Greece - a mythical paradise

Greece - A Mythical Paradise

A Vacation Hot Spot

Considered as one of the smallest European countries,

Greece is one of the top vacation destinations by

other nationalities as well as Europeans despite its

size. It depicts immense natural beauty and the locals

live a carefree life style that allows hospitality and

a welcoming spirit.

It is located in the easternmost point of Europe

between Turkey and Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.

European’s recognize Greece and the Greek Islands as

their favorite vacation destination. Millions of

visitors from all over the world visit Greece each

year because of its natural beauty and charm.

A Winter and Summer Escapade

Get spiced up for both winter and summer because

Greece’s options to its visitors are countless! The

calm Mediterranean weather is perfect for traveling

with ease. Not to mention, the weather is also ideal

for tanning in the summer, tan lines anyone?

Greece is also a hot spot for romantic getaways

especially in winter. Relaxing by the fireplace and/or

participating in snow sports are few ways to spend

winter in Greece. Kalavryta, Arachova, Zagoria and

many others are popular winter destinations.

Falling in love with Greece is not hard to do because

you will find everything in one place. The unique

aquamarine waters of Aegean and the Ionian Sea are

sure to be appreciated. The Greek Islands boasts of

sandy beaches that are one of the best in the world!

Activities to Choose From

Need more convincing? Tourist destinations all over

the country offer sports activities and the like.

Those aching for excitement and adventure can enjoy

kitesurfing, windsurfing, rock climbing, rafting,

hiking, and kayaking. These are just few of the

activities offered by many places in Greece.

Golf, biking, horse riding and even unique Greek

vacation packages such as gastronomy, medical,

religious, and archeological holidays benefit those

who seek peace, quiet and relaxation while still being

active. These holidays will widen your knowledge to

particular aspects of this marvelous country. More

importantly, it will give you first hand experience

with its deep culture and roots.

A Myriad of Accommodations

Dozens of resorts, hotels, rooms, luxurious villas,

and even camping sites will surely amaze you.

Accommodation options are extensive, all one needs is

to decide which one he or she will choose: A luxury

vacation or a cheap one. Whichever, you are sure to

enjoy what Greece has to offer.

Historical Aficionados

One of the popular reasons why Greece is considered a

Top-A tourist destination, is because of its rich

culture and diverse traditions. Major tourist

attractions include archeological marvels from the

"Golden Era". The Ancient Olympia, Vergina, Delphi,

and the Acropolis of Athens are the popular remains of

this era.

On the other hand, countless monasteries and churches

all over Greece are remnants of the Byzantine era. Its

diverse culture and traditions vary from one place to

another. Religious festivals and other celebration

take place annually on every place of the country.

Here you find cuisines and local products that are as

varied as their culture.

The most famous of Greek locations is its capital, the

city of Athens. It is even regarded by many as "a city

that never sleeps" because of its lively nightlife.

Hundreds of bars, clubs, taverns, restaurants, and

cafes entertain both locals and tourists alike.

Boredom is not an issue for dancing, partying, and

music (even Greek melodies) fill the city with life.

However, these activities are not only found in Athens

but in the islands of Rhodes, Myokonos, Ios, Corfu,

and many others as well.

So book your vacation package now, or even discover

the country by yourself, with your family, or with

your special someone and enjoy the enchanting vacation

to Greece!

A greek retreat

A Greek Retreat

Historically Modern

The Cradle of Civilization, Greece has long played a

part in the history of the world. It is located in the

southeastern part of Europe between Albania, Turkey,

and Italy. Greece is one of the smallest countries in

Europe. However, despite its size, it hold an

astoundingly rich history and culture. Thus, Europe

especially Greece, became a haven for over 16 million

tourists each year making it the 15th most visited

countries in the world to date.

Cosmopolitan Living

Life in Greece is peaceful and serene. The locales are

calm and charming people that think of the future

optimistically. Theft and violence are kept down to

the lowest level. Thereby, tourists consider this a

safe place to travel in. People live simply. These

amicably hospitable people welcome guests with open


Activities in Greece vary from place to place.

However, despite its difference, they all satisfy the

different needs and likes of the guests. Mealtime in

Greece is best enjoyed at late nights. Party starts at

10 pm and people, both the locales and guest, frequent

the clubs, bars, restaurants, and taverns.

Joining the Greeks during mealtime will not be an

awkward experience. Don’t be afraid to start a

conversation. You will surely find yourself sharing

quite an interesting, not to mention, memorable

conversations with them.

And now we move on to places that placed Greece on the

map and tourists on the country.


The volcano which has the greatest eruption mankind

has ever known - that is Santorini. It is located in

the most well-known islands in the Cyclades.

Superstitions say that if engaged young couples stay

and last for a week on Santorini, they will be blessed

a lifetime marriage.


Crete island is located between the Libyan Sea and the

Cretan Sea. Crete’s long and rich history, amazing

features, charming villages, breathtaking natural

areas, scrumptious cuisine, fabulous beaches,

century-old traditions, and hospitable inhabitants

makes it one of the most visited places in Greece.

Visitors can spend leisure time exploring the ancient

sites, swimming in crystal-clear waters, participating

in a wide array of outdoor sports, and having fun at

the nightlife venues. Truly, Greece is a versatile

vacation spot that is worth visiting.


Athens is the capital city of Greece, not to mention,

one of the most magnificent cities in the world. It is

the birthplace of principles and values that our

society bases today and the cradle of the western

civilization. Athens’ excellent infrastructure,

spectacular historical and ancient sites, the Athens

Acropolis Hill, the Parthenon, the Herod Atticus

Odeon, and the Erechtheion make it one of the most

visited cities in the world to date.

A stroll through the charming downtown commercial

areas of Athens, the Monastiraki Bazaar, and the Plaka

Quarters is a must. Observe how the modern changes and

characteristics compliment the ancient features as

well as how the east and west are fused to create

Athens, a unique holiday spot.

Holiday Getaway

Planning your vacation in Greece will surely be

difficult because of the many choices it offers. From

an active hobbies, leisure interests, or relaxing

pastimes, one can surely get confused. Be spontaneous!

Discover the country by yourself. Don’t forget to

check out the mentioned places to complete your stay

in Greece.

So, if you’re planning for a vacation but you have no

idea where, need not worry just think Greece!

Celebrate holidays - the greek way

Celebrate Holidays - The Greek Way

Rich History

A land that offers more than contributions to

archeology and architecture. A land that undoubtedly

withstood the pressure of the wars that came its way.

A land that is worth calling the cradle of

civilization. A land where the great gods and

goddesses reside. A land called Greece.

It is situated in the southeastern most point of

Europe in the Mediterranean Sea. The Aegean Sea and

the Ionian Sea borders the country.

The country despite being small in size is big in

history and culture. From the Neolithic period, Greece

has encountered rich civilization which had a great

impact on its culture and development.

A single trip to Greece is not sufficient enough to

explore the entire country. Here are a few

descriptions on the must try places to visit in

Greece. Don’t miss one!


This is the capital of Greece where most of our

values, principles, and civilization are based. Athens

offers spectacular historical sites that are

testimonies to the greatness, cultural supremacy, and

antiquity of Ancient Greece.

Important places to visit are the Athens Acropolis

Hill, the Erechtheion, the Parthenon, the Herod

Atticus Odeon, the Plaka Quarters, and the Monastiraki

Bazaar. Lie and swim on its sandy and crystal-clear

beaches. Enjoy the Athens crowd.


Many consider Crete Island as a one of a kind vacation

destination. This island offers stunning coasts and

archeological and historical sites.

Things to do in Greece include exploring its ancient

sites, swimming in its crystal-clear beaches, have fun

at the nightlife venues, and participate in the wide

array of outdoor sports. Versatility in Crete makes

your vacation more personalized.


Cyclades is famous for its traditional whitewashed

cubic houses that contrast with the deep blue Aegean

Sea and glimmer under the sun as well as its endless

beaches. Many consider Cyclades as the ultimate

holiday destination.

Cyclades is also famous for its unique and distinctive

features: Mykonos the nightlife capital of the

Cyclades, Santorini and its mysterious volcano,

Amorgos with its wild natural beauty, Naxos the

multifaceted holiday island, and Paros and its

picturesque seaside villages.

That’s not all there is. Try and visit Ios the classic

Cyclades Island of fun, the island of serenity and

leisure, Tinos with its spiritual aura, Syros the

aristocratic Greek Island, and Kea the nature lovers'


Dodecanese Islands

The islands have splendid multi-cultural features and

a sophisticated aura. No doubt many consider the

Dodecanese as the most-impressive of the islands. The

islands are proud of the areas of its natural beauty,

exquisite ancient sites and beautiful beaches with

sparkling waters, and a number of wonderful Byzantine

and Venetian monuments.

Pleasant weather is present all year round, making

Dodecanese Islands as having one of the best climates

in Greece.

Popular islands included in its cluster are: Monastery

of Saint John the Theologian, Patmos with the Cave of

the Apocalypse, and the most popular being the

cosmopolitan Rhodes (Rodos) with its majestic medieval


Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands feature stunning beaches that have

been voted as best beaches in the world. This includes

Porto Katsiki Beach in Lefkada, Myrtos Beach in

Kefalonia, Agios Georgios and the coves of

Paleokastritsa in Corfu, and Navagio Beach in


The islands are quite famous for their cosmopolitan

lifestyle, wild natural beauty, artistic character,

and interesting monument. These islands are also the

homelands of many authors, poets, and musicians.

Much has been said about Greece and its beautiful

Greek Islands, but it would not compare to the actual

experience of being in Greece.

Think about it, maybe a vacation in Greece all you


Greek vacation with a twist

Greek Vacation With A Twist!

Greek Island Vacation

What is a Greek Island Vacation? It’s an experience

that combines the finest European adventures. Culture,

history, food blended with a heat scorching, sand

grazing beach vacation.

Optimistic POVs

Throughout the years, the Greek Islands have kept

their village feel, slow, and charming pace of life.

Most of the islands have complete, well-suited

atmosphere that tourists find relaxing while absorbing

themselves in the passionate history and character of


Planning a vacation in Greece is not tight on the

budget because it is one of the cheapest countries to

travel in Europe. Reasonable food and accommodation

costs can be found at almost any place you stay in.

The Best Time to Take a Trip to the Greek Islands

Summer heat in Greece invite people from different

parts of the globe and it can be intense! The crowds

can be extreme this time of the year. On the other

hand, winter may be met with few travelers because

restaurants and hotels close this time of the year.

However, vacation packages still cater visitors with

winter sports activities. April, May (spring) and

September (autumn) can be regarded as the best time to

spend your holidays at Greece and the Greek Islands.

The Top 4 popular Greek Island vacation destinations


Splendid Santorini

The best place in Athens is Santorini. Check out the

black volcanic sand at Kamari Beach and Perissa Beach.

Enjoy the historical villages of Akroti and Pyrgos.

Indulge and unwind in the volcanic hot springs that is

just one boat away!

Santorini is one of the best places to spend a

romantic evening. Decide on one of the dozens of

restaurant available at a near distance. Watch the sun

set on the Aegean Sea while enjoying your drink and

meal together. Hotels offer great views of the ocean

all to set a romantic ambience for you and your

special someone. It feels like you’ve just been part

of a wonderful fairytale!

Truly, Santorini will be one of those places in your

travels that you will never forget. No other word can

best describe it - it is just stunningly beautiful.

Infamous Mykonos

Party fanatics will surely enjoy Mykonos. The best

time to visit Mykonos will be in May or September.

Dubbed as the "party-central" of Greek Islands,

numerous restaurants, bars and even cruise ships fill

the locale most especially during high seasons of

tourism. It is not surprising to feel that you are

almost sharing the area with half of the citizens of


Historic Crete

Captivating history, memorable villages and towns, and

fine beaches - that’s Crete.

Base yourself in Chania and spend time in charming Old

Town. Dining and accommodation options are available

with incredible character to add to that memorable

Greek Island Vacation.

Pleasant Paros

Paros is worth a couple of days stay. A few minutes

isn’t enough as you experience its relaxed pace and

its great beaches. Strolling along the hills and

coastline after visiting the picturesque village of

Naoussa is a great way to unwind. Greek Island

Vacation Tips

Greek Time is Chill Out Time. Relax, give yourself

time to mingle and get around. Loose yourself to the

carefree lifestyle of the Greeks.

Protect yourself and pack sunscreen. You’re in for a

heat-scorching summer (and even spring) in Greece.

Eating late. Greeks are known for 10pm dinners. Choose

whether you dine late or early. Greek cuisine is to

die for!

Greek Ferries. Sailing through the Greek Islands is

more economical with Greek Ferries. Service is good

and fares are reasonable. All you have to do is pick

an island!

Pack your suitcases! Jumpstart your summer and spend

your vacation in Greece!

Take a vacation - greek style

Take A Vacation - Greek Style!

Spot on the Map

Located south of Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, Mainland

Greece, is bounded by the Aegean Sea on the east and

Ionian Sea on the west. Athens (Athinai) is the

capital city of Greece and is home to numerous

classical architecture, art treasures, and historical


Small But Terrible

A country with a big name on travel enthusiasts

despite its small size, it has relatively attained top

positions on well-visited tourist destinations

worldwide. This 15th placer has put in awe guests,

vacationers, and those with archeological preferences.


The Acropolis Museum contains many artifacts found on

the Acropolis; the Propylaea, which is the gateway to

the Acropolis; the Parthenon, a world-famous temple

dedicated to the goddess Athena; the Temple of Athena

Nike; and the Erechtheion, a temple to Athena and

Poseidon. Other Athens highlights include the superb

National Archaeological Museum and Agora, the

well-preserved classical temple of Hephaesteion.


Tourists can visit the Temple of Zeus in Olympia, the

ancient Olympic Arena, the 6th century B. C. Temple of

Apollo in Corinth, and the Byzantine ruins of Mystras

in the Peloponnese region


One of the most famous among the Ionian Islands is

Corfu (Kerkira). Guests can visit the Byzantine ruins

near Kassiopi and follow in the footsteps of Homer's

Odyssey. It also possess beaches that are among the

best in the world. Paleocastritsa beach and the

Korissia Lagoon amaze guests with magnificent views.

Corfu is also proud of its Museum of Asiatic Art,

Aghios Spyridon Church, and the Achilleion Palace, now

an elegant casino.


Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands. Visit a

palace dating back to 1700 B. C. called the

archaeological site of Knossos. Iraklion, the capital

city, boasts attractions that include the Tomb of

Nikos Kazantzakis and the outstanding Archaeological

Museum. Enjoyable places to visit in Rethymno are the

Pig’s Beach and One Rock beach. The warm, shallow

waters and fine white sand of the blue lagoon of Balos

and the Venetian Inner Harbor welcome its guests.

With more than a thousand islands in the Aegean Sea,

it is difficult to pinpoint the best of the best.

Popular tourist destinations (aside from those

mentioned) in the Greek Islands include the resort of

Mikonos, tiny un-inhabited islands, Rhodes (Rodhos),

the Rodhos Museum, and the gothic Palace of the Grand

Master (which housed the Knights Hospitallers). Not to

forget, the Mosque of Suliemann , the Medieval City

features the remains of the 3rd century B. C. Temple of

Aphrodite, and the Archbishop's Palace.

Culturally Inclined

Greece is a country where the culture, entertainment,

and culture play a significant role in its

inhabitant’s viewpoint on life. Activities are

abundant in Greece. From going to a concert, hear

music in a live music hall to dining at the best

restaurant in Athens, the options are endless! All you

have to do is choose.

Satisfy Your Senses

Take a bite of the delectable delicacies and Greek

cuisine of each individual area at some of the

restaurants and finest taverns in the Greek Islands as

well as the rest of Greece. A wide range of

traditional foods are served in restaurants in Greece.

A plethora of innovative dishes spiced up, modernized,

and/or cooked originally are based on age-old recipes.

A Fun-Packed Holiday

Spend a day with your family and friends packed with

fun and recreation at various organized waterparks,

complete with water rides, waterslides, playgrounds,

swimming pools, and other enjoyable activities.

Decide on a Greek vacation now! Make your home away

from home in this wonderland of gorgeous beaches,

ancient sights and tiny islands.

Greece - a home away from home

Greece - A Home Away From Home

A Top Rated Tourist Destination

Europe has long boasted Greek Islands and Greece

Mainland as one its most desired holiday destinations.

With over 15 million tourists coming to visit each

year, it is not a wonder that it is the 15th placer in

the world of tourist destinations after countries such

as China, Spain, Great Britain and United States.

Majority of the tourists that visit Greece come from

Europe and the US. However, it was not until 1994 that

tourism flow in Greece became determinant. More than

10 million people consider visiting Greece and the

Greek Islands a worthy place to spend their vacations.

History at Its Best

Greece is famous for its picturesque beaches and

historical background. This is demonstrated by

hundreds of historical and archeological sites found

in Greece that depicts the country’s glorious past.

Greece’s Place on the Map

Greece is a mountainous and peninsular country that is

unique in both charm and beauty. It occupies a total

area of 130.800 square km and the large number of

islands represent one fifth of the area. The Aegean

and Ionian Sea surrounds Greece. There are 169

inhabited islands out of the 1,400 islets that Greece

possesses. The islands are mainly scattered between

Greece and Turkey in the Aegean Sea.

Strewn Pieces of Wonder

These islands are nature’s gift to Greece and are the

most popular destinations that tourists tend to visit

especially in summer. Ideal for memorable destinations

because they offer everything you need! From the

conventional relaxing vacations to the adrenaline rush

an adventurous person needs, they’ve got it all!

Cities to Visit

Santorini, with the most romantic sunset; Mykonos,

with its cosmopolitan character; in the world; Crete,

with its revolutionary spirit; Rhodes, the island of

the medieval castles, the sun and the butterflies;

Ios, with the wild nightlife; Ithaca, the homeland of

Ulysses; Corfu, with its Venetian style; Skiathos,

with its long and sandy beaches; Samos, the greenest

of all Greek islands; all these are just a few of the

most coveted places Greece has to offer!

Not Only a Summer-land

Majority of the tourists spend their summer vacation

in Greece from May to September. Now who could resists

warm beaches, sunny weather, and variable landscapes,

not to mention world class Greek hospitality?

What if it’s not summer? Winter tourist resorts,

ecotourism, therapeutic spas, working and discover

holidays can be availed as well! Indeed there are no

limitations despite the variations in Greece’s climate

Beautiful beaches, variable landscapes, picturesque

stone-built villages, passionate traditions and

culture, and a heavy archeological, historical and

mythological heritage: Truly, Greece is a country of

unique beauty that has much to offer and more!

Want to find something to commemorate your stay in

Greece? No problem! Numerous gift shops are available

in every area you visit.

A Fantasy Realized

Picture yourself on a deserted island watching the

sunset. Greece offers both amusement and intimacy.

Experience Athens at its best, unwind on the beaches

of Mykonos, cruise the Aegean Sea, journey through

Santorini, Crete and Rhodes, and discover the allure

of the Greek Isles. With tons of vacation packages to

choose from or even the pleasure of discovering the

country by scratch, the possibilities of enjoying

Greece are endless!

Hesitate no more! Greece and the Greek Islands are

truly an astonishing beauty. More than hundreds of

pictures describe the beauty of Greece, however

pictures are not enough. You should try it out for

yourself. Experience the satisfaction the beauty of

Greece provides. Give yourself a break; take a

vacation... in Greece!

Greece - land of the gods and men

Greece - Land of the Gods and Men

A Tourist Destination

Not less than 16 million tourists in 2004 alone visit

Greece because of its antiquity and its long and rich

history. Its glorious beaches and Mediterranean

coastline are among the top attractions the country

provides. Athens, the capital city of Greece, is one

of the most visited cities in Greece.

Greece was considered as China and Austria’s number

one choice of tourist destination.

The popular cities of Greece include Athens (Attica)

and the capital of Greece; Santorini, Cyclades, a nd

Fira (Oia) that sits on the edge of a cliff; Mykonos,

Hora, and Cyclades that are popular islands packed

with clubs and bars; Rhodes that is popular for its

Colossus of Rhodes, included in the Seven Wonders of

the World; and Heraklion, the capital of Crete.

Since the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, infrastructures

have greatly improved. Hotels and different kinds of

accommodations have been put up to cater tourists and

the locales.

Those who prefer spas and thermal springs will benefit

from the 752 therapeutic thermo-metallic springs as

approved by the National Institute for Geographical

and Mineral Research.

From the hundreds of interesting vacation hot spots in

Greece, one will have difficulty I choosing where they

want to make base and visit. And so, to make deciding

a lot easier, here are the following places a newbie

in Greece should visit.

Cape Sounio

Choose between a car or a bus to take you up the

beautiful road which leads to Cape Sounio. See beaches

and enjoy the shade of olive trees. Exclusivity and

intimacy is the atmosphere in Cape Aounio because you

will rarely come across other tourists in the area.

Athenians enjoy Cape Sounio making it one of their

favorite weekend escapades.


Crete citizens are quite a traditional bunch.

Authenticity is guaranteed in Crete. Their cuisine is

quite rare, considering that their diet is naturally

rich in polyols and they eat snails. Their cooking and

the fact that their diet has immunized them against

cardiovascular diseases amazed American researchers.

Cretans are extremely hospitable persons and this is

reason enough to spend time in Crete. Do not miss to

visit Heraklion, Crete’s main town.


A very beautiful island nearby Turkey, one will surely

be amazed in the remarkable scenery Rhodes provide. A

7-hour boat ride from Athens takes you to Rhodes and

its world famous architectural buildings and sites.


If you want to see majestic mountains, then Meteora is

the place to be. It is located in the center of Greece

and is inhabited by monks. You will be amazed by how

these monks live. Food is sent to them through a

basket on a rope to their monasteries that are perched

on top of these bizarre-looking mountains.


Take a little boat to Egina, a small island located

opposite of Athens. This island is not often visited

thereby; you avoid the fuss and crowds of tourists.

Rent a papaki (scooter) and discover the magnificent



It is with no doubt that Mykonos is one of the most

admired islands among the tourists. Its narrow streets

are unforgettable. Transporting throughout the streets

with a donkey is an absolute must try! The festivals

during summer season are famous for its hive of



Located in close proximity to Rethymnon in Crete,

Chania offers a picturesque old town and a superb

Venetian port. A visit will surely charm the guests.

A vacation in Greece will uplift your spirits. So go,

entice your senses in Greece!

Experience greece

Experience Greece!


Greece is located at the southern region of Europe

between Albania and Turkey. It borders the Ionian Sea,

Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. It is a

peninsular country that possesses an archipelago of

about 2,000 islands.

It boasts of hundreds of captivating islands,

paradisiacal landscapes, astounding sandy beaches,

crystal waters, and most especially a passionate

history. Because of this, it has been regarded 15th

place in the world’s most visited tourist

destinations. It is no surprise that Greece has much

to offer to its guests.

Not Only a Look Back In Time Reputed to be the

traditional "cradle of civilization", its museums

feature a great number of Greek artifacts and art that

continue to be one of the main reasons tourists come

to visit. Sometimes, this country is regarded of a

deep thought country dipped in philosophy because of

its historical background and the many wars that came

its way. However, Greece has proven not only rich in

culture and history but in natural wonders as well.

Together with its world class beaches, food, and

nightlife, Greece creates an atmosphere of fun,

relaxation, and an inspiring destination all in one


Despite the influences of modern times, Greece has not

only maintained its cultural traditions and heritage

but added the lure of its beautiful beaches under the

hot sun, scrumptious Greek food, parties, and other

vacation packages in the list.

Places to Be

Greece is filled with cities that depict both

traditional and modern culture. Its capital, Athens,

is well visited for its top tourist attractions such

as the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Nightlife is

vibrant in the city of Athens. Parties and merriment

can last till dawn! Major landmarks, clubs, taverns,

and hotels are within easy-to-access distance.

Greece is not only a haven for summer escapades.

Activities such as skiing and trekking the mountainous

terrains are fit for adventure hungry individuals. The

temptation of pristine, crystal clear beaches invites

water buffs from other places. Snorkeling, scuba

diving, and windsurfing amongst the islands and along

the coast are just among of the few water sports to

choose from.

For a more different version of Greece, a quick visit

to the nearby Saronic Gulf Islands treats visitors to

a wild, breathtaking waterfront and a sundry series of

pine scented islands.

The Dodecanese Islands is situated a little further

towards the east. It portrays crystal clear beaches

and whitewashed houses that seem to be found only on


Corfu is the most famous among the lush "Seven

Islands". These islands are part of the Ionian Islands

that pride itself on picture perfect vineyards, olive

groves, and remarkable mountainside monasteries.

Why Greece?

Traveling has never been this fun. Complete amenities

and activities are all yours for the taking.

Experience Greece personally and appreciate its

majesty up close. Books, pictures, and postcards do

not equate to the breathtaking feel of Greece.

Whether you fancy trekking a beaten trail, or go sight

seeing picturesque landscapes, doing and planning the

vacation activities can be a fun and rewarding

challenge. That way, you can see what you want to see

at your own pace, experience adventure but still find

time for relaxing, all with a do-it-yourself tour

within Greece. Rent a car, indulge into home exchange

services, or pamper yourself to numerous summer and

vacation packages available for tourists to choose


Eager for a praiseworthy vacation? Go Greece!

Treat yourself to a greek vacation

Treat Yourself To A Greek Vacation

More than what it seems

Greece is more than the "cradle of civilization", one

of the archeology’s finest in the world, and infamous

history-packed country. Greece, with its illustrious

culture, has long been studied in schools and by

professionals. Because of the enticing records and

interesting places, Greece is fast becoming the top

tourist destination in the world.

Greece is located in Eastern Europe and is bounded by

the Aegian and Ionian Seas in the Mediterranean.

Most people that visit Greece have specific images in

mind on what Greece is all about. However, most of

them are surprised to find out that this is a country

with such architectural and religious diversity.

Charming blue-domed churches and famous whitewashed

homes can be found in the Cycladic Islands. In the

cities of Nafplio and Ermoupolis, Neoclassical

architecture is observed. Ottoman-influenced buildings

can be found in Kozбni and Grevenб, pastel-colored

baroque homes and churches on Corfu, and whitewashed

Cycladic homes on the island of Paros.

Towering mountain ranges, idyllic beaches, vast

stretches of olive orchards in the south, lush forests

in the north, and wine-producing valleys, are just few

of Greece’s terrain that are as varied as its

architectural heritage.

Here are some islands that have played an important

part in the History of Greece and are famous to the

Greeks themselves.


From 95 to 97 AD, Saint John the Baptist was exiled

here and had a vision of the Apocalypse.


The island of the sponge fishermen - that is Kalimnos.

In celebration of the Easter Sunday, sheep are killed

and eaten in Greece. In the town square, lamb stuffed

with rice and herbs is served.


They say that the Three Graces have been born there.

In 1373, The Knights of St. John also stayed there.


Rhodes is the island of the sun god, Helios. The

original town dates back to 700 BC. In 1309, they say

that the building of the medieval citadel by the

Knights of St. John happened here. In 408 BC, this

ancient town was founded. The guests can visit the

ruins of the stadium and the gymnasium, the completely

rebuilt theater, and the temples of Zeus and Athena.


This place owns its name to the Knights of St. John.

They called it "Castello rosso" or "red castle". Tour

the Parasta by boat, one of the most beautiful caves

in Greece.


A desert, much like Greece’s own Sahara, can be found

in Limnos. This was the home of the Vulcan here in

Ancient Greece.


This island was made famous by the poets Alceus and

Sappho. It has notable contributions to the renown of

Greek music, poetry, and art. The temple of Aphrodite

lies in the center of the island.


Homer is said to have been born in this island.

Turpentine trees are grown in some parts of the island

for their resin. You will find your stay worthy if you

visit the ruins of the temple of Apollo and the

remains of monasteries there.


This was said to be the home of Aristarcus,

Pythagorus, and Epicurus. Samos is world famous for

its white wine which is produced from the Muscat



This island owned its name to Icarus whose myth came

from here.

Now, whether you long to see the historic sites of

those mentioned here or even for the fact that you’re

enthralled by the charm of Greece and the Greek

Islands, don’t hesitate to spend your vacation in

Greece. No doubt you’ll find it worthwhile.

Indulge in a greek island vacation

Indulge In A Greek Island Vacation


Greece is a country in the Southeastern point of

Europe, occupying an area of 131, 957 square

kilometers and a population amounting to about

11,000,000. Athens is the capital of Greece.

Mutuality Among Diversity

Crossroads of colors, cultures, and civilization are

the main characteristics of Greece. A step into the

country takes you back to the warmth and the grandeur

of ancient and historic Greece that seems to be found

only in books. Discover the evolutionary process of

influence, experience, and thought in Greece.

Greece has a unique and affluent historical past that

influenced its locals to gaze optimistically and

confidently into the future. The country, despite

being statistically small, is characterized by its

huge diversity.

A WTO 15th Placer

Welcoming more than 14 million tourists annually,

Greece ranked 15th on the World Tourism Organization

list of countries with inbound tourism making it one

of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide.


Beautiful landscapes are captured in postcards but its

vibrant and animated way of life, needs to be lived in

order to be appreciated.

Moments in Greece are a constant journey through time.

Explore the breathtaking scenery, roam the beaches and

Rocky Mountains, discover clusters of sparsely

inhabited islands, and walk through ancient sites and

olive groves. You will find that you’re traveling from

the present to the past and back again.

Very attractive sceneries are available for travelers

to explore. Protected and rare bird, animal and fauna

species, as well as sensitive wetlands, ecosystems,

and forests found safe dwellings in Greece. One will

find extremely unique, natural, and rich landscapes

decorating Epirus to Creta Island.

The long-standing history of Greece left a number of

archeological sites and monuments, all preserved with

their distinctive charm and prestige.

However, in the recent years, special forms of tourism

invite guests from other countries. Programs such as

religious tourism, therapeutic-spa tourism,

agrotourism, ecological tourism, and many more began

to develop in Greece. This resulted to guests visiting

Greece not only because of its classical feel but also

because they want to break the monotony of usual

holiday celebration. Join activities such as

sightseeing, relaxing, and enjoying the unique

experience offered by the country’s nature.

Being a country with vast wealth of folklore and

cultural tradition, visitors choose to grab

opportunities that enrich their travel to Greece by

attending carious sports or cultural events held in

every region of the country.

Shop Till You Drop

You will find shopping worthwhile in Greece. Visitors

will be able to find something for every budget and

purchase them at very reasonable prices. Shops cater

to every tourist’s wishes and tastes.

Eat Something Greek

Greek cuisine is outstanding. Their dishes are famous

all over the world and what better way to experience

these delectable creations than in Greece. Unwind and

dine in posh restaurants, mass-friendly taverns,

livable bars and clubs.

Around Town

Transportation, on the other hand, became modernized

and benefited both locals and tourists alike. Fast and

safe traveling is guaranteed. Motorways, railroads,

bridges, and ports were constructed. New ferries,

trains, cars, and sea transportation opened for

operation. This became an important milestone in the

improvement and development of travel in the country.

Royal Decision

Mythical and inspiring - that is Greece. Give yourself

a break and spend time in Greece. You will find that

taking a Greek Island Vacation will be yet the best

decision you’ve ever made.

Be the goddess (or god) that you are in Greece!