Gorilla safaris trekking a pinnacle of uganda tourism

title:Gorilla Safaris: Trekking a Pinnacle of Uganda Tourism

author:Jakke Gibson Roberts

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Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” is small country in the Eastern and Central Africa bordering Kenya in the East Tanzania and Rwanda in the south, Congo (DRC) in the west and Sudan in the north.

Uganda has a unique description which cannot be close to the truth….situated in the fertile heart of Africa, astride the Equator boasts of wide diverse of landscape, from rugged snow capped mountains, the vast flatlands stretching to the horizon, Uganda offers visitors a wealth of breathtaking scenery , with range of broad savannah, rain forests to arid – semi desert , plenty of wetlands and abundant fresh rain forests. It is within such charming climate that has natured and protected the mountain gorillas that still survive on earth.

It is estimated that not more than 600 still survive on earth and that those still surviving live in the environs of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in south western part of Uganda.

Every visitor coming to Uganda would wish to get into contact with these gentle giants moreover our distant cousins. Uganda should treat gorilla tracking as the pinnacle of the tourism industry in the country if they are to continue attracting more numbers of tourist visiting the country and increase passes to visit these gentle giants. Below is my gorilla experience.

Gorilla experience.

Having slept in dream world of tomorrow experience, I woke up so early by 5.00 am and took shower to enhance my energy. Shortly we were briefed by the park guides what we were likely to go through before meeting the forest beasts and most important as to how to conduct ourselves once we are in vicinity of gorillas.

We set off under dense under growth and faster we moved, in the jungle under dense layers of canopies. The terrain is hilly but all covered with thick forest. We would stop to wait for those who needed to catch their breath. It took us about 5 hours to get near them. Closer the gorillas got. Our guide signaled that he has seen waste (poopoo) and this was sign indicating to us that we are almost seeing them. Shortly started seeing fresh under growth beaten. Continued hiking in the jungle following some beaten tracks. We came across some monkeys and many bird species in the jungle. The Forest truck was narrow, overgrown. As a result we could not see far ahead of us.

So no sooner had we moved in a bit open place but with thick ferns and orchids, could already view a few of them sitting majestically and motionless in tree branches watching and waiting for us.

Our efforts and determinations were about to pay off. We came across a small river and crossed it in one leap. Now we really came close. We were tired but very excited; we moved down and crawled closer to the gorillas in total silence. They had finally come into full view-over 14 of them-an unbelievable sight!

Two silver backs sat next to each other at the head of the group, while the others huddled together closely behind and continued their silent stares. Once in a while the juveniles could move in play some manner almost coming closer to where we were while the adults broke into a low grunt and moved closer. Meanwhile each of us was fidgeting to take a snap of life time as to many of would be their last chance to see these forest beasts.

The bigger silverback suddenly stood on all fours and stiffened, indicating we had probably moved too close.

One of the gorillas appearing to be stubborn refused to sit with the group or even join them when they began moving further away. He continued to sit by himself in the bush and watched us. We also watched him, and waited for him to join his family. Eventually he left the bush and sat in the path just behind us. We left the path so he could move ahead of us and join the others, but still refused to move. When our patience finally run out and we decided to follow the other gorillas before they disappeared out of sight, Finally he moved and followed closely behind us. Whenever we stopped, he too would stop and move whenever we moved.

“He is trying to show the silverbacks that he too can lead. He wants to make sure all is well” ranger guide explained. He soon and went to join his family who were already moving ahead and disappearing under the thick leaves. For one hour, we had watched infant gorillas playing on their mother’s bellies, juvenile gorillas somersaulting on tree branches, and male gorillas shaking the ground with their chest thumps. For one hour, we had sat entranced by the sight of the gorillas, so massive that one us thought a gorillas paw to be a head. It was an hour well spent. We continued pondering over our time with the gorillas long after they disappeared out of sight.

Finally it was time to retrace our steps back to the vehicles. Three hours of climbing awaited us. But we didn’t mind. Our mission had been successfully accomplished. We were happy and done.

Not even the torrential rain which poured half way into our journey back, could erase our spirits - no wonder this forest is at times referred to as rainy forest. It is a memory I still savor and linger in my dreams.

It is to this emphasis that the caretaker of the habitat of these distant cousins Uganda Wildlife Authority should continue playing a pivot role to conserve for the future as their motto spells. Company offering trips to East Africa – Kenya Tanzania and Uganda plus Rwanda called Travel Hemispheres, http://www. travelhemispheres. com, arranged our tour package. And can be reached on this email:

Our email address is [email protected] yahoo. com

Jakke Gibson Roberts

Cheap air fares the secrets to getting cheap air fares

title:Cheap Air Fares - The Secrets to Getting Cheap Air Fares

author:Anthony Kristovich III

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Cheap air fares are easy if you keep these 8 tips in mind. Airlines aim to make as much money as possible. They are not going to put the cheap air fares out front, so you need to know how to find those gold mines yourself.

There are basically 8 rules I use on a regular basis when booking flights to be sure I get to my destination the cheapest way. These are tips that every person can easily use, frequently cutting the price in half you pay.

1. Make your reservation as early as possible. At least 14 days in advance. After this time, the air tickets can easily more than double in price and cheap air fares may not be available.

2. Be flexible with your travel time. Changing the day or the time of day can drastically reduce the price of your air flight. The best day to fly on is Wednesday, which is also the best day to book the flight on. The cheapest time to fly is early morning or late evening.

3. Fly during the off-season. Prices are a direct result of supply and demand. As demand goes down, prices go down as well, benefiting flyers.

4. Shop all the airlines. This is the most possible using a couple of key air travel websites that I recommend on my site at the bottom. Being able to check all the airlines side-by-side can make it really easy to get those cheap air fares you're after.

5. A stopover instead of a direct flight can result in huge savings.

6. Membership in some clubs like AAA can get you discounts.

7. Look into air travel packages. Purchasing your air travel, hotel, and rental car through the same place usually gives a massive discount. Using a bigger air fare website will allow you to get both cheap air fares and cheap hotels in the same place in moments. I have recommendations for this on my site as well as to which are the easiest to use and take the least time to book the flights and anything additional.

The prices on air fares are a direct result of competition, inventory, and demand. Competition is the airlines competing with each other. Inventory is how many seats are left open on a given flight. Demand is how many people are looking for air travel tickets.

8. By choosing the least-crowded flights that are the least in demand, you get the cheap air fares you want. It's really that simple.

As you can see, there are many ways to get better prices. If you use a good air fares website and choose the best days and times to fly, you can often get cheap air fares and save a hefty amount of money in the process. Most of this is easier in practice for the well setup sites to compare all the airlines side-by-side. The cheaper prices stick out like a sore thumb. There are also many hidden deals also that don't get as known, so I have done the leg work to find you the best site to book everything from cruise ship vacations to cheap hotels to cheap air fares, all in one place. Also I have tracked down running specials on the cheap air fares, some as nice as 50% off the prices of the cheap air fares giving you deals that simply can't be beat.

Finding discount prices on european vacations

title:Finding discount prices on European vacations.

author:Mike Yeager

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Imagine saving 30%-40% in airfare expenses as you get ready to travel to an exciting, exotic location. How exciting would that be? Inexpensive European vacations to travel Italy and Ireland travel can be found if you're willing to do just a little research. You don't have to be an expert at hunting down the most discount airfare, just spend a little time comparing departure dates and times. European vacations to travel Italy and Ireland travel and traveling overseas is an activity that more and more people are engaging in these days, and, believe me, you can find some incredible bargains on the internet.

If you're schedule is flexible, you'll find Fantastic prices on European vacations to travel Italy and Ireland travel.

For example, when traveling to London England, you'll save a lot of money if you can go before June and after September. The summer months are the busiest. But, if you search for European vacations to travel Italy and Ireland travel during the shoulder or off-season, you'll find some cheap flights that will save you a lot of money. Why give that money to the airlines when you can use it for sightseeing or eating in nicer restaurants? When traveling overseas be sure to allow plenty of time to obtain your passport. In addition, international travel will usually require longer check-in times at the airports. You'll need to pass through customs when you arrive at your foreign destination and you'll need to do it again when returning back to the U. S.

Spend a little time doing some research on the internet and you'll be very excited with the great European vacations to travel Italy and Ireland travel prices offered. You'll be in control of how much you pay and that'll make your vacation that much better.

Vacation safety stay aware to stay safe

title:Vacation Safety - Stay AWARE to Stay SAFE

author:Andre Best

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date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Why? To save yourself grief. And pain. ENSURE your Arizona vacation safety. Learn about safety issues NOT found in the travel brochures or vacation websites.

You see, when on vacation in Arizona there are a few things that one should be aware of when visiting here. These are the type of things that you won't read about in those slick brochures you find in the travel agent's office.

These are the only things that one will learn about by living here for an extended period of time.

Let's face it. It's a real downer to not have a safe vacation. It's not fun to spend a night in the local emergency room with the kids when they get sick from eating some bad local food or have an accident. Not fun indeed.

But, these vacation safety tips I'm going to share are not about the infrequent accidents that do happen on vacation. The vacation safety tips I'll be sharing here involve things that are totally preventable.

As long as one is aware of them first.

So, let's get started with vacation safety tips that'll help you have a safer vacation here in Arizona.

1. The first of these vacation safety tips is for you to be aware of where you go when you're vacationing in Phoenix. Phoenix is a big place and like most big cities it has areas of the city that are not too upscale.

Now, what are you to do about this?

Well, just realize that there are certain places within a big city like Phoenix that one should be extra careful about visiting.

If you find yourself in a part of town that has a lot of run-down houses, properties with garbage strewn around them, and abandoned cars parked along the streets - then common sense should tell you that these neighborhoods are not too safe.

Trust that instinct. I'd suggest you find other areas of the city to visit or drive around.

You see, Phoenix has, in my opinion, a high crime rate.

I moved here from Canada twelve years ago. What truly shocked me when I moved here was that Phoenix had more murders occur in two months than where I used to live had in a year. And I lived in, at the time, the 'murder capital of Canada'.

So, just do yourself a favor with this vacation safety tip and stay aware of your surroundings. If it doesn't look like a good place to be - it probably isn't.

Trust your gut and get out of there.

2. The second of these vacation safety tips involves somewhat of a local health issue. I'll explain...

The entire metropolitan Phoenix area is located within a large valley. It's surrounded by mountains and mountain ranges. And within this valley is a certain type of 'bug' that lives in the soil.

Actually, this bug issue is similar to most other country's bugs (e. g. Canada's Beaver Fever bug, Mexico's 'don't drink the water' type bug) because it's a bug indigenous to Arizona.

And what does this bug do? It wreaks havoc on a persons health when a vacationing visitor is infected with it. In our case, this bug causes what is known as Valley Fever.

And how does one get infected with Valley Fever? By breathing in the microscopic spores that make up this nasty bacteria.

And what does this bacteria do to a person when breathed in? Well, it can cause flu-like symptoms that grow all the way up to pneumonia, internal bleeding, and very, very rarely... death (gulp).

Now, I'm NOT trying to scare you. So don't go cancelling your vacation plans to Phoenix...

...Because we need your sales tax revenues.

You see, this Valley Fever bug usually only becomes a problem when a person who hasn't had Valley Fever comes in contact with it.

And a person comes in contact with it by breathing the bug in.

And the bug is found in soils that are not old and dried out, but rather soils that are newly disturbed.

So, how can you protect yourself with regards to this vacation safety tip? Easy.

Do all you can to stay away from soil disturbing activities.

Like to visit new construction sites on your vacations?

Like to do local gardening?

Like to take up archaeology as a hobby when you're on vacation?

One word of advice... DON'T.

Essentially, don't go digging around places or near digging activities that you shouldn't be around. At least not while on vacation here in Phoenix.

I know, I know, why would you go on one of your southwest vacations in Arizona just to dig in the soil, right? Silly me.

Well, just so you know. I got Valley Fever the first year I moved here. It progressed on to walking pneumonia and left scars on my lungs. I was lucky that that's all that happened to me.

And what was I doing to be exposed to the bug? Just some simple landscaping in my desert landscaped yard.

See? It doesn't take much.

So, just do your vacation planning while keeping this vacation safety tip in mind. Let's not have you getting sick on us. Okay?

3. The last of these vacation safety tips applies to most of Arizona. This one is about bugs too. But this is about a different type of bug.

The real thing...

Scorpions and Black Widows.

Why is this one of our vacation safety tips? Because these little critters can be a nasty safety issue when you vacation here and get bitten by one of them.

You see, these two bugs are extremely common here in the state. Not quite as common as cockroaches, but almost. Why? Because it's a desert here and they're desert creatures.

They like the heat and they like dark cozy places. So, when you vacation Arizona just be aware that these little critters do like to live in places that the kids may go probing around in. Don't let them do that.

Keep probing hands away from dark crevices both inside and outside the house, rental, villa, hotel or apartment.

And if someone does get bit, err on the side of caution and call the local poison control center ASAP and ask for help.

Oh, and by the way, unlike the Hollywood horror movie depictions, these bugs are NOT half the size of a horse. They're SMALL. Black widows are maybe half an inch long. And scorpions get 'as big as' two inches. But... scorpions are FAST. And both can HURT you big time.

So, please ensure vacation safety for your family. Stay away from places these critters habitate. And when you get up in the dark in the middle of the night to get a drink of water - wear slippers. Just in case.

So, to sum up...

Don't get paranoid about these vacation safety tips.

Go vacation.

Have fun. Just keep your eyes open to possible vacation safety concerns. Simple, right?.

Anyway, I hope these vacation safety tips prove helpful to you. Do have a safe trip here to Arizona. Just improve your vacation safety by ensuring you remember these vacation safety tips I've shared with you.

Good luck.

Tips for visiting epcot

Since its opening in 1982, Epcot at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida continues to be rated as one of the most popular theme parks in the world. Million of visitors come from all over the globe to visit this top-notch theme park. Epcot’s blend of education and entertainment make it an enjoyable experience for guests of all ages.

Visitors to other Disney theme parks, like the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland may be used to the crowded areas and slow moving lines that cause a great deal of stress to their guests. The design and layout of Epcot is more conducive to park touring, allowing guests to roam more freely without feeling crowded or packed in at any park area.

When planning your visit to Epcot try to allow two full days to touring the park. Epcot is nearly 300 acres and has two sections, Future World and World Showcase. Future World usually opens at 9am but closes around 7pm, two hours before Epcot’s closing time. World Showcase opens at 11am and stays open until 9pm. The popular Illuminations show begins each night at 9pm and is considered the “finale” before the parks closing.

If you are able to visit Epcot for more than one day you will be able to visit at a more leisurely pace. It is suggested that you visit the attractions at Future World as the park opens, and then make your way into World Showcase. Your first day at Epcot will be spent mostly in Future World, with such popular attractions as Soarin, Mission Space and Test Track. Most major attractions at Epcot can be found in the different pavilions, The Land, Living Seas, Universe of Energy, etc. You should allow about one hour when visiting each pavilion as the attractions include pre-shows and most times a wait on line. Disney’s FastPass feature allows you to secure a return time (with a one hour window) so that you may return to the popular attraction at a set time and enjoy a shorter wait time. Currently the FastPass system is installed on the most popular attractions such as Soarin, and Test Track.

When you move into World Showcase you will get to visit the different countries represented here at Epcot. Guests will visit eleven pavilions for such countries as Canada, Mexico, Norway and China. Some countries feature movies or rides, while others are mostly shops and recreations of popular tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower. With some planning, your visit to Epcot can be one of the most enjoyable vacations you will ever have!

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Hello from toronto a first little driving tour the city viewed through the eyes of first time visitors

title:Hello from Toronto: A First Little Driving Tour - The City Viewed Through the Eyes of First-Time Visitors

author:Susanne Pacher

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1075.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



So my brother is in town, together with his wife and 2 friends from my little home town in Austria. It is everybody's first time in North America and their initiation to Toronto. Just to give you ideas of dimensions: Austria has a population of about 9 million and the country extends about 900 km from east to west while the Greater Toronto area nowadays probably has about 4 to 5 million people and Lake Ontario alone is over 300 km long. The first thing my visitors noticed was the difference in size: the size of the city, the size of the lake, the size of cars, the size of supermarkets, and even of refrigerators.

On Sunday we started off with a little driving tour of Toronto where I first took my visitors down to the lakefront by the historic Art Deco style R. C. Filtration Plant. All of them love water and to have a lake as big as an ocean so close by fascinated them. After a leisurely drive on Queen Street through the quaint Beaches neighbourhood we parked the car close to the St. Lawrence Market and started our walk around.

Since my brother is a chef and always loves to purchase market-fresh food, I initially took him to the St. Lawrence Market which always has an antique sale on Sunday. The food market is actually closed on Sunday. We checked out the wares from old furniture to cameras to various knick-knacks.

Our exploration continued westwards along Front Street past historic 19th century houses and of course past the famous triangular-shaped Flatiron Building which has a mural on its west side. Approaching Yonge Street we walked past the Hockey Hall of Fame, a historic Beaux-Arts former bank building, the magnificent Royal York Hotel, built in 1929, once the largest hotel in the British Commonwealth.

One of the things that fascinated my visitors most was how old and new can coexist right next to each other: shiny skyscrapers are located right beside historic sandstone churches. Our walking tour continued past Union Station, Toronto's impressive central railway station, built between 1914 and 1927 as a joint construction project by the Canadian Pacific Railway and Grand Trunk Railway (now the Canadian National Railway). Its monumental scale, classical detail and rational, ordered planning were hallmarks of the style. The station is massive and takes up an entire block on Front Street between York Street and Bay Street. The Great Hall of the Station is 250 ft. long and 84 ft. wide.

Our walk continued further west on Front Street past the Convention Centre to the base of the CN Tower and the entrance to the Skydome, Toronto's multi-purpose stadium with a retractable roof, now called the Rogers Centre. We then snaked our way up through the Entertainment District to Queen Street where we admired Osgoode Hall, built in the 1830s, and now an oasis of green in the city. An ornate iron fence, built in 1867, renowned for its peculiar "cow gates," surrounds the property and its beautiful gardens. The cow gates in particular fascinated my visitors.

Our next stop was at New City Hall and Old City Hall, opened in 1899, which racked up construction costs of more than $2.5 million at the time which caused great controversy in those days. Continuing past the Bay Department Store on Queen we passed the Metropolitan United Church, an English style cathedral dating from 1872, whose churchyard was filled with people enjoying the warm day.

Once back in the car we drove through the U of T campus, my Alma Mater and we stopped briefly to check out Hart House and Kings College. Then we headed down to Chinatown at Spadina and Dundas and my visitors marvelled at this exotic, busy market area. Our last stop on the tour was Kensington Market, a lively little neighbourhood full of food and clothing stories and restaurants where we ended up picking up fresh vegetables, dry beans, and a variety of cheeses for some of the scrumptious meals to come. My brother, the chef, marvelled at the variety of food available here, combined with the inexpensive prices a food lover's dream.

We took our loot home where my husband was waiting for us with a big brunch to strengthen ourselves for attending a birthday party of one of my friends that had the motto of "let out your inner child". The party was unique in that it involved such time-honoured Toronto traditions as hitting a piсada while a bunch of adults were playing with water guns, chasing one another around the house with buckets of water dropping on the combatants from the second floor.

I think our visitors had a full day, from getting a first taste of Toronto, to participating in a rather eventful birthday party, their first impressions were very positive and they were looking forward to exploring more of this exciting city.

Local explorations hello from lake ontario s waterfront trail

title:Local Explorations - Hello from Lake Ontario's Waterfront Trail

author:Susanne Pacher

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1067.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



In our neck of the woods the summer has been absolutely gorgeous, a little on the hot and humid side occasionally, but I am unable to recall a summer that has been so warm and sunny as this summer of 2005.

The weekend before last I just felt like exploring the local area a little bit and since I was unable to pry my husband away from watching some of the season's first football games, I struck out on my own and laid out an itinery for a little local discovery. I've said it before - this website is about exploration and discovery, locally and abroad. The places right underneath our noses often have so many things to discover, we don't always need to get a plane ride away to uncover something new.

Since we spent so much time along Toronto's waterfront during my brother's visit, and since I am big suck for water in all shapes and forms, I thought let's stretch the envelope a little further east and see what Lake Ontario has to offer outside of Toronto's eastern city limits. More specifically, let's check out the shoreline and Lake Ontario's Waterfront Trail.

The Waterfront Trail extends for a total of 740 km and stretches all the way from Niagara-on-the-Lake in the southwest to Brockville in the east. Of course, 740 km in a day would be a bit much, so I focussed my explorations on the communities just east of Toronto: Pickering, Ajax and Whitby.

I started just on the west side of Toronto's city limits at the estuary of the Rouge River, which forms part of a protected nature preserve. The river flows out in a lagoon setting and joins the lake just outside a long extended finger of sand, right beside a beautiful sandy beach. A video production company was just shooting a soca music video and the footbridge over the Rouge River was actually blocked off by the film crew. That didn't deter a bunch of fishermen underneath the railway bridge from casting their lures in hopes of catching the big one.

My next stop was Pickering, the first community east of Toronto. I went down to the Liverpool Beachfront Park, which houses a brand new very attractive Cape Code style housing development, a marina and a restaurant surrounded by a marsh just inland from the shoreline. At the beachfront of Frenchman's Bay there are various recreation facilities and the boardwalk takes you right up to the fences of the Pickering Nuclear Power Station.

Back in the car I went and I scoped out the next city further east: Ajax, which has a beautiful waterfront. I parked my car at Rotary Park which has a nice pavillion with a food concession, put on my inline skates and rolled eastwards past the Ajax Waterfront Park and Harwood Gardens to the east end of the Waterfront Park. Virtually all of downtown Ajax' waterfront is parkland and near Lion's Point and Harwood Gardens the shoreline is elevated, with many benches to sit down and rest and gaze out onto the infinite horizons of Lake Ontario.

I made a brief stop in Whitby, but by that time my stomach was growling and the nagging feeling in my digestive system made me decide to explore this area in more detail another time. I figured I gotta leave some of the nice stuff for next time.

After almost 20 years in Canada I had never explored these parts of Lake Ontario's shoreline and I was amazed at how many beautiful spots I found. As fall approaches, I am planning to extend my discoveries and head out to discover some of Ontario's brilliant fall colours and get to know my local neck of the woods a little better.

Taking stock the last few months

title:Taking Stock - The Last Few Months

author:Susanne Pacher

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1065.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



So every few months I take stock of what's been happening, where I stand now and where I am going. You probably know by now that www. travelandtransitions. com is a project that has grown out of some of my true passions and I work on it part-time, in addition to running a full-time translation and language services business by the name of Textronics Communications Ltd.

This process of taking stock has actually worked very well for my full-time business, where I meet with my strategic consultants every few months to lay out detailed strategies and double-check where we stand now in comparison to the plans we had laid out.

I find sometimes the hardest thing as an independent entrepreneur is to develop strategies and new ideas by yourself, and even more so, to consistently implement them. Particularly when you are a sole entrepreneur and you don't have business partners or a network of other entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of.

So following my pivotal trip to Cuba I have refocussed my efforts on my full-time business since in my fervor to get my new website off the ground during the first 4 months of the year, I had admittedly been neglecting my main business to some degree. The effects of that were beginning to show and I realized that I must dedicate the proper amount of attention to my business, considering it is my sole source of revenue at this stage and I also feel a great sense of responsibility to the people that work with me.

Later on (and a realistic timeframe still needs to be developed) I am planning to make Travel and Transitions a revenue-generating venture, but I realize that will take time, to build traffic, to make it a truly valuable resource on the net, to publicize the website. Considering that we only uploaded the new version of the site at the new URL www. travelandtransitions. com on March 20, 2005, I think we are doing reasonably well. In less than a month we had achieved a Google Page Rank 2/10, without even having submitted the site to the search engines yet!

Building this website is a multi-step, long-term venture, and I am pretty happy with the progress. So far we have over 110 pages of unique content and there are many things in the works. At present I've got 3 or 4 interesting interviews in the pipeline and in the near future I will dedicate more time to researching and writing useful travel advice articles. I am working on creating a newsletter and over the next few months we'll create a travel story contest where you, the readers, will finally have an opportunity to submit your stories while having a chance to win some awesome travel prizes. At the moment, we are approaching other webmasters to exchange links and it's very gratifying to receive positive feedback for all the work that's been done so far.

Last Sunday, on our way back from our trip to New York City, I picked up a book at La Guardia Airport, it is called "The Bitch in The House" - "26 Women Tell the Truth About Sex, Solitude, Work, Motherhood and Marriage" and I have finished about three quarters of the book and I really enjoyed the frankness of the articles. A common theme that runs through it is the difficulty and frustrations among today's generation of women of trying to balance the multiple simultaneous demands of work and home life. Some of the women write very candidly about their built-up anger arising from the challenge of trying to have it all, to manage it all, to get everything done without too much guilt that one area or another got short-changed.

It's funny, but this book fits in so well with my insights that I arrived at during and after my trip to Cuba, where I realized balance and appreciation are key things I need to focus on. I myself had been running myself ragged, trying to manage a full-time business with several staff members, while getting a new web-based business off the ground (without any background in web design or e-marketing), all the while trying to remain a decent partner to my husband, a good friend to my buddies, and supposedly looking after my health by eating, sleeping and exercising properly.

Well, I am happy to report that during the last 4 weeks I have managed to make some meaningful changes in my life to restore much-needed balance. I have rededicated appropriate efforts to my full-time business, I continue to take courses, read books, and educate myself on issues such as search engine optimization, and e-marketing, and all areas of business management. I am happy to say I have also been spending more meaningful time with my husband, I have reconnected with friends, and I have been able to get on my bike at least a couple of times a week before work, play some tennis and try to get back into shape.

As far as appreciation is concerned, I indeed feel very blessed. For 20 years of my life I dedicated myself solely to completing 2 business degrees in evening studies and simultaneously building a business for the last 15 years, efforts that often stretched me to the limits of my capabilities.

This web site, I feel, is truly my calling, my opportunity to redevelop and rekindle the sides of me that I had been neglecting for 2 decades: my creative side, my adventurous side, the language learning side, the hobby sociologist/ anthropologist/ photographer in me. And I am grateful for having had some sort of divine flash of insight to start this venture, my true chance to pursue the passions in my life. Indeed, one day this web site will be my full-time endeavour, but all in good time, since balance and a reasonably stress-free life are essential to me.

I now realize patience is an important virtue.......

An ontario vacation

title:An Ontario Vacation

author:Johnny Mangiante

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_541.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



The uniqueness of Canada’s provinces makes each one worth visiting. Whether you like to ski or swim, fish or golf, visit national monuments or museums, Canada has it all in one beautiful, thirteen-province country.

One of the most popular travel destinations in Canada is Ontario, a metropolitan centre of industry and culture. With a population of more than 12 million, Ontario is home to about one in three Canadians, eighty per cent of which live in urban centres, largely in cities on the shores of the Great Lakes.

What is Ontario weather like?

Ontario weather varies greatly. In the summer, temperatures can soar above 30°C (86°F), while in the winter temperatures vary greatly depending on what part of the province you are in. For example, in the south of Ontario like in Toronto, temperatures often go down to -12°C (10°F) in the winter months (December, January, February) whereas the winters are colder still in a northern city like Timmins, Ontario. All areas of Ontario receive snow in winter yet have warm comfortable summers.

What can we do in Ontario?

Every year, Ontario tourism revolves around three major places, Toronto, Ottawa, and Niagara Falls.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest in North America. Some of the key attractions of the city are the CN Tower, the Harbour Front, the Skydome, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and the Toronto Zoo.

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, offers a variety of fun activities and museums to fill your day. The Ontario tourist cannot leave Ottawa without visiting Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal, and the National Gallery.

Known as the honeymoon capital, Niagara Falls is one of Ontario’s main tourist attractions. Twelve million tourists flock here every year to witness the wonder of the three major falls—American Falls (1060 feet wide, 176 feet high), Bridal Veil Falls (1060 feet wide, 176 feet high), and Canadian Horseshoe Falls (2600 feet wide, 160 feet high). Niagara Falls is open and active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Other places of interest for tourists in Ontario are St. Lawrence Market, Ontario Science Centre, Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, the Toronto Islands, and the Stratford Festival.

Can we go fishing in Ontario?

Of course! Ontario has the largest fresh water lakes in the world and a huge diversity of fish, making it the best place in the country for a fishing trip. However, make sure to familiarize yourself with all the regulations regarding Ontario fishing before planning your trip. Contact the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for full licensing details.

Are there any Ontario resorts?

Ontario resorts are in abundance. Many are beautiful waterfront properties nestled in forests, providing the perfect setting for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a fishing trip.

World cup creates gripes but fans set for victory

The television advertising is in full flow, football souvenirs are hitting the shops, and widescreen televisions are selling fast as UK fans try to get the best view of the matches, prior to the opening of the 2006 World Cup next month.

Current estimates indicate that about 100,000 British fans are expected to make the journey and travel to Germany at some point during the tournament. At the turn of the year, cheap airline tickets were selling out fast for the final stages, and predictions from BA for flights from London to Berlin (http://www. britishairways. com/findaflight/europe/gb/flights/from/london-to-berlin. html ) around the final on 9 July were estimated to rise to Ј650 return, however, the addition of extra flights has meant that prices have been kept to a much more reasonable level.

Travel writer Simon Calder told the BBC that hotel costs could double in some cases, although short break hotel directory (http://www. superbreak. com ) Superbreak has indicated that most hotels in the vicinity of each of the England matches are not surprisingly completely booked out by now. Many supporters have chosen to base themselves outside of the main hub of activity in Germany, by staying on the borders of neighbouring countries such as Luxembourg or France, where accommodation is still available and have not been hit by the spiraling costs within Germany.

Another common cause of complaint for UK supporters is the lack of tickets allocated for the England fans for their World Cup matches, which has been stirring up much consternation. With 8% of the tickets allocated to UK fans for each group game, making around 4,000-5,000 seats per match, while the sponsorship companies between them own about one in six of all the tickets for the entire tournament, approximately 500,000 seats. The chances therefore of getting a ticket are virtually non-existent, unless you manage to strike it lucky with a last-gasp chance through one of the sponsors' promotions like Barclaycard (http://www. barclaycard. co. uk ).

This will not stop many of the fans however, who will still make the pilgrimage despite not having accommodation or match tickets, simply for the atmosphere.

For those who decide not to travel to Germany there is still the opportunity to join in with the World Cup fever atmosphere as the UK pub, club and off-license trade is expecting to heavily reap the rewards of the competition through vastly increased custom especially by pubs across the country, with additional revenues of over Ј280million if England can make it through to the semi-final or higher.

Timeshare q a understanding types of timeshares available

* What are the different types of timeshares available?

Timeshares are available in two basic types — 'fee simple' and 'certificate.' Fee simple is similar to the ownership of one's home, while certificate is similar to a lease like renting an apartment. Another term for a fee simple ownership is deeded timeshare property. Fee simple ownership is like owning your own home and you receive a deed to the timeshare. On the other hand, certificate ownership, also known as right-to-use, gives you the ability of owning a timeshare for a specific amount of time, much like renting an apartment, only much longer. There are also some different consumer choices.

Examples of these timeshares include:

• Fixed week

• Floating time

• Points

• Multi-location

The fixed week timeshare is the most familiar form and the oldest kind of timeshare. This works by purchasing one or more weeks to be used at the same time each year at your resort from which the weeks are numbered 1-52. Once you have purchased the number of weeks you will use the resort will guarantee that they will be waiting for you at that time.

A Floating Time timeshare works by buying your vacation time by the size of unit and season of the year, which is not designated as to the actual date or week of the year. This type of timeshare will give you the responsibility to contact your resort each year and confirm your arrival to the resort.

One of the advantages of this timeshare is offering you flexibility in your schedule; however, it is usually based on a first come-first served basis. This means that highly desirable weeks are often full during their season. Also, when exchanging you should first affix or reserve your time at your resort before the exchange companies will accept it for deposit.

Another type of timeshare is called "Points." This kind of timeshare is the newest form of timeshare and has become very popular. The way this works is you purchase a number of points or credits, which will enable you to travel in a specific season of the year. You can also use most credit or points-based resorts for a maximum number of weeks purchased to a minimum of one night. The only drawbacks for this are the accounting systems. They are sometimes confusing and are subject to availability similar to the floating time.

The Multi-Location timeshare enables you to have more flexibility to visit other timeshares in other locations as long as it is within the same timeshare organization, either far or near as long as it belongs within the group.

* Which is the most popular type of timeshare?

The most popular type of timeshare is the deeded ownership or fee simple but the points are also becoming more popular.

* What is a fixed week timeshare?

The fixed week timeshare is the most familiar form and the oldest kind of timeshare. This works by purchasing one or more weeks to be used at the same time each year at your resort from which the weeks are numbered 1-52. Once you have purchased the number of weeks you will use the resort will guarantee that your timeshare property will be waiting for you at that time.

* What is a timeshare fractional membership?

A timeshare fractional membership is a vacation real estate development owned by several members and operated for their enjoyment. This means that each member owns a fraction of the unit ranging from four to twelve owners per unit, a club residence as well as an interest in the club facilities and common areas.

* What is the difference between a timeshare Fee Simple Ownership, a Certificate Ownership and a Leasehold?

The differences can be seen in how you actually have rights and ownership to the property. Each system allows you to have the time period wherein you can use the property.

In a Fee Simple Ownership, your ownership of the property is forever. You will get a deed for your share. You purchase a number of weeks in which you can use the property.

A Certificate ownership gives you a certain time period wherein you own the property. This depicts a certain time frame wherein you are a timeshare owner of a property.

Leasehold timeshare is when a state does to allow a deeded ownership of a property. You have a lease on a certain property in a certain period of time wherein you timeshare that property.

Chicago a city of history culture and character

title:Chicago - A City Of History, Culture and Character

author:Perry Manzani

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Chicago: More Than Just The Windy City

A visit to Chicago leaves you spellbound. Like all other metropolitan cities of North America such as Los Angeles and New York, Chicago also has a truly cosmopolitan nature. This is evident by the number of people from all over the world who have made this lovely city their home.

It's this wide diversity of people that gives Chicago its wide variety of culture and arts. No where else in America can you find the jazz and blues that permeates this city. This combination of culture and diversity also creates a culinary circle in the city that leaves nothing to the imagination. With so much going for it, you'll want to make sure that you include Chicago on your list of cities to visit.

There are many attractions in Chicago that you won't want to miss. One of these attractions is the Art Institute of Chicago. You'll be able to spend a few hours looking at art and sculpture from the last 5000 years. The huge collection of postimpressionist and impressionist paintings are a must while you're at the museum. Don't forget to get your picture taken beside the lions outside the museum.

A good way to truly experience the lifestyle of any city is to visit its neighborhood. One such area is Lincoln Park, which is famous for its Biograph Theater, site of the John Dillinger shootout by FBI in 1934. This neighborhood never sleeps and reflects the spirit of Chicago. At all times you can find people strolling, walking, running, cycling or even rollerblading among the hustle and bustle of a busy city life.

This neighborhood also has a place where you can have your drawing made by guess who? A CHIMPANZEE! This is possible at the free public zoo, the Lincoln Zoo in the same neighborhood. Chimpanzees artwork is a popular zoo product all over the world. Besides the chimpanzees and gorillas the zoo also has a variety of other lesser known animals such as the Galapagos turtle and poisonous spiders from far off places.

By now quite a few of you must be wondering about an important aspect of any trip, shopping. Chicago provides ample opportunity for this, on the Magnificent Mile avenue stretching from the Park to the Chicago River. Another landmark of Chicago that you can find on path is the Tribune Tower, standing in all its gothic beauty from 1925 till today. This tower's base is also the resting place of various rocks that have been brought from all over the world by newspaper reporters.

Besides the zoo, Chicago also boasts of one of the earliest aquariums with world's largest marine and aquatic animals collections, the Shedd Aquarium, built in 1929, popular among kids. You can have look at marine life such as penguins, dolphins, beluga whales, harbor seals, moray eel

The province of alberta

title:The Province of Alberta

author:Dave Lympany

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The Province of Alberta is approximately 255,200 square miles in size and boasts incredible scenery and abundant natural resources. It is situated between the provinces of Saskatchewan to the East and British Columbia to the west, with Northwest Territories to the North and the state of Montana, USA bordering the south.

Alberta is in the Mountain Time Zone which is Greenwich Meantime -7 hours. Between the months of April and October Daylight Saving is in effect and the difference is GMT -6 hours.

There are two main cities, Edmonton (The Provincial Capital) in the north and Calgary in the south. Edmonton is located approximately 300 kilometers north of Calgary, with a healthy rivalry between the sports teams and the populations in general. There are several other Towns and Cities that have a lot to offer including Lethbridge, Red Deer, Brooks, Medicine Hat and Fort McMurray to the far north.

The Provinces landscape is extremely varied and provides a multitude of Recreational Possibilities. From flat open prairies, raging rivers, turquoise lakes and majestic glaciers to the awesome beauty of the magnificent Canadian Rockies.

Not surprisingly, the most prized assets of the province are the Banff and Jasper National Parks, coupled with the pristine Kananaskis Country. Banff is by far the more commercial with the Mount Norquay, Sunshine and Lake Louise ski hills close by. The town is a beautiful place but becomes fairly crowded during the summer and winter with tourist/skiers flocking to the town. Bears are a fairly common sight all around the area and there are often deer roaming around.

The world famous Ice field Parkway offers one of the most breathtaking drives in the world as it winds through mountain passes and past enormous Glaciers and emerald blue lakes. Be warned, photographs and video’s do not do justice to the scenery as to appreciate the enormity of the area you have to stand there and take it all in. Once you complete the drive, you will have passed the Columbia ice field where snow coaches will take you for tours on the Glacier. The Town site of Jasper awaits at the end of the parkway and offers a less commercialised mountain town experience. The stunning Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon are a must see and there are sight seeing tours up the Jasper Tramway to the Whistlers summit (2470m high). Please note that you will need a valid park pass to stop in any national park or to drive on the Ice Field Parkway.

Alberta has the lowest overall taxes in Canada (Provincial tax rate is 10%) and is the only province that doesn't have a provincial sales tax. It boasts one of the worlds most vibrant and competitive economies that thrives on the back of massive oil and gas resources with the massive Oil sands projects in the far north promising more Oil than Saudi Arabia! The recent mad cow crisis has damaged the famous Beef industry though this will hopefully be resolved soon. The Provincial Government actively encourages Business Development and investment; this in turn fosters the economic growth and performance that is leading Canada's economic recovery. Alberta is now debt free as a Province after paying off over $20 Billion mainly due to the massive oil and gas revenues.

As with all the Provinces, Alberta regulates its own Education System. Currently, the education budget is receiving a great deal of attention from Albertans who are pushing hard for more investment. Also, the money previously used for debt servicing will now be made available for infrastructure investment – billions of dollars have been allocated to this.

The Provincial agency for assessment of foreign qualifications is The Edmonton based International Qualification Assessment Service (IQAS). This service is critical to enable Canadian employers assess your education and was also a requirement for the visa application when we applied.

Also on the self regulation list are Driver Licensing, Workers Compensation Board, Social Welfare Program and a Provincial Nominee Immigration Program. Professional regulation is also governed at a Provincial level - all the information can be found through our "Job search" pages.

The major political concern for the Alberta Government (headed by long serving Premier Ralph Klein and his conservative party) is the Provincial Healthcare system. All Canadians want extra funding to forestall what is perceived as a deteriorating service. I must admit that it is definitely better funded per capita than the UK for instance. The Federal Government is paying out several billion dollars to help out over the next few years and the Provincial Government is making it a priority as well.

Alberta has a rich history from the prehistoric days of the dinosaurs, the time of the first nations ruling the land, through western settlement and the journey towards independence. There are several world heritage sites in Alberta with the main two being the very impressive Royal Tyrell Paleontology museum near Drumheller and the Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump site near Lethbridge.

The Tyrell museum is a world leader on Dinosaurs with some fantastic displays that are a treat for any family. The Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump is an amazing interpretive centre that demonstrates how the native Indians joined together at certain times of the year for the big buffalo jump where they skillfully drove herds of buffalo over a cliff. When successful enough food was gathered for the participants to get them through the winter and all parts of the buffalo were used. Unfortunately, the arrival of the western settlers destroyed this way of life with the buffalo hunted to near extinction.

Alberta is a fantastic place to live or visit and the sheer number of Canadian s moving to the Province is testimony to the lifestyles on offer. With the future promising increasing revenue’s from the Oil and Gas industry and massive investment Alberta is the place to be. The majestic rockie mountains provide fantastic recreational possibilities that are virtually unsurpassed anywhere else in the world.

More information on living and visiting Alberta can be found at http://www. onestopimmigration-canada. com/alberta. html

Visit rome - a historical city

Do you bear a passion for history? Are you interested in ancient

architecture and temples? Do age-long and legendary activities

beckon you? If so, then you must definitely explore the ancient

lands of Rome, at least once in your lifetime.

With an area of about 150 square kilometers, and a population of

3.8 million, Rome still stands tall in the vast field of world history.

Whenever we come across Rome, Etruscan tombs, Republican

meeting rooms, Imperial temples, ancient Christian churches,

medieval bell towers, Renaissance palaces, and Baroque basilicas

strike the core of our mind and we enter the superficial world of

history and architecture. Rome takes us through the pages of


Rome is situated halfway down Italy's western coast, about 20

kilometers inland. Rome is a large city, though the historical area

is quite small. A majority of the Rome historical sights are

restricted within a reasonable distance of the central railway

station, Stazione Termini. All the main Rome monuments are

situated west of the train station in Rome. However, it is always

advisable to use the map of Rome, once you arrive in Rome.


The central attractions of Rome are the Palatine Hill and the Forum.

Via Del Corso is located north from the Forum to Piazza Del Popolo,

accompanied by Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain on the east.

The Vatican in Rome is situated northwest of the Forum, across the

River Tiber in Rome.

Rome offers a great deal of pleasure with the likes of the

arrogance of the Vatican, the immemorial haunting memories of the

Coliseum or the sheer thrill of going back to centuries ago of

timeless history.

Rome offers you a wide range of excitement, adventure, and

enjoyment. The thrill and sheer experience of Rome is very

distinctive and unique. Rome gives you the liberty to thrive on

wine, architecture, history, and sunshine.

The advantages of flying using air charters

Most of us have been used to flying through commercial flights from the major airlines. When we choose commercial flights, the only thing that we consider is if we are going to fly in the business class, first class or economy. Seldom do we consider that we subject ourself to airline policies and regulations that can be strenuous or affect our privacy. Very few people really consider flying through a private air charter. So, what exactly happens when you charter a private plane? Here are the things that will make you better understand flying through private air charters. Flying using a private air charter has a number of advantages, here are some of them.

1. Travel According To Your Schedule

Have you experienced trying to call airline after airline just to inquire if they will be able to book you for a flight so you can attend a business meeting in New York? Airlines offer you a scheduled flight that may not fit your schedule considering the other meetings that you have to attend before flying to New York. Finally, you no longer need to keep up with the schedule to keep up with the schedules that airlines give you. You can fly at whatever time you choose. This way, you wouldn't have to cancel important meetings or family activities at home just so you wouldn't be late for your next out-of-state business meeting.

2. Choose The Airport

Unlike major airlines that only fly to busy airports, flying using a chartered plane allows you to choose which airports can you land. Therefore, you don't have to spend so much time traveling by car from the airport to your destination, if there is a nearby airport. Also, you can prefer to avoid landing in the congested airports to save your traveling time. There's no need for connecting flights or to change planes. With a chartered aircraft, you have the convenience of traveling continuously from your location to your destination. Unlike with commercial flights where you have to change planes to get to the connecting flight, you can sit comfortably even from long country to country flights.

3. Be On Time

Delayed flights can really be annoying, especially if you only have a few minutes before you next business engagement. A few minutes of delay can cost you much money. And what could be worse that missing your flight? Nothing to worry anymore. Chartered flights help you keep up with all the things on you schedule because you can say when you would like to fly.

4. No Lost Luggage

Losing your luggage is a nuisance. What if you only have a few minutes to freshen up and change your clothes before your next schedule? You can't spend so much time looking for your luggage which could be mistakenly taken by another flight passenger. And doesn't help that the airport will just send the luggage to your place when they find it. Since you are flying on your own or with your associates in an air charter, the risk of having your luggage mistakenly taken by another person is very meager. What's even better is that you know who you're flying with.

5. Get More Privacy

Flying through a regular commercial flight doesn't permit you to discuss transactions with your colleagues. What if you just thought of a better way to make your presentation? You restrain yourself from taking about confidential details of your transaction, as you might be heard by the people sitting in front or behind you. Or what if you're just so tired and wanted to get some sleep but other people just keep on taking? Chartered airplanes give you the privacy to discuss business transactions with your colleagues. Or if you just choose to sleep and relax, you have enough room to rest and nobody will bother you.

6. Business Class Convenience

If you think flying through a chartered flight denies you of the personalized service offered by airlines, think again. You can also have catered foods and the amenities given to business flight passengers. So, if you want to have the convenience of flying when you want, wherever you want, the confidence that your luggage will not be lost and enough privacy to do what you want during your own time, flying using an air charter is the best option for you.

The travelling itch

I have a passion for travel that has never been fulfilled. My childhood years were spent fantasizing about exotic cultures and faraway places: visiting the pyramids of Egypt, flying over the Nazca lines in the southern Peruvian desert, wandering mysterious cobbled streets in the rustic towns of Italy…these fantasies were always in my mind and formed the background for my college studies in Anthropology. Someday, I thought, I will see the world…

One child, one mortgage, two car payments and several revolving credit balances later I have yet to see more of our planet than the western half of the continental US (with a few forays into the wilds of Vancouver, British Columbia). Though the shores of the west coast are indisputably beautiful and my move to Idaho has introduced me to a different landscape of rugged yet pristine terrain, my thirst to roam remains unquenched. So when I recently landed on an opportunity that enabled me to indulge my travel yen - for life - with a membership offering steeply discounted trips around the globe, I seized it. This is what I found:

The Coastal Travel membership is good for a lifetime with just one purchase and a small annual renewal fee. There are two options to join: Domestic and International. I chose the International option, which includes all of the discounts and packages offered in the Domestic package as well. Included in the membership are a vast variety of discounted trips offering complimentary lodging to destinations from the islands of Barbados to those of Greece, and from Paris, France to Bangkok, Thailand. Also offered are 20 discount cards for dining, entertainment, roadside assistance, complimentary long distance calls, golf, camping and a long list of hotels and resorts, including domestic and international condominium rentals at greatly reduced prices. As a bonus, I found 5 complimentary cruises included in my purchase.

Though my first two scheduled trips are within the States (the discounts also apply exceptionally well to my normal business travel), I will finally see the Eastern half of my country for the first time and will be visiting Boston, Massachusetts and Orlando Florida for less than 1/3 the cost I would pay without my membership. But after my return, I will be planning my first trip overseas.

I am having a hard time deciding between Tahiti and Australia…

Golf course and waterfront living

title:Golf Course and Waterfront Living

author:Robert Flournoy

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With today’s planned lifestyle communities, golf and boating enthusiasts have an opportunity to purchase the vacation and retirement home of their dreams just a chip shot away from the green or stone’s throw from the marina. In addition to an ideal home setting, golf and waterfront community residents enjoy an active and diversified lifestyle experience complete with first-class golf courses, marinas, beaches, spas, clubhouses, recreation areas, fine dining and countless other amenities.

Out of the 10,000 master planned communities across the United States, over 2,500 are built around golf courses and pristine waterfront property. Making sense of all the options can be mind boggling. If you are thinking about relocating to one of these golf and waterfront communities, it is imperative to be able to distinguish one community from the next and more importantly, know what to look for before you buy.

In the past, golf and waterfront master planned communities catered to distinct segments of the housing market, namely middle to upper income empty nesters and retirees. Things have changed. Today, golf course and waterfront developments are designed to accommodate budgets of all levels and generally fall into one of two categories: multi-generational and age restricted.

The construction of multi-generational communities represents a recent trend in planned community home building. The underlying idea is to attract a diverse population of families including retirees and young professionals of varying income levels and backgrounds in order to establish a robust and vibrant community. After decades of building age restricted communities, builders and developers have recognized that the traditional elements of planned community living such as security, on-site amenities and low maintenance housing appeal to home buyers of all ages.

Most new communities are multi-generational developments. Vistancia situated in the beautiful Sonoran desert outside of Peoria, Arizona is a recently opened golf community attracting individuals and families of all ages. Since home sales began in March 2004, almost 500 families have moved into this scenic development with 1,700 total acres of open space and a 900-acre mountain preserve.

Conversely, age restricted planned communities are developed for the +55 home owner with amenities and facilities for today’s discerning empty nester and retiree. Typically, the age restriction requires one household resident to be at least 55 in order to qualify for home ownership. Over the last decade, an evolution has occurred with the age restricted community model of yesteryear making way for contemporary activity based developments complete with lavish amenities and world-class recreation areas, not to mention the conventional facilities required by the +55 demographic.

The undisputed leader in age restricted master planned community development is Del Webb. Since the 1960s, Del Webb has constructed numerous age restricted golf and waterfront communities across the United States. Del Webb’s Sun City developments are arguably the most recognizable line of age restricted communities stretching from coast to coast with Sun City Hilton Head in North Carolina and Sun City Lincoln Hill in California.

The most important criterion in selecting a traditional home is location and the same is true when deciding on a golf and waterfront community. The old adage “location, location, location” aside, one has to consider whether the new property will serve as a primary residence, second home getaway or retirement abode. The final location decision is generally based on three primary factors: home use, surrounding area and local weather.

For most of us working folk, our primary residence is located within an hour or so of a major metropolitan center. Don’t fret, there are hundreds of golf and waterfront communities centrally located within driving distance from most major metropolitan areas. If by chance you live near Dallas, you have several options to choose from including Stonebridge Ranch in north Dallas and Black Horse Ranch which is only 25 minutes from downtown. Washington D. C. commuters are also in luck with conveniently located golf and waterfront communities in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. Belmont Country Club, a Toll Brothers property, is a mere 40 minutes from Washington D. C. in Ashburn, Virginia. These examples represent only a fraction of the actual number of suburban golf and waterfront developments.

The location decision is a bit more complicated and not as clear cut when one considers purchasing a second home retreat or retirement residence. In this situation, other factors come in to play such as the activity and cultural richness of the immediate area and of course, local weather. If you are looking for a second home, would you like to be nestled in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of the city, located in a more suburban area or some in between?

Climate is also an integral factor to take into consideration when purchasing a home particularly if you are feeling abused by recent harsh winters. This may clearly point to a direction that takes you out of your home state or even to another part of the country. Conversely, the summer’s never ending heat may drive you to consider the cooler climates up north. Fortunately, there are 2,500 golf and waterfront communities spread out across the United States from Minnesota to Texas and California to Massachusetts.

What is clear in the case of retirement homes is that good local health care and transportation facilities are a must. For most retirees, living over 60 miles away from the closest hospital or airport is just not an option. In the end, it comes down to striking a balance between modern necessities and the beauty of the great outdoors.

Once you have settled on a geographic location, the next area to focus on is amenities. These can vary greatly from one golf and waterfront development to the next. Typically, these expanded ‘goodies’ fall into two categories: conveniences and lifestyle enhancements. Conveniences include such things as security services, home maintenance, gardening services, concierge service, on-site retail and office space, cable television and high-speed internet.

Lifestyle enhancements relate to recreation activities and rest and relaxation befitting an enhanced life of leisure. One can find a mix of facilities at planned communities which support numerous activities like tennis, hunting, boating, skiing, and hiking. To balance the rigors of recreation, planned communities provide residents with rest and relaxation amenities such as spas, clubhouses, wilderness preserves, pools, beaches and fine dining.

With real estate opportunities for every budget, isn’t it about time you looked into moving to a golf and waterfront community that offers unbelievable vistas, year round activities, low maintenance living and first-class amenities?

Visit http://www. golfhomeconnect. com to find information on vacation and retirement homes.


The Grand Canyon State, is a unique place to raise a family. The weather in AZ is nice that one could wear shorts all year around. In fact, I do.

This is because I live in the AZ warm weather area. Arizona has many, many diverse areas that has different environmental properties. The northern part of Arizona, right around the Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, gets rain and is considerably more cooler than the southern region of the state. On the west side of the state is the lower deserts and on the river, it's warm. Yuma, Lake Havasu City, and Parker all are hotter than Phoenix and Tucson (found in the upper desert).

This diverse climate landscape also brings with it diversity of activities. There are several ski resorts in Northern Arizona, while there are superb desert canyons in )lower area of Arizona. The west part of Arizona is complimented by the Colorado River while the east part has diverse climates and landscapes.

Because of the diversity of Arizona, there brings many different people. This is great for Arizona because, well, one type of anything can make anything bland. Talking to people you will find that most are from either California or the midwest. There is a small black population with an increasing Mexican population.

With all the diverse people from a lot of different places also brings many different values. Arizona news and talk stations on the radio exhibits this. Political views tend to swerve to the conservative side, but there is a liberal governor. We also are home to the Air America radio network, a heavily liberal based talk radio network that is sindicated throughout the country. The leading talk radio station (according to records and radio dot com) is usually 550 AM KFYI, a heavily conservative station featuring hosts such as Hannity and Limbaugh. KTAR, a FM news talk atation at 92.3, claims to be in the independent, but leans a little conservative.

Internet opinion and news forums, like ArizonaNewsTalk. com, become popuar forums for those to have discussion about current news and events in the Grand Canyon State a lot going on in Arizona, you should take a road trip and see the state.

Many pro gold courses compliment the state, it's a great place for your short-haired pets, and the crime in the rural areas is relatively low.

Arizona is a perfect place to be!

A prison in paradise

title:A Prison in Paradise

author:Nate Soule

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_356.shtml

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In the middle of San Francisco bay, framed by some of the most beautiful and majestic views in the country lies Alcatraz Island. A federal penitentiary is not usually included on the list of one’s vacation plans, however the history and beauty of this island warrant an exception. From 1934 to 1963 a number of the most feared criminals in the American penal system called “the rock” home. Famous for the stark contrast between its stunningly serene surroundings and the harshness of life and character inside its walls, Alcatraz has found its way into American lore.

Originally named “Isla de los Alcatraces”, or “Island of the Pelicans” it was later changed and shortened to Alcatraz. Today looking out from the island visitors see a picturesque view from the Golden Gate Bridge, and downtown San Francisco, to the Bay Bridge, and Treasure Island. One can for a moment imagine this location as the setting of a luxurious resort. Turning from the views outside the island to its interior contents however, quickly brings back the notion that this island was the scene of a less comfortable history.

Most famous for its role as a prison, Alcatraz was initially a military base. When gold was discovered in California in 1848 San Francisco’s population jumped from 300 to 30,000 in a matter of years. With this new influx of population and wealth there was a need for the United States government to protect the area from other nations. In 1850 when California became a state, a triangle of fortifications was planned to protect San Francisco Bay. Upon its completion in 1853 Fortress Alcatraz took on the lead role as the most powerful coastal defense on the western coast. The landscape of the island was incorporated into the design, and high walls were built on the rocky isle, leaving the dock as the only access to the fort.

Alcatraz was never called upon to defend the bay, however a number of small incidents during the Civil War brought the island into the spot light. As its use as a defensive fortress lessoned, the island began to take on a new role, that of military prison. Eleven enlisted men were incarcerated in the guardhouse basement in 1859, and slowly deserters, thieves, and other military criminals were sent there from the San Franciscan forts. Finally in 1861 Alcatraz was named the official prison for the Department of the Pacific. The island served this role until 1933 when the cost of importing supplies led the Army to leave, sending prisoners to Kansas and New Jersey.

At this point crime in America had become an increasing problem, fed largely by the troubles associated with prohibition. A new prison was sought that could take the worst of the country’s criminals, and seclude them from the public. While land in Alaska was originally considered, the Army’s recent departure from Alcatraz cemented the island as the choice for America’s new “super-prison”. The facility was to take in the most troublesome of inmates from other prisons around the nation.

In 1934, Al Capone, perhaps the penitentiary’s most infamous prisoner, arrived as one of the first official transfers. His arrival generated enormous interest, and sparked more headlines then the opening of the prison itself. Previously while imprisoned in Atlanta, Capone had been able to achieve a lifestyle within the jail that was unheard of for other prisoners. A carpeted cell and a radio were among the niceties he was able to procure through bribes and other methods. He was even able to continue to manage his organization through relatives who established themselves in a nearby hotel. For this reason he was put on a secure prison railroad car without notice, and shipped to Alcaztraz in the hopes that the lack of outside contact would be the government’s answer to the Capone problem. On the rock Capone was never able to manipulate the warden or guards, and was confined to menial duties along with the rest of the prison population. Staying only 4 Ѕ years due to health complications Capone left for FCI Terminal Island in 1939.

Despite J. Edgar Hoover’s displeasure with the idea, rising costs and a new federal prison in Illinois brought about the closing of Alcatraz in 1963. Capone, along with other famous inmates such as George “Machine Gun” Kelly, Alvin Karpis, and Robert Franklin Stroud (the birdman of Alcatraz), ensured that the prison would live in American minds for years to come. Today the island is run by the National Parks Service, which offers daily tours of the former prison. Visitors can marvel at the wildlife, gardens, and fantastic views from the high cliffs before entering the cell house where they can be locked within one of the solitary confinement cells. There in the cold pitch black room they can experience for just a brief moment what life must have been like at the prison in paradise.

Costa rican beach jaco

title:Costa Rican Beach Jaco

author:Kenth Nasstrom

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_938.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Beaches in Costa Rica, like jaco, may well be one of the most important assets in the eyes of visitors. The beaches come in all sizes, shapes and types.

One of the most known beaches is called Jaco.

Jaco is one of the first beaches to become a real tourist magnet. It is also one of the closest beaches to San Jose.

The beach itself is a three km long beach with nice sand and the water is inviting. However, as always when swimming in the sea, check out current riptides as well as keep an eye on the tide.

Jaco has rapidly become one of the selected party beaches in Costa Rica and the long beach has a multitude of hotels, cabins and rooms for rent.

When visiting the beaches,

• Ask around for information about riptides, before you find them yourself.

• Also, check the time schedule for the local tide. The change in sea level is great and you can be pulled out to sea.

• Remember that the bottom end places to stay are cheap for a reason. Never leave valuable things behind.

• Mid to high end hotels can be of good quality, but check for ceiling fans or ac as well as warm or cold water.

• Remember that the way of cooking will not be the same as in a good restaurant and you may feel the urge to test many local delicatessens when on the beach. This may come as a surprise to your stomach!

• Get bottled water on your way to Jaco. To make sure you will not stand there with the salt from the sea in your month, and no place, where you can find something to drink.

You can travel to and from beaches like Jaco in many ways. Rental car, bus and even by air in some cases. Smaller local airlines fly between the airports in Costa Rica daily and can take you from San Jose to Liberia or some other places. Inquire locally the get the correct schedules and prices.

Orlando off the beaten path discovering central florida without visiting any theme parks can it be done

title:Orlando - Off the Beaten Path: Discovering Central Florida Without Visiting Any Theme Parks... Can It Be Done?

author:Susanne Pacher

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1538.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



One of my husband's favourite places is Florida, since he is an avid golfer and likes to get away from the cold Canadian winter for his birthday in early December.

For a while now we had planned to visit Orlando, but neither one of us are into theme parks. So there was the challenge for me: would we be able to visit Orlando without setting foot into Disney or Universal Studios? For someone as curious as me this was a suitable challenge and I had been doing weeks of searches on the Internet and communicating with the Orlando Convention and Visitors Bureau to find out about interesting destinations off the beaten path.

Well, I am happy to say, we arrived back safely yesterday from our trip, and the trip itself was quite an adventure since we decided to drive from Toronto to Orlando, about 2100 km each way! Actually, the drive was not as painful as I expected. The drive through Pennsylvania and West Virginia was nice and hilly, and I particularly enjoyed coming over the ridge of the Appalachians, right where Virginia and North Carolina meet, where you get a beautiful view of the piedmont area around Winston-Salem that spreads out towards the Atlantic in front of the mountain chain.

And I am even happier to say that in the 14 or so days that we spent in Orlando, not only did we get to play a lot of golf (to make my husband really happy...;) - including Mystic Dunes, Champions Gate, Royal St. Cloud Links, Hawk's Landing and Timacuan Golf and Country Club, not to mention the Walking Hall of Fame experience of the PGA Father Son Challenge at Champions Gate, but I also got to explore some really interesting places, destinations I would not have expected in Orlando and its surrounding region. I also had a chance to do an interview with GolfOrlando to get a much better idea of why Orlando is called "The Ultimate Golf Theme Park".

We started off our first week with a visit to the Orange Country Regional History Center, which gave us a suitable historic background of Orlando and Central Florida. Then, for some sociological and cultural insights, we visited the Well's Built Museum for African American History and Culture in Orlando. To top off our first day of exploration we enjoyed a walk around picturesque Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.

The next item on my off-the-beaten path agenda was a discovery of the City of Winter Park, a beautiful suburb of Orlando, reminiscent of Old European towns. I also went on the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour, which was an entertaining, informative and visually appealing excursion.

The adrenaline revved up significantly on our next outing: a very high-speed airboat ride at Boggy Creek, that was followed up by a much lower speed swamp buggy ride in a custom-built monster truck that took us through authentic Florida landscape.

After our golf outing at the Royal St. Cloud Golf Links we enjoyed a wonderful picnic by the waterfront in sunny downtown Kissimmee. Then, on a beautiful Sunday morning we drove about an hour outside of Orlando to reach the quaint town of Mt. Dora, where I hopped on the "Herbie Express", part of the Mt. Dora - Lake Eustis Scenic Railway.

>From midweek in the second week onwards the weather took a turn for the worse. While planes were sliding off runways in Chicago and record temperatures were registered in the mid-western states, we were freezing in Florida where the mercury hovered around 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (around +20 degrees Celsius). So I bought a rain jacket, and determined not to let the freezing cold interfere with our plans, we headed out to continue our explorations.

On a day that was forecast to be rainy, but just ended up being a bit grey and clammy, we went out to discover Loch Haven Park, Orlando's center of science, art and culture. We then continued our explorations further south to discover some of Orlando's historic neighbourhoods and parks such as Lake Cherokee and Lake Lucerne.

As the drizzly weather continued, we went on to visit Florida's Natural Visitor Center in Lake Wales, about an hours drive south of Orlando, where I got a really good understanding of Central Florida's citrus industry. I spent the afternoon in another famous attraction in Lake Wales which holds two National Historic Landmarks: the Historic Bok Sanctuary, where I got to see the beauty of the Bok estate and its historic carillon tower, combined with a tour through the historic Pinewood Estate, which was decked out in full Christmas decorations.

During these 2 weeks in Florida, we got exposed to a lot of its plants, flowers and wildlife, much of which you run into casually even while playing golf or picknicking by the waterfront. Florida has a surprising amount of natural diversity and I enjoyed watching the various types of birds, lizards, and squirrels. The only thing we didn't get to see was a live alligator (with the exception of the well-hidden rear end of a small alligator during our swamp buggy tour - unfortunately I couldn't even get a good picture of that one..). Apparently winter time is too cold for these creatures to come out of the water...

On our drive home, on a bright sunny day (of course...), we stopped off in St. Augustine, a historic town founded by the Spaniards in the 1500s, and the oldest continuously inhabited town in the United States - a mighty photogenic place, I should add.

So, you ask, is it possible to spend 2 weeks in Orlando without even setting foot inside a theme park and still have a good time? Well, based on the above itinerary I'd say that my plans to explore Orlando off the beaten path came to full fruition.

Mission accomplished.

Choosing the right bahamas vacation package for your family

title:Choosing The Right Bahamas Vacation Package For Your Family

author:Jeff Linaker

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1648.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



The Bahamas are a group of islands located west of Florida. It is for most people a perfect place, especially for newlyweds on their honeymoon, for those who just want to have a relaxing vacation, and for a fun filled and exciting family vacation. The Bahamas are famous for its beautiful beaches and exhilarating activities that suit diverse types of experience. People who often visit the Bahamas have their own favorite places that they visit again and again.

They feel like the Bahamas is their home away from home. With seven hundred islands and cays, countless activities, and millions of web pages referring to The Bahamas, it can be confusing to plan a vacation, especially for the first time visitor because there are so many places to see and so many activities to do and experience.

For a family vacation in The Bahamas, the first step is to plan ahead the places that you want to visit and the activities that you will do as a family. To ensure that your family really enjoys your planned family vacation it would be best to ask them what type of vacation they want to experience.

The Bahamas is a place that is full of exciting activities and fun things to do for people of all ages; it offers a wide range of vacation experiences. Here are some activities that you can experience in the Bahamas: boating, casinos and gambling, cruises, diving resources, golf courses, night life and entertainment, sailing and boat charters, best buy shopping and water sports.

For a fun-filled family vacation experience there’s dolphin encounters where your family can experience swimming with wild dolphins. These are guaranteed to give you endless joy. Then there’s Abaco National Park, Family Island Regatta, Harbour Island, Sport Fishing, Swimming with Sharks and so much more.

Once you have decided on what you and your family are interested in, you might want to make sure which island best offers those activities. There are island guides that contain most of the information regarding the islands; also individual maps are available to show the whereabouts of the major activities and attractions of each island in the Bahamas.

Second is choosing your family vacation accommodations to suit your family and the type of vacation they have decided on. The Bahamas offer a wide variety of accommodations to choose from; from the most exquisite villas to economy hotel rooms, major islands like Atlantis Paradise Island, Wyndham Nassau Resort, Four Seasons, and Nassau also known as New Providence Island, offer large family resorts. In case your family wants a more private vacation experience, consider a vacation rental home which is offered on almost every island.

The last thing you need in order to have that perfect family vacation is to find a great deal on airfare to the Bahamas Island of your choice. The best way for you to have flexible flight arrangements for the lowest airfare, is to make reservations directly with the airlines. Now you’re ready, the family is ready, may you have a happy and unforgettable vacation experience in the Bahamas.

Virtual airport

title:Virtual Airport

author:Hans Peter Oswald

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_167.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Aero Registrar Secura GmbH proposes to the IT departments of airports to sell aero-domains to companies at the airport. Airports can build a portal of the airport and forming by this a kind of virtual airport.

The advantages:

1. Search engines are today focusing link popularity. If airports would build a portal of the airport with interested companies and ask the companies at the airport as a condition for getting the aero-domain and the link to their websites that the companies link back to the airport's website, the airports will get many links back to their own website.

By this they increase the success of their website. Especially Google, the most important search engine of the world, is working with link popularity. If you assume, that the website is important for your marketing, you should try to improve your ranking at Google and other search engines.

2. ICANN accredited Registar Secura will sell to airports the domains for other companies at reseller conditions. The IT departments can sell the domains at the price, which they think is fitting. The IT departments of airports will have an economic advantage at every sold aero-domain.

We also propose to airports they you should realize the shortcut initiative of SITA. One of many examples: If somebody is entering at the PDA parking. youraeroport. aero, there are hints how to go and/or drive to the parking lot. Secura GmbH is also ready to make free subdomains in order to help to realize the shortcut initiative.

Hans-Peter Oswald

The author is the CEO of Aero Registrar Secura GmbH

Low airfares

title:Low Airfares

author:Sandy Baker

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_329.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Do you have a trip in mind? Looking for low airfares to get you there? All is not lost. You can find a great deal on airfare if you take the time to look for it. Low airfares are actually quite common right now, due to the sluggish travel industry.

The more open minded you are about your trip, the better your chances are of finding low airfare. Begin your search by deciding what is the most important thing for you. Is it getting there quickly and in one shot? Is there a specific date you must travel? Being open about these things can provide for some great opportunity.

For instance, if you can be more flexible in the date you arrive and return from your destination, perhaps you can find a better rate by flying during the week? Flying out on a Friday is often much more expensive then flying during the week. Also, taking a flight that has a lay over may seem like a big hassle, but it may save you some big bucks.

Of course, you should take the time to compare and contrast what the airlines have to offer. Often times, you can do this right online. There are also travel sites that claim to help you with your travel plans. But, don't just use them. Find the prices for yourself through the airlines as well. Why do this? Well, for one they may get you a good deal, but will their extra fees eat away at this saved money?

The best advice that can be given is to do your research. Find out your options. Most importantly, be as flexible and open as you can. Also, don't forget to ask for a discount. Many times, airlines are not going to give you the lowest airfare unless you ask. Of course, this may take you some extra time, but it may pay off with allowing you to have a little extra cash in your pocket come time for your vacation. That makes it worth it!

So before you book your next airfare, make sure you check out http://www. e-travelpromos. com first!

Tailored-golf solutions at barnham broom golf club in norfolk

Many sports tend to have a bias towards one sex or another. Football, for example, is by and large a male-dominated sport and you don’t get much more masculine than rugby! On the other side of the fence, netball would definitely fall into the female category. Yet there are some sports that gracefully transcend genders, appealing to both men and women.

Golf is undoubtedly one of these sports and it also has no age limits. Dotted around courses throughout the UK you will find some unlikely groupings of people who are linked by their love of this great outdoor sport. Some will play daily while others only on weekends, perhaps as a way of releasing the stress of a difficult week at the office.

Keen golfers tend to join a club and membership packages vary considerably in price. Many golf clubs simply offer standard packages with the assumption that one size fits all and offer little flexibility. Yet some offer more realistic membership packages, where they take into account how often you’ll play and tailor a package to your individual needs.

Barnham Broom Golf Club in Norfolk is breathing new life into membership and taking this more flexible and appealing approach. Membership enquiries are dealt with on a one by one basis, where potential members are able to discuss their requirements with the golf team at Barnham Broom. Membership is tailored to fit you rather than you having to fit into the club.

As such the Norfolk golf club has a thriving membership, with many golfers taking advantage of this sensible approach to play some of the finest golf in Norfolk. Two beautiful championship courses tempt golfers to the club. While both have been designed by one of Europe’s foremost golf course architects, Frank Pennink, they are considerably different and offer numerous challenges! The Valley Course has an abundance of water and blends seamlessly with the surrounding countryside, while the Hill Course offers fine holes and fine views of the region.

Membership benefits include the opportunity to take part in competitions that run throughout the year for men, women, juniors and seniors. And the 19th hole is the Sportsbar and Cafй where you can relax with fellow members over a light bite or perhaps just a refreshing drink while planning your next round and swapping tips.

For those looking to improve their game, lessons can be booked with the course PGA professional, Ian Rollett, who will guide you through aspects of your game. Improve your technique during a one to one lesson, organise a group lesson for friends or perhaps a full day of golf including some tuition for a society or work awayday.

So if you’re looking for a golf club to join in Norfolk but can’t find the right membership package to suit, then Barnham Broom is definitely worth considering.

Kauai nightlife

title:Kauai Nightlife

author:Steven Anderson

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_882.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



The majestic island of Kauai is only a short flight from the USA, Japan and Australia. From the spectacular views at Waimea Canyon to the verdant vistas along the Napali Coast, more and more people are coming to Kauai because they are attracted to its natural beauty and laidback atmosphere. Visitors are also drawn to Kauai for its gorgeous tropical rainforests, some of which can only be accessed by helicopter. These aerial tours take you into the heart of the island and offer spectacular scenic views that will remain with you long after your vacation ends. Kauai is lush, tropical and wild. With cascading waterfalls and towering green mountains, this island is what most people imagine Hawaii to be like. Kauai can truly take your breath away.

Driving down and around Kauai between Eleele and Kaumakani on the banks of the Koula River, visitors can visit Hanapepe. This town once flourished as one of Kauai's largest communities. Today it's an art colony tucked away in buildings that haven't changed a lot over the last century. Its historic buildings are so authentic looking that the town has become a choice location for filmmakers. Films such as "The Thornbirds" and "Flight of the Intruder" were set in this storybook town. Hanapepe lays claim to more fine art galleries than any other place on the island. There are at least seven galleries listed among the gift shops and restaurants that do business here.

Crusing along the majestic Na Pali Coast State Park, visitors from throughout the world will experience its rugged coastline and the otherworldly mystic of its natural beauty and haunting heritage. This is a place that time has barely brushed. The fluted sea cliffs, or pali, rise like sentries straight up from the green valleys and white sand beaches below. The rugged terrain appears much as it did centuries ago when Hawaiian settlements flourished in Na Pali Coast valleys and inhabitants practiced a self-sufficient lifestyle existing on the food they could grow and the fish they could catch.

For shopping fans, no holiday can be complete without a drive to Lihue. This part of Kauai is the government and commercial center of the island. Nawiliwili Harbor is the island's major commercial shipping center and cruise ship port. Nearby Kalapaki Beach is the home of the Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club and the Kauai Lagoons Golf Club.

Kinipopo Shopping Village offers a variety of fun shops and some eateries. It also has a water sports shop that carries everything you need to purchase or rent for water fun activities, and can also arrange for water skiing or kayak rental. Aloha shirts, vintage maps, fine art, and lovely jewelry are all available at this shopping village.

No shopping afficionados can have a fulfiling holiday without a trip to Wailua Shopping Plaza which houses several restaurants and an eclectic antique shop. The Coconut Marketplace is home to more than 70 shops in which you'll find precious Hawaiian mementos, fine artwork, antiques, jewelry, craft items, and so much more.

Koloa Town, in the heart of the South Shore resort area, was once the site of Hawaii's first successful sugar plantation. Though sugar has long been replaced by tourism as the community's economic mainstay, evidence of those colorful plantation days lives on in its restored buildings, its history center and its churches, one -- St. Raphael's Roman Catholic Church -- dating back to 1841.

And after driving for hours and hours, no holiday can be complete without accommodation so that the traveler can have a well deserved rest. But don't settle for second rated motels. Search for Accommodations and Lodging from Condos, Homes, Cottages, Houses, Estates, and for the more discerning traveler, Villas by in Poipu Beach, Anahola, Princeville and Hanalei Bay, Hawaii. Remember to enjoy the convenience of staying close to several great sandy beaches. No need to drive, just walk out the front door. There are many hotels and guest houses outfitted with boogie boards, masks, snorkels, coolers, beach umbrellas & towels, complete kitchen, videos, games, DVD, VCR, CD, Kauai guide books, and lots more.

The importance of cell phones in modern society

title:The Importance Of Cell Phones In Modern Society

author:Keith Kingston

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_232.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Cell phones have become a necessity for many people throughout the world. The ability to keep in touch with family, business associates, and access to email are only a few of the reasons for the increasing importance of cell phones. Today's technically advanced cell phones are capable of not only receiving and placing phone calls, but storing data, taking pictures, and can even be used as walkie talkies, to name just a few of the available options.

When cell phones were first introduced to the public, they were bulky, expensive, and some even required a base unit that had to be transported along with the phone. Good reception was a major problem and in general, early cell phones could only be used in certain locations were the signal was particularly strong. As cell phone technology advanced, the difficult in using them became less of a problem. Today, cell phone reception has improved greatly due to the use of satellites and wireless services. As cell phones improved and became simple to use, the importance of cell phones increased accordingly.

Cell phones are the perfect way to stay connected with others and provide the user with a sense of security. In the event of emergency, having a cell phone can allow help to reach you quickly and could possibly save lives. However, the importance of cell phones goes way beyond personal safety. Modern cell phones are capable of internet access, sending and receiving photos and files, and some cell phones are equipped with GPS technology, allowing for use in most locations around the world and allowing the cell phone to be found or the user located in the event of loss or emergency.

Cell phone reception has become reliable and of high quality due to advances in wireless technology. Wireless service providers offer excellent packages and promotions for cell phone users. Finding a dependable service provider is no longer an issue for cell phone users. The expansion of the wireless service provider industry gives cell phone users a choice and the increased competition has caused a drop in prices of wireless cell phone service. The importance of cell phones goes way beyond the ability to make or receive phone calls. Cell phone users can instantly send data to the home or office, check for important email, use their cell phone as a PDA or calendar, and store photos which can be easily transferred to a PC or laptop computer.

Cell phone manufacturers have produced a wide range of cell phones, which sell for prices that range from very inexpensive to over one thousand dollars. The available options give users the choice of purchasing a basic cell phone to use simply for making calls, or choosing a complex, technologically advanced cell phone that can perform as many or even more tasks that a home computer. Over the past decade, the increasing importance of cell phones has made them almost a necessity for most people. Even remote and underdeveloped countries have some access to cell phone technology and wireless services.

The importance of cell phones has increased the competition in the wireless service provider industry, making cell phones very affordable and very easy to use. Cell phones have become almost a status symbol in addition to the convenience and security that comes from owning them.

Malaria prevention five ways to avoid catching it on safari

title:Malaria Prevention - Five Ways To Avoid Catching It On Safari

author:Bruce Whittaker

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_596.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Malaria is endemic to most of the areas in Africa where safari trips are still possible which means you will need to take malaria prevention precautions to protect yourself against catching the disease when you travel there.

There are five things you can do to avoid catching malaria on a safari holiday.

1. Malaria Tablets

It's important to consult your GP when deciding on the brand of malaria tablets for your trip because they affect everyone differently and your medical history might play a role in the choice.

There are three types of tablets that are still considered to provide adequate malaria prevention (up to 98%) even though there is no drug that is 100% effective and some of them may have mild side effects - Malarone, Larium and Doxycycline.

Paludrine and Chloroquine are less than 60% effective because the disease has built up a resistance to these drugs over the years.

2. Safari Clothing

Mosquito's become much more active at dusk and during the night and early morning so you need to make sure that you cover up any exposed skin with the right clothing when you are outside.

It is often still very warm during the evenings but resist the temptation to stay in t-shirt and short trousers and rather cover up with long trousers, a long sleeve shirt and socks to protect your ankles against bites. They can't bite you through material.

Remember that malaria prevention is much better than cure.

3. Mosquito repellent

make sure that you apply mosquito repellent to any areas that your clothing doesn't cover particularly your hands and your neck.

Repellents that contain DEET are very good for keeping the mosquito's away but remember to re-apply periodically because the effect diminishes over time.

4. Mosquito Nets

Most safari companies do have mosquito nets installed in the accommodation they provide for their guests so make sure you check with them first if you are planning on buying one for your trip.

But not all accommodation in Africa has them and if you are going to be spending time before or after your safari it might be a good idea to have one handy.

Make sure that you purchase Permethrin treated nets as that stop the mosquitoes from biting through the material, protects against damaged or poorly erected netting and decreases the amount of insects in the room.

5. Malaria Free Safaris

The most effective way to avoid catching malaria is of course to stay away from the areas in which it occurs and there are some safari areas in South Africa which are malaria free and still provide an authentic safari experience with the big five animals available for viewing.

Madikwe, Shamwari, Pilansberg and Addo Elephant Park are examples of some fantastic game reserves that are completely malaria free making all the other malaria prevention measures unnecessary.

Traveling in wheelchair

title:Traveling in Wheelchair

author:Viojieley Gurrobat

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/travel_and_leisure/article_1375.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20



Traveling always give a person the feeling of excitement and fulfillment. Visiting new places, eating at a great restaurant or watching your favorite football game at the stadium is a great way to spend a free time. But for disabled individuals, especially for those in a wheelchair, these activities can be overwhelming and difficult. But there are things disabled people can do before traveling to make the experience more relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable.

Say for instance you are thinking of having a meal at restaurant that you saw in the advertisement offering great foods. You can call ahead to make a reservation and to make sure that they have facilities that accommodates disabled individuals. You would not want to arrive at the restaurant and find out that they don’t have ramps and as a result they have to carry you to get inside the restaurant. Nor is it amazing to find out that their bathrooms can accommodate average sized people only but not you and your wheelchair. It is, thus, good to call ahead to make sure that you have a great dining experience.

Here are several questions you can ask when calling for a reservation in a hotel or restaurant. First, ask if they have elevators or stairs. Do they have ramps or elevators in all floors of the building? You can also ask how wide their doors are and what kind of knobs, latches or handles they have. How big their bathroom is? And some other questions that you think you need to know. If the restaurant or hotel has problems with accommodating disabled individuals, you can try talking to the management for the necessary adjustments.

Most business places today are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to have facilities appropriate to disabled individuals or make adjustments in order to accommodate them. But of course, every disabled person’s need is unique. Hence, your needs will really depend on your environment. If you are in a rural hotel you cannot expect them to offer you the same services given by those in urban places. But still, they have to provide adjustments in order to accommodate you.

So before you get on on with your travel it is important to make the necessary preparations to make sure that you have a great experience. You need not regret anymore that you have chosen the hotel or restaurant because they did not provide you the necessary accommodation. When you come prepared you can be sure to make the most of your traveling experience.

Types of cruise ship cabins

title:Types of Cruise Ship Cabins

author:Lana Hampton

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Many cruise ships today have standard cabins of similar size and accoutrements, with the price differential being the location. The least expensive, inside standard cabins on a mainstream cruise ship run from about 120 square feet to 180 square feet. Since most cruise ships are relatively new or have been refurbished, the cabins usually are tastefully decorated with twin beds that can be pushed together to make a queen-sized bed for couples. The cruise staterooms have wall-to-wall carpeting, individually controlled air conditioning/heating, dresser or storage space, closet, telephone, and satellite television. The television usually has news, sports, local on-ship channels for broadcasting information on shore excursions or from guest lecturers, and movies.

Some cruise cabins have VCRs or DVD players, and some televisions also have radio/music channels. The cabins also usually have a night table, reading lamps, and a chair. Most modern cruise ships come with a hairdryer, so you won't have to bring one from home. Some standard staterooms feature personal safes, table, desk with chair, convertible loveseat, mini-refrigerator, and even Internet access, although it is often much more costly than in the common Internet lounge. The cruise line brochure or Web site usually specifies what amenities are in each cabin.

The standard cruise cabin bathrooms are usually tiny and most only have a shower (no tub). The shower usually has good water pressure, with the only complaint being the small size. Don't be surprised if the shower curtain keeps trying to attack you! The bathroom also has a sink, toiletry shelves, and a noisy vacuum toilet like on an airplane. Often there is a small step up between the bedroom and bathroom, perfect for stubbing your toe. The bathrooms also usually have a retractable clothesline for drying your swimsuit or hand laundry.

The next step above an outside cabin is one with a balcony (verandah). These cruise cabins have sliding glass doors, giving you access to the outside. The sliding doors also mean you can see outside from anywhere in the cabin, i. e. lie on the bed and still see the ocean outside. Usually the cruise balcony cabins are also larger than the standard cabins, and some qualify as mini-suites. Which means they have a small sitting area with a loveseat or convertible sofa. The cruise mini-suites also usually have a curtain that can be drawn to separate the sleeping and sitting areas. This feature is ideal for couples (or friends) that have different sleeping habits.

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