Poker betting limit how to pick one 4 u

: Before you head for the nearest empty chair at an open poker table, hold on. There is one very important factor that you must check and verify before you start playing. What? Check the betting limit of that particular table. Why? This is what determines the professional skills of the poker players you will face and will also help you calculate approximately how much cash you need for this particular round of betting. For the Casual Poker Fan: You should try and begin by selecting a table with a low limit. Here, you will enjoy the relatively casual ambience and friendly opponents, who will not have a lot of experience playing and thus you stand a fair chance of winning. The slight problem with such games is that such kinds of tables are difficult to locate. In addition, those playing at such tables tend to play in a very conservative manner and this slows down the flow of the game. If you are still interested in looking for such tables you will be able to find them at the downtown casinos and gambling halls or at poker rooms not located on the Las Vegas strip itself such as the Palace Station. Wish to Play Texas Holdem Instead? Here too, select the lower limit games such as the 4/8 version. In this game, you will be allowed to increase only by four dollars and hence the name. Then, when you come to the last two betting rounds, you will have to double it to eight dollars. Likewise, you can also find the following limits: two and then four, three and then six, four and then eight, eight and then sixteen, fifteen and then thirty, thirty and then sixty and the last one which is pretty different to find (and which unless you are prepared to dish out large sums, you should avoid.) forty and then eight during the last two rounds of betting. How Many Chips Should You Purchase In Such Games? What you can do is multiply the end limit by about twenty and then make sure you have that amount. For example, if you wanted to join a table where the limit is two and then four. Multiply four into twenty and you get eighty. So, this is the sum of chips you must bring in to the game by buying them from the cash counters in the casino. Another option is playing Texas holdem with no limits whatsoever, but beware. Such games pull pros and then you will find yourself at a big disadvantage. For the Experienced Poker Player: Most pros prefer playing Texas holdem than other poker games. And such professionals opt for games with no limit or that have a high limit of at least fifteen dollars. Beware, these tables (You can find them in the top casinos such as the Bellagio and others on the strip.) are places where you can lose hundreds of dollars in minutes so unless you are aware of this or unless you want to swim with the sharks because you consider yourself a shark too, stay away. Conclusion: Note that sometimes the tables might be occupied and it might take you a while to get a seat. Remember that this is not an online casino where tables are always open. Have patience and wait and do not leave and just join a higher or lower limit table than the one you have decided on. Remember that the outcome of your casino experience depends on this decision.

Why do people gamble reasons to gambling popularity

Gambling in its various forms has been popular for centuries in different cultures all over the entire world. Whether through the national lottery, in horse racing tracks or in casino table games, people are wagering their money hoping to win big time. Although the number of people who go home with life changing winnings is much smaller than the number of people who have left their money in the casinos, race tracks or bingo halls, the popularity of the pastime has not been reduced through the years.

Despite the low odds of stepping out as winners in most popular forms of gambling is a well known fact, even though gambling suffers from a bad reputation and even when it is illegal, gambling is still one of the most popular pastimes in the world. So, why do people gamble? The most obvious answer would be money, but it will not be a full answer. There are many other reasons that drive people to the nearest gambling facility. Here we will try to offer an answer to this disturbing question.

Luck: the irrational believe in luck is engraved in most of us. These unexplained gut feelings that a special day or a certain number is luckier than the others are sends a lot of people to gamble or even gamble on the same numbers over and over again.

Social Purposes: have you ever wonder how can a group of people beat the pants off someone in a poker game and remain best buddies? You can see it in bingo halls, casino bars and friendly poker games: many people see gambling as an opportunity to make new friends or spend time with old friends in addition to the chance of earning additional money.

Entertainment: many people visit casinos and play their favorite casino games simply because they love it and they are having a great time. In Las Vegas casinos for example, you will meet more recreational gamblers who see gambling as part of their vacation activities than professional gamblers who take gambling as a serious source of income.

Excitement: the act of gambling apparently can give you quite an adrenaline rush. Regardless of the money aspect, the anticipation of the outcome of the game while still not knowing whether it would match your bet is what makes all forms of gambling so thrilling and exciting.

Relaxation: as opposed to the accelerated adrenaline rush described by many gamblers, many gamblers find the gambling experience relaxing. When you think about it, what can be more relaxing than ending a busy work week in the comfortable casino atmosphere, playing your favorite game and served free drinks?

Boredom: whether exciting or relaxing, when the daily lives become an unbearable routine, gambling can serve as a way to escape reality.

Money: in addition to all the reasons mentioned above, gambling allegedly provides an opportunity to can earn unbelievable amounts of money within short time and minimum investment. Even if you are aware to the exact mathematical odds of beating each and every gambling game, if you are an optimist by nature, this slightest chance would nevertheless drive you to a casino, a bookie, a lottery terminal or a bingo hall.

New year s writing resolutions steps to success

: Don’t you just love it when people make resolutions for the new year? How many people that you know give up on a resolution once they break it? Really, whoever said that if you fail [or fall] once that you must quit altogether? Well, the good news for article writers is that the measure of your success is not weighed by one article or even by article writing itself. It is an “attitude” that you must present, one that you need to have on December 31st as well as on January 1st. Here are some tips toward helping you in the upcoming year: 1. Write Frequently. I won’t suggest what “write frequently” should mean to you, but what it should mean is that you come up with a set output that works for you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained means this: you haven’t challenged yourself to bigger and better things. Think about this: whatever “x” number of articles you write during the coming year will be added to the total that you have written so far. If you want free exposure for your site, then article writing is the best way to go. 2. Submit Smartly. A fellow author recently boasted to me that he submitted one of his articles to over thirty different sites. Well, good for him! In reality, he just wasted his time. What am I saying? As it turns out, several of the sites he submitted to are not well ranked by Google, a few others stripped out his links, and a third set are what I and others would consider to be “bad neighborhoods.” Better to concentrate on a few good sites with your two or three wonderful links in the resource box than to spend extra time submitting the article to less than stellar sites. That bit of “wasted time” could best be spent on writing another article! 3. Blog With Discipline. I finally got serious about blogging just this past month. In some ways I am glad that I waited, but in other respects I wish I had jumped in sooner. Had I realized what a pithy paragraph or two of daily missives could generate in the way of increased traffic, I would have begun blogging long ago. Let’s just say that I am committed to blogging for the upcoming year! How about you? 4. Overhaul Your Site. You do have your own web site, don’t you? No, I don’t mean the one or two pages that come with your DSL account, rather your well thought out, carefully designed, and frequently updated web site, right? If you have a site and it hasn’t had any serious overhaul in several years, time for you to take a closer look at it and give it an update. Yes, refresh the copyright information to include the current year. Listing “copyrighted 2001” gives readers the impression that your site hasn’t been updated in years. Ouch! One of my favorite expressions in life is this: “Winners never quit; quitters never win.” If you fall down, get up and keep on working toward your goals. An entire army of authors are rooting for you and encouraging you on. Should you find yourself missing your goals, simply continue where you left off and you will be the better for it. Happy new year to you and yours…now start writing!

Writing exercise 3 this could get dangerous

Defining your fictional characters' voices is important. What is equally vital, though, is grasping your characters' humanity, the core of their fictional soul.

A good way to learn how to do this is by observing an incident through another living person's eyes.

For this exercise, choose your spouse, a relative, or your best friend to play the fictional character in a 500-word dramatic scene. Write using either third person or first person point of view.

Traumatic situations force people to reveal their true self. In other words, actions speak louder than words.

How would your chosen person react in a traumatic situation, a blind date, for example, or a wildfire?

Don't be blinded by your feelings for the person. You love your spouse, but how would he or she truthfully react if faced with a wildfire?

Consider objectively what you know about the person, and then what you sense.

We react instinctively toward other people, though we often pay no attention to the quiet voice in the back of our minds. Listen to what your quiet voice tells you about the hidden humanity of your chosen person, and then weave the information into your fictional character.

The humanity you need to bring your character to life is hidden behind the friendly smile you see every day.

You might want to keep this exercise away from the eyes of your chosen person. He or she might not appreciate being made into a fictional character.

Do not use your chosen person's name for your character! Your life may be on the line.

Grasp your character's humanity and you will give your character a soul your readers can believe in.

How to build a story from the foundation up

My husband and I just purchased our first home, and we are so excited about finally “putting down roots.” We came upon the house when it was still just a skeleton; and we watched as they slowly added the ceiling and walls, plumbing, electricity, flooring, windows, and doors. We had the opportunity to select the color of paint for the walls, the style of countertops, and the tile and carpeting for our floors. What a different look for our home when we added on to the foundation and filled in the skeleton!

Writing a story, whether it is a short story or a novel, is just like building a house. You must first start with a foundation. This is, of course, the idea stage. What story do you want to tell? If you are experiencing writer’s block, try to write about what you know. If you have never been to Spain, then don’t try to write a story about Spain unless you plan to do extensive research on the country.

Once you have set up your foundation, you will need to build a skeleton. Jot down your thoughts and ideas in an outline and build on them. This stage is an excellent time to create your characters for your story and to develop their attributes. Are they tall? Do they have brown hair? What is their position in your story? As you create your outline, you should also be thinking about the setting of your story and how you characters fit into that setting.

Now it is finally time to start adding your walls and ceiling. Begin to put your characters and settings together to tell your story. A good story usually includes a protagonist and an antagonist meeting in a controversial moment. Think of your story like a roller coaster ride. Start rolling your story uphill to the climactic event, and then fly downhill to end your story.

Once you have created your story, you can start painting the walls and choosing the type of carpet you want. Read your story again and add extra meat to your characters or to the theme. Consider creating more dialogue or changing the ending. Ask for someone you trust to read your story and offer constructive criticism.

Now that you have built your story, start selling to prospective buyers. Send your manuscript out to a wide variety of publishers, remembering to not be discouraged by the number of rejection notices you will receive. There is someone out there looking for your story if you will be consistent in your search. Remember to follow these tips, and you are well on your way to becoming a writing success!

Anyone can write a research paper

“I’ll figure that out . . . when I get the time.”

“I really don’t know how to start!”

“I really should write my research paper!”

This common dilemma is expressed over and over again by many people everywhere. The good news is that anybody can write a research paper!

There are three main reasons for research papers:

1. To help you to piece together information from different sources and cohesively put it back together.

2. To help you develop good written and oral communication skills.

3. To help you to figure out how to find information.

Not knowing how to write properly can make your academic life disorganized, stressful and chaotic. By improving your writing skills, you can confidently and quickly finish assignments and write properly throughout your professional career. Writing a research paper can be very simple when you follow these basic steps:

1. Choose or Brainstorm Your Topic: Sometimes a topic is given to you, or you may have your own topic that you would like to research. You may be forced to conduct your research with very little direction. Sometimes you are only given a page count, number of sources and a deadline. It is helpful to begin by brainstorming a topic. Writing down a few ideas can be very helpful, and lead you in a certain direction.

2. Determine the Scope: Once you’ve scanned the internet or library and learned a little more about your topic, you need to determine whether you need to broaden or narrow your focus.

3. Research: By now you have an idea of your topic and have scanned the subject area. You have a focus for your research paper, but you also need details to “flesh out” the paper. Start going to your resources, and taking notes on sections that may be pertinent to your paper. Remember to document where you got the research from! This usually includes noting the author’s name, title of book, paper or website, year of publication, publishing house, page numbers and/or date accessed.

4. Outline Your Paper: An outline is an organized plan for your paper. Develop an outline by starting the first section with a broad introduction of the topic, then list several sections that you have read about (or will read about) that pertain to your topic. The general sections are: introduction, literature review, data collection, results and discussion. Writing an outline will help you to feel better about writing your research paper because you will have a sense of organization and direction after you write it.

5. Create the First Draft: The first draft should be written after you have completed your research. By this point, you will probably have numerous sources and many pages of notes written down from each of these sources. You should have enough information to write the entire paper. It is important “just to start writing”, and not to worry too much about the details at this point.

6. Revise, Revise, Revise! Revision of a paper should actually take longer than writing the first draft. This is the time to clean up all of the grammatical mistakes, spelling, run-on sentences, etc, and to make this paper easily readable. This is also the time to add or subtract text when necessary.

7. Proofread: This is the time for nit-picky editing to insure that there are no mistakes. Some things to watch for are: correct verb tenses, punctuation, grammar, spelling, word choice and proper citation. Other details that may be important are: page numbers, correct spacing and correct margins.

By breaking your research paper into small tasks, you can stay focused on the goal of completing it quickly and meticulously!

Not a term paper mill

: I have seen jobs posted for help with term papers. What I mean by "help" is a little more than editing a student's term paper. Specifically, there are college students who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to have someone else write a paper for them. This practice is nothing new, but it is much more prevalent than many folks realize. Truthfully, I could probably make a good sum of money writing term papers for the rich kids out there. In college, I usually garnered an "A" or "A-" on my papers. Yes, I did quite well and that was due to my paying attention to what the professor wanted written and being thorough with my research. Once my research was completed, I worked very hard to produce a "jam up" paper. It was exhausting work, but personally rewarding! So, my policy is this: write the paper yourself. Learn how to do it the right way and show some integrity and fortitude. You will be a better person for it, too, and prove to yourself that you can overcome a challenge. How about you? Do you accept every project that comes along or do you have certain standards in place? How you answer these questions speaks volumes about you as a writer and as a person.

Online tools make translation chinese english easier

: We will introduce several online tools that our team frequent use. These all may help to do translations, especially in Chinese (traditional and simplified) and English. 1. Google http://www. google. com. hk Yes. The first one to introduce is Google. Google is not only a search engine; it is also a simple but good enough translation tool. In the search box, type "fy apple" and press Search. You can obtain 蘋果 (apple in Chinese). Similarly, type fy 橙, you can get Orange in return 2. Yahoo! Dictionary http://hk. dictionary. yahoo. com/ Yahoo! The dictionary is also a good Chinese and English dictionary. Besides the basic explanation, it has the synonymy character, and also provide sound file to read out the word. 3. Kingsoft Free Online Dictionary http://push. cb. kingsoft. com/index. htm Perhaps you get know about KingSoft, it is a famous dictionary software. Actually it also provides online version. Its explanation is very details, and it attaches the explanation from different dictionary. It also has the many short phrases model. It is a good reference, but you should notice that it only provide simplified Chinese interface. 4. www. answers. com http://www. answers. com This is not only a dictionary. It is an encyclopedia actually. For example you input lemon, it provides the explanation of lemon. It also provides other information about lemon, the picture and different language translation. Also you can try inputs Hong Kong. It will provide detail information about Hong Kong, like the population, geographical information, and the map, even the currency exchange. It has everything expected to find, and it is absolutely a good reference tool. 5. Google Language Tools http://www. google. com/language_tools Google again. It has the different language search and the translation. One item is quite special, "Translate a web page". It transforms the entire homepage. For example, the simplified Chinese translate to English. 6. On-line Chinese translation tools http://www. kanhan. com/tdc/tools3.html This is a Traditional/Simplified Chinese transformation tool. More than that, it can translate the Cantonese glossary into the standard spoken Chinese glossary. For example "的士" will transform to "計程車". It's really helpful. Also the followings are about the standard spoken Chinese on-line tool.
http://www. kanhan. com/tdc/tools1.html
http://www. kanhan. com/tdc/tools2.html We hope that you may find helpful with these on-line tools. If you have other useful tools, you may email us to share.

Chinese gambling games casino games with chinese origins

The Chinese culture has a significant influence on the American gambling industry. Many of todays popular casino games were introduced to American casinos by Chinese immigrants. In this review, you can read about some of the most popular Chinese gambling games that had a successful immigration to the West.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a hybrid of American poker and traditional Chinese tiles game called Pai Gow. The original tile game Pai Gow, which means Make 9, is one of the most ancient gambling games that are still available in cotemporary casinos. Pai Gow Poker is played with playing cards instead of tiles and it uses the traditional poker hand ranking. It is one of the most popular casino games worldwide and it can be found in almost every major casino in the US. Its online version can be played at most casinos on the internet.

The object of the Pai Gow Poker is to form the highest possible two poker hands, one five card hand and a two card hand, out of the seven cards dealt to each player. Each player competes against the banker that can be either the casino dealer or one of the players who can afford paying the players winnings.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is yet another popular casino game with roots that go back to ancient China. The chance game came to the States around the beginning of the 20th century by Chinese immigrants. It can be played in most land based casinos in Macau, the US and the UK. Sic Bo has an online version as well.

The meaning of Sic Bo is Dice Pair. It is played with three standard dice on a special table. Each player places any number of bets on the table and then tosses the dice. The outcome is determined by the combinations of the three dice. Each combination has a different payoff according to a payoff schedule, which vary from one casino to the other.

Fan Tan

Fan Tan used to be the most popular gambling game among Chinese gamblers but the glory days of Fan Tan have already passed. During the 1890s, Chinese immigrants brought the game to the United States. At that time, every Chinatown in American City had several Fan Tan houses that were always full of enthusiastic gamblers. Nowadays, you can find Fan Tan in some casinos in Macau as well as in some online gaming sites.

Traditional Fan Tan, not to be confused with the card game of the same name, used to be played with any objects such as coins, dried beans or small buttons on a table with a square marked on it. Fan Tan. The object of the game is pretty simple and odds are 1: 4.

The play begins with the banker puts on the table a pile of objects then covers them with a bowl. Each player has to bet on one of the numbers that mark the four sides of the square, or on one of the corners of the square. After the bowl is removed, the croupier removes four of the objects each time until the last group remains. If 1 object is left, then the player who placed a bet on 1 wins the pot, and so on.


Mahjong is probably the biggest inherit of Chinese culture to the gaming world. The ancient Chinese tile game has many variants worldwide including variety of online games. According to the myth, Mahjong was developed by Confucius around the 500 BC. The game was brought to the United States during the 1920s and soon was very popular especially among women. The game was played in Chinese style decorated rooms with waiters wearing traditional customs.

The American version of Mahjong was developed during the 1930s and it is played in America until today. At the same time, the National Mahjong league was founded. In addition to American Mahjong, there are Japanese, Vietnamese, Cantonese and other variations of the game, which vary from one to the other by their scoring structure, number of tiles and rules variants. In 1998, the China State Sports Commission had set a standard set of rules that will differentiate the illegal gambling game from the skill game.

Mahjong Solitaire, the online version of Mahjong, gains wide popularity recently. The online version of the classic Chinese game is a matching game that uses the Mahjong tiles. Online Mahjong games can be found in many online gaming sites in variety of layouts and versions.

Profit from writing

If you’re passionate about writing and want to make it your career, you need to be resourceful, professional, determined and self-motivated to succeed. Writing for a living isn’t easy and unless you’ve already landed a five figure book deal for your latest novel, you need to be as creative in generating income as you are with your words.

To help you profit from writing, here are a few opportunities to explore:

Writing for Magazines

This is the starting point for many freelance writers who want to be published and paid. Magazines require good content and many editors still rely on freelance writers to provide it. Although the market is competitive, if you can produce well-researched, original articles to suit the magazine’s style and readership, you’ll have a greater chance of winning a commission.

My tips: Focus on writing about what you know, drawing upon any specialist knowledge or interests. Use the Internet to study publications all over the world to increase your markets.

Write Greetings Card Verses

Greetings card companies often seek original verse or prose for their range of cards. If you have a forte for writing short humorous or meaningful passages, this could provide a successful opening for you.

My tips: Take a look at the verses in greetings cards to study their style. Create a few sample verses. Note the name of the greetings card publisher and contact them for their current requirements.

Create Copy for the Business Sector

One of the more lucrative writing opportunities is copywriting for businesses and public sector organisations. If your writing is concise, clear and fresh, you’ll find there is a market for your services producing leaflets, guides, press releases, advertising copy and web content.

My tips: Produce a portfolio of your work to show the diversity of your skills. Attend a business network event to market your services.

Take a Staff Writing Job

Freelance writing is great but if you prefer the relative security of a regular income and the warmth and vitality of a creative office environment, you might consider applying for a staff based writing position. Many opportunities exist for journalists, copywriters, web content writers, editors and feature writers. Recently, a major company even required the services of a dedicated letter writer! The skills of a quality writer are in demand and you’ll find that most salaries reflect this.

My tips: Spend time writing a professional CV and produce some sample writing. First impressions count!

Become a Ghost-writer!

Some writers make a reasonable living ghost-writing other people’s life stories. You can receive payment on a work-for-hire basis or on a royalty share agreement. If you enjoy interviewing people and writing at length, this will have great appeal.

My tips: Speak to other ghost-writers and research the book publishing field so that you gain a reasonable working knowledge of the current trends.

Compile Crosswords, Puzzles and Fillers

Writing short filler material, from anecdotes to puzzles, can be quite rewarding. Many publications feature a regular crossword to entertain their readers. Although considered to be quite a closed-market, it is worth approaching publications with ideas or samples for consideration.

My tips: Research your markets carefully. Target new publications where there may be openings. Offer fillers and puzzles relevant to the target readership.

Expand Your Range of Services

Some writers find it easy spotting typos or English grammar mistakes. If you’re one of them, consider taking a course in editing or proofreading to expand on your range of wordsmith services! There is often a decent demand for these services so it will provide an additional source of revenue.

My tips: Take a course and gain a qualification. Contact publishing companies as many now use the services of freelance copyeditors and proofreaders.


If you have specialist knowledge, consider writing and self-publishing a book or a series of guides or newsletters! With the right topic and good marketing, you can build a niche publication. For example, some authors have turned their hobby of walking into providing guidebooks and newsletters on local walks. You could do something similar, whether your interest is sewing, cycling, cooking or woodworking.

My tips: try print-on-demand publishing or publishing electronically to keep costs down while you’re building your publishing venture.

Good luck in your career as a writer! With the right approach, you’ll find there are many opportunities to become a successful wordsmith.

How to house a successful online business

: It is worth taking the time to make your site more search engine friendly, because it will bring you profit and appropriate exposure. Here are some simple advices on building successful web site for your online business. How to build search engine friendly website? You can find plenty material when browsing the Internet, but a good foundation cannot sabotage your online initiative. A search engine friendly site is not just beneficial for top ranking in the search engines, but also helps to attract customers, thus getting business for you. Before designing a site, make sure you have got a good domain name. The Domain name is your URL or Universal Resource Locator as in what a person types into the search engine bar like yoursite. com and others. Hypothetically, if your business is related to something like ruleta then it is good to have the word "ruleta" included into the domain name separated by dashes from other words or numbers. Generic domain names may help in search engine listing. It will be easier to find the sequence of words within a domain name directly related to the main idea of your business. Make your site content based with at least two hundred words holding clear information of your products, services and business. This will help your potential customer to know about you and get some information on products they require. Apart from verbal description, you might use web design attributes to underline your point. Please do not startle the visitor of your web site with blinking texts, shocking colors and confusing animations on the web pages. The website must have a clean look so that the web visitor will feel relaxed to get all relevant information about your services, otherwise, he will shut it down within a minutes. Keep the site simple and easy to navigate. Complicated navigation will confuse the visitors. The navigation must be user-friendly and easily understood by the visitors. If you search through search engine results, you will find all the top ranking websites are optimized properly. These optimized websites make their presence felt in the search engines by making their site user friendly with good navigation, content texts, and Meta tags relevant to their websites, and having proper placed images. Why shouldn't you use such simple tool like navigation at your favorite? News relevant to your site is also a great way to bring in traffic. Many people nowadays get their news online and not just world news. Maybe someone wants to read about the gambling bill that was passed in congress recently to ban money transfers to and from online casinos, a great advantage to having news on your page is that if it is well written piece of writing, other news sources like Yahoo and Google may take your masterpiece and put a link to it from their site. This would give you thousands of hits, and that is the goal. While designing your website, the most important thing to remember your website is not to trick search engines by adding hidden texts or hidden links, irrelevant keywords or text, or very small text which is hardly visible for human eyes. Google usually punishes these websites by giving them low rank or sometimes removing them forever. If you incorporate all these tips when building your website I can guarantee it will make your job much easier, no one wants to build a site and then find out they need to star over from scratch, because every day offline is potential money lost. Use the above suggestions and utilize them into your company website in order to guarantee you stop losing money that you could be making.

Why should you be writing for the internet

I have been writing professionally for more than two decades. I have worked as a professional writer and editor for newspapers, books and magazines for local, regional, and international audiences. My primary financial support has always been either professional writing (or editing) or the teaching of writing. In fact, my initial foray into writing for the Internet was not intended to be a profitable venture but rather a way to express myself when I made the transition to teaching writing full-time. I knew that after decades of writing daily that I would need that outlet. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my hobby could actually earn more than my professional ventures? That is why I encourage my students and my writer friends to explore Internet writing for fun and profit. There are three good reasons for writers to spend at least a sizable chunk of their writing time writing for the Internet.

First, and foremost, if you are a writer then you need an audience. If you are reading this article then you know there is a huge audience accessing their reading material via the Internet. Unlike the reading audience of traditional printed materials, the Internet-reading audience is growing exponentially. More and more people are forgoing traditional newspapers, magazines, and books to subscribe to ezines, web pages, blogs, and RSS feeds. If you can find your audience on the Internet, then that is a very good reason to write for the web.

Another good reason for writers to transition to the web is that is where the money is today. While money can be made through the traditional avenues of publishing books, selling articles, or working as a writer for hire it is getting more and more difficult for established, proven writers to make a living and extremely difficult for newcomers to break in at a livable wage. However writers can start up their own business fast and cheap or work for hire to learn the ropes and build up their nest egg. Trying to do either of those things in the traditional publishing world will not find success.

Finally, or third, there is a niche for everyone on the Internet. Most traditional publishing methods are limited to a specific region due to the cost of printing and distribution. However neither is a consideration on the Internet, so writers can reach audiences around the globe. This means that what may seem a rather small niche (of say people who collect dachsund sweaters) may well find their audience is hundreds, thousands, or even millions. That means there is a need for articles and publications for these folks. As an avid dachsund sweater collector yourself you are an ideal writer for any publications currently serving this niche and if there aren't any then you have a wide-open field to start your own.

These three simple reasons should be enough for any writer to consider writing for the web. The Internet is a great place to break in and get started as a professional writer and the Internet is an even better place for the established pro to profit.

Jeux de casino comment perdre de argent rapidement

: Examinons donc les diffйrentes thйories de jeux existants, leur sйrieux et leur efficacitй, pour ne pas dire inefficacitй. Tout d'abord, il est une chose essentielle a toujours garde en mйmoire: le jeu est un sport, un loisir lie aux alйas du hasard. Comprenez donc la chose suivante: rien ne peut dйfier le hasard. Perdre est donc naturel et il faut bien l'accepter. Tout n'est donc que question de chance. Ainsi, toutes les thйories sur "Comment battre les Casinos" n'ont aucun fondement et n'ont, par ailleurs, jamais prouve leur efficacitй. Ces derniиres n'ont йtй inventйes que pour donner de faux espoirs de contrфle d'une partie, face a un manque de confiance en soi. 1) L'une des mйthodes les plus cйlиbres est celle de parier sur un йvйnement qui n'a pas eu lieu a un moment prйcis. Selon des calculs statistiques, un йvйnement qui ne s'est pas produit a ce moment sera forcement rйcurent sous peu. Grave erreur. Par exemple, a la roulette: 3 cases rouges sortent coup sur coup, le joueur parie alors sur une case noire pour le quatriиme tour. Manque de chance, une autre case rouge est sortie. Hors cette mйthode est trиs courante au sein des casinos, surtout parmi les joueurs cherchant a battre le casino. Regardez donc le nombre de personnes autour du table avec leur air songeur! En fait, ils analysent les parties. 2) La seule mйthode plus fiable jusqu'a prйsent fut le comptage de cartes des sabots. Or, sachez que les casinos peuvent mettre dans un mкme sabot 8 voir 10 jeux diffйrents pour le Blackjack. Donc cette mйthode n'est plus trop en vigueur de nos jours. Cette derniиre fut trиs prisйe car non basйe sur les probabilitйs, et offrant, a long terme, plus d'avantage sur le Casino. 3) Toutefois, certaines mйthodes ont vues le jour comme les Martingales pour la casino en ligne pour la roulettes. Celles-ci ont au moins le mйrite d'annoncer la couleur des le dйpart: "Aucune fiabilitй a 100%". Toutefois, elles offrent l'avantage de proposer les meilleures possibilitйs de paris (comment miser pour rйcupйrer la prйcйdente mise, combien, etc..), tout en ayant fait d'avantages de preuves que la premiиre. Les casinos permettent-ils ceci ? Les casinos connaissent mкme mieux que nous ces fameuses stratйgies "miracles". Par consйquent, les casinotiers changent rйguliиrement leurs conditions gйnйrales de jeu ou leur matйriel, sans pour autant кtre trop inquiиtes. En effet, contre le comptage de cartes, le casino a par exemple rajoutй des jeux dans son sabot afin de le rendre impossible. De plus, ces derniers savent qu'a la longue, l'avantage revient a la maison (soit, le casino). Mais pour йviter de tout perdre: Autre que le conseil singulier de "faites attention a vos mises. Ne misez jamais plus que vous ne disposez", il est utile de rappeler que les allers/ retours a Las Vegas ou Atlantic City ne sont pas nйcessaires pour pouvoir bйnйficier de bons casinos. Le choix s'offre a vous,: dans votre rйgion ou en ligne. Alors pourquoi gaspiller en plus de l'argent dans des billets d'avions tous les deux mois?

Viajar por placer

El periodo de viajar en aviуn no es la experiencia que mas disfrute. Cargar con la valija, pagar el pasaje, la sensaciуn de encierro en el aviуn entre otras son los negativos de viajar. Sin embargo llegar al lugar de destino es tal recompensa que lo mencionado anteriormente deja de ser relevante.

La posibilidad de conocer nuevos horizontes es siempre un lujo que no todos pueden utilizar. Es sin duda una de mis actividades favoritas, sino la mбs favorita. Poder conocer otras culturas, nuevas comidas, idiomas, paisajes, negocios, restaurantes, en fin, viajar es para mi muy enriquecedor.

Si decides viajar solo, verdaderamente tiene sus ventajas. Permanentemente tienes la posibilidad de conocer alguien interesante en el aviуn, charlar con el pasajero a tu lado, o tropezarte con algъn amigo de un amigo que se encuentra viajando en el mismo momento.

Viajar asimismo ofrece la posibilidad de desconectarse de los problemas que lo atormentan diariamente. Claro que a pesar de que uno se aleja los problemas no desaparecen, pero desde ya que puedes mirarlos con otra perspectiva y te darбs cuenta que lo que lo que veнas tan negro quizбs es un poco gris!

Mi viaje favorito fue el que hice a Paris con mi mejor amiga. Allн, estuvimos viviendo en la zona de Le Mare, en donde por las noches salнamos a algъn boliche de moda y por el dнa hacнamos turismo absoluto. Desde Notre Dame a Monmatre, hay un sinfнn de lugares para recorrer en la ciudad.

Si eliges Europa como destino, es recomendable ir durante primavera o verano y no en invierno, ya que el friу clima y la oscuridad de la tarde no te benefician para caminar y pasear. Sin embargo en la mayorнa de los lugares de Europa encontraras calefacciуn central para no sufrir tanto.

Hay infinidad de lugares para recorrer y viajar. Si decides ir a Italia tienes una variedad culinaria para todos los gustos. Las pastas y pizzas son increibles, y sus paisajes no dejan nada que desear!

En Espaсa, Barcelona es la ciudad turнstica y mбs cosmopolita; por otro lado Madrid tiene un estilo elegante y sofisticado.

Siempre y cuando viajes con algъn compaсero o compaсera que tengan un estilo e idea similar al tuyo del viaje, buena energнa y estйn abiertos a nuevas experiencias, te aseguro que te divertirбs.

Si te encuentras en un momento de tu vida donde te sientes presionado o estresado, por trabajo, estudio, familia o lo que sea y buscas un escape rбpido y certero viajar es la mejor soluciуn. Te abriga la mente, te rejuvenecerй el espнritu y volverбs con nuevas historias y experiencias para contar!

Las vegas top three land casinos

Las Vegas is synonymous with casino playing and sports betting. While the desert blooms on its outskirts, the lights of this betting mecca signal all who enter that this is not any other vacationionl spot. Who does not recognize the big neon cowboy called Vegas Vic waving to all visitors: "Come In Come In" at the entrance to the Pioneer Club.

But, let us suppose you have decided to go to Vegas and have no idea which casinos to go to play. There are so many that you might just go to the nearest one and miss out on some real and true excitement. That is why you must read this article.

Why Do you Want to Go to a Casino?

Interested in the spectacular sights? These are the top three not to miss:

1) The Venetian

Why go to Venice if you can take a gondola ride through street just like you would in Venice? This is a definate MUST and especially so if you are going with a mate. For singles, this is still a great experience because the place is huge and the ride entertaining.

2) Paris

Similar in theme to the Venetian, this casino makes you feel like you have visited Paris in France with the imposing Eiffel Tower looming down on you from above, you can even take a fast-moving ride and wizz through and by the towers and other spectacular palaces and gardens.

3) The Bellagio

No waterfall or water fountain I have seen is as spectacular and coloruful like the one sported at the Bellagio. Starting with blue and then changing from an orange to a fiery crimson tinge, I felt that the water has caught fire and I was witnessing something I had only read about: instant combustion.

More interested in playing a casino game than in sightseeing? Pick one of these three:

1) Excalibur

This is one of the most busiest corners of the entire globe. Their casino is the largest you will ever see and it addition it is not just a casino. Its designed in a medieval manor or palace kind of theme that makes you feel as if you have been jutted back in time. The tables are also easy to get a seat and the dealers are fair. Yes. The Excalibur is a great place to play your favourite casino games.

2) The Luxor

Why not enter ancient Egypt and place your bet as the age-old pharaohs look on? The casino hall at the Luxor is designed as the interior of the Great Pyramid in Egypt (actually it’s a lot better than the orignial one) and the betting floor is vast and encompassing of all games such as poker, craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and a large number of electronic slot machines.

3) The Hilton Casino Lounge

Amazing but true. The Hilton casino lounge supplies the best odds for sports and casino bets. Maybe it’s the fact that this is not one of the better known casinos in Las Vegas, or maybe its because its name is not synonymous with gambling, but in any case, if you are interested in pure card or slot gaming, this is the casino to go to.


Las Vegas is one of the best locations for entertainment in the world and you can find all kinds of shows and theme parks there so you will not get bored no matter what you like. Relax, or take an active part in your trip. Learn more about casinos at http://www. gambling-portal. com because you will definitely enjoy your stay at Las Vegas.

How to outsource your article marketing work

Article marketing is a means to an end. This end is usually to drive increased traffic to a website, either to sell a product or increase advertising revenue. The fact remains that many people that make use of article marketing are not writers themselves, and their time can be better spent on other tasks. Because of this, it can be a good idea to outsource a lot of the work. In this article we give you some advice on finding the right people for the job.

There are two basic elements to article marketing - writing the articles themselves and then submitting them to article directories. Both or either of these can be outsourced. For the writing you will need to find a professional writer, while the submission can be taken care of manually by someone else, by a service or by article submission software.

Writing articles

Writing the articles themselves is the most time-consuming and the most difficult part of article marketing. For any article marketing campaign to be a success the articles must be of at least a reasonable quality so people will want to publish them. And remember that any articles that are submitted to directories must be unique so there will be a lot of rewriting work involved as well.

If you feel that your talents lie elsewhere, or you simply do not have the time, you will want to hire a freelancer to do the writing for you. Probably the most economical option here is to look on the many freelance websites on the internet. On these, you can post a project and freelance writers will bid on it. There are many writers out there who can do a good job for a good price, you just need to find them.

However, it is important that they can provide good quality even if it costs that little bit more. Paying pittance for poorly written articles will be a waste of your time and money. When posting a project, ask all writers for samples of their work and make sure they agree that copyright on all articles goes to you.

Also remember that these articles will be published in your name, so they need to be of good quality and factually accurate if you wish to build your reputation.

It is best to start off by offering a small amount of work, say 10 articles. From this you will be able to determine if the work is up to scratch and you can choose whether or not to continue using the writer.

Once you have chosen a writer, good communication is key. Make sure your instructions are clear in terms of the articles required, the style of writing and article length. Also, bear in mind that the writer may not have an in depth knowledge of the subject or subjects, so help them out by suggesting sources of information if you can, and answer all queries. This will help them achieve quality results and in little time they should become authoritative on the subject themselves.

Unfortunately, the major search engines can now detect duplicate content so you will need to submit a unique version of each article to each directory. If you send the same version you will only be awarded for one backlink for SEO purposes, no matter how many times the article appears on the internet. Because of this, you may also need the writer to tweak each article for you into different versions. Alternatively, you could try out some article spinning software that will change your articles for you.

Submitting articles

There are freelancers available on freelance websites who will submit articles to directories for you. However, if you are submitting to a large number of directories you are probably best off looking for a reputable service online.

In fact, many article submission services will now also make sure that a different version of an article is submitted to each directory, while others will offer you tools to help you make unique versions to avoid issues with duplicate content.

The other option for submitting to article directories is to buy software that will do it for you. However, the duplicate content issue makes these a less attractive prospect as they are best used for submitting the same article to many directories. Also, you may also have trouble if directories suspect you are using an automated system to submit articles.

Article marketing is not something you should miss out on if you want to generate more traffic on your website. If you can not take care of the ground work yourself, you should look at the possibility of delegating it.

How to write articles quickly

Yuck, it's that time again, newsletter time. Are you stuck in front of a blank page or computer screen? Do you struggle each time you have to write? People seem to find all other tasks preferable to writing an article. We have a friend who finds himself washing out socks instead of writing. There's a term for it: "shaving the yak."

Originally coined by Seth Godin, marketer and author extraordinaire, "shaving the yak" means that when faced with writing, some people find themselves doing any other chore they can think of, eventually finding themselves down at the zoo, shaving yaks.

Writing can be painful to many people. It doesn't have to be. Here's a basic outline of how to write an article quickly and without the painful struggle.

1. Pick a topic that appeals to your readers. This may not be what you think they want, so you need a way to ask, or find out what they want to know. Either ask them directly, or use keyword search tools to find out the most popular requests on the web in your field.

2. Write to appeal to basic human emotions. While you may know a lot about software engineering, or whatever your field, you have to hit readers where it hurts, where they feel, rather than appeal to their brains. So even if your article is about finding a computer networking solution, base your article on the pain that readers encounter with this problem.

3. Get to the point quickly in the first paragraph, using the key words you know people are looking for on Google. State the problem on an emotional level, then make a bold statement to indicate you have a solution.

4. Exaggerate the problem and the pain. Give some real-world examples of how it manifests in your readers' lives, affecting their work, play, family, physical and mental well-being. Use emotional words that resonate with readers, appealing to universal human dilemmas.

5. Next, suggest three ways to solve the problem. The brain finds it easy to think in threes. Limiting your solutions to three points makes it easier for readers to digest your ideas. It also makes it a whole lot easier and faster to complete your article.

6. Summarize the problem with the three solutions. Be sure to repeat your key words used in your first paragraph.

7. Finally, go back and write your title. This is the most important step of all, because your title provides two important keys:

a. It ensures readers will open and read it when they see the title.

b. It ensures that readers will find your article on the web when they search for solutions on Google or their favorite search engine.

8. Write an effective resource box, with your name, website and blog URLs, your credentials (what makes you an expert), and how and why people should contact you or use your services. Offer them a free report or white paper on your website to entice them to visit and leave their email address with you, and make sure you offer something compelling.

Now, if I had followed my own advice, I would have given you only 3 steps. You see, I struggle with brevity myself, having been cursed with an over-active brain and too much education.

Here's what you can do right now to solve your writing woes: Write down your topic (a painful problem), tell your readers how bad it is, and then give them 3 solutions they can take to rectify the problem. Open up a new document in Word and start now!

That's how you can write articles quickly and easily, without having to wash your socks or go down to the zoo to help shave the yaks.

Writing is it a skill craft or gift

Whenever you gather writers together they talk about writing. There are many different types of writers. Those who prefer to compose in long-hand or can only write on an old-fashioned manual typewriter. Those who write to music, demand complete silence, or create best surrounded by noise. You have the writers who must plan and outline before they can begin and those who find even talking about a project before it is drafted can stifle their creativity. But one of the most controversial divisions among writers is about whether writing is a skill, craft, or gift.

I admit that I like to stir the fire a bit because I can argue all three points and depending on how my own writing is going at the moment I may find that one viewpoint carries more weight for me personally.

I know as a teacher of writing that writing is a skill. I have taken people, young and old, who loathed writing and believed they would never be able to write -- and provided them with basic tips and tools to become good basic writers. I have taken good basic writers and given them the support and direction they've needed to become skilled writers. I've watched skilled writers with practice and determination become proficient writers. I have seen this in the classroom, at writing conferences, and in newsrooms. I have witnessed this transformation enough to know that writing is a skill that can be taught and a skill that can be learned.

I know as a writer, editor, and reader that writing is a craft. As the definition reads to craft is "to make or produce with care, skill, or ingenuity". A skilled writer can capture our interest and convey information, but a writer can also craft a story, poem, or essay that touches our emotions as well as our brains. For those who have gone beyond simply skilled to be craftsmen and craftswomen they can rely on their knowledge, experience, and instinct to create writing that does more than simply delivers -- it also sings.

I know as a writer and reader that writing is a gift. Some writers simply possess a special quality that allows them to step beyond and above the huddled masses. For some it is a special ability to shape words into images and ideas and for some it is a unique vision of this world (or another) that speaks to our souls in a way others cannot.

Are writers born or made? Many people argue that some gifted writers are born, but I am not convinced. Perhaps you could have some predisposition but I believe that writers are made. They are made in the rocking chair when Mother reads "Goodnight, Moon"; they are made under the cover with a flashlight when you simply must finish "The Hobbit" for the first time; they are made when you proudly pocket your first library card; they are made when you fill your first notebook; they are made when you submit your first poem, article or story for publication; they are made when you receive your first rejection; and they are made when you turn the computer on every day to write.

I believe some writers are supremely gifted but even so does that mean it was a gift given to them whole or was it a gift developed through years of reading, writing, talking, and thinking about words?

So, I believe, writing is all three -- a skill, a craft, and a gift. Some writers find their ability spans all three while others never progress past the level of skill.

How to play texas holdem

Texas Holdem has become such a popular Game that most tournaments now days are Texas Holdem games, and there are even 2 or 3 television shows dedicated to the game. Texas Holdem is a 5 card poker game, but instead of each layer being dealt 7 cards, the dealer deals 5 cards in the center of the table, these cards are used by all the players to make the best hand possible. To make your hand each player is also dealt 2 cards and the object is to use the cards in your hand and the ones on the table to make the best hand you can.

There are 5 rounds of Texas Hold’em Poker and they are:

The Pre-Flop

The Flop

The turn

The River

The Showdown

During a Texas Holdem game between each round there is a round of betting, and is when players with bad hands may fold.

In the game of Texas Holdem the first round is the pre flop. During this round the big and the small blinds place their bets, the big and small blinds are the first two players to the dealers left. Before the players are allowed to look at their cards the small blind must place a bet of half the table minimum and the next player who is the big blind must place a bet of the table minimum and then the dealer gives each player their hole cards. The hold cards is the name of the 2 cards each player has that are exclusively theirs, these cards guarantee that each player has a chance to make a better hand then the other players, without them all you would have is the 5 communal cards.

In Texas Holdem the next round is the flop. This is when the dealer deals out the first 3 of the 5 communal cards. It is during this round that most players will fold; betting in this round is usually very conservative because 2 more cards are still needed and betting big on the chances that the cards you need are the ones that will appear is taking a big chance with your money, one that can coast you to bust out of the game early.

The third round is called the turn. The turn is when the dealer puts out the 4th communal card. At this point you can get a good idea of your chances of getting a winning hand and now is when the betting starts to heat up, and more people will drop out of the game.

The river is the last of the 5 cards to be turned over by the dealer. At this point all the cards available to make the hands have been put out, this is also the last time to bet before turning over the cards.

The last round of Texas Holdem is the showdown, this is when all players turn over their cards and a winner is declared. You now have all the information you need to start playing Texas Holdem.

The dot com era is back

In a recent article titled "Internet use threatens to overtake TV in Canada" it discusses the threat of online marketing to traditional media sources in Canada. This isn't a a threat anymore in the US. It is a fact.

An article written by Thomas Mucha from Business 2.0 says:

People are spending more time online than watching TV, which gives marketers a better chance to reach consumers in a place where they are just one click away from making a purchase. "More than 75 percent of companies using the Internet to advertise report confidence in their return on investment," writes the study's lead author, Jupiter Research senior analyst Gary Stein. This confidence, Stein argues, will sustain spending momentum across all the key online ad areas: paid search, display ads, classified ads, and rich media.

Interesting to note that two studies are similar. Although The Ipsos Reid study of Canada claims radio is losing more interest than TV in Canada, it may soon lose to the Internet as well.

Mr. Mucha claims 40 percent of total spending by 2010 will be paid advertisements on Google, Yahoo and MSN to an estimate of $19 billion per year. Not much wonder why the search engines are trying to dominate each other and the marketplace. The one that becomes the most popular will also make the most money.

What will become of the little guy? Will it put an end to buying keywords for ad placement on search engines? Will the small business owner get shoved out of the picture? Maybe not altogether... but let's face it. If GM decides they want to use the keywords you are using, can you afford to compete? The search engines will be laughing "all the way to the bank" and the cost per clicks will just keeping going up... (he-he) similar to the price of gasoline at the pumps these days.

Even though the cost of clicks may get pricey, the major search engines will always have to index relevant websites and include these results and return them on any keyword search. Professional sites (versus linkfarm, affiliate, spam sites) will always be in favour, and the sooner business can get their company sites built, if they haven't already; the better. Google seems to be the top search engine right now, and new sites often get sandboxed. If they hold on to their dominant position, new websites want to make sure this doesn't happen to them.

I've always felt that there was something Google was doing that gave some sites more relevance than others in its index, but wasn't sure how it was applied. At the Search Engine Strategies conference last week in San Jose, California, Rand Fishkin learned that Google places some new Web sites, "regardless of their merit, or lack thereof, in a sort of probationary category" for six months to a year to "allow time to determine how users react to a new site, who links to it, etc."

On a final piece of advice he suggests:

"Several people have also predicted that Yahoo! or MSN may take up similar techniques to help stop spam. This phenomenon could seriously undermine new SEO/Ms and new campaigns, but it is a possibility. My recommendation is not to discount this possibility and launch projects or at least holding sites and their promotional efforts ASAP. The web environment right now is still relatively friendly to new sites, but will certainly become more competitive and unforgiving with time, no matter what search engine filters exist."

Although it is starting to sound a little like the "Dot Com era is back" it will be a little different this time around. In 2000 when it went bust, it is partly because the percentage of consumers purchasing online didn't justify the amount of spending. There was a lack of confidence. It is different now. Jupiter's study shows that "73 percent of Americans who use the Internet have made a purchase online and four out of five of these potential shoppers have responded to an online ad."

Are readers important to authors

Bestselling authors speak of their fans in almost reverential tones, as well they should. A loyal readership that comes back for more, book after book, is the real key to long-term publishing success. Savvy authors work diligently to produce great work that will continue to please their audience, but many of them also communicate directly to their fans. Author’s web sites are all the rage, some of them quite elaborately produced.

Fauzia Burke is the founder and President of FSB Associates, http://www. fsbassciates. com. Her company specializes in publicity utilizing the Internet and author websites.

We asked Fauzia: What is the most unusual publicity program you've developed? “We’re proud of our ability to harness all the power of the Web in the service of authors and their books, and we’re especially committed to making the online presence fit the project.

Here are some examples: “Our site for Doug Stanton’s In Harm’s Way goes beyond words and pictures to include audio interviews with survivors of the 1945 sinking of the USS Indianapolis, video clips of the actual rescue at sea, and a discussion board. Our campaign introduced the book to many audiences, from World War II vets and history buffs, to college and high school students.

“For Christopher Rice’s supernatural thriller A Density Of Souls, we used animation and graphics to create an online gathering place that echoes the eerie atmosphere of the book, and added exclusive material like a virtual yearbook from the New Orleans high school of the story, and back-story on the characters. We even helped promote Chris's appearance on MTV's Real World.

“We used cutting-edge animated maps in our site for Rick Atkinson’s Pulitzer Prize winner An Army At Dawn, to illustrate critical points in the Allied assault on German-held North Africa in 1942-43. Animation helps bring alive our site for Tony Horwitz’s Blue Latitudes, combining a sea chart that traces the voyages of Captain Cook with excerpts from corresponding passages in the book.

“But we don’t use bells and whistles for their own sake. Our site for Mitch Albom’s novel The Five People You Meet In Heaven called for a simpler approach that lets the warm story and the wonderful writing take center stage. Because this is the kind of book people love to share, there’s an e-postcard that fans can send to their friends. There are teaching guides, and reading group materials, and a Q&A with Mitch. And for the Spanish edition of the book, we’ve created a Spanish-language site that will help broaden the audience even more.

“For all these books, we also waged word-of-mouth campaigns designed to attract attention, site traffic and media coverage. In the end, these coordinated efforts produced the most satisfying of all results – sales.”

Quite a few author websites are just storefronts whose major purpose is to sell books. Others have a much more intimate feel, inviting visitors to: “Come on in and meet me. Stay and chat.” With all the other pressures on their time, why do bestselling authors go to the trouble of answering fan e-mail, or posting responses to message boards on their web sites, and continually upgrading them with information about their new project or where they will be appearing?

Nicholas Sparks, www. nicholassparks. com, whose first book, The Notebook set a new standard for romance, answers the question: You interact with your fans more that many authors do. Your web site is particularly interactive, with message boards and an e-mail address for fans to reach you. Why did you take this approach? “People have so many questions about my novels or want to know about me, and there's a lot of misinformation out there. I wanted to have the correct answers put up where readers could easily access them. The web site is a way to make sure the truth is getting out there. For instance, the question, Where did I get the idea for The Notebook? If I say it was inspired by my wife's grandparents, this is very much the truth, but not much information. Readers want to know more: How was it inspired? In what way? How did that whole thought process work? So I explained the whole situation so the readers understand.”

Does that interaction encourage the word of mouth buzz about your books? “Maybe a little. But not everyone cares about what an author's life is like. They just want to read a good book.”

Anna Jacobs, http://www. annajacobs. com, has written 29 novels, mostly historical sagas and romances. She resides in Australia, her primary publisher is in the United Kingdom and her books are sold worldwide including the United States.

We asked Anna: Romance authors seem to have a more personal relationship with their fans, interacting with them on web sites, message boards, Internet chats, book readings. Why is that? What does an author learn from this interaction that assists her with her work? “I'm not sure it's just romance authors. I think it's a woman's approach. I happen to believe that if you put something back into the universe it will bring good karma. Or as my daughter puts it: What goes around, comes around. But I also keep in touch with readers because if you can 'attach' readers as well as writing good books (the latter is the prime pre-requisite) they go out and talk about your books to others.

“I learn a lot from readers' emails about what has particularly pleased them. That doesn't hurt. Also writing is a very solitary activity, so it's nice to be in touch with others. And we all need feedback and praise. I'm as human as any other. I love to hear that someone has enjoyed my books. It's much more fun than sales figures.”

Susan Elizabeth Phillips, www. susanelizabethphillips. com, is the only five-time winner of the Romance Writers of America Favorite Book of the Year Award; inducted into the Romance Writers Hall of Fame, 2001— pioneered, and some say, perfected the “romantic comedy” school of fiction. writes with a touch of humor. We asked Susan: You seem to interact quite a bit with your readers through your web site. You even mentioned there were several categories of fans you have, those who enjoy the humor in your books and those who are more attuned to what happens to the characters. How does the fan interaction shape your writing? “I love my readers, but I do my best not to let their comments shape my writing in any way. About ten years ago, the light finally went off in my brain and I truly understood that every book I wrote would be somebody's favorite and somebody’s least favorite, that everybody in the world (gasp) wasn't going to like my books. This was intensely liberating. It told me that to do my best work I concentrate only on pleasing myself. Truly the biggest ‘Aha Moment’ of my career.”

It’s not only romance authors that have their own website, Stuart Woods, http://www. stuartwoods. com, writes hard hitting mysteries and has been on the New York Times Bestseller list many times.

Stuart answers the question: You are one of the bestselling authors who regularly corresponds with readers via e-mail, why? “It gives me a direct kind of feedback. I get a sense that what I’m doing is the right thing to do. I’ve never made any changes in what I do because of what I’ve heard from readers. The vast preponderance of people love the books and write to tell me so.”

And it’s not just the household name authors who value their readers.

Lydia Joyce’s, www. lydiajoyce. com, most recent book is “The Veil of Night” an intense, sensual remaking of the Gothic genre, with a mysterious Duke, a crumbling manor, and an older heroine with her own secrets to hide.

Lydia told us: “To be absolutely crass, if I didn't have fans, I couldn't make money. And if I couldn't make money, writing would be a hobby, not a job!

“But fans are important to me for far more than financial reasons. My desire to become a writer started with the ghost stories I used to tell around Girl Scouts campfires. I loved how I could affect other people, how I could thrill them, excite them, and make them care about the people in my tales. The pleasure that other people get from my storytelling is a major motivator for me. If it weren't for that, I could be perfectly happy to leave my stories in my head where they started.”

Lynne Connolly is the author of the Richard and Rose series of books, romantic suspense novels set in the mid eighteenth century. Her latest book, "Harley Street" came out in March, and pits the new Lord and Lady Strang against their deadly enemies, Julia and Steven Drury in a tale of old transgressions come to test new found love.

We asked Lynne: Why are your fans important to you as an author? “They validate my work, tell me that I'm on the right track. Fans aren't unthinking admirers, and can often give you information you never had before. Their encouragement keeps me going, and presenting my work to publishers and agents with confidence. Economically, they buy the books, making it possible for me to write more and for my publisher to continue having confidence in me. I sit at home all day on my own with a keyboard for company. Fans connect me, help me to keep on target. And a fan is a reader. They complete the link, the communication between writer and reader.

Marjorie Jones’s, www. majoriejones. com, “The Jewel and the Sword” was just released by Medallion Press. She tells us fans are important to her because “For me, fans are the end-all-be-all of the writing experience. Finishing a book is a terrific feeling. Selling that book to a publisher is an amazing feeling. Having that book accepted by the reading public is better than both! Why are they important? Because without them, my stories would float indefinitely inside the walls of my hard-drive. No purpose. No reason for being. Fans give the stories life.”

Take a few minutes this summer and find out a little bit more about your favorite author. If you really enjoyed their last book, let them know. They would like to hear from you.

Types of translation

In the chaging world of today, translation needs vary greatly, and so do the kinds of translations. Translation agencies use various terms to refer to different kinds of work they have to perform, and this article will help you to understand better what they mean.

There are three main types of translations, technical translation, scientific translation, artistic (literary) translation, translation of documents, and general translation.

Technical Translation is the kind that can be considered one of the most highly demanded, as such translation requires technical knowledge of some specific field, be it reciprocating compressors or an anti-spam program. With such translations, usually translation agencies are preferred to free-lance translators because a good translation agency posesses not only a highly qualified translators with technical knowledge (or even education), but also a special glossary of technical terms that ensure that the terms used in the translation are homogenious, and specialised proofreaders who make sure the translation not only sounds ok, but also will be of help to technicians who will work with it later.

Scientific translation. To this kind may be referred medical translations, translations of scientific works in various fields of studies (such as chemistry, physics, mechanics), different research works. A good translation agency will make sure that the terms used in the translation are special terms that will be understood by foreign researchers, doctors, and other specialists.

Literary translations don't only require a thorough knowledge of the source and target languages, but also the ability to correctly translate the original feelings and to employ the most appropriate language means in the translation. A good translation agency will provide you with an experienced proofreader whose native language is the target language of the translation.

Translation of documents is a kind of translation that in all cases has to be ordered from a translation agency because almost always it requires a special certification.

General translation is the simplest kind of all because it deals with a language without any special terminology or literary means.

Como hacer que tu tiempo sin compania valga la pena

Cuando empecй a escribir este articulo, pensй en como pase el ultimo mes sin necesidad de un compaсero y aun asн, muy entretenida. Es importante clarificar que sea la razуn que sea que te encuentras sola o solo, mejor asн que mal acompaсado! Y que no hay por que avergonzarse! Una vez teniendo eso claro ya llega mi lista de recomendaciones, entretenimientos para ti.

Datos ъtiles para ayudarte a conectarte con ti misma:

1) Si eres miembro de un DVD club cerca de tu casa, mejor. Sino, hazte miembro! Pelнculas que valen la pena para una noche que buscas un poco de acciуn: The Man Inside (con Live Owen y Denzel Washington), Blood Diamonds (Con Leonardo Di Caprio), Babel (Con Brad Pitt) entre otras.

2) Si estas con amigas y quieren algo romбntico, Prime (con Uma Thurman), In her Shoes (Cameron Dias), The Hollyday, (Cameron Dias, Kate Winslet).

3) Si buscas reirte con algo simple y un poco ridнculo te recomiendo My Super Ex Girlfriend (Uma Thurman), Just Married, Monster in Law, y The Devil wears Prada.

4) Hablando de satisfacciуn culinaria, puedes averigua de buenos restaurantes delivery, en Sushi, Pizza, Pasta, Chino, Japonйs, cualquiera sea que te guste mas. Si no estas en el humor de ordenar comida y disfrutas de cocinar es una buena opciуn!

5) Para descargar toda la mala energнa o para refrescar tu mente reincorporarte en el deporte que mas disfrutes. Patinaje, Yoga, bicicleta, Gimnasio, etc. Te ayudara a sacar todas las preocupaciones y retomar energнas. Si es un dнa soleado aprovecha una buena caminata o corrida con tu I-pod y relбjate!

6) Si disfrutas leer, la literatura tambiйn es un buen mйtodo para ti. Autores como Pablo Cohelo, cuentos de Harry Potter, Gabriel Garcнa Marques, son mis preferidos para desconectarte de la realidad y pasar al mundo de lo imaginario.

7) Juegos en Linea son una gran opciуn si disfrutas juegos de azar o de mesa. Puedes jugar gratis o por dinero al Black Jack al Pуquer mientras chateas con otros jugadores en lнnea.

8) La mъsica es un acompaсante esencial para muchas actividades. En el Jazz, Bossa Nova, Blues, y Soul mis recomendados son Ray Charles, Norah Jones, Maxwell, Jewel, Sting, Sade, Bilberto Gil y Tony Bennet.

Sin duda hay un sin fin de entretenimientos y cosas para disfruta de una noche o dнa sin compaсero y aun asн utilizar el tiempo de la mejor manera posible. Pelнculas de acciуn, libros de fantasнa deportes, mъsica, buena comida, pueden ahora ser tus buenos amigos.

Combination resume help jobseekers

The combination resume highlights the key strengths of both the chronological format and the functional format, allowing a

Job seeker to emphasize both a steady work history and diverse skill sets. Although all good resumes meet these qualifications to a certain extent, the goal of the combination format is to showcase both a consistent employment record and a specific list of skill sets, incorporating a sound time frame to serve as the backbone of the resume.

Demonstrating to an employer how your skills directly resulted in accomplishments for the company in both the skill sets section and the work history section is the defining characteristic of the combination resume, as opposed to the functional resume, which keeps the skills and work history separate.

The combination format also allows professionals to apply for a broader range of jobs than does the strict chronological format. The combination resume has been a successful choice for consultants, as a strong work history is backed by individual success at specific companies or while overseeing key projects. It is also a good choice if you have both strong skills and a steady employment record but need a resume that will overcome the objections some employers may have to the functional format. The emphasis of this resume, remember, is on the specific skills you can bring to a future employer.


1) Combines the defining strengths of chronological and functional resumes; a steady work history and diverse skill sets.

2) Allows a broader ranger of professional objectives than does the strict chronological resume.

3) Is great for consultants because it specifies how they influenced a business's success.


1) If you are applying for positions in multiple industries, skill sections and accomplishment bullets may have to be reorganized and tweaked accordingly.

2) Conservative employers may desire the chronological resume, especially for executives.

How to protest the online gambling ban

Protesting the government is not a cast of protesting a company because you do not like a product, this is a case of you trying to change the mind of the government and this can be hard to do, but it can be done.

Before you can even have a chance at holding a successful protest the first thing you should do is to circulate an online petition, this will give you an idea of how many people support your cause and gives you a list of names with phone numbers that you can call to get people to come to your protest.

The next step is to go online and find other groups protesting the new internet gambling act, and see if that group would be willing to join your protest, the more people protesting the online gambling ban the better the chances are of getting the law reversed.

After this you should start a letter writing campaign not only to your local congressmen but to all the Congressmen and see where they stand. Some of them will not be in support of the online gambling ban and will be willing to not only sign your petition but will be hey may be even willing to speak at your protest.

The next step is to plane your protest. The timing of your protest is important if you choose to protest at the Whitehouse you do not want to do it when the president is not there or if you choose to make your stand at congress do not do it at a time they are on a brake, this can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your protest.

Make sure to have a well written press release to the press at least 2 days before the protest to ensure that you will get press coverage. The more people who hear about your protest the more names you can get on your petition.

The point of a petition is to basically let someone know that people are not happy with what they are doing, and if enough people protest the government you can get them to change their decision. This is especially true with a politician. They know thee job depends on votes and if they are going to gain enough votes to secure their job they will do it even if they truly do not agree with it.

You must apply for a permit to protest at least 30 days in advance, or if there are delays you may not have a permit on the day you have told your protesters to show up, to truly insure you have time, apply for the permits at least 60 days in advance.

When applying for the permits you should be able to find out about the rules for setting up any sound equipment you will need so you can make the arrangements for them.

The only thing left to do for your online gambling ban protest is to wait for the big day.

Online survey gamers prefer roulette

: Out of a survey conducted by Gambling Portal, 64% of all gamers prefer to play roulette and not poker, blackjack or even slots. Why? One of the truly worthy games to play at a casino is roulette. It is not just the spinning of the wheel that gives it its class, but the fact that roulette is a game for true champions. Amateurs steer away from roulette leaving it only to the true gaming enthusiasts. 1) Excitement: Gamers state that no other game they have played can match the thrill they feel after they have placed their individual bets and the wheel starts to spin and ball flies and jumps from one slot to another. They say that your heart jumps each time the ball collides with the wheel.. 2) Simplicity: In comparison to other games, roulette is simple to learn and simple to play. All you have to do is guess where the ball will come to rest when the wheel stops spinning. Even placing your bet is simple. You can either bet on a number, a row, a couple of rows, a column, a row of columns, a colour: black or red or even on odd or even numbers. To do this you do not need to memorize different hand systems like in poker, or calculate whether they will reach twenty-one like in blackjack. You pick a number or a section of numbers and if ball rests on the numbers you picked, you win. 3) Availability of Game Tables: Unlike other table games where you sometimes have to wait for hours till a seat opens up for you, roulette table seat up to seven or nine players. There are even some larger tables that seat up to ten. In addition, since roulette is a fast action game, players rotate more often than say at a Texas Holdem match. 4) The Croupier: Unlike other game tables, at roulette the croupier is an active component of the game. When they state out aloud, No More Bets, everyone sits back and waits. The croupier spins the wheel and he waits along with everyone else for the ball to roll down into the inside track and rest on a particular colour and number. Then, the croupier announces the number and hands out the winnings. 5) Coloured Chips: To make it easier for you to track your chips amidst all the other chips, your chips are of a different colour than all the rest of the players. There is no other game that allows you this option. This means that you can track your chips super easily even if they are at the other end of the table. 6) No Cheating: People try and cheat at all games. But in roulette, no one is allowed to keep his hands over the table until the croupier finishes handing out all the money won. Even the croupier himself keeps his hands away and uses a long stick to distribute the chips. Conclusion: Out of all the different games, those you can bet on at a regular or online casino or at home and those you can play for fun on your home computer, gamers seek out and play roulette for all the of the above reasons. They think it is the game that has everything in all one package. They must know what they are talking about.

Casinos ou culture singapour attire les touristes

: Depuis que Singapour a rйduit ses exportations de composants йlectroniques, cette derniиre cherche aujourd'hui a dйvelopper son activitй touristique pour compenser. Pour cela Singapour mise sur ses casinos et jeux vidйo importйs. Selon le co-fondateur de Lonely Planet Guides, si Disneyland a rйussi travers le monde а s'imposer et а rйunir chaque jour des millions de touristes, la Chine peut espйrer alors prospйrer grвce а ses casinos. Toutefois, Singapour dispose d'un important handicape: elle n'a pas de Angkor Wat ou de Taj Mahal comme investisseur. Depuis longtemps, cette ville est surtout rйputйe pour ses innombrables centre commerciaux et ses promotions annuelles "Singapore sales". Vis-а-vis des йtrangers, Singapour dispose d'une image peu flatteuse en matiиre politique. En effet, elle est surtout connue pour ses passeurs de drogue, son taux important de vandalisme, ses coups d'йtat politiques et son interdiction de vendre des chewing gum. Culturellement parlant, son dйveloppement a surtout йtй refreiner par les multiples restrictions dont notamment la libertй d'expression et la censure de films et piиces de thйвtre. Toutefois, avec la nouvelle gйnйration de chinois et l'influence des indiens et autres asiatiques qui commencent а voyager partout а travers le monde, Singapour a commencй а travailler sur le projet de nouvelles attractions, incluant deux nouveaux casinos ou encore un parc sur le thиme du Studio Universal, et un йquivalent des bateaux mouches franзais, mкme si aucun de ces projets n'est particuliиrement singapourien. Ainsi, Singapour se "dйmocratise" et se modernise avec l'ouverture de clubs et de cinй-clubs oщ l'on peut voir le film new zйlandais Lord of the Rings. De plus, la fameuse sociйtй de location de films Blockbuster a ouvert ses portes et l'on y trouve а Singapour nombre de films indiens de Bollywood, afin d'attirer d'avantage de touristes indiens. Ce mкme mois, quelques jours auparavant, Singapour a autorisй les courses automobiles йquivalentes aux cйlиbres Formule 1, espйrant ainsi attirer les touristes de l'autre continent. Citigroup, le groupe en charge de ce projet, espиre gйnйrer un bйnйfice compris entre $150 et $200 million par an, et montrer par lа mкme que Singapour a changй. Mettre un circuit de Formule 1 est une idйe brillante mais reste encore loin d'кtre une idйe typiquement nationale, ce qui, au final, risquerait d'enclencher une rйaction inverse а l'objectif tant attendu. Quant aux casinos, ces derniers devraient ressembler а ceux dйjа prйsents а Macau afin d'obtenir un bйnйfice de prиs de $37 milliards de dollars par an. Face а ce changement radical, la population locale reste sceptique, voir pessimiste. Pour eux, la mise en place d'un circuit de Formule 1 n'est qu'un moyen d'obtenir une publicitй gratuite. Concernant les casinos qui devraient voir le jour d'ici quatre ans, ces derniers se sont rйunis pour signer une pйtition allant a l'encontre de ce projet, justifiant les mйfaits des jeux sur les familles et les joueurs compulsifs, en ajoutant par ailleurs que ce concept attirerait d'avantage la population locale que les touristes. Des intellectuels et reprйsentants de communautйs tels Paul Thйroux , romancier et йcrivain pour l'йquivalent du Guide du Routard, dйplorent cet engouement de la part de la ville. Pour eux, Singapour cherche а devenir une ville moderne et effacer toute son histoire et culture, pour faire place а une ville "que l'on trouve partout" , ce qui reprйsenterait йgalement la fin du quartier de Chinatown, cйlиbre pour ses magasins .

Winning freelance work beat the skeptic

I’ve spoken to hundreds of editors, employers, and project managers about how they choose a freelancer for a job. Whether they were reviewing job applications or considering project bids, they all had one thing in common. As every one of them started to look at the applications, they had their skeptic’s hat on.

How a Project Manager Thinks

Here are a few quotes from project managers and employers to show you exactly how they think.

1. Jaime, Editor – “The First Elimination”

My process of judging proposals is one of elimination. The first step is about a general impression. If it’s vague and unconvincing – eliminate. If it’s fluffed up but with no substance – eliminate. If it has real details and seems credibale – keep. Many times this process only leaves one person. That’s how easy it is to get a job – be credible and convincing.

2. Jacob, Project Manager - “I only believe what I see for myself.”

I read every proposal while questioning what I’m being told. Some people make things up. Most people exaggerate. Many people think they’re better than they really are. I’ve been working with contractors for a long time and I’ve found that the only way you can judge a person is by what they do.

3. Randy, Project Owner – “Don’t Tell Me, Show Me”

Don't try and impress me with ramblings. Lots of positive words strung together does nothing for me. You know, "I am keen, reliable, prompt, easygoing, articulate, generous, kind, competitive, athletic..." I have no reason to believe you’re any of those things. If you want me to pick you for the project, you have to do more than just tell me. You have to prove it to me.

How to Beat the Skeptic

It’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it. Three small changes will make all the difference to your credibility and will get you more work more often.

1. Use Real Evidence

It’s always better to sell yourself with a real example.

Not so good – “I am reliable.”

Much better – “You will never be left wondering how the project is going because I will provide timely updates to keep you informed.”

2. Use Your Results

Telling project managers about your past results is also a good way to sell yourself.

Not so good – “I write effective web site copy.”

Much better – “With my new and improved content, my last client increased their sales by 120% in the first month.”

The second statement clearly communicates the quality and effectiveness of the work. And at the same time, it’s likely to excite the project manager into thinking that the same result could occur for them.

3. Be Specific

If you can use facts and figures to make your point, do so.

Not so good – “Most of my business is repeat, showing that my clients are happy with the service I provide.”

Much better – “96% of new clients have returned to use my services again.”

Not so good – “I have completed various similar projects.”

Much better – “I have completed 19 similar projects in the last year.”

Make these three simple changes to your bids and job applications and you’ll win more clients, jobs, and projects.

Write in chunks to write effectively

Professional writers are often admired or envied for the end products they create. Yet, few look at the process of writing as an exciting career choice. And, for good reason. It can be difficult to sit for hour after hour, putting words onto pages.

But, few professional writers actually spend all their time writing – instead they get a few words or paragraphs down, take a break or write about something else, then return to the initial project. And, they may spend their whole day working this way.

And here's where you can learn from professional writers. Don't try to get all of your message written at once – especially if it's an important message. Instead, think of writing as a series of intense moments broken up by longer periods spent doing something else.

For example, if you need to write an important memo, think about the chunks involved in creating it. Let's say your memo will start with an objective, in which you outline the problem that needs to be addressed. In the second section you outline the options for addressing the problem. Then, you identify and explain the solution you've chosen, and in the fourth section you list the benefits that should flow out of implementation of the solution.

That's a big bag of ideas to deal with all at once. Perhaps you might start with a simple outline and a few bullet points in each section. After that, you turn to something else for an hour or two before writing the first section. Follow that with a break in which you do something else, then you write the second section. Follow that same write-break-write-break process until you've finished the memo.

In summary, taking a bit-by-bit approach means you'll probably end up with a better message, one that's more likely to get the results you want.

The golden hour

During a conversation earlier today, a formerly svelt young lady said that she had given up on the idea of exercise, because to have a body worth the trouble, it would take three or four hours a day.

Novice writers complain that in order to build their careers, it would take six or seven hours a day…so what is the point!

And more times than I could count, stressed-out acquaintances have said that they would love to meditate, but “don’t have the time.”

It is time we explode these falsehoods. The truth is that misconceptions like the above can completely steal your chances for health, happiness and success.

The truth is that you can get started on a fantastic fitness regimen in only an hour a week. Further, a focused writer can create a novel in a year in only an hour a day. And gigantic strides can be made toward stress relief in only five minutes a day. THAT is the playing field: give yourself five minutes, and you can cut your stress in half. Give yourself an hour a week, and you can have health and fitness. An hour a day can jump-start a career.

1) Five Minutes a day. Five times a day, for just sixty seconds, stop and breathe slowly and deeply from your belly. Go to a local yoga or Tai Chi school and ask to learn a relaxation breathing technique. If you can’t find one, then slow down, get quiet, and feel your heartbeat for sixty seconds. Do this every three hours for sixty seconds, and you will halve your stress levels.

2) An hour a week. Three times a week, perform twenty minutes of the right body-weight or weight exercises. Hindu Squats and Hindu Pushups are wonderful whole-body exercises. Do a Google search for them, and you’ll find multiple sites on the Internet selling or giving away the information for free. For faster results, use “Kettlebell” style whole-body weight exercises. These exercise tools look like little cannon-balls with handles, and they are used in a variety of swinging and yoga-like moves that are unbelievably efficient for developing strength, endurance, flexibility, power and athleticism, all at the same time. You can even use an ordinary dumbbell in the beginning. Again, do a Google search, and you’ll find the information, often for free!

3) An Hour a day. This is what I call the “Golden Hour.” You need to accept the idea that one hour out of every day belongs to you. Not your job, not your husband or wife, or your kids—it belongs to you. During this time, if you plan it properly, you can exercise, practice your art, meditate, read—whatever. If you are a writer, I’d suggest that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you “flow”—just create rough draft, with no attempt to edit it. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday you do your editing, polishing the work you did the previous day. If you learn to focus properly, there is no reason in the world you can’t learn to produce 1000 words of rough draft in an hour. That’s enough to produce a novel a year, in just an hour a day.

The “Golden Hour” is a goal, one that might take you a year or two to work toward. But if you will just start with five minutes a day, and a commitment to an hour a week…working TOWARD an hour a day, you have placed your feet on the road toward peace of mind, a healthy body, and a happy heart: a tiny investment for a gigantic reward.

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