Replica luxury watch

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Replica Luxury Watch Sought for Appearance

In the world of make believe, some people want to look like they have more than they can afford and a replica luxury watch is a highly sought-out item. When it comes to luxury watches, the name Rolex is typically the first one to come to mind, but there are others that are also considered luxury timepieces.

Omega, Cartier and Breitling are just a few of the fine luxury watches that have been duplicated and sold as replicas. While there are many outlets in which to find a replica luxury watch, there are also those who sell them as an original. You can usually find them on the streets of many major cities, all looking to dupe the unsuspecting and unknowing person out of their money.

A legitimate seller of a replica luxury watch will inform you upfront that they are in now way affiliated with the original manufacturer, nor is the replica luxury watch being sold as an original. They will let you know that it is a replica of the original and is not under warranty from the real watchmaker nor can parts and service be obtained from the original watchmaker.

Fakes and Counterfeits are Not Replicas

It has been said that copying is a high form of flattery, but unfortunately, there are people who will make watches that closely resemble a luxury brand and pass them off as the real thing. The only people who get hurt by buying a fake replica luxury watch are the buyers. Manufacturers do not usually go after the sellers of counterfeit watches, believing that closing one will result in two more cropping up. They also realize that after owning a counterfeit, many people eventually buy the real thing.

Recently, a raid in Asia resulted in the confiscation and destruction of several thousands of counterfeit watches. Some were fakes of earlier models of watches, but typically, counterfeiters only sell copies of the newer models. While a replica luxury watch may insult some makers of fine timepieces, they acknowledge the sellers being honest enough to state the watches are not real.

To determine if a watch is real, a counterfeit or a replica luxury watch, check the website of the manufacturer. A company s representative can also make that determination by comparing the model and year it was issued. They can spot subtle changes in the design or colors that most people cannot.

Swiss watch

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Choosing a Swiss Watch for Men

The distinguishing mark of Swiss watches has been their quality, value, durability, and wide prestige among people around the world. People of fashion know a Swiss watch adds to the charm of their style. More over, owning a Swiss watch is a status symbol since these watches have traditionally been used by people coming from the hip and affluent segments of society.


There is a great variety of prices among Swiss watches and your choice will ultimately depend on your budget. For a youthful look you can get a Swatch at around $80. A Bvlgari can be bought for fewer than $4,000 while a Chopard diamond watch can cost over a million dollars. In general, Swiss watches cost higher than Japanese watches keeping all other factors constant.

Famous Brands

Among a number of famous Swiss watch brands are names like Rado, Tissot, Omega, Rolex, Swatch, Corum, Tudor, Piaget, Tag Heuer, and many others.

Men's Watches

Men's watches came in wide use mostly during the twentieth century. Originally, used for viewing time by gentlemen, these came to be matter of fashion in use and Swiss watches took precedence from the early days of popularity of watches among men.

Choosing a Men's Watch

The choice of buying a men's Swiss watch is determined by where the watch is going to be worn and what image the user has in mind to project in his company. For example, there are high-profile Swiss watches like Rolex and Cartier that bring the wearer to be noticed among company. Brands like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet are thought to reflect refinement of taste. To reflect your active lifestyle or overwhelming sense of power, consider Swiss brands like Omega, Tag Heuer, or Breitling.

Age of the User

The age of the man is a main factor in choosing the right Swiss watch. As a general way of fashion, Swiss watches are mostly men's watches, not those for boys. For a youthful and boyish style, pick a Swatch that matches his look. You should be in your mid thirties at least and have a personality approaching that of a man in his late forties to go for a Rolex GMT. After crossing your mid-thirties, your choice can shift to Swiss brands like IWCs and Baume and Mercier etc.

Sports Watches

Men's sports watches in Swiss brands are characterized by faces having multifunction sundials and functions e.g. compass, stopwatch etc. They are trendy and represent a sense of vigor.

Diamond watch

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A Diamond Watch Does More Than Just Tell Time

Watches have been an important accessory for both men and women. Right from the beginning, watches were treated as pieces of jewelry and not just a time piece. Therefore, today you can find a watch in a myriad of different styles and designs to match and suit every personality and budget.

A Watch as an Investment

There are many types of watches and most of us have a few during our life span; some were more closer to our heart than the others while some were an investment to be passed on from generation to generation. One such investment is a diamond watch. There are many types of diamond watches however, when you are on the market to purchase one there are a few things you must consider in order to make your investment a true heirloom piece.

The brand name is probably the first and foremost important choice as you will need to ensure that you are investing in a trusted brand name, which delivers quality not only of the watch but also of the jewels on it. It is suggested that one should invest in a brand name that is known for manufacturing watches and not for a brand name that manufactures jewelry and decided to create watches as well.

Once you decided on the brand name you then need to take a closer look at their diamond watches. Diamonds are graded and this translates in to their quality and price; however, if the diamonds on the diamond watch are smaller than 0.10 carats and/or are chips you cannot see the quality with the naked eye and therefore it does not matter what quality of diamonds has been used. In the case that the diamonds are larger then 0.10 carats you may want to insist on good graded diamonds for your diamond watch because the price of the watch depends on it. Chopard is one of the first watchmakers to introduce full cut diamonds in their watches in the famous  Happy Diamond collection.

Diamonds Suit Everyone

Diamond watches are for both men and women; it is true that the men s diamond watches are more subtle but nevertheless today, almost every major watch brand has introduced at least one diamond watch in their collection because the fact is that truly the watch is the main piece of jewelry men wear all the time.

Watch repair

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Everything You Need to Know About Watch Repairs

Before getting your watch repaired there is a wealth of information that a person should be aware of in order to get the best value for your money. Very often, the vintage watch which has been in the possession of your family may be in need of watch repair and therefore one should know where to go to get it repaired and how often the watch should be serviced as well as what are the associated costs of repair and servicing. In addition, one may also need to know which are the watches that can be repaired and which cannot be.

A Few Good Watchmakers

There are a few good watchmakers that are recommended for watch repair and they are Ed Ueberall of the Escapement watch repair and Rob Berkavicius of It is advisable to find a good watchmaker rather than the closest one especially since the watch can be safely shipped to them. One should also be aware of the fact that not every watch can be repaired and this is very common among the low cost watches as well as quartz watches.

Before sending your watch for repair it would be a good idea to photograph the watch on the outside as well as the watch movement and it is also necessary to record all the serial numbers and markings on the watch. Remember, that even though most watches can be repaired, it is rust which is the biggest killer.

Watch repair means getting skilled labor work done and the rates for watch repair may vary between $20 and $500. A reasonable price for watch repair would be in the range of $50 and $150, especially for the simple cleaning of a wrist watch. The cost for repairing complicated watches would be more especially for chronographs and the same is the case with brands that have difficult to find spares and one can think of high end Swiss watches as a case in point.

The same is the case for Swiss, Japanese or other non-American watches that were manufactured before or around 1910. Theoretically, every watch should be able to be repaired but in practice there are many that cannot be repaired and often the cost of repairing far exceeds the cost of buying a replacement and this is very common among low end pieces. In addition, some replacement parts may cost too much so one needs to exercise judiciously in the matter.

Tag watch

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Wear Your Tag Watch for a Life Time

There are a lot of people out there who love to buy watches; all types of watches, for all occasions, for parties, for sports, and so on. These people usually end with a drawer full of watches, but none that really move their hearts for ever. Everyone should have a life-time watch; a watch that not only is an excellent brand name and performance, but also complements your style.

The Tag Heuer Watch is a Masterpiece Designed for Daily Wear

Those who have seen a Tag watch would agree that these watches are exceptionally elegant while being trendy at the same time. There is jus the right dash of rebellion in it hence, you will find their elegance tinged with a come-hither look which makes these watches simply irresistible. In fact the Tag watches are so much a fashion statement that they are preferred over competition ever so often. People who choose the Tag watch exude an air of unmatched confidence and poise. It is indeed amazing to note the impact that the Tag Heuer watches make anywhere they go.

Of course, the Tag watches are a bit steep in price, but their quality and quiet elegance more than make up for it. After all everybody should have an once-in-a-lifetime watch. Many would, any day trade the drawer full of watches with one great watch that would sum up their personality in one glance.

Owning a Tag Heuer watch is as good as owning a Rolex or anything similar. It is an achievement of a life time; it is a watch of a lifetime; something that you could leave on for your children as an inheritance; something that will keep growing in value instead of depreciating with time.

This is why it makes sense to put your money into an investment with a Tag watch. These watches would make you proud wherever you go. Besides the fact that these watches make a perfect fashion statement, they are totally trouble free. These watches could be worn round the clock, including the shower and have no problem with it whatsoever.

Hence, if you are looking for an extension of yourself, for an elegance accessory that describes you quietly yet boldly, go for the Tag watch. It is worth every penny you invest in it  as you will discover from the very day you start wearing it.

Cartier watch

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Cartier Watches are Expensive Classy and Fashionable

Why settle for a cheap knockoff when there are many fashionable as well as original fashion watches available like the Cartier watch that are begging to be bought, even though at exorbitant prices. The Cartier watch is often decked in diamonds and gold and certainly very flashy.

The Cartier Tank Francaise Women s Two Toned Steel/18KT Watch is a case in point and this Cartier watch is contained in a stainless steel case and it has alternating 18Kt and brushed and polished stainless steel bracelet with a white dial with Roman numerals in Black to give the watch a classy look. And, to add to the looks, there is a Sapphire crystal with the Crown topped with blue sapphire cabochon and Swiss quartz movement that makes it not only classy but also functionally sound. Needless to say, this watch is water resistant and retails for just under $4,000 depending on where it is purchased from.

A Golden Wonder: The Cartier Tank American Ladies 18kt Gold Watch

There is also the gold version of the Cartier watch which is called the Cartier W260152K2 Tank American Ladies 18KT Gold Watch which has a gold elongated face and bracelet as well as a white dial with Roman numeral hour markers and the quartz movement provides accurate times that makes this Cartier watch a much sought after item which is water resistant up to 30 meters. Of course it has a whopping high price tag and one may have to shell out over $13,000 to purchase one of these ladies watches.

The men s Cartier watch is just as impressive as the women s watches and the Cartier Men s Swiss Automatic Tank Francaise Watch is an exquisite, stylish as well as quality Cartier watch that makes for a wonderful timepiece collectors item. The watch has a stainless steel case and bracelet with brushed as well as polished finishes and the silver dial has Roman numeral hour markers.

There are also gunmetal blue hands and a hidden butterfly clasp that makes it a very useful piece of timekeeping. Other features include Swiss Automatic movement, sapphire crystal, and date display at 6 o clock and this men s watch can be sized to fit wrists of sizes between seven and a half inches and eight and a half inches. To purchase one of these exquisite Cartier watches one can expect to pay approximately $3,500.

Military watch

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A Military Watch Can Survive Rough Treatment

Numerous reasons are given when people are asked why they want to own a military watch and some veterans claim it is because of the quality and durability of the timepieces. Others may need the same durability of a watch for outdoor sports or their occupation.

Persons in the armed forces needed a timepiece they could rely on for many reasons, including coordination of events, yet their military watch had to be able to withstand the rigors of strenuous outdoor activities. If used during actual battle they needed to be camouflaged so as not to give them away and yet be visible after dark.

Being water resistant is also important to a military watch and even the least expensive ones, replicas of the type of military watch used in Vietnam, is claimed to be water resistant to 99-feet. In the 1960 s, these watches were issued only in olive green but by the end of the 1960 s and into the 1970 s, they were also available in flat black, complete with flat black web wristband.

A military watch worn by special forces personnel requires special features, among them additional water resistance and most special forces diving watches resist water intrusion up to 990 feet. Its special black matte non-reflective finish is resistant to fading and discoloration, however under extreme use it can be damaged by rough contact with other metals and rocks.

Stay Hidden with Special Illumination

At night, when time is of the essence, a military watch can be helpful with tritium-coated hands that do not send out a lighted signal. For example a H3 Traser military watch, Model P6502. Its black stainless steel case and carbon fiber rotating bezel have tritium-coated hour and minute hands, hour markings and marking on the bezel for easy reading in complete darkness.

The glass is made of hardened mineral glass and it has a nice appearance during the day but virtually blends in with the night after dark. At under $300, this type watch is popular with hunters and others who feel the need to own a quality military watch.

For wilderness hikers or campers, there is a military watch with a building barometer to detect upcoming changes in the weather, as well as an altimeter and digital compass with bearing indicator to help with your navigation through unfamiliar territory. Made of aluminum and carbon fiber it is lightweight but still extremely durable and the hard mineral glass is break resistant to withstand shock.

Luxury watch

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Caring for Your Luxury Watch

Luxury watches include the finest wristwatches such as the brands Rolex, Omega, and Breitling. These watches are available at a price ranging from over $4,000 to well over $20,000. These watches not only precede others in their function but also in their look and feel as they are the finest art pieces in the watch making industry.

They are characterized by longevity and beauty that usually lasts a lifetime and are to become the future's collectibles. Luxury watch business was affected by the September 11 tragedy, but a revival in the demand was seen soon after. In Asian countries, especially in Singapore, the popularity of luxury watches is skyrocketing.


A notable quality of these watches is their personalization as personalized luxury watches make ideal gifts. Engravings, personalized leather straps, and customized faces are some of the ways to add to the value of the watch as a gift.

Caring for Luxury Watches

While luxury watches these days come equipped with better strength and resistance, most of them still need care for longevity and proper functioning. Following are some pints to consider in properly maintaining your luxury watch.

Safety from Water

An ideal luxury watch is resistant to water so that you can enjoy swimming while wearing it. Water carrying dissolved salt, seawater for example, causes more damage to the watch's exterior because salt can corrode the watch's material. It is recommended to take off your watch before swimming in salt water.


Do not expose your watch to excess heat or cold for long. Excess heat can shorten the life of your luxury watch's battery. Similarly, extreme cold can affect the watch's accuracy of time keeping.

Safety against Shock

Impact can damage the watch in a second. If you are an athlete, sportsman, or runner, do not wear your luxury watch while performing or practicing. Also, buy a shockproof watch that can withstand such impacts as are experienced in play.

Safety against Chemicals

Chemicals, solvents, and gases etc. can damage the watch's surface and look by discoloration. Remove your watch when dealing with chemicals.


While household electric appliances do not cause damage to most watches, strong electric fields can affect the watch's function. If you work in a place with strong electric/magnetic fields, buy a watch that is resistant to a high electric/magnetic field's effect.


Get your watch cleaned regularly by a specialist. He or she will also do necessary minor repair work and change batteries if needed.

Rolex jewelry watch

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Rolex Jewelry Watch Available only Through Jewelers

If you are seriously looking to buy one of the finest watches available, the Rolex jewelry watch is usually the first name that comes to mind. Any Rolex watch is only sold through jewelry stores and never on the internet, according to company s official website. Additionally, it would be a rare buyer who is willing to spend several thousands of dollars for an item without seeing it and touching it and learning all they can from a jewelry professional.

Rolex is arguably the most counterfeited timepiece in the world. Finding offerings of a Rolex jewelry watch for sale for a few hundred dollars usually only means two things. Either it is a counterfeit, or it has been stolen. While people may sell a used Rolex jewelry watch through internet auction sites, most buyers will only deal with jewelers who can certify the authenticity of the item.

The time and effort that is expended on the beauty and quality of a genuine Rolex jewelry watch is what makes it one of the premier timepieces in the world. From the drawing board to a buyer s wrist, exhausting quality control processes during each step of manufacturing. Choosing the gemstones for the watch is overseen by experts in their field and the metal is alloyed to exacting specifications.

Used Rolex Watches

There are a few reasons where someone would sell their Rolex jewelry watch, among them no longer having a need for one, or finding they need money for another use. The recommended means of buying a used Rolex jewelry watch is the same as buying a new one; through a jeweler. The watch can be certified as an original, except in the rare occurrence of dishonestly, and the buyer can be assured it is in perfect working condition.

From the company s president model to the navigator, yachtsman and submariner, all watches go through the same rigorous testing throughout the typical yearlong production process. The cost of a Rolex jewelry watch is justified by the meticulous methods with which the watch is designed, produced and manufactured. Additionally, the appearance of the timepiece and its durability also increase the price.

Swiss chronometers play a role in the quality that is built into every Rolex jewelry watch and all inner workings are also certified to be of the highest quality before they are accepted to become part of one of the world s finest timepieces.

Citizen watch

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The Technology-Ecology Friendly Citizen Watch


The Citizen watch is a native of Japan, the core company that produces Citizen watches is actually called, Shichizun Tokei Kabushiki-gaisha and is based in Tokyo. History tells us that the company was initially known as Shokosha Watch Research Institute, founded in 1918. Today the same company is also well-known for the CINCOM precision lathe machine tools, besides the manufacturing of the exceptionally popular Citizen watches with the first Citizen watch sold in 1924.

The Citizen Watch is Beautiful and Technologically up to date

From the very beginning, this brand has been synonymous with quality and the application of modern technology. If you watch Citizen launching new models, you will observe that these would more or less coincide with some technological breakthrough at that time. The Citizen watch was always the first to successfully apply the technology of the day to the watch manufacturing industry, revolutionizing the way people see, use, and know wrist watches.

The Eco-Drive Citizen Watch  An Example of Excellence

At present, the latest Citizen watches have the best technology applied yet again. It has done away with the battery and uses power to make the watch work for ever  they even offer a lifetime warranty for the Eco-drive watches in case the buyer has any doubts. If you look at it, it is in indeed a great way to apply technology to the wrist watch machinery. The watch, after it is fully charged can be used in total darkness for as long as six months minimum and four years maximum. These watches are exceptionally sturdy and the entire Citizen watches range come with a life time replacement guarantee, in case anything at all happens to the watch.

The life time guarantee is a great marketing technique than can turn any lurker into a buyer because even if someone doesn t really believe a watch can run without batteries, they can buy it risk-free; because if it doesn t deliever on its promise, it can be replaced.

Not all the Eco-drive watches are actually powered by sun; they are powered by some alternative energy as well  for example, some Citizen watches such as the Skyhawk line, uses kinetic energy (you will need just to shake your wrist for a little while as the watch will re-charge with your day-to-day movement of the hands). Citizen watches are a rare blend of quality and exceptionally accurate technology. This may be the prime reason they are so popular the world over.

Watch band

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Do You Know which Watch Band Is Good for You?

There are many types of watch bands in the market today. You can find leather watch bands, cloth watch bands, the micro watch bands, the metal watch bands and so on. How do you know which type is good for you? How do you make out which one would suit you and your lifestyle the best?

There are a few points that when considered, will give you the answer as to what could the best available choice for you. Choosing the right watch band is somehow like choosing the right outfit for work. You will have to take into consideration a few important factors and then choose form the range that those factors dictate.

Some Important Aspects to Consider While Choosing Your Watch Band

1. Comfort  you will, most likely, wear the watch for at least 12 hours every day. Some wear it for more and even round the clock. Needless to say, it has to be comfortable enough to be kept on your hand for so long every day. Hence, the first and foremost factor is to check out how comfortable the band is.

2. Suitability - there are many people out there who love leather watch bands. However, when they wear one, they would break into a rash within an hour. They should definitely discontinue wearing a leather watch strap and shift to micro-leather or any other material which suits their skin better. Hence, suitability is another important aspect to be considered while selecting this accessory.

3. Compatibility with fashion  how fashionable is the wrist band you are thinking of buying or wearing? Does it complement most of your outfits or will it stand out like a sore thumb? Hence, the fashion statement that the wrist band is projecting is important. You will need one that goes with your style and is still not too far away from current trends.

4. Durability  It is important that once you buy a watch band it will last for a reasonable period without giving you any trouble. If you buy a watch band today and within a week it frays off, or it tears or it asks for repairs, you would definitely be annoyed about it. What if your hands go in the water a lot and the strap becomes tarnished or damaged? Therefore, the durability is an important aspect for choosing the right wrist band for you.

Casio watch

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Looking for a Unique Watch? Purchase a Casio Watch

In this age of technology, people are always looking for accessories that have interesting features. With a society always on the go, watches are becoming more and more popular. People who are looking for a watch that is both technologically advanced and stylish should look into purchasing a Casio watch.

About the Casio Company

When one thinks of the Casio name, one does not just associate it with Casio watches. Indeed, this Japanese company, based in Japan and founded in 1946, also manufactures musical instruments, calculators, cameras, PDAs, and audio equipment.

Types of Casio Watches

There are a wide variety of Casio watches to choose from. Each Casio watch is unique in terms of its design and its technological capabilities.

Baby G Casio watches are designed for women, and are available with a number of different features. Depending on the model, these watches include such features as tanning timers, transparent highlights that are pastel-colored, wristbands that are metallic-colored, resistance for up to 100 meters of water, and the capability to find the temperature for 30 different cities.

G-Shock Casio watches are designed for both men and women, and are intended for the person who enjoys extreme sports such as snowboarding. Different models in this series have different features, but the features can include countdown timers, shock resistance, wristbands made out of durable nylon, and the capability to display world time.

Casio watches that are designed for formal occasions are typically worn by men and also include a variety of different features, depending on the specific style that one chooses to purchase. Features can include analog or digital dial codes, batteries that last at least 10 years, and the watches being made of out of such material as mineral crystal.

Casio watches also are available in a databank series, in which watches are like personal organizers. This line of watches is perfect for businessmen who are in need of something small and efficient to store data in. Capabilities can include, depending on the watch, calculator features, multi-function alarms, days of the week displayed in several different languages, and the capability to store many pages of memos.

Casio watches can be found in many different stores all over the world. Their prices, though reasonable, will vary depending on what type of watch one is looking to buy. If one is looking for a stylish, unique watch, a Casio watch is indeed an excellent choice.

Omega watch

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Omega Watch  Famous Watch for Famous People

The Omega watch was founded in 1848 by a very young man named Louis Brandt, at La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. These watches were sold mostly in England at the time, though he also marketed them in Italy, and the Scandinavian countries. The Omega watches were very well received there and Louis Brandt died a wealthy man.

The Omega watches grew in fame over the years and enjoyed high popularity all over the world. Though they are extreme high-end products, the market demand is still very high. This is because they are exceptionally well designed, manufactured with excellent workmanship and totally trouble free for its entire life time.

Some Great Achievements of the Omega Watch Speak for Itself

1. There are a number of international and Hollywood super stars who wholeheartedly endorse and use this watch. Among those who are well known for their Omega watches are Cindy Crawford, Michael Schumacher, Nicole Kidman and so on. This year, Abhishek Bachchan, the famous son of the Indian superstar Amitabh Bachchan, became the new Omega watch Ambassador.

2. The Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph was the first watch that made it to the moon; and this is not all. After that maiden voyage, the Omega watch was recommended and worn on all the NASA missions.

3. The Omega watch was the watch that  James Bond (played by actor Pierce Brosnan) wore ever since the movie Goldeneye was shot. The model worn by the world famous 007 Agent was the 300M Omega Professional Chronometer. The watch is still the official watch for James Bond today.

4. There is an Omega watch that has become a collectible now, after being show-cased in the movie The Big Blue of Luc Besson. This watch is the Seamaster Professional 600.

5. It has also been the official time keeper at many Olympiads including the 2006 Olympiad. Omega will again don the official cloak for the Olympics of 2008.

As you can see, the Omega watch is a world leader is many ways. It has maintained the highest standards of quality and design for over one and a half centuries, making it the instant favorite the world over. It is an upscale product, but something well worth the money spent on it. In appreciation of its outstanding qualities, the Omega watch has been given its limelight position on the global stage; a place that it is well deserved and preserved by this brand.

Swiss army watch

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The Swiss Army Watch from Wenger and Victorinox

If you are looking for a Swiss Army watch then look no further than Wenger who are suppliers of not only Swiss Army watches but are also one of the two official knife suppliers for the Swiss Army, along with Victorinox. Since 1908, Wenger has supplied the Swiss Army with watches that are stylish as well as classy and they have permission to feature the Swiss Cross which is a sign of a top notch product.

Rival Firm Victorinox

A competitor in the Swiss Army watch segment is the rival firm Victorinox which sells affordable watches that have exceptional engineering as well as outstanding and perfected craftsmanship and this brand of Swiss Army watch is certainly worth serious consideration. The Swiss Army Victorinox watch can be used for hiking, skiing, climbing as well as other adventure pursuits and these watches are perfect for extreme sports as well as a good accessory for wearing to a dinner at the Hilton. The Swiss Army watch is warranted by the Swiss Army to the original buyer to be free of defects in material as well as workmanship under normal usage for three years from when it was purchased.

There are many models of the Swiss Army watch available from Victorinox as well as Wenger. Some other suppliers of the Swiss Army watch include Swatch, Mondaine, Camel Active and Jacques du Manoir. In addition, there are various models such as Alpine, Mountaineer, Commando, Standard issue, bienne, original Swiss military, and field new generation in the casual watch category.

The Alpine WEN.72123 Wenger Swiss Army watch is priced at about $180 and is made of stainless steel and has ETA quartz movement, and this a men s watch. It is also water resistant till 100 meters and the case finishing is sandblasted with mineral crystal, regular crown, a brown dial and dial style that have Arabic figures and three hands for hours/minutes/sweep second. The strap is made of brown leather with a regular buckle and special features include date display, and it is also luminous for nighttime visibility.

There is also the Wenger Alpine Chrono WEN.70875 sports gents collection Swiss Army watch that has Swiss quartz chronograph, movement and water resistance to hundred meters and it also has luminous hands as well as markers for nighttime visibility. It comes with a one year limited warranty and costs approximately $300.

Womens watch

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The Most Common Accessory for Women  The Watch

Women all over the world are well known for their love for jewelry and accessories. One of the most indispensable accessory which often doubles as jewelry is the women s watch. These come in all type of models and sizes and of course, all budgets making it easy for women to choose the ones that best suit and enhance their persona.

A Brief History of Women s Watches

Watches have come a long way since the 18th century when they were the prerogative of men, just because they were worn on a chain that was attached to the coat or pant pocket  clothing that at that time women did not wear. Gradually, women started working out of the home and in the beginning of the 19th century women s watches were worn around their neck on a chain, as a part of the jewelry they wore daily.

There were a few other alternatives, which had not caught on because they were not comfortable or viable such as. watches in the form of brooches, pins, earrings and rings. Other than the wrist watch, no other model of women s watch has been found practical enough and hence, these other models gradually faded out of the market.

From those days to today  where the market is saturated with all types of models and styles of women s watches, a long way has been traveled both by the wearer and the product. Today, you will find categories like party watches, jewelry watches, sports watches, day-to-day watches all vying for your dollars. The budget for these watches is as diverse; you will be able to buy a ladies watch from $10 to $3,000 and more.

Women tend to buy a number of watches because most like to wear them as accessories to their outfits. Since the accessories have to be matched to the clothes worn, women s watches too have to be matched just like the bag and shoes to the color and mood of the outfit. There are plenty of watches that do just that, especially ones that come with a single dial and many different straps.

On an average, many women have around two wrist watches for daily wear, one sports watch and definitely at least one high-end jewelry watch. Each of the watches have their own place and scope and hence, this is an asset equal to what would otherwise be an investment in clothes or shoes, or handbags. It is necessary that the watch too match the outfit as well as the occasion to make the wearer look fashionable from top to toe.

Luminox watch

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Choose a Luminox Watch for Precision and Quality

A watch is not just a handy device to tell time but also a trusted piece of equipment, which will stand by you when you need it most. There are times when your life is in the hands of your watch  literarily; for example when you dive and you time your watch in order to know the exact time you have before you run out of oxygen.

What Makes Luminox Watches Famous?

Richard and Berry, two friends who were in the same profession as sales representatives got together to form The Richard Barry Marketing Group. They contacted a Swiss watch company named RBMG who developed a never seen before illumination technology and decided to market the same under an exclusive partnership with the same.

They changed the brand name of the watches to Luminox, which literarily means  light night in Greek and created their own logo of the same. They struck oil when a US Navy Seal officer approached them in order to develop a watch for the US Navy Seals to use for diving purposes on night missions. As soon as the Navy Seal dive watch launched in 1994, Luminox was an instant success. In 1999 another version of the Navy Seal dive watch was launched but this time in stainless steel.

That same year The Richard Barry Marketing Group got yet another request, this time from the Edwards Air Force base to create a watch they could wear on their bombing mission. Luminox started a partnership with Lockheed Martin Corporation in order to create a new specific to their requirements Navy watch to be worn by the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth pilots.

Luminox Watches Today

Luminox watches do not compromise on quality and technology. A Luminox watch is specifically designed from scratch in order to perform specific operations, which you can rely on in time of need. Today there are a couple of designs on the way to the market both for the US Navy and the US Air Force and if they can put their lives in the hands of a Luminox watch, anyone can.

A Luminox watch is made to depend on no matter what the situation or location; whether you are diving or flying you can count on it. If the armed forces can rely on them, isn t that enough of a reason for you to invest in a Luminox watch?

Swatch watch

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Uniqueness of the Swatch Watch

Anyone who has a clear memory of the mid 1980s in the United States knows the immense popularity of Swatch watches in those days. The name 'Swatch' comes from accretion of 'Second Watch'. These watches were originally designed as entry-level products for a reentry of Swiss watch making companies against their most fierce competitors in the 1960s and 70s, the Japanese watches like Seiko.

Key Features of Swatch Watches

Swatch watch is a brand of the renowned Quartz watches manufactured by the Swatch Group Limited. With the contriving of Swatch watch, Swiss companies realigned their manufacturing policies by adopting simple designs, using cheap materials, and manufacturing automated systems. By minimal use of components (51 components only) as against traditional watches (which use at least 100), Swatch succeeded in attracting a large number of customers by reducing costs. The making cost of a typical Swatch watch is five times less than a traditional watch.

Their fashionable look was another factor that boosted their sale throughout America. However, this did not prevail for long and they were soon out of fashion with the advent of the 90s. Then Swatch changed its image, returning to its original simplicity of designs and today it enjoys the same high likeness with which it had stepped in the watch market.

Luxury Brands in Swatch Watches

Tending to greater elegance, Swatch moved to luxury designs that are still cherished by watch lovers. These include brands like Breguet, Blancpain, Jaquet Droz, Rado, Omega, and others.

Innovative Trends in Swatch Watch

While the run for Swatch is once again adding up momentum, makers of Swatch watches are manufacturing innovative designs with advanced functions. Metal-bodied watches have appeared in the Irony Series; diving watches in the Scuba Series have come to interest scuba divers and thin watches have marked the uniqueness of the Skin Series. The stunning Papparazzi series has brought watches that can be connected to the internet to download stock quotes, news headlines, and various other types of data.

Swatch Watches Today

Entering the new century, makers of Swatch watches have realized that the priority of providing cheap watches is no more a desideratum for success. They are concentrating more on quality than cost. Swatch watches today appear to maintain a balance between the colorful and unique look and the demands of a product of class. At the moment, Swatch watch is one of the most widespread types of watches across the globe.

Vintage watch

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What You should Know before You Purchase a Vintage Watch

Collecting watches have become a growing hobby with many around the world today; their beauty and timeless elegance attract both the young and elderly alike. The quality of some brand name vintage watches makes them indestructible and thus the collection can be passed on from generation to generation.

However there are many deceptive people out there that know authentic vintage watches are very hard to come by and at times manage to duplicate or fraud some into buying one. Here are a few points, which hopefully will help you always purchase an authentic vintage watch.

Get to Know What Makes a Vintage Watch

Every single watch brand has its own specifics through which it is more or less unique such as a marking in the inside mechanism or a piece of jewelry on a particular part of it or the type of movement and so on. Getting to know what makes a particular vintage watch special will help you be able to tell the difference between the fake and the authentic version. There are many instances when vintages watches have been swapped around for example, a different movement in a vintage case and if you are not familiar with the same you will not know what to look and/or ask for.

Replacing is a big industry and some don t stop at the pieces you cannot see, they will even go up to replacing pieces such as the worn hands of a vintage watch with something old but not its authentic piece. Again the only way to tell the difference is to be very familiar with what the original should look like.

Where to Look for Authentic Vintage Watches

To gather knowledge about a particular vintage watch you should look on the internet where everything will be listed in detail; you may even be able to get in touch with the company if it still exists and ask them for other signs that will give away an inauthentic vintage watch.

Vintage watches are very expensive and once you have purchased it, it may be difficult to return it on the charge that a piece was replaced as the seller can blame you for the same. Therefore, prevention is always better than cure and you should take all possible measures that you possibly can especially if you are a collector and are looking forward to expand your collection.

Jewelry and watch repair

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Jewelry and Watch Repair is a Good Profession

Keepsake, heirloom and valuable are words you can expect to hear if you work in the jewelry and watch repair business and it may takes years to become proficient enough at this type of work to be considered a master. You will also have to accept the responsibility of working with other people s valuable items as though they were your own.

There once was a time when these were two different crafts. Watch repairs were done by one person and jewelry repairs by another. However, in many ways, the two underwent a natural integration as jewelry stores naturally started selling fine watches. People became well versed in jewelry and watch repair.

This profession requires steady hands and eyesight to be able to work with the extremely small workings of watches as well as the fine gemstones and precious metals involved in jewelry and watch repair. The slightest mistake can turn even a valuable watch in to junk and even the finest jewelry can be turned into pieces to be used for costume-use only.

Initially, the trade of jewelry and watch repair was learned by a master. One who was willing to share their knowledge and techniques so that others could continue their trade. Today, there are schools that teach jewelry and watch repair to just about anyone with an interest in learning the business.

Working with a Need-It-Now Lifestyle

Today, many people lack patience in waiting for repairs and either do not bother to have their jewelry and watch repairs done or will seek out someone who can get the job done in a hurry. One company has taken advantage of this impatience and the growing need for jewelry and watch repair professionals and opened a business providing while-you-wait repairs.

Franchising their idea in major shopping malls in larger cities, the customer can watch the experts perform jewelry and watch repair or have it done while shopping at other stores. For 22 years, it has grown successful and not all franchise owners are certified to provide the repairs. Hiring those who are trained in jewelry and watch repair has helped them grow into the business, even knowing nothing about how to make the repairs.

Schools for jewelry and watch repair are available in some major markets and for those looking for a career change, there are schools you can attend remotely using video lessons to teach the craft of jewelry and watch repair.


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The Wrist Watch - A Cannot-Live-Without-Accessory

There are a lot of things that the modern world has made available for our use and convenience; one such gadget is the wrist watch. Can anyone imagine life without a watch on our wrist today? Because it is such a great gadget, the watch has been adjusted to fit in to every activity we indulge in.


There are plenty of bejeweled watches made specifically for party wear. Both men and women models are available in a mind-boggling variety and styles. As a matter of fact, some reports say that watches are one of the largest selling items in the world both for men and women. The party watches usually are highly decorative and flashy, using precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc set in gold, silver and/or platinum. Needless to say that such pieces cost the earth (and sometimes even more than that)  though they are worth every penny.

The sky is the limit when you think about how much exclusive diamond encrusted or solid gold watches cost; but if you think of them as heirloom pieces and an investment, they may not seem so outrageously priced any more.


For those who love the outdoors, sports watches resist sweat, shock, dust and all other things that go hand-in-hand with an active lifestyle. In this category, looks are not that important; what is important is the ruggedness of the watch so it can withstand the abuse of any sport without getting damaged. This is how you get the shock-proof, scratch-proof, water-resistant and water-proof watches. There are other uses for time in sports - hence, watches are also used as chronometers, chronographs, stop-watch, and altitude meters, and so on.

Many sports athletes endorse certain brands. That doesn t imply that this is the only brand they wear, but perhaps it lends some credibility to the durability and style element of that watch.


This is the most popular ever type of watch. You see it on every wrist and there are thousands of styles, models, brands, makes, colors, and what not watches. There is something out there for each and every taste and budget. Most people prefer sturdy watches to dainty ones for day-to-day wear that are at least water resistant. Most people go for water proof varieties. There are many other extras the day-to-day wear watches can offer  such as alarm, hour chimes, light (for night vision), radium for low visibility areas, different time zones, date, moon calendar, and so on.

Once upon a time a person would have one watch for his or her life time. Today, with the price being extremely reasonable, and the features being so diverse, people have three to four per head which are used as and when different occasions require, i.e. a party watch for celebrations, sports styles for workouts, and a regular one for going to work.

Diesel watch

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The Many Reasons to Invest in a Diesel Watch

Watches are an accessory that both men and women enjoy alike and today it does not only do the job of providing you the time of the day but, it also reflects your personality through its style and design.

A Brief History of Diesel

Diesel is an Italian company, which was founded by Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied in 1978; the company produces designer apparel for women and men such as jeans, sportswear and other casual clothing mostly directed towards the age groups of 18 to 35 years old as well as a range for children. Due to its huge national and international success, Diesel licensed its name to other companies in order to produce different other accessories bearing its famous brand name; one of those accessories are watches.

What Makes the Diesel Watches Desirable?

Diesel watches are produced by top manufacturers whose quality control has to pass the tough standards of Diesel in order to be able to carry the name. Diesel watches however, don t offer quality alone; each one of them has its own personality and character. There are a vast number of Diesel watches to match every occasion and style such as; Diesel watches for a formal evening, for a day at work, for exercising or a day in touch with nature. There are diving watches as well as Diesel watches for children. You will also find Diesel watches in a variety of colors, with leather, stainless steel or plastic straps in order to match every one s requirements.

All Diesel watches carry a one year warranty and due to the fact that their name is under license, the Diesel dealers can be found all over the world for easy access no matter where you are in the world. In the US, the Diesel license is held by the Mast Industries Inc., which also produces many Victoria Secrets products along with many other famous brands. Most of the watches produced under the Diesel brand name are produced by Fossil and the fragrances by L Oreal.


There are lots of reasons why you should own a Diesel watch; it is a trusted designer brand name at an affordable price, which also offers class, elegance, sophistication but at the same time is sporty and young. Try one today and experience how your watch can boost your self image and make you the envy of the crowd.

Breitling watch

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Dependability Can be Found in a Breitling Watch

When looking for a new watch to purchase, dependability is an important factor. Oftentimes, a person will buy an affordable watch and find that it only works for a short amount of time. For a watch that is stylish and dependable, and has had an interesting impact on the history of watches, one should look into purchasing a Breitling watch.

About the Breitling Brand

Breitling watches are Swiss-made, and specifically originate from the Canton of Jura in Switzerland. Although they were originally designed as aviation watches, Breitling watches have become more of a status symbol, with movie stars such as John Travolta and Jerry Seinfeld frequently wearing Breitling watches.

The idea for Breitling watches originated in 1884 when a man named Leon Breitling opened a workshop for making precision counters and chronographs. Chronographs, or chronometers, are ways for measuring time precisely, and are still implemented in Breitling watches today.

By 1892, Leon Breitling s company had grown to such an extent that he had to relocate from his original rural location in the Canton of Jura, to La Chaux-de-Fonds. La Chaux-de-fonds was, at the time, considered the very center of watch making in Switzerland.

Leon Breitling continued to prosper with his company until his death in 1914, at which time the company was taken over by his son Gaston. In 1915, Gaston, using chronograph technology, created the first wristwatch. This creation subsequently provided pilots with first wrist instruments in aviation thanks to this technology.

In 1923, a new type of Breitling watch was introduced, which was an independent chronograph push piece. Before the invention of this watch, the winding crown of watches controlled the start and return-to-zero functions.

Breitling watches continued to be improved over the years, implementing both style and advanced aeronautical technology into their watches. For example, in 1952, the Navitimer was introduced, which included the ability to measure short periods of time and airborne calculations such as climbing times. This watch could also convert miles into kilometers or nautical miles.

Today, Breitling watches continue to develop in terms of excellent aeronautical technology. As such, these watches are quite expensive and will cost at least a thousand dollars. These watches can be found in several places throughout the world, thus the best way to find a nearby location is to search the internet. Indeed, for efficiency and style, a Breitling watch is an excellent choice whether one is a pilot or not.

Jewelry watch

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How Popular Is the Jewelry Watch Today?

Jewelry watches are considered to be one of the top jewelry items bought in the world today partly because it is something that both men and women wear in equal measure. Today, with the advancement of technology and globalization of the market, people all over the world have better and higher buying capacity then ever before.

Are Jewelry Watches worth the Attention they get?

The jewelry watch has a dual use, i.e. they tell the time and then figure as pieces of adornment as well. The jewelry watch is a great investment because it usually deserves the price it commands. Most of the jewelry watches are specially designed to look as beautiful as they are precious. Several precious stones such as diamond, emeralds, rubies and the like go into making it while often it is worn on a pure gold strap. Some watches are set in sterling silver, while yet others in platinum.

Leading jewelry brands such as Cartier, Peugeot, Rado, Sussie, etc have a special branch dedicated to jewelry watches which of course are extraordinarily expensive. You will however find exceptionally beautiful jewelry watches within a $500 to $2,000 budgets as well. These are usually studded with precious and semi-precious stones and set in gold wristbands.

In case of trouble, you can always mortgage or sell your jewelry watch and get a good amount for it  even if you might not get the exact price you bought it at. However, this is thinking of the most extreme situations. Normally, people who buy expensive party watches do not go bankrupt and have to sell or mortgage their jewelry.

The jewelry watch is a good buy  mostly because it makes you feel good about yourself. This accessory makes you feel like you have arrived, and that feeling is hard to quantify. Men as well as women enjoy wearing their jewelry watch more as a status symbol, rather than a piece of jewelry.

The party watch will always be a weakness for people who love socializing because they help complete the overall sophisticated personality look that a regular party person aims to project. Consider a jewelry watch as a special treat for yourself or your better half. Find out about financing options and installments from retailers and look out for special deals especially around the holidays. Who knows you ll be wearing a Rado to the New Year s office party this year!

Nike watch

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Nike Sports Watch with Personality

Are you among those people who love to wear sports watches all the time? Then you would be quite frustrated with most of the choices available in the market, because the majority of the sports watches are too loud and too distracting to be worn at work as a day-to-day accessory. If you find yourself at the crossroads on deciding what to choose, torn between your love for sports watches and the dress-code requirements, then you are in luck with Nike watches.

Sports Watches Combine Elegance and Functionality Effortlessly

Is an elegant functional watch a paradox? Can a sports watch be elegant at the same time? For the answer, check out the Nike watches range; you will be pleasantly surprised to find that for the first time, sports watches are totally passable as daily-wear watches. You can still get your alarm, light, chronograph and the like, while wearing a watch that is as elegant as any office-wear watch there is.

The Nike watch answers to the long standing demands for a successful merger between functionality and looks which were until recently were not available; if you had one feature, you had to forego the other and vice-versa. Today, Nike watches have managed to bring together the best features of both worlds into an exceptional new style of watches. The launching of the Nike watches have filled a gap that was lying vacant for a very long time. Now, it is possible to go for jogging in the morning, jump into the shower, and go for work without bothering to change your watch.

Some of the best features of the Nike watch are that it is still unmatched in the market. They are extremely rugged and can withstand a lot of abuse; they are scratch proof, heat resistant, elegant, have an alarm, hourly chimes, in-built digital and analog watches, water proof, shock proof and the list goes on.

You can find these watches at any major sporting goods store like Finish Line or at Nike retail and outlet stores as well as online. Compare the shipping and handling charges and any applicable tax before you swipe your card to get the best possible deal. For many, the Nike watch is the best value for money considering all the functions of this highly versatile watch. There are models of Nike watches that you could even use for parties. Now that is a long way for a sport watch to come  proof that Nike is a true and complete champion.

Watch winder

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How to Choose a Watch Winder

Like other products, watch winders are available in a great variety with respect to their functions and price range. For some people, a cheap winder bought on discount seems the best choice. For others, choosing a particular brand within the same kind of watch winder is the issue. Aesthetics or appearance of the winder and its features are also important things to consider before buying. Let's look at the two main types of watch winders.


Manual winders work by using screwed crowns. These are the more traditional type of winders with a main disadvantage: you have to remember winding on time and there is some degree of wearing down of the crowns each time you wind the watch.


An automatic winder runs by means of an internal IC electronic circuit. It comes pre-programmed from the manufacturer such that it automatically turns on and off after a specified period of time. No human intervention is required to turn the winder on. Due to this facility, automatic watch winders have recently enjoyed immense popularity.

Types of Swiss Watch Winders

When you are out for your first watch winder purchase, consider buying a Swiss watch winder. Like Swiss watches, Swiss companies like Penelop make high quality watch winders. Sadly, some manufacturers of watch winders declare themselves as Swiss when in reality they use only Swiss mechanisms (their winders are not originated in Swiss locations). If the country of origin matters to you be sure that you buy a real Swiss winder. Also, consider buying a winder box or case to protect your winder.

There are three main types of watch winders for you to buy as described below.


These can wind one or more watches and should be placed on a flat surface so as to hold the watch's exterior.


These normally come enclosed in a box and have an attractive appearance. They are mainly composed from polished wood or leather and are nice to place on your room's mantelpiece or in display cabinets.


Extravagant watch winders combine the functionality and elegance of the functional and elegant watch winders. They can cost quite a bit, so carefully weigh the cost of the winder to the actual time piece or pieces you collect.

Popular Brands

Some of the more popular brands include the names Everwell, Wolf Design, Penelop, Scatola del Tempo, Steinhausen, and Eilux.

Mens watches

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The Best Men s Watches are priced under $100

Initially the watch was the man s prerogative; not because women were not allowed to wear watches, but because it was not convenient for them. The early watches were worn on chain, inside the pocket. Women did not have a pocket to keep them while they were moving, creating a lot inconvenience for them. It was until almost 100 years later that the wrist watch made it possible for the woman to wear once on a regular basis.

Men s Watches need not be Expensive to be good

Actually, if you are a smart shopper, you will get some excellent bargains when you buy men s watches. Most of the retail stores hold clearance sales at the end of the season so they can accommodate new and more up to date products. At these times, if you are lucky, you will get the watches that normally cost $200-300 at about one-third of its price. Hence, you can buy an excellent watch for your husband/ sweetheart/ or any other man in your life, for around $50  which is a mind-boggling price, possible only because the sale.

There are other ways to shop for men s watches so you can get the best for the least. Check out websites that offer watches for 40 to 60 percent below the market price. There is tremendous scope for such research and there are tons of websites out there who offer men s watches for less that $100. The watches that retail for under $100 are easily the best brands in the world. You can get Seiko, Citizen, and so many other leading brands adapted to the needs and budget of the normal person.

It is easy to shop on the web because you have search engines that act like your helper. You set certain search criteria and you get quick lists of all the places where you can get the item you are searching for. Some sites also give you the option to comparison shop so that you can identify and buy the item that you need or want the most.

In this way you could get an original Citizen men s watch for about $80 rather than spend $300 on it. It will be the same watch, the same impact with the same beauty, all you have to do is be a little patient and shop around, preferably ahead of time!

Fossil watch

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Looking for a Watch? Consider a Fossil Watch

With the many different brands of watches available, one could certainly find the task of selecting the perfect watch daunting. However, if one is looking for a reliable watch that is also a source of fashion, one should consider purchasing a Fossil watch.

About Fossil, Inc.

Fossil watches are manufactured by Fossil, Inc., which is a company based in Richardson, Texas. Although Fossil watches are the most popular line that is manufactured by the company, Fossil, Inc. also manufactures such things as clothing, wallets, jewelry, and sunglasses.

Men s Fossil Watches

These watches are available in a variety of different styles for men. There are metal, strap, and designer categories that men can choose from

An example of a Fossil watch in the metal category is the Oversized Black IP Glitz. This watch is ideal to wear for more formal occasions. The features of this watch include a stainless steel case, and a three-hand quartz movement. The watch itself is subtly decorative, with glitz framing the sides.

A unique metal Fossil watch that a man could wear for any casual occasion is the Anadigi watch. This silver watch looks like a little digital clock in watch form. The watch can resist up to 50 meters of water, and the bracelet is made out of stainless steel.

Women s Fossil Watches

Like men s styles, women s Fossil watch styles are also quite diverse. Women s watches are also available in metal, strap, and designer categories, which are sure to suit the most formal or the most casual occasions.

An excellent example of a women s strap watch that is ideal for a formal occasion is the White Mother of Pearl Dial watch. This watch consists of a thin patent leather strap, and the face of the watch contains Swarovski crystals.

A strap watch that is ideal for casual occasions is the Sunflower watch. Subtly decorative, the strap of this watch is metallic in color and embossed with little sunflowers. Enclosed in a stainless steel case, the dial of the watch is brown, and of a three-hand quartz movement.

Where to Find Fossil Watches

Fossil watches are easily found online or at local department stores. The price range of these watches is quite affordable, as many watches can be purchased for under $100. Indeed, if one is looking for a stylish, reliable, and affordable watch, a Fossil watch is an excellent choice.

Tag heuer watch

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The Popularity of the TAG Heuer Watch

Tag Heuer watches are now well known for their innovative technology. These watches have been in the market since 1860 when Edouard Heuer founded a watch company. He got the first patent for a chronograph in 1882, which practically came out in 1916 and could measure up to 100th of a second. The first automobile dashboard clock was also introduced by Tag Heuer in 1911.

Combining the excellence and performance of Swiss Watch making, the typical Tag Heuer watch is always in great demand on account of its unsurpassed precision in keeping time to the least of infinitesimal fragments. Today, Tag Heuer goes with the justified claim of being Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860.

Look of the TAG Heuer Watch

It is the characteristic of Tag Heuer watch to change looks frequently. While it may be seen by some as a wonderful and refreshing trend, a problem with many enthusiasts is that their cherished watch dates quickly.

TAG Heuer Watch and Sports

Sports lovers know well the popularity of Tag Heuer watches among many sportsmen and women. These watches have found immense fame by showing up in use by sports like Olympisc, Ski World Cup, FIA Formula 1 World Championship, and several other international sports including car racing and skiing since the early 20th century.

In April 2005, Tag Heuer introduced the first professional golf watches of the world, characterized by a lightweight and comfortable feel. Tag Heuer is also credited for the Classic series of sports watches as a tribute to the icons of motor racing in the twentieth century.

Prices of TAG Heuer Watches

Depending on the variety and style, prices of Tag Heuer watches vary. A Tag Heuer 2000 watch can be bought for a price of about $500 while Autavia can cost near $4,000 due to limited availability. The latest brand in Tag Heuer is the The Formula One watches and their fans are increasing rapidly. A most impressive watch in this series is the New TAG Heuer Formula 1 quartz movement, chronograph watch. Its attractive red front and scratch-resistant surface make it a ready choice for many Tag Heuer watch fans. It is available for a reasonable price of around $450.

TAG Heuer Watches in Hollywood

Tag Heuer watches are now finding their way from sports into Hollywood. In Todd Field's latest production Little Children, Titanic fame Kate Winslet appears with a Tag Heuer Aquaracer on her wrist - noteworthy news of combining two beauties!

Freestyle watch

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What to Look for in a Freestyle Watch

Watches are an important part of our lives in order for us to know the accurate time and be able to function in a modern world. Gone are the days where people would follow the sun or moon across the sky to know the time of the day it was. Where planes leave minutes apart and conference calls begin on time, there is often not a minute to lose.

What is in a Watch?

There are so many types of watches today that it is overwhelming when you start to shop for one. There are pocket watches, clip on watches, ring watches, bracelet watches, pen watches, watches with leather, plastic, material, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and rubber strap watches. Besides all the above there are the different shapes and accessories, which make the choices even more complicated.

However, choosing a watch may not be as hard as you think if you are looking for a freestyle watch. A freestyle watch means a watch that will fit most of your needs as well as most of your activities as well.

How to Shop for a Freestyle Watch

In order to shop for a freestyle watch you need to explore a few points and they are: what are your activities; what does your wardrobe contain and what is your personally style.

Most freestyle watches are called boring by some because they picture a black strap, white face, roman numeral watch but it does not have to be that way at all. You choose what a freestyle watch should look like for you. Today you can find the perfect watch to match your personality and style with ease.

Colors to Match Your Wardrobe

You can find a watch with several straps to change so you can match the color of the strap to your outfit or you can find a watch with both leather and stainless steel strap, that way you can wear it at work or when you are out on the town. Today there is no limit to the variety of freestyle watches available, you can create and make a watch exactly as you desire.

Helpful Tip

Research online before you start shopping and you will be able to get an idea of the freestyle watch you can purchase. Watches today are so much more than just time telling devices; they reflect your personality and at times can even save your job or marriage!

Gold watch

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The Many Uses of a Gold Watch

Having a watch is a necessity today; one cannot afford to be late for a meeting, catching a plane or attending a wedding. Knowing the correct time has always been important, however, watches today are much more than just time telling devices, they are part of your character as well.

Different Occasion - Different Watch

Due to the fact that there are so many different types of watches available on the market today one can have a different watch to match every single occasion. For example: a sporty watch for the gym, a classic watch for work, a stylish one for the weekend and a piece of jewelry for a special occasion. One can have a watch to match every holiday such as for Christmas or Hanukah as well as show affection for a cartoon character or sports team  the choices are endless.

When and Why You Would Buy a Gold Watch

A gold watch is definitely not just a watch but an investment for its value will never decrease. Instead it will become a family heirloom and be passed on from generation to generation. You can buy a gold watch for a special occasion such as a wedding gift or anniversary as well as any time you feel like pampering your self or your significant other. However, when investing in a gold watch, there are a few things you should remember to check in order to ensure the price of your watch as well as its quality will not be compromised.

Always ensure to ask if the watch is gold plated, gold electroplated or solid gold as there is a huge difference. Usually on most watches, which are gold in color, there is an amount of gold on them but that is only gold electroplated and in time it will wear off - however, solid gold never does.

When purchasing a gold watch always ask what carat gold it is for there are several types such as 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K and 24K. Usually gold watches will be manufactured from 14K or 18K gold with 18K being more expensive. If it is from 10K gold it should reflect in the price of the watch. Some watches will have pieces made of 22K or 24K gold as well but that is rare as the higher carat gold is softer.

Another Helpful Tip

When purchasing a gold watch ensure you have certificates that reflect the quality with the watch s full specifications clearly mentioned. Always purchase valuables such as gold watches from a known source so you can return it should a problem arise.

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