5 good reasons for choosing an audio book

Did you know that audio books are becoming more and more popular by each day? For example, in 2004, over $124 million worth of audio books were sold in the UK and $120 million in Germany during 2005. Experts say that this year the market is expected to rise by 20% in Europe, and audio books seem to be even more popular in the USA.

But why are audio versions a convenient way to "read" a book?

1) You save time, because you can listen to an audio book anywhere and everywhere, and you can even do other things at the same time. You can listen when driving to and from work, when walking the dog, cycling, working around the house or at the computer, exercising, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

According to a recent survey, in the USA a person is driving an average of 1 hour and 13 minutes daily, which means over 440 hours a year for each driver, or 11 full-time work weeks. This is huge! Imagine how many things you could learn during this time by simply having your MP3 player with audio books at hand.

2) If you love reading but don't have a enough time, audio books can give you the opportunity to read many more books that you would otherwise have time for. Audio books are a great way to fill the "dead" moments we all have in our lives.

3) Audio books are good for older, ill or recovering people and can be a wonderful gift for someone in a nursing institution. This is a gift they can remember and enjoy time after time.

4) Audio books can be a blessing for blind people, disabled people or people with impaired vision. Everyone should have the chance to experience and enjoy a book and in many cases, this is the only way for such persons to do it.

Spoken books can help these people improving their education, help them developing new hobbies and habits and greatly enriching their life, both personally and professionally.

5) The most important skill a child can ever acquire is probably the ability to read, and audio books can be easily used to stimulate literacy in children. Books can be listened to by children while following the story in the paper book. Or they could listen just to gain and improve vocabulary and communication skills. If you want to instill in your child the love of reading, audio books can be a excellent start.

There are many more benefits of using audio books, but even these few reasons should be enough to convince you to enter the exciting world of the spoken books.

St. louis schools sensitive to needs of alternative students

The efforts of St. Louis Schools to serve the needs of its alternative schools are admirable. Through the implementation of new summer schools programs, a virtual school, and 3 new alternative campuses, the district of St. Louis Schools strives to serve all students throughout the city. The district Vision and Mission Statements, as stated on the St. Louis Schools website are as follows:


The St. Louis Public Schools are the district of choice for families in the St. Louis region [and] provide a world-class education and are nationally recognized as a leader in student achievement & teacher quality.


We will provide a quality education for all students and enable them to realize their full academic potential.

St. Louis Schools consist of 56 elementary schools, 22 middle schools, 10 high schools,

5 alternative/special schools, with a total of 93 in all. The student population is 39,554, and has a drop-out rate of 18.7%. St. Louis Schools employ 4,333 full-time staff, and has a total operating budget of over $342 million.

St. Louis Schools plan to launch a new K-12 initiative at the start of the 2007-2008 school year. It is designed specifically for disruptive students. Enrollment at each school will be limited to 150 students. Bonita Jamison has been named principal of Des Peres Elementary; Sean Nichols will be principal of Turner Middle School; and Kacy Seals will take the reins of Kottmeyer High School. “We have hired instructional leaders with a strong understanding of the needs of alternative students,” said Diana M. Bourisaw, Superintendent of St. Louis Schools. “Our goal is to offer curriculum that encourages students at all levels to achieve academically and socially.” This new initiative is being implemented with assistance from The Big Picture Company. This is an organization that specializes in developing individualized instruction for students.

St. Louis Schools are also in the process of developing a virtual school for the 2007-08 school year. The school will allow K-12 students the ability to attend school from any computer. “Virtual education represents another way in which we are expanding services to our students,” said Superintendent Bourisaw. “Through the Internet, we will offer a broad range of courses and flexibility in scheduling.” The classes will be taught by Missouri’s highly qualified certified teachers.

More than 14,000 St. Louis Schools students are registered to attend summer school. The number of enrolled students is 3,000 more than originally projected. This summer, the district is offering summer school to any Missouri student, tuition free.

“Our district staff has worked very hard to ensure that all of our students receive the type of academic curriculum needed to continue their learning process,” said St. Louis Schools Superintendent Dr. Diana Bourisaw. “Our teachers are welcoming students with open arms and will challenge students to remain academically engaged this summer,” she added. This year, the summer program for St. Louis Schools is designed to accelerate the learning process in two key areas: Communication Arts and Mathematics.

It is evident, through the description of the services discussed above, that St. Louis Schools are sensitive to the needs of its alternative students.

Love is as you like it

Love is different like everyone is different in his emotions, thoughts, ideals, feelings and styles. Although there are many love pattern stories they remain just written or told patterns which nobody wants or is able to follow. Shakespeare’s genius knew this like no one else.

His play ‘As You Like It’ perfectly shows the different values people associate with their beloved and ideal relationships. There are four love couples in the play: Rosalind and Orlando, Silvius and Phebe, Touchstone and Audrey, Olivier and Celia. All couples belong to different social classes and originate from quite different family roots. Of course, their different origin, society, education and family environment have established different values of human nature and relationships. Noble Rosalind, who lacks her father’s attention, idealizes a hero, a brave knight who is able to fight for her dignity and life. At the same time lack of male care has made her be attracted by a man who would be enough tender and sensitive to glorify her beauty and soul. Although such ideal image is too romantic to be real Rosalind manages to create such relationships with Orlando through quite practical trial: she tested Orlando’s feeling to her in quite difficult cases where he has to make hard choices.

Silvius belongs to the lower class and shows the model of pastoral love to his ‘shepherdess’ Phebe. Unlike Silvius who worships pastoral love crying and suffering his beloved Phebe ignores her idolization and Silvius’ praying. She is a shepherdess, may be, that’s why she prefers rude, loud, strong and straight man who she would worship for all her life. Why does Shakespeare marry this couple? Who knows, may be he wants to marry all couples by the end…

Touchstone and Audrey are servants. However, Touchstone is wise enough to not value love which, by his opinion, would only disturb real partnership between a man and a woman. Another aspect that attracts him in Audrey is that she is much sillier than he is. He must be a ruler who would be obeyed by his partner. Audrey chooses him for just because he is stronger and cleverer than her boy-friend!

The most astonished, unexpected and fastest marriage has been made for Celia and Olivier. Both have noble origin and many common features, thoughts and ideals. However, none of them are really willing to marry! They are very educated, clever, reasonable, progressive and smart; too smart to be dependent on marriage and family duties; too clever to get caught by unreasonable and unexpected emotions. Here the Shakespeare’s genius gave us a smile: do not deny mistakes until the very last moment of your life because there is always a possibility to make them. All unreasonable, unplanned and thoughtless things are considered to be mistakes. Celia’s and Olivier’s immediate love strike is a mistake, but they feel so happy!

Of course, the Shakespeare’s four couples are not love patterns either. There is only one pattern which all truly love couples follow for centuries, and this pattern requires only one thing: to be happy with whatever relationships you want or choose.

All the different weather types

We know that if the atmosphere did not exist, the earth would go without weather. Imagine for a moment for argument's sake that the earth has an atmosphere indeed, as it is today, though the sun is absent. Absence of sun would mean absence of weather and that is not only because a frozen solid form the atmosphere will take. Actually the interaction between heat of the sun and our atmosphere builds air masses, while circulation patterns appear due to that. Pressure differences motivate air movements and wind is the end result of the same.

As in case of other materials, the air in the earth's atmosphere is built of molecules that move about incessantly. Greater is the air pressure where denser concentration of molecules is found. Since air molecules are governed by gravity, the greatest air pressure is found nearest the earth's surface and with altitude that decreases. The atmospheric pressure at sea level is about 14 and a half pounds on each square inch about which are normally not much conscious.

If air pressure is measured in hectopascals or millibars, normal air pressure ranges from 980 to 1040 hectopascals while on local conditions that is very much dependent.

At different speeds these molecules incessantly move while the speeds depend on temperature, lower the temperature slower is the peed and for higher temperature faster is the speed. The molecules speed up as a mass of air is heated and that results in expansion of air. The density of the molecules decreases as expansion takes place and thereby the air mass becomes lighter. The air mass that has become lighter starts rising now. Convection is the term for the entire process.

All through the world convection is going on constantly in the atmosphere. However neither regular nor uniform is the process. It depends on many local factors whether convection will take place, and if it does at all, how much that will be.

As air rises it cools. Therefore in due course the rising warm air masses get cooled down and to the ground that its starts sinking back. With the rise of air, low pressure results. High pressure is the result where it is sinking. As equilibrium is the goal of atmosphere, air moves from high pressure areas to low pressure ones. Wind is this very movement of air. More the difference between the high pressure and low pressure zones, more forceful winds would be the result.

An elliptical orbit the earth or the third rock from the sun follows and to complete that the time it takes is one year. The time to complete one orbit marks stretch of the earth's year. Since elliptical is the earth's orbit, in certain parts of the year it really comes closer to the sun. However that does not cause seasons even though more solar heat the earth receives then.

The earth's movement is not limited to its travel through space in its own orbit, but it spins also on its axis like a top. In every 24-hour one spin it completes. Alteration between day and night is caused by the earth's rotation. Weather conditions differ between day and night as is reflected in high and low temperatures and the effect of that is felt on weather patterns too.

On its axis the planet earth is tilted about 23 degrees and that causes really the change of seasons. Due to tilting different parts of the earth come closer to the sun as around the sun the earth travels in its orbit. Therefore during certain parts of the year different parts of the earth receive different amounts of heat.

In December the Northern Hemisphere receives less light since the North Pole is tilted away from the sun then. Thus the days become shorter there while the temperatures go down.

But as the earth moves on its orbit, North Pole comes close to the sun due to earth's tilt. Till June 21 it continues to come closer to the sun and then the summer reaches its maximum. On that very day the sun is just above the Tropic of Cancer. Around the sun the earth continues to move until December 21 when the winter reaches its peak and the cycle is complete.

Just opposite are the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere even though the same cycle it experiences. In December the Southern Hemisphere is the closest to the sun and therefore it is summertime there. Quite logically June21 is the date marked for winter peak in the Southern Hemisphere.

The middle and high latitudes only, i. e., above 23.5 degrees north and below 23.5 degrees south, enjoy four seasons precisely. Normally for the tropics only wet and dry seasons are the two seasonal variations.

How to homeschool your son or daughter

Now that you have concluded that homeschooling is the way to broaden the mind of your children, you must get ready for the thrill and the anguish - the highroad ahead is a bit uneven, nonetheless the awards are deeper than the struggles before you. Creating a well-adjusted and well-rounded individual is by no means a small victory.

It is imperative to check out your state laws on distance learning in your home sweet home. Some states need an assertion filed with the State's intellectual acquirement department. There are in essence 3 sections for homeschooling bills. These are: private classroom codes, distance learning course of study laws and equivalency laws. Find your state laws. You may in addition need to maintain a certificate that gives a history of the kid's academic accomplishment. It is noteworthy to be watchful into the legal demands in advance of your commencement of homeschooling. Some states further set conditions surrounding the certification and training the parent or teacher must acquire.

Seek for a support group. If you live in a welcoming or snoopy region, well-meaning acquaintances will try to discourage you. At the very least, they may put a lot of disturbed questions in your mind. A care group that is composed of cherish-minded public will seclude you from the adverse criticism, pressures and burdens of sustained kindergarten-goers. These groups will also be helpful when you want to plan fun events and take pleasure in visits to the zoo, museum, tours to the ice cream shops etc. Furthermore, if your youth befriend other home-schoolers they will be able to strengthen continuing ties that do not decline when their friends change as so many do who are in the public school system. These groups offer an imperative path for companionship.

The next noteworthy thing to do is to pick out a general education course of study. Depending upon the manner of homeschooling, you may adopt assorted tools that facilitate you in this process. The World Wide Web is also a rich means for homeschooling. Do some legwork and hunt for the material that is obtainable.

Homeschooling requires greatly of your self-discipline and hard work as well as your children's. Here is a thorough write up of the things you will need:

1) Excitement to broaden the mind

2) Hard work and determination

3) Self-discipline

4) Time and determination

5) Adjustability

6) Enthusiasm

Look at why you made the choice to opt for homeschooling. Your aspirations and your reasons are critical pillars on which the whole edifice of your kid's lessons depends. Furthermore, consult with your little kids. Ask them what they feel about homeschooling.

Designate a general education or custom-model of general studies that easiest suits your kids. Book keeping is an imperative part of homeschooling. It helps you and your children to be disciplined when you have a plan. Initiate a plan and review it with your children. Your child does not like to cram the mind 6-7 hours a day. Make allowance for him or her to dictate a portion of the time. Adjustability and fun are the cornerstones of homeschooling. Do not stuff too many skills into a single term or minute. Let the adolescent learn the skills that he is ready for.

Gentle parenting is the secret to successful homeschooling. Kids will make immense advances in comprehending and show larger excitement. They moreover turn out to be surprisingly well balanced and well informed when they are educated at home sweet home.

Gemstones 101 - the emerald

The emerald is one of the most beautiful, popular and highly prized gemstones in the world. These fascinating radiant green stones are used in top of the line jewelries. Some of the finest emeralds can even cost more than diamonds.

For many mystics and energy healers, emerald stones are believed to help heal relationships and good for the heart and one's health. The beautiful green color is said to bring about harmony, love and joy of life. It is also the birthstone for the month of May.

Emeralds have been used both as gemstone and mystical stone since the ancient times. Early emerald mines existed in Egypt in 2000 BC. In fact, the most famous of the ancient emerald mine is that of The Mines of Cleopatra, The Queen of Egypt. The word "Emerald" means "green" in Sanskrit. It also means "smaragdos" in Greek and "esmeralde" in Old French.

Emerald is as beautiful as it is delicate. Emeralds are highly included which means that they have other materials trapped in the stone. This makes the stones have little resistance to breakage. This also poses a great challenge even to skilled gem cutters because many fissures in the stone make setting, cutting and cleaning rather difficult.

Many emeralds are cut for jewelries into rectangular and square shapes with beveled corners to bring out the beauty to the full. There are other cuts as well but if the raw emerald contains delicate inclusions, it is commonly cut into round shape.

Many of today's emeralds are enhanced with colorless oils or resins to give them more luster. This can be a delicate process as emeralds are sensitive stones. They should not be cleaned with ultrasonic bath like other gemstones. In fact, it is strongly advised that a wearer first removes the stone before putting his or her hand in water that has cleansing agent.

Because emeralds are rare and expensive stones, there are companies developing synthetic emeralds for many to afford. Carroll Catham first successfully developed a method to produce synthetic emeralds. Other producers of synthetic emeralds include Pierre Gilson Sr. which has been marketing since 1964 and IG Farben, Nacken and Tairus who are pioneers in hydrothermal synthetic emeralds.

Despite strict restrictions from the Federal Trade Commission which insists that gems should exhibit natural properties, synthetic emeralds continue to gain popularity due to its affordability.

To determine whether an emerald is natural or synthetic, luminescence in ultraviolet light is used.

Today's top quality emeralds come mostly come from Colombia where emeralds have the best transparency and fire. The Trapiche, a very rare kind of emerald which shows a star pattern, is found in the country. The rarest emeralds in the world can be found in Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor. Other countries with fine emeralds include Brazil, Madagascar, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Zambia.

The most famous emeralds in the world are the Gachala Emerald, Nidvin Emerald, Chalk Emerald, Duke of Devonshire Emerald from Colombia and the Mackay Emerald, Greenshorkire Emerald and the Edward the Confessor Emerald in the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain.

Learning the spanish language on your own

Learning a new language can get you just close enough on how to speak like a Spanish native. But, no matter how much you like to become one, the thing is, you wont become like a native Spanish speaker unless you have many years spent in studying it and experiences to relate yourself to. If you are really on the brink of giving up hope just because you think there is no better way you can learn the Spanish language and to become a good speaker, then its time you should take on Spanish language immersion seriously.

However, you can start teaching yourself how to become a native Spanish speaker by plainly teaching yourself. There wouldn't be any other way around learning the Spanish easier for transition but to apply it daily. It sounds really difficult and could get really in your nerves especially when you are starting from scratch. But learning this way is a good training method for you which also means, its a good form of learning for everybody who prefers to learn by themselves.

When you get down to learning the things that you want to say, it's most effective to sort your ideas according to what purpose you want to use it for. This way, your learning phase doesn't get cluttered up by the different areas of the Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

The cutting edge benefit you will get from learning Spanish on your own, and by this, it means you should include your grandparents too (since language learning doesn't have age limit), is you have so many sources to use to confirm one information after the other. Plus, the unlimited sources that can be obtained from the Internet are almost as good as taking Spanish classes inside a classroom. Just make sure though that you implement everything that you learn from the online courses and free Spanish learning materials to practice because after everything has been said and done, your proficiency is still measured by how often you have practiced.

College admission essay help

College admission essay help is very necessary for students wishing to tender admission papers to academic authorities. Help comes in many forms and from many sources depending on what you need. Though choosing a theme for your admission paper is very important, giving the required significance to the body of the paper is equally significant.

This help is there to provide essential tools for quality work. Others will be ready to provide a sample paper or will be ready to write the whole paper at a price.

The most ordinary help is available over the internet. There are countless sites that offer their services for hire. Others give free advices and tips for you to come up with your desired paper. Depending on the necessity of your admission paper, these sites give you the option to write a paper for you. Keep in mind that these are not always the best methods of seeking help. Engaging these services means you do not know how or what to write in your admission paper. With no knowledge of this, how will you know the writer has been able to meet all the necessities of the paper? The same paper might have been used by another student. Admissions officers are much pruned to know the contents of reused essays. This is similar to using the wrong tool for the right job. If the admissions officer does not deem this fit for acceptance, there is no guaranteeing that your money will be refunded.

The best source of help should come from your teachers and friends or classmates. This is original work. This is a form of self education. You learn to write and you learn as you write. Begin your paper by writing what you know and add form your friends, teacher and even parents, what they know. They are there to provide supporting details to make your primary ideas clear and convincing. There is hardly any type of writing that goes without the help of other people. Take note that it is not from any person that help has to be sought from. The helper must be able to bend his mind into deeper matters rather than just looking at the misspelled words. Ask him or her to look at the purpose of your paper, to look at what you are driving at, to the sequence of ideas, to the coherence or unity of the paper as a whole. Tell the person that blame or praise would not help you. The helper must be able to give an honest and intelligent comment about your paper, to help you become aware of what you have written, and not what you have done wrong.

Address some questions to those who will be there to provide help. Questions like what is your reaction to this paper, what are the paper’s strengths or weaknesses are appropriate questions. In short, questions on meaning of the paper, questions on organization, questions on language and writing strategies and question like, how will the paper work for me?

College admission essay help cannot be brought to a close without making allusion to the computer as a source of help. The word processor usually contains online help programs. These help programs are especially useful for finding commands and features that you know your word processor has, but you cannot locate. These programs offer help ranging from formatting to spell checks.

Tips for learning spanish from home

Learning Spanish is not an easy process, but with some guidance in the right direction you could be grasping the lingo within no time. As opposed to conventional Spanish lessons, learning at home is becoming a more preferable way to pick up the language with a wide range of source materials specifically designed for home tuition. By following through a progressive language program at home, you too can build up your Spanish skills in no time, and for very little outlay.

As with any language, learning Spanish requires a great deal of time and effort. The less time you can devote to learning, the slower you will be to grasp new concepts and sentence structures. If you feel you can't dedicate time to learning, it's perhaps a bad idea for you to consider trying to learn at the moment. If, however, you feel you could spare around an hour a day, you will be amazed at your vocabulary by the end of a month, and within six months, you could easily be speaking fluently.

The best approach to learning a language like Spanish is to consider how a child learns English. Start with the basics; numbers, letters of the alphabet, days of the week. Learn the basic vocabulary and most importantly write down everything you learn with an English definition accompanying. This will enable you to produce your own reference guide to refresh your memory, and allow you to chart your progress over time.

Another good way to improve your Spanish skills is to read in Spanish, or listen to Spanish broadcasts. Of course this will be very difficult for a beginner, but if you can find English subtitles, this would help you to make a connection between the sounds and sentences structures of Spanish, which you could transpose into your own thinking. Additionally, visiting Spain or a Spanish-speaking region to try out your skills might also be beneficial, as this could help you practice your skills first hand and develop the necessary analytical skills to converse freely.

Learning Spanish requires time and dedication, but if you use your investment wisely, you will soon see the benefits. Within weeks you should be structuring complex sentences and contemplating your own punctuation, and within several months you should be able to write and structure prose. If you're dedicated enough, you'll see the results sooner than you think, and you won't really have to spend a penny when learning from home.

Boston schools battle over mcas scores

Boston Schools are right in the middle of current concerns over stagnated student scores on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment Exam (MCAS). For the second year in a row, test score are flat, causing concern to both Boston Schools and the state of Massachusetts.

The main concern is over MCAS results for grades 3-8, and especially at the third grade level. Boston Schools tend to mirror the state, with some minor differences. The only grade level that showed improvement overall was tenth grade. An impressive 84% of students passed the English and math portions on their first attempts.

Why all the pressure for Boston Schools to perform to these high stakes testing criteria? The 2001 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act requires all students to perform at a “proficient” level on state given tests by 2014. Proficient is the second highest rating given. So two years of stagnant test scores concern officials of Boston Schools.

Both the NCLB act and MCAS tests inspire heated political debate in Boston Schools and the political arena. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has been a staunch supporter of MCAS testing. He most notably threatened to take funding away from New Bedford Schools last year when the district wanted to award diplomas to students who had not passed the MCAS.

Current Governor Deval Patrick is sending a different message to Boston Schools. Patrick and others appeared yesterday before the Joint Commission of Education to urge members to use a variety of diagnostic methods to determine graduation status, rather than rely solely on state testing. Many Boston Schools’ teachers have long argued that portfolios of student work, report cards, term papers and creative expression of materials should be included in an overall assessment.

Romney, and other testing proponents, see this attitude as part of the problem. During his tenure as governor Romney accused the teachers’ union and the democratic led legislature of hindering progress when they refused to approve his initiative of merit pay for teachers. This battle between accountability, pay for performance, and recognition of multiple learning styles represents the crux of the disagreement of both sides nationally and in Boston Schools.

So what do the recent flat scores mean to Boston Schools? Experts say the problems could lie in many areas: poorly trained teachers, poorly paid teachers, racial gap issues, class sizes, or lack of preschool preparation. The fact is that educators, administrators and teachers in the Boston Schools don’t have a one size fits all explanation for the problem, or an answer for it. The most likely outcome will be more pilot programs to address these issues, and actions based on the results of the programs. Boston Schools is one of the most watched districts in the nation due to its size, inner city schools, racial mix, and proximity to some of the best universities in the nation.

World globes - every home should have one

What is the one teaching tool that makes learning about geography easy and fun? Now, this isn’t all that tough, so here is a hint, they are in most classrooms. Did you say globe? If so, you’re right. World globes are a spectacular way to teach your children about the important places of the world and for that reason, every home should have one.

The reason why world globes help teach people about geography is because they are a 3-D representation of the earth and are much better to learn from then a flat map. They make it easy to look at and point out all those important spots that people should know about including continents, mountain ranges, bodies of water, states, capitals, and cities. You can even get ones that are raised relief, where the mountain ranges and higher elevated areas are raised right up off the globe so you and your child can have a basic understanding of the difference between sea and mountain level.

Now, along with being practical, world globes also have a decorative element to them since they are crafted from a wide variety of eye-catching materials. For example, you can get one that is made out of beautiful gemstones. Yes, gemstones, which is a top quality pick for making jewelry. So, since it is highly sought after for that, then you know a globe created out of it will have a stunning appearance. Along with the gemstones, there are other gorgeous material options and those include wood, acrylic, plastic, and some can even be made out of other stones like granite along with metals including silver and gold, materials that are commonly used to build the globe’s base.

World globes are also available in many different styles, making it easy to find the perfect one for you, your family, and your space. Like, maybe you want a traditional one that can be set right on an end table or shelf, well, that is an option. Or, maybe you have an empty space in your living room or den, then a great choice for you is one that is made to stand right on the floor. There are ones designed to be book ends on shelves, others that light up, and you can even get ones that are smaller that come with pen and pencil sets, which would be a great addition to any desk. Basically, there are just a lot of options to choose from and for a great way to check them all out, just hit the Internet and do some online shopping. You can easily compare all the world globe options and do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home to do it.

So, if you want to give your kid a head start on his or her education, turn to lovely world globes to do it. Both practical, and beautiful, it is definitely a fixture that should be in every home. Get one today, when your child brings home a A-plus report card in geography, you will be glad that you did.

Learning after school

Every child needs an education. But traditional education, that which is taught in a standard school setting, cannot fully prepare a child for the expectations of our demanding society. Learning after school, through social programs and team-building activities, can help kids grow in every way.

After school programs are basically designed to develop talents or skills in areas that are ignored by regular school curriculums. The programs can be recreational or educational in nature, but they all share the intention of keeping kids active and interested.

The most important advantage of a good after school program is that it broadens your child's area of interests. He or she is introduced to new opportunities, challenges and fun activities. Mastering a new skill or art form does wonders for increasing the child's self-esteem. Learning after school in a good program can even help shape your child's future career path. Children attending music class may find they love it so much, they want to make a career of music in the long run.

Socialization is another great advantage of after school programs. Your child will meet other kids with similar interests, and learn valuable lessons about friendship and teamwork. An acting class or a soccer team can be lots of fun. Good coaches and instructors will also take a leadership role in preparing children for games and performances. Performing on stage or playing in the big game can be a thrilling and rewarding experience for a young child.

Opportunities for learning after school aren't exclusively for younger kids. After school programs can also keep your teenager happily busy. When teens are involved in sports, music or community programs, they are less likely to become involved in destructive behaviours like drug or alcohol use. Studies indicate that kids who are kept busy through diverse and absorbing activities are less prone to abuse, burnout and depression. A good after school program can bring significant increases in personal and academic achievement and school attendance, while reducing the probability of dropping out of school.

Kids of all ages need good role models. When given opportunities for learning after school, children are usually interacting with one or more responsible adults. The benefits of a positive adult relationship with an adult can help children to mature and develop in a positive, productive way. Children face serious issues every day, but aren't always comfortable confiding in a parent or teacher. An after school program coach or counselor can be a trusted confidante and offer valuable advice.

Many parents enroll their children in recreational programs to help them stay active, remain healthy or lose weight. Recent trends indicate that about 15 percent of children below the age of 16 are considered to be obese. Parents who cannot or choose not to place their children on a strict diet will often choose after school sports as an alternative. With cases of obesity in children and childhood diabetes on the rise, sports programs and physical activity has become a prime focus of many after school programs.

After school learning opportunities keep children entertained and busy, so they don't have time to waste away their afternoons in front of computers or televisions. Kids are so busy burning excess energy and exploring their creativity, they don't realize that the after school program is helping to develop their social skills and shaping their overall personalities.

Our society demands expertise in everything, and no child can receive the complete development he or she needs simply from textbook lessons. In this age of specialization, children should taken advantage of opportunities to learn and grow in every possible area. Check your local listings for advantageous programs to get your child involved in learning after school.

Turning out a good term paper

Every student is always trying to get a better grade in College. Term papers can seem overwhelming to many students who don’t like to write or just think it is too much work involved. However, college papers are mandatory as long as you want to succeed in college. Writing a good term paper is not as hard as many students may think. It has a lot to do with good organizational skills, good research and not waiting until the last minute.

The effort that each student puts into his or her research is crucial to turning out a good term paper. Term papers always turn out to be advantageous to students and instructor because there is always something new discovered in the research information. The student will most definitely learn something new and that is actually the goal of the assignment.

To make sure you write a good paper, your content has to be original and unique. Students, who provide unique term paper content, are usually able to get the higher grades. Add a little creativity and twist to your term paper. Make the thesis something that would impart knowledgeable information to the reader.

If you have signed up for too many classes or have a hectic schedule, make sure you organize your time and your work. You might end up working on two or more term papers at a time, which can become quite overwhelming.

Make sure that you schedule your study time from your writing and research time. Get a calendar and list the things you have to finish and the deadlines. Time management is the key to turning out a good term paper. If you have a very long term paper to write and it is due in the same week of your next class, then you have waited until the deadline is too close and you won’t be able to write a good paper.

Stay in close touch with your instructor to ask question and get clarification if you are not clear on your assignment. Ask for help from your classmates. You would be surprised how many of them will be able to give you advise and tips to help you with your term paper.

You can turn out high quality papers whether they are assigned as term papers or dissertations. Use your lecture notes as much as you can if the paper warrants it. Utilize your college library, writing lab and the Internet. These are great resources in turning out a good term paper.

One last tip:

Do not be afraid to ask questions. It is better to know exactly what you are doing or not. Discuss the project with your classmates. You would be surprised how someone else has a different perspective and can answer some questions for you and give you ideas.

More of my articles about writing term papers are available here. Include a guide of successful term paper writing and much more.

more articles will be published once a month.

Preschool teaching

The Mother Is Crucial In Preschool Teaching

Preschool teaching is as important as a classroom. Any one who teaches is a teacher and anyone who learns is a learner. It is a fact that we learn throughout our life and so it is not just the classroom where we get knowledge. We learn something at office, from special situations in life such as a birth or a death, and even from a tribe’s way of life in an exotic locale. And what we learn has a deep impact on us, and goes a long way to shape our thoughts and our personality. How we react to situations also depends on what we learn in our life.

Mother Is The Most Important Teacher And A Role Model For A Child

The Mother interacts with the child the most and can have an impact on the child’s character from the birth itself. Initially, the child sees the world through his or her mother’s eyes, and perceives dangers and pleasures the way the mother sees them. The bond that the mother establishes right from the first time the baby is breastfed is later translated into a teacher-pupil relationship where the child copies everything the mother does and learns through the process.

The mother can influence the child to question, experience, investigate and to learn. The mother of a Nobel laureate said that she asked her son… “What good question have you asked in school today”, instead of just enquiring what he learned, and this obviously kindled curiosity. This thirst for knowledge will come from the preschool teaching the child experiences at home, and at his or her school. It is not essential that the kid has to go through formal pen-and-paper activities. Just doing day-to-day chores can impart equal knowledge and become an effective preschool teaching activity.

This preschool teaching need not be formalized into lessons and pen-and-paper things. The child can learn a wealth of knowledge just by participating in the day-to-day chores.

Preschool teaching can include many things such as fixing small things, putting toys in the right place, filling water in a glass properly, folding a tissue and others. That is the real life things. All children – each love to “help” their mother around the house. But you will see that mothers are discouraging this because they feel that they have to do it all over again. On the other hand, if mothers are encouraging the children, then this can become an effective preschool teaching. Yes “helping” around the house should be encouraged as much as possible.

Good parents encourage their children to become curious and ask questions to get answers to their queries. They never get irritated even when the kids ask too many. Children learn and conclude quickly and so when their natural curiosity is limited or disciplined, they use this limit in their studies as well. And so they limit their knowledge to class only.

Kids who are more active children who take part in daily chores learn faster, are independent and also become more observant. So this is excellent preschool teaching that also prepares them for the classrooms of the future. Giving birth to a child is just the first step – now you have to give birth to curiosity within him. As the mother, you have this big responsibility in preschool teaching.

I m so glad i m not a loser i got my phd in money at success university

You know what; thoughts of being a loser have always seemed to hunt me down like a pack of misfortune. I couldn't have the right job; get the right girl let alone driving the fancy car of my choice. All I seemed to get was crumbs and this actually got to the point where I was comfortable about being a loser, I accepted every card I was dealt whether good or bad, I was just breathing to be everyone's doormat.

Something had to change, I told my self, no more and this time I really meant it! No more settling for second best, I am going to live my life the way I want to live it. The thing that was giving me so much drive to succeed was jealousy, Yep, pure green envy jealousy, for this kid who was a nobody, his status was even below my loser mentality, but in a matter of couple of weeks he had become a high flyer just from the internet, and I had to find out how he did it. Man, if a dumb ass like that can get rich in a matter of weeks from the internet, I can do it too; I mean how hard could it be.

Instead of surfing for porn that night, I googled for every term about making money on the internet, you know, phrases like GIVE ME THE MONEY NOW, MAKE ME RICH TODAY and every other money making scheme I could think of. Man!!! I hit the jackpot; there were tons of ways to make money on the internet for losers like me. It is so easy all I have to do is be someone's affiliate and the money will come rolling, bummer is, I need a website. Wait, hey here's something, for $49 The Guy Who Made A Billion From A Million will show me how to make my first million tomorrow, All for $49 dollars, wait what's this, Limited number of books only two copies left Buy Now!! So I borrowed my mom's credit card, told her your son's going to get rich and bought How I Made A Billion from a Million let me show you your first million tomorrow. I couldn't wait to get rich. Ok people! This is not what I expected, a stupid pdf file, that's all I get., 60 pages of BS, does that dummy think I have time to read this crap, I just want to get rich and he promised to make me a million $ by tomorrow. And now what's this bonus, Oh my God more books, with more pages. I need to punch someone, and if it's not the jerk who sold me this crap, it's the rich kid from my block for scamming people, no one can make money from reading a stupid book, and it's a lie.

My mom broke my ranting and raving, told me to shut and go sulk somewhere else, she doesn't even know why she believed a loser like me could make anything great of himself. That hurt, but anyway I went down to the pub to drown my remorse. On my third refill, the barman looks at me and says, I know that look, "what look" I asked half angry. He laughed and said "you bought the book didn't you; I can see it in your face", he carried on about some kid who came in the bar a couple of months ago looking down just like me and rambling about some stupid worthless book, So I asked him, what happened to the kid and he said "that same loser, is worth millions now, unbelievable" he found all of that in that book, "plus some school he goes to on the net" echoed the guy sipping a Heineken in the next stool. That night I couldn't get to sleep, I had to find out how he did it.

The more I snooped around to find the truth, the more I saw people just like me duplicating that rich kid and getting rich. The only way for me to find out was to join this school to riches; I took the plunge, paid a $2 dollar registration for 14 days and went to class. This was more than I expected, I was being coached by the most influential people of our time for just $2. The bonuses were real videos and audio tapes that guided me step by step to achieve my dreams. The best part was, immediately as I joined people just started pouring into my downline from my upline.

Ok! Even though school has turned me from a lazy, doubtful loser into being rich, I'm not complaining at all and guess what? I LOVE BEING RICH.

Ps. the book that sent me to the bar was actually really helpful, after I read it.

Classical home schooling

You've heard of classical music, regular movies, classical cities, anyhow have you heard of classical homeschooling? Yes, there is such a thing, and its completely distinguished in this season and age where increased parents are making the ruling to homeschool their kids. With public schools filling up, scaled-down and curtailed created and energetic teachers, and deeper kindergarten violence endlessly, its not surprising that greater little kids are coughing up their K-12th grade intellectual acquirements in their home sweet home.

You must headmost empathize with what a classical education is in order to empathize with this manner of homeschooling. The essential theory behind classical learning is this: the coaching and course of study manner must transform with the cognitive evolvement of the youngling. The spokespersons of the classical manner of knowledge believe that single technique of schooling cannot be eminent for a 5 moment old and additionally be used on a teenager. Because of that, there are three courses of coaching that are tackled throughout the youngster's knowledge process: Trivium, Analytical, and Abstract.

Trivium is tackled during the grade school years and is particularly centralized on clear and distinct thinking. During this time, the teacher spotlights on getting the pupils to memorize facts and data about certain categories.

The Analytical development comes next during classroom and builds upon those essential essentials and gets the students to know the details and spurs eminent thinking and intelligence just about the facts.

The final background, abstract, is harnessed during the pricey classroom years and halos the pupils to think out side of the box on the subject matters and be able to articulate their head and feelings on the categories being learned.

Classical education spotlights deeper heavily on history, art, the culture of Western Civilization, and the progression of a biblical worldview with Theology being the instructor of the sciences. For this reason why this manner of coaching is very leading with Christ followers looking to homeschool their youngsters.

There are scads of supplies out there to assist you knowledge your children at home sweet home with the classical knowledge techniques! Be acquainted with fun!

3 little known players in african american history

The use of slave labor was a well known practice for several decades in the world community. With the discovery of new lands with great promise to offer, the world’s economy was fast flourishing. The demands for crop produce in large volumes made the slave trade the ideal solution for labor problems. And America was no exception. In fact African American slaves soon outnumbered the white population because of the large import volume.

However, slaves weren’t just made to work the lands, they were made to forget their lifestyles, disciplines and culture. Slave masters world over established slave codes which robbed the Africans of their freedom and will power. Although many slaves did try to resist this treatment they were met with strict and cruel forms of punishment for disobeying their masters. Slaves were forbidden from carrying guns, taking food, striking their masters, and running away. In fact any and all slaves could be flogged or killed for resisting or breaking the established slave codes.

Freedom was perhaps the main issue on the minds of those enslaved African Americans. American historical records have identified several attempts of rebellion and some of the key players who were involved in the African's quest for freedom on American soil. Perhaps the three main personalities who pioneered freedom for African American slaves include: Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey, and Nat Turner.

In August of 1800 Gabriel Prosser decided to free himself along with about 1,000 other slaves. His game plan revolved around killing most of the white residents and taking over the town of Richmond, Virginia. History records show that an untimely and severe thunderstorm caused the slave revolters to disband. Unfortunately, three slaves also revealed the plot, and so Gabriel Prosser and thirty-six of the slaves were identified, tried, and executed.

Denmark Vesey was another pioneer of slave abolition. He had obtained his freedom in 1800 and was especially upset by the whole system of slavery that he wanted to destroy it entirely. He wanted a full-fledged war using armed slaves to kill white slave owners in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Unfortunately in 1822, and after several years of planning, his idea to attack and "liberate" the city was revealed. Leading to his own and several of his co-conspirators' arrest. In the case of Nat Turner he had a religious zeal and a belief that he was specifically chosen to free himself and his slave brethren.

This 31 year old preacher to the slaves constructed a plan of "terror and devastation." His organized revolt became America's most famous and violent act involving slave resistance. On August 21, 1831, Nat Turner and six other slaves killed Turner's plantation master and his family in Southampton County, Virginia. Turner’s band of slave supporters grew quickly, as they went about killing a total of 60 white slave owners, including their wives and children. Eventually, Federal and Virginia state troopers encountered the roving band of slaves and killed most of those in rebellion. Unfortunately this resulted in other slaves not connected to the rebellion also being killed.

Courses for learning ways to control stress

The dream of each person is to become at peace and happy when things are going right in our lives. Reality is that when the tables are turned, it is true the picture becomes totally different and the changes and hardships can break a person’s spirit.

One of the hurdles can be the presence of good and bad stress. Bad stress needs to be taken care of right away before it causes the life to also be affected and become unhappy.

The key to stress is learning how to deal with it. These courses that teach you how to manage it are there to show you how coping is the way to succeed. Stress is not selective in the time it comes, how it comes, or who it comes to. No one is immune to it. Stress management courses can show anyone who is plagued by stress how to begin to take control.

These courses will show you how to see what is causing the stress. When you begin to understand the things that are causing the stress, you can learn what things you need to do to stop it from bothering you. You might find this hard but, with professional stress management personnel, you will be able to move forward.

High Performance is on such company. You can even take the stress management courses online. Knowing the basic and advanced tips can be accomplished din your own home is also comforting.

The courses are designed to teach you the truth about stress and will help you to begin the journey to total freedom from stress. Each activity is turned toward the stress and how to deal with it. For more info see http://www. stressmanagementmethods. com/Stress_Management_Program on Stress Management Program.

The course will give , those that are participating, the information about stress and what is necessary for them to think about in their mind about it. They are also instructed on how to see the stress in a positive way. Those who are taking the course can learn that stress can be managed in a positive way. It is even more important that each course provides a new opportunity for those taking it to practice activities that will help to relieve stress from their bodies.

When you learn the right steps, it is a greater chance that your life will become free of stress. Joining a course to learn how to manage your stress will be the first step.

Sacramento schools and the trillion dollar question

Sacramento Schools are the epitome of the problems and concerns held by all public schools in the state of California. Recent and ongoing debates about funding arts education, construction costs, and new initiatives play out in Sacramento Schools daily. The most recent fuel to the fire was added when a study titled Getting Down to the Facts was released: it’s an evaluation of the adequacy and efficiency of the current funding of California’s public schools. The study was conducted by a California non-profit educational think tank, Pacific Research Institute (PRI).

Given the state’s poor reputation in regards to education, most educators in Sacramento Schools weren’t surprised by the study’s conclusion that the state’s current educational funding system is dysfunctional. However, sensational reports claiming that even an investment of $1 trillion couldn’t fix the problems of California and Sacramento Schools ruffled the feathers of administrators trying to get money for their initiatives.

Dr. Vicki Murray, senior fellow in Education Studies at PRI, explained that the report did not say that the problems could not be fixed with large amounts of money, rather, “It found what research and common-sense have told us for a long time: spending more money on more of the same won’t reverse California’s race to the bottom. California’s infrastructure is so poor; it’s nearly impossible to know where education funding goes or what programs are effective. We shouldn’t spend more if we don’t know what’s working…reform must be our first priority.”

What will this mean for Sacramento Schools? It depends what politicians do with this information. Two of the big issues have been in arts education and construction costs. Currently local districts like Sacramento Schools fund 50% of monies for new building and school renovations. The state covers the rest. Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed upping the local commitment to 60%. Opponents claim this places an even greater burden on at-risk and low-income Sacramento Schools.

In the arts arena, however, the Governor made a splash with administrators in Sacramento Schools by granting the largest ever state allotment of funds for the arts in the summer of 2006. $500 million was committed to equipment for arts, music and physical education programs, while $105 was earmarked for hiring and training qualified arts teachers. Sacramento Schools rejoiced at this news because of the strong correlation between arts education and high academic achievement, especially in low-income children.

So even though educators and administrators in Sacramento Schools may agree that the educational system is dysfunctional, the lack of vision regarding the solution makes them nervous. Depending on the reforms proposed it’s likely that arts education could again lose funding (a common trend in Sacramento Schools). The report may also makes it difficult for Sacramento Schools to get the funding they want to support existing programs. And with both California and Sacramento Schools at the bottom of the educational barrel in national scores, that has everyone concerned.

Graphic design course

A graphic design course is ideal for anyone who wishes to enter a world that combines visual and creative skills. These courses cover a whole spectrum of design related topics, which give you a solid foundation so you can break into and progress to a higher lever in your chosen visual and graphic design career.

Online Degrees

These days with the increasing popularity of online courses, online degrees are available for a wide variety of subjects. Students who would like to pursue a career in graphic designing now have the option of doing a graphic design course online. Getting an online degree is very convenient for students who cannot attend formal classes for a variety of reasons including travel or ill health.

Online Graphic Design Degrees

An online graphic design course is perfect for students who would like to turn their interest in art into a creative career but either they do not have any conventional graphic designing course available in their area or are unable to attend one. For individuals who have already started off in their graphic designing careers an online graphic design course is of immense help in getting ahead in their career without having to take a break.

A graphic design course teaches students how to apply their artistic techniques to different concepts using technical drawing, computer-aided design, imaging, studio techniques, printmaking, color theories and concepts.

Graphic Design Course Objectives

Along with learning graphic design fundamentals, a graphic design course also teaches student’s useful marketing strategies as well as new concepts of art in age, which is turning increasingly electronic.

Students who do graphic design courses would learn the

Basics of successful design

Language of visual design

Creative solutions for design problems

Basic applications of design concepts to commercial design

How to manage design projects.

Pre-requisites for Online Graphics Designing Degrees

There are no Pre-requisites for enrolling in any online graphics-designing course. Students can enroll in different levels of graphic design courses such as Bachelors graphic design degrees or Associate graphic design degrees, depending on their previous qualifications, experience and requirements.

Though not absolutely necessary, it would be an advantage for students to have some kind of software that is graphics-related such as Photoshop or Paintshop Pro that will help them create project assignments more easily.

Upon completion of their project students have to send their work in for assessments from various successful designers.

Enrolling for Online Graphics Designing Degrees

One of the major advantages of opting to do a graphic design course online is the fact students can enroll from any part of the world.

Most courses are open enrollment and self-paced, which means students can enroll at almost any time of the year and can complete the course at their own pace. This flexibility allows students to complete the course within a short span of time if they are looking for immediate employment or they can extend the course for a longer duration if they have other time constraints. All the material is delivered online and assessments as well as research are all online, so they is absolutely no need for a physical attendance.

Staying in school beating the late fall doldrums

If you are like most University students, November can be a tough month. You might have just finished all of your midterms, or maybe you’re still writing midterms. No matter the situation, it can seem like you have eons to go before Christmas break in December, and even longer before you will be finished with your degree. Here are some tips for staying motivated in school.

Pros and Cons

Remind yourself why you are in school. What kind of a job will you be able to get when you are finished? What will happen to you if you quit school?

Sometimes just the thought of how much money you have paid to be in school is enough to motivate students. You have paid a lot of money (your savings, maybe you have a loan) for this experience. Make it count by getting the best grades you can.

If you don’t love school

Not everyone adores their program. Some people, however, really do enjoy what they are learning. If you despise what you are studying, consider changing your major. If you love your philosophy class more than your chemistry classes, why not become a philosophy student? Although you might see less application of a philosophy degree, you will do better in classes that you love. Always study what you love, and that will help you stay motivated about your studies. If you really want that chemistry degree, however, you can always take one philosophy course a semester (for a minor, perhaps?) to keep your interest.

Make a list

Make a list of all of the things that you would do differently again if you were to register. Maybe you will never again take a history course. Maybe you can’t stand the idea of having reading to do over Christmas, and so you only want to take half-year courses. If your 8:00 a. m. class is the one causing you most problems, try not to schedule further early morning classes. This will help you when you register next time, and can help you avoid some of the problems that you are currently in.

Mix it up

If you think that you can’t possibly read another play for your Shakespeare class, mix up your schedule. Can you write that short paper for your French Enlightenment class instead? If you alternate between lab reports and reading chapters in your textbook, that will help break the monotony and help you with the doldrums. You can even alternate with non-school items, like watering your plants or doing the laundry.

Remember the basics

Although it seems too basic to even mention, take time for yourself. Exercise and eat healthily and you will feel better about yourself. You will have more energy and be more ready to finish the term.

Make it Rewarding

Studying hard to get an A on a test does have rewards, but grades are somewhat abstract. If you keep a To Do list, you can put a small reward next to each item on your list. For instance, your reward for finishing a chapter of your Astronomy textbook could be that you get to make yourself a cup of tea. Make your rewards reasonable and suited. And be sure to give yourself one big reward for getting everything done that day: you deserve to watch that episode of Buffy.

Governor schwarzenegger issues challenge to all california schools students

Long before Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor of California, physical fitness was at the forefront of his career. He won a succession of bodybuilding titles from 1964 to 1970. He had been named Mr. Germany and Mr. Universe by the age of twenty. Schwarzenegger brought bodybuilding to the national spotlight, when he won the Mr. Olympia title, holding it from 1970-1975 and 1980.

His acting career took off with the successful Conan the Barbarian with Schwarzenegger in the lead and chosen specifically for his perfect physique. In 1997, he was proclaimed the greatest bodybuilder of the 20th century, and the Guiness Book of World Records named him “the most perfectly developed man in the history of the world”.

Among his many business ventures, Schwarzenegger owns World Gym Enterprises and All Star Fitness Products, and is co-responsible for the Arnold Classic Pro Bodybuilding and Fitness shows. Additionally, he headed the Council on Physical Fitness and Sports for former President Bush.

Is it any wonder that, as governor for the state of California, Schwarzenegger wants California schools’ students to exercise more, eat better, and be more physically fit. To that end, he has issued a challenge to all California schools’ students in order promote an increased level of physical activity.

He wants all kindergarten through 12th grade California schools’ students to run, jump and squat for 30-to-60 minutes a day, at least three times a week for the next four weeks. The incentive — the school with the highest percentage of participation at the end of the four-week challenge wins a new fitness center/gymnasium. The next eleven school runner-ups will each receive $1,000 with which to purchase fitness equipment.

Schwarzenegger’s promotion of healthy California schools’ students doesn’t end there. Two bills have been introduced to improve school nutrition, effective July 2007. One bill requires all foods sold in California schools’ vending machines to meet high nutritional standards, regulating the number of calories for both fat and sugar. The second bill limits the type of drinks sold at California schools to water, milk, and some fruit and sport drinks that are low in sweeteners.

Not only is Schwarzenegger big on physical fitness and its benefits to California schools’ children, who are among the nation’s growing obese statistics, but a statewide review on physical fitness within the California schools was released last November 2006. The findings were atrocious.

The study found that nearly half of the California school’s ninth graders could not briskly run one mile. Almost 1.4 million California school’s students were tested in fifth, seventh and ninth grades. Less than a third met all minimum benchmarks for body fat, abdominal strength, and flexibility.

Governor Schwarzenegger is doing what it takes to help California schools’ students become and stay physically fit. If children do not do it while in school, it can affect their entire adult life with obese-related illnesses and health problems.

Parents, teachers and California schools interested in participating can register online and track their schools’ progress against other California schools at: http://www. calgovcouncil. org.

Calvert home school style

The Calvert Educational Program was a primary middle school in the early 1900's that was overseen by a Harvard taught educational facilities adviser named Virgil Hillyer. Even though there were multitudes of schools being run in those days, the Calvert Educational Program is one of the only schools that are seen and discussed when the topic of Homeschooling arises. What did Calvert do differently and how did a weekday school settle into part of thousands of homeschooling dads' discussions to this day?

Primarily, is was this Harvard academician who had the strategy to sell the classroom's educational program to parents who were unable to send their youngsters to Calvert. This was much acclaimed by the parents because they were then able to give their youngsters the same educative favor at home sweet home as those parents who had the capability to send their little kids directly to the Calvert day school.

As you can picture, this practice did not just stay in the area that the Calvert school serviced. Hillyer decided to examine his market by placing ads in National Geographic for his general education curriculum for only 5 dollars. Since the response was overwhelming, Calvert eventually started to market their full line of study accessible to moms opting for one explanation or another to homeschool their kids. Within 5 years of starting to market this distance-learning curriculum, more than 300 young people were entered in the Calvert method of education in their own homes.

When the 1930's came around, you not only could track down Calvert core curriculum in the United States, but it was also in more than 50 countries! The US Government even began using the Calvert general studies to instruct soldiers' dependents who were stationed throughout the pulsating universe. Calvert educational materials in the home are still going strong and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006.

The online way of learning french

Learning a foreign language via the internet is unmistakably the most convenient and cost-effective way of learning a language these days. Now were not trying to say that online learning is the best and most effective way of learning French or other language because there are so many possibilities out there. One method could work for a person while it doesn’t work another.

Another good way is immersion. Learning the French language through immersion could probably top the rank of other various ways in learning how to speak French. Of course, what better way is there than speaking French at your very best while surrounded by French speaking locals? Of course, immersion is the answer to this question as being a student for language immersion also gives the benefit of being able to travel leisurely to places you probably have never been to before. And the best part about it is that you are able to practice French with French friends close by.

But let’s not forget the expenses and the schedule which are two very important factors in decision making for a language immersion. If there is a conflict with your schedule, considering immersion couldn’t be a very good option for you. Which is why, we take a look back at online learning.

If you think about it, learning French through an online language program can save you time, space and money. Not to mention, it is even more convenient for the learning process itself. Why? Because whenever you have the time, you can always go back to the previous lessons you think you are weak at. While learning a French language program at home, you can also continue to do other important chores while studying. Now, how cool is that?

But then when you reach the end of a lesson, you question the quality of your knowledge. Don’t expect that an online program can make you an instant French speaker. The thing is, those who have studied the French language for years still continue to learn how to speak the language fluently. Don’t get disappointed if you make more mistakes then correct ones. The more you engage in just about “anything French”, you’ll slowly learn and adapt the way the words are used and pronounced.

If you’re lucky, you may even travel to France. Sounds impossible? You’ll never know. Ces’t la vie mon’ami!

Online tutoring

Almost anyone really can do online tutoring, if they have some form of my space or free web site they have created, some students do this just to help out other kids by online tutoring. And in some situations there are actually homework web sites that are set up and specially designed for online tutoring as well.

There are some web sites however that do charge a fee for online tutoring, so its really best to check out a few of the search results or web sites you come up with as far as online tutoring is concerned.

Another thing about online tutoring, is some websites specialize in a certain academic area as far as online tutoring for example online tutoring for nothing but mathematics or science, while other web sites are designed to offer online tutoring for just about any subject.

Some online tutoring web sites are directed at children, while others at high school students, and there are even a few online tutoring web sites for college students as well. These aren’t usually free web sites however, and in fact some of the online tutoring web sites that are offered for all subjects to students have a fee as well. Some are not expensive while others could probably come down a little on their fees either way they are online tutoring services or web sites.

Online tutoring is available almost anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet, in some web sites the online tutoring is more or less known as homework zones or names such as this for school aged children, this helps them in the mental image that they aren’t really being tutored but are learning about whatever assignment they need to figure out at the same time.

Online tutoring that is offered to school aged children ninety percent of these web sites are free and don’t cost. It is usually the higher grades that have the fees for online tutoring and the site has certain areas such as for high school or Pre College as well, some of these web sites are found as you do a search on the Internet.

Some forms of online tutoring are in the means of games for smaller children and this makes it easier for the online tutoring software to keep the child’s attention say for spelling or some subject the child is having difficulty in.

Older students are better with online tutoring that they can relate to so, they don’t really need games or things of that nature. The web site is more of an online tutoring system that helps them work out problems and understand how they work them out.

There are web sites that offer online tutoring for just about every subject possible, including subjects such as algebra, chemistry and other more difficult subjects for high school students.

In conclusion some of the online tutoring web sites are affiliated with learning centers in your city or town, and can be combined into a system however in most of these cases, there is a fee, for the learning center as well as the online tutoring the child has access to.

High school rankings

With the advent of school choice and the ever increasing ability of a family to move from one state or one neighborhood to the next, there is an increasing desire for parents to seek high school rankings. When doing so, there are so many factors to consider. Some of these pop right into mind: expenditure per pupil, SAT and other standardized test scores, AP classes offered, rate of crime in the school and in the neighborhood surrounding the school. But there is one factor that goes mostly unnoticed and might be important when assessing high school rankings. Does the school ascribe to the cutting edge idea of Professional Learning Communities (PLC)?

PLCs and High school rankings

Professional Learning Communities are a new idea spearheaded by Rick and Betty DuFour. The success of their program and the logic of the ideas it espouses have led to a sweeping change in the way schools do business. So what is a PLC? Check out some of the main ideas behind them below and you’ll see why PLCs are the latest in educational reform for High school rankings.

1. PLCs allow for a real sense of community. The whole purpose of high school rankings is to help the community assess schools. For PLCs that means everybody working together to ensure student success. Of course the usual suspects (students, teachers, parents) are included, but so are non-instructional staff like bus drivers and security officers. PLCs also include the community at large so local businesses and community colleges are drawn in to help the school and the students. What could be more important for high school rankings?

2. Another purpose of high school rankings is to gauge how effective teachers are in a school. PLCs use unique and flexible scheduling to allow students and teachers time outside of the classroom to boost learning. Students meet with teachers or other advisors one on one or in small groups. Teachers meet within discipline or within grade levels to work and plan together while sharing best practices. This is an essential part of PLC and is important to check for when considering high school rankings.

3. Because student success is a community effort, what students study can be standardized. While high school rankings always include standardized test scores, they don’t always include other assessments. Although PLCs use standard assessments and formative assessments, they don’t require teachers to “teach to the test.” Instead students are prepared at a high level of rigor for things like state exams within the normal parameters of the classroom. What a great piece of information to include in high school rankings.

4. The DuFours insist that failure is not an option. In PLCs failure is seen as an easy way out. Instead, the community works to present the student with many avenues to success. This may take a while for students and teachers to get used to, but the change in “mind set” is an important one in the path to student achievement and an important one when assessing a school for High school rankings.

So if you are a parent or student considering High school rankings, you may want to make the inclusion of professional learning communities part of your assessment. It is the wave of the future and an important factor in determining if a school is the right fit for you.

Becoming a certified guru with an mcse in alabama

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification, or MCSE, is a program developed and offered by Microsoft that gives a person expertise in using Microsoft operating systems. As the most popular of accreditations in the MCP (or Microsoft Certified Professional) program, an MCSE in Alabama is recognized worldwide. The series of standardized tests given at a Microsoft approved testing facility allows one to earn this credential thereby increasing their value to employers.

An individual with an MCSE certification stands out from other IT professionals in that the training involved in earning the credential requires extensive training. Passing the exams for certification ensure that a master level of expertise has been acquired that goes above and beyond the average IT training course. It is a qualification that lets employers know that there is a true expert of Microsoft server systems in their midst.

Since operating systems use Microsoft, those with MCSE certification are deemed quite a valuable asset. A person can earn their certification for either Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003. Although the exam topics for the two are mostly the same, there are different elements that make the tests different from each other. Those earning their certification in either one of the Windows systems can then specialize in messaging or security.

This certification is highly suitable for technical consultants, systems engineers, systems and network analysts and technical support engineers. Duties of certified individuals require that they be able to not only install network systems but also know how to configure and trouble shoot them. Often, they are part of a team that provides daily onsite administrative support, maintaining and monitoring the system network.

Candidates for this credential generally work in medium to large companies or agencies that require or use multifaceted computer technology. The networks in their experience have at least 200 to 26,000 users with 5 to 150 physical locations. They are experienced in handling the connectivity needs of offices, remote locations and corporate networks; and they have the ability to make all three Internet ready.

Although these skilled individuals tend to be found in professional offices, businesses, major corporations and government agencies, it is not uncommon for those with MCSE certification to also act as consultants in certain situations. This can have them out of their own workplace quite regularly and into other types of work environments, providing an opportunity to collaborate with others.

Many who earn this certification find that their new qualifications can put them in high demand in their field. As technology grows and changes, the skills of IT professionals must grow and change also and recertification will be required from time to time. Often, companies subsidize the cost of re-certifications for their employees. Those who choose to earn and stay certified for the MCSE will find their earning power greatly increased.

There are other benefits to earning a MCSE credential. Not only do certified professionals earn the respect of their industry, they also have direct access to Microsoft technological and product information. At times, discounts on products and services are available and invites to conferences, technical training sessions and other special events are a regular occurrence. These opportunities help to keep professionals up to date on new and pioneering software advances.

Thanks to the everyday use of computers, there is hardly a place one can go that doesn’t require the skills of an IT professional. Those with an MCSE in Alabama not only stand out above other IT professionals but are more likely to have an easier time with career placement, as many employers believe that certifications improve work performance and productivity while giving a company a competitive advantage.

Learn more about online college degrees

In today's competitive world, a degree is the surest way to climb your career ladder. It helps you to get closer to your goals and is a representation of your knacks and skills. It is hard to imagine a successful career (entrepreneurs excluded) without a degree. Therefore it is a must in order to lunch into a great career where your skills are properly utilized.

But at times, many of us do lag behind due to the absence of a college degree. The reasons can be many for not getting a college degree but the reciprocations are more or less the same.

To ensure that you never face such circumstances just because you don't have a college degree, many universities in the United States and Europe have come up with online college degrees, which help you get a valid degree while you work.

Sometime such online degrees help you to complete your college education while you earn for it. This is very essential with the growing cost of quality education. So in today's scenario the online college degrees offer more flexibility and time to complete a specific program while you are managing your job.

While the online college degree programs offer a wide variety of courses with complete flexibility, you need to be absolutely sure about some of the facts and information regarding them. Here we share a few important tips with you that will help you decide on the online college degree program in a better way.

Rather than deciding which online business degree is right for you, it is always better to decide what your career goals are or what your current job calls for. For example, if in case you want to start your own small business, then a degree in marketing is what you can count on.

Similarly, if you are currently working as a manager at your place of business then a leadership degree may get you the skills you need to get a promotion and a raise in your present job.

After deciding on the program you want to pursue the second important part is to choose the right university. The university you choose should be accredited so that the degree you obtain has value in the business.

Secondly, the staff and the faculties at the university should be experienced in the program you choose so that you can be absolutely sure of the guidance you will get there.

An online degree is the surest way of completing your education. It is quite easy as you don't need to visit or attend the college. A four-year college degree can be fairly easy task to complete on the Internet.

And if you have prior credits to transfer or relevant work experience then you can complete the degree as less as in six-month time. This helps you a lot in your career. So completing an online college degree is the best way to add some edge to your career and to get more compatible with the increasing competition.

Why learn a foreign language - 5 reasons

Many of us have at one time or another fantasized about becoming fluent in a foreign language. At that point, most people take the path toward half-hearted attempts at learning but never really become proficient. Meanwhile, a brave few commit themselves and really make it happen. What makes the folks who choose the latter path undertake the countless hour of study, occasional moments of embarrassment, and the uncertainty of success?

My road to mastery of a foreign language - Japanese - began in college. It was tough going at first, but over the ensuing 15 or so years I attained a high level of proficiency in the language: I have given lectures at Japanese universities, critiqued essays for Japanese college students, and translated books from English into Japanese. And along the way, I have come to believe in the inherent value of learning and mastering a foreign language.

Here are 5 reasons to why you should consider learning a foreign language:

Reason #1: Expands your social network: The act of studying a foreign language can help you bond with fellow travelers along the same path. And, once you become proficient in the language, your social network of potential contacts and acquaintances will increase by the thousands or millions as you become able to communicate with a whole new population of people.

Reason #2: Gives you sense of accomplishment: The sense of accomplishment one feels upon becoming fluent in a foreign language is directly proportional to how difficult it is to learn. Like anything else in life, we gain a feeling of self-confidence and satisfaction when we overcome challenges. Because languages are so multi-dimensional, learning a language means really stretching ourselves mentally and emotionally. There are few better feelings in the world than the first time you have a meaningful exchange with a native speaker of the language you are studying.

Reason #3: Provides new avenues for making money: The world is getting smaller, but not everyone speaks your native language. Learning a foreign language opens you up to a world of opportunities both abroad and at home. Banks, technology companies, consulting firms, international trading firms, and educational institutions around the world are always looking to give well-paying jobs to people who speak a foreign language.

Reason #4: Expands your consciousness: When I am speaking or writing Japanese, I immediately switch into a different mode of awareness. You, too, will find that as you become proficient in the language you are studying, you will not be able to avoid seeing the world a little bit differently: almost like you have two sets of lenses through which to view the same reality.

Reason #5: Makes you more globally aware: As you study a foreign language, you will inevitably be exposed to the culture, history and sociology of the regions or countries with which your language is associated. With ongoing environmental challenges, global trade and regional conflicts, becoming more globally aware may be an essential part of survival in the 21st century.

The reasons why one should learn a foreign language are many. Whether you intend to expand your awareness, achieve a deeper understanding of yourself or just want to increase your value in the marketplace, learning a foreign language may be one of the best investments you can make.

What future undergrads ought to know about student loans and online resources

Navigating the student loan process can be a challenge, starting from ground zero. Since the federal government got in the student loan business in 1965, something like 65 million Americans have taken advantage of it. There have been several bills run through Congress over the years, creating a variety of loan programs - for students, vets, returning students, and so forth. The primary government online resource for information on government student aid is http://www. ed. gov/about/offices/list/fsa/index. html.

For basic information on what is available through federal programs, perhaps the most basic resource is the Department of Education's site entitled "Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid". It is a comprehensive resource on grants, loans, and work-study programs which are the three major forms of aid available through the Department's Federal Student Aid office. This material tells you about the programs and how to apply for them. http://studentaid. ed. gov/students/publications/student_guide/index. html.

In order to qualify for any sort of federal assistance and for most privately underwritten financial support, including that which comes through the school's financial aid office, you're going to need a FAFSA score. This ranking is produced through the process of filling out a FAFSA application and submitting it to the U. S. Department of Education, which returns a valuation that shows how much loan money you will be eligible for and how much your parents are expected to provide in support. So the best place to begin your application process is through the FAFSA site: http://www. fafsa. ed. gov/. You can make an electronic application from their website.

Apart from the standard federal student loans, there are several campus-based federally financed opportunities for students. Extensive information on work-study and other federal money available through the campus financial aid office can be found at http://www. cbfisap. ed. gov/CBSWebApp/welcome. jsp. It's going to ask you to go through a registration process but it's probably worth your time. Putting together education money is often a process of assembling a number of working parts. For many students, that includes camping outside the campus financial aid office and getting to know the counselors inside. It pays to know what they have to offer. Don't be shy: they expect to see you coming.

There are many online sites that offer a combination of information and loan applications. Many of these sites address issues such as loan consolidation and other debt considerations. One site that is highly informative about the loan process and the programs available and that includes a list of potential private lenders is http://www. edfund. org/edfund/edfundmenu. html. This is a non-profit site that can break down some of the detailed components in the loan process; it helps to be able to sort through the details on a non-governmental site.

To their credit, the Federal Government has recognized that the cost of education and the subsequent debt has overwhelmed millions of graduates. The Department of Education has a loan consolidation program with a variety of payment plans, a lot of flexibility, and the ability to avoid using a commercial lender. They have a website devoted to their services at http://loanconsolidation. ed. gov/. The Department develops a weighted interest rate based on any commercial loans you have outstanding, caps it at 8.25 percent and offers four different payment plans.

There are also a multitude of commercial lenders that offer student consolidation loans, but be careful of artificially low interest rates that can accelerate through an adjustable rate program much like a mortgage. Before you venture into the commercial refinancing arena, see what the Department of Education has to offer.

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