallest National Park in Britain, although the scale of grandeur is by no means less. Wildlife flourishes throughout the impressive expanse of rural area. Exmoor ponies graze the vast spread of summer meadows and red deer still roam unbound. Modest rural communities operate their commerce, as farmers persevere to make hay while the sun shines.

Travelling eastwards along the A39, we enter Exmoor National Park at the northwestern corner and meet the wonderfully named Valley of Rocks. One of the showpieces of the area, Valley of Rocks is a glorious cliff top gorge, soaring above the shoreline resembling titanic sentries. Toothed peaks penetrate the sky as the rocks stand watch over the coast.

Barely east of Valley of Rocks are the twin villages of Lynton and Lynmouth. From its prominent position high on the north Devon coastline, Lynton is home to some of the most dramatic views across the Bristol Channel. Beneath Lynton, at the mouth of the river, sits the quaint fishing village of Lynmouth, scene of the dreadful flooding of 1952. The two villages were united in 1890 by the cliff railway.

A further eastward along the A39 rests the beautiful little village of Oare. Positioned two miles inland, Oare lies in a picturesque valley, bathed in stunning surroundings. At the heart of the village is Oare Church, dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. When constructed, the church would have accommodated approximately twelve people, however in recent times capacity has increased.

To be found amid the rolling sea green coastline, the tiny rural community of Culbone is home to the smallest parish church in England. The church rests deep in the woody hills and features a bell dating back to the 14th century.

The village of Porlock lies in the northeastern region of Exmoor Heritage Coast. Formerly a significant port, Porlock now sits one mile inland as a consequence of rising land levels and receding sea.

Located in the outermost northeastern corner of Exmoor National Park, Minehead is a modern, active town and serves as the western terminus of the West Somerset railway. Amid pleasant climate and fresh amenities, Minehead operates as a contemporary seaside resort. The stone quay, built in 1616, was once an essential trading port with Africa and North America, while today works primarily leisurely pursuits.

Choice dining in the french caribbean

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For many travelers, good food is a key part to enjoying your island vacation, which makes the French Caribbean a great place to book your next trip, because here, you can sample some of the best French cuisine and blend of specialty dishes in the Caribbean. In addition to the stunning sugary-sand beaches and the gleaming azure Caribbean Sea, the region of the French Caribbean is also known for its mouthwatering food. The islands of the French West Indies have inherited their motherland's love for food and cooking, producing succulent traditional French dishes as well as a blend of cuisine influenced by many other cultures.

Culture of Cuisine

The French Caribbean islands are infused with rich influences from people of many different nationalities, including African, Chinese, Dutch, Indian, Spanish, and French. This infusion of cultures lends a unique flare and a distinctive appeal to the recipes from islands such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, and St. Martin, making these islands well-known and highly visited destinations among travelers who appreciate a standout dining experience.

Because the islands in the French Caribbean feature people different ethnicities from around the world, the famous cuisine of the French West Indies not only consists of authentic meals of French influence, but also innovative Caribbean dishes, such as Creole-style meat and seafood, that are specific to each of the individual islands in the French Caribbean.

Different Tastes

The individual islands in the French West Indies each have their own specialty dishes, so depending on what kind of food you're in the mood for, you may want to find out what kind of recipes a specific island is known for. For instance, Martinique is considered by some to have the most traditional French flair in the Caribbean. Martinique's restaurants often feature an array of seafood dishes, such as lambi, which is conch, or blaff, a boiled fresh fish with oysters and fresh-water crayfish. This wonderful island is the perfect place to turn your vacation into a totally gastronomic experience.

Guadeloupe is famous for a wonderfully zesty salad called fйroces d'avocat that is made with avocados, cassava, and salted cod. And, for some of the best desserts in the Caribbean, vacationers may want to head to the French territory of St. Martin, where you can indulge your sweet tooth with tasty pastries, banana flambй, and many more specialty treats.

Enjoying different foods accompanied by fine French wines can be a fun and gratifying way to spend your vacation in the French Caribbean. And why not indulge in the rich culture and cuisine of these amazing islands? You're sure to have an unforgettable experience at local restaurants and eateries that feature such a wide spectrum of fare amid wonderful French West Indies vacation spots.

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