Working at home how to avoid piling on the pounds

title:Working At Home? How To Avoid Piling On The Pounds!

author:Janice Elizabeth Small

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_865.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



It's so tempting isn't it? Work is not going well. Or you have a deadline looming. Or you've got to update your accounts. Much easier to make endless trips to the fridge to fill up on snacks!

But when you start working at home, it can be alarming how quickly the pounds creep up, just because food is so available. And you bitterly regret all those snacks next time you get on the scales or try to do up something you haven't worn for a while.

Now, a normal office is not always the easiest place to control overeating either - everyone brings cakes and candy to share for the most minor celebration, and you have more opportunity for social type eating and drinking at lunch and after work. But a full fridge is a bigger threat - after all no one is watching you like they would be if you had three pieces of the cake at work!

Keeping out of the kitchen altogether would be one solution. You could pack your lunch and healthy snacks before you start the day, have a supply of cool drinks and set up tea and coffee making facilities in your home office - pretend you don't have a kitchen. But most of us won't do that. We like being at home because we have access to all the facilities that home offers. Sometimes it's great to be able to start dinner early or do a couple of chores while we take a breather from our other tasks.

But there are a few things you CAN do without making the kitchen and the fridge a "no-go" area.

* Make your lunch before you begin work - or at least know exactly what you are going to have. This way you are less likely to dive for the nearest fattening snack because you suddenly noticed you worked way past the point when you should have eaten and you are ravenous.

* Also prepare some healthy snacks so that you can grab them from the fridge and go. Sticks of carrot, cucumber, celery and the like make great nibbles when you haven't time to stop for a full meal. Put a tablespoonful of low-calorie dip into a small bowl if you don't like them just as they are.

* If you know you are going to be grazing all day - plan for 5 or 6 mini-meals throughout the day, rather than grazing AND eating a whole lunch. While this might be impractical in an office, at home you can do exactly as you like - make the most of it. A typical day might be

A bowl of fruit for breakfast.

2 crackers with sugar-free peanut butter half way through the morning.

Vegetable soup or salad for lunch.

A yogurt with chopped up apple in the afternoon.

10 or so pretzel sticks to keep you going until dinner.

*If you can, try and take a break away from your work area while you eat so that you have time to focus on the food. It's too easy to wolf down a whole snack or meal and not even notice you've eaten it. If you don't have that focus it's harder to feel satisfied by the food you've had and you're more likely to want more straight away and overeat as a result. And of course you avoid those problems with keyboards getting sticky and work getting spoiled with bits of food.

*If you're working at home, you may find you have to keep some foods out of the house because they are just too dangerous to have around all day. My downfall is chocolate. So, if I buy chocolate biscuits for my kids I choose the kind that I don' t like that much and they do. But you may have to decide not to buy chocolate and junk snack foods at all if you really can't resist. It will do everyone else good too. And you can only eat what is there.

*As for exercise, at least make sure you move around throughout the day if your job is desk based. It's a huge bonus that no one can see you pacing around when you are on the phone, or doing exercises to avoid getting too tense such as rolling your neck, circling your shoulders or arms or doing leg extensions. If you make it a habit to move around just a couple of minutes every half an hour - the kind of break you need to be taking anyway - you will have taken over 30 minutes exercise in an 8-hour day! I find that when things get on top of me and I haven't had time for an early-morning aerobics session, 10 minutes vigorous housework once an hour works for me. I get some exercise, go back to my huge work task list feeling ready to tackle it AND I don't worry that my home is falling apart while I stay attached to my computer.

*Look like you mean business. I know it's great to be able to slob around all day in sweat pants and a t-shirt but it will do your self-image no good and you won't feel that waistband expanding half so much as you do when you wear normal smart casual clothes. Wear something comfortable but smart. You have to show yourself that it's worth looking good just for you so you get the message when you eat too.

*Keep regular hours. Although there may be a crisis or two where you absolutely have to work through the night and fortify yourself with pizza or ice-cream, you can't make this a regular habit for the sake of your weight, your health or your sanity.

*By the same token, get plenty of rest. There have been studies showing that a lack of sleep causes us to eat more during the following day.

Working at home IS fantastic. You are in control of your own time and your own choices much more than you ever were working for someone else. Design your working life to suit YOU and how you want to live. Want to be healthy and slim? Then DESIGN your day to meet your goals. You are the one who calls the shots now.

Copyright 2005, Janice Elizabeth Small

Buying jewelry online how to choose the right company

title:Buying Jewelry Online: How To Choose The Right Company

author:Jill Renee

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_1612.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



For anyone looking to purchase fine jewelry, online shopping can be a great way to find the right piece at the right price. There can be many advantages to buying fine jewelry online – with savings being one of the major factors. Reputable online jewelers usually have much lower overhead costs, and can pass those savings on to the consumer. Another advantage of buying fine jewelry online is convenience – you need travel no further than your computer to choose your jewelry and make your purchase. This being said, there are things you need to consider in order to make your fine jewelry purchase a positive experience.

Choose a Jeweler You Trust

The first thing you need to do is find an online jewelry store that you can trust. You will have to do a little bit of detective work in order to eliminate the less desirable companies and end up with a list of jewelers that you feel confident doing business with.

Find out if the website is secure. The jeweler’s website should have 128bit SSL security. This is an absolute must when you are purchasing online, since you will most likely be using a credit card or supplying your bank account information. Somewhere along the line you will be supplying information about yourself, and the 128bit SSL security will ensure that no unauthorized party can get access to your information.

Also, any diamond you buy, whether it is online or from a store, should come with a diamond certificate. The Gemological Institute of America independently certifies diamonds providing information on a diamond’s characteristics such as color, clarity and size. This is your best way of knowing the quality of the diamond you are buying.

The Online Jewelry Store Should Provide Excellent Customer Service

This cannot be stressed strongly enough. Before you make a fine jewelry purchase from a website consider contacting the jeweler’s customer service department by email and by phone. When talking to a customer service representative, ask questions and pay close attention to the responses you receive. If the rep seems irritated with your questions or is spending the entire phone call trying to rush you into buying a product, consider that a “red flag”.

If you contact them by email, check to see how quickly they reply. It should take them no longer than 48 hours during the business week – within 24 hours is the ideal. Look for professionalism and a helpful attitude in their emails.

The Website Should Be Informative

The jeweler’s website itself should have information on how to buy a quality diamond, the different types of precious metals, etc. They should have a wide variety of choices, and be able to help you find what is right for you. By providing you with information the company is helping you make an educated purchase.

Look for Quality Craftsmanship

What the Internet can offer you is the chance to shop several stores without having to drive all over town; this allows you to choose a company whose fine jewelry shows attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The Return Policy Can Be Important

What if you receive the jewelry and are dissatisfied? Review the company’s return policy before you buy so you know what rights you have if you want to return your fine jewelry purchase.

See If They Offer Extra Perks

Things like free shipping add up to big savings. If the online jeweler is located outside of the state you are buying from you pay no sales tax. Free shipping combined with no sales tax can make a big difference in your bottom line. Some companies offer a discount on your next purchase. This can also save you big money. If a company is offering these or other incentives, they will likely have this information throughout the site and in their shopping cart.

Your Jewelry Purchase Should Provide Good Value for the Money

When buying fine jewelry, you are getting a piece that will last a lifetime and become a family heirloom. Look for fine jewelry that offers the best value which is not only determined by how much the jewelry costs but by the quality of the piece and the materials used.

Online jewelry shopping offers convenience, selection and value. Consider the factors above when making your next fine jewelry purchase so you find the online jeweler that is right for you.

The cyber lothario

title:The Cyber Lothario

author:Kathryn Lord

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_264.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



Are you writing to someone who is romancing you off your feet? Does this guy seem to know just what to say or write that gets you a step or two further down the garden path?

Perhaps more dangerous than the notorious Internet rapists and murderers are the Cyber Lotharios. Maybe you know one. Smooth as silk. Seduction is his native language.

More dangerous, because these guys (well, maybe there are girls too, but I am more familiar with the guys) are GOOD.

These guys are the Internet equivalent of a Bill Clinton, if Bill Clinton hadn't gotten caught. They are the cyber version of handsome -- they write beautifully, know just what you want to hear and tell you. They POUR it on, and for a thirsty woman, it is nectar from the Gods.

These fellows post on dating sites indefinitely, waiting for the unsuspecting newbie to the dating site. You might contact him, he might contact you, but like a used car salesman, he knows a pigeon when he sees one.

Then slowly, softly, but determinably, he has his way with you.

How do you tell if you have one of these guys on the wire? What if he is a really nice guy, really meaning every word he says?

Well, one thing would be if you find yourself agreeing to things that you never would if you were in your right mind. Particularly if that has to do with sex. Or maybe money.

These guys make manipulation feel like a warm bath. You just slide right in and it feels delicious.

But there is a certain vagueness, particularly about past relationships, and perhaps about future plans. These guys may reassure, but they also will leave themselves a way out.

How can you tell?

Well, one thing you can do is ask for a relationship history. Then pay attention to how he responds, as well as what he actually says.

Does he groan and moan about doing the job? Is he grudging in what he tells you? Or is he open and serious, understanding what you are asking and why?

Does he seem to have trouble remembering his own history, what her name was, what order the different relationships came in? Is he reluctant to divulge, or does he sound like he is fudging?

Does he seem to be moving you fast towards a romantic getaway? Maybe he makes plans for the two of you to meet, and reserves only one room. Is he heavily sexually suggestive and titillating? Does he ask questions like "What kind of lingerie are you wearing?"

Even though a new and legitimate relationship can be highly sexually charged, a guy who is seriously interested in you and a possible future with you will be protective and understanding of you and your feelings.

If you feel antsy, pay attention. If your hormones may be doing your thinking, put on the brakes. Better to let this dangerous Clark Gable type swim away than to be left flat and busted.

Kathryn Lord © 2004 All Rights Reserved

Plus size fashion trend feminine chic

title:Plus Size Fashion Trend: Feminine Chic

author:Donna Monday

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_464.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



A new fashion year is here and so are the latest styles for women looking to freshen up their wardrobes. Ladies, good news. Femininity is back!

From the office to casual wear, you can show off the power of your femininity while still taking care of business. Jackets are a great way to add flair and style to your pants and skirts. Boucle jackets are hot. Also, pairing a colorful denim jacket with a flouncy skirt gives you a variety options for a more dressed up casual look.

You should have at least one boucle jacket in your closet. Boucle is very chic and can dress up a pair of black pants or a black skirt very easily. Boucle jackets come in a variety of colors. Some have removable flower pins, some have ruffles, etc. In celebrity circles it’s popular to pair a boucle jacket with jeans and high heels or boots. Very chic.

Skirts are longer, falling either just above the knee or just below the knee. You’ll find skirts with asymmetric cuts, ruffles at the bottom, or with a free flowing feel. Why not add a flowery or ethnic print skirt to your collection. Pair it with a jean jacket in blue, pink or white for extra pizzazz.

Colorful ponchos and shrug wraps (wraps that are fitted and tie in the middle) are great accent pieces to wear over plain black or white tops. Speaking of tops, try a shirt or blouse in a bold funky print to spice things up a bit. Plus size women are no longer bound by arcane rules that say they can’t wear prints. Dress for your personality.

Shopping for new clothes is a fun experience and the options for plus size women are better than ever. You’ll find all the new trends and plus size fashion styles to create your own feminine chic look at great online shops like: Lane Bryant, Catherines, Avenue, Just My Size, Making It Big, Ulla Popken, Size Appeal, Kiyonna and more.

Different types of hats to hide your bad hair day

title:Different Types of Hats to Hide Your Bad Hair Day

author:Lewis Dakker

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_965.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



Stylish Hats For Bad Hair Days

Do not worry if you have a bad hair day. Just hide it with a stylish hat and carry on with your routine. But be sure not to remove your hat as it could expose your bad hair. Many hats are available in different style which can suit your taste. You can also choose from the many styles that suits you and your attire for that particular day.

In the cold winter months a wool hat, or toque, is a great way to cover up your head and keep warm as well. Not just for skiers or snowboarders anymore, wool hats are very funky and stylish. A new style that is very popular is wool hats with a bit of a brim. This gives the hat a bit more shape and it looks great on most people since it doesn't draw too much attention to the size and shape of the head.

Baseball hats are a type of hat that never seems to go out of style. However, the popular style of baseball hat has changed throughout the years. The fitted flexible hat was very popular a few years back, and this year it seems to be the trucker style mesh hat. These definitely don't suit everyone since they add height to your head and are not fitted. Many popular surf companies are making these hats for men and women.

Cowboy hats are not just worn down south, but are gaining popularity in other areas as well. Everybody wants to get into a rustic identity by preferring the cowboy or cowgirl style of hats as these hats come in a variety of colors, shapes and style. It comes in blue, pink and many other colors with art work of shells and other things embellished to give an appealing look.

Bucket hats are a great stylish cover up for the beach during the hot summer months. These hats are adorable and also suit almost everyone. You can find a huge variety of styles with fun summer prints on them. Half bucket hats are also becoming very popular and seem to be more versatile than the full versions.

Newsboy hats are another hit amongst both the sex. These hats are stylish and serve to cover your head in a sophisticated manner. You can have one of wool, as this hat never goes out of fashion.

Many high fashion designers are getting in on the popularity of hats. Coach, for example comes out with a stylish monogrammed bucket hat each year that is very popular and sells quickly. Fedoras are also seeing heightened popularity and many designers are coming out with their own take on these old-school hats for the spring season.

You have a variety of hats to choose from if you want to select one for yourself. You can use hats not just to cover your bad hair days, but also to improve your personality. You can choose a hat that fits you the best from amongst the many available.

What are your colors

title:What Are Your Colors

author:Janice Wee

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_495.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



How do you know what colors suit your skin type.

Your skin could have warm undertones or cool undertones. That would determine whether you look better in warm colors or cool colors.

Warm skin tones have a yellowish undertone, while cool skin tones have a blue undertone.

To tell whether you are warm or cool, hold a piece of plain, pure white paper under your hand. Look carefully at your skin in comparison. If you see a yellowish cast, then you have warm skin tones. If you see a bluish cast, then you have cool skin tone. s

If that does not work, then try this.

Get a peach scarve and a blue scarve. Wear a white t-shirt. Hold the peach scarve against your face and look at yourself carefully in the mirror. Hold the blue scarve against your face and look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look better with the peach scarve or the blue scarve? If the peach scarve makes you look better, then you have warm skin tones. If you look better in blue, then you have cool skin tone.

If you have warm skin tones, then you look good in earth tones, peach and gold. If you have cool skin tones, then you look great in black, blue and anything that has a bluish tinge like bluish pink and bluish red.

Have clothes will travel

title:Have Clothes Will Travel

author:Bridget P. Allen

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_1342.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



The most frustrating part of travelling isn’t long lines in the airport or race car drivers who moonlight wheeling taxis around the city. By far, the most frustrating part of travelling is trying to fit your entire wardrobe into a tiny suitcase! If you find yourself looking forward to the trip but dreading packing, never fear. You only need a few key items to complete your travelling wardrobe, so let’s get packing!

The first thing you should know about packing isn’t what to pack but how to pack. These simple packing techniques can save you a ton of room for that extra pair of shoes or souvenirs along the way, in addition to saving your clothes from ending up hopelessly wrinkled. First, take any long items, including pants, skirts, or dresses, and lay them flat in your suitcases with the excess hanging out of both ends. Second, roll the rest of your wardrobe, making compact tubes of clothing. Rolling will not only save your room, but your clothes are less likely to end up wrinkled. Line up your rolled items in your suitcase, filling in all available space. Consider investing in shoe bags to protect your shoes along the route, being careful to stuff the insides of your kicks with socks, undies, slips, or any other garment to prevent them from becoming flattened along the way. If you are bringing cosmetics or toiletries, be sure to pack all items in plastic bags—a simple Ziploc baggie will do—to protect your clothing in case of leakage.

Now that you know how to pack, let’s discuss what to pack. Unless you are planning on attending state dinners or extravagant functions each night, lose the formal wear. Instead, invest in one simple dress—the perfect Little Black Dress will work—and bring along accessories to dress it up or down. Consider bringing a colorful silk scarf, and exquisite embroidered shawl, chunky jewelry, or a lovely corsage pin to create several different outfits out of the same garment. Similarly, choose a simple pair of black heels that are comfortable enough to walk in if you find yourself trudging down blocks of urban jungle. These shoes, like the dress, should have capacity to be worn with a dress, suit, or your favorite pair of blue jeans. For the rest of your wardrobe, consider purchasing clothing made with nylon, tencel, or any other travel friendly material to avoid wrinkles.

Divining with ordinary playing cards

title:Divining with Ordinary Playing Cards

author:Sam Stevens

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_643.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



You don't necessarily need an expensive Tarot deck to divine the future from cards. You can use a regular deck of playing cards. All you have to remember is that the four suits equate to the following

Hearts represent love or equate to Cups in the regular deck Diamonds represent money or Coins or Disks Spades represent hardship or Swords Clubs represent opportunity or Wands

Perhaps the simplest layout is a three-card spread that represents past, present and future. Or you can choose one card from the deck and meditate on its meaning for the day. I have found that an ordinary deck of cards is also easily adapted to the Celtic Cross, as well as the Horoscope Spread (which involves laying twelve cards out in a circle with each card representing what is going on in each house). Below is a quick guide to the meaning of the cards.

Hearts (Cups)

Ace: triumph in love, perfection, union, happiness

King: Honesty and affection. A generous, temperamental, and passionate man. Usually fair haired or fair complexion - card can also mean unreliability or a bad decision.

Queen: A loving and attractive woman, fidelity, devotion, usually a fair-haired woman. Can mean vanity or delusion.

Jack: A good friend or close friend. Can mean a reunion of separated lovers. Usually a fair-haired young person.

10: good luck, satisfaction, balance, peace, happiness in family or home.

9: good news, relief, the desires of the inquirer will come true,

8: an approach, invitation or proposal (traditionally to a party or celebration.)

7: a severe disappointment, broken promises, cancelled promises

6: sudden windfall, good fortune, generosity (can also mean unwelcome guests)

5: indecision, insecurity, jealousy, and obsession

4: postponement of a date or important matter, can also signify a delayed or canceled marriage

3: a warning to be sensible, watch for deception, bad decisions

2: friendship, a positive connection, a loving trusting relationship

Spades (Swords)

Ace: bad news, a separation or split, conflicts, a doomed love affair, endings, death. Can mean an ambition but thoughtless man. Usually dark haired.

Queen: betrayal, gossip, sabotage, malice, treachery. Can mean a widow or divorcee. Usually signifies a dark haired woman

Jack: obstacles, laziness, and hindrances. A lazy, but indolent, young man. Self-destructive.

Usually dark haired

10: emotional anguish, cruelty, worry, grief, and a turn psychologically for the worse

9: delays, quarrels, opposition, conflict, bad luck,

8: secret enemies, disappointments. also a rival pretending to be a friend

7: loss of friendship, loss of trust, and a battle not worth fighting

6: gradual improvement, ambition, discipline and the efficient carrying out of plans

5: being at the threshold of a project, anxiety about money, financial exchanges. can sometimes indicate great success in business

4: delays, emotional issues, troubles with business or money, illness

3: infidelity, a love triangle, a love or marriage that is ending

2: division, scandal, and deception gossip

Diamonds (Coins)

Ace: new job, promotion, cash windfall, an engagement ring,

King: an old regime, the patriarchy, inescapable boundaries and rules...can mean a stubborn but powerful man. Usually fair haired man

Queen: sophistication. society, control. Can mean a mean spirited woman or a flirt. A vain woman. Usually fair haired woman.

Jack: bad news, unreliable or shaky circumstances. Unwanted visit from a relative. Destructive or

sullen young man usually fair-haired.

10: life changes, a move, a trip for business or money reasons

9: a happy financial surprise or opportunity and surprises, travel, adventure, excitement

8: a new relationship, a renewal of vows late marriage or new relationship, reunion

7: gossip, lies, rumours, , criticism, sarcasm, and bad luck at gambling or love

6: reconciliation, early marriage; sometimes premature end to a relationship.

5: business success, happy news, unexpected windfall, patronage, a loan

4: power, an inheritance, good fortune...sometimes betrayal in business

3: divorce, legal or domestic battles, quarrels, violence

2: a love affair thriving despite great odds, a soulmate

Clubs (Wands)

Ace: artistic talent, inspiration, a love for life, achievement, honour, professional success,

King: prosperity, good business, faithfulness, and philanthropy. An honest, reliable, generous man. Usually a dark haired man.

Queen: Intelligence, flexibility, fairness. Organization. An attractive, caring soul. Usually dark

haired woman.

Jack: a reliable friend, sincere but impatient

10: unexpected gift, money or good fortune, a silver lining in a cloud

9: an affair, an infidelity, a new romance..Sometimes disagreements with friends

8: bad decisions, opposition, bad luck in gambling, a loan that is not repaid,

7: success, prosperity, competition, can sometimes mean dealing with rivals in romance

6: a profitable business or partnership, a successful project

5: aid or support from a friends or family, sometimes marriage with a wealthy woman

4: interference, unexpected ill will, failure of a project, bad planning

3: marriage or union...sometimes a long engagement or sex without marriage

2: opposition, disappointment, lack of acceptance in business or social circle.

Have fun!

Rawsome beauty luck of the draw or within reach of all

title:Rawsome Beauty: Luck of the Draw or Within Reach of All?

author:Tonya Zavasta

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_928.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



Excerpted from the book “Your Right to Be Beautiful: How to Halt the Train of Aging and Meet the Most Beautiful You” by Tonya Zavasta. The book is available at: http://www. beautifulonraw. com

All of my life, I wanted to be beautiful. In today’s society, it is more acceptable to insist that you are “beautiful on the inside”, unfortunately, those of us on the outside are not seeing your insides. Wanting to be beautiful is now criticized as being shallow. I’m sorry but I would rather be perceived as shallow than hypocritical because I find it impossible to believe than any women is content to be less than she can be.

Personal initiative is a powerful force in achieving goals and attaining wealth. What about beauty? Are we desperately helpless here, or is there a way to bring it under personal control? I believe we have as much leverage in becoming beautiful as we have in accomplishing anything else we set our minds to. But we have not been looking in the right places for beauty.

The most inspiring books about becoming wealthy are written by people who have made it from rags to riches. However, advice on becoming beautiful often comes from those blessed with exceptional beauty to begin with. For a woman born beautiful to teach others how to become beautiful is like a sweepstakes winner teaching people how to earn a fortune through hard work. Is there a means for achieving beauty for those of us who are not big winners in the gene lottery?

Good news! It is biologically possible to look beautiful at any age. If you do not see yourself as beautiful, it is because your beauty is unclaimed. Your body has never been given a chance to reveal how it can look when provided with the best possible nourishment and care.

Some of our physical characteristics we cannot change—they are determined by our lineage, food choices our mothers made during pregnancy, and our environment. Oriental diagnosis has noted that small eyes are caused by consumption of cooked vegetables and animal products during pregnancy and early childhood. Large eyes, on the other hand, are caused by intake of raw vegetables, fruits, and fruit juices. Long eyelashes in a child indicate the intake of substantial amounts of liquids, raw vegetables, and fruits by the pregnant mother.

These things we cannot change. We can change much, however, by the consumption of a raw plant diet as an adult. This diet will make a difference in weight, complexion, and the texture of skin, hair, and nails. All of these traits and more are determined by our daily choices, with food being one of the most important—and one we have full control of.

Our bodies’ natural ability to renew cells means that your body is capable of improving your looks. After all, we were designed to bloom continuously as old cells are replaced by new ones. The raw food diet makes the most of that rejuvenating ability. Rawsome beauty is not manufactured from the outside; it is cultivated from the inside by nutritionally charged food. The body responds with alacrity to an improved diet. As the body strengthens and heals your insides, you will see your beauty starting to surface on your face and re-structuring your body.

The artistic ability of your body will surprise you. It will seem as though a sculptor is chiseling your face and body. Fat deposits will disappear from the right spots. Everything bumpy or lumpy will be smoothed or straightened. Everything dull will be illuminated. The features will be refined until a lovely face surfaces, and the skin will be polished until it glows. By revealing and intensifying what is good, the raw food lifestyle will make the best of whatever goodness you have and will open every avenue for more. This lifestyle bestows upon you an identity of your own and makes you beautiful.

Only the body sustained on raw food demonstrates natural beauty or, shall we say, “rawsome beauty.” The landscape of the body will change. Fat that has accumulated in pockets under the eyes and at the jaw will melt away. The lumpy potato look of one‘s face will give way to sleek, smooth contours. Pockets of fat and retained water will disappear. The surface of the skin will become soft and smooth yet firm and supple. Visible pores will diminish. Sallow, yellowish skin will turn into a porcelain-like complexion. The whites of the eyes, once red, will become bright with a bluish tinge.

The body becomes transformed and will unfold from the inside out. While your non-raw-eating peers discover new blemishes, blotches, and moles on a nearly daily basis, you will see your own skin irregularities gradually fade or disappear. Feeding your body raw food will make your eyes, once sunken in bulbous flesh, look larger and rounder by eliminating the surrounding puffiness and by firming the eyelids. Eyebrows that were beginning to form an awning over the eyes will regain their youthful arch. As natural collagen production improves, it will fill in the places where it is needed, as in hollow cheeks. It will not just patch your face, but it will improve every one of your 3,000 square inches of skin.

Raw food eating will clarify and refine your features and bring delicacy to your face. This diet will give the impression of high cheekbones. In fact, it will give the effect of a cheek implant, by providing a subtle contour to the cheek area. The blurred chin-to-neck curve will become sharper and more pronounced. Broad jaws and square jowls will slowly give way to a more desirable oval shape. Sagging cheeks will gradually become tauter and tighter. Incidentally, an oval-shaped face, high cheekbones, thin jaws, and large eyes are universally considered to be the major characteristics of a beautiful face.

As the cleansing is completed, you will see how you were meant to look. You will become satisfied, even fascinated, with your appearance. When you look your very best, you look perfect, in a sense that you are as close to the divine image for yourself as you could ever be. You accept yourself completely. Natural beauty is above conformity; it doesn’t demand to be accepted by the dictates of the beauty norm.

People who have been on the raw food lifestyle for several years begin to have an emerging radiance. The glow is hard to fake because it is basically internal. It comes from an abundance of clear pink, almost transparent, cells that light up the face. Only superior blood circulation can bring this transfiguring glow. Several years on the raw diet will give you a translucent radiance.

There are beautiful people who are not on the diet, but even they have never been as beautiful as they could be because they have not been cleansed of all toxins. Our frustration with our looks is a subconscious reaction to our innate knowledge that we have not achieved our best look. The Rawsome Diet gives us confidence that we look the way we were meant to look when we are at our most beautiful.

The best proof that raw plant eating is optimal for the body is that it makes you beautiful. Slim face, slender waist, and clear skin with smooth coloration—these subtle changes will convince you that the raw plant diet is the best for good health and graceful beauty. No woman knows her true beauty until she cleanses her body completely of all waste.

I like to study each woman’s face. I see not just how she does look, but how much better she could look. What I now see is just how far her looks fall short of her potential. I see her beauty as it would be if her body had been cleansed from all toxins and excesses. On the Rawsome Diet, you will be stunned by how the Master Artist makes the most of your individual features and brings balance to the face. Texture, hues, and shape will be re-arranged into a harmonious whole. Perfection and imperfection will be joined into a unique personal beauty.

But our imagination is limited. The perfect face is an invention of our culture. It shows human preference in particular time and place, and it is severely limited in its variety. While eye bags, puffiness, and sallow skin make faces look similarly unattractive, the variety of beauty versions, supplied by God Himself, is endless.

When your peer group is going through a stage where they think: “I am losing my looks,” you will be finding yours. At 47, I enjoy looking in the mirror, while in my youth and young adult life I detested my reflection. People who have not seen me for years often tell me that they hardly recognize me. Even my mother recently said I looked like a different person.

Adopting the raw food diet actually brings the beauty equation full circle. Finally, beauty is for everyone! We can drop the pretence. Ugly Ducklings of the world, this is your chance! It is forgivable to be born ugly, but there is no more excuse for staying ugly. Healthy foods create healthy organs. Strive to become beautiful on the inside—you will be beautiful on the outside.

"This article may be freely reprinted as long as the entire article and byline are included."

Hair removal solutions laser hair removal and others

title:Hair Removal Solutions: Laser Hair Removal And Others

author:Sam Natarajan

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_990.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



Fear no longer the ignominy of unwanted body hair. If you have been willing to walk should somebody show you the way, you have come to the right place for hair removal solutions. Here we present some of the popular hair removal solutions like laser hair removal among others which can offer you the flight of fantasy that you have been seeking for so long to become truly beautiful.

Laser hair removal: The latest technology in the long list of hair removal solutions, laser hair removal offers a easy to use, extremely effective method to get rid of unwanted body hair and is long lasting in its effect. Men and Women alike have benefited from this superb technology which promises unwanted hair removal from virtually any part of the human body. The principle of hair removal by laser is based on the fact that thermal agitation of the hair follicle and bulb under the skin causes the bulb to destabilize, break down and forego the capability of regeneration. Thus laser hair removal is precise and effective in hair removal.

Shaving: The most common and the oldest hair removal solution in the market today and world different from laser hair removal. Shaving is a self administered hair removal solution in daily use by both men and women for getting rid of body hair. The equipment required is low-tech : a shaving razor, brush and cream is all that you need. However the application is limited to only areas on your body that you can see and reach and is not definitely applicable for the tender areas on the human body. This is not a permanent hair removal solution as well.

Tweezing: Otherwise called plucking, this method involves using a pair of tweezers to pull the hair out of the skin to ensure hair removal. This method is particularly painful and suffers from the same drawbacks of shaving in terms of permanence of effect and areas of applicability. It is hard to imagine that laser hair removal and tweezing essentially are solutions to virtually the same problem.

Electrolysis: Before the onset of laser hair removal, electrolysis was widely touted as a very effective method for hair removal. It’s different from hair removal by laser in the sense that, instead of a laser beam destabilizing the hair root, it’s an electric current that does the same job. This treatment also needs to be administered for a longer period of time as compared to laser hair removal and is definitely not for the faint hearted.

In our opinion amongst all the options of hair removal available in the market today, laser hair removal seems to be the most promising. Its just a matter of time before the technology becomes so prevalent that even for the unfortunate few for whom cost is a hurdle, it will be within reach of their financial boundaries!

Cheap home alternatives to off the wall bridal makeovers

title:Cheap Home Alternatives To Off-The-Wall Bridal Makeovers

author:Blake Kritzberg

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_1624.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



Every woman hits a crossroad when that fateful day arrives, and someone she loves puts a ring on her finger. As she peeks over the threshold at the daunting, exhilarating, endless year ahead, she'll probably spend some time pondering how to fine-tune her look -- for posterity, you know. After all, this will be her red carpet moment, and she'll be paying the photographer an awful lot to capture it.

At this point, some brides will go totally over-the-top. By that, we mean bridal boot camps and personal trainers named Reinhold. Brides with even less of a rudder will apply to one of the emerging reality TV programs, such as Britain's "Bride and Grooming," where "lively couples" go under the knife, turning Roman noses into cute little Irish ones, lifting those baggy eyelids and of course, getting their teeth done.

Chances are, you're not like that. You want to look your best, but you also want to look back on this year and remember your grip on sanity. And if you're like me, you don't have a lot to spend on "Exxtreem Makeovers" anyway. Which is fine, because a couple of bucks here and a couple of bucks there can pack quite a punch ... without making you look like a stranger.

-- Fuller Lips -- the Reality TV Approach

Puff up your lips with various temporary injections, or more permanent Gore-Tex implants. Costs: $200-2000 for "injectables"; $1000-3000 for implants.

-- Fuller Lips -- the Sane Way

Almost all women -- especially we hopelessly Caucasian types -- wish we had fuller lips. We know this because of all the droopy "trout pouts" that show up on rising and fading Hollywood stars, no matter how goofy they look.

The sane bride can plump up her lips at home for a fairly small investment. No, we're not talking do-it-yourself collagen implants. We're talking CityLips, the only lip plumper we've tried that works.

Don't get excited (or alarmed) -- you'll never get Angelina Jolie results with lip serums. And in fact, anecdotal evidence suggests that CityLips won't work for everyone. But it works for us, unlike anything else we've tried. Yes, there are a number of effective plumpers that temporarily irritate and swell the lip tissue, but CityLips actually plumps the collagen through some mysterious mechanism instead of merely irritating your lips. It takes about 30 days to work.

So where to buy your lip-plumping secret weapon? We tried eBay, but we didn't get much of a discount. We did learn to avoid buying the mini tubes, since much of the serum gets stuck in the bottom.

Instead, we found the best deal was to sign-up for the newsletter at www. citylips. com directly. Every so often, they put out a "buy 2, get 1 free" deal that's music to our ears, or they offload a less popular color at a great price. Sure, you might end up with psychedelic purple gloss, but who cares? It's CityLips!

-- Whiter Teeth -- the Reality TV Approach

Plant your derriиre in a dental chair. Prop your mouth open for one hour while the dentist turns your teeth into an approximation of the polar caps (pre-global warming) using a peroxide-based solution and a laser. Costs: $800-2000.

-- Whiter Teeth -- the Sane Way

Dentists have long given up the rap that you have hit the office to whiten your teeth. We all know you can do it at home. The best way?

The overwhelming consensus is Crest Whitestrips.

You have plenty of choices -- peroxide-based gels and trays you fit to your teeth at home are easy to come by. But they're uncomfortable, not very strong, and they make you drool. Crest Whitestrips have none of these drawbacks, and many people find they work better anyway.

Want to get them cheap? Buy them on eBay. Buy them even cheaper by choosing a slightly older product, like plain old Whitestrips instead of Whitestrips Premium or Premium Plus. They go for a song. What a deal. Forget the whitening toothpastes; they don't work.

One more note on teeth -- sometimes it does make sense to get a little work done. To wit:

-- A Sad, Sad Tooth Story

When I was a child, I had a diastema -- a gap between my front teeth, like Madonna. It was kind of cute. But my parents took me to an orthodontist for surgery. He fixed the gap, but didn't use braces. So my formerly straight-as-an-arrow teeth lost the gap, but grew in crooked. My sadistic parents stopped there, leaving me with awful, inward-pointing front teeth until I left home.

In college, I found I could finally fix the problem with a few inexpensive veneers. Veneers look terrific, and if you only need a few, the costs can be reasonable. If you had sadistic parents or a few problem teeth, this stretch before your wedding might be a good time to look at veneers.

-- Forehead Wrinkles -- the Reality TV Approach

Botox, duh. Costs: $400 a session.

Forehead Wrinkles -- the Sane Way

You're young, right? You're not a chain smoker or former tanning booth marathon champion. You shouldn't have forehead wrinkles, yet you do. In fact, there's this big one right in the middle, one that seemed to pop up the very day he popped the question. Where did it come from, and how can you punish its sender?

It's likely it comes from your habit of indulging in pained expressions. Yes, pained expressions are appropriate when you're planning a wedding. But they lead to hyper-developed forehead muscles and that weird line right in the middle, and you really don't want to resort to bangs, right?

Train yourself to stop frowning. In the privacy of your own home, slap a big old piece of tape on your forehead. It will remind you. Don't forget to remove it when you head to the gym or that upscale whole foods store.

-- A Few More Champagne Tips for the Beer Budget Crowd

-- The Hair

If you have a thick, umber mane like Cindy Crawford's, just leave it alone. But if you're a dishwater blond like me -- and you know who you are -- look into some coloring or a few subtle highlights.

Another tip: don't try to look like someone else for your wedding day. If you wear your hair short and sporty, don't grow it long "just for your wedding." You'll look much more fabulous as yourself.

-- The Skin

Sometimes a glycolic peel is a great way to freshen up your skin and get an extra glow. You don't need to book the dermatologist; you can do this at home.

Actually, brave brides can buy extremely strong TCA peels from eBay (at their own risk). I wouldn't do this less than six months before your wedding, and I wouldn't do it if you have a risk-averse personality. Oh, and the top layer of your skin will peel off a few days after you apply the product. This can freak out your friends.

It's easy to find gentle glycolic peels on the shelves of any drugstore. I found L'oreal's ReNoviste on sale the other day, and I liked the results.

-- The Oddball Dietary Suggestion

Everyone knows you'll look better if you exercise during the wedding prep phase, and strive to avoid the "french fries and diet coke" diet. But another trick you might want to try is dumping dairy. Many people have a lactose intolerance without even knowing it, and that can lead to indigestion, black circles under the eyes, and other subtle beauty-busters.

No other animal drinks milk after its infancy ... much less milk designed for a totally different animal. Only we do that. Try life without milk for a few weeks, and see if you don't perk up.

Valentine jewelry

title:Valentine Jewelry

author:Rachana Agarwal

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_1518.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



Love is the most wonderful and beautiful emotion which is incomparable and endless. It needs no special day or moment of expression but people usually express their love on every 14 February that celebrates the true love of Saint Valentine. Keeping the preferences and tastes of their partners, people choose their kind of jewelry that says their heart clearly and perfectly.

Fulfilling this needs of all lover, several jewelry companies has come out with their special collection to cater the interest of all lovely ladies in love who wants to be exclusive and unique. You can find lots of jewelries designed keeping the occasion of Valentine’s Day in mind. Choose jewels that suit your beloved interest, personality and nature as women are really sensitive about their jewel. It makes them honorable and privileged.

A stunning crafted silver jewelry earrings and anklets are considered a hot favorite among women as it is stylist, easy going and quite trendy. These jewels can be worn at any point of time and with any kind of wardrobe; it matches with all.

Timeless and classic pearls pendants, earrings or a neck wear are also a well-thought valentine gifts for women. It shows their maturity and experience in life so, pearl is a must possession for all. Pearl is a true symbol of mutual trust and long lasting relationship thus highly favorable. If you pocket allows further, you can go for a wonderful platinum pendent with chain or a platinum ring which is also a true idiom of love. A simple and sleek chain with a pendent that may carries a single diamond and a cluster of diamonds set in a row to give an immense charm can be an ideal present too.

Still if you are not convinced then go for an ultimate diamond ring which says all. This unspeakable striking beauty and gorgeous glitter is always a most wanted possession a woman has. You can also add glamour by choosing a clear crystal that reflects its light on its wearer.

So, if you are in love and still have not confessed go tell her. Don’t forget to take something exclusive and unique to present her that will put her on seventh or may be on ninth heaven. From a beautiful pendant to a gracious or an ultimate ring everything that makes her happy and vivacious. Valentine jewelry is not limited to a single occasion but it is for treasuring forever and ever.

For more information on jewelry visit http://www. glimmerrocks. com.

Marking togetherness beyond the unity candle

title:Marking Togetherness: Beyond the Unity Candle

author:Blake Kritzberg

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_89.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



By now, surely everyone's familiar with the unity candle, but did you know there are other unification ceremonies to choose from when planning your wedding?

Although the unity candle seems to have been with us forever, in reality it's only about ten years old. During those years, more "two-become-one" motifs have arrived to round out the theme.

Unification ceremonies are not only a symbol of togetherness, they're also flexible elements of a wedding. These ceremonies can be "opened up" to include important family members, such as the bridal couple's parents. Children from previous marriages can play a part, as can the entire congregation in a smaller wedding. Candle and rose ceremonies are common choices for adapting in this way.

Unification ceremonies can also be "stacked." It's not unusual to find a wedding that includes a hand and water ceremony, for example, or a wine and rose ceremony. Some couples play music during these ceremonies and others don't.

The timing of unification ceremonies varies by wedding, but they most often take place directly before or after the exchange of vows. These ceremonies may be especially important in non-religious weddings, which may end too quickly otherwise!

Let's look at some alternatives to the Unity Candle ceremony:

* Rose Ceremony

The rose ceremony is a flexible, informal ceremony especially suited to an interfaith or non-religious wedding, not to mention a garden wedding! In the rose ceremony, bride and groom exchange a single rose as their first married gift to each other. They are asked to recall this symbol of their love during the more trying seasons of marriage.

* Hand Ceremony

In the hand ceremony, the bride takes the groom's hands in hers, palms up. The officiant invites her to view his hands as a gift, and says: "These are the hands that will work along side yours, as together you build your future, as together you laugh and cry, and together you share your innermost secrets and dreams."

The groom then takes the bride's hands, palm side up. The officiant says, "They are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, for a lifetime of happiness, as she promises her love and commitment to you all the days of her life."

* Knot Ceremony

In the knot ceremony, the mothers of the bridal couple are given a cord, which the officiant later asks them to give to the bridal couple. The couple ties a lover's knot, which they may save to look back on later.

* Sand, Water and Wine Ceremonies

These are all mixing ceremonies suited to a Unitarian or interfaith wedding. The sand ceremony is said to arise from Apache customs, and is popular in beach weddings. In each case, the bride and groom pour sand or liquid from two separate vials into one. In the wine ceremony, they drink the mixed wine.

A nice touch is to have the bride pour white wine while the groom pours red. You can then serve rosй at the reception to remind everyone of the ceremony.

* The Salt Covenant

The salt covenant is an ancient tradition, well-described in the Bible, and appearing regularly in Indian-national and Jewish weddings. Like the Jewish Huppah, the salt covenant (a mixing ceremony with ancient connotations of loyalty, protection and hospitality) is beginning to show up in non-Jewish weddings as well.

* The Foot-Washing Ceremony

The foot washing ceremony (not to be confused with the Scottish bridal foot-washing ceremony, a raucous pre-wedding event) is a fascinating, solemn custom emphasizing the role of dual servitude in a marriage.

This short article hasn't covered all the unification ceremonies: there are bread-sharing ceremonies, circling ceremonies, broom jumping ceremonies, and probably more ceremonies that are being invented right now.

However, if you feel a unification ceremony might make your wedding more meaningful and personal, consider these alternatives. Don't forget that you can use more than one!

Fashionable over 40

title:Fashionable Over 40

author:Sheila Dicks

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_1406.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



If we didn’t have enough to think about as we get older – aging parents, empty nests, new jobs, etc. we also have to deal with changing bodies and how to clothe them. Don’t despair all is not lost, you can look great after forty and not have to sneak into your daughter’s closet to do it. Many women who are not sure how to deal with thick waists and bulging tummies head straight for the baggy rack and try to conceal their bodies with shapeless clothing. And to make matters worse, they wear their makeup and hair the same way they always have. The key to looking great after forty is to make subtle changes in your clothing, hair and makeup that will equal a facelift and a trainer – well, maybe not that much difference. Here are some tips that you can put into practice right away.

1. Wear your skirts at the knee with a great pair of shoes to show off one of the most ageless and flattering parts of your body – your legs - they stay looking younger longer.

2. Wear tailored clothes, such as shaped jackets that glide over your tummy and waist. Stay away from boxy, baggy jackets and tops that hang from the bust and add five pounds.

3. The easiest way to put pizzazz into your outfit without looking overdone is to update your shoes and purses. If you carry a purse that looks like your grandmother’s – square and boring you’ll look outdated. Choose purses in different shapes and colors that will add interest. There are lots of styles and shapes available, the most flattering being a shoulder bag that fits nicely under your arm.

4. Stay away from clothing that has ‘old lady’ written all over it, such as huge shoulder pads, narrow pant legs, tiny prints, sweaters with embroidered flowers and big fancy buttons. If it’s something your mother would wear then it is not something for you.

5. To look fashionable you don’t have to wear the latest styles. Stick to classic lines that suit your body type and develop a look that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

©Copyright 2006 Sheila Dicks

What inspires you

title:What Inspires You?

author:Graham and Julie

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_421.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



Have you ever thought? What inspires YOU? What is it that drives you day in and day out? What is it that inspires you?

We think of creative people as being inspired and ask about their work. What inspired you to paint, draw, produce this piece of work? What inspired you to make this? Usually the answer is: a book, poem, film, experience, person, a place or in Cole Porter’s case the ‘phone call from the director’.

Something else or someone else inspired the artist, the songwriter. But what about the person in a regular job? What inspires you?

“Inspiration is a desire to live life without flinching. To take a risk and possibly fail.

To act on your emotions, creativity, ability and beliefs. To take criticism but have the faith in yourself to do it anyway. Bloody hard work, but then hard work never killed anyone (or so my Dad says). Oh, and I find foster parents inspiring.

They pick up the pieces when the fundamental teachings and rules of our society fail. If I were religious I'd ask God to bless em.”

Carolyn Tomley

(Sydney Morning Herald website).

What is it that inspires you?

You can begin to see that if nothing inspires you or excites you or lights up your life you are really missing something. You are just like a robot performing task after task. We believe that deep down you have a place where you can be touched. You have a place that is solely ours. Solely for you to show the world. Can you name it?

What inspires me, is the thought that I am more than my body. My limitations are only down to my thoughts. Thus I want to keep pushing the boundaries to find out what is there. Find out what I can communicate to the world. I am inspired by the fact that through what I do I may enable another person to open their mind. To remove the blinkers and reach their possibilities.

Julie is inspired by life. All that is around her. To Julie, inspiration is a rush of adrenalin, a rush of energy that creates a clearing in her thinking. It’s that time when you see something from a different perspective and say to yourself, Why didn’t see it like this before?

For Julie, inspiration is like the prisoner who says you can do whatever you like to my body but you can’t touch my soul, my reason for living.

But what inspires you? What makes you go to that space where you continue to do what you do for hour after hour, when you forget the need to eat and drink. What is it that inspires you?

Some artists suggest that it is their imagination that inspires them. The need to tell the world what is going on in their heads. The links that they make. The different ways of viewing the world. After all literature, music and visual arts are all about the originator communicating with the rest of us.

So inspiration appears to be linked with the need to communicate with others. It may not be in words. But we feel it is about communication. What about you? What are you inspired to communicate?

Inspiration is linked to innovation. To introduce new ways of seeing things. Inspiration is a way of understanding the essence of ourselves. Understanding who we are and what we dream about. Whatever it is that inspires you, it is the core of your very being. So what is it?

Perhaps the role of inspiration is to wake us up from a big sleep. A sleep where everyday is the same. Where we contribute to the world but at the same time we don’t contribute because there is nothing of us in there. Perhaps the role of inspiration is to get us to become involved with the world rather than be a bystander, an observer.

This was definitely the situation for Alice Foote MacDougall, an American Business woman before the second world war. Like many of her era she was driven by her husband’s financial failure and the necessity of supporting her three young children.

.. the opportunity offered by life to women is far in excess of any offered to men.

To be the inspiration is more than to be the tool. To create the world, a greater thing than to reform it.

When we tap into whatever it is that inspires us we become a full member of society. We are able to share our ideas, thoughts and emotions. As we share and show our dreams, emotions and ideas and thoughts then we gradually become to understand the person we truly are.

So, the role of inspiration is more than we first thought. More that just a drive to action. It actually enables you to understand the very essence of yourself and what you have to offer the world.

Inspiration gives you understanding.

Inspiration gives you an identity.

Inspiration gives you a way of being.

Can you really live without knowing what inspires you?

Good luck

Graham and Julie.

www. desktop-meditation. com

Taking control of your cellulite

title:Taking Control of Your Cellulite

author:Burke Jones

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_849.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



Cellulite happens to us for many reasons. Some reasons-- like genetics or hormones -- you can do very little about. But cellulite is also related to a number of other factors that you CAN work with and improve.

Cellulite affects 90% of women and a much smaller percentage of men. The condition is such a complex one that no real cure is considered to be available. Some products, therapies and procedures do claim to be cures but the jury is still very much out on the subject of getting rid of cellulite.

The unsightly symptoms are found on the soft, fleshy parts of women's thighs, buttocks, stomachs and upper arms. Though it is often associated with sedentary people, who are also overweight, the condition can make itself at home on the fit thighs and buttocks of marathon runners.

Opinions vary as to the exact causes of cellulite but most agree that something happens in the tissues to slow down and handicap the ordinary processes of lymph and blood circulation in the capillaries of the subcutaneous tissue. Some experts believe that excess fat will make the fat cells in the mesoderm swell, placing a strain on the surrounding connective tissue and resulting in a compromised microcirculation. Others believe that the situation is created by a genetic disposition coupled with hormonal imbalances.

The tissue responds to its embattled circumstances by forming extended tissue strands called septae that restrict the fat cells and cause the rippled, lumpy skin surface indicative of cellulite. The resulting sluggish and damaged microcirculation allows lymph fluid to leak into the surrounding tissue while hampering the transport of nutrients.

With this deeper understanding of exactly what is happening beneath the skin of the affected areas we can make informed decisions on what to do to alleviate the symptoms and revive the skin.

Here are some important aspects of a comprehensive cellulite reduction program:

Losing the Excess

Any plan to alleviate the symptoms of cellulite must include a healthy weight loss program for those carrying more than their healthy body weight. Excess weight causes fat cells to swell contributing to the tissue strain that results in the orange peel effect.

A diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a good eight glasses of water a day to flush toxins, will begin the restorative process of proper nutrition at the point of origin. Making sure that your diet includes plenty of all the necessary vitamins especially B for stress, as well as C, bioflavonoids and minerals is a good way to begin the recovery process.

Eating Right

Vigorous exercise is an absolute necessity. It will help to stimulate sluggish circulation throughout the body as well as targeting the troubled areas. Regular exercise, at least three times a week for 40 minutes or more, will have far reaching effects on many of the body's systems, firing up metabolism and getting the lymph and blood flowing.

Laying on Hands and Lotion

Milder cases of cellulite can be ministered to by means of a good massage regime using one or other of the reputable creams and lotions on the market. Many creams contain natural botanical ingredients that are tissue decongestants as well as stimulants for the microcirculation.

Consider having a few deep tissue massages from experts and learn some tips. Go home and practice on yourself. The more attention the problem areas receive the more dynamic and alive the tissues will become. Circulation will improve and toxins can be convinced to evacuate.

Consulting the Real Experts

Serious cases of cellulite may benefit from the advice of real experts. You will have to employ serious discernment when figuring out whom to turn to. The Internet offers you unprecedented opportunities to check and recheck claims. Procedures can be thoroughly researched before deciding which program to go for. Be skeptical. In this day and age it is the reasonable response to the plethora of false promises that threaten to take advantage of the vulnerable.

Will i lose sensation in my nipples after breast surgery

title:Will I Lose Sensation in my Nipples After Breast Surgery?

author:Karen Beaumont

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_1446.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



I don't know a thing about you, but if you are anything like me, if you are either considering having Breast Surgery, or have taken the huge step (Congratulations!) and have your operation booked, one of the biggest fears you may well be having is whether or not you will lose sensation in your breasts or nipples.

This is a big, and extremely natural and reasonable fear. It's one thing to look like a sex bomb with your new breasts (and you will!), but what if they are no longer able to give YOU pleasure sexually (and therefore subsequentially your partner too)?

There's no getting away from it, breasts are a big sexual attraction for most males, and have been since Man has walked the Earth! Therefore, they are also central to how we feel about ourselves as a Woman, both to attract the opposite sex, but also how good we look and feel.

However, there is an awful lot of good news for you, which I can personally verify. Since I had my breast augmentation 4 months ago, I have lost no sensation in either my breasts or nipples, and would even go so far as to say that the sensation has increased - for the better!

Any surgery on the breast can result in the breast and/or nipple being over or under sensitive on one or both sides. This change can vary in degree and may be temporary or permanent.

Thankfully, nipple sensation can take up to one year to return to normal, but it usually does, in most cases. During the healing procress, you may feel numb, or overly sensitive, or both. This usually resolves with time, and is not a problem. It's just more aggravating than anything else.

It is very important to remember that it can take up to 1 year, possibly 2, for full sensation to return after breast augmentation surgery. Most women, however, seem to get most of their feeling back sooner than that.

Personally, I can vouch for it being much sooner, around 2 months before sexual pleasure returned, and at 4 months it has returned more than fully - with a bonus! Not only is sensation more enhanced, but I have always suffered from inverted nipples - not any more!!

However, there is one important consideration before going ahead with breast surgery regarding the location of the incision. There are various incision sites, the breast crease underneath the breast being the most popular. Second in popularity is the periareolar incision (made in the areola). The incision is usually a small semi-circle. The scar is camouflaged by the nipple. However, if there are any imperfections in the scar, it will be highly visible. This type of incision has an increased risk for diminished nipple sensation.

So although loss of sensation is a risk, it is only a very small risk, for which the benefits may well be worth the risk as far as you are concerned.

So now you know this, and your mind is put at ease, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits - you will!!

A female soldier s last battle

title:A Female Soldier's Last Battle

author:Donald Schnell

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_39.shtml

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I arrived at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in 1974, in my 19th year, into the heart of the 82nd Airborne Division at the John F. Kennedy Center. The old timers called Fort Bragg “Little Hell.” The 82nd Airborne was the first to engage the enemy on land to protect America’s freedom. Even in peacetime, there was always a natural tension of readiness and alertness among the troops and around the base itself.

Every other day or so a C-40 transport plane would arrive with a load of America’s kids, gaunt, aged, gray-haired beyond their years. Some shielded themselves with a barrier of hostility. They wouldn’t let you get close, didn’t want to know anyone, didn’t want anyone else to die in their arms. Some were hostile, some clearly mentally destroyed, forlorn and withdrawn, being led around like zombies. The first ones off the plane were in wheel chairs or on crutches, missing limbs, faced burned beyond recognition. All would be greeted by mobs of defiant protestors.

“Baby killers!” the mobs would chant, taunting and spitting at the returning soldiers. The protestors wore flags sewn to the seats of their jeans to demonstrate their disrespect for the American government and our country’s policies. The irony was their freedom to protest against the very kids who were risking their lives to defend democracy and the right to protest.

In the midst of the mob were grieving parents, claiming their sons in body bags. Many of the young returning survivors were hooked on heroin or cocaine, not at all coping with the devastating Vietnam experience they had endured. The rejection of their sacrifice by the American people only compounded the residual trauma of the killing fields. I saw the irony. Most of the returning vets were from lower and middle-class backgrounds. Most of the protestors were the privileged and the educated who didn’t have to go to war.

The talk on the base was all about John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever. Another John by the name of Elton was making a splash with Kiki Dee in the duet Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Sadly, for me, this was clearly be a place of broken hearts and broken dreams. From my point of view, the returning vets were damaged for life. I didn’t see how they would ever get on their feet. More than the loss of a leg, an arm or a fellow soldier, how would they ever heal their broken spirits?

In “Little Hell,” I was the first white soldier to be phased into an all-black unit. This phasing-in process was part of the military’s on-going plan to fully integrate the army. Official desegregation was passed into law in 1948, but that was the end of it. The reality was the races had difficulty working together, so ethnic groups congregated. All white and all black units still existed, and desegregation was still only on paper. When I was in basic training in Missouri, three white soldiers viciously assaulted a black soldier who they refused to allow in their unit. The drill sergeant supported it, and looked the other way. At this point in time, everybody looked the other way. But at the moment of my enlistment, through the encouragement of President Jimmy Carter, the Army official policy intended to make desegregation a reality. I was one of the first soldiers to be involved in the process.

Understandably, many among the African-American troops did not welcome my arrival. In particular, one of my roommates, Marty, had the habit of making “whitey” his punching bag. He continuously incited others to vent their racial anger as “black power” and do the same. I remember that into this tense situation, my other roommate, a good friend and fair-minded individual by the name of James Bailey, spoke words of wisdom.

“This is the army, and everyone has only one color…green. Give him a chance, Marty.” James was wiry and tough, with a don’t-mess-with-me quality honed in the streets. Marty was a good fighter, but he was softer from privilege in his life, a little more GQ, and he listened to James.

The music that defined my life at this moment came from Pvt. Billingsley, a heroin addict, who always seemed to be playing the Average White Band album, and particularly the single, Play that Funky Music, White Boy. It was either this or Herman Melville and the Bluenotes singing, “Oh, mercy, mercy me, things ain’t what they used to be.”

Billingsley used a three-word response in every situation to sum up the negativity of the environment. “This is bullll-shit, man, this is bullll-shit!” If I entered the barracks, if it was raining, if it was time for dinner, it was always the same response. Soon everyone would be repeating this mantra, and most would nod their heads and agree, “Uh-huh,” with vacant, drugged eyes. This was one of the more obvious signs of the depressed and oppressive atmosphere in “Little Hell.” The sergeants in my unit had just come from long tours of duty in Vietnam. They knew the military from experience. Shortly after my arrival, Second Lieutenant Mayer was put in charge of our unit. He was a thin, white Mormon from Brigham Young University who had only book experience from the ROTC, and had never tasted combat. Since he had to prove his authority over the combat soldiers, he made certain we took orders from him, by making our lives miserable. Tensions were high between the white lieutenant!

and the black sergeants. I was caught in the middle.

Fortunately, this was a time in my life when I was gathering much personal strength through the spiritual path of Zen Buddhism, a path of meditation that awakens the seeker to the timeless present moment. Zen Buddhism teaches the practitioner to value life, because it is transitory; we never know when death may come to call us. So we work diligently in the here and now, where we are, to achieve the enlightened state. The enlightened state is experienced when the practitioner brings all of his or her aliveness and concentration fully to the present moment. This is a way of finding the strength of God within right here, right now.

The requirements of sitting zen, known as zazen, are rather demanding. Zazen is the practice that Buddha used to attain spiritual enlightenment. In zazen, the meditator sits Japanese-style on the heels. However, in this rather difficult practice, the weight of the body is held approximately one-half inch off the heels by the strength of the legs. The chin is perfectly parallel to the floor, and every effort is made to hold a perfectly erect position. You sit absolutely still and keep the attention focused on the present moment, the breath, and nothing else. It is a powerful technique used by many martial artists, as it sharpens the mind and body very quickly. Our days were rather full so I would have to be up by four AM in order to get an hour of zazen under my belt. I wore a T-shirt and combat fatigue pants. It was quite cold, but in zazen you learn to ignore the needs of the body. What is a little cold compared to the goal of liberation and spiritual enlightenment?

Buddha was only a man, and he told himself after he sat under the Bodhi tree that he would not leave that spot for any reason until he achieved enlightenment. If Buddha could do it, there is hope for the rest of us. Buddha said, “I am a human being who is evolving spiritually. What I can accomplish, you can accomplish.”

One morning, Marty got up to use the restroom. Imagine his surprise to see me sitting so erect and motionless! He freaked out, and kept staring at me. And staring, And staring. I didn’t move a muscle. Marty was petrified. He was spooked, as if he was witnessing something demonic. He awakened Bailey to have a look. Bailey explained, “He’s meditating, man. It’s cool, it’s what you do in karate.”

Thank you, James Bailey. From that moment on, I was known as the meditating martial artist. I was continually giving classes to my fellow soldiers, showing them how to punch, block, and kick. It is amazing that in the West you can get away with being into God and spiritual subjects if you are a good fighter. The contortions one goes through for the Lord!

Bailey started to meditate with me every morning. Then another soldier from Hawaii, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do named Rick, joined us as well. Soon we had five meditating military monks in our zendo. (A zendo is the hall where the group practice of Zen takes place.) Before long, there were too many of us to use the barracks room. We relocated to a recreation hall and practiced around the pool tables. We needed a roshi, a Zen priest, and I was elected to serve in that capacity. I used the pool stick for the kyo-kyaku stick to keep the fires of meditation burning. The kyo-kyaku stick is also known as the stick of compassion. The monk uses it if your posture weakens or you start to fall asleep. He strikes you on either the right or left shoulder. After you are struck, you bow to the roshi in gratitude for keeping you on the path to enlightenment. The loud “crack” of the kyo-kyaku stick has been known to bring many a monk into spiritual enlightenment. Because the crack happens in!

the moment, it forces you to awaken into the moment. Buddha means “the awakened one.” To remind others of the transitory moment of life is an act of great compassion. It encourages the experience of the preciousness of life. Further, Zen teaches that we all have the power to turn hell into heaven. “Little Hell” needed a dose of Zen Buddhism.

Bailey invited our first female practitioner to join the group. This was Margaret, a single African-American mother of two young children. In attitude and physical shape, she reminded me of Whoopee Goldberg, except for her short military haircut. Nobody messed with Margaret. Her will power was too strong. Since the military was strict about weight, she had remarkably trimmed her body for 90 days on nothing but tuna and water. Margaret was a loner, who had clearly had a hard life. She’d known plenty of alcoholism and abuse from family members and her ex-husband, and although she was only twenty-four, she looked about fifty. In addition to her substantial military duties, she had the full responsibility of raising her two kids, four year-old Joe and five year-old Little Maggie. Yet she also was taking college classes. I first met her at night school, in Black History class. She needed the credit for the Nursing Degree she was working toward. I admired Margaret. “Little Hell” wa!

s hard enough for a man. Women weren’t respected. They could technically join the military, but they weren’t welcome.

All who attended the morning sesshins, as they were called, were dedicated and disciplined individuals without exception. I was a committed roshi, very serious about meditation and very strict about latecomers. I wanted everyone to achieve enlightenment so that we could live in a happier, and more peaceful world. No one wanted to be the recipient of Sergeant Schnell’s displeasure. That was the effect of the military, karate and Zen on me!

One day we knew something was wrong when Margaret didn’t show up. I discovered later that afternoon that she’d been diagnosed with leukemia. Her case was advanced, and she was in great pain and suffering. The doctors gave here only a short time to live. Margaret continued to attend sesshin for as long as she could. She said that the meditation helped her manage the pain and get through her day. Every morning she’d show up. She didn’t care about the diagnosis or what the doctors said. Her indomitable will kept her focused on her Zen meditation discipline. For all of us in sesshin, Margaret became the Buddha. Her strength during this crisis made our practices and difficulties seem lightweight by comparison. Margaret always asked for an extra dose of the compassion stick from me.

Her disease progressed until one morning Margaret didn’t appear. The temperature in the zendo that morning was particularly cold. Later that day, I learned from James Bailey that Margaret was in the hospital. I found her there, practicing her zazen in spite of heavy pain medication. She asked me if there was a way I could bring the sesshin to her hospital room. With her encouragement, nine of us gathered at the hospital early every morning to keep the sesshin going. The rest of the group continued without us at the recreation hall. Everyone wanted to participate with Margaret, but we couldn’t bring that many people into her room.

Our first obstacle was Nurse Leona, a Christian Fundamentalist. With a temper that matched the color of her red hair, Leona let us know that she didn’t want any disturbance on her floor. We explained that what we were doing was spiritual, that it was Margaret’s religion, and that we would be extremely quiet. She wanted no part of what she perceived to be Satan’s work and went to great lengths to have us expelled.

Leona complained to the hospital chaplain that a non-Christian element was invading the peace of the hospital. She called Second Lieutenant Mayer, and enrolled him to keep us distracted from our practice. He put me on all night guard duty with no relief, and he sent Bailey and I into the field for a week of survival training with no food. Margaret persevered while awaiting our return, and as a group we held our ground with clear, quiet, Zen authority. It was the first time I realized how few rights a hospital patient has. You can be dying and a fundamentalist nurse can deny you’re your religious preference and freedom. In order to see Margaret and help her with her Zen practice, I was required to fill out several forms declaring my religion to be Zen Buddhism, although I was, in truth, a Christian practicing Zen Buddhism. I had to do the same for Margaret and the rest of the group. I was also told that this admission would affect my ability to keep my Top Secret clearance. It!

was clearly a threat, designed to discourage me, but Margaret’s one-pointed determination that the group must continue as a whole was my inspiration. She was a clear model that especially in sickness that you need to keep your spiritual discipline.

An old, black Master Sergeant, a Green Beret, who joined our group every day went straight to the Head Chaplain of Fort Bragg. This Master Sergeant was one of the first people in my life who completely impressed me. He was all soldier, tall, erect, muscular, all spit and polish, an African-American king. No one crossed him, but not because he was mean. On the contrary, he was kind and fair, and he was known to be colorblind. He treated everyone equally. He was so decorated for heroism and carried himself with such regal dignity, his word on the base was essentially law. He worked around the clock to get the returning soldiers from Vietnam off drugs. The Master Sergeant had seen action in the Korean War and served multiple tours in Vietnam, where he saved countless lives and seen numerous buddies killed in action. Yet he maintained a powerful, positive spirit and strength I only wanted to emulate. In fact, he had been first exposed to Zen while touring in Vietnam. One of is ob!

vious big frustrations was dealing with the “textbook” officers like Second Lieutenant Mayer, who had no experience in combat but ranked over him because of a college degree.

The Chaplain was a textbook soldier like Lieutenant Mayer with a higher rank than the Master Sergeant, but I suppose the Master Sergeant made it clear that if Mr. Chaplain wanted to continue to receive the cleanest and finest transportation everyday he would have to play ball. I suspect he also made it clear that he was aware of some of the married Mr. Chaplain’s shenanigans with one of the young female soldiers. Apparently, he’d transferred her from his motor pool to be his personal secretary, and things were going on in his office behind closed doors. At that time, sexual harassment had not yet become an open issue in the military, but the Master Sergeant had a case to make, and the Chaplain knew it. No one messed with this Master Sergeant, not even the generals!

Much to Margaret’s relief, and the chagrin of Nurse Leona, we were granted clearance to report to the hospital at 8 AM to honor our spiritual practice of zazen. We were excused from all other duties from 8:00 to 10:00 AM.

Still there was quite a scene. Imagine a typical military doctor striding into the room with, “Hello, and how we doing today,” only to find nine soldiers sitting on the floor in perfect, silent zazen around the bed, in which sat his patient, totally still and erect. When doing a sesshin, we would not even veer from our practice to acknowledge the doctor or anyone who entered the space. The sesshin was our time to focus on our inner divinity. Often Margaret’s two young children, Joe and Little Maggie, would participate by sitting on the Master Sergeant’s lap. The kids behaved, because their mother had taught them the rules. After a few days, the doctor got into the spirit of it. He realized he was walking into a zendo temple. He came in quietly and performed his examination serenely. It was a total shift in the typical hospital protocol.

As Margaret grew weaker, she took advantage of the tilting mattress to keep her upright. Then she would just lie back with the bed tilted at the proper angle. In Japan when a person is dying, a screen is put in front of them that shows the Buddha traveling to heaven. The screen is used as a reminder about where we are to focus during this journey of life. Every minute of every day I wished for that screen for Margaret. I told her about the screen and its symbolism, but we both knew that it wasn’t likely we’d find a Buddha screen in the Bible Belt of North Carolina. She remarked that for her I was her screen, her reminder to look to heaven and follow the Buddha. For me, Margaret’s poise and her grace as she faced her death certainly made her the Buddha.

The doctors were amazed at how calm and accepting Margaret was about everything. They said she was taking about one-third the pain medication that similar patients would take. On some days, she took no pain medication at all. They didn’t understand how it was possible. Since Margaret had no family, the Master Sergeant was busy making arrangements with the social organizations to take care of Joe and Little Maggie.

We arrived on time one spring morning to find Margaret’s bed empty. Nurse Leona told us somewhat cruelly that we were no longer allowed in the hospital. We learned from the doctor that Margaret had died peacefully around 4:00 AM. He said she rang the bell for assistance and when they got there she had already died. Her bed was tilted up and she was sitting comfortably with a peaceful look on her face – a Zen Buddhist all the way! More than likely she made a conscious transition to the heavenly realms while sitting and doing her habitual practice.

Margaret had a military funeral, disguised as a weapons training procedure. Military funerals for ordinary soldiers are not customary, but all the arrangements had been quietly made by the Master Sergeant. The Chaplain was absent, so the Master Sergeant read from the Old Testament, the 23rd Psalm. I was given the privilege of folding the American flag that adorned Margaret’s simple casket and presenting it to her children. I walked toward them in the slow, dignified, carefully measured steps of the walking form of Zen meditation known as kinhin. A lump formed in my throat that I couldn’t control.

“Your mother was so strong, Joey,” I whispered as I knelt close to him. His big sad eyes looked directly into mine. “Keep this flag to always remind you of how strong you are and how strong your mother was.”

He asked, “Is my Mommy coming back?”

With tears streaming down my face, I said, “She’s with God now.”

As Joe took the flag in his little hands, he stood straighter and tears rolled down his young face as well. I rested my palm upon Little Maggie’s head. She reached up for me to hold her, which I did. Her little arms squeezed around me in the tightest grip I’d ever known. She buried her head in my shoulder and sobbed.

The shots from the rifles rang out in the clarity of that brisk spring morning, unexpectedly, like the crack of the kyo-kyaku stick. For me, and I’m sure for most of the zendo group, they symbolized Buddha’s teaching to awaken in this very moment to the preciousness of life.


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Holiday planning tips for busy moms

title:Holiday Planning Tips For Busy Moms

author:Aurelia M. Williams

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_1218.shtml

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Ahhh, the Holidays…… The Thanksgiving turkey comes out of the oven golden brown, with an enticing aroma that fills the entire house. All the china is in pristine condition and not a single piece in the set is missing. The family is gathered for holiday pictures, the children are poised perfectly; hands to themselves, not a hair out of place and their smiles are shining brightly for the camera. Then just as the photographer is about to capture the shot… you wake up!

Let's be realistic ladies. Without proper planning, the holidays are anything but a holiday. Just look at the list of things that need to be done: Shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating, sending holiday mail, the list goes on and on.

Let me clue you all in on a few key questions that you should ask yourself in order to have a holiday season free of stress and worry, and instead filled with fun and laughter:

What types of holiday celebrations do you want? For example: Do you want to have an immediate family only holiday affair or an extravaganza including immediate and extended family plus a few friends? Once you've thought everything through and decided on the type of holiday gathering you would like, you can then start making your plans.

If you are ready to get a head start on organizing yourself, your family and your holiday check lists, then keep reading:

Holiday Cards: Start early! I use a holiday card list that I derive from saving names and addresses from holiday cards my family has received in past years. I created a simple, computerized list that is easy to edit and print onto address labels. Be sure to stock up on stamps so that when you have your cards signed, stuffed and addressed you can affix a stamp to them and make one, simple trip to the Post Office.

Holiday Gifts: There's nothing like getting a HUGE credit card bill in the mail at the start of the New Year. Many of us tend to want to be generous when shopping for holiday gifts. While your generosity will be appreciated at gift giving time, keep in mind that it is very easy to succumb to "impulse buying" and go all out on your holiday shopping. While your intentions may be good, your pocketbook may be singing a different song. Set a budget and stick to it – your bank account will thank you for it after the start of the New Year.

Wrap it up: Wrap your gifts and place nametags on them immediately after you bring them home, then store the gifts in a secure spot. This will cut down on those late night wrapping sessions that I am sure we ALL have experienced a few times, if not every year.

Baking & cooking: If you will be cooking during the holidays, it is important to plan your meals ahead of time. Be sure to stock up ahead of time on all the necessary non-perishable baking ingredients such as flour, sugar and spices. Create a list of your holiday menus and a list of the ingredients you will need to prepare each of those meals. Also, try to think of a few dishes that can be prepared ahead of time and then frozen as an extra timesaving measure

Delegate: This is one of my favorite tips. Be sure to enlist the help of your family or friends. Sit down and discuss what needs to be done then ask for volunteers. If no hands are raised, simply assign small tasks to each of them. Whether it is arranging for a babysitter so that you can escape for a child free day of shopping, passing the shopping list onto another family member or friend so that they can pick up the items for you, or letting the children decorate your home. Be sure to get the whole family involved in the holiday preparations so that you will not be overwhelmed.

Enjoy: Whatever you decide to do, remember to relax and enjoy yourself. You and your family will have much fonder memories of this holiday season if you are not spending it pulling your hair out.

Ankle bracelets accessories to pamper and adorn your feet

title:Ankle Bracelets: Accessories to Pamper and Adorn Your Feet

author:Sam Serio

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_712.shtml

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Feet are among the most the most beautiful parts of a woman's body. This fact is often overshadowed by modern media, which highlights women's faces and torsos, and little else. Yet throughout history, the delicate shape of women's feet have been paid great respect and attention, as proven by classical literary works by D. H. Lawrence and Lord Byron, to name only a few. In "Double Indemnity," the hero Walter is so entranced by the ankle bracelet worn by a woman named Phyllis, that he mentions it several times in the course of the movie.

In ancient China, it was such a big deal that women had small, delicate "moon-shaped" feet (that is, with deep insteps) that an entire custom dedicated to foot-binding was developed. This was extremely painful for the women, but the standards for lovely feet back then helped greatly in setting standards of overall attractiveness; women with small feet were considered noble and aristocratic.

Nowadays we have done away with painful practices, knowing that women's feet are beautiful naturally. The sensuous instep and curve of the ankles call for accentuating jewelry. This is part of why ankle bracelets are increasingly in demand.

Ankle bracelets -- "anklets," for short -- are lightweight and fancy decorations for the feet. Many come with tiny charms, which usually include variants of a favorite symbol, like cats, hearts, stars, and bells -- the variety is endless. Bracelets worn on the feet are in fact very similar in make to bracelets worn on the wrists, which is why for many, bracelets and anklets are interchangeable.

For the most part, ankle bracelets are casual accessories: they are best worn on an ordinary day out having fun. Multicolored anklets woven from fibers or threads look great with casual sandals or flip-flops. However, ankle bracelets made of fine-spun gold and silver make a beautiful tandem with fashion shoes, and look great for formal events.

The evolution of jeans

title:The Evolution Of Jeans

author:Davina deWitts

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_1651.shtml

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Thought of the day: Why is it acceptable to wear the same pair of jeans for days, even weeks, without being questioned by friends? Yet wearing the same pair of cargos three days in a row would be scowled upon and considered un-hygienic. Do we actually believe jeans are immune to dirt?

Still on the topic of jeans… remember when all we had to choose from was either a pair of Levis, Lee or Wrangler’s? And all you had in your wardrobe was a choice of black stone wash and blue stone wash?

I remember this quite vividly. There was no such thing as ‘engineered denim’ in the early 90’s when I was a teenager. Yet in the pursuit of being cool, I had to conjure up my own version of ‘engineering’. I got my worn in look by way of scraping my ass up and down the cement footpath out the front of my house (I lived on a main road by the way). Later my mother told me that it would have been a hell of a lot easier to take off the said pair of jeans and rub them against a rough stone. Thanks for the advice mum, but too late. If only my nickname ‘ass scraper’ wore out as fast as my jeans did…

Then something revolutionary happened in the mid nineties (that saved my ass, so to speak). Levis decided that we didn’t have to wait years and years to wear in our favourite pair of jeans, ‘cause America’s convicted criminals could do all the hard work for us! Yep, all those second hand Levis being sold in boutiques actually came from America’s prisons. Imagine the satisfaction for the prisoner, knowing that some good came out of their existence? As long as they served their full sentence, of course (jeans just didn’t achieve an optimum level of worn in-ness if prisoners got out early on parole). So my pre-worn Levis alla ‘break and enterer’ became the ‘hottest’ thing in my wardrobe (just kidding, I paid for them). Really, how could I have been so narrow minded as to think crime didn’t pay?

Moving into the new millennium, jean manufactures suddenly realised that it was wrong to allow such an obvious exploitation of America’s prisoners. Especially when the Chinese could do it for a whole lot less, and quicker too! Engineered denim was born. All of sudden, we didn’t have to wait years for our jeans to hit the perfect level of worn in-ness, because we could buy a brand new pair of ‘pseudo old’ that looked like, well, a bad pair of new jeans. Like anything in its infancy, there is always something NQR (Not Quite Right) about it. Kinda like when CGI special effects first started to appear in film. Much to the rile of everyone around me, I just couldn’t help the comment “Aw that looks so fake!” every time a dinosaur ripped apart a person, or when a ship collided with an iceberg in the middle of the Antarctic. It was just a natural reaction to something that looked completely unnatural when trying to appear natural (also my natural reaction when I see a man with hair plugs, or a woman with a bad boob job. But that’s another blog entry all together). And while I didn’t go around pointing at people wearing badly engineered jeans on the street (only because I too was a serious offender), I did wonder when the edges of pockets were going to be grinded evenly, rather then looking like they had been attacked by cat claws.

Today however, while we are finally perfecting pocket grinding, crotch whisker marks, and thigh and ass sand blasting, isn’t this all merely an improvement on the fake worn-in look? I mean, I have a pair of jeans that I bought almost four years ago in dark indigo denim with only a basic enzyme wash. Over the years of wearing, there has not been even the slightest beginnings of fraying along any pocket; the whisker mark around the crotch goes straight across the thigh, (not splayed out in all kinds of unsightly directions drawing attention to my bathing suit area); and my ass does not look likes it’s been dragged over coloured sand! Perhaps we have forgotten what a real pair of worn in jeans looks like?

In saying this, I’m certainly not against engineered denim. It’s interesting and it’s getting better. And while the ‘new pseudo old’ look has now become my daily bread, the ‘engineered’ price tag that comes with the jeans is nauseating. ‘Authentic’ looking old jeans will set you back around $350 (AUD) these days. Common! For me to even want to pay that kind of money, I’m hoping some Chinese worker is scraping their ass up and down the factory room floor for me.

Women s wages is it justified

title:Women's Wages - Is It Justified?

author:Julie Sarup

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_250.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



The beginning

God made man and woman, and handed over the reins of this world in their hands. The passing time through centuries, have witnessed the God’s ordinance being twisted by man, to suit his own ends. The inception observed the man and woman treading down the lanes of troubles, hand in hand.


The year 2004 is witnessing all the hustle and bustle of new technologies, economy rising, fast life, and so on. Despite all this, what startles me is the ever-increasing oppression on women, around the globe – be it sexual harassment, cultural oppression, religious impositions, etc. Being a working woman myself, the most attention-grabbing anomaly I come across is the difference in the wages of men and women.

Excerpts of evidence

March 08, 2004 - 20:14, Gulf Daily News by TARIQ KHONJI

"There are many issues that need to be addressed including laws regarding women's rights and the elimination of discrimination in both the public and private sector," explained Ms Al Rowaie.

"For example, we hardly ever find women in very high positions. They are usually concentrated in middle-level management, even though their abilities are equal and often exceed those of men.

"We don't have a woman minister yet, with the exception of Supreme Council for Women secretary-general Lulwa Al Awadhi, who has the rank of minister but not a minister's portfolio."

Anne Summers' book, The End of Equality, paints a stark picture of women's status in Australia in the 21st century.

Despite winning equal pay for equal work more than 30 years ago, the gap between men’s and women's wages is larger now than a decade ago. In May 2002, men averaged $839 per week while women were paid just $555 (66% of men's wages). Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate this gap is still growing: between May 2000 and May 2002, men's wages increased by $58 while women's rose by only $33.

Holding reins of livelihood!

In practice, employers favor men-workers owing to their belief that men are more devoted to work than women. Women are contemplated to be less reliable because they sometimes take leave to marry, or to have children. Conventionally, men were thought of as the breadwinner, and therefore worthy of a superior wage. In accordance to this, a woman's salary was supplementary income only.

Today’s scenario contradicts the myth of “supplementary income” earned by women. The awareness and adoption of education for girls have armed them adequately, in order to ease their stand on “equal wages” demand. Despite the sincere efforts of unsung heroes (and heroines), the old practice of discrimination still dominate the employer’s decisions.

What can be done about it?

A quote by Voltaire, “No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.” The foundation stone is not laid through a union’s establishment, or passing of a bill in the constitution. The flame of revolution has to kindle up in each person’s heart; that would mark the real change! The idea is not to profess feminist slogans here, rather for justification. When a woman is passing the entire criterion successfully, do not deny her the wages she deserves!

Guess who else has a problem with confidence

title:Guess Who Else Has a Problem With Confidence?

author:Jo Ball

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_562.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



When I tell you what I heard you’ll be able to laugh at what you believe is your own lack of confidence.

I couldn’t believe it. Sunday, in a queue, in my local food-store an Olympic athlete stood behind me, chatting to another Olympic athlete. I looked at the contents of my shopping cart and wondered, which item I could get them to autograph! That is until I overheard them talking…

You see, I thought only you and me suffered from confidence problems. I thought we were the only ones who’d looked at a guy and thought he’d never feel attracted to a women like us. I thought we were the only ones who felt unworthy of going for the better job. I thought we were the only ones who over ate. I thought we were the only ones who talked ourselves down and felt like we don’t deserve anything nice. But what I discovered is that we’re not.

Standing in that queue on Sunday taught me that an Olympic athlete has the gold medal of lowest confidence, and, to be honest she can have it!

And then on Monday I get an email from a friend who has moved into the boardroom – a top level job, for which she’s been given all the perks. When I asked her how it was going she said, “I feel like a fifteen year-old in an adult’s playground. They’ll find me out any minute. They’ll see I’m no good.” Then I heard this…

An Oscar-winning felt ‘Not good enough,’ when she won her awards!

When I stopped to think about it, I had to laugh. If an Olympic athlete, a executive one step away from a CEO and a top actress can all lack in confidence then why not me and you?

Using those three women as the yardstick I have no reason to lack confidence. When I look at my life I really do have a successful business, great friends and wonderful family etc. I didn’t need to be brimming with confidence to gain any of that. What I needed was something else…

I have inspired moments where everything I know comes together. I act in those moments – sometimes in good humour and in disbelief – and what comes to me is a new client, a new friendship and a great relationship. But how is this achieved.

Forget the big picture. Forget the Olympic team, the top job and the Oscar winning actress. Don’t aim too high. Going places is about taking small steps, take those tiny steps and like a baby leaning to walk before it runs you’ll gain enough confidence to change your life. One more thing…

Know you are not alone. The people I mentioned above are just a sample. Recently I emailed my database to see how many people I could help grow in confidence. Fifteen percent of them believed I could help!

Starting and keeping your own private journal

title:Starting and Keeping Your Own Private Journal

author:Christine Lacomis

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_882.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



The Journal is your private place to express all your inner thoughts and feelings. Begin to understand yourself through writing. You can then move closer to knowing who you are and who you want to be in life. Your feelings, your breakthroughs, your desires — record them all here. Discover yourself!

Getting Started

Go out and get yourself a nice Journal to write in.

Find a comfortable position in your chair.

Clear your mind. Relax.

And let your thoughts and emotions flow freely.

It is important that you do not censor yourself as you write.

Do not worry about grammar or punctuation errors.

Put every thought onto the page.

Be risky.

Be daring.

Be you.

What should I write about?

Writing helps clarify feelings. Choose a topic each day, and let your mind go.

Start writing words. And follow your feelings.

Did something happen to you today that made you upset or joyful?

What did you discover about yourself or the world?

Is there something from the past that you wish you could take back or do over to make it right?

What are your needs? What are your desires?

What are you most afraid of doing? What are you afraid of not doing?

What are you curious about? What issues are unresolved for you?

What do you love to do, experience, and feel?

What kinds of things in your life do you want to build on?

What are Your goals, successes and challenges.

How often should I write?

As often you like.

Your journal is here for you whenever you feel like writing or reflecting about anything.


How can a journal help me?


Writing consistently in a journal can give you a deeper connection with your own inner self.

Less stress.

Releasing all your inner thoughts and anxieties through writing can help release unwanted stress.

Understanding the past.

Journaling can bring up many issues in life that are still unresolved.

Writing about them helps take you to a place of forgiveness and healing.

Greater sense of peace.

Listening to your inner thoughts through writing will give you a greater sense of peace and a more positive outlook on your experiences in life.


Get to know what really brings you joy in life.

Courage to pursue your passion.

Knowing what you want to do with your life is the first step in making it happen.

Dedicate this week and every week to ... Keeping Your Own Private Journal

Christine Lacomis http://www. SoarWithUs. com

[email protected] net

Weight loss for brides drop at least one dress size before your wedding

title:Weight Loss for Brides - Drop at Least One Dress Size before Your Wedding

author:Gail Young

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_1128.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



The stress and anxiety that most brides experience as their wedding day approaches can be overwhelming for them. The amount of preparation involved and the countless number of details needing attention can make it very difficult to eat sensibly and maintain even a modest level of good nutrition. I can recall countless conversations with brides who are so stressed out in the month or so before their wedding that they abandon all good eating habits and either starve themselves or binge on junk food to handle the stress.

Many are genuinely terrified that they’ll be overweight and unattractive on their wedding day or even worse won’t be able to fit into their dream wedding gown.

I have been working with a personal trainer for the past 10 years who continually reminds me how just a few simple changes to your daily routine can make a huge difference. The four basic principles I outline below really do work. I’ve had personal success using these strategies and continue to follow them on a daily basis. Many of my clients who have requested my help and followed this advice have had remarkable results. Start this program at least 3-4 weeks before your wedding day and see for yourself.

1. Water, Water and more Water

Hydration is critical. While the benefits are countless this is one of the hardest things to implement into your daily routine. Whenever I would neglect this item my trainer would recite how water lowers body fat, flushes cellulite, improves digestion, gets rid of dark circles under the eyes, and makes you feel full. These are just a few of the benefits of drinking the required 2.5 litres of water per day.

This may seem like a lot but I found the easiest way to get into the habit is to break the amounts down into manageable amounts:

• Keep a bottle of water beside your bed. Before you go to sleep drink 1/2 the bottle and as soon as you wake up (before your feet touch the floor) drink the remaining 1/2 bottle

• Before each meal drink a half a bottle of water

• Carry water with you and sip it throughout the day

I can’t overemphasize how important this step is.

2. Go for a 10 minute Walk Every Day

Start with can always increase later after it becomes routine. It’s enough to gently boost your metabolism and keep you active.

3. Eat Often but Only in Small Portions

Before I started this method of eating I would starve myself for a couple of days whenever I wanted to lose weight. It seemed logical to me at the time. When I started personal training I had to modify many of my bad eating habits. I had to start eating 6 meals a day. Don’t panic, it’s easier than it sounds. Every 3-4 hours from the time you wake up eat a little something. Your digestive system is far more efficient at handling a series of small meals than it is at tackling one large meal.

I usually eat at 7am, 10 am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10 pm

Your meal portions (meat, veggies, carbs) should be no larger than the palm of your hand and no thicker than the palm of your hand.

4. Eat Healthy

I could spend days offering suggestions on meal variations but there are many excellent books that have been written to give you ideas. I will share my recommendations in another upcoming article.

So to make it simple a typical meal should be a protein, a carbohydrate and a vegetable or fruit.

Here is a sample daily meal plan that I eat to get you started:

Meal one: Protein shake with 1% milk (I like whey protein drinks such as IsoPro)

Meal two: 1/2 an apple and cottage cheese or yogurt

Meal three: Piece of chicken (no skin) and a small salad

Meal four: Cheese and the balance of the apple

Meal five: Piece of lean meat, rice or potatoes, vegetables

Meal six: Low fat chocolate pudding mixed with protein powder

5. The Best Part – Reward Yourself!

Choose one day a week as your reward day and eat whatever you want and as much as you want. Whether you like pasta, cookies, ice cream or my personal favorite chocolate.


Don’t worry, you won’t gain fat if you do this because for the past six days your body has been used to eating what I term ‘clean’ food. On the seventh day your body thinks you are going to do the same and when you don't it gets fooled and eliminates the effects of the ‘junk’ food. In essence you are tricking your body that day but you must eat cleanly on the following day.

I have told many upcoming brides about this method of eating and almost all of them have emailed me back to let me know how thrilled they were at reaching their target goal of weight loss. I hope it works for you too.

As a final note of encouragement, my daughter used this method of eating and in 1 year she went from a size 18 to a size 2. This was four years ago and she has still maintained her weight to this day.

These simple techniques will not only help you quickly, safely and effectively lose at least one dress size but they will also help you feel more energetic, vibrant and healthy. Not to mention the positive effect it will have on your skin texture and overall appearance.

Stay on track and you’ll be amazed at your results. Eat well, drink plenty of water and as you progress, simply imagine your groom seeing you for the first time in your wedding gown and watching his jaw drop in speechless silence.

Wedding flowers for katie holmes and tom cruise

title:Wedding Flowers For Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise

author:Wesley Berry

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_1630.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



Although Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise haven't announced a date for their wedding yet, they are undoubtedly hard at work planning all the details of their nuptials, including the flowers. Flowers tend to follow fashion trends, and today there are no limits to what is considered appropriate for wedding and reception flowers. Holmes and Cruise will have styles ranging from the traditional to the new, trendy styles available to celebrities and all happy couples looking to make the big day reflect their personal style.

Of course, the wedding flowers that receive the most attention are those in the bride's bouquet. Traditional bouquets were formal and typically all white, but today's bride can opt for any number of styles. Here are four of the most popular styles:

* Cascade Bouquets: These bouquets are characterized by the flowers that flow down from the main cluster. Often these flowers are chosen to be the main feature of the bride's adornment and are perfect when the wedding dress is a simple, classic style. Cascade bouquets are most often seen in formal, traditional weddings.

* Hand-Tied Bouquets: To create a hand-tied bouquet, florists hold the stems and foliage in their hands and wrap them tightly around the center of the design. The bouquet is then finished off with a ribbon or by braiding the stems together. This is a more casual, open style of bouquet and makes the perfect bridal bouquet for open-air or garden weddings with an informal, friendly gathering feel.

* Nosegays: The name "nosegay" comes from the 14th century when they were used to hide unpleasant odors due to the infrequent bathing of the times. Today they are sometimes also called tussie mussies. This bouquet is characterized by a rounded cluster of flowers that can vary in its formality. As a result, the nosegay is perfect for any wedding, from the formal to the casual.

* Contemporary Bouquets: These bouquets reflect an unconventional style and contain large flowers that add a sense of attitude and flair, such as calla lilies and orchids. They aren't designed with any geometric shape in mind, but are asymmetrical instead. These flowers are often used in stylish, cosmopolitan weddings.

The flowers Holmes and Cruise choose will very likely depend on the setting for their wedding. Celebrities seem particularly fond of grand outdoor locations with sweeping scenery. In that case and considering Holmes' youthful looks, an elegant hand-tied bouquet might be just the thing. However, if Cruise chooses an elaborate, attention-grabbing wedding in the manner of his pronouncement of his love for Holmes (remember the jumping on Oprah's couch incident?), the flowers might then reflect a more sophisticated and eye-catching style where a cascade bouquet would be perfect.

Whatever the case, this is one celebrity wedding that is sure to catch the eye and imagination of all brides-to-be. And, the best thing about it is that flowers are universal-you don't have to be a celebrity to have beautiful, stylish, and trendy wedding flowers.

Confessions of a fragrance fanatic

title:Confessions of a Fragrance Fanatic

author:Lisa Maliga

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_482.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



My addiction to aromas has haunted me since childhood. I attended a flower festival at the age of four and my mother was unable to keep my nose away from all the fresh and fragrant blooms. I used my impressionable sense of smell as a guide to determine if I liked my mother’s cooking or not. The beef stew always got a quick unhappy sniff, while anything dessert like was allowed to linger, appreciated by my fussy sense of smell.

A few years ago, my quest for the simplest yet most compelling scent of all, vanilla, led me from the avenue of pure aromatherapy grade essential oils into the back alleys of synthetic fragrances. I had found a marvelous vanilla absolute from Madagascar but when my supplier vanished I was left minus the sensuous aroma that I knew and adored.

Yes readers, I did something desperate: I ordered my first vanilla fragrance oil [commonly referred to as an f. o.]. When it arrived a week later, I looked at the 1 ounce amber bottle and even before opening it I just knew it was a sham, an impersonation of the vanilla bean; a mockery of nature. Carefully opening the bottle, I took my first whiff. Surprised, I took another, longer sniff of the vanilla f. o. It smelled like vanilla, no question about that! The cost was kinder on my credit card, and the amount was larger too. But what happened when it was poured into a batch of soap? Would it hold up in my new concoction of oils that were blended into whipped shea butter? In my online research I’d read of scents smelling great out of the bottle [OOB] but turning into something quite different when added to bath & body products.

The world of aromatherapy is comprised of scents that originate directly from plants and their various parts: flowers, roots, fruit, bark, or leaves. If you buy a bottle of lavender essential oil from a reputable source you will find it has four attributes listed on the label: country of origin, Latin [botanical] name, part of plant used, and method of distillation. [Cold pressed, steam distilled, etc.]. Highly principled suppliers will even provide a fifth element, the principal constituents in classifying their essential oils. I was accustomed to this type of information readily provided for me. When I saw that plain brown glass container with just the words “Vanilla fragrance” and the supplier’s name and address, I knew I had indeed taken my first shaky steps down that shadowy alleyway.

Tuberose absolute, $200 per oz., was another favorite aroma that I wanted to add to my list of favorites. This white flower’s petals were so delicate that their sweet aromas were removed in a process that involved solvents classifying it as an absolute, rather than a pure essential oil. Still, an absolute was far superior to a mere fragrance. I decided to try a tuberose fragrance for far less money and when it arrived, along with some buddies doing impersonations of rose, jasmine and sandalwood, I was in a state of nasal bliss. The tuberose did resemble those fragrant white buds, and the other florals sung a sincere imitation of their live counterparts. Sandalwood from India or even Australia was beyond my means [back then] but the sandalwood f. o. was reputed to contain Indonesian sandalwood e. o. and so it was somewhat natural.

Blending became another passion that was easily indulged with less costly fragrances. I made my first sandalwood-rose combination and spent the next days coming up with more and more blending ideas, some even including the few citrus essential oils that I had bought before my vanilla indulgence. I the library and the net to find ideas and soon had pages of notes of what fragrances were able to be combined to create layers of scents. From fleeting top notes such as neroli [orange blossom] and lemon to middle notes that would involve longer lasting scents like lilac and sweet pea to the deeper and sultriest notes such as vanilla and patchouli. Perfumery was based on music and a perfumer was considered the conductor.

While I wasn’t a perfumer, I was able to obtain fragrance duplications, usually called dupes. Now dupes were added to my ever-expanding lists of must haves. I had soon amassed a supply of impressive designers to my kitchen cupboard: Chanel, Thierry Mugler, Guerlain, Bvlgari, Burberry, and Vera Wang. Also filling my shadowy [both essential oils and fragrances needed to be stored in a cool, dark place] storeroom were imitations of Bath & Body Works, and Victoria’s Secret scents. Soon my fixation on various fruits such as mango, coconut, pineapple, kiwi, and several berry scents were being stocked in a careful array of alphabetically ordered scents. The fruity phase morphed into desserts and there were several companies who provided various calorie-free chocolate, variations of vanilla, brown sugar, pumpkin pie, and cinnamon bun scents.

Last week as I searched for a coconut lime verbena, which really was a coconut lime as the verbena was undetectable, I took a stock of what had happened to that cupboard in the northwest corner of my kitchen. Inside sat a stockpile of synthetic scents. I went online and found a vanilla absolute that a reputable essential oil only supplier carried and purchased a small amount. It cost more than at least a dozen fragrances, but I felt a sense of relief that I was out of those twisting, dank dark alleyways and back onto the tree-lined roadway that smelled of true nature.

Jeans for work or sexy jeans

title:Jeans For Work Or Sexy Jeans

author:Mike Yeager

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_176.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



A little over a century ago Levi Strauss invented to first modern jeans. Introduced originally as rugged, durable clothing for hard working men and women, today all social classes feel comfortable in jeans. Trends and fashion icons come and go but wearing stylish, comfortable jeans is still favored by many people. . While their charisma springs from their legendary American roots, their commercial strength rests on innovation and interpretation in the hands of jeanswear makers around the world.

While the basic structure of jeans has remained the same, there have been some colorful innovations. Consider the Bell Bottoms of the 1970’s. Tight waisted and wide flaring bottoms. Yes, jeans are versatile and durable which is why they are such a hit with people. Who hasn’t enjoyed the feeling of slipping on an old comfortable pair of trusted jeans on a lazy Saturday morning? They fit well and they look great.

There are so many styles of jeans to choose from. Whether you want to mow your lawn or dress up for a business meeting, jeans just fit the bill.

Shop for jeans, flare jeans, hipster jeans, bootleg jeans, classic cut jeans, hip hugger jeans, low rise jeans, bellbottom jeans stretch jeans, maternity jeans, carpenter jeans, straight cut jeans, ultra low rise jeans and much, much more. You can do all that from the comfort of your own home. And once you have your jeans, go show the world how great you look!

How to choose the perfect necklace one that makes you look your sexiest

title:How To Choose The Perfect Necklace - One That Makes You Look Your Sexiest

author:Janice Wee

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_883.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



That necklace you wear can make or break the outfit. Of all the jewelry pieces you might choose, your necklace can make the greatest impact on the overall look.

Take a simple black cocktail dress for example. On its own, is almost like a uniform. You could disappear into the crowd if you are not careful.

Now add on a lariat. A stunning necklace that draws attention. Better yet, if you have the height for it, put on a pearl rope, or a gorgeous necklace that is 37 inches or longer. A really long necklace that makes a grand statement.

Choosing that perfect necklace is all about what suits you. Your height. Your build. Your neck. The outfit you are going to wear.

The right choice makes the overall look simply gorgeous.

Let's start with the neckline of the outfit. You want the focal part of the necklace to be either against your skin or contrasted against the fabric of your outfit.

The last thing you want is a necklace that is partially hidden in your neckline. That would spoil the overall look. If the pendant plays peekaboo in the neckline, then shorten the chain. Or put that pendant in either a shorter chain, so it sits confidently above your neckline, or go for a much longer necklace that would contrast beautifully against the fabric of your outfit.

Next, look at your neck.

Do you have a long slender neck? If you do, collar necklace as shown in http://www. alljewelry. info/search. php? search=collar or chokers like the ones at http://www. alljewelry. info/search. php? search=choker are for you. These ultra short necklaces bring out the beauty of your long slender neck.

If you have a short neck, then make it look longer by wearing a either a long necklace or a lariat, seen in http://www. alljewelry. info/search. php? search=lariat The long vertical line of a long necklace makes your neck look longer. The lariat, with the 2 dangling ends gives the illusion of length. These necklaces also have an overall slimming visual effect on your entire look.

Finally, look at your overall build. If you are petite, go for daintier pieces. If you have a larger build, go for something chunkier. Your necklace should be in proportion to your body.

Once you have evaluated yourself, pick a selection of necklaces that flatter your body, in colors that match your outfits. A few signature pieces are all you need.

Edward talurdey shows you how to catch your cheating lover

title:Edward Talurdey Shows You How To Catch Your Cheating Lover

author:Steven Yeoh

source_url:http://www. essayabc. com/articles/women/article_387.shtml

date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:21



Edward Talurdey, a famous investigator has compiled his decade long experience in helping thousands of people all over the world in finding out whether their lover is cheating on them in a downloadable ebook. But Edward has made it clear that the material in his book is not for everyone, but to quote him "only for those who are fed up with their partners antics and are serious about finding out what’s been going on when “no one is watching”."

He is so confident with the quality and effectiveness of the materials he presents in his book that he guaranteed his reader will quickly learn the truth about what's been going on behind their back once they follow the instruction in the book. One of his reader was quoted saying "4 days. That's how long it took me to catch my wife having an affair after I got your material - and I wasn't even half-way through it yet! I travel a lot, so I wasn't too sure this stuff would work for me, but I got undeniable proof she was messing around in just 4 days. I can't believe I put up with her games for so long when you made catching her so freakin' easy!" Another was quoted saying "My husband has been treating me horribly for quite some time, so I ordered your material to see if it was because of another woman. In about a week and a half I found out he had rented an apartment and was meeting his lover there every day. I’ve been a housewife my whole life, and I’m quite certain that if I could pull this off by following your instructions, so can anyone else!"

According to Edward, one of the most effective method listed in his book is the Infidelity Quiz. He claimed that any person who score a "7" on this quiz is virtually guaranteed that he or she is cheating on their partner. There are many other methods listed in his book. From the 3 sure-fire tactics of getting one's partner to cheat right before their eyes to one simple technique that one can use to instantly expose any affair.

Cheating in any relationship really hurts. No one want this to happen to them. However, sometimes it do happens. For those who suspect that their partner is cheating on them and are not afraid to confront the truth, then the materials in Edward's book will definately help them. Anyone who are interested can find out more at http://hop. clickbank. net/?goldcfa/cheat1.

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